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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  September 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> right now, on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> hermine is now a tropical storm and although the storm is out of the sunshine state, we are dealing with the destruction it has left behind. good evening, i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. we have crews all over the bay area tonight. eagle 8 hd flew over the lighthouse marina. at clearwater beach, the wind is still belowing and the surf there is still very choppy. >> tropical storm hermine went straight for the panhandle. roads are left in ruins. it looks like an earthquake ravaged that area. >> take a look at this picture taken in tallahassee. hoes a hoes -- shows a mother
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>> hermine walloped the city. >> and our reporter matt galka was with governor rick scott as he toured the hardest hit areas. what did the governor have to say, matt? >> reporter: as we walked around with the governor, it was hard to see what everybody was seeing, neighborhood after neighborhood after neighborhood. the governor thought it was a good idea to see all firsthand. linda williams watched as good samaritans helped to clear a downed tree and light pole that fell down on the road of her hous >> i think we have wonderful neighbors. that's what i think. >> reporter: these scenes played out all over tallahassee as the city revered following a devastating blow from hurricane hermine. governor rick scott toured some of the hardest hit neighborhoods friday to get a
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>> this is an individual that lost their cars. >> reporter: this time, i became part of the story. this tree landed on my house. the governor walked around with us around the batters neighborhood five minutes from the capital. more than half the city woke up without power friday. utility crews estimate it could be days before power is fully restored. while hermine left many in the dark, the kindness provided a bright spot for some storm weary people in tallahassee. >> they are wonderful. i'm helping we get our power back on quicker. hoping we get our power back on quicker. >> reporter: i will tell you right now, that stoplight you see behind me is one of the only working ones in this area. downtown tallahassee. about five minutes up the road, florida state, they are already telling students it could be
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their dorms. josh? >> oh wow. a lot of trouble up there. and not only do you have to work, you have to go home and clean up your own mess. matt galka, thank you. >> we continue our team coverage by headed to polk county right now. where strong winds from the storm snapped trees and caused major damage to some homes. polk county emergency teams spent the day surveying the damage. melissa marino is in lakeland where she spoke to residents who are cleaning up hermine's mess. >> reporter: we have been reaching all around to find storm damage. this is what we are seeing. branches, debris, downed trees, we have even seen some trees into houses. beverly sloane had just finished a 12-hour shift when she saw the damage in her home in saint anthony. >> i'm pulling down the road thinking there's a little bit of branches on the road. that's not too bad. then i pull around the coroner and see this. and i'm like oh, that's bad.
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between two homes. damaging both. >> could have been a lot worse. it could have landed on her house or my house. just totally down the middle and really done some damage. >> i was like wow. >> reporter: casia lives on west tenth street. she was in bed when the wind snapped this tree in half until she went outside and saw a massive tree on her roof. >> a bathroom and my master bedroom and kitchen. it cracked the ceiling. >> reporter: they are thankful no one got hurt. >> my was walked out and came back in the house. just thank god that he didn't get hit. >> reporter: if you live in polk county and have storm damage, we have some numbers listed on our website for you to report it and get some help. in polk county, melissa marino, newschannel8. >> and there was no shortage of pictures sent through social media even to our station.
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julia sending this picture of trees falling on a lot of rooftops in the bay area. and, from the sarasota sheriff, take a look at this boat. wild something. wild night, had to have been. we don't know what it was. but a big problem for the boat owner. jeff patterson was in cedar key. look at his motel. this is the lobby of where he stayed. he said at one point it was up to his waist. it was a big mess up there where it landed. in pinellas, this is pinellas hope. it is an area where they have a homeless people you can see some big trouble there. a lot of these tents meant the brunt of that storm. and there are some problems rebuilding in that area. trying to get the mail is not an easy task for kyle miller. and take a look here from gretchen. hermine can't stop us. they don't care about the storm. they are moving on with the love they have. here is crystal river. that sign has to be five feet under water. a big mess there. we do see this a lot.
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not recommended but we see it every time there's a storm. we want to see your pictures and your video of hermine. you can share them on our newschannel8 app or #us@wfla or #wfla. >> from homes to the coast, hermine didn't show any mercy. we will head to leavy county. >> plus, the beach erosion is getting e. to fix this problem. >> hermine is now a tropical storm over the carolinas but still that tail end is helping to drag a few showers across the area. of course, the wind gusts are still there. we will look at your holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8, the station that is always on
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>> hermine made landfall as a category 1 hurricane overnight, but now it is a storm. we have had crews monitoring some of the hardest hit areas like cedar key. water flowed into homes and businesses and newschannel8's ryan hughes got a destroyed the hotel where he stayed overnight. >> reporter: we hastily left the hotel beach front at 1:00 as waves pounded the buildings in the front office. parking lot was covered with debris filled murky water. the water at least knee deep. with sunlight came horror for management. the 11-foot storm surge pushed water into every first floor
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chairs. the pool area partially collapsed. >> scary. very scary. >> reporter: chris and his wife manage the motel. they have been at it just three months. this scene is almost too much to bear. >> i can't believe it. it is just overwhelming. >> reporter: he tells newschannel8 the worst came at 3:30 this morning when high tide combined with a storm surge. he and his wife surveyed the aftermath this morning not knowing how bad it was. a lot of buildings sustained we were lucky. we stayed on the second floor. but as you can see, the first floor took the brunt of it when this retaining wall collapsed. this condo complex is still standing though all first floor units were gutted by water. the backyard is visible from the front. these residents weren't deterred and spent the morning enjoying coffee on the balcony. chris is in awe of hurricane hermine.
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think about mother nature? >> force of mother nature water alone is powerful. there is no stopping it. >> reporter: reporting on cedar key, i'm ryan hughes, newschannel8. another sad consequence of hurricane hermine. beach erosion and with it the death of an unknown number of baby sea turtles. john rogers joins us live from ledo key with a problem that is so hard to fix. >> reporter: yeah, it is heartbreaking. good evening josh. that life guard stand you see there, water keeps hitting the staircase. there are a lot of concerns with beach erosion here and officials here, residents here feel officials need to take care of it quickly. hurricane hermine chewed away large swaths of the beach. since wednesday, the storm swamped the coastline and all the residents could do was sit back and watch. at some points the water was
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here. this man is worried about the future. >> if there is not a decent beach, the property values are going to drop. >> reporter: the president of the resident association feels there's more lawmaker cans do to get the problem fixed. >> it has been eroding very badly. we need sand. we need sand here badly. >> reporter: and sadly, the erosion has claimed some victims with it. over the past few days, some sea turtle nests ended up washed out to sea. >> i saw the crashing on our wall. as it went back, it was taking the eggs with it. >> reporter: an official at mote marine lab says there were anter 1700 unhatched sea turtle nests across the county. it is unclear this time how many are destroyed. >> it is just heartbreaking. i picked up a couple of dead ones yesterday morning that were on the beach. little hatchlings that i thought maybe were alive. >> reporter: sadly, that's a consequence of these powerful storms. beach erosion is a way of life.
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measures could be taken to protect the coastline. hermine was a category 1 hurricane. they don't want to imagine what would happen with a stronger storm. and this is an issue that has been debated locally for quite some time. there have been some long term plans that have been discussed. but right now, there's still some back and forth going on. and so, it will take some time before a long term solution is made. but in the meantime, county officials plan in the coming days to go beaches and take a look and assess the erosion around here. back to you guys. >> john, what about the sea turtle nests? is there anything the officials can do to try to save them or prevent something like this in the future? >> reporter: well, sadly, a lot of that is just normal ... that's how mother nature works. but, the lab documents all of the sea turtle nests across sarasota county. within the next week, they are going to go through and see which nests were lost and if
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turtles in danger, contact florida fish and wildlife. >> mother nature can be cruel. john rogers live at lido key for us. thanks so much john. the view from crystal river shows mostly cloudy conditions. not sure if the rain gauge is working there. 82 degrees with the southwesterly wind. veteran's ford here in tampa along the expressway, over two inches of rain. 81 degrees. been a cooler day degrees. over two inches of rain at this location out there on the golf course. it has been a stormy night since midnight. those are the totals. labor day weekend, we wait all year for this. the end of summer officially. but our warm temperatures in the state of florida go on and on. high temperatures as a matter of fact on sunday and monday with more typical florida days near 90 degrees but there's enough leftover moisture to create a few extra showers. the on shore flow coming from
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the next high tide by the way is about 3:45 a.m. coming up. high tides occurring now in crystal river. the winds are still fairly strong out of the southwest. temperatures warm up a little bit close tore average of 90 degrees. despite labor day, the average high is still 90 degrees. showers continue to roll on shore in the training fashion. lining up over one area so the downpours continue really from dade city all the way back to new port richey and pasco county. sc citrus, hernando county. these two are moving to the east and southwesterly flow. there's the showers racing across this area. new port richey all the way up to hudson just east of hudson. more lining up offshore. this area in particular seems to be a region we talk about the training the tail end of the system. and when it lines up, it hangs across the air california just kind of sends more showers across the same area that has
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engelwood in the south part of sarasota county. 77 degrees tomorrow: 82 at noon tomorrow. 85 degrees in the forecast. at 4:00 p.m. as hermine heads north. the storms will continue here for the evening hours. but, they start to let up as we get into tomorrow. the showers taking advantage of the moisture in the atmosphere. 83 degrees tampa international. dew point 76. yes. it is plenty humid. saw the sun trying to peek outside. 82 degrees in saint petersburg. here is a look at the winds. obviously an issue the last 24 surge and the very high tides. 30 miles an hour gusts inclearwater. 23 in tampa. 21 all the way out in lakeland. 25 in brooksville. and 22 miles an hour gusts in sarasota. there's the big picture. there's hermine, a tropical storm, and, the tail end of it. that's why we get it. the tail end drags across the state and the flow just keeps the parallel showers moving over the same area. drenching sections of the carolinas north of the eye.
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backside on this one. then you can see more rain kind of lining up offshore. we will leave the possibility of more rain in the forecast across portions of the bay area. drier air on water vapor to the north. lots of leftover moisture, the drier air has been around for the cycle of hermine it appears. low pressure, what is left of the tropical system to our north. this evening occasional showers could pass acrossthe area, you saw the current radar, definitely have some showers on the map that will move in the northeasterly fashion. forecast tomorrow, leftover moisture. 60% storm chance. a little bit above normal given the time of year. as we get into sunday, a few showers early in the day. but generally trending to more of a normal pattern there. 40% chance on sunday and monday. high temperatures near 90 degrees. labor day weekend, fantastic. got to get over this hangover here from hermine. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, rain chances fall a little bit. slightly drier air. more stable air coming in.
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could see on a typical summer day. summer wrapping up. we have a very warm month of september to get through guys. the temperatures stay warm. >> no question. thank you steve. two students hit by cars in the same city less than 24 hours. coming up, we will show you what the children were doing at the time of the crashes. >> ex-stanford swimmer brock turner is out of jail early. the items waiting for him once he was free. >> and you can join us
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>> this just in. new information on an unarmed man shot and killed by hillsborough county deputy. members of the sheriffs office are now working with community leader to keep ago, we learned deputies executed a search warrant at the home of 22-year-old lavania riggins tuesday morning after a two month investigation. deputies bought drugs from him several times. a deputy later shot him after investigators say he refused to come out of his house and they believed he was posing an immediate threat. >> deputy could not see what he
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getting a weapon based on the histories of his arrests and connections to guns in the past. >> protesters had taken to the streets twice in the wake of this shooting. some of the protests turned violent. family members dispute the sheriff's office' version of details. an elderly man robbed and beaten in his backyard has died. the man accused of attacking him faces a murder charge. alfred waton was found bleeding and authorities arrested carlos cordero two days later. he also stole the victim's wallet. now to what's making headlines across america. school is back in session. that means drivers need to be aware of students driveing the street. in texas, two students were hurt when cars crashed into them right when they got off the bus. you can see a 12-year-old boy walking in the crosswalk. then the truck comes around the corner and hits him in austin. 24 hours later in a different
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student was hit and parents are horrified. >> i kept shaking. it was the most horrible thing to watch. there is nothing worse than the phone call where all you hear are sirens and your child crying. >> fortunately, the students were not seriously hurt. in both cases police cited the drivers. and the swimmer sentenced to six months behind bars is out of jail. brock turner served only half tu packet of hate mail when he got out. he is planning to live with his parents in ohio. he has five days to register as a sex offender and will report to a probation officer for years. and officers will check on him without warning to make sure he has not moved out. quarterback colin kaepernick is not backing down on his promise to sit during the national anthem. he took a knee during the playing of the star-spangled banner during military night.
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racial injustice and police brutality in america. newschannel8 at 6:00 is up next. >> stacie and rod are here with what we are working on. >> the bay area is cleaning up after tropical storm hermine. >> we are taking you to the hard hit community of cedar key. we will show you the devastation the storm left behind. >> assessing the damage in citrus county as emergency officials make their rounds. we're going along for the ride. >> i'm mark douglas in saint petersburg shore acres. after days of submerged stres, over. >> two monster trees find their marks in hillsborough county and what's left isn't pretty. >> those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast and
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>> the fury of tropical storm hermine. it is devastating neighborhoods, homes, businesses ripped apart by wind. crushed by falling trees. >> just a big mess. lit take a long time to clean it up. >> reporter: right now, live team coverage of hermine's aftermath. >> good evening everybody, i'm rod carter. >> i'm stacie schaible. thanks for joining us. the bay the damage left behind by hurricane hermine. this is lake mcgory. there's water going right up to people's homes. so many people's homes impacted. >> they all look like this one. you can see the water there everywhere. this is the imperial court mobile home park in new port richey. >> check out this incredible video we just got in from cedar key. whole strictures flattened by hermine's strong winds.
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joins us now in the forecast center. the worst over for us. but more rain means more trouble for the flooded areas. >> one area would be pasco county right now. kind of trailing off the extreme southern end of our tropical storm hermine which is now in the carolinas. let's take a look. you can see where it is located there. 50 miles an hour winds. there's the latitude and longitude. but a quick movement to the northeast at 20 miles an hour. picked up by the faster level winds moving this quickly to the northeast. and you can see long term tends to slow down in this forecast track off the northeast coast. so, it could cause some high seas and rains for the holiday weekend. if you have been watching us this afternoon, you have seen how quickly it has moved northwest of charleston. but also t the tail end of it. i draws energy from the gulf of mexico. even across the state of


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