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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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good evening. an evacuation order has been
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court apartment complex in new port richey. news channel 8 mark douglas shows us what people there are dealing with. the anclott river still hasn't loosen its grips in the nearby neighborhoods. we saw people cycling out, walking out, floating and paddling out. in some cases playing in filthy flood water the behind. >> reporter: would you let your kids play in this water? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: but pasco county teamed up with fish and wildlife to help those trapped. we rode along on the swamp buggy as pasco firefighters delivered cases of drinking water door to door. >> don't bring it all the way to your house, we'll bring it to you. we're in the deeper part of the river, where you can literally see the floodwaters rushing by here. there is nobody home back here,
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trapped. down the road they discovered 92-year-old clyde rich. his home was an island, but he was just fine. >> i've been through this before many times. >> reporter: this time the river came within a foot or two of flooding his home. but despite the obvious hazards that surrounded him, he made up his mind to stay around and protect his property. >> some people watching this, they might think that this guy is kind of foolish to stick this thing out. >> no, i have done it i've got friends around here. >> reporter: the river flooding has peaked here in pasco county. but as you can see that the troubles are far from over. in new port richey i'm mark douglas news channel 8. >> governor rick scott remains upset over the slow pace of the power restoration in the state capitol. the governor has called city, county, and utility officials to the emergency operation center every night since the storm hit. now he's calling for far better cooperation between investor
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>> the four big utilities, they work well together. the co-ops work well together, and the municipals work well together. they all have to work well together because what if we have a category two, a category three. >> reporter: utilities promised power would be almost completely restored by the end of the day. florida state university will remain closed tomorrow even though that it was one of the first places to have power restored. governor rick scott has postponed a trip to washington, d.c. to lobby congress for zika funding. he planned to go to dc to personally ask congress for emergency funds to fight the zika virus, but he says that right now his place is in the capitol where he could monitor the post hermine storm recovery efforts. he plans to reschedule his dc trip as soon as possible. right now the polk county sheriff's office is looking for whoever stole 40 guns. check out the surveillance pictures that would show the bad guys truck, which is a 2009 to 2014 gray ford f-150. we are told that the burglars
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florida avenue over the weekend. they made off with about 30 handguns and 10 semiautomatic rifles. a pasco county sheriff deputy is off the job, facing charges of drunk driving. detectives say that 23-year-old jack armstrong crashed into a home on shadow lake boulevard. the man who lives there, he was hurt, but he is going to be okay. armstrong has since resigned his position as a deputy. anger and racial tension is building days after a deadly deputy involved shoo. streets of hillsborough county after a man was shot and killed by a deputy last week. as news channel 8 melissa marino shows us that they are calling for the deputy's arrest. >> reporter: family and friends marched along south 78th street. >> it is a sad, sad tragedy. >> reporter: they blocked the street at the git n godlily
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the 27-year-old levonia riggins lives. hillsborough deputies executed a search warrant at riggins house for drugs. we were told he wouldn't come out. when deputies went in, he was hiding underneath the blanket. >> the deputies could not see what mr. riggins was doing. they were fearful that he might be getting a weapon based on the history of his arrests and connection to guns in the past. >> we will not let anyone tell us to be quiet while they cover up this great injustice. >> reporter: on friday street, what started out as a peaceful protest turned into chaos. protesters stopped cars and they argued with drivers. at one point two cars collided and a driver ran off the road. protesters involved say that it is for justice as they want the deputy involved to be arrested. >> my brother was killed in his sleep, you know, we are all out here to make sure that the officer goes to jail and everything. >> reporter: investigators say
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life based on his arrest history and connection to guns in the past. his family is not buying any of it as we are told that he was unarmed when the shooting happened. as for today, the protest, they would remain protest. in tampa melissa marino news channel 8. we rarely hear anymore about those awful red itchy blotches that were a normal part of childhood because chickenpox is on the decline of the united states. doctors credited it to the two- dose chickenpox vaccine, which was made available to the public the cdc recommends that kids get their first dose just after their first birthday and the second between four to six years old. another rough ride for passengers and crew on board the royal caribbean ship anthem of the seas this weekend. the ship was heading from new jersey to bermuda on saturday when they encountered some massive waves caused by hermine. one passenger says that the wind gusts caused swells 40 to 50 feet high. this is the same ship that was caught up in a storm off the
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february. and i cannot believe we are still talking about hermine at least for the northeast? >> that story blows my mind. it is not like hermine is a storm that snuck up on us by any stretch of the imagination, but i'm sure that it happens when you are running your cruise ship. this is what we don't want to see folks in pasco county that have been dealing with the flooding, seeing more rainfall this evening. just in the last hour as they would come down for a pretty good clip and the latest look. showing scattered showers and storms that are the north and the south. the southwestern pasco county and northern pinellas, seeing showers at this point. inland hillsborough into polk county with good thunderstorms, heading down into southeastern parts of sarasota county. warm mineral springs, north port seeing the heavier rainfall. over the next couple of hours though, the last of the showers will wrap up. the skies are turning partly cloudy for the overnight hours tonight. and just less than an hour away from kickoff now. the knolls are kicking off the
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tuesday. comfortable start with the temperatures in the low to mid- 70s, only an isolated shower and storm chance with the drier air working in. the high temperatures are around 90 degrees tomorrow. rain chances are very limited over the next few days. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. still ahead. hurricane hermine left many
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hermine made a major impact on countless wild animals last week, leaving many of them abandoned, injured, even homeless. as news channel 8 john rogers shows us that rescuers expect more calls to come. >> reporter: hurricane hermine
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wake. the baby squirrels, raccoons, possums, all orphaned or hurt during the harsh weather. >> it was very busy. one call after the other. we were running all over the county. >> reporter: the rescue volunteers from wildlife inc. were dispatched to save them. they went to beaches, piers, neighborhoods, and backyards finding animals in distress and all alone. >> you know sometimes the mother will take them back, but when we are getting the rain and storms like we have, they get separated. >> reporter: in the past few days they'v 120 animals from the storm. hermine blew in animals that are not normally found here. >> it is the first one that we've got on my recollection. >> reporter: other animals were in scarier situations like this pelican that rescue crews found it dangling from the pier with a fishing hook stuck in their back. the cages at wildlife inc. are filling up, taking months of rehab before the animals could be released. wildlife inc. expects to get more calls as people throughout tampa bay will clean up.
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to us. we don't want them to suffer any longer than they have to. >> reporter: and as the storm clean up continues, officials urge residents to be on the lookout for any injured or orphaned animals. if you spot any call wildlife inc. or other wildlife rescue ajenn -- agencies. reporting live john rogers news channel 8. still ahead call it the christmas creep. we're not even through labor day and some shoppers are already making their list -- lists and checking them twice. coming up, how driving people into the yule tide season even earlier this
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polaris is recalling 13,000 more off-road vehicles because the en the recall includes the 2016 rzrx4 turbo vehicles. if you have one, stop using it and contact them to schedule a free repair. polaris has received 19 reports of the vehicles catching fire and at least six people have been burned. well good news for anyone that is driving this labor day. prices for gas were at their lowest levels since 2004. a report by the u.s. energy information administration said
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12-year labor day lows. the national average for a gallon of regular is $2.21 today. that's $0.20 cheaper than this time last year. according to gas buddy, the average price in tampa is $2.17 a gallon. whether or not you are doing a lot of driving you may want to check your tires. many tire companies are offering rebates this labor day and throughout september. the rebates range anywhere from $50 to $100 for a set of four tires. and all you need to check is the tread death with a penny. make sure that it goes over lincoln's head. if it doesn't, your tires need to be replaced. uber is encouraging their drivers to lease electric cars through a partnership with manufacturer bids and nissan. uber drivers are being discounted leases to encourage them to get electric cars on the road. uber supported a similar, but smaller program in chicago. the ride sharing service hopes to have hundreds of electric vehicles operating in london by 2017.
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they announced the new organic version of the sports drink that will be sold in select markets this fall. they come in strawberry, lemon, and mixed berry flavor. and it only has seven ingredients including their organic cain sugar as well as sea salt. who said that battery chargers cannot look cool? check it out. this battery pack. it could charge that iphone 6s little more than six times, more than enough for playing pokemon go all the way. and obscure chinese booth for the consumer electronics and home appliances, it is not an officially licensed product yet though. and the christmas creep is here. no, we're not talking about the unwanted relative that is showing up at your door around their holidays. but some shoppers, they're already planning for halloween and especially for the holiday season, you know, after that. and this year it just seems like the shopping phenomenon got going even before they would get through labor day.
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christmas creep will get there earlier and earlier because that's what they want. >> over the past few years, we've seen a trend where consumers tend to buy gifts all year long. that they will be taking advantage of those seasonal sales when certain things are in stock and they might not be in stock or not as readily available during the holiday. >> just to give you some perspective here. wal-mart kicked off their christmas layaway campaign st mood. some are planning black friday ads for the day after halloween. scam artists are working hard on the clever ways to trick you, but our investigators are staying one step ahead and they have the latest scams that you need to look out for. >> reporter: a tampa woman was
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the walgreens ads make it look like it is from the the store. and they promise $300 per assignment. but it will take just seconds to see the red flags. the e-mail asks shoppers to send their personal information to a gmail account. i did some digging, the popular scam that will use a variety of store names. next up if you get a facebook friends request, decline it fast. and facebook pages and then targeting the real friends. for information on your profile page like the status updates, location, date of birth and photos that they could steal your identity. and don't accept the friend requests from those that they do not know and turn it to friends only. that way scammers will not have access to your list of friends. one of the scariest? scammers, they're calling,
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and demanding payments for unpaid taxes. here is their mo. they threaten the victim with arrest or deportation. the victims have contacted better call behnken about the scam. one tells me that the scammer left when she refused to pay. and the bottom line the irs, they will never call and ask for money. these scammers even have the nerve to ask to be paid in get this gift cards, which the irs will never do. if you receive one of these calls, h >> if you have a problem, shannon wants to know about it, 1-855-behnken. that's 1-855-234-6536. the rain falling, knocking the temperatures down to 73 degrees. they picked up a third of an inch of rainfall.
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the areas north of i-4, seeing less coverage. the folks that are in pinellas and pasco county, new port richey, down to palm hear bow and down to indians rocks beach. with lighter showers. interior portions of hillsborough into polk county, right along i-4 down towards willowlike frost proof, seeing the lighter showers. stronger storms down towards port charlotte and north port there and southeastern of sarasota counties will continue to drift on to the south er wrap up for the most part by around 11:00 tonight. becoming partly cloudy for the overnight hours tonight. comfortable morning with our temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. then you will notice what happens as we head into the afternoon. it is not a whole lot. but a limited rain chance of 20% and drier air will filter into the area tonight. high temperature of 91 degrees expected. the degree above average tomorrow afternoon. there is the dry air that will be drifting in from the north and it will be around for a
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the weekend where that moisture will quickly start to return in our rain chances here and they would ramp back up. 20% chance very limited. by saturday back up to the average of 40%. we've got the cloud cover here downtown tampa, 80 degrees right now. those temperatures will be rain cool in many locations. 75 in lakeland and 77 in bartow. 76 degrees in north port. and the evening will wrap up with drier air arriving tonight. low temperatures are comfortable toow 74 degrees. partly cloudy, hot tomorrow afternoon. only an isolated shower and storm chance with that high temperature of 91 degrees. you'll notice the rain chance is just 20% chance for wednesday and up to 30% gradually climbing into the weekend. but after all the rain we've had over the last several days, this is exactly what we needed with the extended stretch of the drier weather and a lot of folks will get a break for the next few days. >> yes, they could just go down a little bit. >> finally. >> thank you, ian. >> we'll be right back.
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a house cat found a way to enjoy the great perks of indoors. with the help of his human, he discovered the bird videos on youtube. he even checks behind the computer. i be looking for a way to sneak up. it just goes to show you that everybody, even the cats like a cute animal video. well football sideline was, well out of line at a high school game in south carolina. whoever was in charge of that, they need their eyes check or a sobriety test. they first posted the image on twitter asking if it was a joke. within hours the image was
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times. even ending up on espn and cbs sports. >> betterfection time. >> right. okay, there is that. hey, one more last look of the weather before we go? >> some scattered showers with storms still around this evening. should wrap up the next couple of hours. drier air filtering in overnight tonight. notice the rain chance tomorrow afternoon, very limited to just 20%. some isolated showers and temperature of 91 degrees. we've got some drier days to take us on through at least the middle part of the workweek. just a 30% chance for rain, on thursday and friday and unfortunately that moisture will return by the weekend and bump our rain chances back up to 40%. >> i'm so used to hassling this part of the show, but i decided to let you do some weather work. >> that is very nice. >> but the hazing might start tomorrow. we'll let you know. that will do it for us.
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have a great night. bachelor. his lost baby pics. now on "extra." ? >> all about nick. before the backlash, before the tears. the untold story of bachelor, his family life, how he got that carved six pack and his number one dating no-no. taraji p. henson dishing all new "empire" secrets and spoilers. and going off on a.j. cookie style. >> i haven't been on no sexiest list. >> tom hanks and erin in a battle for best movie mustache.
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>> then carrie washington's new interview about baby number two. >> there's so much kind of new in my life. >> plus, why rob lowe's not afraid to get ripped and roasted on comedy central. now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario coming up, our new interview with tom hanks and clint eastwood. >> also, rob lowe's last words before getting bashed at his comedy central roast. can nick finally close the deal as the new bachelor. jerry has everything you don't know about nick. >> he was one of the most hated guys in bachelor nation.
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for love. his relationship with jen is ending in tears. "extra" with a sob-filled sneak peek at tonight's show. and new nick's secrets exposed. five things we can tell you. he's a self-proclaimed businessman. but he's got a whole new career as a male model. getting this ripped with lots of push-ups, crossfit, and water sports. nick grew up in wiscon >> i come from a large family. i have ten siblings. >> he ran track in college in milwaukee and he looks like he'll make a great dad. post chris harrison on gma revealing why a guy that's already had his heart broken was their top pick. >> luke and chase were definitely on the board. it got down to that final


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