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service. stanley cup winning former lightning coach weighs in on the nfl national anthem protest, how a bolts player is firing back. i am jennifer leigh. >> i am keith cate. 3 years later, controversy continues to swirl around donald trump and his campaign contribution to florida attorney general pam bondi. his $25,000 donation came shortly before bondi declined to investigate accusations of wrong doingy others who got money from trump declined to investigate. the timing of the bondi contribution has been called into question on several occasions, back in the news this time because trump's camign confirmed it resulted in trump paying the irs a $2500 penalty. candace mccowan is joining us in studio to talk more about this. the story goes on and on, i question iune. >> reporter: it not going away,
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bondi is still defending trump's contribution saying she asked for it. >> he is gaming the system. >> that is the call fm democrats with questions about the $25,000 donation from the donald trump foundation, bondi telling keith at rnc in july... >> political witch hunt, nobody is going to bully me, threatening me and accusing me of things that are not true. >> bondi explaining she requesd trump to a super pack supporting herment >> of course i ask-- her. >> of course i asked donald trump for a contribution, that is not what this is about. she said he was under investigation by my office at the time and i knew about it. none of which is true. >> for her, she needs to say, i made a mistake, i shouldn't have taken the money, it creates appearance of conflict and should asked an independent state attorney to do an investigation to make sure her decision not to investigate was
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bragged about his giving. >> i got to give to them, when i want something, i get it. when i call, they kiss my [ bleep ]. >> with trump attacking clinton for the so-called pay for clay involving the-- pay for play, involving the clinton foundation, some calling it comparable. >> an attempt by trump not to deal with the truth. >> reporter: we reached out to republicans who said the story has been addressed and it keeps coming up saying clinton is looking for -- trump contravery. >> the political smell of scandal raises its head. trump has been afkd about this, what is he saying? >> he was asked on his plane and said he has never discussed that at all with bondi. that, likely the trump university scandal or investigation. >> 2013-2016. >> still talking about it. >> thank you. tonight, donald trump and hillary clinton will try to convince america they are each suited to be commander in chief
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news servey monkey poll shows donald trump leading clunten 55-36, trump vowed to expand military and lift spanding caps. mark meredith joins us live with a preview of tonight's forum. mark? >> reporter: jen, tonight both candidateerize going to be taking a stage in new york. it is the same stage, but they won't be taking it at the same time. instead, they will be answering different questions when it comes to national security and that is a topic along economy that most undecided voters say they look to when it comes to choosing their candidate. i want to show you how tight the race is. now, especially in florida, where this poll out just today of likely floridian voters now gives clinton a 1-point advantage, well within the margin of error and that has, right now of course, shrunk a bit from even 2-3 weeks ago, where clinton was leading in florida by maybe 5-6 percentage points, that lead has all but
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shift in the numbers, trump continuing to hammer clinton on her trustworthyness and constant release of e mails and documents the tib has been doing when it came to their investigation into her private server. clinton's camp is relying on ads to paint trump as out of touch, dangerous and unpredictable. we are not seeing that necessarily work among florida voters. trump speaking today in philadelphia took a not so subtle dig at clinton. here is what he had t must do is to enforce all classification rules and enforce all laws relating to the handling of classified information. >> reporter: we expect that donald trump is going to double down on some of that rhetoric later on tonight. he has opted to go second. that mean he will be able to hear what clinton has to say and then be able to respond. clinton won't get another chance. it is not like the presidential debates where there is a back
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to have the stage essentially to himself for the back half of the 30 minutes. >> mark, we talked about the polls in florida seconds ago. are there other states where things are tightening? are bright spot for either campaign? >> it has been interesting to watch because we talked about how clinton had a strong lead in august. when you look at swing states now, it is not necessarily the pennsylvania, clinton with a strong lead, that is where they had the convention, she is up by 8 points but an emerson poll out of iowa, good news for trump, now up by 5 points. when you look at the total battle ground map, there are things that look like they are in clinton's favor but the numbers are shrinking. ioknow you in florida know all too well. >> we do, mark meredith live from dc bureau, you can watch the forum on news channel 8 starting at 8:00 tonight.
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sexual abuse in polk county, there could be more victims. james ballone is facing 197 felony charges, he is accused of molesting 2 very young boys and taking pictures. he allegedly had cameras around his house as well. so children could watch him having sex with his wife. sheriff grady judd said he had access to 23 children through his carpet cleaning business. >> he would clean houses, esal children there. he would recruit people to work for him in his child cleaning business, and guess what? he liked to recruit young ladies who had small children. >> his wife claims she did not know about her husband's crimes and he is not currently facing charges. tonight at 6:00, how detectives uncovered the shocking case of
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protest, former lightning coach said any player of his who sat would be benched. lightning forward jt brown tweeted this response "wouldn't benching a black man for taking a stance only further prove the point of oppression?" that response has been retweeted thousands of times. josh benson joins us with more on that. >> reporter: that is only one reaction. tortrela is known as a hero and leading the lightning only stanley cup championship, online, a wide ranging reaction, hero to zero. in an interview with espn ahead of the world cup of hockey, team usa hockey coach, john, was asked about the collin kaepernick protest, he tweeted "if he told me if any player sits during the anthem they will sit the rest of the game." he served as coach of the team 2001-2008 and led them to the
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retweets poured in for and against tortrela's stance. kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem before games pre-season to protest racial issues in the country. >> i realize that men and women of the military go out and sack rufese their lives and put theirselves-- sacrifice their lives and put theirselves harms way for my rights. >> president obama said kaepernick is expressing his right, he addressed the issue recently. >> i don't doubt his sensearity-- sen sarty, i believe-- sincerety. >> as for if the coach will have to act on his words, chances are
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typically played before international games, they are played after the fact. you can join the conversation on our news channel 8wfla facebook page, we have hundreds of comments . >> plenty of people are definitely talking, john benson live, thank you. amid the controversy, kaepernick's jersey rose to be the number 1 seller on, kaepernick promised to donate proceeds to community organizations. when we come back, food deliver r delivered right to your doorstep. >> transporting people is branching out. coming up, 8 on your side takes uber eats on a test drive and we break down what this means for uger delivery service-- other delivery services. bringing the fear of zika to washington dc, we reveal what sin a jar that congressman david jolly is holding. not much in the way of shower activity today, the air is still a little drier in some spots, that is helping to limit the amount of shower activity. we will see if that trend will carry as we get closer to the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my
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can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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a dramatic move to make a point about zika. congressman david jolly brought live mosquitos to the house floor in washington, the congressman held up mosquitos, some larva, some just hatched. those are the kind that can carry zika, there have been several non-travel related cases of the virus in florida, including pinellas county. congress went on recess without taking action on zika, jolly says floridianerize angry and-- florida id-- floridians are angry and upset. >> they have anger and fear,
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seeing inaction, in that inaction, they are angry. angry. >> yesterday a vote to fund the fight against zika failed in the senate as we reported. a lot of unrelated issues are wrapped up in the bill, that is part of the problem. congressman jolly said he is willing to accept perfect plans for zika funding. ride sharing company, uber, doesn't just transport people in the bay area, the service will bring breakfast, lunch, and dinner to your door if you w launched in tampa this morning, 8 on your side's meredith took it out for a test drive. >> we will try it. >> uber eats launched this morning with dozens of tampa restaurants on board. you can order from any of the open restaurants through the app. since it was early, we opted for doughnuts. >> what sounds good? >> reporter: you pay with a credit card stored in the app, just like uber, the service costs a flat $4.99 fee.
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average order takes 35 minutes start to finish. while we are waiting, lets talk about what this means for other delivery services. uber eats puts pressure on services like grub hub and door step delivery, which have minimum amounts required for an order, and varying delivery costs. and uber isn't the only web-based company expanding into restaurants. amazon prime, which recently launched same-day deliv goods and groceries in tampa, is now in the business of doing restaurant deliveries and other markets with plans to expand. after about 45 minutes, hewitt, who has been an uber driver for 9 months, arrived with breakfast. >> like picking up any other customer, take tg different destinations. >> except now you don't have to make small talk. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: we sent him on his
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delivery to the newsroom. news channel 8. >> uber eats may be the loop hole that the company needs, here is why. the hillsborough county public transportation commission could vote this month to regulate transportation networks adding provisions that uber rejects, but the ptc doesn't regulate delivery services which means uber eats would be in the clear. if you want to try out the new uber eats delivery system, we have a list go to our website, >> i don't see leftovers hanging around. >> why didn't we do the story in the afternoon? >> i am sensing a follow-up at 11:00. >> more doughnuts. steve, pretty good week still. weather wise, locally. the air is a little drier for some, and that is helping eliminate the showers we have. the rain chances, generally the next, certainly this evening and next couple days are below what we expect this time of year but also look at the calendar, we
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september where the rain chances start to back off a little bit, especially as we head into october, a beautiful view from palm harbor here in likeland, 89-- lakeland, 89, northeast wind at 9 miles an hour at polk. sunshine in connerton, land o'lakes, north wind 9 miles an hour, not much in the way of precip, only shower activity a little farther to the south and not much, places like sarasota county. temperatures, meanwhile, 91, 92, 90 degrees as we days we will be close to the average line of 90 degrees, at least temperature wise we are at normal and overnight too, same story because the air is drier. overnight low temperature average is 76 degrees, we will forecast 75. little cooler start to the day for some. 4:00 p.m., another warm day around the area. 91 pinellas park, 81, apollo beach. upper 80s odessa, 90, palm harbor, clearwater beach, sea
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on the beach. venice here at 92 in bartow, 87 in sebring, we have seen a few showers dropping temperatures to 70s in venice and north port. that is where the shower activity is located. dew points in the 60s, that is nice, winter habeen and lakeland-- winter haven, and lakeland. 63 in crystal river, that is air you can feel drier, sebring too. 67 degrees. a little cooler feeling in the areas where air is drier. farther south t higher but a pleasant evening. visible satellite picture picks up mostly sunny skies, western polk and eastern hillsborough, the dry air aloft on the water vapor imagery, has an impact on whether showers fall or not. temperatures are warm enough to drive shower activity but the dry conditions above limit the activity. because of this dry air colored in red on the water vapor, that is helping to keep it quiet. you can see on the satellite imagery, most of the shower
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the south, that includes southern viewing area. high pressure dominates. hermine, people try not to notice but it is spinning off the northeast coast, not official anything, post tropical storm hermine still spinning. maybe sending a few showers into long island, that area in the northeast. otherwise, turning our attention toward africa, we have this region, 70% chance of potential development off theicose of africa-- the coast of africa, we will watch it as off to the northeast. best rain chances, sarasota county, best chance to cool off, it looks like a warmer day too. more long range on rpm says quiet here throughout much of the evening and certainly overnight. as we get into the afternoon for tomorrow, dry air limits the amount of rain, especially northern and central areas, keep that in mind, best rain chances farther south. although, really the chances are not that-- chances are not that great.
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few showers. rain chances are 30% in the forecast area as we get on into friday, little higher for the weekend, too. that is really slightly below normal. i thing we are holding 30, especially 40% for averages this time of year. when you look at the 20% number, on average it is a little lower. temperatures done disappoint. 91 degrees, 92 the next couple days, we will stay warm. should be a nice evening overall, maybe few scattered showers south but most folkinize joy mostly-- folks enjoy mostly the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner, we have video from last year's event. news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000, but we will need help. ikea is generoushy matching the first $50,000 raised. every dollar really counts as $2. the walk is november 12 at raymond james stadium.
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up for stacie schaible's team. still ahead, a long awaited event for apple fans. >> the brand new iphone 7, what is different, what is better, what is possibly worse about the newest version. donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico.
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so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things in america. tonight's 8 on your side consumer alert, it may be time to upgrade your phone, and your watch while you are at it. today apple unveiled the newest iphones and apple watches, the iphone 7 and the 7 plus will get brighter screens, faster processors, and upgraded cameras and they will be water resistant. they will come with twice the storage as the older versions with 32 gigs in the base model.
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and other features they removed the headphone jack calling it ancient. ancient. really that old? apple watches will be available for pre-order friday and they are safe to swim in. consumers are expected to shell out more money over technology the next few years, sales of wearable tech expected to boom according to the to spend $45 billion. american airline started flights to cuba today in miami, jetblue offered first flights more than half a century. some flights will depart from tampa, service from tia could begin by the end of the year. delta's computer outage last month really took a bite
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outage cost $150 million, the airline canceled a thousand flights that day and grounded additional 1,000 flights over the following 2 days, they gave customers refunds and vouchers for future travel. cha-ching. >> lot of money. >> it is. >> you going to update the watch? >> it is obsolete. >> ancient. >> so 1990. >> like a dial phone. >> what is coming up? >> unpopular sight in down sarasota, where you could see parking meters on spaces that used to be free. hurricane hermine looks poised to set a record for pasco county t is not a good one, we
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hermine is long gone from the bay area but several neighborhoods in pasco county are still under water, what the county is considering doing to help people in flood prone areas for the future. good evening, i am jennifer leigh. >>ioam josh benson, thanks for being with us. hurricane hermine may be one of the most costly storms every for-- ever for pasco county, estimated $90 million in storm residents are asking what will be done to prevent flooding in the future. jeff patterson joins us live from elferred area where flooding is a problem. last year it was a problem, they have seen a lot of this out there. >> reporter: good evening, just last year i was standing in this neighborhood wading in water. i have been here several times because of flooding, behind me, damaged furniture, mattresss, property, and the county is suggesting the only long-term solution may be to buy homes


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