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be more victims. melissa, the sheriff said he had it all set up to attract children. awful stuff. >> reporter: absolutely, terrible. look at his yard, toys, cars, scooters, a play house, a trampoline. the sheriff said all to lure children into his sick world. we are told james ballone had a secret room in his home, inside he would do horrible things with children. >> he wouldn't allow his wife to gon. >> reporter: he has been in jail since july when he was busted in a child pornography sting. >> it is a clue when you have 52 different devices. >> reporter: as detectives were going through, they found 4500 child porn images, even worse, some of the photos were james ballone pumesting little boys. at least-- molesting little boys. at least 2 have been identified,
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to 23 children through his business, jnk carpet cleaning. >> he liked to recruit young ladies with small children. >> no clue. >> reporter: neighbor, nancy, is shocked. >> hard to talk about because it is not something you would expect from someone you are close to. >> reporter: her grand children played at his home and she is relieved it doesn't appear they were abused. >> the detective talked to them, they have seen a therapist and they have been cleared. >> reporter: others may not be so lucky, sheriff find them and make sure james ballone stays behind bars. >> we want to bury this guy under so many criminal charges that he can never ever ever get out. >> reporter: his first arrest for sexually abusing a child occurred when he was just 20, the sheriff thinks because of that there could be many, many more victims. if your child has ever come into contact with him, you are urged to call the sheriff's office. stacey. >> how about james ballone's
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about the allege-- anything about the alleged abuse? is she facing charges? >> reporter: as of now she is not facing charges and she said she had no idea crimes were taking place. >> melissa marino live in polk county. thank you. new tonight, trying on and taking off, investigators released this video of a man trying on a necklace and running for the door. the guy ends up throwing an employee from the car. rod carter joining us live at brandon mall. an employee chased down the thief. >> reporter: yeah, he did chase him down and he ended up on the hood of his car clinging to it until busy state road 60 he was thrown off in the middle of the road. this all started inside the westfield brandon mall. hillsborough county sheriff deputies said a man walked into
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and asked to see a necklace and bracelet. >> he put the bracelet on and fled out of the store. >> reporter: he took off running with $23,000 worth of jewelry but the store employee, john sulesteen, was not letting it go down that easy and he took off after him. take a look at the surveillance video shot be a reosc owner, you can see the guy chase off and sulesteen chase him. >> he chased him into the parker lot. the suspect and started-- camaro and started to leave. the suspect was hanging on. >> reporter: the suspect kept going and drove on to busy state road 50. sulesteen was eventually thrown from the car in the middle of busy 60. would you chase after someone like this? >> yeah. >> reporter: the kiosk owner gave the video to the sheriff investigators and told he he would not hesitate to go after
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>> in the heat of the moment, of course you are going to chase. this is like going to be your instinct. >> reporter: deputies are chasing him and want him off the streets. >> hopefully someone will recognize the individual or vehicle description. >> reporter: those detectives spent a great deal of the morning in inmall in brandon going-- the mall in brandon going store to store trying to get as much video from any store, trying to track this guy-- tg down. >> i don't know i woulden do the same thing but it is probably not wise going after someone, a criminal who may turn and hurt you, yesterday we talked about someone being shot and killed in a situation similar. the employee was hurt. what do we know about him? >> reporter: according to the sheriff's office he is in critical condition at tampa general hospital. i have a friend who knows this family, understand tg is a family-owned business and the family is in bad shape, they are
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we wish him the best going forward. there is a new travel related case of zika in pasco county, that makes 8 in that county and 74 total in the bay area. the health department is still doing door to door out reach and testing in pinellas county where there was a non-travel related case. right now an update to an animal rescue bus. the polk county sheriff's office now has custody of 178 animals seized from august. the difference and how the animals look now is day and night. we just got this new video of the pigs, well taken care of looking much healthier, it is hard to believe they were the same animals in this under cover peta video at darlen's darlen 's animal rescue. the owners are facing a hundred animal neglect charges and can never own animals again. peta is helping find homes. new information about a
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outside in the sun at a pinellas park nursing home. tonight we have confirmed the man died after going into cardiac arrest. willbert moteen was living at gracewood nursing home on u.s. 19, police report shows he had blisters and his skin was pealing off when touched after being left outside. police decided not to file charges, though. however, moteen's former health advocate wants someone held accountable. >> what i would like to see is justice, basically, we have individual that could not defend himself. he is now dead. i would like to see policy change so that this would not happen again. >> the representive says he is working with legislatures to create a law that would give him more pow toor protect patients. a hotel hold up under investigation in hillsborough county, you can see the masked gunman in these pictures, he
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night and demanded money from the register and made off with the clerk's wallet. hurricane hermine had an impact on tampa bay's creatures. >> among them, manatees. coming up, we will show you where a rescue took place today and why another rescue can wait. thousands of veterans waiting for benefits, how 8 on your side helped one veteran move to the front of the line, and why this issue is still no where near fixed. our temperature riseed to international airport, not much in the way of shower activity, mostly southern spots, we will see if the dry air for some will hold on and a look at the
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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pasco county put a dollar amount on the damage done by hermine, nearly $90 million, emergency managers told us hermine may be one of the most costly ever for pacificoy county, more-- pasco county, more than 300 homes suffered damage. also displaced manatees in citrus county, look at the picture from right here, you may be able to make out 2 gray spots, a mother manatee and her calf stranded in a ditch off fort island trail, crews rescued
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harm's way, and then there is video in from eagle 8hd, 4 more manatees stranded in a pond at plantation golf course in crystal river. the good news here is they are unharmed and they have good grass to eat and the volunteers are now monitoring them. for thousands of commuters it is a daily traffic headache, but if you drive the howard frankland bridge, now is your chance to speak up, the florida department of transportation is planing to replace the aging northbound, eastboundti the bridge and looking for your input. dot officials will host public hearings in pinellas and hillsborough counties, we have details on stuck in a line that seems to never end. >> that is the realty for thousands of men and women who served our country. coming up, how one veteran who turned to 8 on your side for help ended up moving to the
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fighting the va, the appeals process is a long drawn out mess for veterans who believe the va wrongly denied disability claims, the fight can take years. >> here in st. petersburg, this region alone, 26,000 veterans are waiting for the va to hear appeals, following a couple stories by steve andrews, one veteran moved from number 12,000 to the top of the list.
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fighting the enemy is tough enough. you shouldn't have to come home and fight the department of veteran's affairs. >> my feet are numb, handerize numb. >> navy veteran, rob, struggled with his balance and the va. the va rejected his claim that exposure to agent orange debilitated him. >> i can't feel with these hands. >> his friend informed 8 on your side that rod was 12,700-something on a list waiting v petersburg, we had to get involved. first, i reached out to the va. >> would really like to get somebody to talk to us about that. >> reporter: then, congressman david jolly. >> that va appeals process is broken. >> reporter: 8 on your side aired 2 reports in august profiling how doctors tied rod's physical problems to agent orange exposure, only then did the va respond. rapidly. >> thanks to you and channel 8
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2 days later go from 12,000 to, hey, we got you covered. >> reporter: rod not only served his country in vietnam, his work aboard the hospital ship helped save wounded soldiers, he went ashore for supplies and remembering sitting in areas freshly sprayed with agent orange. >> it was very sticky, but none of us really knew what it was. >> reporter: after leaving the military, business success led to associations with famous, and powerful. he became ill, lost it all, and then in 2011 turned to the va for help. >> the whole system needs to be revamped. >> reporter: he equates this treatment when being spit on when returning from vietnam. >> that is the i feel the va has treated us through the years and right now. >> reporter: you feel like you continue oo be spit on? >> yeah.
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name is entitled to 50% disability. he believes he is entitled to more, thiz neuropathy, his feet feel like he is on fire, prevents him from working at all. >> you have what, 29,000 reports, that moves people to the top of the list. why did the va decide to change position in this case? >> reporter: according to the paperwork, it shows that the va consulted with rod's private doctors. why that wasn't done up front, we may never too long, 3.8, 4 years. i mean, who has that time? >> these people in pain. >> i think you have proven how fast it can move with a certain amount of motivation. >> yeah. >> he obviously got it, thank you, steve. if you have problem you think needs to be investigated, call our 8 on your side help line, 1800-338-0808. nice day, warm day here at
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overcast, but a lot of spots have fewer sunshine, certainly not precipitation in that spot. nissan of venice, taechs are caller because we saw rain, 18/100, helps drop the temperature. not many folks have seen rain in the bay area today. lake club at lakewood ranch, gorgeous, 80 degrees, perhaps a nearby shower. not a bad temperature there. at the plantation crystal river, 90 degrees the western part of citrus county at the moment and obviously mostly sunny location. air dry, 39% relative humidity. few showers, thunderstorms too offshore but that is about all in terms of precip, that is why we saw the cooler number in venice, temperatures have dropped in spots but mostly southern areas today. david sent us a picture, offshore rain, kind of what we saw on radar, the rain in the gulf of mexico, maybe even a few lightning strikes out there but not much precip across land areas, larger thanks to the
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get friday. 9:00 p.m., 81, warm, few clouds around. 75 dries at 7:00 a.m., mostly sunny, only 20% rain chance, similar pattern in the area for tomorrow. 91 degrees, currently in tampa, dew point, 67, a nice number for this time of year. even the difference between 75, 76-degree dew point and 67 is noticeable. so at least at the location at the airport, and other spots, it will feel slightly drier air in place. dew points are winter haven, lakeland. bartow, 65. 63, crystal river. obviously quite higher, 77 degree number in venice and north port. drier air to the north, moist air to the south, that is why we are seeing a few more showers, you can see on the water vapor imagery, halfing the peninsula, high above in the atmosphere, tends to mix to the surface and represents the development of showers and the afternoon heat and humidity, we have seen temperatures, as i mentioned, 92 for a high at tia. high pressure to the north, most
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hermine spinning off the northeast coast, not officially anything but it is there. it kupts to spin up a few-- continues to spin up a few showers and kick up seas. 70% chance of this area for development the next 5 days, likely stay out at sea but something we will watch as it moves to the west and northwest. model for the short term keeps the slight chance of rain favoring the southern parts of sarasota county and southern spots like highlands county in the forecast for the evening. next 3 days, the rain chances thursday, 30% in the forecast area for friepdy. same number for-- friday. same number saturday and sunday. we are getting to the time of year where we look at the average number or percentage for rainfall to drop a little bit because we are, well, getting closer to fall. i think september 22 is the first day of fall. i will check for sure but gives you the idea we are headed towards cooler weather. >> thank you, steve.
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channel 8, again committed to raising a whopping $100,000 or more, kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise, every dollar you donate counts as $2. go to to join or donate. coming up nexts in sports, the bucs have another opening in the roster thanks to a injury. jameis winston has a warning about his teammate s for opening day, watch out for an angry
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us.
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opening day now just 4 days away and at least for the evening, the bucs have themselves an opening on the roster, runningback, mike james placed on wavers today, he made the final 53 roster despite nursing a injury during the latter part of training camp. james enjoyed a nice run with the bucs in 2014 but battled injuries since, they did work out former falcons running back rogers, but to promote peyton barber or russell hanzbero from the practice squad. game week at full speed one buc, falcon game plan installation day, attacking a point the bucs think they can enjoy success sunday. they did it twice last season sweeping atlanta, winston threw the human element into the opening day game. >> when wru beat somebody like that, they coming with it.
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before we played them they were 5 and 1, they are not a slack at all. i know they got it out for us, so we have to be ready. >> atlanta is a great team. hard, physical playing team. you know, we got to come out there playing bucs football and just come, match intensity and play our game. rays wrapped up the series with the orioles this afternoon at the trop, first inning, kiermaier, absolute blast, behind the seats there in rays blew a lead here at 6-6 in the 7th, dickerson with a runner on 1st, this will sneak in. mikey scores all the way from 1st, the rays win today, 7-6 heading to yankee stadium. the studio loves that one. tuesday, former lightning head coach, john, weighed in on the american debate about standing or not standing during the national anthem. his stance was simple, if his
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they sit during the game. are you applauding? not everyone is, including lightning player, jt brown, to question his stance on african americans and the original protest brought on by 49ers quarterback, kaepernick, after today's practice for team usa, prepareing for the world cop of hockey, torts refused to back down on his opinion. >> when there are men and women that give their lives for their flag, for given their lives, there is no chance in anthem and flag should come into any type of situation where you are trying to make a point. >> very simply put. 2 days in a row. there you go. >> the kaepernick jersey sales are sky rocketing. >> absolutely. >> this debate is not dying. >> no, it is not. finally a very special
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weekend, brandon,ively bell is turning 105 years young. she has a history in tampa, she worked at the tampa sig aerofactory in the-- cigar factory in the bay, she has been drinking coffee since the age of 5. she has never smoked or tasted alcohol. for medicine, who needs it? she says. >> i have never took never been sick. i didn't have to. if i took medicine t would probably make me sick. >> a birthday celebration is being held for ida at the bloomingdale west recreation center in brandon. >> i want a branch on that family tree. >> good genes going. >> great genes. >> still looking good. have a cup of coffee. >> have a cup of coffee. >> salute you right here.
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nightly news is next. >> good night. - marco. - polo.
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marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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tonight, from the aircraft carrier, intrepid, military showdown, clinton and trump from the same ship taking questions from our nbc commander in chief forum for the candidates. powerful than heroin, hundreds of overdoses in just two weeks. a big american city taking drastic measures. horror in the sky, a deadly mid-air disaster, two planes collide, the latest in frightening aviation incidents. cutting the cor cord,thy new chancord, t the new change of apple's iphone and what's about to go missing. a long lost flag


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