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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  September 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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breaking overnight, flames light up the night sky in tampa, and still ahead, where fire destroyed a 100-year-old home. and also this morning, honoring an officer who decades serving and protecting our community. a look at the life of officer fred arnold and how he will be remembered. fighting mosquitoes with a natural repellants. how you can avoid the chemicals. welcome. good morning. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. let's see what is in store weatherwise. >> reporter: as you go out to your car this morning, it will
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we have slightly lower hue marylandty, and that also means slight -- lower humidity, and that also means slightly lower airplane temperatures. 68 in crystal river at this point. and i'm shutting the humidity in the not too bad category. after weeks and weeks of being oppressive, it will feel better, and now you can thank hermine. the remnants coast, and the counterclockwise air flow, and the red stream is all the way down to florida. thank you. we are finally drying things out, and keeping the rain chance today at 20% throughout the afternoon. 6:08, specifically going hour- by-hour throughout the day, and liz will help you get through the day. >> on the bay area interstates, no delays, and all interstates looking good. manatee county is definitely our big issue throughout the
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through state rode 70, unfortunate news. possible fatal crash with state road 70 blocked both directions at betts road, and you will not be able to get by. the crash scene extending over a quarter of a mile. myakka road over to sugar bowl road, and that's not an easy alternate, but it's closer than this one, depended if you're headed north, you can take state road 64 state road 70 will be closed for hours. that's a look at weather and track, and back to gene and gayle. we continue to follow breaking news this morning, and a 100-year-old home in tampa goes up in flames, and the fire broke out shortly after midnight in the 900 block of east 12th avenue, and you can see the flames are shooting from the roof, and it took crews about an hour to get the flames under control, and no one was hurt. investigators don't know what
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home was being remodels. a transaction duringed deadly. jeffrey morrow jr. was with a friend at the dollar tree on south camby road. his friend agreed to meet a buyer there, and the buyer took off without paying, and morrow and his friend started to chase the man, and the buyer started to shoot. morrow was killed. location is recommended, but the choice of the location should be considered. >> meredith censullo has more. >> reporter: i'm one of the 80 million people who have post and ad on craigslist that month, and facebook groups for buying and selling are incredibly popular, but these rules apply to both. never reveal personal information including a home
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if you're using a facebook sales group, deal only with people you know or that are friends with someone else that you know, and don't use your personal e-mail. also, meeting in a public place as we mentioned, that's important, but add on the extra layer of protection, and police departments are open 24/7, and you should consider meeting in their parking lot, and tell someone what you're doing, and consider having someone accompany you, and your cell phone in hand during the transaction, and finally, don't pay in cash. use a cashier's check. if it's a high-priced transaction, do it at a bank. so, some tampa bay law enforcement agencies have created safe spaces for people to conduct online transactions, and we have updated the full list on our website at back to you. >> all right, good suggestions
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experiences using craigslist and the services on social media with #8alert. happening today in your vote, hillary clinton is coming to tampa, and it will be the democratic presidential candidate's fourth trip to the bay area this year, and ryan hughes is live at the university of south florida this morning, and ryan, i understand that clinton has a lot on her agenda while at usf today? >> reporter: gayle, good morning once again. she is expected to talk about immigration, jobs, and of co usf. and she will take center stage at the rec hall at 1:45 in the afternoon. her aides say she will discuss her plans on how to keep the country safe with her strong relationship with allies around the world. she spent labor day in cleveland, and she criticized trump for a recent speech she called hate filled, and she said he is unable to serve as commander-in-chief, and now
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a coughing fit and quickly used it to poke fun at donald trump. listen here. [coughing] >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> reporter: and back live this morning, we plan to carry clinton's rally online she will take the stage at 1:45. >> i'm sure it will be a packed house, thank you, ryan. donald trump will campaign in virginia and north carolina today. he will be back in florida on friday for a rally in pensacola. this morning a possible change of heart for mr. trump. during the flight from cleveland to youngs town, he told reporters he's not ruling anything out when it comes to possibly allowing legal citizen championship to undocumented immigrant in the united states.
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overseas travel. a british airways outage is causing delays at several airports, and the problem appears to be with the online checkin system. video of delays for various airports out west, this is san francisco, and video from seattle and pheonix. the airline is apologizing as they work to fix the problem it looks like british airways has just one departing and one arriving flight at tampa international airport. big changes will begin today at tampa international airport, affecting curb-side dropoffs and pickups at night. they are closing the blue arrival and departure sides, and it will affect americans on american, delta, and jetblue, and united. it will be nightly until 4:00 a.m. it will give crews a chance to build the people mover called the skyway or i should say the
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that's a mouthful. if you're dropping or picking up on the blue side, you will be directed to short-term parking there. >> as long as it gets you there easier and quicker. >> it's so exciting to see what is happening at the airport. >> you just have to deal with the construction while it's happening. it's 6:08, let's check on the weather with leigh. >> reporter: you may knows there's lower humidity out there, and dryer air spreading to the south, and for those of less humid air, you will feel it for sure, and it's also going to keep us mostly dry today. 10% to 20% rain chance. 90 at 3:00 p.m., and the afternoon high of 81, and i said 10 to 20 because citrus, hernando, and pasco, that's where the dry air is taking hold. hillsborough, manatee, and polk county. we had to leave the 30% chance in the far southern areas, and
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the anclote still under flood warnings, and still seeing it over into streets. little manatee river and myakka river state park area, cyprus creek, and the peace river. thankfully the dryer air sticking around tomorrow, too, and we will stay near average. temperaturewise, 90 degrees before the rain chance and moisture returns later in the week. we will check with traffic on the 8s because we know more people are headed to work and school after the pasco is looking good, and myakka city out to manatee county, that's the trouble spot this morning, and i have better news for you. it's the manatee county area, myakka state road 70 block the the betts. it's due to a possible fatal crash, and before fhp said you
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but now you can turn on betts. the alternate is not as bad. back to gene and gayle. president obama is used to being called names. >> but one world leader went too far. the story is ahead. many people are turning to chemical-based repellant to fight off mosquitoes and the zika virus. i will look at what the doctors are recommended. a tampa police officer who put his life on the line is
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we are back. time now 6:13, and happening today, funeral services for an officer known for saving a local family and mentoring teens, and the services will take place this morning, and tampa police officer, fred arnold passed away almost 2 weeks ago, and jamel is live where the services will be held. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. like you said, we are at life point church, and the funeral services for master patrol fred arnold will take place here at 11:00 a.m. this morning. officer arnold died while scuba diving in nevada on august 27th. he was a 27-year veteran with the tampa police department.
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when the incident occurred. he is praised for rescuing a family of three from a fire when he was a rookie. he went on to volunteer countless hours, mentoring teens in the police explorer program, and his children spoke the at a news conference last week and reflected on their father's good deeds around the community and spoke about his character and ouch he will be missed. >> it's really hard for us right now as a family as a whole there, and he was a constant in our lives, and to lose that constant part of your life, it's really hard. >> reporter: now officer arnold's casket is expected to arrive here at 8:15 this morning. the funeral service will be at 11:00 a.m., and afterwards, some time at noon, they will do the rendering of the final honors. >> it will be an emotional day
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especially his children, who we have heard a lot from over the last few days. president obama is making history this morning, becoming the first sitting u.s. president to step foot on laos. he met with the president where he announced funding for the removal of exploded bombs left in laos by the u.s. during the vietnam war, and president obama will spend several days in one leader president obama will not meet with is the president of the philippines. >> this is at rodrigo duterte used a curse word to describe president obama's late mother. president obama planned to confront him over killing drug dealers without due process, and duterte is apologizing for his choice of words. congress will return to work after a 7-week break, and
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ahead. one item is the funding to keep the government from shutting down. another involves funding to combat the zika virus. governor rick scott planned to travel to dc today to argue for increased funding, but he had to postpone the trip because of the ongoing hurricane recovery in tallahassee. the problem of standing water is worse than ever thanks to hurricane hermine, and we have all been warned time and ground for mosquitoes, and there's no doubt mosquito control will be out fighting the problem, but is there anything we can do to naturally protect ourselves? i went to the experts to find out. >> reporter: the sun is out, and the kids are back at it, playing outside, while crews are out crying to kill mosquitoes. >> i see the trucks on the streets spraying the stuff. >> reporter: some parents are
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accumulation, wondering if there's anything natural to fight off mosquitoes. >> i have yet to find anything that really prevents mosquito bites in florida. they are everywhere. >> you can combine any number of these and get the carrier coconut oil will extend the life of the repellants. >> reporter: these are soils studied by the cdc and e malaria medical journal, like lemon oil of eucalyptus or clove oil. you can take supplements to keep them from being interested in your scent. >> something that reduces body odor like zinc. >> reporter: pediatrician dr. david burger agrees and believes supplements like vitamin d and fish oils can also be helpful. >> things stimulate the immune
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we feel will help people no matter what the virus is. >> reporter: dr. burger told me in part one of any natural supplements is a something with picaridin that he recommends for little ones and pregnant womans. if you missed part one, you can watch it on and it's also uploaded to my wfla gayle guyardo facebook page, and we looked just as effective as keith -- as deet according to the cdc. >> thank you. a check of weather for us. we want to go outside, and certainly take the precautions. more comfortable with the slightly lower humidity. again, not much, but after weeks and weeks of oppressive humidity, i think you will notice the difference.
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some showers, but not. many the dryer air chance at 20 percent. look at the difference. 68 in crystal river. and 75 in tampa, and temperatures are cooler than yesterday, and the farther south you go, it's pushing south, and you can get into places like sarasota. you will feel the difference there, especially the farther north you live. doris is at 66 degrees house. with all the standing water well need to dry out. the rain chance today, 20%, especially for areas to the south where it's humid. tomorrow morning, look at this dry air. still around, mostly sunny and pleasant, and tomorrow, just a 20% rain chance, and the dry air will begin to retreat, and then back to reality with the increasing humidity into the weekend. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? >> traffic is definitely getting busier out there. i think people are excited to get back to work.
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and it's usually not this crowded, even though you get by just fine. again, heavier manor -- heavier than normal. this remains closed at betts road, but good news, you don't have to go up to state road 64. just take betts road around to get around this closure here and it's due to a possible fatal there on state road betts. now back to gene and gayle. it's 6:20, and a day care garden that forced police to shut down the facility. >> that's what we are calling it? a garden? the story behind this mom's costume after she went the extra mile to be with her son. you're watching news channel 8
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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listen to this. outrage over what happened a at busy day care it appears someone was growing pot on the property. police in west haven, connecticut, found 600 marijuana plants growing in the daycare's backyard. some were as tall as 10 feet high. housing inspectors have shut down the day care. so far no one has been arrested, but police are investigating. these pictures of a single mom in te you can see here in the plaid shirt and the mustache next to her dad. she attended the donuts with dads he event. she said she pot got a lot of support from most of the dads and people online. it's great idea, and like you said earlier, why not? so many single parents play the role of mom and dad. >> to that child, you're both,
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you don't have to wear the mustache though. flying through the trees over the bay area. a crucial vote that could decide a zip line adventure in one neighborhood. a live look at downtown tampa, and you can see it's a beautiful morning with the sit all lit up along the hillsborough river. weather and traffic on the 8s is just 3 minutes away. closed captioning brought
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6:28. kids, back to the bus stop this morning. but at least you have slightly dryer air to enjoy. a touch less humid. 74degrees when the bus picks you up, and dropping you off with a high 91. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? >> we have the vehicles moving
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this is where i-4 and 275 meet up. things are looking great in lakeland, and a great drive across the water, and no delays
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a final good-bye. a tampa police officer loved for his dedication to teens in the bay area will be laid to rest later today. we are live with information on the and campaigning in tampa, hillary clinton will have a rally at the university of south florida later today. what she's expected to tell supporters next. days after hermine, residents in pasco county are still not allowed back in their homes. morning, a new flooding concerns and updates on the damage from the storm. good morning and thank you for joining us on news channel 8 today, i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo guy.
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air, and we certainly need it. and we want it, too. it makes it more comfortable outside. zephyrhills at 70. 75 in bradenton, and we need it because we really need the rivers to start to recede. we have river flood warnings continuing at elfers with the anclote river. flooding through the streets. expect the down today, and cyprus creek at worthington gardens, and all underwater warnings, and we will dry out, thanks to hermine it spins off the mid-atlantic and northeast coastline, and the wind flow is bring the dry air, the red color all the way down here to florida, and that's why there's only a 20% rain chance, and that's why it feels more comfortable today,
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temperature trend for you, and leslee will let you know what you need to know about the roads. >> reporter: it's busier earlier than normal. i think people are excited to get back to work after the holiday weekend. a look at downtown there, and 75 over to the howard frankland, and that's an 8- minute commute. manatee county state road blocked in my -- myakka city. it will be get you around the possible fatal crash, and back to gene and gayle. pasco county, residents are watching the anclote river to see when it will recede enough to get them back in their homes. it's expected to go below flooding stage this evening. the river escaped its banks,
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dealing with flooding live along the elfers parkway, and there's concerns aren't sewage spilling into the flood waters. >> septic systems all around the residences, and the septic lids are popped up, and septic water is bubbling up from the systems itself. >> pasco officials are warning residents to stay out of the murky water. in the meantime, we are getting an idea of how many homes and businesses were hermine. officials reported 197 properties suffered minor damage, but listen to this, 297 had major damage including flooding, and in some cases there was water above the doorknobs, and trees through the roof. nine homes are a total loss. officials have only toured 60% of the community. they expect the numbers to change as they go into other
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has an estimated $8 million in damage. bayenette medical center will reopen to patients about half an hour from now. we just got word they passed the emergency inspection to make sure emergency power is working properly. last week the hospital was hit by lightning, and it started a small fire and knocked out power. 207 patients were evacuated to other facilities. hermine is now a cyclone stalled about 100 miles off the coast of long island. happening today, funeral services for a tampa police officer who passed unexpectedly will be held this morning. master patrol officer fred arnold died while scuba diving. more from lifepoint church where his casket is expected to arrive in a matter of hours.
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service will start at 11:00 a.m. this morning, and like you said, the casket will arrive around 8:15 this morning, and master patrol officer fred arnold died unexpectedly in nevada. tampa police say officer arnold was at lake mead, nevada, when the incident occurred a27-year veteran with the tampa police department who rescued a family of three from a house fire when he was a rookie. he went on teens with the police explorer program. his children spoke at a news conference last week, reflecting on their father's good deeds around the community. his son fred arnold iv said he taught him how to drive, he was supportive, and had a bright soul. >> we all said he had an infectious laugh, and when he would laugh, everyone else would laugh and just have a
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and i feel like he knew the value of the family. the family is not just where your house and home is. it's where the heart is. i feel like him as a person embodied that as a whole. >> reporter: and now his family went on to say he was a jokester, and he laughed all the time. he kept a smile on his face, something that the community will definitely miss. >> i'm sure there's going to be a lot respects today. thank you, jamel. it's 6:36, and happening in your vote, we are getting down to the wire. in 2 months we will elect another president. but first a stop by hillary clinton. she will be headed to the bay area later today. ryan hughes is live at the university of south florida, and she's expected to talk about her plan to keep america safe? >> reporter: good morning, once again, and that's the main
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how she will deal with our allies around the world. she will speak at the rec center at 1:45 this afternoon. hillary clinton also plans to outline why she believes republican presidential candidate, donald trump does not have the temperament to serve as commander-in-chief. she spent labor day in ohio with runningmate tim kaine where she pounced on his immigration speech, and this was clinton's second public pe has recently spent most of her time at high-dollar fundraisers, and then she spoke about the e-mail investigation. >> fact i couldn't remember if meetings had occurred doesn't in any way effect the
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material. >> reporter: this was clinton's first meeting with reporters where she took questions in many many months. back here live, news channel 8 will be in the rec center when clinton takes the stage, and you can watch her appearance on back to you. >> ryan, we will be watching. thanks. a new survey monkey poll shows hillary clinton holding on to her lead over donald support compared to trump's 42%, and the numbers, if they look familiar, those are the same numbers as last week. no change there. 6:38 is the time. let's get a check on the weather. >> reporter: the sun is creeping up closer to the horizon on this tuesday morning, and it means you're probably creeping out the door to get to work and school this morning. veterans ford, tampa, 72 degrees over the veterans expressway to see the sun come up, and once it does,
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will be more comfortable this morning with slightly lower humidity. 75 at 8:00 a.m. 11:00, 84. we get to 89 at 2:00 p.m. before we hit the high temperature. citrus, hernando, and paso counties, 10% rain chance today. 20% for pinellas, hillsborough, and manatee county. and you will go a little farther to the south, and there's a 30% chance. the dryer air is filtering to we are a the average between 89 and 91. the next 8 days, i want to keep you updated on the tropics. one area here, a 20% chance of developing. over in the pacific, hurricane newton with 90-mile an hour winds, just making land fall this morning right now at cabo san lucas. the sun is coming up for
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manatee county has been our trouble spot for the early morning commute. state road 70 remains blocked due to a possible fatal crash here at betts roads. you can actually turn on betts, and that's good. earlier fhc said you could not. now a quick look at downtown, moving at decent speeds, and that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s, back to gene and gayle. the way you treat child after a concussion, it may be a wrong. >> what doctors are now suggesting you do. a controversial vote coming up in largo. should a new zip line be built at the highland rec complex? it's 6:40 on this tuesday morning, and you're watching
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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6:43a proposed zip line in largo is up for a vote. >> it would be at the highland recreation complex, and meredith censullo is in the area this morning, and a decision is expected tonight. what is the decision going to be based on? >> a couple of things, and tonight's meeting will include results from two public meetings held in august, plus responses from 250 households that border the proposed property line on avenue, and among the concerns voiced at those meetings a lack of parking, noise, and litter. greg brown says the same opposition occurred when the original park was in the works, and he said the goal is to get more people interested in the park, and the zip line would be built by the company trium. there's already a zip line in bradenton and brooksville. and largo commissioners and
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line were invited to visit one of the other facilities to see for themselves what it's all about. tonight we should find out who took the company up on its offer and if it swayed the vote. gayle, if the zip line gets the go ahead, it could be up and running by the end of the year. >> i'm sure the fun lovers are hoping for that. police in broward county are investigating the deaths of three people found slain in a home. police responded to a 911 call morning, it's unclear how long the bodies had been in the home. the victims' names, ages, and details of how they died have not been released. take a look, this south florida man, jose rocha is waking up, charged with shooting and killing two much-loved service dogs. investigators said rocha shot his neighbors dogs, one a a
6:46 am
a vet with ptsd, and the other who you just saw a pit bull helping a woman battling stage 3 breast cancer. in news across the america, bill cosby is back in court for a hairing in his sexual assault case. he drugged and sexual assaulted a woman he mentored in 2004 at tampa university. the victim is one of dozens who claim the former cosby show assaulte only one who is able to bring charges against him. his lawyer will fight to keep out statements he gave in a previous lawsuit. a trial date for bill cosby could be set today. chevy chase has entered a facility for an alcohol prop. it's called a tuneup in his recovery. chase is 72 years old, and he
6:47 am
during his career including an addiction to prescription painkillers. a group of vandals was caught on camera destroying a popular rock formation in oregon. it was at cape camanda natural state area. the rock, known as the duck bill is pushed until it crumbled. >> that's sad. many parents could be relying on outdated and incorrect advice when caring farred they with a nc ucla health, three quarters of parents said they would wake their injured child during the night to check on them, but doctors are now disputing that disrupting sleep may prevent the brain from healing faster. and this is the game that everyone is talking about from the weekend. fsu fans big time celebrating the comeback win against ole miss. the teams faced off at camping world stadium in orlando, and
6:48 am
for the knowles, but in the second half, they came back and beat ole miss. a lot of buzz about this at last night's big game. beau paskey, the 6th grader with autism who ate with florida state player. he was surprised with a jersey and two ticks. >> now folks want to know what is the back story? why didn't we know beau was so cool? >> let's check on the weather. leigh? >> reporter: it's a beautiful start to the day. this is the hyundai of new
6:49 am
weeks of oppressive humidity, i think you will notice the dump. people on social media are noticing it. we warm up to 86 at noon, and this keeps our rain chance at 20% today. the dryer air is spreading south. that's where it is the coolest. 66 in crystal river, and it's comfortable. 72 in clear water, and it's not until you get down into sarasota and highlands county where it feels more humid. everyone is cooler than yesterday, and in tampa, maybe brandon, you're 4 degrees cooler than this time yesterday, and 9 destroys cooler in crystal river. the dryer air is hanging around, keeping us mostly sunny, and rain chances, mostly south of i-4. you live in citrus, hernando and pasco, and i yo have the chance to dry out. >> we will keep the dryer air in throughout the day today and tomorrow, but as we head into wednesday night, yep, the moisture will start to creep
6:50 am
bringing back mugginess and the rain chances. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? >> we are seeing heavy congestion at southbound on 275. a reported accident on the northbound side, and it's off to the shoulder. very heavy as you start to move away from the new tampa area south, on to 75. and ybor city, 8 minute commute here. veterans expressway looking good just 11 minutes, and an accident that just happened. i can't find it on the cameras yet, but there's a delay on the southbound side of the veterans before the courtney campbell causeway. a slowdown there as well as coming off the howard frankland bridge. 21 minutes to i-4, and traffic is heating up there. over here in pinellas county a collision. and it's located here at 34th street, and out in the myakka city area, a quick reminder,
6:51 am
vets road. that's a look at weather and traffic, and now back to gene and gayle. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. including information about a bay area hospital accused of shutting down. a community in mourning as it says good-bye to a tampa police officer. you're watching news channel 8
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the city of tampa is saying good-bye to an officer who spent decades dedicated to the community. >> the funeral will take place today for officer fred arnold. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, the lights have just come on inside of life point church where master patrol officer fred arnold's funeral service will take place today, and
6:55 am
veteran with the tampa police department. he died unexpectedly while scuba diving at lake mead, nevada, and he was praised for rescuing a family from a house fire when he was a rookie. he went to volunteer with the police youth program. usf, hillary clinton is expected here around 1:45 for a campgn expected to talk about jobs, immigration, and of course, donald trump, and clinton aides also tell us she will discuss her plans on how to keep the country safe through her strong relationship with allies around the world, and yesterday clinton spent labor day in cleveland, ohio, where she criticized trump for a recent speech called hate filled. doors open here at 11:45. i'm ryan hughes, news channel
6:56 am
zip line facility located at the highland recreational complex. neighbors bordering the facility are concerned about noise, parking, issues, and litter. big changes for tampa international airport. crews will close the blue arrival and departure sides. the closure will be 8:00 p.m. through 4:00 a.m. tonight the bay point medical center in hudson will reopen to patients. . lightning hit the hospital last week knocked out power and started a small fire and explosion. good news for residents in elfers who were flooded out of
6:57 am
anclote river is expected to go back in its banks today. 72 in lakeland, and 74 in bradenton, and your forecast, sunny and pleasant this morning. a quick warmup to 86 at noon, and really a slim rain chance all day, and again, good news. we need to dry out. high today of 91, and also the dryer air is sticking around for tomorrow, and that's about it. the humidity and rain chances will return for thursday, friday, and the weekend. looking a the at roadways through ybor. veterans expressway looking good. once you get off of the veterans expressway, closer to 75. the courtney campbell causeway, and there was a crash and a backup there. it's not slowing you down too much yet. that's 23 minutes now, and definitely heavier out there. people are excited to get back to work. we are seeing a slow down in both directions here, right
6:58 am
roosevelt at 34th street. and that's due to a crash in pinellas county. hopping over here, a reminder, unfortunately a possibly fatal crash as 70 blocked at betts road this is in the myakka city area. you can get around it by taking betts road and vernon road, and that will triangulate you around the closure. >> speak for yourself, everyone is excited to get back to work? >> yeah, sure! >> i don't think that person guys with you. >> we will be here all morning long with updates on news, weather, and traffic during the
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good morning. homestretch. clinton and trump kick their campaigns into high gear. >> hillary clinton would be a disaster. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> clinton up six points overall electoral map shows an even tougher mountain for trump to climb. with just 63 days to go can he turn things around? not over yet. hermine churning up more high winds and dangerous whip currents. warnings still in effect. beaches in new york closed for a third day. glitch in the system. overnight a major airline's glitch in the check in system.


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