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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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halyard. right now on news channel 8 at 7:00. good evening. we begin with breaking news. someone opened fire on a drug
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it happened at woodland avenue and golfview street. no officers were hurt in the shooting, but the suspect was shot and hat been transported to a hospital. we have a crew on the way and we hope to have more information on 8 over on great 38. pasco county damage estimates are in. nearly 2700 homes suffered some hermine. >> everything is shot. >> reporter: at the blue herron mobile home park, pumps are getting rid of the water as quickly as they can. some residents still have to wade to their trailers. >> what can you do? i have been here six years and this is five or six times this happened and nobody ever helped us. that mess two years a go when
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of water in my trailer. you can see the waterline there. >> reporter: pasco officials telling us damage to homes in the county is approximately $89 million, just homes, no businesses. >> we have been advised that regional medical center because of the lighting strike that hit them, they have suffered $3 million in physical damage and approximately a ten million dollars loss by being closed for several days. >> reporter: i'm chip osowski, news channel 8. it is a shocking case of child sexual abuse. tonight a man faces nearly 200 felony charges accused of not only having a computer loaded with pornography but some show him molesting toddlers. there could be more victims. >> reporter: we're told he had a secret room in his home. inside he would do horrible things with children.
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when he was busted in a child pornography sting. >> it is a clue when you have got 52 different devices. they found 4500 child porn images, even worse, some of the photos were molesting little boys. he had access to at least 23 children through his business j and k car pet cleaning. >> he liked ladies who had small children. >> reporter: his first arrest for sexually abusing a child occurred when he was only 20 years old. because of that the sheriff believes there are many more victims. if your child has come into contact with him, you're asked to call the sheriff's office.
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marrietta county. the girl you see here. investigators decided to charge the ten-year-old. he claimed her death was an accident but the medical examiner said excessive force was involved. the sheriff deputies are trying to find a man who stole jewelry and as rod carter shows us, an employee was thrown from the hood of his car. >> hillsboro county sheriff's said he asked to see a necklace and a bracelet. >> he puts the bracelet on and looking at it and then all of a sudden got out of the store. >> he took off running with $23,000 worth of the jewelry, but the store employee was not letting it go down that easy and he took off after him. he chased him out in the parking lot. when the suspect jumped into a camaro, the employee jumped
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was hanging on. >> but the suspect did not stop and he kept going and drove right onto the state road 60. he was still holding onto the roof. he was eventually thrown from that car in the middle of busy 60. while deputies are chasing after this guy took they want him off the street. >> in brandon, rod carter, news channel 8. tonight a name remember. coach tortorella is jumping in for collin kaepernick's national anthem protest. he said any player would be benched. he is now team u.s.a.'s hockey coach. he was talking about kaepernick taking a knee to the national anthem. >> i realize men and women of the military go out and sacrifice their lives and put their selves in harm's way for
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freedom to take a seat or a knee. >> his son is an army ranger. as for acting on his message, flay play the national anthem a the game not before so it is not likely to be a problem there. we're looking at dozens of animals taken from a rescue operation. the pigs arrr now living in much better conditions and it is unbelievable pita video. pita spent about two months getting video evidence. he wished pita would have turned the video over sooner. >> better late than never. i wish they would have spent a day in there and then came to us because we could have ratted this thing up and saved the pain and agony of those pigs two months earlier. >> the pig advocates league and
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for the animals. the owners are facing more than 100 animal neglect charges and can never own animals again. city leaders will have parking meters installed downtown sometime next year. they are so people can come and go more quickly. more spots are needed now that people are moving into the downtown area in droves. free spaces will be available in garages but the making downtown merchants nervous. they feel it will discourage shoppers. >> the people putting down these policies have never owned a small business. they never had a 941 form or had to pay employees or the rents. it is easy for them to say it is okay. this will work out. they never had to do it. >> they may consider legal action to stop the parking meters. steve jerve joins us now.
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a window. >> it was pouring all day long. >> really? >> yes. three, four inches. >> so no rain, good to know. sarcasm lives strong. >> don't believe me. >> 86 degrees here at veterans. not much in the way of rain at the moment. i'm sure it will fall somewhere eventually. east winds there at 4 miles per hour. downtown too, mostly r skies. and temperatures are pretty warm. this is at the airport, this number but that camera view is from downtown. 89degrees. there is the key dewpoints 64 degrees. typically the summertime dewpoint and we have them now are in the mid-70s so that is huge in terms of the comfort of the air.
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venice. 85 in bradenton. that is because the rain and showers have been across the southern portion of the area, but not a lot. pretty warm across the area. the dewpoints are lower and that makes a difference in the comfort of the air. the air is drier especially inland and farther north. that will make a difference if you're going to be out here this evening of the >> mostly clear. we'll talk about the forecast for the rest of the week the weekend coming up. >> >> still ahead, donald trump gave to florida's attorney general. how she is explaining the
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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ff our backs. tonight accusations of impropriety about donald
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the $25,000 donation came before she declined to investigate wrongdoing by trump university. candace mccowan takes a look. >> reporter: that is the call from democrats about the $25,000 donation from the donald trump foundation. bondy telling keith at the rnc in july. >> it is a political witch hunt and nobody is going to bully me by threatening me, accusing me of things that are not sure in not supporting the candidate of my choice. >> rt requested the donation from trump to a super pac supporting her. >> of course i asked him for a contribution. this is not what this is about. she said he was under investigation by my office at the time and i knew about it none of which is true. >> reporter: she needs to say i made a mistake, i shouldn't have taken the money. it creates the appearance of a conflict. she should ask an independent state attorney to make sure her decision not to charge him and
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the clinton foundation, some are calling the two scandals comparable. apple puts the rumors to rest. tonight we have all the details on the new phone that people will be lining up for. a complete rundown of the iphone and apple watch features coming up. remember, this year's heart walk in november. now is the time to join the team. they are $50,000 we raise. go to walk for
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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th. on wall street today the dow dropped nearly 12 points. the nasdaq gained 8. >> it than ever and the headphone jack is history. tonight we know exactly what is coming in the new iphone. apple unveiled a new iphone 7 and 7 plus today. they will be water resistant, and the display will be 25% brighter than last year's model, a faster processor, 40% zip beer than the 6s. both models get an upgraded camera with optical image stageization and low light
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two rear facing cameras, one for zooming in and the new iphoning will have stereo speakers that pump out twice the volume and the standard headphone jack is gone. apple admits it is a decision that took some courage. >> we all want more. we want bigger, brighter displays. we want larger batteries, faster processors, we want stereo speakers. we want all that. it is all that same enclosure and maintaining an ancient single connector doesn't make sense bus that space is at a premium. >> they want you to switch to wireless headphones. there are wireless headphones that fit in your ear and let you listen five hours between charges. the case is a charger that holds 24 hours of juice. it is adding two wireless versions of beats headphones. they will include ear pods that
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and adapter with the new phone. you can preorder the iphone 7 and 7 plus friday and they will ship the following friday. the 7 is $649. the 7 plus starts at $769. they start with 32 gigs of storage. you'll be able to buy a new jet black version with a shiny surface. we got to see the new apple watch that promises a dual core and a brighter display, the brightest they have ever shipped on any device. it will be waterproof allowing you to swim in it. there is a ceramic version and a nike version customized for runners the it will start at $369 and apple will upgrade the processor in the series one watch and sell it for $269. apple also announced mario coming to the iphone with new
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be played with one hand. pokimon go is coming to the iphone and you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket. updates for the watch and current phones will be released next tuesday. >> >> well starting today, uber is delivering more than people to their destination. now it will bring your dinner to your door. uber eats launched today from any participating restaurant through of 30 minutes, the driver arrives with your food. our breakfast arrived in about 45 minutes and the service is a flat $4.95 fee. a clearwater veteran felt it would be years for them to hear about his disability benefits. that veteran moved from number
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list. >> my feet are numb, my hands are numb. >> he has struggled with his balance and the v.a. the v.a. rejected his claim, exposure to agent orange de bill dated him. >> i can't feel with these hands. he was 12,700 something waiting v.a. appeals. we had to get involved. >> first, i reached out to the v.a. would like to get somebody to talk to us >> then the congressman. >> found that v.a. appeals process is broken. >> 8 on your side aired two reports in august profiling how they tied his problems to agent orange exposure, only then did the v.a. respond rapidly. >> thanks to you and channel 8 for this to show up on the news and two days later go from 12,000 to hey, we have got you
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his country in vietnam, the ship helped save wounded soldiers. he frequently went ashore for supplies and remembered sitting in areas freshly sprayed with agent orange. >> it was sticky but none of us knew what it was. >> reporter: after leaving the military, business success with the rich, famous and powerful, he became ill, lost it all. then in 2011 turned to the v.a. for help. >> but the whole system to be revamped. he equates his treatment of veterans of being spit on when returning from vietnam. >> that is the way i feel the v.a. has treated us through the years. and right now. >> you feel like you continue to be spit on. >> yes. >> steve andrews, news channel 8. >> the v.a. decided he is entitled to a 50% disability. he believes he is entitled to
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neuropathy prevents him from working at all. that is a beautiful view here. getting closer to sunset. 86degrees now. the humidity is a little lower so just a pleasant night there on the golf course. everything moving east to west. not seeing much in the way of showers farther south. that is when we did see earlier showers around venice and north port keeping those temperatures down a little bit, but otherwise a warm day. yes, the air has been drier but it has been warm. as summer here, our tampa rainfall meteorological summer, the surplus there 9 inches plus. as we look at the rainfall, so far, since september 1st tampa international airport 1 1/2 inches plus above normal. that is good news. quite a bit of rain in here. we don't like any kind of damage that comes along with tropical weather like we have
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atmosphere. that is the red. that is largely why we're not seeing shower activity. deeper moisture to the south is where most of the rain and cloud activity has been across florida today. in the tropics, a 70% chance of development for this system. it is moving off to the west and northwest long-term. computer models most keep it out to sea at this point but we'll monitor it as the tropics are highly unpredictable as we the system for tomorrow, most of the showers well down to the south. that is our best chance of rain across the southern section of the area, sarasota county and highlands county too. 20% rain chance for thursday. friday 30% chance afternoon and evening hours. same for saturday and sunday. 90degrees overall. temperatures are not going to change too much. they will stay warm for the short term. rain chances will come back a little bit, not quite that time of year where late september
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thank you.
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abilization now to an update to that breaking news. our crew has arrived at the scene of the shooting involving members of a drug task force. this is woodland avenue and golfview street. someone opened fire on a returned fire. no officers were hurt in the shooting, but the suspect was shot and has been transported to a local hospital. we're going to have a live report with more information on news channel 8 at 8 in about 30 minutes. >> and at 11:00. >> absolutely. an on going story. we'll keep an eye on it for you. not really a rainy night tonight? >> no. mostly dry.
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have a great night. blackouts, booze, binges. the secret double life of 20/20 anchor elizabeth vargas. >> i would die for my children, but i couldn't stop drinking for my children. >> her all-new interview now on "extra." ? ? ? elizabeth vargas' downward spiral from abc's star to raging alcoholic. passed out drunk in a park, circled by two predators. >> how close did you come to dying? >> how the end of her marriage pushed her over the edge. brand new taylor swift pics and video. out of hiding after her new headline-making breakup. two hollywood moms, two body after baby transformations.
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>> eddie murphy's girlfriend paige and ryan gosling's girl eva mendes. >> ryan lochte's redemption rumba. what he revealed about his relationship status. >> i am -- >> this is why we love tom hanks. he can't stop gushing about his wife rita wilson. >> rita wilson is having lunch with me today. >> kendall jenner's fashion week confession and does her sister kim own clothes that aren't see-through? >> wow! >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. ? ? hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, britney goes all-out bad girl at the mall, running up escalators in heels and even shoplifting. her new dad coming up. >> we have the backstage pass with all of the stars. >> but first, abc news woman
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nearly drinking herself to death. jerry has her bombshell new interview. >> stunning confessions on tv. >> i would die for my children, but i couldn't stop drinking for my children. >> a 13-hour blackout revelation to "people." elizabeth vargas' new tell-all media blitz hitting rock bottom at the bottom of a bottle. >> how close did you come to dying? >> the anchor who famously went to rehab three times and went on national tv in 2014 declare -- >> i am an alcoholic. >> now revealing only months after that headline-making admission she turned to alcohol again after learning then-husband mark kohn had hired a divorce lawyer. her family was forced to take her to a detox facility after another drinking binge. in another incident she said a good samaritan rescued her from two predators circling around her as she was passed out on a


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