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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 7, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> the news is up next. >> bye-bye. ? ? ? ? news now at 11:00, the polk county sheriff's office arrested a lakeland man for sexually abusing two toddlers. he is facing a long list of charges and sheriff grady judd explains some of >> as we are going through, we discover that he has 4500 child pornography images. >> more on this disturbing investigation coming up in just moments. also breaking at 11:00, new information on the death of wilbert moten, an elderly man who may have died due to negligence by a pinellas county nursing home. we are getting the first look
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preventing a tragedy like this. good morning. i am stacie schaible. >> and i am gene ramirez let's get a check on the morning weather with leigh spann. >> still holding on to relatively low humidity for this time of the year. the kennedy drawbridge was just up so traffic is flowing again but it's beautiful over the park. 85 in tampa. just because the humidity is low doesn't mean it's a cool day. it 84 in lakeland. 86 in sarasota. 82 in clearwater and st. petersburg. keeping the rain chances low. 10% rain chance at best for citrus, hernando and pasco counties. about a 20% rain chance farther south of i-4 through polk county, hillsborough county and manatee. and 30% rain chances farther south. one more day to enjoy the lower humidity. that mugginess returns tomorrow. along with increasing rain chances when the humidity
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the afternoon highs in the low 90s each day. but i will tell you when the rain chances start to the increase again, coming up. all right, now to the breaking news. the 53-year-old of lakeland is in jail facing a list of sexual abuse charges. polk county sheriff grady judd explains that he is accused of sexually abusing two 2-year-old boy, photographing the molestation and showing adult pornography the two the other children. tues additional charges against him. the original arrest came in july with just 65 counts of possession of child pornography. he is now facing a total of 197 felony charges. sheriff judd says he had access to the at least 23 children through his job. >> we know that he had a carpet cleaning business. and his carpet cleaning business was by in large
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houses, especially in there were young children there. he would recruit people to work for him in this cleaning business. and guess what? he liked to recruit young ladies who had small children. >> news channel 8's melissa marino was at the ws a 65-year-old man suffered second degree burns when he spent hours outside. he had no living relative, mobility issues and psychiatric problems and lived at the facility for years. this morning we heard from his professional health care proxy. >> but there is no the training in the state of florida to
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there's no training at college level. there is no training at hospitals or nursing homes. we hope to change that legislation and make it stronger. >> police say he died from heart failure. news channel 8's candace mccowan was at the press conference and we will have a full report at 11:30. and developing right now, the search is on for a violent attacker who beat up a man outside of a bay area walmart with the man's own walker the. thar helpless on the pavement. >> got on top of me and grabbed me around the neck and just started hitting and hitting and hitting. >> that's how jeffrey hartman explained what happened to him at the walmart. the 67-year-old informs the parking lot when the -- 67-year- old was in the parking lot when the attacker asked him for the man and then he beat the man. he got away with hundreds of
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walker. and police are now looking for this blue dodge. take a good rook at this surveillance video. it's-- good look at this surveillance video. it's the video that the police believe the attacker is in. a witness believe that the -- witness believes that the plate began with gka. city commissioners approved a deal for a bradenton company to build this attraction. we flew drone 8 over the recreation complex where the course will be built is what the zip line looks like in bradenton. visitors are tethered to a safety harness and riders zip from platform to platform. those nearby are concerned about parking and other impacts but the owner claims there's nothing to worry about. >> we will be a great neighbor. we are very excited about the project. but i understand people's concerns. there's always concern when there's change but we are a quiet activity. >> the zip line is expected to open early 2017.
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are getting tired of being flooded out of their homes and are hoping that help will come soon. emergency managers are in the process of completing damage assessments in the areas affected by hurricane hermine. the funds will help residents recover and rebuild but some residents are frustrated help is not already on the way. >> why? where are the tax dollars going? i mean, what's going on here? you know, you ca we need to fix that. we know what the problems are. you need to hit us with solutions. >> pasco county reports nearly 300 homes suffered major damage as a result of the hurricane. nine homes are destroyed. and in an 8 on your side consumer alert, scammers are trying to profit off the damage left behind by hurricane hermine the. the pasco county sheriff's office wants to warn residents about a phone scam. callers claim to be from fema,
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management agency, and they demand a deposit for storm damages but that's something fema does not do. and in your vote, anticipation is building for the first-en commander in chief forum. it's happening tonight live -- first-ever commander in chief forum. it's happening tonight live on nbc. hillary rodham clinton and donald trump will take the stage back to back separately to discuss military issues. the questions will come from the audience made up of members and veterans. you can watch it live right here on news channel 8. matt lauer will be moderating at 8:00 p.m. and a career fair for veterans is happening right now. this started just a few moments ago at 11:00. and it runs until 2:00 this afternoon. it's on fowler avenue in tampa. if you're a vet seeking a job, head that way. new this morning, former tampa bay lightning coach has a warning for any hockey players
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national anthem. speaking to espn he says he will bench any player who sits during the anthem for the rest of the game. right now, he is the head coach of the columbus blue jackets and team usa for the world cup of hockey this month. sitting during the anthem started with san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick who did it during an nfl pre- season game. and there's one current player taking an issue with jt brown tweeted last night, quote, wouldn't benching a black for taking a stance only further point the point of oppression? >> and colin kaepernick is getting support for his national anthem protest. his jersey is now a top seller. the nfl's online store reports the red san francisco 49er's jersey is their number one seller right now.
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refuse to the stand for the national anthem. he is hoping to highlight racial injustice here in the eyes. and we are very happy to be kicking off our news channel 8 heart walk efforts right now. we are committed to raising $100,000 this year but we need your help. kia is again generously matching the first $50,000 that we raise with your help. so every dollar that you donate really counts as two. the walk this year is november 12th at go to webinar/heartwalk for de -- go to for more details. i know you will be there. >> we need seven today. >> we need more than that. >> yeah, come on, w,/heartwalk and really my family is my why. heart disease is the number one killer of men and women. >> and a lot of fun too.
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harbor house has been a neighborhood eyesore. >> now it's looking down right dangerous after hurricane hermine. and tech fans awaiting for a big announcement from apple today. we will show you the features iphone 7 is expected to have and when you can get your hands on one. introducing carrabba's new family bundles. to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise.
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we're back with a ghost story from england. >> probably one of my favorite stories of the day. it is one of the oldest pubs in england. while it's said to be haunted, it may no longer be. the pub's owner says someone stole the ghost. you heard that right. >> yep. >> how did that happen? this is video believed to show the ghost of james stanley, the
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outside the pub in 1651. but a chinese artist claims to have caught the ghost as pay back for the uk's past. >> and now guess what? the pub wants the favorite phantom back as the sign says. the chinese artist says he will have to think about it. >> hmm. >> i didn't know you could steal a ghost. >> i was aware that that was a thing. >> suck it in. that's the only way to grab them. >> yeah, i thought they had to stay >> yeah, but i bet it's a big draw for business. >> it's working. we're talking about it across the pond. >> that's a bar that's been open for a few years. >> yeah. >> a couple centuries. it's been a fantastic past two days. where we had the slightly lower humidity, that means the bright blue skies. don't get used to it but you should get out and enjoy it while it's here. 84degrees. there's the blue sky.
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but it's still better than this time of the year typically is. and certainly can be. just a few clouds by lunchtime, 86 degrees. and we hit 91 degrees. that should be the high temperature around 4:00 p.m. there. is a 20% rain chance. it's mostly for areas south of i-4. and partly cloudy and mild by the even, 87 degrees at 7:00 p.m. and currently bartow, you're at 82. 83 in brooksville. clearwater also at 82. another pleasant pushing itself down the peninsula. however, during the day today, that dry air is going to start to the nudge its way back to the north and the better rain chance is farther to the south where there's more moisture. tomorrow morning, still a dry morning but i think you will notice some extra humidity around for tomorrow. it won't feel quite so comfortable. despite that though, upper- level dry air hangs around. so the rain chances are still pretty small tomorrow.
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today, 91 degrees. drier air continues. just those few showers south of i-4, east winds at about10 miles per hour. and mostly clear, 76 degrees, wins out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. so the eight-day forecast tells a good story, 91 degrees today and tomorrow with the 20% rain chances. 30% rain chance friday and saturday with more humidity. and then back to what we would consider normal next week, 40% rain well, it's ugly and new it's dangerous too. investigator shannon behnken is not giving up on palm harbor residents living by an abandoned home. the crumbling house is now even worse because of hurricane hermine. >> reporter: wind ripped up,
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leaving the rafters completely exposed. >> it's an endangerment and at this point, it can't be saved. it has to be the taken down. >> reporter: residents in palm harbor turned to me last month after five years of dealing with this abandoned home. they were fed up then when it looked like this. but now, after last week's storm, they fear someone could get hurt. >> and you can now see through to the roof. and so the next stor roof possibly. it looks horrible. it's scary as heck. >> reporter: county officials tell me they want the house gone too but they need bank of america to approve the demolition because the bank is trying to foreclosure. and enter red tape that no one seems to be able to cut through. >> these things take weeks or months they tell me. is that acceptable to you? >> when we are in danger,
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bank has been out to see this so i september a photo. and i took the photos to the code enforce. director. you said if it gets to a point where it's dangerous, you might be able to bypass and bulldoze it. is it looking like it's getting to that point? >> based upon what i see in the photographs, i couldn't make that determination. >> reporter: i'm no expert but it's clear some experts need to get out here before the next storm does. >> we will continue to work the communication with the bank and get to the answer of who is actually the responsible party for the mortgage. >> reporter: after i sent the photographs, a bank of america spokesman emailed me back saying he has ordered an emergency inspection. we will follow up to find out what the bank decides to do. 8 on your side. >> and if you have a problem that needs solving, you better call behnken. 855-behnken. and now a medical report
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investigating whether the maker of epipens violated antitrust laws. they may have included anti- competitive terms in the contracts with the new york city schools. the pens are used to treat severe allergic reactions. the company claims the pens for schools program has provided more than 700 free injectors to 65,000 schools. the pediatrics suggests everyone six months or older should be vaccinated for this year's flu season by october. so a few weeks left to meet the deadline. children will have to roll up their sleeves for flu protection this year. you might remember that back in june, the centers for disease control recommended the nasal spray version should not be used at all. they call it sub par this year. this is leaving parents and doctors only one option, the flu shot.
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jill will have advice for parents when it comes to coaxing their kids into getting shot. and the wait is almost over. in less than two hour, apple will make a big announcement widely rumored to be the new iphone. this video shows expected highlights. it's possible that apple will finally introduce fast charging technology on the iphone 7 and 7 plus. the new phone is rumored to be water proof. handy here a dual rear camera. these are seen as incremental improvements but analysts think apple will roll out a game- changer of a phone at the 10th anniversary of the iphone. that long already. and another u.s. airline is headed for cuba. an american airlines flight took off from miami this morning. and 15 minutes later, another
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cuba city. service to havana is expected to begin in november. and last week, jetblue became the first u.s. commercial airline to offer commercial flights to cuba in more than half a century. some of the flights will depart from tampa international airport. service from tampa international airport could begin by the end of the year. uber eats just got dozens of more bay area customers. 75 tampa restaurants signed up the service is already up and running and a side note, this is the first time in uber history that uber eats runs independently of the uber ride share app. straight ahead, you may have forgotten but the paralympics start tonight. >> yes, how you can watch and what time. plus, the texas tech football team should be hyped for the game against arizona state this weekend. that's because they had a very special labor day practice
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we are about six hours, i guess, away from the start of the paralympics in rio. it will be streaming on nbc sports. the opening ceremony and at 5:00 tonight. and the games will run until september 18th. and just like the build-up to the olympics last problems. the games will face scaled back venue, seating and staffing issues because of budget cuts. and the start of the nbc regular season is almost here. and we have a sneak peek at carey underwood and the nbc sunday night football. ? stand up cheer ? ? nbc sunday night about to happen ? >> this sunday is the first sunday night game of the season.
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channel 8 at 8:30 and the season opener is carolina and denver, a super bowl rematch tomorrow night at 8:30 right here on news channel 8. the newest app p rankings saw a bunch of changes. almost a new top 10. alabama and clemson at one and two. same as last week. florida state mountainses up to third. ohio state and michigan round out the top five. and then we have houston, stanford, washington, georgia here's what's special, houston, washington and georgia were ranked just outside of the top 10. but wisconsin went from unranked to now occupying the number 10 spot. the head coach wanted to give his guys entertainment to cap off the long weekend so he staged a wrestling match, wwe- style. you would think by how hyped
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john cena but really just two assistant coaches. >> they did a great job at this mock match-up. and they ended with a classic john finishing move. you see it there. and the crowd goes wild. and straight ahead, getting more information on the two breaking stories that we had at the top of the newscast. >> a lakeland man arrested for multiple counts of child sex abuse and the update to the death of an elderly patient at a pinellas park nursing home. pluses, donald tr hillary rodham clinton are taking natter a first-ever hander in chief -- first-ever
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us. let's start with a check on the weather with leigh. >> another beautiful morning. we're just starting to see a couple clouds develop.
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and you can see from the lake club in lakewood ranch, a few clouds, still beautiful though. 84degrees and warming up. the air is dry not just at the surface. you're noticing lower humidity but more importantly, it's dry through the atmosphere. this is the red color. that's why you have the bluer skies. but you see the humidity, this is more moisture in the atmosphere. and it's starting to nudge its way to the north. we have one more day to enjoy this drier air. it's 86 in plant city. 82 in petersburg. 88 in venice. and 84 in inverness. next five days as far as rain chances, just 20% today and tomorrow. and now the rain chances do increase 30% thursday and friday. 40% on sunday. and this is really good news that we have drier air because we needed our rivers to come down from hurricane hermine. and this morning, little manatee river, it's gone below flood stage.
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have canceled. still continuing for the state park area, cyprus creek and the peace river as well. so we will continue to watch those subside thank goodness. >> thank you. and in your vote coverage, something that's never been done before. the commander in chief forum airs live tonight on nbc. hillary rodham clinton and donald trump appear back to back live, answering questions about national security, the >> reporter: a coin toss determined donald trump gets the last word at on the's commander in chief forum, one day after dozens of retired military chiefs endorsed him. >> 88 generals and admirals endorsed trump today. >> compare where trump is with where both romney and john mccain were.
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between 30500. i'm doing better than any republican. >> reporter: but democrats are worried's hillary rodham clinton six points ahead but two points be9 cnn's. >> worried democrats would like to see hillary rodham clinton out there every day, selling herself to the american people. >> reporter: before another military audience tuesday, trump switched topics several times. asked about syria's leader, each side disparaging other. >> she can't be president. she doesn't remember anything. >> he has no clue about what he's talking about. >> reporter: as the race tightens. nbc news, washington. >> now clinton is still dogged by at the mail investigation. the house oversight committee wants the attorney general to look into whether her staff obstructed justy by deleting emails days after they were
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cline-- obstructed justice by deleting emails days after they were asked to save them. we want to go back to breaking news. a clearwater man is demanding justice after his client died after being left outside at a nursing home. >> it's been four months since he died after receiving burns while left outside in the courtyard at gracewood nursing center his representative demanded someone be held responsible. >> reporter: good morning. we are hearing from the representative, the health care proxy for will on the moten. he was left out in the sun at his nursing home and died while he was sitting in the sun. he was taken to the hospital and later passed away. this happened at gracewood rehabilitation and nursing care in pinellas park. and now the proxy representing him, expected to make health
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to be able to make decisions for him on that day that he was rushed to the hospital. and we reached out to pinellas park police who say they are not expecting to press charges in this case. and we have heard from the medical examiner who wouldn't release the report a couple weeks ago on the cause of death because he says this is still an open criminal investigation. the story continuing to develop. but the proxy saying he is working with state legislatures to put a measure in place so contact people like him to help make better health care decisions. he says calling him might have saved the man's life. >> probably would have gone to the hospital and spoke within the physicians there. and find out what is the plan of care. and obviously consent to any emergency medical treatment that would be appropriate. >> reporter: he says calling him in the situation may have saved the man's life. in clearwater, candace mccowan,
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new this morning, a scathing report is now out detailing the government's poor preparations ahead of one of the worst ever cyber attacks on the united states. it comes from the house oversight committee. it lays out missed opportunities before a break-in exposed security clearances, background checks and fingerprint records. the report says the has beening could have been prevented with basic security controls. the obama administration is acknowledging th earlier this year. it was made entirely in cash using non-u.s. currency. an initial $400 million cash delivery was sent back in january. on the same day iran agreed to release four american prisoners. now the obama administration claimed the events were separate but recently admitted to using the cash as leverage. the remaining $1.3 billion
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since the 1970s. and a set back in the fight against zika virus. senators in washington, d.c. failed to pass a funding bill to help fight the virus. 52 voted in favor of this $1.1 billion funning bill but it needed 60 votes. both sides are pointing fingers at each other over this long stalled bill. and this morning a sign of healing after the nightclub massacre in orlando. the last victim from an orlando hospital is back home. they un released the last patient from the mass shooting the. the hospital confirmed it treated 35 people injured in the june massacre when gunman omar mateen walked into the club and opened fire. 49 people were killed and dozens more were injured. and recording artist cia is using her latest -- artist sia is using her latest music video. it frequencies the dancer with
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she is joined by 49 talented kid dancers as they break free from prison cells and dance. ? i'm free ? ? i'm free to be ? ? the greatest, the greatest ? >> though the video is filled with happiness, dancing, it ends in an emotional the kids get tired, collapse and she begins to cry rainbow tears. the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner. >> it is indeed. and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000. but we need your help. kia is again generously matching the first $50,000 that we raise. so every dollar you donate really counts as two. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium.
11:39 am for details. >> and don't just donate, we hope to see you there as well. >> we had a big crew including viewers but we want a bigger crew this year. >> you need to know the symptoms and what you can do in an emergency and you get information there. >> and it's exciting out there. it's a short walk. choose from two different distance, one mile or three mile. but at 8:00 when it begins and ths >> you doing the three-mile? >> sure. i'm in. you with me? >> ahh -- >> that's fine. p. straight ahead, a female world war pilot is finally getting burial she deserves. >> for year, she wasn't considered a veteran but today her family gets to witness a proper burial, complete with military honors. how the changes were made. plus, another mayer mr. the game to deliver stuff -- play
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back to breaking news of child sex abuse allegations against a lakeland man. the 53-year-old is facing a list of sexual abuse charges involving very young victims. >> we are told he sexually abused two 2-year-old boys and took pictures of that. a ne up. >> reporter: we just learned a lot of new information. we're told he didn't have young children yet the sheriff says this is how his home was set up, to groom these young children. we're told 52 electronic devices were seized from the home. after looking at the devices, detectives identified four local children that were his victims that he abused and then took photos of the abuse. the sheriff says kids called him papa jim.
11:44 am
say there could be more. and they told us he had 4500 child porn images on all of those devices. he had a carpet cleaning business, j and k carpet cleaning cleaning. and we would recruit women with young children and he would clean homes with children. he would baby sit the children and essentially we're told groom them. he was allegedly molesting young children, toddlers who couldn't talk about the abuse. and one victim is now 8 but it's believed th and recently. he was first arrest when had he was 20 years old for battering a 4-year-old child. because of that, the sheriff believes he has a been a predator for his entire life. they need the public's help. if your child has ever come into contact with him, you are asked to contact the polk county sheriff. news channel 8. >> and much more to this story. we are right now going through
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we will have much more coming up on news channel 8 at 6:00. it's been a beautiful morning. we are still holding on lower humidity. which means the skies are nice and blue from the veterans ford camera here in tampa. 84degrees. there's the veterans expressway. plenty of cars driving by. 59% humidity. not that bad. still warm just not many clouds. 86degrees at noon. by 4:00 p.m., 91. south of i-4. and partly cloudy by 7:00 p.m. 87degrees. right now, it's 82 in bartow. and 85 in tampa. and brooksville, you're at 83. fish hawk is at 87. talked about the rain chances and look at forward in time. circled this area here, south of i-4 around 2:00 p.m. this is where the deepest moisture is. -- moisture is. and the showers will move from east to west. the wind flow all day is east to west. you just don't have any
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to track. that's just what it's going to the look like through the evening. the next question is, well, how long do we get to keep the dry air? you see it's dry across north florida. the more humidity is down to the south. today for the most part, this red color. watch through the day tomorrow though, the dry air begins to retreat back to the north. and we will be in a transition day tomorrow. and it will feel more humid. and without a lot of rain but as the moisture continues to up. by the way, we are closing in on the peak of hurricane season which is considered to be september 10th. the most hurricanes or tropical systems are formed around september 10th. the good news as i track across the atlantic ocean, there's only one wave off africa and it has about a 70% chance of developing in the next five days. today enjoy the sunshine. 19degrees. 20% rain chance. more humid but still the 20%
11:47 am
continue to increase through the weekend, guys. and across america this morning, what was hurricane newton is now a tropical storm as it makes land fall in mexico and heads southwest. here are people in the state of arizona now starting to get ready for the storm headed their way. newton is expected to continue to weaken as it gets closer to the u.s. border. but we know after hurricane hermine, these systems can create a lot of right now, newton's track carries it into southeastern arizona later today. and today colorado is expected to reach another national first on cannabis. they'll show off the first domestic certified hempseeds. for year, the state has worked to produce hempseeds that produced plants low enough to qualify as hemp but not the intoxicating cousin marijuana.
11:48 am
certify seed. and today, world war ii pilot elaine harman is being laid to rest with full military honors. she served as a wsap, women air force service pilots, a group of women who flew military aircraft during world war ii. army officials concerned about limite were ineligible for inclusion but her family fought the rule and in may, president barack obama signed legislations allowing them in arlington. check this consumer alert out. uber doesn't just transport people in the bay area anymore. now the service will bring breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever you want to your front door. it's called uber eats and it launched in tampa this morning. meredyth censullo took a look at the app and took it for a test drive actually. >> we will try it.
11:49 am
this morning with dozens of tampa restaurants on board. you can order from any of the open restaurants through the app. since it was early, we opted for doughnuts. >> that sounds good. >> reporter: you pay with a credit card stored in the app, just like uber. the service costs a flat $4.99 fee. according to uber eat, the average order takes 35 minutes, start to finish. while we're wait, let's talk about what this means for other delivery services. services like grub hub and doorstep delivery which have minimum amounts required for an order and varying varying costs. and uber isn't the only web- based company expanding into restaurants. amazon prime which recently launched same-day delivery of goods and groceries in tampa is now in the business of doing restaurant deliveries in other
11:50 am
after about 45 minute, the uber driver arrived with breakfast. >> like picking up, you know, customers and taking them to the destinations. >> reporter: except now you don't have to make small talk. >> yes. >> reporter: we send him on his way and i do the rest of the delivery. to the newsroom. meredyth censullo, news channel 8. >> and i tried the doughnuts and they were good. thank you for those. uber easts may be the loophole the hillsborough county public transportation commission could vote to regulate transportation networks but the ptc doesn't regulate delivery services. that means uber eats would be in the clear. well, the deeper we get into the school year, the harder it is to keep tabs of everything from school projects to the after-school activities.
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school year, the harder it is to keep track from everything from school projects and after- school activities. >> our gayle guyardo has a good diy idea to help and you your kids get organized. >> reporter: these are cool. they are back to school command centers. and you can write yourself notes there on the chalk board. and then you can pin your assign. s down here. let's get started and make one. staying organized, now that the new school year is well underway, these pins are trending on pinterest on w >> a great place to organize due date, homework, sports schedule. it has a board at the bottom to pin the stuff to it. and write stuff down, even if it's just notes from mom. >> reporter: this craft guru shows me how easy it is to put one together. start with three pieces of wood. and you will drill them together. >> you need a piece of cork board. you can buy a roll of cork
11:55 am
to stain the third board and use stencil and accent paints to claim the boards. maybe a few polka dots on the cork. and the big reveal, here's her reminder. until next week, happy pinning, gayle guyardo, news channel 8. >> no one was hurt in the making of the video even though gayle guyardo was manning the power tools. >> it worked out. and did you see the sense of accomplishment? >> yes. >> that's awesome. >> you can get more on gayle's guide to pinterest. good stuff on there. and leigh, another gorgeous day. >> it's been so nice. kind of a taste of fall. not going to last long.
11:56 am
land o'lakes, 85 degrees. gorgeous out there. 86 in plant city. already warming up to 89 in sarasota. 82 in clearwater. and a high today of 91 degrees. mostly dry and hot. the rain chances 20% today south of i-4. still only a 20% rain chance tomorrow. but those rain chances increase toward the weekend. and i've been hearing everyone just feeling how much better it feels. lower the humidity a little bit and makes such a >> i'll see you again on first at 4:00 and tonight on news channel 8 at 6:00. >> and you can get more on our
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. . . from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> we are going to like this song. >> gavin degraw. >> my daughter wants to go to his concert. >> he kicks it. when he is at a concert, he kicks it and so does andy. >> it is winesday wednesday. it is september 7th. we're happy you are here with us. >> we have funny woman former


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