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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the very latest. >> the good news is it has not strengthened into a tropical storm. the longer it goes, it would be better for us keeping the intensity of the system down. let's look at what is happening. as of 5:00 from the national hurricane center, tropical depression number 9, 35 miles an hour winds. forecast to move to the northwest for the short term, but by most computer models, there is agreement to turn it back to the northeast. the 5:00 advisory has it thursday at potentially strengthening. thursday evening perhaps, coming on shore, somewhere in the big bend area. this puts most of tampa bay out of the cone of air which is good news for us. we can feel the effects far off to the center. heavy rain, stronger wind gusts. certainly coastal flooding with those areas. as a result, the hurricane watch in effect citrus, hernando, pasco county
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this includes marine interests as well. these conditions are possible in the next 48 hours. trying to find the center of this thing, you can see the surface circulation, but most of the convection, dry air, wind shear. so it is not that much more organized than it was 24 hours ago. that is all good news. getting a wind speed of 39 miles an hour out of the hurricane hunter aircraft. today, so that is observation. so, the good new is it hasn't strengthened that much. still, the effects will be felt the next 48 hours with the possibility of coastal flooding. bay flooding. we have to watch the high tides. any time after noon on thursday. and of course, the potential for flooding caused by rain. >> thank you steve. and as steve mentioned, the big concern with the storm is toes cool coastal flooding.
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>> reporter: breezy, but still very quiet out here for now. this will be one of the many places we will be watching thursday when the west of the storm is expected like tropical storm colin in early june. the southwest, passing flood to our north. that puts us on the right side. the strong side of the storm. we will have an on shore flow at a right angle to the beach allowing the water to come further up the coastline. it also pushes water into tampaa come back out. so, we see water levels rising, we are expecting an above average high tide. that is a time frame we have to watch very closely. keith? >> thank you ian. and what about the rest of us who don't live on the beach? should we be concerned? what are your thoughts? >> reporter: yeah, we will have concerns of our own expecting the potential for parts of the tampa bay area to see five to
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will see some issues with flooding. maybe some flash flooding. if you live in a typical flood prone area, tonight and tomorrow is the time to prepare for that. the worst of this is expected to arrive thursday. >> ian oliver. thank you. and you want to make sure your home is protected before this storm hits. you can check out our hurricane ready guide on well, people in flood prone areas are hoping for the best, but as always, preparing for the worst. jeff patterson continuing ou he is in pasco county. and can't imagine how nerve- racking that is for the homeowners living in neighborhoods that always flood. jeff? >> reporter: yeah, good evening stacie. i was in this neighborhood last august. just about this time wading in water up to here. this is a known problem area here in pasco county and the people who live on jarvis street are very concerned about the approaching storm.
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august last year, jarvis street flooded stranding cars and homeowners. >> it happens this way almost every time it rains. >> reporter: it is something the people who live here have to deal with a lot. >> it comes up fast. then it goes down fast. >> reporter: pasco county emergency managers are warning people who live in areas like this about the coming storm. >> we are looking at ten inches along the coastline. >> reporter: for betty farar on jarvis street, that is not good news. >> what are your concerns with the storm coming up? >> i'm preparing. let's put it that way. >> reporter: she showed me a line on her driveway where high water left a mark just yesterday after a normal storm. during other floods, water has reached into her car. >> the whole back of the car and my trunk wet. >> reporter: she told me after last year's flood, the county installed a new drainpipe and pump. >> yesterday, the water did drain faster than usual. so, that was a blessing.
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maybe, we won't have it too bad this time. >> reporter: county managers are asking people here to act quickly if they see rising water. >> i would ask the residents as soon as they see a problem, they see water starting to pond and form, they need to call us. they need to. >> reporter: yeah. betty says they can expect her call. now, the head of pasco county eoc talked to us about this. 8 on your side taking concerns of the people on jarvis street directly to them. they need $3 million in storm water improvements. they say it will take about a decade to put those in place. >> not what they want to hear now on the 'of a storm. jeff patterson live in pasco county. thank you. and governor rick scott visited the hillsborough county emergency operations center this afternoon to be briefed on the storm. and at a news conference moments ago, the governor told
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very prepared for the storm, but he need it is public to do their part to stay safe. >> everybody here is experienced. they know what to do. but, you have to do your part. like the mayor said. don't drive in standing water, get a plan, watch the news, watch the wetter. be careful. don't go out. >> and an important note for bucs fans, the bucs rescheduled their preseason game against the redskins because of the storm. they are moving it up one day. so now, the game night. wednesday at 8:00 p.m. at ray jay and right here on newschannel8. your official bucs station. polk county deputies extradited a man from guatemala for getting an 11-year-old girl pregnant. 25-year-old ronnie mendez is accused of sexually battering this girl. we are told he was 23 years old at the time. the victim who is now 13 gave birth in may of 2015 to a baby
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sheriff grady judd is not happy about it. >> he's a pedophile. he's a felon. and that baby did not pursue him. he was the one that groomed her and started molesting her. >> again, she was just 11 years old. detectives work with the fbi and th justice to return him for prosecution. a swat team member is on administrative leave after fatally shooting a suspect. deputy caleb johnson shot levania riggins once when he failed to surrender. they were serving a search warrant for narcotics. new tonight, a pasco county home is crawling with chickens.
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deputies found about a hundred chickens inside the house. they arrested the owner of a number of charges. it is unclear what will happen to all of the chickens. well, some good new ifs you fly a lot. >> we will show you two new places where allegiant will soon be flying. >> plus, the housing authority's crown jewel is threatened by this upcoming storm. what's being done to protect the
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>> allegiant is adding two new destinations. nonstop service to austin, texas. those flights will begin in february to port smith, new hampshire. those are seasonal. now to your vote and a problem on one of the polling places. a polk county polling clerk was fired after nearly turning away a voter in lakeland. she was told she could not vote because she was an inpend dent and they didn't have the correct ballots. she eventually got to vote. there were no major problems in hillsborough county, pasco
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polls open until 7:00 tonight. we'll have the primary results later on as well as on newschannel8. well, it is the tampa housing authority's pride and joy. and, it is leaking. >> with a storm on the way. what is being done to keep the encore development from sustaining more water damage. mark is on it because you paid
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>> mark douglas
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your hard-earned money isn't going down the drain because you paid for it. >> a building in the housing authority is in harm's way. with a major storm on the way, more worries. housing officials are rushing to protect your multimillion dollars investment at the on core development. tonight, mark is checking on it because you paid for it. >> reporter: well keith, authority told us there was standing water inside the unfinished tempo building. that can't be good. now, with this storm closing in, we wanted to know what they are doing to protect that $26 million building. the housing authority would not allow our cameras inside the unfinished tempo building. a building that is costing taxpayers $26 million. but workers say they have been
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soggy dry wall. >> there has already been damage. >> i'm sure. the company left the place wide open. so, that is what is going on right now. >> reporter: we started looking at the tempo weeks ago during our investigation of leaks at the nearby $18 million reed senior residence. the reed opened just over a year ago. and now, there are leaks in at least ten apartments. paula de la pena has been complaining for a water comes down. >> reporter: they are part of the $425 million encore development funded by taxpayers. the tempo is supposed to be encore's next big thing. but the authority fired the contractor in june alleging shoddy work on the $26 million tower. much of the building remains open and in harm's way of the approaching storm. >> that's a huge investment of taxpayers. you stated a couple of weeks ago you are trying to protect it from the elements. now we have a tropical storm
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control over the weather. [ laughter ] you know. but we are doing what we need to do as a housing authority to protect the building. >> reporter: the housing authority president tells me an assessment of the water damage that has already been done is still underway. >> and no telling how much damage has been under the dry wall? >> we don't know at this point. we don't know. >> okay. >> reporter: the tempo building is 75% complete. we couldn't go inside to see has already been done or what is at risk for more rain damage when this tropical mess reaches us. >> we have seen rain off and on over the past several days. and, what's the likelihood you are actually going to rain proof this thing by tomorrow? >> very unlikely. there are a lot of windows and a lot of large hole ins the exterior, i don't think they make blue tarps that big. the good news, the other building, no fresh signs of leakage. >> thank you mark.
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an exciting day for all of us at storm team 8. crews placed the white dome on our new max defender radar tower which is 100 feet tall. eagle 8 hd was above the site on river view as the dome was put up. we hope to start using max defender 8 very soon. we have to test it out and get it calibrated and ready to go. first s band radar used commercially. we are very excited about the output from that. and to bring viewers. in land o' lakes, 77 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. a little bit of rainfall overall. four tenths of an inch. at least the temperatures falling as a result of these showers. three tenths of an inch of rain at frenchy's. 84 degrees at clearwater beach. bucs are playing tomorrow. yes. the possibility of rain does exist. these tropical squall showers rolling around the eastern side
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which by then, potentially could be a tropical storm. that has been heard now for days. it could potentially become a tropical storm. the good news is it is still a tropical depression. rain continue to develop as you see around the area. moist unstable atmosphere. you can see showers around bay shore point. new port richey. little developing shower around the airport looks like at the moment. also some showers mostly light stuff out in polk county. as for manatee and sarasota, north. so yes. we will leave the possibility of seeing a shower in the forecast for the evening. 80 this evening. temperatures don't change too much with the overcast and occasional showers firing up. 4:00 p.m., 85 degrees. temperatures limited somewhat thanks to the clouds and occasional on and after showers. temple terrace, 79. palm harbor, 79. upper 70s in new port richey. 82 in sebring currently. mid 70s in north port.
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a lot of moisture on the eastern side. probably flooding. a lot of rain in cuba. the western part of cuba. it doesn't always take much. you just need con consistent rain. the gulf of mexico is trying to control the flow. still a tropical depression. 35 miles an hour winds. that is thursday at 2:00 p.m. forecast to potentially come on time later thursday. but keep in mind with the counterclock wise rotation as we learn with colin. even a goodies tans away, we can see very high tides thursday afternoon. could be coastal flooding as well as some flooding from rain as well. so watch for that in the afternoon hours as that southwesterly wind will be strong and occasional showers that will pass across the area. there's a look at the enhanced
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the wind shear and the drier air in place. one estimate from one computer model talks about the entire event. four to five inches of rain possible. that seems fairly realistic. especially closer to the coastal areas. there's the center of low pressure forecast on the european computer model. this blob is tropical storm force winds out of the bay area. but, hurricane watch in effect for citrus, hernando, pasco county. you can see strong 80% chance in the forecast for thursday. on and off showers throughout the day. with the occasional strong wind gusts, particularly along coastal areas. and specially for nature coast areas. probably the higher amounts. but pinellas county beaches as well. any time as ian was talking about earlier, you have a strong southwest wind as we learned with colin back in june, it doesn't take a lot. thursday afternoon, watch for that tide.
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an nfl quarterback goes down in practice. >> and the bucs say bring on the rain. i don't know about that. but still, they are ready for tomorrow's preseason finale. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can
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trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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>> well, mother nature has had her say in the bucs preseason finale. but the show must go on. in fact, it had better be a good one for all of the players takeing the field. storm or no storm. the adjustment does not affect the starters who are locked in. and preparing for this season. some will play actually.
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atlanta falcons. they are embracing this challenge. >> everybody expected to play the game on thursday, so i feel like everybody kind of maybe your routine. your little pregame routine. you have to alter a little bit. once the ball is snapped you have to be ready to play. ready to go. >> looking later on into the week, i mean, you kind of knew something was going to happen. the storm. it is the adjustment we have to make not only me, but everybody. the redskins do too. excited to see what the going to happen. >> that of course was running back mike james. he is at an interesting spot. banged up a little bit. didn't practice today. but in a battle for the bucs third running back position. >> we have a lot of great things we do. me, for instance, i just tried
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you know. being assistant. doing what the coaches ask me to do. they do a lot of great things. i feel like we also bring thing to the table. >> and by now, you have adjusted your bucs viewing plans and we hope that includes us. the bucs and the washington redskins tomorrow night at 8:00. second starting quarterback has suffered a serious injury before the season. minnesota's teddy bridgewater went down during practice clutching the media immediately excused from practice and it was by all accounts a pretty serious situation. an ambulance arrived. he is probably done for the year. they are working on the full diagnosis. tim tebow. he held his private baseball workout today in southern c. scouts on hand to see hill different skill sets. his goal is to join a major league team's instructal league in september. he did hit a home run today.
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so ... >> how fast was the pitch? >> way to go. >> i don't know. but i can tell you this. it wasn't clayton kershaw pitching it. [ laughter ] >> thank you. finally tonight, the tampa theater is honoring a hollywood legend to passed away yesterday. there is a free screening of willy wonka and the chocolate factory to celebrate the life of gene wilder. don't you love this >> frankenstein. >> the screening is 2:00 p.m. at the tampa theater. it is first come first serve. well worth it. nice move on their part to celebrate that life. >> take the kids. great theater, great movie. don't go anywhere. nightly new is up next followed by newschannel8 at 7:00 with jen and steve. >> and you can watch great 38 tonight at 8:00 and we will be back at 11:00 with tropical
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breaking news tonight. hurricane watches and warnings just issued. a triple threat up and down the eastern seaboard and all the way to hawaii, bracing for impact. also breaking, the top of america's kill list is dead. did the u.s. just take out the major strategy it is at the top of so many attacks. and under fire for a profanity laced attack. and a case that grips the nation, reveals herself publicly for the first time. the mission she is on. and amazing


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