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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  September 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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tracking a little the bit of rain near crystal river and pine ridge and highway 19. it's generally sliding to the northeast and the north side of hernando getting wet. we will maintain showers along the coastline and i-4 this morning, and then with a little more sunshine and daytime heating, we are expecting showers and thunderstorms to
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locations as well. for today, this morning 79, and 86 this afternoon. finally the rain chances will ease back as we make the transition into a typical pattern here. could be dryer than normal by midweek. we will at took look at hermine and the latest on the full weekend forecast in a minute. candace? >> ed, thank you for that update. firefighters are on the scene of a structure fire in hernando where one person to be rescued. investigators are telling us that the victim has serious burnses and taken to -- burns and was taken to the hospital as a trauma alert. days and weeks of cleanup are ahead for the people of cedar key after enduring the full force of hermine. the stormer to through the ' -- the storm tore through the island to the north.
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off the island as water has risen over many roads, and it appears every business on the island is closed. we spoke to governor scott has he got a look at the damage. >> most of the night we were on the couch. >> reporter: denise decided to ride outside hermine in her condo. storm surge wiped out the first floor of her building. >> if you looked out, you could see the waves rocks there it was scary, very scary. >> reporter: as the storm raged on, things got worse. >> i saw my kayak float by, and i had chained it to the fence, and then the i saw the fence float by. it was scary. very, very scary. >> you saw a lot of boats in the wrong places and docks messed up. >> reporter: on the ground
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>> we also have members of the national guard already out and utilities are working hard. >> reporter: we saw people all over service delivery car key cleaning up from the storm surge. the chief of police said they will recover. >> they help each other without question. they don't expect anything in return. they help each other out. >> reporter: the chief of police was out in the middle of the storm, i know this because we met him in the middle of the hurricane, and he asked us to move the satellite truck to higher ground because of rapidly rising water. good idea on his part. we come ployed. i'm jeff patterson, back to you. a lot of work to be done there, jeff, thank you. in citrus county, they are stilt have 2500 outages.
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short acres area saw the worst flooding in the city. duke energy turned off power to the mariners cove mobile park on wednesday, and flood resident there is are still without power. unbelievable footage from inside of a home destroyed by tropical storm hermine. this is in tallahassee, close to the high of the storm. the tree was knocked into the roof, causing it to collapse, and now insulation is hanging down and the homeowner describes the chaotic night. >> we had to empty two toy bins into the kitchen seven or eight times during the night, and we had 3-inches of water on the floor because we could not do it fast enough. hermine destroyed the
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alligator pointe. in the bay area to report an outage or see the latest outage maps, you can go to and the story with links is on the home page. the death of a man caused by a hillsboro county deputy caused another rowdy no his friends had there had to be another. >> they murdered that boy. he didn't die! he was murdered by the police! the same people we call to come save us. they are killing us. >> the investigators said riggins was unarmed no word if anyone was arrest in the protest last night. most of us take for granted that antibacteria soap will protect us from germs, but the fda says that may not be the case.
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concern involving the soaps. sam sung recalling millions of phones that are exploding and catching on fire. we will show you why and what it could mean for the company. it's 6:07 on this saturday morning, and you're looking at downtown tampa. you're watching news channel 8 today on this holiday weekend. we have all the weather and news you need to know.
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alert, samsung is recalling the note 7 galaxy over concerns over the battery catching on fire. samsung promises to work with wireless carriers to in the coming weeks. to avoid the burning problem, you may want to avoid using it for now. the fda just banned antibacteria soaps. there's no evidence they stop
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research shows they can mess with your hormones. >> the american cleaning institute insists they are safe, but many manufacturers are already phasing out the chemicals in question. new developments in the colin kaepernick controversial protest of the national anthem. up next, who is joining the 49ers's quarterback in support, and what police who work the 49er games are tracking a couple of showers, and also keeping our eyes on hermine. we will take a look at that, and i will show you if there's anything else brewing in the
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the controversy around san francisco's colin kaepernick continues to grow. he once again refused to stand for the national anthem over and it envoked boos from the crowds, but some other players are now following his lead. ? and the rockets red glare ? >> reporter: as the national anthem filled the stadium, colin kaepernick took a knee and got an earful, but this time he was joined by teammate eric reid, while in oakland,
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receiving support and condemnation. colin kaepernick says he's protesting racial injustice and police brutality. >> we have a the lot of issues in this country we need to deal. with we have a lot of people who are oppressed. >> reporter: in san diego, colin kaepernick's protest came on salute to the military night with a stadium filled with military families. >> i think colin kaepernick is a down fall because we live in america. you should have respect. >> reporter: he has worn he supports the military, and his protest is aimed at rogue cops. after an army veteran wrote him a letter, they stood side by side. >> right to stand or sit, that's what the flag is supposed to represent. >> reporter: he said he will
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he believes in. miguel almagar. >> colin kaepernick's decision to sit could lead to a lack of security at games. the santa clara police union that represents half of the security force says they may not work this season. the union sent a letter saying they are upset over blanket statements about how officers murder minorities, and the 49ers said they respect his well, we have certainly had a very busy week, and of course all eyes were on tropical storm hermine, and it continues to maintain tropical storm status, rolling up into the northeast and mid-atlantic states. we will look at that in a second, and also rain chances locally, despite the storm pulling away, it will remain high, thanks to the lingering moisture in the area, but down
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in the weather pattern as the dryer air rolls into our region. the rays playing host to the bluejays, and a storm is possible around the trough, and there's the break down of the forecast today. the rain chances are staying fairly high. starting on the shore or coastline, and moving onshore, and then scattered downpours, and i think the chance will focus inland, going into the afternoon with the high and 73 if you're up with us early this morning in inverness, and up towards citrus county, you can see a lot of shower and rainstorm activity over the gulf, and with the continues onshore flow, it's continuing to work towards the coastline. so far this morning, we have had a few showers and heavier downpours near crystal river along highway 19 on pine ridge, and right now, nothing too much, but i showed you what was
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has to work its way to the coastline, and i think a lot of this continuing on the track it should generally stay north of i4 today, i-4 today, and you can see the track. tropical storm warnings in effect for the outer banks of north carolina to long island. this system is expected to become, we will call it a posttropical storm, and the the big area of spiraling, sitting off the northeast coast, and that's going to cause big time surf and just rough weather in time labor day this is invest 92, 20% chance of that developing as it encounters some dust and dry air, and to will limit the development, but still, it will work towards the caribbean, moisture hanging around for today. note what happens. monday, tuesday, and wednesday
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north, and our rain chances really start to drop by midweek next week, and we need that. we all need to dry out in tampa bay. before today, as i mentioned, the rain chance higher than average. elevated thanks to the moisture, and we will have the continuous onshore flow for today. the rain chances focusing on the afternoon. sunday, we think as we go into the day, we will start off dry, and then the typical showers and thunderstorms during the the afternoon. a decent coverage around 40 rain time. labor day, 40% chance of mainly afternoon showers and thunderstorms. again, just your typical garden- variety of thunderstorms. next week, the rain chance starts to drop, all the way to 30% by thursday, and then the temperature comes back to normal. after the next week or so, we are happy to see the rain chances. >> a lot of people are watching because the extra rain will compound the situation, and a
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cleaning >> the ground is saturated. >> thank you very much. we will highlights for the soggy night on the gridiron. stay with us. in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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another night of the friday night blitz last night, which by the way, hurricane hermine did her best, but several schools in the bay area made it through the night. we are glad everyone was okay. it was nice to have football last night. >> friday night blitz always wins. you can't mess with us. we have the state's number one team in class 7a last night and the number two team in 3a. that's our game of the week. >> we start durant hosting spodo, and kobe smith fumbles. kobe bryant, wouldn't, but this kobe does. that's a catch from meyers. not the goal post. 6-0 after the blocked extra point. now potter to eric davis. that's a nice hit, and the cougars keep driving. same drive, potters to meyers again. 2-point conversion, it's 14-0.
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he's feeling it now. steve wahosky down the middle. >> run! down at the 2, and the cougars will punch that in, and durant the winner. >> let's go see the rev. reverend abraham brown. the first tigers' touch, and can we get a redo? intercepted, and the sideline, coach, maybe lose the to wear the shades. king doesn't score on the possession, but later in the 1st they do 6-0 lions, and it was the heavy hitting back and forth. check it out. ron peterson delivering the lumber like he has a summer gig at home depot. smith does something about it.
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the lion's den. jerome bolt, best sprinter name ever! and the middleton tigers are still undefeated. dethroning the king. clear water central catholic has a gorgeous turf field that was impeccable. hosting rocks christian. >> reporter: both teams come into the game of th their season opener by scoring 40 points on their respective opponents last week. will hurricane hermine be a factor? i don't know. to the highlights we go! [ cheers ] after forcing the 3-out to start the game, the clear water central catholic miraders situation. around the right side, untouched, unharmed, unbelievable, and 80 something
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the next possession for the miraders, and this puts c.j. in the record book, giving the senior the total of 294 football points, and later in the 1st quarter w moves like this, it's no wonder that javonne newton is averaging 7 yards a carry. he put the miraders up 7-love. >> i.r.c., go big blue! >> reporter: just as the the golden eagles. and that's all the motivation indian rocks would need to score the second touchdown of the game, but the miraders would go on to win it and stay undefeated. always on fleet with the game
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news channel 8 sports. >> that's bold proclamation. always on fleek? the florida gators taking on u mass. we hope that everyone is dried out. >> highlight on news channel 8 throughout the day. >> thanks guys. coming up, breaking news in pasco county. firefighters reuse a person from a we are live on scene. a lot of cleanup this weekend after hermine blew through the bay area. we will show you the worst damage, coming up next. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have
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mp's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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rise and shine tampa bay, it's a officially a holiday weekend. you're looking live at downtown mta what where it is now. good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us. a person was rescued from a building fire in west port richey. we will have a live report in a couple of minutes. now that hermine is gone, many will be laboring this holiday weekend. we will show you the damage coming up. the fbi released their
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of the e-mail of hillary clinton used as secretary of state. the concerns donald trump is bringing up about the way the fbi handled the investigation. many people are anxious to find out if they will get a break from the rain. >> a lot of are a area -- a lot of areas will get a break today, but hang on to the umbrella. there's a lot of leftover moisture from the tropical system that rolled thr look at what is happening again now from downtown tampa. there's the university of tampa in the background. 78 this morning, and the winds are much lighter. 77 in clear water, and 73 for lakeland, and 73 as well for apollo beach this morning. temperaturewise, not a bad start. we are keeping our eyes on what is tropical storm hermine. it's still a large area of
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its way to the mid-atlantic and the northeast that as big haake for them, and unfortunately it could run a lot of the labor day plans for new york city, boston, and the jersey shore. back here at home, we will keep the rain chances around. we have been tracking the showers over citrus county, and things are quieting down. a few more drops showing up on the pinellas-pasco line. there's a little thunderstorm activity over the gulf. it's genly east, northeast, and a lot of leftover moisture around, and keeping the showers chances here. by the afternoon, we could see a few more of the storms popping up inland, and you can see them breaking out during the afternoon. the high temperature, 86 for today. scattered clouds and heavy downpours, and rain chances drop. we will look at that in a few minutes for now, candace. >> thank you very much. in pasco county, firefighter are on the scene of a house fire where one person
6:33 am
melissa marino is joining us live. i understand you're getting new details? what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, candace. one person suffered significant burns, and if you look behind me, you can see the home is destroyed. pasco fire and rescue are investigating. they got the call around 3:45, and they were working to put the the fire 10 te at this home. one person was taken to the hospital with serious second- degree burns, and they were then transferred to tampa general hospital burn unit, and as of now, we do not knows the cause of the fire, and crews are on the scene investigating, trying to determine the cause. we will continue get information and bring updates throughout the morning. candace? >> all right, melissa, thank you very much. sarasota police are
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fruitville road and tuttle avenue. officers believe alcohol was a factor. you want to avoid this area for the next few hours as officers clean up and investigate. tropical storm hermine left a lot of work to do this labor day weekend. it knocked down dozens of trees across hillsborough county. many of them found their roots. ruben hamilton just moved here from brooklyn and saw his home cut in half that cut through his roof. the rain pounded everything, and it then it went silent, and he got scared. >> my daughter was in the room, and for 5 seconds, everything was blurry. we were trying to find ourselves, and then my neighbor was screaming there's a child in there. >> rude welcome to florida. >> ruben managed to climb into the room and pull his daughter
6:35 am
she was not hurt. >> this business had a 76-year- old man trapped, and he managed to escape with only cuts and bruises. hermine chewed up the coastline and destroyed many sea turtle nests. in polk county, strong winds from the storm snapped trees and caused damage to the trees scattered around. the south carolina coast also felt the full effects of tropical storm hermine. power lines were down this morning as well as signs, shingles, and debris blowing across the roads. you can see the sign there. one road even washed away in the flood when the concrete buckled underneath the high waters. luckily there were no reported injuries. and it's been nearly 3 months since 49 people were killed at the pulse nightclub
6:36 am
91 calls for help. ben gingrich reports on the nightmare none of the survivors would forget. >> i told them to hide in the corner or something. >> reporter: heart breaking calls for family and friends knowing their loved ones were trapped inside. >> do you know if he's been hurt? >> she is freaking out right now. she's like tell the cops, tell e frantic calls and texts for their brothers and sisters as the first shots rang out. >> i'm calling. my brother called me about 10 minutes ago, and there's a nightclub named pulse, and he said someone came in there and shot up the place. >> i had officers stop me, and he told me to call 911 and text my sister. where is she in the club? there what she told me briefly,
6:37 am
>> reporter: operators trying to get information and keep their loved ones safe. >> do you know if the phone is ringing? i don't want to give her a call. >> don't call her! >> reporter: for one desperate father whose daughter was shot twice. >> she called. she's been shot in the leg, and i think this the arm. all she said was she was hiding in the bathroom. >> reporter: the operator could not provide what every frantic family member wanted to hear. >> i would like a call to find out she is okay. >> there's not you right now. all i can say is to try to take a deep breath, and hopefully she will call you really soon, okay? >> terrible for the families. 14 people are dead and dozens more injured from a bombing at a night market in the philippines. an islamic militant group in the philippines is claiming responsibility. the president declared a state of lawlessness for the southern region. president obama arrived in china overnight for the g20
6:38 am
join the chinese leaders for a big announcement on climate change. their countries are joining the historic global climate agreement. the agreement was reached in china last year. controversy this morning on the campaign trail after the fbi released a detailed report on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation it depicts the democratic presidential nominee as unaware about the state department's policy on the e- mail. the fbi did not find evidence that clinton's for acted, and it could not obtain information on all the mobile devices. donald trump reacting to the fbi's notes and said the fbi is ashamed of themselves and questions why the interview was not recorded. >> she has put you, me, and everybody in this country in great danger, and i think the fbi is ashamed of themselves for their final adjudication of what happened. i think they are ashamed of themselves. >> trump also mentioning the notes were "horrible."
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our first look at images of jupiter as taken by the juno spacecraft. it's been nearly 2 months since juno arrived in orbit. on the final orbit juno will dive into the atmosphere where it will be crushed and vaporized. this morning the outer banks of of north carolina are enduring hermine, but one couple is not letting that interrupt their plans. they went ahead and took their photos on th the couple from arizona is taking the storm in stride. they will not be saying i do in front of the waves this weekend, but at least they got pictures, obviously sparing their guests having to sit out in the wind. i will tell you, she still looks beautiful with the rain and wind blowing through her air. >> the rain working in her favor. >> in hollywood they pay a lot for those effects. >> absolutely. a lot of folks finally get
6:40 am
beautiful pictures submitted last night of the end to the day after a stormy start to the day. that was from danny shepherd, and another look at the pink hugh to the the clouds there from jackie in tampa. i will have the full forecast coming up. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning,
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records are up from last year. but some are considered failures because they took so much to produce. here's stock of the summer box office hits and misses. >> things are better, and the world is better. >> reporter: exapocalypse is one of the top grossing moves in the u.s. but it cost more than 155 million to make, sliding it into the disappointment category. same can be said for the ghoste was spooked by higher expectations. there's no gray area with ben herd. it was one of the biggest flops of the season. alice through the looking glass also fell down the financial rabbit hole, followed by war craft and independence day. >> dory! there you are. >> reporter: finding dory just kentucky swimming, not only the big fish of the summer, but the
6:44 am
catch of the year. the secret life of pets and the angry birds movie also were at the top. suicide squad. >> this one haunts me. >> reporter: the summer system brought dark surprises. the horror movies were strong with the conjuring bringing up the numbers. >> are you joking with me right now? >> serious coin with central intelligence in the top 10, and bad moms putting up a good party, and sausage party stocking the shelves with success. rafael smith. what a dirge 24 hours makes. >> it was rough >> -- what a difference 24 hours makes. >> it was rough, and i can attest it that. i was up on the roof with the rain. >> this time yesterday in the morning, the rain was really
6:45 am
and the wind was really strong, and as you said, look at what janelle endured at clear water beach at this time. >> reporter: i'm at pier 60, and obviously the rain picked back up, and it's flooding again. the water all the way out where the sand would be. again, back inside to you guys. >> wow! >> it was just so intense. i mean you can ju getting blasted be rain rolling sideways it's not easy to keep your composure. >> i feel like you should have been tied down or hangeningen to a light pole like al roker. >> things are getting better. >> good news, we are headed to the holiday weekend, as you mentioned labor day a few days for now, and right now, looking
6:46 am
tampa. we are starting off with scattered cloudiness here, but overall, we are expecting a better day. we will keep the rain chances around at 60%, but i think we will get in on a little more sunshine for today, and temperatures below average at 86. a lot of the rain will be scattered in nature, starting along the the coastline this morning, and right now, 77 for clear water, and 78 for st. pete and tampa, cooler for the inland and northern communities, and not too bad that's comfortable, and we are tracking rain this morning, and in the northern counties, we have had a few showers starting to make their way onshore here, and it's up to the north, and you're at crystal river, and a few sprinkles this morning, and also tracking the batch of rain just offshore, and new showers to develop here, generally 20 miles offshore, and they will work their way back to the coast, and heads up. new port richey, yes, you have had a tremendous amount of rain
6:47 am
get more this morning, and as we go into the afternoon. there's the complex of rain i was talking about here, sitting out from the nature coast, and i think a lot of this is going to generally stay north of i-4. if you live north of i-4, i think the rain chance will be higher for the first half of the day. hermine still a tropical storm this morning. it's been maintaining the status of 60-mile an hour winds. tropical storm warnings up and doubt north carolina coin and back to new jersey, new york, long island under tropical storm warnings, and the reason why, it's going being a big area of low pressure and just sort of park itself just offshore. that will bring the strong onshore wind, rain, high surf, beach erosion, and certainly a big issue there along the new england coastline, and also a lot of folks are asking is there anything else we are
6:48 am
invest 92 way out there. overall a low chance of development. only 20%. the strong onshore flow continuing here, and not as strong as yesterday. tides will not be quite as bad as the last 24 hours. you can see the rain fall expected. scattered in nature, and into the evening, things are quieting down, and for sunday, we transition into a typical summer-time patter the afternoon thunderstorms firing up, again, likely after lunchtime tomorrow afternoon, and then the rain chances really come down, labor day still maintaining a 40% rain chance during the afternoon, and with the dryer air sliding into our region, the rain chance drops to 20% by next thursday, and highs where they should be with the morning lows in the mid-70s here. at least for the next 24 hours, seeing a good chance of rain, and things are better into next week.
6:49 am
football today, ucf is playing. >> absolutely. >> they will have to deal with the rain. >> yes. >> thank you, ed. many of us like to take a trip to the mountains or the beaches or disney world or travel the world. coming up next, we will look like what it can be to vacation out of this world some day into
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have you ever dreamed of flying to the moon? what about vacationing there? soon that may be a reality. jane wells goes over the development and challenges of the private space travel. >> reporter: in the middle of nowhere, new mexico there's a $220 million bet that the commercial space age will be profitable.
6:53 am
earth, and our zip code is 876543210. >> reporter: it's a vast 27- militate taxpayer funded facility that has been operating for 3 years and done over two dozen launches, but its still waiting for the biggest customer to launch off. >> reporter: this is where richard branson wants to launch tourists to space. he thought it would happen in 2009, a fatal crash in 2014 pushed things back. >> virgin has not done a launch nor has spacex. neither as gotten to that point yet. >> reporter: were you too soon? >> i don't think so. there's been 28 vertical launches so far. >> reporter: spacex has experienced a stunning record of successes, especially in recovering boosters, which the company considers key to
6:54 am
space, and jeff baos says origin has had similar success in a series of tests in texas. those with deep pockets are patient and well funded. and for the spacesport sprouting up at training, hoping to provide the necessary infrastructure, patience will also be required. >> that was jane wells reporting. the space port is currently operating at a deficit, but it hopes to be cash flow positive in 2 years.
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finally this morning, things are getting hairy in nashville this weekend. look at this, the national beard and mustache championship will be held, and 300 competitors will be judged by a panel of seven. the bearded men have come from all over the world. you skip the months it may take r and pay just $25 to watch. firefighters battling a fire in pasco county this morning, and one person had to be rescued. we are live on the scene, and the cleanup after hermine is just beginning. damage in cedar key is especially extensive. we will show you the damage from the air and the ground, and residents are reacting to
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good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us this morning. ed is here to show us how much is clearing up this morning. >> reporter: i do think it will be dryer over the next few days, but for today, there's a decent rain chance, and there's a lot of moisture in the gulf


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