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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  August 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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results in the most talked about races. >> crooks don't know cameras are watching their every move and transmitting the video to homeowners, how these electronic watchmen are helping to solve crimes. good evening. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. we'll begin with the tropical weather heading our way and get right to storm team 8 meterologist steve jerve. what's it looking like? >> still a tropical depression which is good news. if it gets less organized or period of time in, theory landfall would be a weak are system. it's still out there as tropical depression -- weaker system. it's still out there as tropical depression no. 9 and gaston is now a major hurricane but well out to sea. 35 mile-per-hour winds for tropical depression no. 9 moving north, northwest at 2 miles per hour, starting to see more of a northerly turn. then eventually as the computer models suggest, more of an
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strength here sometime tomorrow especially into thursday. there you see the timing on it, thursday morning at 8 a.m. with 60 mile-per-hour winds, 8 p.m. possible landfall somewhere in the big bend area, but we're on the southern side, of course, which can create some very high tides, coastal flooding as well and, of course, the issue of picking up rain, moisture on the eastern side of it as well. showers eventually will occur as a result of the storm moving up the mid-atlantic coast and potentially into the northeast in effect for inland areas, a hurricane watch that goes along all the way down to pasco county. essentially this means within 48 hours you can possibly see some hurricane force wind gusts primarily, but again it will really have to get organized quite a bit to see that kind of magnitude of a system. satellite imagery shows the cooler cloud tops, brighter colors here and most of the convection closer to the center of the circulation which was still sheered and quite a bit of dry air ahead of it.
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but the good news is still a tropical depression. the bad news is it may still strengthen into a tropical storm as the models have suggested. >> churning along but down to 35 miles per hour. thank you, steve. cities across the bay area are on high alert ready for this storm. today in pasco counties emergency managers warned people to be prepared for up to 10 inches of rain along the coast. the county has been drawing down lakes and ponds in flood prone areas the last four days in anticipation of this storm. in tampa folks there are down the hatches, so to speak. >> all this as governor rick scott and mayor bob buckhorn tell us to be ready for just about everything. paul mueller is on bayshore boulevard in tampa, one of the places that pretty much always floods during a storm. >> reporter: indeed it does. with all of tampa bay right here, bayshore boulevard is synonymous for flooding even when it's not storming outside. things will get a whole lot dicey throughout tampa with all this rain we're expected to
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>> it's my first big storm, yeah. we don't usually have warnings like this. >> reporter: as a senior this student took a break from moving into her dorm room to stock up on groceries. >> if i have to, i can go out in the rain, but i'd like to have food with me so i'm comfortable if i don't want to leave my room. >> reporter: also governor rick scott meeting with top local and emergency management officials. on a conference call strategizing with emergency centers throug then taking questions. >> honestly how prepared is the state for this incoming storm? >> the state's prepared. everybody here is experienced. they know what to do, but you have to do your part. >> reporter: mayor buckhorn remembering last year's record rainfall, people driving into standing water only to be left high and dry. >> in this community we know where the low lying areas are. we know where the areas are that hold water.
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event we need to deploy those barricades. >> reporter: nick edwards lives in south tampa. are you ready for all this rain? >> as ready as i can be. whether i can get to work is another story. >> reporter: meantime this student's mother needs to fly back home. >> i'm trying to head back tomorrow. >> reporter: at least she has her daughter to keep already company. better safe than sorry. >> better safe than sorry. >> reporter: all right. late tonight i'm told that e hillsborough emergency operations center will activate on thursday, but that is subject to change, of course, if that storm decides to make any changes of its own. >> paul mueller live in tampa for us tonight, thank you. to make sure your home is protected before this storm hits and to find it out what to do to stay safe during any storm, check out our hurricane ready guide on another important reminder for bucs fans, thursday's preseason home game against the redskins has been rescheduled
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you can watch the game tomorrow, wednesday night at 8 p.m., right here on news channel 8, your official bucs station. now to your vote and tonight it is counted. among the winners in today's florida primary u.s. senator marco rubio who beat his republican opponent carlos beruff, representative patrick murphy winning his race against representative alan greyson. murphy and -- grayson. murphy and rubio will face each news channel 8's candace mccowan joining us live from kissimmee with more details about the pry march and the race to -- primary and the race to come. the next race will be a lot closer. >> reporter: absolutely. it's expected to be a big fight. good evening, keith, rubio and his supporters tonight celebrating. he won with 70% of the vote, but like you said obviously it's a much different vibe than what we heard back in march on election night and the big
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it was all smiles from this crowd as rubio took the stage tonight, a far cry from march. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended -- [ booing ] >> and i'm so grateful back with you here today for the support that so many people have given us. >> reporter: tonight's celebration is short lived for senator marco rubio who will face a third election night this year come november. his new opponent congressman patrick murphy. >> he liked to say he has duel degrees from the university of miami, but the university of miami says that's not true. >> reporter: murphy with full support financially and otherwise from the democrats who are clawing to claim rubio's senate seat. rubio has one supporter in the tampa bay businessman carlos beruff who he beat out. >> i'll vote for him, but i
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-- won't endorse him. >> reporter: we had some other big races in florida many people were following today. former democratic chairman debbie wasserman schultz winning her seat tonight. >> many who are donald trump supporters, do you think rubio will begin to show a little more enthusiasm for the top of the ticket in days ahead? he's endorsed trump but is not necessarily a big fan of trump. >> reporter: th o tonight. he's said some tough things about trump. the two not really loving each other. also they're worning if their tickets are connected, -- wondering if their tickets are connected, but obviously rubio polling much better in florida than trump is. >> we'll see what trump has to say about illegal immigration in his speech tomorrow and trump's visit to mexico tomorrow. candace mccowan reporting live in kissimmee, thank you.
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tonight's election results, they're all posted for you on well, 8 on your side discovered a problem at one of the polling places today. a polk county polling clerk was fired after nearly turning away a voter in lakeland. the voter was told she could not vote because she was an independent and they didn't have the correct ballots. the voter was eventually given the correct ballot and was able to vote. a shooting sent a suspected home burglar to the hospital. police tell us the burglar, michael stewart, broke the home owner saw this guy on her surveillance camera through an app on her cell phone. she called police and her dad, jerry king, to go to the house and check it out. king got there first and ended up shooting stewart as he was leaving the home. stewart is now facing burglary charges and police do not have any plans to charge king. home security cameras are becoming very common and in recent weeks across the bay area they played a large role in identifying burglars.
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is live in pinellas county. you found out you don't have to break the bank to get a good camera system for your house, do you, peter? >> reporter: you don't. you can get in fairly cheaply and they offer such good peace of mind. here's a look at my front door right there. this past summer i actually answered my doorbell from rome and this same technology can catch a crook. crystal clear and streaming high definition, tampa police recently nabbed these caught them stealing from south tampa homes. tuesday morning officers arrested mike the stewart after they tell us a homeowner spotted him from miles away. >> she looked at her phone and saw someone was in her house. >> reporter: for many homeowners security cameras have gone from a geeky gadget to a must have item. they can answer the question who that is in my backyard or living room? >> more and more people get
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feeling. >> reporter: there are systems you can put in yourself or you can go crazy with professionally installed cameras that work in all kinds of lighting conditions. >> you can have your alarm system that alerts and yells, but it's a whole lot more when you can see what's happening. >> reporter: some systems are very simple. [ chimes and bells ] >> reporter: this setup costs about $200 called ring. if someone approaches your door, you get a notification on your phone. if they push your door bell, you get a different on occasion. >> yup. >> reporter: the key is getting an alert and being able to see your cameras on your phone. they are helping to crack cases. >> something that we're seeing is people have some pretty good surveillance video. in this case it alerted her there was somebody in her house when she wasn't even there. >> reporter: and some systems are wireless and send a video signal without a cable. you're looking at some of the more sophisticated ones right here. others are totally wireless, but they use batteries that you
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about 100 and up from there into the tens of thousands of dollars. >> sophisticated as you want it to be. pete pete live in pinellas county, thank you -- peter bernard live in pinellas county, thank you. coming up next for the first time we are hearing some of the frantic calls for help from the pulse nightclub. >> caught on camera strangers rushing to free a trapped driver after a 10-car pileup. >> plus here's a look at what's coming up on the toni starring jimmy fallon. >> thank you. hi, everybody in tampa bay. rita orr is my guest plus mel brooks, music from banks and steeles, it's a great show.
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for the first time we are hearing 911 calls made from the night of the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando. none of the calls released from the orange county sheriff's office are from inside the club. instead they were made by frantic friends and family members who received text messages from their loved ones who were trapped inside. >> she's still in the bathroom. she's bleeding. she got shot and nobody is going in for him. >> they're al and they all think they're going to die. >> the orlando police department which received the bulk of the calls after the shooting began has yet to release its 911 calls. 49 people were killed in that june 12th massacre and dozens of others injured. new tonight the cdc is urging hearing tests for any babies exposed to zika. this includes unborn and newborn babies. it follows a study of 69 brazilian infants up to 10 months old born with both
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evidence of zika infection. by the end of the study four babies had permanent hearing loss which cannot be corrected. with the zika virus already in florida there is a rush to find a cure. tonight we may be one step closer. researchers at florida state university have discovered that three existing drugs could be useful in counteracting the effects of the virus. experiments so far have only been conducted in petrie dishes, but the results were the damage previously thought impossible. the drugs are currently used to treat cancer, hepatitis c and parasitic infections. >> that makes the process a lot faster when you look at drug development. the reason is a lot of these drugs have already been tested for the toxicity they present in people. so sometimes that allows you to bypass like phase 1 chemical trials. >> it's still unclear if the drug combination can penetrate a woman's body to treat the brain of her unborn baby
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zika seems to go up. health officials discovered 16 new travel related cases today. a majority of them are in south florida. however, one is in polk county. three of those involve pregnant women. there are also three new nontravel related cases in miami-dade county. now to some breaking news in clearwater, you're looking at a live scene of a crash involving a motorcycle. this is happening right icott boulevard. the driver of the bike has serious injuries. as we zoom in, you can get a better look. investigators are talking to the driver of the second vehicle. we'll update you as new information becomes available on air and online. there you can see the motorcycle. also some dramatic video of strangers rushing to free an elderly woman trapped in a burning car after a terrifying pileup on a new york highway. the tractor trailer slammed into traffic and then one of
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bystanders jumped into action making their way through the mangled mess of cars to extinguish the flames, but by then the car was full of smoke. >> she's screaming for help and it was a big sign of relief when we finally got that window to pop. she helped us out by diving and we grabbed ahold of her and brought to us safety. >> we were able to come together by some unknown force and work together as a team and pull it all together which i >> that woman only suffered minor cuts and bruises. police blame the crash on the tractor trailer's faulty brakes. redskins in town to play the bucs. heavy tropical downpours are possible. probably won't rain the whole game, but the chance of on and off showers there are throughout the game at raymond james stadium, hope for a bucs win there. showers continue to lift south to north, a bit more unsettled
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area to our west which essentially is a tropical depression officially at this point but could become a tropical storm. we've been saying that for days, but this storm has been fighting a lot which is good to keep the system weaker, dry air and wind sheer a big factor the past couple days. on and off showers, pretty good rain coverage today, pinellas county dry, a few showers near bartow into the eastern part of hillsborough county, light to moderate rain sorn sarasota county, lifting to the north. that's the general flow south to north around that area of low pressure to our west. at 8 a.m. 78 degrees, 83 degrees at noon, 85 degrees at 4 p.m. our current temps rain cooled, clouds, made for a prevent evening. the humidity -- a pleasant evening. the humidity is super high. 73 in lakeland, 75 in frostproof, 76 wimauma, bartow,
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78 sarasota, the approximate location of the treks. lots of moisture on the eastern side. of course, the rain is detected by the radar closer to the land based areas, but all the showers continue to lift south to north across the area. so tropical depression number 9 in case you missed this the top of the newscast, they did not upgrade this to a tropical storm. that's good news because the dry air is still around. the longer we keep it weaker, if it should strengthen and it looks like it will say all the hours and beyond, we could possibly see a system close to hurricane strength by landfall to our north well north of citrus county in the big bend area. keep in mind the southern section of that, the rotation counterclockwise keeps the stronger onshore winds and the rain squalls on the eastern side of it. pretty good burst of convection looking more healthy into the evening hours today. again that north to northwesterly movement starting to perhaps suggest we might see a turn back toward the
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dry air it's been fighting throughout this period, lot of deep atmospheric moisture, probably some flooding across the western part of cuba associated with all that rain. the maximum wind speed, the yellow blob, wind gusts potentially from 39 to 73 miles per hour. that's why we have the hurricane warning with some gusts possible along coastal areas and the concern for coastal flooding is greater on the nature coast as a result of that strong southwesterly wind. the forecast keeps an on and off shower the overnight showers and a decent chance of tropical downpours. the atmosphere is filled with moisture. as we head into thursday, concerns will shift as well not only with stronger wind gusts up north, but coastal flooding, the southwesterly wind that holds the high tide in the bay. that may be some concern as well as coastal flooding or minor storm surge just south of the possible landfall which might to be to 4 feet, but that might be up in the big bend
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tomorrow and especially thursday as this system would perhaps gain strength and move northeast. >> you've got your labor day car out there ready to go. . coming up next in sports bucs players fight for roster spots tomorrow rain or shine. >> tim tebow is auditioning for major league baseball. >> here's a look at the current medal count, no. there is no medal count. >> what? >> i just got p donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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sports on news channel 8 is brought to you by your gulf coast honda dealers. >> when bucs players wake up tomorrow, they'll be less concerned about doppler radar and more worried about popping up on the coach's radar and if it does rain health during the final preseason game tomorrow night, at least we'll know who can handle a wet football because you know what's going to happen in the season. today head coach dirk koetter
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players will play in the game against the redskins, but position battles and roster spots are the real agenda. players like kenny bell, a bubble guy in the wide receiver competition, could care less about the weather. in fact, a wednesday night game is even better. >> i'm excited that it got moved up actually, cuts the wait down. >> it's an adjustment everybody has to make. redskins do, too. happen. >> once the ball is snapped you got to be ready to play. the fact they moved the game up cannot be used as an execution. i feel like in the grand scheme of things nothing really changes. >> tomorrow night 8:00 news channel 8 your official bucs station presents the bucs and the washington redskins. the nfl network simulcast will be blacked out in the bay area. put it here on news channel 8. a horrible sight at vikings
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grabbing his left knee. mri results come out tomorrow, but the report tonight a dislocated knee and torn acl. last thursday cowboys quarterback tony romo suffered a fractured vertebra during a preseason game, so that's two qbs down before the season. rays and red sox tonight, hanley ramirez, the pesky bull. easy out, i do love the green monster in left. luke maehl with rays come from behind to win this 4-3. evan longoria has 30 home runs. the tim tebow baseball experiment went on display this afternoon on the southern cal campus. all major league clubs except for three were in attendance and the reviews were varied. for those laughing by now, all tebow is looking for is a minor league deal to get into an instructional league. from there the dream is up to him. >> you know, since i was 4 or 5
11:28 pm
things that i loved the most in sports. one was playing quarterback having 10 other guys look at you and depend on you to win a game and then hit a baseball. specifically those two things. >> yes. he hit well today, by the way. >> it will be an interesting experiment. >> thank you, dan. >> we'll be right back with
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in the morning, steve? >> you'll see some showers possibly, cloudy skies and progressively more of that the next couple days. it won't rain all day, but showers can occur an tropical downpours, 78 degrees and the rain chance is fairly high, especially thursday as that tropical system would be to our north and northwest and obviously tides and coastal flooding, have to watch that because of that strong southwesterly breeze. >> still a tropical depression no. 9. before we go an award, a presentation? >> i overheard that the olympic medal count was -- >> i was waiting for it. >> it was incorrect. the united states have one more medal.
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actually it says no. 1 producer on the back which may be the culprit for the
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mel brooks,


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