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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  September 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a traffic stop turns into a shootout between a convicted felon and officers. >> we shot back. because he shot at us. and we shot at him a lot. >> still ahead, the suspect shot is no stranger to crime. hurricane hermine's high price tag jumps in one bay area county. new numbers this morning for just how much damage the storm cause when had it flooded hundreds of homes. good the thursday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. let's turn things over to leigh spann on this thursday morning. it's nice that we're seeing this stretch of dry weather. >> yeah, not only dry in the fact that the rain chances are low but lower humidity so it feels more comfortable.
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67 in brooksville. when you have the lower humidity, temperatures fall more overnight. so we have dropped to 72 in lakeland and auburndale. 76degrees in sarasota. here's what i'm talking about. the water vapor, this shows you where the dry air in red and the humid air in blue and green. so just in our area, the reddish area north of i-4 certainly is entrenched and now it's starting to spread farther to the south. that's really good news as we dry out. a 20% mostly south of i-4. so highs today just above average. i'm expecting 91. 90 is the average. at 5:08, i take you hour-by- hour through your thursday. good commute. let's hope that continues throughout the morning folks. but for your thursday morning, looks very good. paul buchman highway looks good. and 34 over to 75 is just an 11 minute commute. and now on i-4 mcintosh to park road, that takes roughly seven minutes on your drive time.
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speed. six to seven across the howard frankland bridge. about nine across the courtney campbell causeway. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> all right, thank you, leslee. the clean-up continues in pasco county a week after hurricane hermine sent strong winds and heavy rains into the area. emergency leaders tell 8 on your side more than 2600 homes and businesses sustained some sort of damage and the price tag has gone up as expected. more and more assessments going on ou $89 million. >> definitely need some help over there. news channel 8's ryan hughes is life this morning. ryan, good morning. that is a high price for all that damage. how did it go up so much? >> reporter: exactly, good morning to you as well. crews surveyed the area. it was initially lower but the more and more they looked around, the more they found homes and businesses damaged by hurricane hermine. one of the hardest hit towns
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flooding. emergency management officials have checked neighborhoods since last week and documented nearly 27 hung homes and properties impacted by the hurricane. 305 homes and businesses sustained major damage. seven buildings were destroyed. all others had some sort of minor damage from flooding to trees down. as mentioned, one of the hardest hit areas was the river. it overflowed the banks sending water into neighborhoods. it took days for the water to as the clean-up continue, county officials are hoping for state and federal aid to help pay for some of the high costs associated with the widespread damage. gene, back to you. >> hopefully they get that soon. thank you. well, right now a convicted felon is in the hospital and several law enforcement officers are on paid administrative leave after a shooting in a quiet lakeland neighborhood. >> yeah, polk county sheriff grady judd claims 32-year-old francis perry refused to roll
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police officers surrounded him. mary mcguire is live in lakeland. perry is no stranger to the law. >> reporter: yeah, you can say that again. his current rap sheet is nearly a hundred pages long with numerous arrests here in polk county. and now he faces a host of other charges, the most serious of which is trying to kill a law enforcement officer. this went down here in this quiet lakeland neighborhood just off of gulfview street. 32-year-old francis perry out for his arrest and refused to roll down his windows to speak with officers. instead, he aimed his gun and fired at them. the officers fired back but none were hurt in this gun fight. >> these men work together every day as a task force. they go after the worst of the worst. and tonight they came across him. and thank god they're going home. >> reporter: now perry was rushed to the hospital and
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claim they found drugs. the polk county sheriff's office will brief the media later today. as to perry's current condition in the hospital, four different agencies will investigate this shooting including the state attorney the's office, gayle. >> how scary for law enforcement. i'm glad everyone on that side is okay. thank you, mary. a pasco county school resource officer accused of stalking is expected in court today. deputies were cuffs on one of their own. the 45-year-old is accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend. investigators claim the deputy emailed and texted her and drove by her house. he was a resource officer at a high school. the sheriff's office fired him after the arrest. a brandon jewelry store employee is in critical condition after trying to stop a thief by jumping on the get- away car. it happened at mirage diamonds
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brandon. the thief swiped a necklace and bracelet worth more than $24,000. surveillance video shows the employee chasing after the crook. he jumped on the get-away car's hood as it sped away. he was thrown to the ground. he was badly hurt and remains in critical condition this morning. the thief is still on the loose. one person is dead and another fighting for life after a head-on crash in north port. it happened on biscayne drive. investigators say he was crossed the yellow line and slammed head-on into another vehicle. the other driver was critically injured. investigators are now trying to figure out why he veered out of his lane. well today we are expected to officially get word on the fate of olympic swimmer and former gator alumni ryan lochte. >> but leaks indicate he is facing heavy punishment for lying about being held up during the rio olympics.
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and we are expecting a big announcement today. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the u.s. olympic committee and u.s. swimming are expected to release a statement today. how are, sources close to the discipline process say the 12- time olympic medalist will be suspended from the sport for 10 months. that means lochte won't be allowed to participate in the 2017 world championships. and his next opportunity for a world champion run won't come he will turn 35 years that summer. this of course in reaction to the gas station incident in rio during the olympics. lochte was accused of vandalizing property in a gas station bathroom and then lying about what happened saying he had been robbed at gun point. the scandal led to lochte losing several endorsement deals. police in rio still say they plan to pursue a legal case against lochte.
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swimmers that lochte was with that night are also expected to face suspensions but not as severe as lochte's. that final official announcement will be made today. >> yeah, such a sad ending to the story. all that to lose all those endorse. s. all right, thank you. this morning, students at a south florida middle school can breathe easier knowing that this big alligator is no longer lurking nearby and yes, it is a big one, 11 pounds. police in davie finally captured the creature with help from wildlife officers. it wasn't their first attempt. the school made several calls to report the alligator but every time trapper would show up, the alligator would disappear. >> look at him roll away. >> not this time. they got the guy. how is the weather looking leigh? >> well, better than that. we're also seeing the rivers finally coming down a bit after
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taken the river and little manatee river off of the river flood warnings but it's still high. and above flood stage in cyprus creek and the piece river. anklet, it's currently at 18.1 feet. the flood stage is 20 feet but the action stage where things still are happening is still 18 feet. so we are above that. we have another day to dry out. 78degrees at 9:00 a.m. sunny, low humidity, noon. 91 at 4:00 p.m. the rain chances is 20% with you in pasco and to the north, just a 10% rain chance. and climbing to 30% chances until down near north port. today the humidity increases and tomorrow rain chance at 30%. and 30% rain chance for friday. and low 90s into the weekend. let's check on traffic on the 8s. downtown tampa and st. pete
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between the polk parkway, a 13 minute commute. and in and out of pasco county, i-75 looks very good. no delays in hernando as well. and a live look, i-4 around kathleen road in the heart of lakeland, and traffic is just moving right along no. complaints there. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner and news channel 8 is committed to the raising $100,000. but kia is again matching the first $50,000 we raise. so every dollar you donate really counts as two. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium. go to for details. so much fun. a great day the. >> and a great cause. >> yep. she survived being stabbed 32 times and she is sharing her powerful message with women in the bay area. hear her inspiring story.
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catch this giant space rock. first, donald trump facing a donation scandal. up next, the florida connection at the center of the controversy.
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florida attorney general pam beyonce at the center of a donation scandal involving donald trump. trump is accused of making an illegal con toty bruce to bondy's re-election campaign in 2013. the 25,000 donation came four days after bondy announced she was considering an investigation into trump now bondy never did investigate. well more emails are released in connection to the scandal surrounding democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton. only this time democrats are behind it. house democrats released an email exchange between clinton and former secretary of state colin powell. in the email, powell advised clinton on the use of personal
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investigation. but she wasn't charged though the fbi director did call her action, quote, careless. tensions are running high between the united states and russia after a russian fighter jet buzzed a u.s. nay very surveillance aircraft over the black sea. this isn't the first run-in this year either. russian jets buzzed a u.s. navy ship this year coming within 30 feet of the warship. oklahoma policfi are facing serious consequences for a sexual misconduct scandal that sparked national outrage this year. the officers were found guilty of visiting prostitutes, lewd conduct and using police databases for personal gain. we are learning four police officers will be fired and seven others suspended without pay. the first u.s. mission to
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asteroid launches later today. scientists hope these samples will give us a better understanding of how the solar system got its start. and also how future asteroids may impact us here on earth. the spacecraft is expected to return in 2023. happening today, the fourth annual working women conference gets underway. the event features an impressive line-up of guest speakers and this is a tremendous networking opportunity for working women in the bay area but it's so stories of triumph to encourage others to reach new heights. i caught up with a keynote speaker who is sharing a story that made not only headlines here in tampa bay but nationally. >> the he is released in 10 or 20 year, there is nothing from stopping him from finding me and finishing what he attempted to do. >> reporter: this is melissa
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survived being stabbed 32 times as she tried to fight off a switchblade. she is alive to share her story. >> i believe that i was saved for a special purpose. and that i experienced a lot of miracles and different things and that is to speak out about domestic violence and about my story and what i went through. >> reporter: she is one of 28 speakers speaking at the working women's state conference. and she hopes her message resinates. >> i have made the decision to become a survivor. and t myself a sur-thriver. i want that message to go out to any woman going through some kind of struggle. whether that be domestic violence or a change in a career or ending a relationship, whatever that life change is, you can move forward and find strength from others and lean on other women. >> the state conference is being held in tampa through tomorrow but the working women
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year-round. if you want to find out more, head to time to start thinking about some cringe worthy critters. it is national lice awareness month. most people don't pay attention with them until they are dealing with them. typically with the kids. but it's important to be aware ahead of time. that's where businesses like lice happens, a mobile service of professional nit pickers they are able to feel like they're in control after we leave. >> so here's the deal. the bloodsucker cans make anyone cringe and it's getting harder to treat. so it's important to be educated. >> they are becoming immune. >> yeah, no fun for the household. how is the weather looking? >> anybody else itching? all right. mostly clear this morning.
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low humidity. and i don't hear anyone complaining about that. 75degrees at 8:00 a.m. just a few clouds, warming quickly to 86 at noon. and the afternoon high around 4:00 p.m. at 91 degrees. small rain chances, especially south of i-4. look at this. with the drier air, inverness, 64 degrees. dropped to 66 in crystal river. zephyrhills, 68. gets more humid to the south, about 74 in north port. and mostly sunny and nice this morning because the still sitting on top of us. and as the day progresses, a breeze is going to help to bring in more moisture, especially for the areas south of i-4. you see where the rain is falling. almost all south of i-4. and moves from east to west in that wind flow. it's also going to allow for a little bit more humidity to creep back in from the south tomorrow. it's not quite as comfortable tomorrow morning. and also going to help raise our rain chance to 30%.
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highs in the low 90s. how about traffic on the 8s? all right, well, we have an accident out here leaving manatee county northbound 275 right before you get to the sunshine skyway bridge. it is completely off to the side of the roadway. might not even see it. but nonetheless, it's dark, be aware of it. and let's move over and look at travel times. manatee county through palmetto, good drive. and clark road to state road 70, 11 minutes on 75. construction on university under that should wrap up soon. 275 through st. pete, up to speed. 175 to the howard frankland bridge, just eight minutes. and bearss into downtown on 275 looks great. back to gene and gayle. reaction is pouring in over apple's new iphone 7. >> yeah, good and bad. a welcome at what is new and what is missing in the new smart phone. and if you want to connect with me with story ideas, please do.
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police found some huge alligators. if you want to see them, check it out on facebook. i up loaded it to facebook and
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apple unveiled a big change and it's not what is in the new iphone, that's raising eyebrows, it's what's not. the headphone shmack is being
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speaker. the company says it will give you a stereo sound. and there's water-proof casing and a higher quality camera. the iphone 7 itself starts at $649. the earbuds cost an additional $160. >> just like a boom box but don't go walking around with it on your shoulder. all right, well sony couldn't let apple have the spotlight and all the fun. they had their own big announcement to make. that's the new play gamers will see the play station 4 pro on store shelves november 10th. this system can play on ultrahigh resolution and high dynamic range tvs. it will set you back $399. a hometown sweetheart brings home the gold from rio. >> yes, she does. we talk to melanie.
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camera. how a murder suspect twisted his way out of handcuffs and got away while in an interrogation room. and aa live look outside in downtown tampa this morning. -- and a live look outside downtown tampa this morning. weather and traffic on the 8s
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feeling nice out there. 74degrees at tampa international airport with a northeast wind at 5 miles per hour. so when the kids go to the bus stop, sunshine, clear skies and comfortable. really only a 20% rain chance later today. the high of 91 degrees. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, we have a good drive on i-4. no delays. loving traffic right now on interstate 4. from the paul buchman highway over to 75, an 11 minute commute. great drive through polk county
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seven minutes. and into ybor city, a great drive. linking up at the junction, up
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> we are staying on top of a shootout in polk county this morning. officers say they had to shoot back at a man who opened fire on them last night. this morning, disturbing details about the suspect's past. hurricane hermine is gone but now the cost to repair the dama f0 especially in water-logged pasco county. we will show you how much money we're talking about. and hillary rodham clinton and donald trump both on the me stage fighting for the military vote. hear what both candidates had to say about their plans to keep america safe. good morning. and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us. smell that? pig skin in the air. yeah, it's football baby. that's right, football is back. the nfl season kicks off


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