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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news this morning, hermine has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it made land fall as a category one hurricane in the florida panhandle overnight but the rain and wind in the bay area continues this morning and will throughout the day. and this is things are really bad there this morning. this cedar key. many roads are flooded and you can see the water right at the doorsteps of many homes there. >> yeah, a lot of wind there too. and look at this image here from clearwater beach this morning. a lot of rain falling there, wind flowing and we are getting reports of flooded streets near the beach. thank you for joining us on this wet and windy friday morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo.
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coverage all over the place. jamel lanee' is live in clearwater beach. and meredyth censullo is in pasco county. and ed bloodsworth is monitoringen conditions from the roof -- monitoring conditions from the roof top. but first, leigh with the latest. >> that's right. tropical storm hermine now in georgia. but look at the scope, from north carolina down to the gulf of mexico. and we are stuck in a feeder band around the center off circulation. now, 1:30 this morning, this made land hurricane with 80 miles per hour winds. that's historic because that's the first land falling hurricane in florida in 11 years. since wilma back in 2005. it was near st. marks at the border of jefferson county. now it has moved up into the land. and now it has weakened to a tropical storm. but when you look at the radar, you can see the center of circulation. the graphics are moving about as slow as the rest of us this morning. having a tough go at it. working hard all night long.
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circulation but the feeder bands wrapping around and pulling through the i-4 corridor. embedded in that feeder band, not only heavy rainfall but we also have the threat for tornadoes. there's a tornado watch that's in effect for areas citrus, hernando, pasco, and hillsborough, pinellas counties. it's coming. it's just moving very, very slowly. sorry. sorry about this. these are also the tropical storm currently in place for our coastline. we could feel tropical storm- force winds now continuing in this feeder band around that area of low pressure that's now tropical storm hermine. there's the tornado yosee it shaded in red there. we can finally get to satellite and radar. heavy rain coming down throughout pasco county and dryer in citrus and hernando. again, heavy rain in new port richey, down through southern portions of hillsborough county, and into bradenton at
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team 8 meteorologist ed bloodsworth checking on the tide levels out there. >> reporter: yeah, and i'll tell you what, the hillsborough river extremely high. and that's resulting in flooding along the riverwalk and parking lots. in fact, what we have been watching, we want to you right now across the river from the news center, some of the parking lots are now under water. deep uponning and a portion of the riverwalk under water. and also we do know that the flooded at the lowest level. thanks to the high tides. now the water appears to be slowly trying to inch down here as the high tide psych system now coming to an end here along the hillsborough river. but we do have additional tide concerns here. crystal river, you just actually are going through a high tide right now. we are expecting that to start lowering in the next few minutes. and down towards hudson, your
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going, sliding down the coast, clearwater beach, just after lunchtime, just before 1:00 p.m., expecting a significant water rise. again, the high tides really being enhanced by this southwesterly flow off the gulf of mexico. that steady breeze. st.pete at 3:19 this afternoon. and then downtown tampa, bay shore, 3:18 this afternoon. down towards port manatee and anna maria, around 2:00 to 3:00. high tide an issue. coastal flooding will continue into the afternoon the the roadways. leslee lacey, how it is looking? >> thank you. it looks a mess. the two people down there, that's a commitment to fitness this they're walking with the water coming through. look at this, we are looking much better now. look at this. we've got the three right lanes open. everything has been pushed over to the side of the roadway here. remember, only one lane squeezing by. and we have activity due to the earlier jackknifed semi-truck but things are looking better.
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this should ease. still a little bit of activity there. maybe one lane taken away. but overall, better here. this is a back-up. and away from about fowler down through busch and bird due to the earlier accident that's now off to the side. bay shore boulevard is closed between plat and bay to bay. keep that in mind. take dale mabry and macdill can be sketchy. and some of the northbound lanes to gandy boulevard, seeing water in the road and shore acres. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you. for a second day, tropical in the bay area. forcing the here's a look at the schools closed. hillsborough, pasco, pinellas, hernando, citrus and manatee counties. school will resume tuesday, september 6th. >> and also this morning, all usf campuses in the bay area are closed. nova southeastern, st. petersburg college, stetson
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and more closures today, pasco hernando state college as well as new college, florida state and the university of florida closed today as well. for a full list of closures, cancellations and delays, visit us online at we have seen so many incredible pictures, images, videos this morning. tropical storm hermine's high winds and heavy rains are reeking havoc along the gulf coast. >> and when the storm made land fall, the 80 miles per hour. at that point, a hurricane and now a tropical storm. ryan hughes is north of us near the big bend of florida. he is live from cedar key. still looks like it's win deover there, ryan. -- windy over there, ryan. >> reporter: good morning once again. you can see my rain suit whipping in the wind. take a look at the trees. the wind has picked up since we last came to you live and the
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one point that it pushed the barricade and bent it in the middle. you might be able to see that. but that's the big issue right now. the rain thankfully has abated. now let's go to video we shot several hours ago when we made our way out of the motel. the beach front motel here on cedar key. the water was up to our knees by the time we got to the first floor. so i could only imagine that many of the rooms on the first floor are flooded. we had to go through the water to get to higher ground where our vehicles are located. and you can see, there is damage all over this island but at this point, there's still power. that's good news for some people who decided to stay, including this man. >> a foot from if two feet from being under water. >> reporter: in the house? >> in the house. not good. >> reporter: does it make you nervous? >> very. >> reporter: and guys, the wind
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there. but that is the main issue at this point. and electricity is still on. so when people wake up, when daylight happens here, many people will assess the damage. i spoke to the assistant trek or the of the emergency operations center and he says crews will be out here first thing to make sure that everybody is safe and sound. and we certainly hope that's the case. back to the you for now. >> i'm sure they do as well. ryan hughes in cedar key. thank you. if you are watching us and you have relatives in the them a call and make sure they're okay. and if not, try to call the authorities and get them help of course. tropical storm hermine is flooding many residents near the coast. in hudson, some residents have water inside their homes. >> yeah, meredyth censullo is there live. you know, you were showing us earlier how deep it is getting into some people's home, turning their lives upside down. >> reporter: well, yeah. and i think that's the important thing to remember is even after this storm clears
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now insurance issues to deal with. and they have stuff that's been ruined. and we are back on the road now here in hudson beach. we were visiting with a woman who lives one road down. and we were out here just about an hour ago. and this main road here, water was up a good 6 inches or so. the good news, that has receded. we hit high tide here around 2 the 15:00. so that's gone back -- -- around 2:15. so that's but there's still flooding. you can see water pushing up into the lawns. so it's coming and going here in terms of the roads. we do v still have pasco fire- rescue out here patrolling the area. in fact, one crew just went by us. so still definitely a be cautious situation here. it's very windy. we're dealing with lightning as well. so weather conditions still bad. still a great idea to stay inside. but like i mentioned, folks are
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that water out of their homes, trying to clean up. and just assesituation.s like w tell if this is a rescue vehicle or not coming through or maybe just a big truck. okay, looks like just a big truck. maybe not. it's the marines. okay. so again, still a lot of activity going on here. we're going to stay here and continue to monitor the situation and talk to folks, see how they're coping with this rain. gene and gayle, ck and if you are in a big truck like that, driving through e waterswhich probably you don't want to, but if you have to, do so slowly so you don't displace the water. >> and i'm sure they're doing it the right way. our continuing coverage of tropical storm hermine, more to come. >> this is a live picture from clearwater beach where it's raining right now. you can see the it's coming down hard. we will continue our team coverage.
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thank you for stay with us. still tracking tropical storm hermine moving into the georgia area but causing a lot of problems locally. look at the rain band out into the gulf of mexico. yes, i gave my weather graphics
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sometimes we all need that. now things are working faster. tornado watch, citrus, hernando, pasco, hillsborough, pinellas counties. so that tornado watch goes until 8:00 a.m. any time you have a feeder band, a rain band or any rain wrapping around a tropical storm, there is the threat for some rotation in that system. and that's why there could be a tornado warning. it's not out there now. just letting you know that it's a possibility. because we have extremely heavy rain through here's wesley chapel, zephyrhills, dade city. rounds of rain through the coast of pasco. at this moment, things are dry. can't say the same for northern portion of polk county, lakeland, auburndale, heavy rainfall. and farther to the south, around clearwater, heavy rain at this point. other parts of pinellas not too bad. and then farther south into manatee and sarasota county, and we have batches of rain there. not as widespread. the problem is, we've already
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two days, especially near the coast. and now i'm expecting to see more rain. look at the rainfall potential today. this is just one computer model but i think it's giving you a good trend as to what i believe is going to happen. you see the red shaded area, some spots between now and 9:00 p.m. could see 3 more inches of rainfall. and now the blue color, that's about an inch of rain. most will see about an inch. and there will be some spots that see higher totals than that. especially for areas along and north of i-4. notice it drier the farther south and east that you go. right now, winds have been quite strong. not as strong as i have seen them. earlier we were seeing wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. and these are the blue numbers here. we're seeing wind gusts now at 30 miles per hour. the problem with that is that the ground is soggy. three days worth of rain and so sometimes big trees when you get a little bit of elevated
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and again, the ground doesn't hold them stable. tropical storm hermine does continue to weaken but weakens slowly as it pushes from georgia to south carolina. the flooding problems, we have that saturated ground. all day today, tides will runner higher than normal. that includes the low tide. it's going to be higher than normal. and therefore rain will creep closer to homes than normal plus the ra flooding today, still actually some good rain chances on saturday. but then check out the eight- day forecast because i just at least have to give you light at the end of the tunnel. we had such rainy weather. still good scattering of thunderstorms on saturday. we will see sunshine on saturday. that will be a nice change. into sunday and especially labor day, that brings the rain chances down to 30% for labor day. and check out the end of the eight-day forecast, 20% rain chance.
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great drive now. remember we were really backed up here. this is 275 around bird street, due to a jackknifed semi-truck. traffic looks very good. this is where it was located. absolutely no delays. back up to speed on 275. and northbound 275, heading up to pasco county, a tree down in the roadway right before you get to the northern apex. keep that in mind. you can still get by. okay, let's talk about the completely closed down. not able to use it. traveling between the sun coast area and pinellas, tough take 75 around instead. meanwhile, over here in south tampa, bay shore boulevard is closed between plat and bay to bay. and we are seeing earlier flooding as you saw around the riverwalk and channelside and florida. so keep that in mind. south tampa area, very, very heavy with water too in certain areas. access restricted on snell isle and shore acres.
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and stay with us all morning. you are watching news channel 8 today. while tropical storm hermine made land fall in the panhandle, the bay area also feeling the impact. >> yeah, rain bands are moving through the area for many coastal communities. that means flood and clearwater beach is one of the areas experiencing a lot of problems. >> especially flooding and also wind this morning. news channel 8's jamel lanee' has been whipping around in the wind. we can hear it right now. what do you got? >> reporter: so i know you took the live bump a couple seconds ago and it was pouring down rain. and now once again the rain has stopped but the wind has picked up. i can tell you, i walked over to the entry way where the beach is. the ocean water all the way up to the sidewalk. and again more lightning. still very windy. the police are still on the other side, making sure that
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again, we will try to head over to the area where the beach is. and show you that. back to the you guys. >> please be safe with the lightning around you. thank you. we will check back. we have been getting pictures from viewers in the clearwater beach area. if you can do so safely, please continue to send those to us and post them on our wfla facebook page. >> and our continuing coverage of tropical storm hermine coue from downtown tampa. this is the riverwalk. and it's pretty flooded this morning. you won't see the walkers and dogs out there any time soon. you're watching news channel 8
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we are back. people in eastern hillsborough
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wind and rain from hermine caused. you can see here a large tree fell on to several cars and mobile homes in valrico. this is at the town and country mobile home park where residents told us it was raining hard when out of nowhere, things got crazy. >> the ceiling and the walls started shaking. and it picked up part of one side of my living room. and then before you know it, it was over. >> and look out and watching and watched a tree hit our door neighbor's trailer and go through it. >> one family was trapped inside their home. fortunately neighbors came over, helped them get out of the home and no one was hurt. love the hear that when people come together and help each other out. take a look at the damage. a huge tree trunk into the home. and when we get more daylight out there, the residents will be able to see how bad the damage is. and how much clean-up they have to do. we are told though that about
6:24 am
and here's a picture taken by news channel 8's jeff patterson at his motel in cedar key this morning. and look how high is flooding is, right up to the door. now lucky their room is on the second floor. but they had to wade through the knee-high water to get to the car. we have an entire team in that area this morning. and it looks like they are in the thick of it. >> and check out this picture here. this is from clearwater beach. and it shows a lot there on the streetings near the beach. aaron sending us this outsid the hyatt regency. you can see it goes over the street and the sidewalks. and this picture, that is not snow out in indian shores. that white stuff, that is sea foam that blew in. looks like snow covering the ground. impressive to see that. >> really is. weather and traffic on the 8s is next. >> and we leave you with a live picture of downtown tampa. you can see the bridges light up. the buildings light up.
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these wet and windy conditions continue in parts of our area.
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still tracking this rain that's coming around tropical storm hermine. and it is bringing heavy downpours throughout clearwater, palm harbor, dade city, into polk city and look bradenton. not only do you have heavy rain now but rain extending out into the gulf of mexico and may wrap into your area in the next hour or so. there's the center of tropical storm hermine, slowly moving away from us, leslee. a look at traffic right now. the good news first. bringing good news here. 275 looks great. earlier it was down to one lane in the area around bird street due to a jackknifed semitruck. and we have a tree reportedly down in the roadways,
6:29 am
remains closed.
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hermine has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it made labor day fall as a category one hurricane in the florida pan handle overnight but the rain and wind in the bay area continues this morning and it will throughout the day. and look at county. things are really bad there this morning. this is cedar key. many roads are flooded as you can see. and the water goes right up to the doorsteps of many homes there. good friday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we have team coverage of the storm with crews all over the place this morning. ryan hughes is in cedar key. jamel lanee' is lye in clearwater beach. and meteorologist leigh spann is tracking hermine and ed
6:31 am
monitoring the conditions. but first, leigh to find out the latest on the storm's track. >> reporter: yeah, first of all, i want you to see the massive scope of what is now tropical storm hermine. again, it was downgraded but we've got rain bands up into virginia and the feederrer band through our area. recapping though, it did make land fall at 1:30 a.m. with winds of 80 miles per hour right near st. marks. and now that makes it land falling hurricane in florida in 11 years. since wilma back in 2005. since then, we've continued to see worsening conditions here in the tampa bay area. high tide that happened just after midnight between 2:00 and 3:00. and that combined with heavy rain from the feeder band, the rain band, has really kept us with flooding conditions across the communities. we are remaining under a tropical storm warning for our coastline.
6:32 am
well, embedded in any rain band around a tropical system, you have the threat of tornadoes. that goes until 8:00 this morning. and a flood watch. again, we have pockets of heavy rain like eastern pasco near dade city and zephyrhills. heavy rain through the westchase area over the bay bridges. and heavy rain that extends down into manatee and sarasota county. here's a look from tampa from veterans ford, lightning rain so far. windy. winds from the south and southwest sustained at 2025 miles per hour, and gusting close to 30 miles per hour. but it's that abnormally shore wind flow that could pose a problem with the next high tide. and meteorologist ed bloodsworth is tracking the tides for us. >> reporter: yeah, we have noticed noticeable improvement along the hillsborough river. and we have been watching thunderstorms to the north getting lightning off. and i want to show you what's happening along the river right
6:33 am
it's coming down from when we first spoke with you about a half hour area ago. seeing deep ponding on area parking lots and the first floors of the garages but again, we are anticipating another high tide cycle going into later this afternoon. and in fact, there has been a high tide and ongoing in chris tag river. and we anticipate another one at 5:49 p.m. hudson at 2:15 this afternoon. and closer to the lunch hour in clearwater beh and at st. pete along the pier at 3:19. and then downtown, bay shore boulevard will likely see water with the high tide around 3:18 this afternoon. and then down towards port manatee and anna maria, right around 2:30 this afternoon. and down sarasota and venice around 1:40. so things start to improve in downtown but you combine the high tides, saturated soil,
6:34 am
going to continue as we two through the rest of the afternoon. so we will be keeping our eyes on what's 457ing here in down -- what's happening here in downtown tampa. and now a quick check of the roads with leslee. a possible tree down on in the roadway, northbound 275 before the northern apex up towards pasco county. and i'm not seeing delays. all right, let's move over now and look further to the south here. this is what's going on on the sunshine skyway bridge. it's clos you will have to take 75 if you are going to go out and weather the weather. you can take 75 to get around but the sunshine skyway bridge again completely closed down. and let's move over here to south tampa. seeing a lot of water on the roadways and that means along dale mabry highway here too. not too far away from henderson. and bay shore boulevard is shut down between plat and bay to bay. you can take macdill and then brave it through dale mabry instead.
6:35 am
quick reminder over here in pinellas, access restricted to snell isle and shore acres. we have seen flooding in that area also. and pictures from u.s. 19 around ranch road. and st. pete police are telling me that there are power lines down throughout the city. traffic-wise, if you come to an intersection where the traffic light is not working, treat it as a four-way stop. >> thank you. well, for a second day, forcing the closures of schools. hillsborough, pasco, pinellas, hernando, citrus and manatee counties canceled classes. and school will resume in the counties tuesday, september 6th right after labor day. >> and a look at the coeges and universities. all usf campuses in the bay area will be closed nova southeastern, st. petersburg college and stetson university canceled classes for today.
6:36 am
state and the university of florida, no classes there either. for a full list, head over to and tropical storm hermine is flooding many residents near the -- many residences near the coast. >> and some residents have water inside their homes right now. and meredyth censullo is live from one of those flooded homes in hudson. and it turns lives upside down when this kind of damage happens. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, right now, it's dry but wet inside people's homes. and who wants to have to deal with that? some families have. you can see some water here in one of the neighborhoods. hudson beach where we are, you know, they see a lot of flooding but it's one thing to see it on the roads. it's another thing to see it inside your house. i want to show you video from overnight of one of the big downpours that happened here.
6:37 am
high tides forced evacuations along the coast in pasco county. this is what it looked like around 2:00 this morning in the hudson area as one of the rain bands pushed through. more than a dozen homes were evacuated in the hudson beach area. and we did talk to one family who was not evacuated. but they have been up all night trying to keep water out of their house. at one point, that water up a foot in their garage. >> it just came in fast in every room. you know, and that was bad enough. and when high tide hit about 2:15, it was -- i mean, just inches of water. everywhere. >> reporter: so that woman's daughter actually had to leave her vehicle down here. she drives a minivan. and she had to walk a couple
6:38 am
the road was completely under water. you can see the water has receded so they'll be walking back to their car but that family has been there all night long trying to get the water out of their homes. just not a great situation for a lot of folks. >> yeah, you definitely don't want to walk out of the van, that's why you don't want to drive in the conditions because you could be stranded. you don't know what's under the surface of the made land fall as a category one hurricane overnight in the florida panhandle. fierce with the winds up to 80 miles per hour. >> yeah, lots of wind up there. more than we saw here. news channel 8's ryan hughes is in cedar key. how is it looking right now up there? >> reporter: gene and gayle, good morning to you guys once again. right now the main problem appears to be the wind. you can see how gusty it is.
6:39 am
45, 55, maybe 60 miles per hour. the rain has stopped. it was really bad late last night, early this morning. but it has since abated and that's good news because that has also allowed the water to go down here. the storm surge at high tide, 2:30 a.m. was roughly 11 feet. and with that water, it kept creeping higher and higher. we stayed not far from here and it was on the second floor for quite some time. so really scary situation for a and let's go to video we shot at 1:00 this morning that shows the torrential rains and the gusty winds. you can just see how bad the conditions were here on cedar key. many residents told me, this was unprecedented. they don't remember seeing conditions this horrible for decades. many decades. and they said they simply hope there's no repeat any time soon because it really reeked havoc on this island. and now emergency management officials tell me that they'll
6:40 am
up and looks like it's starting to now. you can see back here live, there's debris in the roadway so they'll have to clear roads here and they plan to go from business to business, home to home along the gulf to make sure no one was trapped or hurt inside overnight because some people believe it or not decided to stay here even though there were mandatory evacuations. but again, gene and gayle, things are better here than what we were roughly six hours ago. >> yeah,n' as the daylights up and you go out to check your property, be cautious and aware of your surroundings. be on the lookout for power lines as well. >> yeah,s the a huge storm so it will keep pushing through. all right. thank you, ryan. tropical storm hermine is knocking out power throughout the bay area. duke power reports close to 20 thought citrus and manatees in pinellas and pasco county. this is a look at the outage map. we're also getting reports of
6:41 am
about that. and hillsborough county, tampa electrician is reporting more than 10,000 customers without power right now. stay tuned as we continue our coverage of tropical storm hermine this morning. much more to come. let's look outside live now. this is a picture from clearwater beach. you can see the wind whipping reasonable doubt. it's definitely wet. we're going to continue our team coverage right here on
6:42 am
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6:44 am
tropical storm hermine made land fall in the panhandle and we have seen pictures all morning long. and lye streaming video. we are really feeling the impact. >> yeah, lots of flooding and in some area, a lot of binned as well. rain bands moving through bay area.
6:45 am
clearwater beach is one area seeing flooding and a lot of wind for jamel lanee' there live. she is now joining us now. how bad is it right now? >> reporter: well, we have a break in the rain and since we have a break in the rain, i am able to show you what we're seeing out here. this is the entry way to the beach. and you can see, the ocean has come up on to the sidewalk. again, this is the entryway. and now rain bands have been coming and going and some stronger than others. the wind down. but still, very windy out here. we haven't -- i told you earlier, the pier guys, he showed up. again, we don't anticipating seeing too many people. clearwater police are making sure people are safe. you wanted to give you is in the rain of what's going on here, the ocean now up on the sidewalk. back in to you. >> if you can hear us, and the photographer to back up and
6:46 am
so we can appreciate how high it is. that's a good way to measure the height of the water. >> reporter: so omar, if you caback up. so here is the post here. and obviously, this is the entry way on to the beach. and here's our showers. if you pan over. >> there's a turtle. >> reporter: and then over here, there's a tutor and will you can see the sign over here. >> wow. >> reporter: and this is all the water. this is the whole beach here. so again, obviously, nobody is coming out here. >> you talk about -- you think about the beach erosion that happens, we're known for the beautiful white sandy beaches and when this kind of weather moves through, it washes out the shoreline. >> and seeing her getting through the area there, you can see the water way above her ankles. several inches, possibly close to a foot. be safe, jamel. and we will check back. wild out there.
6:47 am
things over to leigh spann now. >> and let me explain. again, here's where tropical storm hermine is in now, it's in georgia. but the wind flow around it means that all day today, and really through most of the day tomorrow, we will get a wind flow from the gulf, pushing on so that it pushes that gulf water farther and farther closer to where it's normal dry. farther and farther inland. where he was walking around there, that's usually sand. and there was only water there. onshore wind flow. that's what we've been talking about for days. that's the impact of an onshore wind. and the other thing that it does, when it rains, that onshore wind keeps the tide from going out. so the rain water doesn't have anywhere to go. and that exacerbates the flooding concerns as well. we do have a tornado watch which means with the feeder band and rain band around tropical storm hermine that there's the chance we could see
6:48 am
rain in eastern pass woe county and northern polk county at this point. not a lot of heavy rain thank goodness but pockets of moderate rain. and now back into the pinellas and hillsborough area. here's clearwater. here's where jamel was. a brief break from the rain. just moved into the largo area, over the bay bridge here. and there's westchase. i just heard from someone in the westchase area on twitter and they said they were getting hammered by lightning and i can see the strikes there. and this is going manatee and sarasota counties, you haven't seen as much rain this morning. and now it's headed your way. and lightning strikes. the wind speeds about 30 minutes even an hour ago, much stronger then than they are now. anywhere from 15 to 20 miles per hour sustained, gusting up to 30 miles per hour. but i saw wind gusts up to 50
6:49 am
forward in time, this is one computer model. not going to be perfect but a general idea of what to expect. again, with this rain band that's going to whip around tropical storm hermine. still going to draw in that tropical moisture. look at lunchtime, it won't be raining everywhere. but if you get under one of the rain bands, it will be heavy rain. and after lunch, any time between 1:00 and 3:00, that's when the high tide happens. again, erb concern through the afternoon. and by the time we get to 6:00, notice the rain will begin to lighten up. we won't see as much. between now and then, there could be spots. notice the red shaded area, up to 3 inches of rain. would want be everywhere seeing that much but it will be in spots. most places pick up about .50 to an inch of rain. in the headlines as hermine finally weakens and pushes through georgia, we still have the flooding concern today.
6:50 am
saturday, although i expect sunshine on saturday. we really dry out for sunday and labor day. and most of next week looks dry which we need to dry out. >> we do. i'm going to show you a picture starting off with the howard frankland bridge. it's open. but we do have a travel advisory moving across it. so use some caution. n that area. and as i move to the sunshine skyway bridge, it remains closed. so you have to take i-75 and loop around the sunshine skyway bridge. sole and look at this, a collision here, in the heart of downtown tampa but no delays southbound 275 coming away from i-4. everything is off to the shoulder and cones out there on the roadways. but again, no delays. all right, let's move over from the closed sunshine skyway bridge to closed bay shore boulevard. and that's between plat street over here down to bay to bay. closed off here. a lot of flooding in the area. and earlier flooding around channelside and florida.
6:51 am
but take macdill or dale mabry instead. access restricted to snell isle and the shore acres area due to high waters there. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. our continuing coverage of tropical storm hermine continues. >> and we want to take a live look outside downtown tampa this morning and the riverwalk along the hillsborough river. as you lace up the running shoes, may want to consider plan b. maybe the treadmill. not best time to be going out to parts are flooded. so stay away from there. you're watching news channel 8 today. now at havertys furniture, it's our labor day sale. where you can create the perfect outdoor living space. now through september 5th,
6:52 am
plus, take an extra hundred dollars off every one-thousand dollars you spend. coordinate your choice with rugs, lamps, pillows and more. get free delivery, and enjoy 36-month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the labor day sale is going on now. havertys. life looks good. it's one of the ocean's fastest, fiercest predators.
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mako. the tallest, fastest, longest coaster in orlando. now open. feel the predator power.
6:54 am
continuing to track tropical storm hermine this morning. it made land fall as a hurricane. and now again downgraded to a tropical storm. >> yeah, the storm has reeked havoc on the bay area.
6:55 am
reporting 85,000 customers without power this morning. we do have crews across the bay area. let's start with ryan hughes actually in cedar key this morning. they saw the brunt of the storm when it made land fall this morning. >> reporter: good morning once again. they are somewhat better at this hour. you can see that the winds are still whipping. thankfully though the rain has since abated. at the height of this, the storm feet above sea level. we stayed at a motel and we got word that the first floor of the motel is destroyed. live on cedar key, ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> reporter: i'm jamel lanee' here on clearwater beach at pier 60. the rain has prudential centered back up. it's flooding again and there's water everywhere. the water is all the way out where the sand would be.
6:56 am
you guys. >> reporter: i'm meredyth censullo in hudson beach. overnight, about a dozen homes were evacuated because of high water. the water has receded now. but not before it left behind a big mess. this fence was actually taken down by high water that was pushed into these folks' home when someone drove down the road. further down, another person had a foot of rain in their home. and now they're up. >> reporter: i'm ed bloodsworth. we have been watching the hillsborough river in tampa running very high. coastal flooding a concern this afternoon with high tides on the way. at clearwater beach, 12:48 this afternoon. along bay shore, 3:18 this afternoon. and at the st. pete pier, 6:19. those will be the next high tides and we are expecting them to be higher than normal. and looks like the winds will
6:57 am
over the leigh. >> thank you very much. stay dry. there's tropical storm hermine moving through georgia but it's that feeder band that's extending back into the gulf of mexico. and that's pummeling the clearwater beach area. you see with jamel, heavy rain from dade city down through north dale and downtown tampa, just north of downtown tampa and the central portions of pinellas county. portions of polk county not seeing as heavy of rain but right now, downpours through hillsborough, manatee county. the rain chance at 60% today. we will see less and less rain after lunchtime. tomorrow, mostly 60% rain chances in the afternoon. and we will start to see sun, notice warmer tomorrow. and then hot for sunday and for labor day as we begin to finally dry things out. >> all right. a look at traffic right now. quick reminder, the sunshine skyway bridge remains closed. tough take 75 and loop around or better yet, stay home.
6:58 am
and let's move over now and look here at bay shore boulevard. it is closed bay to bay to the plat. so keep that in mind. a lot of water. south tampa always gets that way. and over here, another reminder that access has been restricted in pinellas county to snell isle and shore acres. and also, just checked the flood maps and around sly avenue in the hillsborough river, seeing some flooding in the area. >> okay. thank you. thank you for joining us. please be careful and share images with us on facebook if you n >> we will be here all morning
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. hurricane hermine slams into florida overnight bringing pouring rain, driving wind and violent surf. now a tropical storm passing over florida and then heading straight up the east coast just we're live inside the storm zone. >> explosion. investigators trying to figure out why that spacex rocket blew up on the launch pad incinerating a $200 million facebook satellite. this mng why the accident isn't just a major setback for facebook but for the future of


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