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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  September 5, 2016 2:01am-3:01am EDT

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? >> announcer: this was a paid presentation of the nick vertucci real estate academy's "fortunes in flipping" this sunday, 6 five days to election day and we're no clearer about donald trump and deportation. is he purposely not committing to a policy or does he really not have one. >> we did discuss the wall.
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wall. >> this morning i try to pin down donald trump's running mate, mike pence on what is trump presidency would do. >> donald trump has been completely restricted. >> its just more evidence and hillary clinton is the most d dishonest candidate. >> my sit down with mike pence, also, you say you want a revolution. >> we need a political revolution. >> but where is it? most passionate followers to get behind clinton? senator sanders will join me live. plus polls show the races getting tighter. clinton is losing ground but trump isn't gaining much. so where is clinton's support going? joining me for insight and analysis this sunday morning are chris of the washington post,
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castellanos and maria. welcome to sunday, it's "meet the press". >> from nbc news in washington this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. happy lay bbor day weekend,d of summer. it's hard not to think this is oddly familiar. on friday hillary clinton and e-mails and the fbi revealed details about the interview with clinton and raised questions and giving ammunition about how she and her aids handled e-mails and classified information while she was at the state department. on wednesday, it was trump and the issue of deportation. in the afternoon he seemed accommodating. maybe even presidential in a meeting with mexico's president in mexico city. then just hours later before supporters in phoenix, trump gave a thundering anti illegal immigration speech that seemed more suited for the primaries
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rare attempt at winning over african american voters with an appearance at great faith ministries in detroit. >> i am here today to listen to your message, and i hope my presence here will also help your voice to reach new audiences in our country. today i just want to let you know that i am here to listen to you and i've been doing that. >> yesterday i caught up with trump's running mate governor mike pennsylvania at the o buckeyes opening game against bowling green. wasn't much of a game, by the way. ohio state won big 77-10. i asked pence to explain trump's position on deporting undocumented workers in this country and then i had to ask again and again and again. here it is. >> it begins with building a wall, border security. it begins with enforcing the laws of this country, removing criminal aliens and removing people who over stayed their
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strengthening border patrol, strengthening immigration and customs enforcement. doing the things we talked about. the e verify system for employers. all the things we know will bring all the incentives that are build into the economy, all of the ways that illegal immigration has been made possible in this country all of that will come to an end, and i think that's exactly what the american people want to hear today. with regard to anyone that remains after all done, i think what you heard donald trump say is that we'll give consideration working with the congress in a new and reformed immigration system to consider it at that time, but what the american people want to see today is to establish the borders of this country and enforce the laws of this country and donald trump created a road map to do that, chuck. >> why can't you definitive lay say what will happen to the folks? he used to definitively say it.
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leave and now there is some muddiness to this. i don't know how -- it's just unclear to me. can you clear this up? >> well, maybe the way you see it. the look at this some 10,000 people in arizona last week, it wasn't the way they see it. as i travelled across this country campaigning with donald trump and for donald trump, i think people hear him loud and clear and he's been completely consistent. >> illegal immigration -- >> center of the national debate. >> b on this debate what to do with the 11 to 15 million. >> there are people in different circumstances in that category there are people that are criminal aliens in this country and i think everyone in this country understands people who are here -- >> violent crimes. >> people who are here, their first act was violation of the law but have gone on to criminal activity in america, we want them out and we want them out quickly. donald trump made it very clear that a priority of our administration will be removing
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have over stayed their visa, an enormous number of people come to this country legally and over stay their visas because we make no effort to hold them accountable to that or uphold the law. the simple truth is that what the american people long to see is leadership at the national level. that doesn't focus on the group that you're focused on and i foe the media loves to focus on -- >> but you >> there was a bunch of latino leaders that backed away from supporting your ticket because they didn't like what they heard on wednesday because they were told one thing and felt misled. one of them said they felt misled and one of the major issues has to do with what about this issue of deportation and what are you going to do? not just media. >> i was campaigning in idaho and a mexican american that came to this country legally with his family came up to me wearing a
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and said tell donald trump we support him 100%. people who have come to this country legally, who stood in line and played by the rules in the latino and hispanic community like every other american belonged to have a president saying we are a nation of laws and we'll uphold and enforce those laws. what i thought was most important about donald trump's speech wednesday night in arizona was different frankly, chuck, with all due respect to the media's focus on the 11 million or whatever that number he was focused on them more than 300 million people who are citizens of this country and here legally in this country and driving policies in immigration that will work for them, work for the future of our nation. make no mistake about it, i hope your viewers have a chance to read or to see that speech in arizona. he also talked about establishing a commission to
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to reform and change the way that people have the ability to come into this country, and do it all in a way that's in the interest of the american people and in the interest of the long-term future of our country. >> is it fair to say you're not going to answer this question about the 11 to 15 million. you'll leave this as an open question throughout the rest of this campaign? >> i think donald trump's been completely consistent and i think he did answer. >> is he hasn't when it comes to -- he said deportation force and everybody has to leave. he said everybody has to leave. we got to have borders. now he's saying he's open to doing something different with whoever remains, which would be about half. >> well, i think we -- i think we really don't know what that number is. or who that is until we do all of the things in the ten-point plan -- >> to come out of the shadows if you don't tell them what the penalty will be. >> i think, look, donald trump
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his ten-point plan we'll build a wall, we'll enforce the laws of this country and end catch and release and do all of the things that politicians in both poll lit. >> caller: party haves been talking about. he said no amnesty and path to legalization if people want to get legalized or right they need to leave the country. >> so they get legal without leaving the country. this is where we get existing caps and program but rather under a new and reformed immigration program. i mean, when you heard donald trump call for was border security, building a wall, which actually hillary clinton actually said that she was for a physical barrier i'm told just a few short years ago. >> what do you do with so-called dreamers, folks brought here with they came over here, their parents brought them illegally, they were kids and here now and
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>> i think all of these -- he said he'll resend the executive order. >> of course. >> what do you do with them? do they live in the shadows? >> of course he's going to resend the constitutional orders. the promise of successive, the supreme court turned back with the administration. he won't as hilry promises to do executive amnesty. >> how are you going to force an ally to pay for the wall? i understand the remitting idea you do the patriot act. that feels like shake down. >> well, look, we have an enormous economic relationship with mexico and this week you saw donald trump travel to mexico city and meet with the mexico president and start a
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issues they agree on but i'm very confident when donald trump becomes negotiator in chief, we'll sit down with our ally in mexico, who shares with us -- >> what is there incentive to pay for this wall? other than we're going to with hold money? that's the incentive. >> the united states of america is the most powerful economy on the face of the earth. access to the economy is enormously valuable to mexico and every other country in the world. as we go into whether it's reforming these leaders talked about in their leading this last week, or broad range of areas of our relationship. there is one thing donald trump knows is how to do a deal. >> let me ask you, first of all you had a campaign in utah. there are a lot of mormons in particular don't like the muslim ban. don't like the revised version of it, which is not supposedly targeting religions and come home from missions and talk
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refugees. they are very -- i'm sure you heard some complaints personally about this. what did you tell concerned utah residents about the muslim ban? >> i was frankly overwhelmed by the support that i encountered in utah and later in the day in idaho. i have to tell you, people are listening to donald trump's agenda to make amaerica great again and they are responding. in utah there is great about the supreme court of the united states. >> the muslim ban. when he first came out, you basically said it's unconstitutional. why do you think it would target countries or religion, why do you think that's unconstitutional. >> the policy of barack obama and hillary clinton resulted in the wider middle east literally spinning out of control. we've seen syria imploding into civil war and libya imploding
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region of the world and territories compromised by terrorism. i think what donald trump has said is we have to immediately suspend immigration from any countries that have been co compromised by terrorism. >> you can make a case over 100 countries have been compromised. how do you identify? is a -- give me the definition of a country compromised by terrorism. france? the united states? >> chuck, let's start with syria. hillary clinton wants to increase syrian refugees to this country by 550%. i don't think -- >> the united nations is asking the united states to increase -- for what it's worth. we acre cemented 10,000 and they want us to accept 65,000. >> sure, hillary clinton wants to increase syrian refugees to this country by 550%. >> 10-65. that's what the u.n. requested.
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should suspend the sierran refugee program. >> completely. >> and create working with arab countries to create safe zones for people to escape the war-torn areas but to continue to allow people into this country when our own homeland security, our own fbi says we can't know for certain who these people are is putting safety and security of the american people second to the agenda to the u.n. or liberals and donald trump is simply not goito >> quick question about the leadership of the campaign there are troubling allegations against steve bannon, things he may have said about jewish people, things that may have happened between them and his wife. there are troubling allegations having to do with robert ails. both are advisors to this campaign. are you comfortable with that considering some of the allegations you read against both of these men? are you comfortable with the involveme
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is donald trump. we talk several times a day. he's a hands on leader. >> appropriate for roger ailes to be involved? >> i trust donald trump's judgment to assemble around this team a group that will help us move forward and be success and feel win and come on, i mean, steve bannon has denied all of those allegations -- >> some are in court records. i mean, look, i know -- look, divorces are divorces. but it's troubling allegations people will look and these allegations against roger ailes, it feels as if does he ignore troubling allegations against people that work for him? >> i trust donald trump to assemble a team around him in this campaign has he has and will continue to. you'll continue to see people added to this campaign. what is really remarkable for me having joined this campaign just six weeks ago, is the -- is the fact that this campaign has
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movement of the american people. i mean, with hillary clinton there is 1,000 employees and experts and pollsters and people in the republican primary who had significant apparatus, as well. >> the other big news story besides trump's immigration muddle, in a friday news dump, the fbi took the rare step of releasing notes in the 3.5er hour interview with hillary clinton. no the top take aways, clinton claims she did not understand basic classification procedures and didn't recall training how to handle classified information. in fact, clinton said quote she could not recall or could not remember key details more than three dozen dimes and told the fbi she thought the c on an e-mail referred to the order of paragraphs instead of quote the word confidential which is the lowest level of classification.
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powell advised her to be very careful in how she used private e-mail and a computer specialist whose name was redacted deleted clinton e-mails weeks after the existence of clinton's private server became public in march of 2015. the fbi said it requested 13 mobile devices, which potentially were used for clinton's private e-mail system but clinton's law firm could not produce them. one staffer said he destroyed two mobile them in half or hitting them with a hammer. after governor pence and i walked outside we talked about clinton's e-mails. here is an excerpt. >> it's more evidence hillary clinton is the most dishonest candidate for president of the united states since richard nixon. >> that's a tough charge. >> it is a tough charge, chuck, but come on. >> i'll just ask you this, though, if she were as dishonest as you claim, why isn't the fbi prosecuting? >> hillary clinton, what is
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evident from all of the revelations over the last several weeks is that hillary clinton operated in such a way to keep her e-mails and particularly her interactions while secretary of state with the clinton foundation out of the public reach, out of public accountability. >> you guys have higher ground on this issue, on this whole idea of transparency and accountability if you guys were as transparent releasing the tax returns, returns, it is whatever you want to say about the clintons, we know this because the information is either been dragged out of them or it's been disclosed. we don't have any disclosures. we don't have your tax returns yet. >> donald trump and i are both going to release our tax returns. i'll release mine in the next week. donald trump will be releasing his tax returns the at the completion of an audit. >> that won't be before the election. >> well, we'll see.
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information not available or that the incomprehensible decision she made as secretary of state to have a private server in her home and 11 different blackberries and mobile devices but goes to the question why did she do that and other e-mails that have come out in the last several weeks give evidence to the fact it was in effort to paper over and conceal a pay-to-play process to of state. >> let me ask you this, in the spirit of transparency, you sealed your congressional record and they won't be opened up. are you going to resend that order? >> we'll certainly look at it. the right to know and frankly now because --
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transparency. >> you know me, chuck. efforts in the media and independent organizations to your point, by the clinton foundation. and the revelation in this fbi, gives evidence to the fact hillary clinton is the most dishonest states since richard nixon. coming up, bernie sanders joins me live for hillary clinton. what happens to clinton's big lead in the polls? lead in the polls? it doesn't appear that welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power.
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we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. hewlett packard enterprise. welcome back. political strategist alex kristen welker of nbc news who is covering the clinton campaign for us. welcome, all. let me start with you. pence trying to defend trump on immigration. what did you think? >> um, well, he is not going to answer the operative question, which is the one you asked him multiple times. what's he going to do with the undocumented workers? i think what pence -- what pence
2:24 am
getting into, right? there was no question of, like, i wonder what it would be like to run with donald trump. you knew what you were getting. i think what he has made peace with when he took this, i'm going to go as far as i comfortably can as a much more main line politician than donald trump in defending donald trump. what i'm not going to do -- you heard this on taxes as well. what i'm not going to do is put my own personal credibility on the line. has been -- i think donald trump has been consistent. these are donald trump's views. >> he did the same thing on the roger ales question. trump owns ales. >> he is not going to own it, and he won't say anything about the undocumented workers. i don't know that trump knows what he wants to do with them, so i'm not sure if you asked trump candidly, he would be able to give you an answer. >> you are a long-time political strategist. it seemed to me that we saw -- sometimes it was clumsy, but
2:25 am
trump folks were plowing the field and basically waiting for trump to change his position. on wednesday the mexico city day they thought, well, okay. something is afoot. then the wednesday night speech. missed opportunity? >> i think it was a bit of a missed opportunity in the sense that, you know, we all lock our doors at not not because we hate the people outside but because we love the people inside, and i think the tone of the speech was speech. at the same time there's a little bit of softening and evolution of the position. the tone of it is very hard line. i like what donald trump is doing on immigration. it's much more honest than we usually get from politicians. you know, barack obama's plan was to close guantanamo. he ran opposing health care mandates, right? oh, that's what he is going to do if elected. you know it doesn't work that way. it's much more honest to say,
2:26 am
we're going to build a wall. we're going to get the bad guys out of here. we're going to work -- iterate -- we're going to fix this as we go. i think that's a much more honest approach. >> donald trump is so disingenuous. it's not an honest approach to say -- the fact that he went to the belly of the beast, the arizona law, it's the show me your papers law. it's a law that condones profiling that the supreme court said you have to gut. the principal problem that the latino voter has with the immigration law is it's all code word of we don't like the browning of america. when you start talking that you are going to go ahead and repeal the 14th amendment, birth right citizenship, when you tell an american journalist to go back to uni-vision, and you tell people to go ahead and speak english, we know you're talking about us. when you start talking about the complexity of immigration reform, these are not
2:27 am
room. you're watching the donald trump speech as you are eating dinner, and you know that the person sitting next to you, your grandmother or aunt is undocumented. we're talking about 6.5 million mixed status households. he wants it both ways, but he has been very clear that he considers two different types of americans and one, unfortunately, is not the browning of it. >> what was interesting here is the reaction. we got stories that the rnc said don't tweet about the speech. it was the mike pence approach. we're not going to say >> and a republican official tells me there was an immediate realization within the rnc and also within the trump campaign to some extent that the tone was off, as you say, but also the optics were off. the fact that he was delivering this speech throwing out red meat to the base in arizona after that trip to mexico there was a sense why did he deliver this speech at the brookings institution, for example? this is supposed to be a serious policy speech, and it turned out --
2:28 am
>> i mean, he -- to me that day it is the donald trump's presidential campaign in microcosm. you keep thinking, well, he is reading off -- now, people say it's a -- he is reading off the teleprompter. he is totally sounding like he -- he looks statesman-like. then a tweet from the mexican president saying we -- i made clear about they'll pay for the wall. he is going to pay for it. he just doesn't know it the optics of that -- >> what if his day had ended at 5:00 p.m. what if he had flown from mexico city to la guardia and went to bed at 5:00 p.m.? >> i'm 62 years old. i shouldn't do any public events after 5:00 p.m. >> you don't want a 70-year-old man doing it either. >> i don't think you should. i think you are right. the first half of the day is beautiful. by the way, trump is moving up in the polls. just a teeny bit even despite
2:29 am
looks presidential. the mexican president doesn't have the strength that he has, can't stand up to trump. overall a good impression. >> maria, very quickly. a little criticism from some latino leaders thinking the clinton campaign has been a little slow with their latino voter pitch. no spanish language advertising in general election states so far. are they slow? are they behind? >> the fact that trump -- the republican candidate has actually given the hillary campaign tons of media in spanish media, >> free media. >> i mean, to really crystallize it, there is a latino astrol gi astrologist that we've all grown up listening to, he has -- her challenge is actually going to get the latino millenials. the ones that are english dominant that may not be turning it on. >> guess what, i'm going to have an interesting millenial
2:30 am
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welcome back. senator bernie sanders will be hitting the road solo. he'll appear at the annual br breakfast in new hampshire. a state clinton needs to win in november and a state sanders was victorious during the primaries. overall and pushed clinton to the left and developed an intensely loyal following and hopes to bring the voters to clinton's side. senator sanders, welcome back to the show, sir. >> thank you very much. >> let me ask you about your revolution and i put it this way, why did you have so much success getting your voters to support you but you've had less
2:34 am
for instance poll an upset over debbie wasserman schultz in florida and no progressive upsets in primaries where your motivated base came out for you but not for others? how do you explain that? >> it's not quite accurate, chuck. a gentleman in florida did a lot better in his district than i did when i was running, and i think he did pretty well. he got 43% of the vote taking on a pillar of the very strong candidate for the united states congress in upstate new york, and in the state of washington. when? i hope in november. they both won their primaries. and i think you're going to see candidates for state legislature all over this country for city counsel for school board. what the political revolution is
2:35 am
and getting millions of people involved. not just the president but people coming together and saying we need a government that represents all of us and not just the 1% and that's not going to happen overnight, chuck, but i think it is happening. >> senator, one of your supporters host of progressive human report pod cast and he was really upset at you personally because he actually thought you abandoned him. he thought where were you? you didn't campaign for him and said look thanks feeling you lt abandoned you a chose to run away from you during the massachusetts primary, that's what tim is feeling now. what do you say to him or other sanders supporters that feel you don't do enough? >> well, you know, there are a lot of things happening in this country and my own state and work i've got to do. i can't do everything. i would say that our supporters as i understand the contributed
2:36 am
campaign is a significant contribution. i think what you are going to be seeing in the weeks and months to come, chuck is me playing an active roll not only trying to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states, but that in fact we create a movement for this campaign and for the future, which creates a government in which our government responds to the needs not of brothers but ordinary people. >> one thing i think secretary clinton will need with you is the help with millennials. at the beginning of august, overall we had, this was an early august poll, clinton 43 and trump 34 and gary johnson and jill stein combined for 15% but among those aged, they
2:37 am
that's more than trump. clinton sits at 37. a lot of those folks are your supporters, as you know. jill stein is making a direct appeal and so is gary johnson. what do you tell the folks right now have been wooed by them. >> this is what i'll say and this campaign is supposed to be about. it's about the real issues impacting the american people. hillary clinton or donald trump will become president of the united states a question to my mind that hillary clinton is far, far, far and away the superior candidate. look at the issues. which candidate will raise the minimum wage. which candidate will make them tuition free. which candidate will do something about the great environmental crisis we face, which is climate change, which is hillary clinton, and which candidate doesn't acknowledge
2:38 am
which is donald trump? which condition daandidate wille recrumbling infrastructuinfrast. i think what people got to say is this is not about trump. it's not about clinton. it's about the american people on all of those issues, truck, to my mind hillary clinton is far and away the superior candidate. >> do you think gary johnson should be in the debates? >> i think they have, you know, generally speaking my that if people reach a certain level, you can debate about what that level is. i think, what is it, 15% -- >> you think -- >> but you think that level, that 15% is a fair metric. >> it's probably too high. >> you think it should be lower. >> lower than that. >> let me play for you perhaps one of the more famous sound bytes from your campaign. here it is. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your
2:39 am
>> me, too, me, too. >> that happened almost a year ago. that was october to have 2015. here we are september of 2016. you may not care about then but a lot of people do. do you have advice for hillary clinton and how to handle this? you struggled with the foundation and thought the foundation was problematic. do you think she should shut the foundation down? >> the latter part of statement which doesn't get recorded much, what the american people want to hear about is real issues impacting their lives. why middle class is declining. why we're the only major country not to guarantee health care to all people. that's what i believe then and now. chuck, every other major country on earth, 50 miles away from where i am now guarantees health care to all people as a right. the top one-tenth of one percent
2:40 am
those are issues i need to focus on, politicians and the media. let the american people get involved and at the end of the discussion, people will see clinton as the superior candidate. >> i understand that but you can't govern if you don't have trust. can she rebuild trust by pledging something to do that? is it shutting down the foundation? would you tell her to do? >> i would certainly suggest that has president of the unite operations, all contact with the clinton foundation. >> does that mean shutting it down or just not being involved? can you truly -- >> at the very least she should -- at the very least she should not be involved at the very least. >> would you feel more comftable if it didn't exist during her time as president? >> i don't know enough. they are the -- they do a lot of good things with aids and so forth so i can't definitively
2:41 am
i think, chuck, what we've got to do as a nation is have a serious debate on the enormous crisis facing this country, that is where our focus has got to be. >> senator bernie sanders on the campaign trail again tomorrow. we'll be watching. enjoy labor day and campaign trail. stay safe. when we come back, why the recent tightening of the polls may not be exactly what it seems to be. before we go to break, you got to sees vatican, this is where pope francis officially elevated mother teresa to saint hood. she'll be known as saint teresa she'll be known as saint teresa after calcutta. energy is a complex challenge. people want power. she'll be known as saint teresa after calcutta. and power plants account for more than a third of energy-related carbon emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture.
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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. and we are back. it's data download time. her post convention bounce is gone but not to the direct benefit of trump so where has it gone? we'll take a look at polls that
2:45 am
conventions and then rereleased again in the last week. we'll start with our own poll. the u.s. survey a monkey with clinton at 41% this past week down three points from the post convention in early august. trump 37% down a point from early august and larry johnson gained a point and no answer gained two points so collectively, clinton and trump lost four from the gained four. trump is actually up two from early august and the combination of johnson, stein and all others, that also went up two points. while trump does gain in the poll, he doesn't go up as much as clinton drops. let's go to the states. we'll look at wisconsin in a new
2:46 am
clinton is down four points from her convention lead and trump is down a point, at the same time johnson is up a point and no preference up two. again, clinton and trump down six collectively while johnson, stein and no preference up six. an election where voters cast their eye towards anyone other than the two major party nominees having more of an impact on clinton support than trump's. it's going to be very interesting over the next few weeks, number one, does clinton get these number two, are these voters at all in play for trump? if they didn't go to trump now, will they ever go to trump or are these voters vacillating between clinton, third-party candidates or not voting at all? coming up, if you've been getting e-mails from someone saying we're desperate for you, they lost all hope, they need you and they need you now, worry not. not. it's probably
2:47 am
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back now with the panel. we talked about trump and immigration. kristen welker, e-mails, i said, you know, nobody cares about the damn, e-mails, that's what bernie sanders famously said. i couldn't believe when i looked at the time stamp. october of 2015. somebody cares about them. >> absolutely. to some exteextent, the problem
2:51 am
there is this drip, drip, drip that just will not go away and feeds into voter's lack of trust in her. you asked bernie sanders if it's too late to turn that around. i think that's baked into the cake. that's part of democrat's concern about the fact she's been off the campaign trail for so long. they want her to get back in the game so she can defend herself. >> by the way, just so people know, there is no recording because it's fbi policy that this point unless the person has been arrested, do you record an interview. fbi doesn't do this and i have to say, it is sort of -- it's disconcerting no matter who you are, the fbi or person being interviewed. there is no record here. you're going by notes. i'm uncomfortable with all this. >> i feel like there is an audio record of everything. outside in public -- >> this isn't fair to the lawyer -- they don't release.
2:52 am
and the report. >> the problem is it feeds into a narrative for folks that don't know that's the standard practice, she gets some special treatment but clearly -- >> she's not. >> i have to say, it's befuddling policy, i think. >> she has been treated, i think, a little differently than somebody on the fbi, this kind of investigation. they bring -- >> she thinks she's treated over and above. >> they bring her in late in the ninth inning when the investigation is when most investigations like this you start interviewing key folks like that early and that's how petraeus ends up getting caught on perjury. you walk people through. they lay it out all in front of her at the last minute. this -- you okay with this? her problems are much bigger than this. her problem is she was dishonest and said there was no classified information and that was just not true and on top of that, it all leads to the clinton foundation. something that has been called a
2:53 am
>> by the sunlight foundation. >> this is my favorite part is fox recently did a piece on the clinton foundation saying the scandal is that there is no scandal. right? if you look at the work the clinton foundation has done it's good work -- >> actually, it's not. >> and trump took his foundation money and actually wrote a check to a campaign. that is actually illegal. he actually had to pay a fine. >> this is a larger issue for trump because if you don't -- goba if you want to make this an issue, you got to release something. you got to be on even higher ground and there is nothing. >> her clear weakness and a real flaw if we talked about this in any other context with any other candidate between 55 and 65% of the public consistently said the words honest and trustworthy don't apply. anyone around this table would say that's a big problem. the thing is, you can't beat something with nothing.
2:54 am
>> all right. we'll find out. >> we're testing -- >> what donald trump -- >> happens all the time. >> no tax returns. you know, everybody knows why it's not being released. this idea he's under audit is an excuse. >> he doesn't want the scrutiny the clintons have gotten. >> who would? >> the clintons got the scrutiny because of public -- >> not about who is running for president of the united states. >> actually it is. >> press conferences and she needs to be -- >> listen, i would be in the same standard as republicans. i don't happen to live in that one. however, of course he doesn't want the attention on him in a campaign. you want it on your opponent makes all the sense in the world and by the way, there is an interesting question in a focus group, do you care more about hillary's e-mails or donald trump's tax returns? they care much more about hillary clinton's e-mails. that's policy. that's all kinds -- >> you know what is in tax
2:55 am
president will use his presidency to enrich himself or not? >> apparently hillary clinton's voters don't because that idea that somehow the clinton foundation is this wonderful thing that helps people, most charities give 75% of their money. the clinton foundation gives less than ten. gave 9 million. >> the striking thing -- >> it's a slush fund. >> the striking thing is that donald trump's unfavorable ratings are actually higher than secretary about the taxes. >> not necessary. >> he is in the latest -- >> no, i got a survey in ohio that says hillary clinton's negatives are higher than donald trump's -- >> nationally -- >> look, they are fighting hard to be each -- >> and i think he's -- [ laughter ] >> finish your thought. >> the debates are coming up and i think this will become a bigger problem for donald trump that he hasn't released taxes. he's going to have to actually
2:56 am
stage. >> doesn't this feel like the least worst choice? i mean, that seems like what we're headed for. the least worst choice. when you have two people. two historically popular nominees, guess what? between now and november 8th, nasty or not better. you will see who wins with a remarkable hilda climb. >> no doubt. all right. quick 45-second break and end game coming and those i can't live without you messages from >> coming up, "meet the - listening to music in the shower can help you conserve water, so start your favorite song when you get in, and when it's done, time's up. you've probably conserved at least ten gallons of water.
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2:58 am
back with "end game" a. startling quote from a former member of congress michele bachmann in an interview she did with the network and david brody who was a familiar face with the round table. here it is. >> i don't want to be over dramatic but i want to be shadow of a doubt this is the last election. this is it. this is the last election and the reason i say that is because it's a math problem. she's going to change the demographics of the united states so that no republican will ever win again. >> all right. alex, i got to go to you on this because i'm old enough to remember when the republicans had the demographic advantage and democrats had the older voters and this is all it.
2:59 am
if she only believes that this republican party that are principles are good for people like her, they are not good for women, minorities, for everybody she shouldn't be a republican. if that's all the faith you have, hers is dead. by the way, that kind of thinking created the vacuum that defeated 16 other republican candidates and let an outsider m about the future. there is a message out there. another generation of republicans. let's open this economy so everybody benefits. let's open the schools. let's open up health care. she's the pass. she's what is wrong with the republican party. >> the republican party had the latino vote to lose. what i mean is the latinos are the fastest purveyors of business. >> more socially conservative. >> older generations are. she admitted right now the
3:00 am
nationalist party. >> no, she didn't. >> the one -- >> look at donald trump -- >> if you actually want -- >> i wish -- >> a party of idea. >> i know. i know. i got to pause you guys here because i have my own little fun thing that i'm trying to get across here. >> a different show. >> some days. i want to make note of some of those annoying e-mails we all get. they are desperate pleas to people who have been receiving and you're wondering g like a jilted ex lover. kiss everything good-bye or how about running out of time or this one, i've lost hope. by the way, these are not -- you don't need to get a restraining order. these are end of the month political fundraising e-mails th come from committees or individual candidates. i have to say very quickly, mr. salizza -- >> i have so many of them. my inbox -- >> it obviously works but it's


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