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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Sunday  NBC  September 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. right now at 11:00, hermine is gone, by people in the bay area are cleaning up. now the governor is taking a closer look at the damage. a brother's love, wildlife officials find the body of a trying to save his sister. >> tonight, governor rick scott is promising help for flood ravaged areas in pasco county. the governor toured the areas hardest hit by the into thing. the river remains in floods stage. it's the only river in the u.s. with that distinction. >> we are joined from a number -- where a number of people are out of their homes tonight.
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standing in the water this evening because it is dark out and you can't tell what is in there. i want to show you also, we're not standing until the same spot we were earlier this evening because celtic drive, that is now closed because it is still under water. the big question is, when will people be able to return to their homes. the water is receding and the county tells us the river should be below major flood stage tomorrow governor rick scott meeting with county and community leaders at the emergency operations center raised their quick response. he took the opportunity to remind citizens the importance of heeding the warnings. >> unfortunately, we have flooding. the -- anybody that is close to where -- if there's an evacuation, we have to take this seriously. this is like --
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county order mandatory vac weighings for 744 residentials in pasco county. many had be to taken out by boat as the water was already too high for rescue vehicles. >> there was a snake up there. i don't know if you saw it. >> reporter: he went to neighborhoods still dealing with flood waters. >> if somebody of that leadership comes by, that raises eyebrows to other people, the county, e >> reporter: they are new to this area and are hopeful something can be done to prevent scenes like this in the future, but they know a fix won't happen right away. >> regardless of what they do or decide to, this is not something that's going to be taken care of overnight. you can't come here with a vacuum cleaner truck and suck the water away every time this happens. so it's disturbing, but then
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>> we'll get through it. >> reporter: still plenty of standing water out here in pasco county. the mandatory evacuation order does still remain in place. most of those who evacuated their homes left and went and stayed -- are currently staying with family members and friends. others are staying at local hotels. the county telling us that only 15 individuals are staying at the county folks. thank you. tampa mayor sat down with us to talk about hurricane hermine. he told ugs even though his city survived with minor damage, his heart goes to counties who took a beating. >> we could have been what you saw there in tallahassee. we feel their pain. he with want to be there to help them. we were lucky to time, but -- this time, but our neighbors were not. our day will come. we need to be prepared for that we need to do what we can to to
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help us when you're time comes. >> the maror tells us the -- the mayor tells us the city trains throughout the area for things like this. this is the reason why he wants the power on and right now as many counties try to return to normal. now, in tallahassee, roads are still blocked and yards are still littered with a lot of debris. this weekend, governor rick scott directed some of the blame for the slow return the power on city officials in tallahassee. the mayor didn't take that so well though. >> we want to have people up and moving, and so it's a crazy idea to think that any of us would work to impede that. >> the governor is promising to have that power on soon. hermine is still not done packing winds of about 70 miles per hour as it crawls away from the east coast. that storm is slowing down, but new jersey's governor isn't taking any chances.
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and creating dangerous waves and currents along atlantic beaches chris christie isn't calling for an evacuation just yet, but he did declare a state of emergency. the storm could bring flooding to new jersey's coast coming up tomorrow. hermine's wreath forced a cruise ship to dock several hours early because of rocky waters. look at the massive waves. the crews worked tirelessly to keep the water out. it was coming back from the bahamas. get major flooding tomorrow. although the ocean is roaring, people are still going out to the beach. many planning to ride out the storm for the holiday weekend. >> at any time, we have -- tonight we have a sad update to breaking news we told you about last night. a pope county teen is being hailed a hero after he lost his life trying to save his sister's. >> he died trying to save her life. >> reporter: it's the ultimate story of a brother's love.
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-- hesitate to help someone out, and he didn't hesitate this time. >> reporter: saturday morning, barbara and her 11-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son austin all came here to the river to fish. just spend time together. >> i got two days off work, and we decided to spend time together. we were going to go fishing. >> reporter: and then a terrifying moment. >> the 11-year-old who was throwing her rod and reel cast into theer fell. >> reporter: without thinking, austin jumped in immediately to get her. >> grabbed her and was holding her out of the water. then they started getting carried down. i jumped in after them. >> reporter: all three holding on to each other tightly. >> crystal because on the right side and austin was being held by the shirt by mom. mom turned loose to grab the grass. austin went under the water.
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and down. >> reporter: barbara, crystal could not see austin, so they waded through an area and flagged someone down for help. that's when the all night search began. they found austin early sunday morning, not far from where this story of tragic heroism began. >> austin died making sure crystal lived. >> my son saved my daughter. >> and the sheriff says austin was trapped in that water underneath a dead officials used sonar equipment in their search and that is how they managed to find him. a man in orange county behind bars for threatening an attack worse than the pulse nightclub. the fbi received tips on his facebook page. he was arrested after officials put out a warrant for him. here is what some of that post read. it said, quote, if you losers thought the pulse nightclub shooting was bad, wait until you see what i'm planning for
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those were against the lgbt community in a small city near ft. lauderdale. >> actually had chills when i read the facebook posts that were put out there and what started circulating and the community because i couldn't believe that i was actually reading this. >> he is charged with transmitting threatening communications. he is going to be in federal court on tuesday. at this hour, the search is on for burglars who stole 40 guns from a store. they tell us the crooks broke a avenue and made off with 30 hand guns and roughly 10 semi- automatic matt i can rifles. they show that the thieves truck, which is a 2009 to 2014 gray ford f150 is out there and about. anyone with information on this crime is urged to call the polk county sheriff's office with information. a former pasco sheriffs deputy is facing charges for crashing into a home and
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the 23-year-old was arrested for driving drunk. detectives say he drove into a home. meanwhile, the 71-year-old man who lives there was hurt but is going to be okay. that crash caused about $75,000 worth of damn to the home. -- damage to the home. he has resigned from his position. we have new information to pass along to you. we know the name of the a motorcyclist killed in a crash in clear water. he was riding on the bay when sky harbor drive. the driver of the van was treated at the scene. anderson died at the hospital. right now, deputies in manatee county need help to find a missing veteran. he's 31-year-old ian oz waled. his wife said he left their home threatening to hurt him. he's a vet who retired.
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mitsubishi montero sport with a florida license plate. this weekend marks a sad occasion. the boy killed by an alligator during that family vacation at a disney resort would have been three years old. loved ones as well as strangers gathered to remember him in nebraska. they released 5,000 balloons donated by an anonymous donor. a family in hernando county is without a home tonight after a fire to put out the -- rushed to put out the flames. it wasn't easy to get out because of the lack of hydrants in the area. thankfully no one was hurt, but that home is a total loss and the cause of the fire still unknown tonight. a car crash outside of a concert lands several people in the hospital. >> coming up next, the new video of the chaos right after that car hit those pedestrians. and presidential nominee
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african-american voters. we'll speak to an an little who doesn't think thinks strategy did going to work. some scattered showers and storm expected tomorrow, but some much needed, much dryer days ahead. good number of them in your
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. after it slapped into rocks near the islands, a commercial fishing boat went to the area and saved the passengers and five crew members. the panic. >> it collided and put everyone in a frenzy. officials tell us one passenger is suffering from a back injury and everyone else is okay. the boat, however, is another story. it broke apart completely. we're getting a closer look at the chaos that happened after a car crashed into several people outside of a concert. police say that an elderly man hit a fence outside the theater in irvine, california. now, the driver that crashed
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pedestrians and an empty police car. tonight, nine people are hurt and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. today, leaders around the world arrived for the beginning of the g20 summit in china. the u.s. and russia couldn't come to a deal to end years of brutal fighting against syria. president obama and russian president putin are working to secure a cease-fire between syria's government and the rebels. the president spoke about his goal to push islamic ex teamists out ally, a critical member of the coalition. our military and law enforcement and intelligence cooperation has helped push them back especially along the border, but we now need to finish the job. >> northboundations will -- t will continue between president obama and president putin. tonight, the united states spy agency is apologizing for a
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as always, china. well, the agency was actually referring to the treatment of reporters after president obama landed in china for the g20 meeting. when china limited u.s. reporters access to the president,s dia says someone meant to send that tweet from a personal account. the race for the white house, donald trump send this weekend in detroit where he's taking a new tone when it comes to appealing to africa appeal and how minorities on both sides are reacting to it. >> reporter: trump this weekend -- >> i fully understand that the african-american community is suffering from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. they will be made right. >> reporter: that was his tone while speaking at a black church in detroit. it's not the same appeal he's given to mostly white audiences many times at his rallies.
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that when you walk down the street in your inner city or wherever you are, you're not going to be shot. >> reporter: black supporters tells me it's not about his rhetoric, but when he's done. >> i don't like any part could not sending. what i like is when people talk about life, i need to see what you do. i need to see what do you when you hire >> reporter: this weekend's appeal not fluff for many. >> he's built up a political movement and at least on a base -- and built on a base that is in contradiction to what families share. i think if he wants to be genuine in his rhetoric, he should start with his basic. >> reporter: the speech in front of a black audience is the first of many, will it make a difference? >> on the democratic side of
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headed to ohio for labor day. the nominees e-mail controversy continues to over shadow her come pain. the majority of african- americans disagree with the fbi's decision not to indict her. former democratic candidate bernie sanders is jumping to her defense. >> there is no question to my mind that hillary clinton has fought off far -- look at the issues. >> still polls show more than 60% of trust her. today, pope francis bee destroyed the honor of mother theresa. despite the fact that there were 13 heads of state in attendance, the pope gave the front seats to the homeless men and women from all over italy. after the canada onsation took place, the pope offered about 1500 homeless people pizza for lunch.
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ovens to cook the meal and a group of priests and nuns serves the meal. it was a beautiful start to our sunday. andrea sent this in from tampa. she said finally a beautiful sunrise and not rain around as we started off the day, but alan calls these clouds -- they did get in on good thunderstorms earlier this evening. now, it's ju rainfall, even light showers in eastern parts of hillsboro county. better part of polk county still seeing light to moderate rainfall. then headed down into highlands county, moderate showers there. now south of sebring seeing some showers. those continue to progress to the south and east and should be wrapping up here over the next hour or so. partly cloudy skies for our overnight hours tonight. that's how we'll start off the day tomorrow. could see some isolate the showers around by lunchtime --
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the afternoon, wind direction shifts to the north. we're expecting a scattered coverage of showers and storms for inland spots like we saw this afternoon and also for coastal locations, about a 40% rain chances tomorrow afternoon and evening before things wrap on up and then you notice some dryer air, very clear skies, a start to make their way into the north heading into the day tuesday. there is your dry air. latest look at the water vapor imagery off to our north indicating dry air in the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere. lingers tropical moisture over us and that will add to our rain chances for labor day tomorrow. that's the green shading there. moisture hanging around for our labor day but by tuesday, the red starts making its way down from the north. that dryer, more stable air associated with high pressure moves in for the middle of the workweek and our rain chances very much on the decline. 30% for tuesday afternoon all the way down to 20% for wednesday and then still below
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so a number of dry days ahead and boy, can we use them after a soggy stretch we've had lately. partly cloudy start 0 to our -- start to our labor day. staters storms for the -- scattered storms in the afternoon hours. day game tomorrow taking on the orioles. mostly dry for your tailgate. comfortable with temperatures in the mid-80s. could run into showers and storms leaving the trop after the game leading -- heading out to the big game, the noles taking a stray storm possible with kickoff temperature around 80 degrees. incompetent think most of the shower and -- i think most of the shower and storm activity will be north by the time kickoff rolls around. hermine, it's offshore of southern new england now. it's bringing most of the heavy rainfall offshore thankfully. we're going to see high surf and coastal flieding.
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heads out. what we're tracking now, national hurricane center gives it a 30% chance of developing in the next knife dies. a -- five days. a low chance as it encounters thunderstorm in the next few days. quiet here in tampa. 79 degrees right now. most spots in the upper 70s. 73 right now in lakeland. high temperatures over the next five days will be around average. showers and storms ending tonight. 40% rain chance tomorrow with a high of around 90 degrees. middle the workweek, low rain chances and thankfully that is what we need after what's been touch a soggy stretch lately. >> absolutely. it was nice to see the sun. >> hey, check this out. some awesome video coming in from close to the arctic circle. this is the northern lights here. a photograph got these images, almost 20 miles from the arctic circle. the photographer shot these images in finland. this is making my jealous.
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weeks. and i've wanted to see them for my entire life. i'm going to be pretty devastated if i don't get to see them. >> who tomato you you could go on vacation? let's start there? just kidding. have fun. >> that's amazing. >> this guy. >> we're family. college football began this season with heart break. >> coming up next, the way one team honored a punter who died in a car crash. a little boy gets an amazing gift community. how they manage to get the
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. the huckers shall shall huskers -- the husband acres opened -- huskers opened their season without their punter.
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took a delay of game penalty in a touching tribute to the punter of the year. nebraska crushed fresno state 43-10. here's a good story. laurie hernandez flipped out at the chance to throw out the first pitch before the mets nationals game in new york. this is awesome. check it out. no balance needed for this front flip. the pitch was wide and short, but when who cares. hernandez supporting the gold medal team from the olympics. she set the bar a little high, pun intended. >> she's adorable. i love her. i think she's great. a special delivery for you. a community this boy lives in bought a service dog for him. he had a form of epilepsy. >> he was there when hunter met his friend names wags. >> reporter: a boy's smile and a dog's wagging tail says it
11:27 pm
the way to being best buddies. >> getting this dog without everybody's help. i thank everybody so much. it means the world to me. >> reporter: as the message she has for her community -- >> my emotionings are everywhere, excited. i'm nervous. >> reporter: nervous because it's overwhelming. he's nonverbal and will have to learn hand gestures to communicate with wags. you want. these a need -- this is a need. he needs this dog. >> reporter: the process is more complex than a family would face with a typical pet, wags has a special mission when it comes to hunter. >> this is going to help us catch him before he falls. he can get him out of a seizure faster. it's going to be a great thing. >> she's trained to alert off hunter's scent. before he sees it, she can pick
11:28 pm
it up, but she's also trained visually. if he does go into a seizure, she will go get help. she's trained to find the second handler or the closest person to alert them. >> reporter: emotions are only high for the family but for the trainer as well. >> it's very emotional. it's a lot of emotions. i'm losing someone that i've worked hard with, but guess what? he's going to help a boy that needs help, hunter. hunter needs her more than i i can always replace her, but hunter can't. >> what a great story. >> job well-done. i hope they have a happy life together. still ahead, the bonus -- they make their final roster cuts. >> we show you who's? , who's out and what names are
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z23ptz zy6z
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tonight's winning lottery numbers. . final look amount our forecast. >> dry start to our labor day tomorrow. by the afternoon and evening hours, expect scattered showers and thunderstorms both at the coast and inland spots. about a 40% rain chance high of 90 degrees. of you look through the bulk of the next week, our forecast looking dry and, boy, do we need it. one teacher is taking her students all across the world. >> pretty cool. they're called virtual field trips and an indiana teacher is a huge fan. step inside her classroom and you'll end up far outside of central indiana. on skype, they can experience places as far away as
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last year, they logged 38,000 skype miles. if you have the technology, heck, use it. why not? >> thanks so much for joining us. i appreciate you being here. >> as we say goodbye, dan lucas and paul ryan are itching to say hello. >> we're going to have your roster and a preview of the season opener next sunday
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. the preseason is finished. the initial roster is set and the buccaneers are getting ready for a date with the dirty birds. tonight, we take a look at the team, improvements they might next sunday's season opener in atlanta. now, it's bucs bonus. . up field, pump fake. touchdown. >> waiting and he will return it from the 37-yard line. >> touchdown tampa bay.


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