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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  September 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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one-family's be on the river turns into hours of panic desperation. coming up the frantic search for the 18-year- old that is being called the hero. plus sh the sun sign state and is swelling up the east coast. all details on tropical storm hermine returning to hurricane status . thank you for joining us is holiday weekend. time now is 6:00. we have look at the weather. smacks of rain chances will be a little bit lower for today. that will be the trend going forward especially as we start going into next week. starting off this morning we are very quiet in very comfortable.
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hour by hour, with lower rain chances your temperatures will likely get just a little bit warmer. we topped off at 85 yesterday. i think we will make it up to 89 later on today. that is fairly close to where we should be for this time of year. right now the satellite and radar is pretty quiet. we just have some cloudiness, but again we could see some stray showers right along the coastline but not nearly had yesterday. that are moisture lies across north florida. there could be a shower or 2 sitting just offshore today. as we role on through the day we expect showers and thunderstorms to develop then slowly but surely start pushing inland as we go through the course of the afternoon. watch the rain chances drop as we going to the upcoming week. labor day 40 percent all the way down to 20 percent by next thursday. we will tell you why that is
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with -- close look at what is happening with hermine . right now there is a frantic search -- first responders are working to find 18-year-old austin welch. his sister fell into the peace river whilst fishing -- while fishing so he jumped into save her and sadly he hasn't been seen since. we spoke with the victim's family and they have hope that he's still alive and they are calling him a hero. back he doesn't hesitate -- doesn't have -- hesitate to help anyone else. my son saved my daughter. >> reporter: a mother's pain. one can only imagine what she is experiencing. >> i have 2 days off of work and we thought we were going to spend time together because i have been working a lot. we were going to go fishing so we went to walmart and bought all the stuff we need we cannot
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fell in. >> reporter: austin didn't skip a beat and jumped in after 11- year-old crystal. >> he jumped right in after her , he was holding her and started holding her about the water. they started getting carried down so i jumped in. >> reporter: she was able to get a hold the crystalline tried to get to austin but he went under. the river is higher in the current a swift. the florida fish and wildlife conservation hours combing the water of the peace river. deputies are hopeful he is alive and may have climbed out of the water somewhere downstream and maybe walking to find help. barbie is prying that is the case, but the hours -- praying that is the case, but the hours passing doesn't help. >> it is hard to tell myself that he is going to be okay and they are going to find him safe and just not feeling good and
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hard to say that to myself. >> our thoughts are with the family. the sheriffs office tell us they will continue searching until deputies locate the 18-year-old. they are also asking for anyone that might have wandering in the area, to give the sheriff peck you office a call -- shares's office a call . utility worker is in great condition after being shocked while working on a utility pole we are told his shoulders made contact with a live wire your coworkers used his safety belt to lower him to the ground. this morning thousands of people are still without power in florida. is a map of duke energy's current outages. you can see outages along golf course -- gulf coast. the counties you seeing green have between 100 and thousand customers without power. the ones in yellow like polk
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customers affected. hermine is long gone from the sunshine state and now officially post tropical cyclone . however it could soon become a hurricane again. this morning5 is causing major problems along the east coast . the storm killed 2 people, destroyed homes and left thousands without power from florida to virginia. forecast is expected to develop back into hurricane. they have announced emergency preparations. take a look these are where the effects of hermine are starting to be felt . it is spoiling the weekend for many of people. they expected to regain hurricane force today and then we can again to a tropical storm by tuesday. a state of emergency has been declared in preparation. in north carolina the bad weather continues, a tornado touched down at cape hatteras. several mobile homes and campers were turned upside down. people that live in the area
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still dealing with hermine aftermath . el paso county, many rivers in late -- banks went over there levels. with all of the flooding, it is no surprise that the paschal county eeoc director ordered mandatory evacuations. residents who were told they had to go are scrambling and say they are frustrated. >> it is very trying to. i have been looking into purchasing a home rather than renting and i just paid rent yesterday. it feels -- it is frustrating . >> the situation is expected to get worse. several mobile homes were underwater last nights a resident -- residents had to be
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efforts, it is going to take time. those who were not evacuated are still scrambling to clean up and get life back to normal.>> while there wasn't much sunshine yesterday, there is hope for today. we spoke to amanda said hermine was his first hurricane . >> you can see the street. i'm not kidding you, there was so much water a garbage truck came down the road and he created a week and it's left up against the side the side of my house. clearwater emergency crews are on the scene of an accident with serious injuries this morning. these pictures were taken after the crash occurred around 11 pm. a motorcycle and van collided. the van driver was treated at the scene and the motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital we understand with life- threatening injuries. a clearwater woman is
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her boyfriend's car on fire. the problem is it wasn't his car in the whole crime was caught on camera. police say the 20-year-old set the honda accord on fire. officials caught her right after the flames spark. she said she thought the car belonged to her ex but it wasn't his. she is charged with second- degree arson. 2 people were killed after a small plane crash yesterday morning. the downed cessna was located everglades. officials have found the 2 bodies and the plane. there is no word on what caused it to go down. new numbers show hillary clinton leading donald trump against. the same surveys can show how some third-party candidates can make it into this month's presidential debate . mark meredith breaks down -- martin meredith breaks down
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clinton dominated would be an understatement but it is not all clear especially when you look at poll numbers. this week trump will be headed to michigan to court lacked boats. is running mate was supposed to head to north carolina but the schedule is changing things to the weather. tar heels is one battleground spot were trump is slightly ahead but not by much. the latest data from usa today poll shows out of the 4 major presidential candidates, hillary clinton leads 7 points among likely vote support stands at 42 percent compared to donald trump's 35. gary johnson is just under double digits at 9 point and green party nominee doctor joel stein is further behind at the fee percent. will johnson & need to reach 15 percent a major polls if they want to make it into the debates. speaking of the debates, we now know who will be moderating . all of the major networks
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-- represented . on monday clinton is set to unveil her new campaign plane. the press will be invited to fly along with her between now and the general election. we are waiting to see of donald trump will match that proposal on his 757. it was only several months ago when a little boy was killed by a gator at disney. coming up: a touching emotional elevation for what would have
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friends neighbors and strangers gathered to remember lane graves on what would have been his 3rd birthday. he was killed by an alligator during a family vacation to disney world. the family was surrounded by hundreds of supporters if they wanted to keep things positive at the boy's celebration of life . >> there are people here that live in our neighborhood, there are people here from all over omaha. it is an opportunity for people to come and show the family how much they are praying for the family and how much they are supporting them. >> 5000 balloons were released in honor of him. each one of the balloons plus donated anonymously. chaos on the road when an elderly driver struck a fence and several pedestrians. lisa the driver then struck an
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the police car came to a stop after hitting numerous people. 4 people sustain traumatic injuries. the cause is still under investigation. the five points it magnitude make -- 5.6 magnitude earthquake rocked oklahoma yesterday. the shaking was caught on video. other pictures shows a home cracked in the middle. one person suffered minor injuries and several buildings were dana -- damage . officials sa west of upon he -- poni. volunteers help shop owners cleanup in aisle in what officials call in on -- an unprecedented way . a hurricane watch has been discontinued for all of the hawaiian isis -- islands . the category 2 hurricane is currently moving northwest of white. forecasters expect lester to
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tropical storm . some call her a saner mercy but others say her deed never measured up to the size of her global recordation -- recognition. coming up: the canonization of mother teresa was -- and the tradition but time -- behind
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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>> kathlyn -- catholic sainthood will forever show her doing good. to them monica
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>> mother teresa died in 1997 afterlife time caring for hundreds of thousands of homeless and poor. she was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1979 not a bad start to your sunday morning, looking live over downtown tampa. your current temperature is 78 degrees. winds are calm and they should stay light for the first half of the day. we still have a chance for thunderstorms but a little bit percent which is average. drier air looks to start rolling our way the next couple of days. rain chances dropping for the week ahead and in the tropics, still keeping our eyes on hermine in the northeast also invest 92 l in the atlantic. we have a stray shower along the coast. as we role through the day the rain chances are to increase to
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73 for zephyrhills . clearwater 75. right now not too much out there . we have cloudiness here there . we have one loan thunderstorm off of horseshoe beach. we could see a stray shower along the coast. in our coastal communities yesterday, they picked up decent rain about an inch to 3 inches in some spots. that is estimated by doppler radar we have had for the last couple of days.there's a look at hermine with 65 miles per hour winds. it could regain strength as mentioned, it could get hurricane force winds by tuesday. that will mean big-time waves and coastal erosion along the new england coast. there is invest 92. it will roll through the caribbean and into the islands but it is fighting a lot of dry air and windshear. this has about a 30 percent chance of development. here's the big plume of
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i am keeping my eye on drier air to the north. that will start to sink south. the moisture hangs around for today. the rain chances will continue even into your labor day. by tuesday and wednesday that drier air starts to settle in. the rain chances will start to come down. this morning, a stray shower along the coast. any storms that develop will start to push inland as we go through the afternoon. things will quiet down overnight, partly cloudy start monday. by monday afternoon showers and thunderstorms again. but it will start favoring northern communities as we go through sunday. by labor day, 40 percent chance -- the best chance will be along and south of eye for . those chances will drop to about 20 to 40 percent wednesday, thursday and friday favoring the southern communities with seasonal temperatures right around 90 degrees with the morning lows down to 75 degrees. all in all labor day is not too bad just keep an eye out for
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the university of south florida football team kicks off the year by taming the townsend tigers. highlights from there win --
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don't hope to win, expected win . that is the
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instill. he has doubled the bulls win total in each season as coach creating skyhigh expectations for his 4 -- 4th year. they kicked off the 2016 campaign against house and -- towels and -- townsend . in the first, marlon finds pater. he left shoulder injury. they go up top with the newest threat, marquez. usf takes a lead into the locker room and doesn't look back. flowers are looming so nicely this time of year. for total touchdowns for him. they came the townsend tigers 56 - 20. in gainesville the gators that all they could handle in umass. look gets florida on
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to antonio callaway but the minutemen were still within the sport until the 4th. del rio hooks up with brandon was faster than jimmy john's -- yes, i said it. what even a do ? it isn't pretty. florida survives with one going on to be massachusetts 24?7. ucf be south carolina state 28 - zero. florida atlantic open the year with the win southern illinois 38 - 30. florida a&m banked about $700,000 to take a trip to miami gardens. that comes with the complementary but kicking. canes are already up 3 scores in the 2nd. joseph breaks all the tackles taking it all from 64 yards out. later in the 2nd, the rattlers get on the board. austin miller, 31 yard field goal.
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4 touchdown passes on a day for the canes qb. miami on russia's and him 373 - 22 and win it 20 - 3. bags loaded for matt was the bouncer at closing time. everybody go home. they added to run homer in the raise hang on to win 7 - 5 to mention the buccaneers cut the roster down the 53 players. if you want details can find them on my twitter page. that is a for sports. i am paul ryan. this morning the president is in china for the summit of world economic powers. some of the items on the agenda just ahead. plus the search continues for a teenager who jumped into the river to save his sister. the latest on the efforts to
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good morning, thank you for joining us this sunday morning. people living in and visiting coastal areas, brace yourself because tropical storm hermine is coming . her win --
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floridians are just starting to deal with the destructive aftermath. thousands of people are still without power in florida. here's a map of the current outages. to have between 100 and the thousand customers without power . the ones in yellow have more than 1000 affected. first responders working around the clock to find 18- year-old austin welch. his sister fell into the peace river while fishing so he jumped into save he has not been seen since. time now is 6:33 and we are here with a look at the weather . it is a super sunday morning weatherwise. make sure you have your umbrellas for the afternoon because we could see a few more thunderstorms. the rain chances are right around 40 percent later on today. if you're headed out early this morning the areas are quiet. 75 to the south of north port.
6:34 am
much happening on the radar. we do have scatters clouds especially north of tampa bay and north of eye for. inverness starting off with mostly cloudy skies. there are a few showers trying to develop just offshore. we can't rule out a stray shower along the coast through the morning hours. here is our refresh model. we're not expecting much between now and noon. a stray shower along the coast -- watches we go past 2 to , thunderstorms will start to develop and start to push inland. here's a breakdown -- this morning 70 -- this morning 73 degrees. by the afternoon warmer and 89 . we're expecting the chance of mainly inland showers and thunderstorms. coming up we will take a quick check of what you can expect throughout your labor day, also drier air on the way. i will show you that as well. right now there is a frantic search for an 18-year- old. first responders continue
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he jumped in the river after his sister when she fell and while they were fishing. he has not been seen since. his family says they still have hope that he is alive calling him a hero. >> you just jumped right in after her, grabbed her and was holding her above the water. they started to get carry down so i jumped in after them. she is the mother of the 2. she wa but when she tried to get to austin, he went underwater. they are still searching the waters for him. they are also asking for anyone i may see him wandering in the area, to give the sheriff office's a call. now to the tropical storm 25. it could once again become a hurricane. this morning it is causing meza problems -- major problems along the east coast. it is the cause of death for 2
6:36 am
it also spun a tornado in north carolina and has closed beaches along the east coast of this holiday weekend. at this hour, tropical storms warning -- warnings were in effect for northwest connecticut. there are dozens of people in tallahassee still in dark. many roads are still blocked and a lot of intersections don't have working traffic stops -- lights . the governor says he is not only worr getting the power on, he is concerned about standing water. >> any amount of standing water can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. this is something to think about. we all have to be a part of this. this is to protect the pregnant women and they are developing babies. the emergency operations center is fully staffed this weekend. damage assessment will begin next week. a pasco county man is
6:37 am
destroyed his home. you can see flames shooting out of the garage here. one person was taken to a burn unit with second-degree burns. the neighbor that sent this video describes what he saw. >> i had just ran down the road for a few minutes. i came back -- i wasn't gone for 5 minutes and i saw the whole sky lit up. i went inside the house real quick and told my son that the neighbor's house was on fire. >> no condition or the cause of the fire. rescue crews saved a voter after the show -- boater after a vessel capsized. when they arrived 2 boaters were on dry land and 2 were missing. at dirt swim to a dock and walked home. crews located the victim that couldn't swim grasping to a tree limb. the boaters were not injured. a cream pie, wallet and
6:38 am
arrest. the sheriffs office tell us fisherman went into a marathon gas station and placed an old no cream pie and his wallet on the counter. he then concealed a flashlight under his shirt, pointed it at the clerk like it was a gun and demanded cash. he ran out of the store but left his wallet behind. it didn't take long for deputies to find and arrest him. right now the president is in china for the summit world economic powers opening today. ago. tensions are high at this hour. european leaders are calling for china to take action on there steel industry. they are also defending an order retirement to collect taxes from apple. earlier world leaders posed for this photo. economic issues and climate change will dominate the agenda . this will be the last under president obama as the end of
6:39 am
>> we have had you to folsom set -- sunsets but difficult weather . >> we have had some amazing sunset. thompson just the same finally we're getting back to normal on clearwater beach. here's another beautiful sunset from late. we just love those fiery sunsets. always send us your totals on facebook or twitter. i will have your full forecast
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a very special delivery arrived for young boy. the community he lives in worked to raise money to buy a service dog for the boy who has a form of epilepsy. we were there when he met his new friend. >> reporter: a boy's big smile and a dog's wagging tail says it all. these 2 are on the way to being best ready. >> he wouldn't get this dog without everyone's help. thank you everybody so much means the world to me. >> reporter: that is a message misty has for her community. >> my emotions are everywhere. i'm excited and nervous. >> reporter: nervous because it is overwhelming. country is nonverbal. he will have to learn hand gestures to communicate with the dog. >> it is a one need, it is not something you want, it is a need . he needs this dog to go throughout his daily life.
6:43 am
to hunter -- mission when it comes to hunter . >> this will help us to catch him before he falls, we can swipe the magnet. it will be a great thing. or mac she is trained to alert on his sent. for she sees it, she can pick it up. she is not always going to see it but she is also trained visually. if hunter goes into a seizure, she is trained to go get help >> reporter: emotions are only high for the family but the trainer as well. >> it is very emotional. i am losing someone i have worked hard with but guess what she will help a little boy that needs help. hunter needs her more than i do. i can always replace her, but hunter can't. >> she trained with 2 other dogs. one went to a family in seattle and the other to a family in michigan.
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look at these images. the northern lights are produced by collisions between gases and the earth's atmosphere and charged particles from the sun. while many of us marvel, scientist are studying those lights. absolutely gorgeous, those northern lights have really been active even in new england . spectacular start to the day over sun city center. we're starting off with sunny skies or shall i say clear skies. 74 degrees for your current temperature. the raise host the blue jays again. hopefully we can get 3 in a row off of the blue jays. we can't rule out tailgate thunderstorms. the game starts at 1:10. if you are doing tailgating, hang out prior to
6:45 am
the sky. temperatures getting into the mid-80s by noon. upper 80s, close to 90s by this afternoon. storms that will form will start on the coast then move inland. 78 tampa, 78 zephyrhills. generally middle and upper 70s, not to our -- not too far from where we should be . i rain this morning, but we still have this large passive tropical moisture connected to what is left of hermine , that is a post tropical system. look off to the north, we have drier air in the upper levels. that will start to roll our way in the coming days. the moisture will linger keeping seasonal rain chances right around or 2 percent for today and labor day.
6:46 am
and. showers -- in . showers will start to form. we could get a seabreeze collision by the afternoon. the moisture starts to shift to the south tomorrow. dry air to the north south of i-4 with a good chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. the dry air will fill in by tuesday. wednesday and thursday, rain chance the start to drop. for today, your highest rain chance north that joss all the way to 30 percent in our southern tier. nothing to unusual for this time of year. breaking down your labor day, we're expecting an 8 am temperature of 78. if you're going to do some grilling, keep an eye to the sky. we could have an isolated shower then some scattered thunderstorms for monday. again, that chance will be i-4 and points to the south and also points along the coast as well. our typical afternoon thunderstorms. he can't rule them out for this
6:47 am
we look at the temperatures to stay fairly close to where they should be, 89 to 90 degrees for the next few days. very typical weather for your labor day holiday. morning lows fairly comfortable in the mid-70s. your rain chances come down big time. by wednesday and thursday drier air resulting in fewer showers and thunderstorms. only a 20 percent chance thursday. next weekend moisture starts to increase so we will bring those rain chances backup but all labor day. if you are doing anything outside, you should have a good time weatherwise. we are all guilty of this: spending too much time checking our phones. still ahead: digital detox, a fun way to unplug for the
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i'm here with doctor sean stringer. he says he can help you lose weight fast and very effectively. how do you do this? >> we help to analyze 25
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storage. we turn that off and turn on the fed earnings switch helping the average guy lose 35 to 45 pounds and 40 days and the average woman 27 to 32 pounds and 40 days. >> how do you do it safely? >> by finding that correct formula for people. >> we get them on the right diet and we are able to get that balance to get the body to lose the weight they need to lose. >> thank you so much. information go to drop this or call 888-977-
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time now is 6:50. are you one of the people that checks the phone every 5 minutes ? it turns out that is most of us. 55 percent of us say we want unplug during vacations but we are unable to do so. >> reporter: our daily connection with digital devices can be obsessive for many and even addicting for others. >> 66 percent of nova fovea which is a fear of losing -- noma phobia which is a fear of losing your phone. you may feel like you actually are going through a withdrawal from access to your device and information. >> for those without the willpower to do it on there own, there are retreats that structure time away from tech. >> it is an incredibly beautiful and sunny day. >> more than 100 people came to
6:52 am
cutting off access to digital devices. >> already have an anxiety but that is why i'm here. >> these days it is a safety blanket. >> i live in san francisco which is tech heavy. >> campers went through a tech check trading in the digital devices for analog activities. >> let go of some of the patterns of the daily lives like keeping track of time and schedule and being glued >> participant say the digital detox has physical and psychological benefits. >> we're not saying technology is better able, everything is neutral. it can be a medicine or poison. >> taking time to stop and smell the roses instead of just instagram in them. >> a few and if it's from that digital detox: the health benefits are being more active,
6:53 am
traveling around the world without leaving the classroom. that is what some 2nd graders did. we will show you how and all of the invaluable lessons they have learned. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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finally this morning, one teacher is taking her students all over the world. they are called virtual field trips and in indiana teacher is a huge fan.
6:56 am
indiana. on skype kids can visit places like antarctica and talk to experts instead of just reading or studying. >> it is important for the kids to see that there are other things out there besides these 4 walls. we are in the 21st century and we have to get on board. last year they logged 38 38,000 skype miles. she is now encouraging more districts to sign on to skype. op again . the latest on it's track and the efforts across
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
6:58 am
with just one bite, they knew.
6:59 am
good morning, thank you for joining us here on news channel 8. we're coming up on 7:00. after a wet saturday, we're here with a look at what you can expect the rest of this holiday we can. so far we are looking good this morning.
7:00 am
of people are starting to take there votes out over tampa bay. 77 in just a few minutes away from our official sunrise. suffragist a few scattered clouds of the indigent police breeze this morning. right now 75 clearwater. 74 apollo beach. 75 inverness. same for bartow. 73 by mama. plus take you hour by hour, those numbers get a little bit warmer with a little bit more sunshine and fewer thunderstorms. we those temperatures top off and peek at 89 degrees later on today which is close to where we should be. right now just partly cloudy skies out there. no rain popping up this morning but we can't rule out a stray shower along the coast. here's your forecast: as we start rolling through the day, we will see scattered clouds start to build up. by the afternoon, a few


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