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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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deputy-involved shooting spills into the streets. drinking water hard to come by. first responders ride to the rescue. hurricane hermine, rising calls about baby animals in trouble. i'm josh benson. >> i'm stacie schaible. anger is rivalling days after the deputy involved shooting. today dozens taking to the streets of tampa after a man was shot and killed by a deputy last week. theyca deputy's arrest. news channel 8 melissa ramos is live where they blocked off the street. melissa? >> reporter: that's right they marched a mile to this area south 78th street. deputies are still here just keeping an eye on things, they're scattered around. over here just a little bit if you take a look across the street some of the protesters are still here trying to get
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along south 78th street. >> we destroyed it. it is a sad, sad tragedy. >> reporter: they blocked the street at the git n goodellly where levonia riggins worked. deputies eventually shut down the road. the fourth protest since tuesday. that's when hillsborough deputies executed a search warrant at riggins house for drugs. when deputies went in, he was hiding under >> they saw him moving around and were fearful that he was getting a weapon based on his arrests and connection to guns in the past. >> we will not let anyone tell us to be quiet while they cover up this great injustice. >> reporter: on friday at the same spot on south 78th street, what started out as a peaceful protest turned into chaos. protesters stopped cars and they argued with drivers. at one point two cars collided.
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protesters involved say that it will be for justice as they want the deputy involved to be arrested. >> my brother was killed. he didn't sleep. we were all out here to make sure that we have the officer to get a chance to go to jail and everything. >> reporter: investigators say the deputy who shot him were in fear of his life based on his arrest and history and his connections to guns. they're not buying it, but we are told that he >> melissa, any issues today. did that protest remain peaceful. any problems at all? >> reporter: stacie, so far that it has been peaceful as the protest lasted for an hour. police blocked off the road to let them do their thing. >> all right, melissa rimos live tonight. other neighborhoods remain
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recedes from flood stage. mark douglas joins us live at new port richey. mark, that's one of the hardest areas hit by this storm. isn't that right? >> reporter: absolutely, josh. the folks here in anclott river estates are about as water logged as they could get. you can see how deep it got. it was another foot deeper when they got here, so it has dropped, but not that much. we road along this -- rode along with some first responders as they delivered water door to do people who live here. >> reporter: pasco county teamed up with florida fish and wildlife to help trapped
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people suffering out here. >> reporter: we rode along their swamp buggy as pasco firefighters delivered cases of drinking water door to door. >> don't bring it all the way to your house, ma'am. we'll bring it to you. >> reporter: we're in the deeper part of the river where you can still see it rushing by here. there is nobody home back here, but they're still checking to see if other people might be trapped. down the road they discovered 92-year-old clyde rich. his home was an island, was just fine. this time the river came with enough foot or two of flooding to his home, but despite the obvious hazards that surrounded him, clyde rich made up his mind to stay around and protect his property. >> some people watching this might think that this guy is kind of foolish to stick this out. no, i have done it many times. i've got friends around here. >> reporter: there is a
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including mr. rich's residence. we are told about 350 pasco county workers and volunteers were out assessing damage in places like this, trying to deliver the kind of relief you just saw the water and so forth. and this evacuation affected as many as 2,500 people in pasco county. this is still under a mandatory evacuation. at least four to five different neighborhoods other than this one are under a recommended evacuation. all because of the rising floodwatfr the last thing they need is more rain and that is exactly what we're getting right now, josh. >> it is some familiar images and the problems they would have out there before. these poor people are dealing with it again. how much longer is this flooding expected to be a problem, mark? >> reporter: well frankly i thought that this street might be dry by the end of today, but it is clearly not done yet. and so i would just venture to say that it will be at least be overnight before these streets dry up. when you go back in there the
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deep. so it is quite severe back there. people are grateful that water is not in their homes for the most part, but they can't get to their homes and that's the big problem right now. >> that's frustrating. sunny days, but this is what's left behind from hermine. a tough deal for them. all right mark thank you so much. live from pasco county, mark douglas. and right now what's left of hermine has stalled hundreds of miles off the northeast coast. a cruise ship setting sail from new jersey yesterday ran into rough waters as you can see from the northeast states are bracing for flooding and high winds. power outages persist in tallahassee tonight. >> yeah, governor rick scott met with utility workers this afternoon. many people in the panhandle have been without power since thursday. schools in the state capital will stay closed until wednesday. governor scott is calling for better cooperation between investor municipal and co-op electricity providers. because of the continuing
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washington, d.c. to lobby congress for money to fight the zika virus. congress returns this week for an abbreviated session. in february president obama requested a $1.9 billion in emergency funds, but congress failed to approve that money. a sale in a parking lot of a family dollar store turns deadly in polk county. it happened last night at the family dollar around 11:35 south combee road. a man advertising an item on o buyer there. when the seller parked a man ran up, snatched the item and ran away. the seller and his friend ran after him and that is when the thief opened fire. the seller's friend jeffrey morrow jr. died at the hospital. and right now the search is on for whomever took 40 guns from a lakeland gunshop. these surveillance pictures show the thieves truck. it is a great ford 150.
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30 handguns and 10 semiautomatic rifles. while cleaning up after hermine, people are finding more than just branches and other debris. yeah, coming up next, wildlife experts are coping with an influx of critters in the wake of the storm. what you should do if you find an animal in trouble. and still some scattered storms around this evening, but we're tracking much needed, much drier weather ahead in
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welcome back. hurricane hermine left many youngsters homeless. we're talking about these guys, the little animals out. there wildlife inc. was swamped with rescue calls after the powerful wind and rain tore through the area. news channel 8 john rogers is at wildlife inc. to show us how many of these animals came in. >> reporter: good evening guys. i want to show look at these cuties. these are baby flying squirrels. they were inundated with calls of injured or orphan animals such as these. they expect more calls could be coming. hurricane hermine left many tiny victims in its wake. baby squirrels, raccoons, possums were injured or hurt during the harsh weather. >> it was very busy. it was one call after the other. we were running all over the county. >> reporter: rescue volunteers
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neighborhoods, backyards, finding animals in distress and all alone. >> sometimes the mother will take them back, but when we are getting the rain and storms like we have, they get separated. >> reporter: in the past few days they have recovered at least 120 animals from the storm. and hermine blew those animals that are not normally found here. >> this is the first one that we've gotten in my recollection. >> reporter: other animals were in scarier situations like this pier with a fishing hook stuck in its back. the cages at wildlife inc. are filling up as it will take months of rehab before they could be released. wildlife expects to get more calls as people throughout tampa bay will clean up. but they don't mind. >> every call is an emergency to us. we don't want them to have to suffer any longer than what they have to. >> reporter: and as the storm clean up continues, officials urge residents to be on the lookout for any injured or orphan animals.
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well scam artists are working hard on their clever ways to trick you. investigators shannon behnken is staying one step ahead of them with some of the latest scams we all need to be on the lookout for. shannon joins me now. i know that there are some out there that seem legit. >> reporter: and way too often viewers turn to us after they have become a victim, but some have reached out to share scams that they have caught before the damage is done. if you run into any of these scenarios, run a tampa woman was excited when an e-mail came. saying easy cash as a secret shopper. but the walgreens ads will make it look like it is from the store. they promise $300 per assignment. but it takes just seconds to see red flags. the e-mail asked shoppers to send personal information to a gmail account. i did some digging and this appears to be a variation on a popular scam that uses a variety of store names.
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friend request from someone that you're friends with, decline it fast. crooks are creating fake facebook pages and then targeting real friends. for information on your profile page like your status updates, locations, date of birth, and photos, they can steal your identity. and plus don't accept friend requests from people you don't know. turn facebook privacy settings to friends only. that way scammers won't have access to your list of friends. and one of the scariest things, scammers are calling, pretending to be the irs, demanding payments for unpaid taxes. and here is their mo. they threaten the victim with an arrest or deportation. victims from all over tampa bay have contacted better call benhken. and these scammers even have
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irs will never do. if you receive one of these calls hang up. >> i've heard from several viewers just today about the facebook scheme, so be extra careful any time you get an arrest to make sure you'll check it before you accept them. >> i know, through the years that i have heard the same irs scams and the variations of it, all the time that it is scary though. what if you think you may owe them something? >> some of us do oh the irs, but they will never call you. so you can call them really want to know and believe me that they will find you. they are not going to call. >> right. they will not pay you in gift cards. >> right, they will not take gift cards in exchange for your taxes. believe me. >> all right, thanks, shannon. if you have a problem you need solving, call behnken. 1-855-behnken. thankfully for most of us a good chunk of the labor day was dry, but we have been tracking
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some spots are seeing some rainfall that really don't need it like folks in pasco county. this is a live look of hyundai newport richie showing the rain coming down there, cooling the temperatures down to 77 degrees. the storms have been moving from north to south today. eventually that north wind will bring in much drier air over the next couple of days, but for now we're still dealing with the showers and storms. one in southwestern pasco county just above new port richey. some showers through parts of pinellas polk county. some lighter ones further off to the south and the east out towards frost proof. several spots back up the strongest storms right now east of i-75 in sarasota county, well on up to the east of venice. the north part is also seeing heavier rainfall at this point. rpm folk model over the next few hours pushes these storms further on off to the south, eventually wrapping up with skies turning partly cloudy. comfortable start to our day tomorrow with temperatures in the mid-70s. then we're expecting very
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only some isolated showers with maybe a few storms around. but a 28% chance of rain. there is a look at your forecast for tuesday. mid-80s by lunchtime. heading for the low 90s with partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. there is the drier air to the north. that red shading there is pushing on off to the south for the next couple of days, which is really going to limit our rain chances well below normal for the first half of september until the weekend, of course for that moisture that will quickly return and our rain chances will start to bump back up. 20% chance fo wednesday afternoon. just 30% chance on thursday and friday and by the weekend though unfortunately that rain chance will be back up to 40%. if you are heading out to the big game or what they are dealing with it, they've got ole miss taking on sfu. most of the rain is south of orlando now. and kickoff temperatures should be around 77 degrees. something else that we're watching, this broad area of low pressure is south of puerto rico and the national hurricane center will give them a slim 20% chance of developing over
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it gets towards the yukitan peninsula, but a small chance. here is how it looks downtown tampa. 82 degrees right now with the wind out of the northeast. it is 81 in lakeland and bartow. 84 degrees in sarasota. temperatures at or just above average for the next five days heading on into the weekend. forecast for tonight, evening rain will wrap up and drier air arrives. a comfortable start to th dropping down to 74 degrees. tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy, hot, just an isolated storm chance with a high of 91 degrees. we're at 90 both wednesday and thursday. unfortunately rain chances are ramping back up over the weekend. it's the little things we notice in the -- the climatology reports there. coming up next in sports it is finally a game of the week
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dan lucas has the first chat with the head coach. >> that's right. he'll talk to us about the team's opener and what it means
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all right this season news channel 8 your official buc station is thrilled to continue their exclusive one-day chat with the head coach. now, they are known for getting right to the point. jones made it for the first cutters corner of the season, a big test on the road. and against the division opponent. >> every game in the nfl is as critical. but the fact that it is a division game and that you only
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does it make it even extra crucial? >> yeah, it really counts as almost two. if you could get a road win within the division in the first game it is almost like getting two wins because of the fact that it is a division game. we will see it. we will sure approach it that way and i'm sure that atlanta will too. but our guys are excited, they are ready to go against somebody else and to have it count for real. >> the fact is that you can be as prepared as you can to the best of your ability. which you are not going to know though until it will place. where is it that this team is heading into their workweek now for week one of the season based on all the preparation. >> we should be well rested if nothing else. you know, the hurricane left us kind of high and dry. i know that it is a weird way to say it, but as far as practice goes, we went five days without practicing, which you know it is good and the fact that our guys should be fresh and all healed up from the pre-season. but it is also a little scary as a coach, of course, you know, that you are so anal
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every rep. but each one of these games will take on their own life based on the circumstances of the game. is there a tip pass, a fumble, a big kickoff return. you know, that's what makes the nfl great that you would have to adjust and it is never over until it is over. >> bringing in coach smith to lead the defense and based on what we have seen here in the pre-season and obviously not game planning, right. but how excited are you to see this pass rush and to see this thing just really click in a real game? >> we are very exci i know that our defensive players when you talk to them that they will be really excited to go out there and to turn that into a real game. but talking about it, doing it, they will be two different things. atlanta has some tremendous skill players. they have improved on the line by bringing in alex mac as a new center and a former pro bowl center. we've got our hands full on their defense because atlanta is a very explosive offense as they started very fast on offense last year. but i'm real excited to see our defense go out there to turn
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jamison into his first game. and it was a day to forget really, but kind of a day that it began add great growth process for him one year later. this is a different guy it seems to me. that it is a complete different scenario? >> well that is evidence by the fact that he was voted captain for the season by our team. as you said dan, that first game last year just as a team, it is a game to forget. you know, that i don't that they play anything like that this year and that the guys will come out and they will be ready to get after it. >> you can catch more of that interview on rays lose today 7-3 to the orioles. sfu, upset alert tonight. better pay attention after the weekend. >> yes. that's happening. >> don't go anywhere. nightly news is coming up next followed by news channel 8 at 7:00. >> you can join jenn holloway.
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tonight, holiday storm warnings. millions still at risk as powerful winds and life threatening rip currents from hermine close beaches on much of the east coast. and the new hurricane threat forming tonight. close hillary clinton's planes within yards of each other as ty blitz a key battle ground and kick off a new homestretch of the campaign. speaking out. the parents of a toddler speaking out after their child was killed at disney world. president obama wo warns of a potential arms race amid allegations russian


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