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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> right now, on newschannel8 at 6:00. >> good evening. tonight, the search is on for a killer. a bay area man lost his life when he went with a friend to carry out an online sale.
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someone shot the victim in the parking lot of a family dollar store. >> reporter: it was just before 10:00 sunday night when 21-year- old jeff morrow went with his friend to sell an item he posted online. a person interested in buying it agreed to neat at the family dollar. >> the suspect is going through his pockets like he is looking for money. and, he reaches in and he grabs the item and takes off running around the car. >> reporter: morrow jumped out and chasedaf the shotgun. that is when things took a deadly turn. >> at that point in time, our suspect pulls his gun and shooting and kills jeffrey and continues to flee. >> reporter: detectives won the owner of this gas station. the suspect ran through the parking lot and they needed his surveillance video. he hopes it will help identify the man. >> it is awful. >> reporter: sheriff grady judd vowed to find his killer. >> here's a clue for you mr.
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melissa marino, newschannel8. tonight, 178 animals rescued from deplorable conditions at a no kill animal rescue in polk county will go into the custody of the sheriff's office. peta recorded undercover video showing animals suffering at darling's darlings. deputies busted the rescue busting the owners on more than 100 animal neglect charges. a judge awarded custody of the animal to the students were dashed when all locations of the school shut down. the school blames major financial problems. today, melanie michael talked to one nursing student who is devastated. >> you want to make a better life for yourself. you want to reach that goal. and it is hard when somebody just takes it away from you like that. >> reporter: the tears began to fall as elian shares her story of heartbreak after two years of hard work. her parents have worked two
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education while she attended nursing school at itt tech. she took a part time job to support her mom and dad and she doesn't have the heart to tell them what has happened. >> i haven't told them the story completely. i don't want to stress them out. >> it will be hard. it's tough for the students. tough for everybody here. >> basically, to just let whatever reason they have for closing it, let the students that really want this career finish. >> reporter: itt correct cites financial reasons as to why these doors remain locked. students are being offered help by hillsborough community ledge. all the information is posted on our website on i'm melanie michael, newschannel8.
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reopen a road in miaca state park. a big hole opened up. florida transportation officials blame all the rain from hermine for causing the washout. in citrus county on u.s. 19, this is at snug harbor lane near the crystal river mall, a hole opened up. it is just a hole isn't it? we are waiting for word on what caused that hole and how long it will take to repair it. some pasco county residents frustrated by two consecutive years of flooding. in wake of hurricane hermine, they are demanding help from the county. >> reporter: a week after hermine blew past pasco county, some neighborhoods are still dealing with flooding. >> it went down half an inch the day before yesterday. then it came up. two inches last night. >> reporter: county emergency managers came by to document
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points. there is a big impact. >> reporter: the flooding and lack of help is frustrating for stan shave wore has lived here his entire life. he wants to know when something will be done to fix the problems. >> why? where are the tax dollars going? what is going on here? you know, you can ride through here saying we need to fix this and that. we know what the problems are. >> county officialpe submit the damage assessment to the federal government to do something about all of this. in pasco county, jeff patterson, newschannel8. overnight construction at tampa international airport will require everyone to use the red side. the blue arrival and departure areas will be closed to allow construction of a new people mover. it will happen nightly through early next year. as an alternative, you may want
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garage. they are waiving parking fees for pickups and dropoffs. largo city commissioners will allow whether to allow a new zip line course that stirred up passions in one neighborhood. it will be added to the high land recreational center park. we got a zip line ride's view. neighbors worry the added attraction would disrupt the solitude of their neighborhood. the commission meeting is underway right now. we happens at newschannel8 at 11:00. thieves were able to steal weapons from a polk county gun store and sheriff grady judd is aiming his frustrations at the shop owner. the sheriff tells us it took three men less than two minutes to steal 36 guns from titan arms in lakeland. guns were not locked up.
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inside the store. >> i'm airing him out if you couldn't tell. i'm aggravated with him. we have to find the guns and get them off of the streets because this is the kind of gun that ends up in the burglar's hands. >> we have a list of the stolen guns on our website on well, a largo man found a folded american flag on the side of the road and his search for the owner has nationwide. saturday, ted froburg found the flag at u.s. 19 in clearwater. his post on facebook has been shared at least 13,000 times. these folded flags hold very powerful meaning at military funerals and froburg wants the flag returned to the rightful owner. >> for some people, it is spiritual. it is a spiritual relationship. i'm sure. and, to lose something like that would be devastating. >> froburg has been contacted by officials at the clearwater
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macdill air force base. he is optimistic that the owner will be found. chief meteorologist steve jerve joins us now. did you have a good labor day? >> i did. thank you very much. >> did you labor? >> no, i did not labor. but i watched you laboring on newschannel8. >> you had a day off and you watched work? >> i watched the whole suite of shows. >> you did it wrong. >> sometimes you will drop a little insult on me when i'm not there. >> i did almost do that. >> you see? that's why i watch. >> i'm guilty sometimes. >> on my day off, he's not watching. 87 degrees at hula bay. a few clouds. certainly blue skies. 53% relative humidity. the air is just a litter drier for some. that is our best rain chance for the evening. the southern spots meaning manatee, hardy county. highlands county. south through sarasota.
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stuff. it 88 degrees in tampa international airport. that's the camera view. looks lovely out there. because the dew point is at 68 degrees, that makes a difference in the comfort of the air. seeing the dew points in the upper 60s makes it feel a little drier. 86 degrees lakeland. zephyr hills. north port, you are not seeing much in the way of drier air. winter haven, that will make a difference in the feel of the air. the air is a little bit drier so you might notice that tomorrow morning. if you want to go out and get a preview of fall. we will have more on the forecast coming up. still ahead. >> clinton goes hard on the attack against donald trump's temperament. coming up, we will have her comments from the stage.
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i'm back in palm harbor because of this house nobody wants to take responsibility for. while county officials and the bank continue to drag their feet. last week's storm made it even
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." i like people that weren't captured."
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>> funding to fight the zika virus is going nowhere in washington. they failed to could have increased funding. it needed 60 votes to pass, but only received 52. democrats had promised to vote against the bill because it also contains restrictions on planned parenthood funding. hillary clinton was on the attack today during her visit to tampa. candace mccowan was there today as clinton explained why donald donald trump does not have the temperament to be president.
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>> reporter: time is of the essence. clinton made the argument that donald trump doesn't have the mannerisms to be president. >> he stands there and mocks a reporter with a disability and he calls women pigs. and he calls mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. >> reporter: she didn't stop there. >> in a few hours he managed to turn his trip to mexico into an embarrassing incident. he got into a twitter war with the president of mexico. his whole campaign has been one big insult. >> reporter: this is exactly what you would have wanted to hear from a candidate who took the month off campaigning. a recall involving a million phones is going the be very pricey for samsung. find out how much it may cost coming up.
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reveal secrets. we will run down the most likely product to be revealed. >> and remember, this year's heart walk. coming up in november, but, now is the time to join stacie schaible's team. kia is graciously matching the
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>> on wall street, the dow gained 46 points. the s&p up 6, the nasdaq climbed 26 points. batteries burst into flames will probably cost sam sung a billion dollars. that's the estimate compiled by bloomburg. samsung is voluntarily recalling its note 7 phones in response to nearly three dozen units caught while charges. they are not putting an exact dollar amount on the recall but are calling it heartbreaking. the note 7 launched just two weeks ago and more than a million have sold already. all eyes will be on apple tomorrow as it unveils something. there is no official word on what to expect but it seems like a new iphone 7 is a pretty safe bet. there is plenty of speculation that apple will remove the head cone jack from the new models
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tooth. the apple watch will likely require an iphone to operate. cnn reports updated mac computers and ipads are not expected tomorrow. more people are switching from their web bruisers to app. smartphones and tablets continue to grow as users move away from other media platforms. if you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on better call behnken. >> it is ugly and now dangerous too. shannon behnken is not giving up on palm harbor residents living by an abandoned home. it is now worse thanks to hurricane hermine. >> reporter: wind ripped off stucco, food, insulation leaving the rafters exposed.
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safe. it has to be taken down. >> reporter: residents along west wind's drive in palm harbor turned to me last month after five years of dealing with this abandoned home. they were fed up then when it looked like this. but now, after last week's storm, they fear someone could get hurt. >> you can now see through to the roof. now, the next storm, the wind can go up and lift the roof possibly. it looks horrible. it >> reporter: county officials say they want the house gone too, but need bank of america to approve the demolition because the bank is trying to foreclose. enter red tape that no one seems to be cable to cut through. >> these things take weeks or months. is that an acceptable answer? >> when we are in imminent dane danger? absolutely not. >> reporter: i sent a photo and
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county's code director. >> you said if it get to the point where it becomes a safety hazard and it is dangerous, you might be able to bypass them and bulldoze it. is it getting to that point? >> based on what i see in the photographs i could not make that determination. >> reporter: welshing i'm no expert, but it is clear, some experts need to get out here before the next storm does. >> we are continuing to work the case. get communication with the bank and work on the answer of who is the sp the mortgage. >> reporter: after i sent the photo, a bank of america spokesman e-mailed me back saying he has ordered an emergency inspection. we will follow up to find out what the bank decides to do. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. nasa's juno spacecraft is capturing images and listening to the planet. the sound it is sending back is
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listen to it. [ eerie sounds ] >> oh. these sounds were recorded over about 13 hours. they were converted from radio waves given off by jupiter's auras. could become the next hit song, jen. we will see about that. rather odd. thanks for that. 85 degrees here, nissan of venice. beautiful. nice paul lamison, just a gorgeous shot of the sky and the downtown area. maybe the atmosphere was a little more crisp today because the air was a little drier aloft. in fact, at the surface, the air was slightly drier. we can feel that around portions of the bay area. not all, but portions. it feels a little less humid. that picture was a little nicer. everything is moving from east to west. dry air we are talking about. the high levels of the atmosphere.
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of breaks the peninsula in half. the best shower chances in south florida. look at the clear conditions here. greater chased the mans of clouds an showers to the south. high pressure is the dominant surface feature and the flow is from the northeast. that is helping to draw in some drier air at the surface as well as mixing down some of that to the surface. that is post tropical storm hermine. last advisory issued on this one, 50 miles an hour winds. still spinning off the northeast coast causing and occasional squalls moving on shore. but it is still there. and pretty good forecast for that one. just kind of stalling off the northeast for the holiday weekend. made it unpleasant in some areas. rpm forecast computer model shows most of the activity the next 24 hours in southern spots for the obvious reasons we showed you. the water vapor drier further to the north. the best rain chances are not great. 20%. breezing from east to west across the area. that same setup in the forecast
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place. so, the next three days, our rain chances 90 degrees. 91 degrees for a high. we will bring the atmospheric moisture back. that will help to increase rain chances. get the sea breezes going again. and of course with 90-degree temperatures though now we are into september, we will see sea breeze activity. the rain chances will start to ease off in late september to early part of october. and, the normal highs will start to ease off too. i think it is around starts to drop down to about 89 degrees. so, the heat will start to back off too. >> you mean from 90 to 89? >> yeah. it's a sign that, you know, it is down the slope. >> it is at least headed in the right direction. okay. i just want to make sure you didn't think that was like a real polar plunge. >> it will not be a cool day on that day. it will still be warm. >> just trying to clarify. >> yeah. >> we'll be right back. >> are you raring my mind?
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>> a bar in dubai is destined for the world record books thanks to an impressive feat. it pulled off the largest domino drop shot. it is when a when a shot glass drops into a larger glass and so on. the huddle sports bar dropped 578 glasses of whiskey energy drinks. perfectly good waste of whiskey if you ask me. the bar had set up more than 6,000 glasses but about 1500 failed to fall. even so, not a big deal. it was still enough to set a world record. that's news you can use. are you mesmerized by that? >> the alcohol and the energy drink? >> the whiskey. waste of whiskey. just saying.
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gretchen karlsson's $20 million victory. >> her epic settlement with fox news and why greta van susteren is suddenly out, too. on "extra." ? ? ? ? ? chaos at cable's number one news network. breaking new details on gretchen greta van susteren, is she now planning to sue and what the turmoil means for o'reilly and kelly. chris brown on the defense. >> all my real supporters know me and they know the truth and they'll see the truth. >> does brown's defense team have a smoking text from brown's accuser? >> the boss' hidden demons. bruce springsteen opening up on "vanity fair" about battling
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>> social media, car itchy tran. >> we have kardashian couples news and bradley cooper's weekend with gaga. >> kevin hart's first interview about his wedding how his mini me stole the show. >> that's my best man, my best friend. >> plus mariah dishing secrets about her guest role on "empire". >> does that mean we'll see hood mariah come >> bravo. >> from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, blake and gwen in matching shirts and how they spent the holiday weekend. >> we reveal khloe kardashian's rumored new nba girlfriend. >> fox news forced to pay gretchen carlson $20 million for sexual harassment and that's
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j jerry goes inside the drama swirling behind the scenes today. >> her reported $8 million settlement and her sudden surprise exit. >> it's a special "on the record". >> a seismic shake-up in fox news as "extra" breaks news on the sexual harassment scandal. >> two month to the day after gretchen carlson filed this lawsuit against then fox news chief roger ailes. >> it is so important that we will not be silent. >> the parent company issuing this unprecedented apology. we sincerely apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that all of our colleagues deserve. ailes has denied her claims. carlson who has been on a croatian vacation speaking out today saying i'm ready to move on to the next chapter of my life and so is greta van susteren who just hosted her final "on the record" last night. >> we'll see you right here on the fox news channel.


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