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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 6, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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happening now, a funeral for a tampa police officer, who spent decades, serving the community. a look at the life of officer reynolds. arrival and departure sides begins tonight. they'll last for several months. we'll tell you which airlines are affected. and campaigning in tampa. hillary clinton will hold a rally at usf this afternoon. but doors open within the hour, when she's expected to tell supporters, straight ahead. good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. let's head over to meteorologist leigh spann for the weather. >> weather feels so great out
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lower humidity. so there's bright blue skies. it's 85 degrees. humidity down to 59%. i've got the humidity in the not-too-bad category, after spending months in either oppressive or uncomfortable. going to get just a few days to enjoy it. not so bad. and the reason is actually hermine. right now, hermine sitting off the northeast coast, still sitting there with 60-mile-per- hour winds. it's post tropical, which mes it doesn't have tropical characteristics. when i look at the water vapor imagery, how much water is in the atmosphere, the counter clockwise fashion around it, bring this dry air here to florida. so we can finally dry out from the rain hermine brought us last week. today's rain chance, just 10% for areas like frisco and pasco. you don't get the 30% until farther down to the south.
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>> thank you, leigh. and happening now. law enforcement authorities are saying goodbye to an officer who died unexpectedly two weeks -- ago. the funeral services for master patrol fred arnold iii. he died while scuba diving at lake mead in nevada. he was a 27-year veteran with the department. he was praised r family of three in a house fire, when he was just a rookie. friends say he was always there when you needed him. >> he was a great officer to work with. he was a good friend. he was always there for you. he had your back. absolutely great personality. didn't know expect who didn't like him. >> officer arnold will be laid to rest, following today's
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vote, and crowds are lining up in front of a hillary clinton rally. clinton will be speaking at the university of south florida. candace mccowan joining us live from out there. >> reporter: this line has formed. already gone up to the rec center to the door there. talking to some people here in line. i was asking some of them, how long have you been here this morning? >> since about 10:00 today. >> he's about maybe 100 or so back doors don't open until 11:30. clinton won't take the stage until 1:45 this afternoon. she's expected to talk jobs, immigration and donald trump. clinton said she'll talk about how to keep the country safe. yesterday, clinton spent labor day in cleveland, where she criticized trump for a speech she called hate-filled.
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trump has taken a lead in two florida polls so far. however, the average of polls on real feel politics shows clinton has a 2.7-point lead, which is not a lot. we understand she might have a stop this afternoon at a small, private business. of course we'll have the latest for you tonight at 8:00. just minutes ago, hillary clinton boarded a plane on her we'll be watching what happens there tonight. candace mccowan, reporting live. thanks. new this morning, patients return to regional medical center, bayonet point. the hospital is accepting new patients now. you may remember during last week's storm, the hospital was hit by lightning. that knocked out the facility's emergency power and started a small fire there. all 209 patients were evacuated to other facilities. but now, many are back at
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quickly made. an historic home goes up in flames. take a look at the video. an early-morning fire gutted a 100-year-old home near ebor city. it happened in the 900 block of east 12th avenue. it took crews about an hour to get the fire under control. no one was hurt. and investigators don't know what started the fire. but we are told the home was being remodeled. happening today, big changes are set to begin at tampa international airport. and it's going to affect curb side overnight. the airport is closing the blue arrival and departure side. they remember -- were on american, delta, jet blue and united. that is going to close from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. those nightly closures will last until early next year. early construction on the people mover, called the sky connect guideways begins next thursday. construction will be halted during thanksgiving, the winter
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football play-off championship. and flood victims are watching the anklot river to see when it will recede enough for them to return to their homes. rain associated with hurricane hermine caused the river to overflow. and many are still dealing with flooding along alfers parkway. this morning, there is new concern about sewage, spilling into the floodwaters. and this morning, there's a power struggle, over restoring power in tallahassee, following hurricane hermine. right now, about 19% power. an update is expected later this morning, with new numbers there. in a meeting between tallahassee's mayor and governor rick scott, the two sparred over how each entity was handling hurricane recovery. and the restoration of electricity. many state offices are still without power, including the department of children and families. those workers are being told to check with their supervisor to find out where to report to work. hermine continues to cause
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right now, it's a tropical cyclone, off the coast of long island. the storm is creating giant waves and dangerous rip currents on beaches from new jersey to massachusetts. and meanwhile, on the west coast, it's hurricane newton who made landfall today in southern baja california. hit with category 1 wind storms, 90 miles per hour. lots of rain with this storm. and it's heading toward the southwestern part of the u.s. arizon a lot of rain as early as tomorrow night and into thursday. and now, a quick look at sports this morning. social media, buzzing with this action-packed college football matchup. old miss versus florida state. the knolls face the rebels in orlando. after a shaky start, knolls came back from a 22-point deficit. old miss had a 26.8 lead at one
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de'andre francois scoring 30 unanswered points in the third quarter. fsu wins it, 35-34. get this. we really may soon see former florida quarterback tim tebow on a baseball roster. the atlanta braves are reportedly very interested in signing the players. if signed, tebow would sign the off league. maybe even winter ball before affiliate sometime next spring. nothing official yet. but the colorado rockies are also looking at tebow. a little bit of a humbling experience, i bet, for somebody who has played with the nfl now to not even make the minors' team when it comes to baseball. but starting with one of these kind of off-season leagues will -- >> but as you know, these athletes are so good at so many sports am we'll see what happens. fun to watch anyway.
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has gone viral, as he searches for the owner of a u.s. flag he found over the weekend. >> maybe it's yours. plus, president obama making a historic trip today, while at the same time dealing with name-calling from another country's president. that story coming up. first, many people are turning to chemical-based repellents to fight off mosquitoes and the zika virus. up next, we'll look at natural alternatives. you're watching news channel 8
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welcome back. this video sure caught our attention. and it is proof that storing -- score an a has to do with skill than studying. >> it's from an organic chemistry class alt ohio state. [ laughter ] >> oh. did you see that? an unlikely shot there. but it got the entire class out
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if someone made this shot, he would give every single student in that class an a. >> wow. >> well, thanks to vinny forte, that's exactly what happened there. i'm sure vinny has a lot of new friends in that chemistry class. >> i think a few kids might be suggesting that to their teacher today. >> it would make sense if it were maybe like a physics class if you had to know how hard to throw it, angle to throw it, then there's some science used. but not organic chemistry. >> it's like winning the lottery. >> good job. i'm sure they all went home happy. >> and with a lot of new friends. >> much more happy than normal organic chemistry quizzes i'm sure. gorgeous outside. i mean, we have been waiting on a day like this for several weeks now, where you get the lower humidity, the blue sky, the lower rain chances.
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hour. and we need to dry out. because these are all the river flood warnings still in effect. all of these rivers came up, of course, with hurricane hermine. and they're slowly coming back below flood stage. but the anklet river, that's the one we focused on most. still a little water there. alify river at malithia. miaca river state park. cypress creek, worthington gardens and two places in springs and -- sulf -- sulfur springs and arcadia. nice for a walk. 86 degrees at lunchtime. about 4:00 p.m., about a 20% chance of rain mainly areas south of 94. pleasant evening. nice to forecast stuff like this. 87 degrees. and as far as what we can expect for the rest of the day
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comfortable. lower humidity makes it feel even better. plus, there's a little breeze coming in at 10 to 15 miles per hour around the region. few places getting stronger gusts. 18 miles per hour. gusts coming in. but this needed, dry air is continuing to spread to the south. that's why i expect the higher rain chances to be a little bit south of i-4. but everybody is a much lower rain chance than what we've seen recently. tomorrow morning, hey. we get to do it all again. that dry air to on top of us. it's a mostly sunny and pleasant morning. still only about a 20% rain chance tomorrow, too. it's just unfortunate that that dryer air begins to retreat to the north. and therefore ow rain chance -- our rain chancing come back. 30% thursday and friday. and you'll start to feel that extra humidity. better rain chances, closer to what we expect this time of year. again, very good timing that we get two days of really dry air so that these rivers can go
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cleaning up after hermine. this is a long-lived situation for them. >> yeah, definitely need this dryer air for sure. lee, thanks. 8 is on your side. and the fight against zika in your backyard. the problem of standing water, even worse than ever, thanks to hurricane hermine. we've all been warned, time and time again, it's a breeding ground for mosquitoes. there's no doubt, mosquito patrol will be out in full force. but is there anything we can naturally to protect ourselves, while cutting down on toxins. news channel 4's gail guyardo has in the concerns. >> i spoke to one doctor who believes there could be an alternative. >> the sun is out, and kids are back at it, playing outside. while crews are off trying to kill mosquitoes. >> i see trucks driving by at nights sometimes on our streets, spraying this stuff. >> some parents are starting to
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toxic accumulation, wondering if there is anything natural to fight off mosquitoes. >> i have yet to find anything that really prevents mosquito bites in florida. they're just everywhere. >> it can combine any number of these. coconut oil actually extends the life. repellent. >> certified nutrition consultant shows me oil studied by the cdc. and the malaria medical journal. like eucalyptus. these are for external use. can also try taking supplements to keep mosquitoes from being interested in your scent. >> something that would reduce body odor like zinc, or something that would cleanse the blood like chloro fill. >> he believes certain supplements like vitamin d, fish oil and a good probiotic can also be helpful. >> things stimulating the
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to help people, no matter what the virus is. >> reporter: gayle guyardo, news channel 8. and dr. berger told us in part, one of the natural alternatives to fight zika is sawyer's fish oil containing pick kerra min. it'sit's something he recommends for his little patients. if you missed gayle's story, you can go to our our facebook page. congress returns to work after a seven-week break. and lawmakers have a long to-do list. another item directly affects us in florida. are expected to direct funding to combat the zika virus. he had to postpone the trip because of the ongoing hurricane hermine recovery efforts in parts of our state. well, there's a police station in northeast georgia,
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today, with its posts about zika. don't miss this. it's from the statham police department. it reads, breaking news, if you recently purchased meth in georgia or south carolina, it may be contaminated with the zika virus. please contact your local police department or sheriff's office, so they can conduct a free screening test on your meth to make sure it is not contaminated. obviously, they're kidding. perhaps trying to figure out who has meth community. the port has been shared thousands of times since it first appeared about 12 hours ago. interesting. right now, president obama is making history. this morning, he became the first sitting u.s. president to step foot in the southeast asian country of laos. the president arrived overnight to some rainy weather there. and he met with laon thian president, -- laosian president. he talked about clearing
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during the vietnam war. >> over nine years, from 1964 to 1973, the united states dropped more than 2 million tons of bombs here in laos. more than we dropped on germany and japan combined during all of world war ii. it made laos, per person, the most heavily bombed country in history. >> president obama will spend several days in laos for a regional asian summit. also, at the su philippines. president obama will not meet with president rodrigo duterte, after he used a curse word to describe president obama's late mother. dufert -- duterte lashed out at president obama. he said he is not an american puppet. duterte is now apologizing for his choice of words.
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you. a largo man needs your help to find the owner of an american flag. interesting word here. ted groberg is a man who found this folded american flag. he found it on the shoulder of an overpass in clear water. he thinks it may belong to the family of a deceased veteran, because of the way it's folded. he wrote about his discovery on social media. as you can imagine, that post has gone viral. it's been shared more than 13,000 times. he is hoping old glory's rightful owner will come forward. and there are some pretty significant changes coming to walt disney world in orlando. your kids will not be required to scan their fingerprints to enter the parks. we'll tell you why coming up. plus, the best taco in florida. and it's right here in tampa. at least according to some reviews on yelp. we'll tell you where that is,
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introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise.
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dr. frank landsaserra has been practicing in tampa for over years. and he has a book called what is wrong with my thyroid. >> people from head to towe -- toe. brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, and inability to lose weight, amongst other symptoms. >> tell us about the testing for all of this. >> we do standard testify -- testing for thyroid function. but i do also food sensitivity testing, chemical sensitivity, immune function testing that can see if there are problems there that can affect your thyroid. >> as well any hope for people suffering with this? >> tremendous amount of hope.
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people can take? >> they can take that at total
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an important consumer alert this morning. walt disney world is taking new steps to crack down on stolen and shared park tickets. it's now requiring children ages 3 through 9 to scan their finger when they enter the theme park. for years, this was only required for older kids and adults. but disney said, kids' tickets would be easy to transfer because they h no fingerprints attached to them. parents, though, who don't like scanned can use their own fingerprint. for two years, madison harrison dreamed of taking her picture with president obama. that treme came true, when she was invited to take a picture of the president in june. she also took pictures of the first lady, and yep, oprah winfrey. madison started taking pictures at the age of 3. she started her own photography business at
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entrepreneur. today, she'll be featured on the steve harvey show. and you can see that on our sister station, great 38. today marks the start of a fun month at the glazer children's museum. this month, gcm, we called it, turned 6 years old. and boy, they're celebrating. today through the end of the month, september 30th. admission is only $6. the museum is open 10:00 to 5:00 daily. it's downtown tampa. about that time. ho sounds pretty good, huh? >> uh-huh. >> yelpers agree this is the best place in the entire state of florida. you will find them at loli's on benjamin road. buzz feed recently listed the most popular taco spots in every single state, based on information from yelp. the number of reviews and ratings for each taco joint were taken into consideration. and loli's took the top spot in
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has a five-star average on yelp, with a total of 492 reviews. now, before you head out there, you gotta know, we're talking about this. >> it's going to be busy. >> it's going to be busy. and don't expect for there to be cheese or sour cream. >> that's tex-mex. >> this is altogetherrentic -- authentic. maybe a little onions, silarnt row. >> -- cilantro. >> you're making me hungry now. we're taking steps toward the heart walk. >> delin collins has a heart for this. but his efforts have hit a road block this year.
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we are officially nine weeks away from the november presidential election and a new poll out this morning shows hillary clinton's lead over donald trump, shrinking.
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astronaut jeff williams returns to earth from his most recent stint on the international space station. when he lands, he'll be a record-breaker. we'll explain. and today, we are launching our wfla2016 heartwalk efforts. our plan is to once again raise more than $100,000 to fight heart disease and stroke. and good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm gene ramirez. thanks for being with us on this tuesday. let's get a check on >> it's hard to believe, especially what we have been dealing with the last couple of weeks. rain and humid. now we've dropped that humidity level. blue skies with the plantation on crystal river. and of course, the bay there is very quiet. got people out there by the pool at the plantation inn. great day. why are we inside? answer me that. temperatures now, 84 in tampa. also, 84 in brooksville. bartel, sitting at 82 degrees. and rain chances are going to remain pretty slim. especially up near the crystal river area.
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chance. pidelas. a little higher at 20%. and then a better rain chance, the farther south you go. but in our headlines, this dryer air, you get one hear day of it, tomorrow, with fewer storms. still seeing temperatures near 90 degrees over the next couple of days. but the humidity returns, starting on thursday. and that's going to bring back some rain chances. i'll run those rain chances down for you coming up, stacy. and developing this morning. questions about an online sale that turned deadly. it haed transaction in the parking lot of a lakeland store. news channel 8's meredyth censullo explains. >> reporter: craigslist reports 80 million ads on its sites each month. and facebook groups were buying and selling are incredibly popular. so these safety rules apply to both. never reveal any personal information, including a home address. that means, never meet at home. if you are using a facebook sales group, deal only with
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don't use your personal e-mail. also, meeting in a public place is important. but add on an extra layer of protection. police departments are open 24/7. so consider meeting in a parking lot. tell someone you trust what you're doing. and consider having someone accompany you. and keep your cell phone in hand during the entire transaction. finally, don't pay in cash. use a cashier's check. if transaction, do it at a bank. some tampa bay law enforcement agencies have created safe spaces for people to conduct online transactions. the full list is on our website, in the news center, meredyth censullo, news channel 8. and changing gears here, happening today in your vote. hillary clinton is in tampa today. this will be the democratic presidential candidate's fourth trip to the bay area this year.
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jobs, immigration, and of course, her rival, donald trump. she'll take the stage at the rec center at usf, 1:45 this afternoon. the people are already starting to file in, doors there open at 11:45. clinton aides tell us she'll discuss how to keep america safe, through her strong relationship with allies around the world. and we plan to, of course, carry clinton's rallies online at in virginia and north carolina today. but he'll be back in florida friday for a rally in pensacola. this morning, a possible change of heart for donald trump, during a flight from cleveland to youngstown, ohio. he told reporters he s not ruling -- he is not ruling anything out. and there's also a new poll out this morning, from nbc and survey monkey. take a look. hillary clinton's lead
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point lead over donald trump. she has 48% to donald trump's 42%. if the numbers look familiar, that's because we saw the same numbers last week. we saw a change there. not a change at all. and across america this morning. convicted sex offender, brock turner has filled one of his probation requirements. this morning, he arrived at the green county sheriff's office in ohio, where he registered as a convicted sex offender. he must register every three months. the former stanford university swimmer was released from after serving three months of a six-month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after a fraternity party in stanford in january of 2015. and former fox news channel anchor, gretchen carlson, has settled her sexual harassment lawsuit against former ceo, roger alleys. -- ales.
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that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of her colleagues deserve. reportedly, carlson received $20 million in that settlement. happening today, three crewmembers aboard the international space station will return to earth. one of them is nasa astronaut jeff williams. williams returns to earth as u.s. record holder fur -- for longest time spent in space. 535 days this most recent trip was 172 days, a cake walk for williams at this point. the soyuz capsule will undock at 5:30 this afternoon. and returns to earth, around 9:15. now, the launch of our 2016 heartwalk campaign. >> yes, an exciting time of year for me, starting with the heartwarming story of a heart attack survivor. he has spent many years, making sure that foster children in the bay area have a merry
11:37 am
to a screeching halt a few weeks ago. this would-be santa found himself a patient instead of an employee. christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year for all of the kids on del win collins' christmas list. by day, del win is a dish washer at tampa general hospital. but he's better known for heading up children's program year after year. he picks the names of some 30 foster kids on the treablely and -- tree annually, and buys them three exist -- gifts each. >> he's already started stork piling -- stockpiling. but this came to a screeching halt. >> i could tell right away. i knew when i had a problem. i know what to do. i just call 911.
11:38 am
wasn't going to hold back. i was going to say, hey, i need paramedics. >> reporter: the first sign of trouble came on del win's daily bike ride, home from work. >> when i got down bayshore, i felt like i was out of breath. i had to stop like six times to catch a breather. >> reporter: which panicked him because he exercises nearly every day. when things didn't improve, he called for help in the middle of the night. he told the paramedics to take him to tampa general. where pretty much evyo >> the nurse who was on call, who was there, she came up to me. she said, delwin, you are having a major heart attack right now. >> reporter: after spending a few days at tgh and receiving some stents, delwin is now on the mend. but his day job and side job as santa will have to wait. doctors' orders. >> he don't want me to come back to work right away. he wants me to take time off. but they want me to get up and
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but don't overdo it. >> but the good news is, there are still more than 100 shopping days left until christmas. >> the tree will go up in november. i will probably take about -- between 35 and 30 angels off the tree this year. it's just something i like doing for the kids. >> is this going to be a special year for you then? >> oh, yeah. no matter what. you know. i'm going to be around to do what i gotta do this year. >> he wouldn't miss it. and it's because of people like delwin that year, we launch our fundraising efforts for worst large -- one of the largest heartwalks in the country, held here in tampa bay, september 12th. and news channel 8 is again committed to raising $100,000. but we need your help to do it. kia is generously offering to match what we raise. i walk for my dad and sister,
11:40 am
survivors. come walk with me, gene and a bunch of the news channel 8 crew. go to for details remember. >> and some people like yourself have this personal connection to this cause. but even if you don't, when you see somebody like delwin and read about his story and see his story, how he's helped so many kids throughout the years, it inspires you to want to help him out. >> absolutely. and his birthday is september 11th. we want birthday. and you know, he did the right thing. it was the middle of the night, he lives alone. he is a survivor. like my dad and my sister. >> it's important to know the signs and what to do in the emergency. >> because heart disease is the number 1 killer of men and women in the u.s. number 1. >> good to know. happy birthday to delwin. a little early. but i'm sure he'll be celebrating. if you got a phone call or e-mail that sounds too good to be true, scammers could be targeting you.
11:41 am
up the most common scams plaguing our viewer. plus the contestants of miss america. when those 50 beauties take the stage sunday, one contestant will make history.
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welcome back. check this out. here's something you don't see every day. >> definitely not. it's a white whale calf, spotted off the coast of australia. merdock university researchers are studying southern white whales. but they sure did not expect to see this. this is the first ever arial -- aerial footage of a white whale southern calf. beautiful. looks like moby dick. >> i know. >> after seeing that movie the other day. >> the right white whale. >> that's a hard one. >> very awesome, though, to get footage of that, for sure. >> they doing this to kind of
11:45 am
and they still need to get up close to tag them. and see and get other scientific data. >> wonderful. >> meantime, we've got good weather news, after a week of rough stuff. >> yes. couldn't have come at a better time. we get these things cleared out. we just got an e-mail in the city of clear water that the courtney campbell causeway trail, they've continued to keep that closed. because there's debris. they're hoping to get it open tomorrow. we're still dealing with what is left of hermine. but otherwise, it's gorgeous. 82 degrees fr ford in tampa. looking over the veterans expressway. low humidity. feels nice. and then we're going to warm up to 91 by 4:00 p.m. a pleasant evening for you at 7:00 p.m. where it's 85 degrees. stepping out the door now in zephyr hills. at 85, 86. still warm. i don't want to give you the impression that it's not warm. it's just the lower humidity make its a little more comfortable. also going to keep our rain chances pretty low. a couple of showers in highlands county. and most of the rain will be
11:46 am
showers to push to the coast. citrus, and pasco, you're really entrenched in the dry air. 20 to 30% rain chance farther to the south. and i know your next question is, how long is this dry air going to last? here's your moisture forecast. red is dry, all day today. tomorrow is going to feel great. but even by tomorrow evening, this humidity really starts to creep back toward the north. and we'll start to increase our rain chances as well. didn't last long this time of year. but we'll get into the couple of months. in the tropics now, i'm going to show you some of the things we're looking at. this area here, only a 10% chance of developing. over here on the coast of africa, it's a 60% chance of developing in the next five days, obbut obviously a long way away. and there's hurricane newton in the pacific ocean that made landfall in the cabo san lucas area early this morning. and it's going to weaken. but also going to spread north
11:47 am
southwestern united states a little rain. we have a couple of things going on. but nothing of immediate interest. that's good news. dry air, though. 91. slightly below average tonight, with the lower humidity down to 74. 20% rain chance again tomorrow. but then the humidity starts creeping up and our rain chance goes to 30% thursday, friday, and 40% saturday and sunday. scam artists are always working hard to clever ways to trick you. but our investigator, shannon behnken has the latest scams you need to look out for. a tampa woman was excited when an e-mail came, touting easy catch as a secret shopper. walgreens ads make it look like it's from the store. it promises $300 per assignment. but it takes just seconds to see red flags.
11:48 am
g mail account. i did some digging. and this appears to be a variation on a popular scam that uses a variety of store names. next up, if you get a facebook friend request from someone you're already friends with, decline it fast. crooks are creating fake facebook pages, then targeting real friends. from information on your profile page, like your status updates, location, date of birth and photos, they can st plus, don't accept friend requests from people you don't know. turn facebook privacy settings. that way, scammers won't have access to your list of friends. and one of the scariest. scammers are calling. pretending to be the irs. and demanding payments for unpaid taxes. ask here's their m.o. they threatened victim with arrest or deportation. victims from all over tampa bay, have contacted better call
11:49 am
one tells me, this scammer left when she refused to pay. so the bottom line, the i.r.s. will never call and ask for money. these scammers even have the nerve to ask to be paid, in get this, gift cards. which the i.r.s. will never do. if you receive one of these calls, hang up. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. >> and if you have a problem that needs solving, you better call behnken, the number, 1-855- behnken. now a the for-profit college chain, i.t. it is stopping all operations in 15 years. comes less than two weeks after the department of education banned i.t.t. from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid. it now must pay the department of education $150 million to cover liabilities. nearly all of the organizations 8,000 employees are being laid off. some are helping to transfer to other colleges.
11:50 am
feature that shows you status updates you might otherwise have missed. reports say there is now a box marked what friends are talking about. which lists some of your friends' posts at the top of your news feeds. right now, it's available only to a select few on the company's android app. and today is national read a book day. and the new survey finds, americans still prefer print books over digital once. the pew research found 65% of americans read a print book in the last than doubled the 28%, who have read an ebook. also, only 14% of those surveyed, listened to an audio book. according to the survey, the percentage of americans who read books, regardless of the format hasn't changed since 2012 at 73%. picking a new miss america gets under way tonight in atlantic city. it's the first of three nights in the preliminary competition. the live finale is happening
11:51 am
oflaherty. she's the first openly gay contestant in the pageant's history. getting ready for the big day sunday. an ohio college has opened what it has said is the first entirely gluten-free dining hall in the country. they restructured after administrators started noticing a rising number of students with intolerance to gluten. the college claims to be hall that is certified gluten- free by the gluten-free services program. gluten free? on a college campus. knotta have it -- gotta have it. girl is 6 and broke her arm while on top of the mountain. but wait until you hear who it was that carried her down. that's at 11:00. polident's unique micro clean formula
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for a cleaner, fresher,
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former ufv champion -- ufc champion maisha tate is getting a lot of love after rescuing a real-life girl. >> tate posted these pictures on her facebook. her name is cai. she broke her arm at the top of the mountain in mount charleston, nevada. tate saw her mom struggling to bring her down. so she said, hey, i'll do it. she said during that two-mile descent, she and cai lot about each other. and cai, of course, was very grateful. thank you for carrying me. thank you for helping me. >> so sweet. well, cai's dad, who by the way, wasn't there when it happened. he went to social media, went on instagram to thank tate. she's become a social media sensation because of this. it's a simple act. but helped her mom out.
11:56 am
good for sure. it's a beautiful day across the area. difind out, some rain is starting to fall. just started to develop right in the highlands county area. most of us, though, dealing with that bright, blue sky. we have, again, that little moisture. a little more humid in place -- humidity in places like lake placid. 30% thursday and friday. finally back up to a 40% chance for the weekend. but man, is it nice to be outside. you haven't gone outside yet. go ahead and take sometime. take a >> i enjoyed my balcony for the first time yesterday. i got a breeze. nice and dry. wonderful. all that was missing was a glass of wine. >> when she doesn't have it listed as opressive, it's a
11:57 am
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathy lee gifford and hoda, live from studio rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, it's boozeday tuesday. e we hope you had a wonderful labor day weekend. and bet you didn't get affected by hermine. >> we thought we were going to get rained in and be inside playing board games and instead it was gorgeous on the east coast, for the most part.


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