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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  September 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ellen: anyway. now four headlines at 4:00. number one, shock damage after nearly a week of flood water. some people are returning to their homes today. we will show what they're finding. and number two, storm water we will show you where there is a big problem. number three, jewelry heist. so far, we have only seen pictures from inside and the store. 8 on your side finds out why we will have to count on those image's alone to solve the crime. and number four -- >> reporter: remnants of hurricane hermine shut out more than 40 bay area high school teams but it didn't stop them from taking this bad boy home. good afternoon.
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right now people living in a flooded mobile home park in pasco county are being allowed to go back in their homes. >> that's right, hurricane hermine left the sungate village community looking like this, it looks like a lake. chip osowski joins us now. are the people returning there? are they feeling like they see what it looks like? >> reporter: absolutely, josh. and you can see they are pumping water out of this mobile home park but it is much drie days ago. that voluntary evacuation order was lifted last night. and today some residents returned home to see the damage. >> so you guys evacuated? >> yes. >> yes. >> reporter: they returned to the their mobile home only to find their belongings ruined. >> we fixed the floor.
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damaged from the water, she knew the it was going to be bad. she and her husband took this video over the weekend. >> just the air conditioning. >> two cars. >> the water and drier. >> reporter: a number of cars in the park were also flooded. katherine stone's brand new kia was one of them. >> insurance people, they wanted me to open it up and and i told them, i'm not touching it until they get here to look at it. >> reporter: but cars can easily be replaced. other property, not so much. >> all our personal possessions in the house were in here. i've been hauling to the dump for two days now. it's crazy. >> reporter: a few streets over, steven hosed off the nasty residue from the driveway. his wife evacuated. he stayed. the couple just moved in two
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in the garage. and was unwater. >> probably all our family photographs. what we couldn't pull into the house on short notice, the wife has picture, photographs from the other kids growing up and stuff like that. probably lost forever, i'm sure. >> reporter: and the main question residents here have is what is being done to prevent this from happening again. i did pose that question to the property manager and she told me that the engineer onsite working to come up with a long term solution. >> chip, any idea how long the solution will be before it's started? >> reporter: well, that's the million dollar question that we do not have the answer to as of yet. >> chip osowski, man, our hearts go out to those people. thank you. let's check on your weather which is much improved over one week ago at this time, julie phillips. >> it has been.
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season but we haven't seen a whole lot so far this past week. new port richey, 87 degrees right now. no rain at this location with the winds fairly light out of the north, northwest between 5 to 10 miles per hour. overall, we are expecting things to be fairly warm as we head into the afternoon hours for us as well. and if we take a look outside, you can see that we are looking at fairly dry air in place. if we can pull up weather one, we can see the drier air on th again, temperatures in the mid- 80s right now. and you can see on the forecast model throughout the rest of the evening, isolated showers and thunderstorms expected for us. so sotty showers into the next -- so spotty showers into the next few hours. and then into the overnight, things quieting down for us and the dry air will continue to limit the rain. but moisture is returning for us. 9:00 p.m., slim rain chance, just a few clouds around. by midnight, temperatures
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70s. clearing skies, a quiet night ahead. and then we will talk about higher rain chances as we head through the weekend and into next week coming up in the full forecast. guys-- >> all right, thank you. well, today 8 on your side discovered rain water wasn't the only thing flowing into the bay during hurricane hermine. sewer water flooded in from the city of st. petersburg. and at this hour, the st. petersburg city council is weight on an update from city staff to find out how much partially treated sewer water was a small business owner told us the sewer water release is hurting his business. >> it has a huge impact because people know that we're a water- front community. and if they are aware of raw sewage going on, this is not some place they'll want to come and shop at our shop, eat at our restaurants and utilize the beautiful bayou that we have. >> the club believes releases are killing the bay after years of improvement because of the nutrients contained in the
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a man accused of shooting and killing a seller during an online sell is now in custody in polk county. the 25-year-old is expected to be charged with killing jeffrey monroe. investigators tell news channel 8 that he snatched a cellphone that he was trying to sell and ran. before he could fire, he was shot and killed. he is already a suspect in two other robberies of people he met through the app. also today, shooting in the texas that left a teenage girl dead. according to the sheriff, a student walked into the band room at alpine high school, shot a classmate and then turned the gun on herself. the victim is expected to recover. alpine is roughly 200 miles southeast of el paso, texas. a federal officer was accidentally shot during the investigation by a u.s. marshal. 8 on your side is doing some digging on a story we first brought you yesterday.
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at a brandon mall and drove off with an employee on the hood of his car. the employee was trying to chase down and stop the thief but he ended up being thrown into the middle of state road 60. we wondered why there's no video of this part? 8 on your side found while there is surveillance video inside and of the store, there are no mall cameras outside and that isn't sitting well with shoppers. >> i mean, you know in the parking lots, you can visually see them. but in here, you don't notice . >> now the sheriff's office tells us they're relying on the store's surveillance video to track down the suspect. as of news time, the the mall hasn't returned our calls. a couple of stories are releasing this year's -- a couple of stores rather are releasing the hot new holiday toy list. we will show you the favorites coming up. remnants of hurricane hermine really packed a punch.
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weathered the storm. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now.
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and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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right now, your 8 on your side consumer watch. an important recall is in effect. mazda warning that the rear hatches on 759,000 of the car and suvs could fall and hurt you. the recall covers through 2016 cx5s and newer suvs as well as 2012 through 2015 mazda 5 vans. dealers will repair the problem. and americans are borrowing more money than ever to pay for their cars and they're not paying it back on time. that's according to a report from usa today. this summer, outstanding car loans totaled more than a trillion dollars and overdue payments are up from a year ago.
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holidays a week after walmart released its version. both stores include items such as the lip gloss struck and the hospital care cart. and there's always starwar, that's popular. the list highlights drones and coding toys. and amazon wants to be under the christmas tree too and hope to make the new fire hd tablet a hot item. they have dropped the price by almost h the tablet will now cost $90. and speaking of computers and kid, turns out sharing your real life on social media may be making your memory stronger. 8 on your side has some answer on that. jonathan, good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> we can post it online and it helps our brains. not just suck our time away? >> it goes back to the common
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down, i will never remember it. and it's taking that another step. when you think about how we share things on social media. you take picture, come back, choose the best pictures that you want to share and then think about what you want to post and say about it and post it. so you are putting a lot of time into remembering this event. >> and then analyzing and editing. it's a process. >> and people like it or comment on it. and you are getting -- you are constantly hth it for an extended period of time. >> makes sense. and there's a study out. >> yeah, out of cornell university. they took 66 students there. so a smaller study but followed them for a whole week. had them write down every event during the week. and then note if they also posted it on social media. and note how important it was. and so at the end of the week, they popped a quiz on them and made them write as many of the events as possible.
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accurately remembered. >> and something i love is like the app time hop. and facebook has taken a page from that, it pulls your pictures from a year ago, five years ago, and says, on this day. and facebook has this feature. how has that changed the way -- >> well, normally the way we remember things is selective. these features are putting things back in front of you that you may have forgotten and bringing back it further or just floods back in. it's interesting to see how will we use this or education systems use this type of exercises to help students learn. i think that's -- >> and normally my wife has the brain, she can remember everything. so i look at the app and so i look at the app. >> yeah, happens tall time. >> makes a lot of sense.
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anybody thinking about buying the shiny black version of apple's new iphone. apple is advising customers that the jetblue phone is susceptible to microabrasions. it recommends the phone is put in the case or risk scratches in the high gloss finish. not the right video there. we apologize. and get ready -- >> this isn't right but chasing more monsters. the maker of pokimon go says they're going to release a wearable device, next friday, two months after the planned launch date. the $35 device has a blue tooth sensor and vibrates and lights up when pokimon and pokimon stops are nearby. so just as we think that trend is fading, now there's a -- >> apple came out with the new version of the watch saying you can play on your watch and
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>> we know who is guilty of that. sports guys, we will talk to him later. >> and josh dabbled. >> i downloaded it once and then deleted. there's no time. >> no, i think i missed -- that ship has sailed. don't plan on chasing pokimon go. great day to -- if you are planning on chasing pokimon, gorgeous in downtown tampa. here is a live look outside over downtown. you can see a few fair weather clouds around but no rain in sight. and also, a great view traffic lights the loews don cesar 95degrees right now with the winds light out of the north. you can see no rain at this location. overall, generally looking like a fairly dry evening for us. tonight, we do have the rocket launch atlas 5 launch from cape canaveral, 05 p.m.of florida ca look for that in the sky. shouldn't have too much to disturb your view. 9:00 p.m., 81 degrees. tomorrow morning, temperatures
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humidity coming back. and temperatures will top out in the low 90s. we bring up the rain chances slightly, so a better chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms around during the afternoon and evening hours. at this point though, the radar still looking quiet for us. we're just typically seeing this this time of year. we are in the rainy season but that dry air has made a difference for us. you can see spotty showers around. drifting towards the west, closer towards the coast, spotty shower in sarasota county throughout the evening hours as well. for the evening, keeping the rain chances limited to areas south of i-4. so south of i-4, we could see showers passing by. they won't last long. and tomorrow morningish dry commute. just-- morning, a dry commute. just a few clouds. the humidity is coming back up. so it will feel like a typical summer morning. and then notice the forecast models showing more showers and thunderstorms for friday
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we are back up to 30% for friday. and then into saturday, dry start to kick-off your weekend. by the afternoon hour, about a 30% rain chance in the forecast. so great for outdoor plans. if you have outdoor plan, the morning early afternoon hours will be best to avoid possible showers. out in the tropic, two areas we're watching. over the next five day, 20% rain chance of development over one system approaching the caribbean and in the off the coast of africa, very dig organized but a 60% chance of development over the next five days. so watching those closely. and drier air we have been dealing with all week long is going to retreat into friday. and that's why the rain chances go up some. throughout the weekend, typical summertime weather for us. exactly what we're used to, hot and humid in the afternoon with the showers and thunderstorms
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through the weekend. and into the middle portions of next week, we see an increase more moisture and notice the rain chances going up even higher. guys-- >> thank you. well, recommend la ni?as of hurricane hermine forced more -- remnants of hurricane hermine forced more than 40 high school football games to cancel or postpone their games last week. >> and now the three that were able to weather the storm are contenders. >> reporter: tampa bay, what to do? you know, not even hurricane night blitz train from covering high school football. and if i was oprah, i would say everybody gets a trophy to take home. but you know, i only have three teams for to you choose. so i'm going to make the highlights do what they do. wearing their home navy uniform, the cougars looking to get their first win of the season score early and often in their home opener against the spartans. the offense led by the junior
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over 100-yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. while the cougar's stingy defense pitched a shutter out, not even giving up a field goal the entire game. and over in hillsborough county, took several lead changes and overtime for first- year head coach max warner and the bulls to hog tie the cowboys. when the game got tie, the bull's defense made crucial stops while the special teams scored when they needed to the most to win by a field goal, 23-20. >> let's go! >> reporter: and over in pinellas county, the clearwater central catholic donning the gold uniforms didn't waste time lighting up the scoreboard, scoring three touchdowns on their first three pope benedict segs. and the defense was all up in indian rock's kitchen, breaking
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game. wow, i was at that game and it looks like they are on their way to a produck the tiff season. coming up, you know the drill, i will reveal who is taking this bad boy right here home. news channel 8. coming up next, first 4:00 sports, ryan lochte facing the music. find out how long he's off the team. and remember, you can get developments on today's biggest stories with jenn holloway, julie phillips and me on tampa bay's most convenient prime time newscast, every night on great 38 at 8:00.
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ryan. >> hey, guys, nfl season starts tonight. >> huge game, super bowl rematch. >> on nbc. >> changing the season for new the sports department. >> yeah, we're working late tonight. thanks for the reminder. buccaneers taking on the falcons sunday night. they are shoring up the roster. as impressive as he was in the contract year, the buccaneers will need a third running back this season. that guy seemed to be the 2013 draft pick mike james but an injury forced the bucs to waive him and promote barber to the 53-man roster this sunday in atlanta. barber gave up his final two years at auburn, declaring for the draft in hopes of supportinghis homeless mother. he went undrafted but now he is in line for a game check for the bucs. and spend his or her has been
4:26 pm
yesterday, lining up at wide receiver and fielding a few kicks. he may be able to the play as soon as sunday depending on how quickly he can grasp his role in the offense. jameis winston wants to make sure he feels at home. >> we got to the make him feel comfortable. make him play like he's already been in this offense. you know, that's the main thing, when guys go out there and they play with their head cut off, it's hard to down. so making him be comfortable. because if you know you're what you're doing, it's easier to execute it on the field. >> i would love a basket of flowers or cookies. that would be cool. chocolate chip preferably. yeah, that would be nice. my wife would like those. send them to me and i will send them to her. >> and jameis winston is looking for someone to deliver flowers and cookies to the family. ryan lochte, too cool for the
4:27 pm
months by the united states olympic committee for his involvement in that gas station incident in rio. he accepted the punishment. his teammates have been suspended for four months each. lochte will have no access to the usoc training facilities and will fore fit funding for the gold medal he earned at the summer olympics. and one story that won't go away to another. against all odds and all common se quarterback tim tebow has signed a minor league baseball contract. the new york mets inked him this afternoon. he will make his debut september 19th in the met's fall instructional league. the front office swears this is not a publicity stunt and is a baseball decision. maybe the most mets thing ever. >> yeah, thinking back to when
4:28 pm
>> but he has clearly been working out. >> he has been working out since he was in high school. just because you're in good shape doesn't mean you're a professional athlete, man. >> can he hit a baseball? >> no, there's no chance he sticks around. because he's not talented. all 28 teams said extremely underwhelming. >> not a publicity stunt. >> you know how much they make?
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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number one, nasa is launching a space probe in a couple hours to chase down a dark and potentially dangerous asteroid. scientists are worried it could one day collide with earth. it is scheduled to play off at 7:05 from the launch pad at cape canaveral. number two, a school shooting in texas today. a girl shot a classmate and then committed suicide in the alpine high school band hall. the classmate is expected to be okay.
4:32 pm
marshals during that investigation. number three, the coast guard is searching for a new york woman who went overboard off a carnival cruiseship. the ship returned to the port of charleston today. the 32-year-old fell off the ship yesterday some 27 miles southwest of the bahamas. the coast guard crews from miami are assisting in the search. and number four, an american flag that flew at ground zero in the hours after the attacks on 9/11 is now on display at the september 11th museum in new the flag was missing for more than a decade until two years ago when it was turned in by an unidentified man at a fire house in washington. sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. frustrated with nowhere to turn, a concerned parent sent 8 on your side video of how his kids had to walk in the dark to their polk county bus stop. >> the father was worried sick telling us it was a dangerous accident just waiting to happen. 8 on your side has been all over this story.
4:33 pm
changes the school is now making. >> reporter: at the beginning of the new school year, polk county parent william berry reached out to 8 on your side telling us that he was concerned for his children's safety as they walked to the bus. this was the route william berry's kids had to take to the bus stop in lakeland. walking on the road along side traffic and then crossing galloway road. in total, about a quarter of a mile. >> there's no sidewalk, no curb and gutter. >> reporter: filmed it all and sent the video to school administers hoping it would open their eyes but when it didn't, they sent their concerns and the video straight to us. >> i do road construction. and people get distracted all the time and they'll veer toward the white line. and the kids are walking on the white line. >> reporter: officials declined an on-camera interview but sent an email to news channel 8 saying they'll contact the
4:34 pm
this morning, big changes are in place after school officials made a house call to check out the route for themselves. >> it's totally because of news channel 8 and melissa and everyone involved that we were able to get our request met. >> reporter: the new bus stop is now just 100 feet away from their home. >> they did have to change the bus routeing a little bit and times and everything. and it was not an easy solution for them to make. and a lot of credit goes to them for listening and coming out and looking and agreeing that, yeah, th best situation for the kids. >> reporter: now bus stop safety is a problem that polk county knows far too well. in five years, four students have lost their lives, either walking to school or to the bus stop. reporting in polk county, mary mcguire, news channel 8. and happening right now, more fallout from the itt tech nightmare. on tuesday, all campuses across the country closed without warning, leaving students
4:35 pm
rapid response teams have been flooded with students anxious for answers. one of them, a disabled veteran and father of seven who was in tears today. >> disappointment. i mean, extreme disappoint. especially at my age, trying to go back to school and then to be that far into it, and they just have the doors just close without any kind of warning. no kind of -- i thought i was starting back on there. is good news for many, congress -- the 12th. >> there is some good news, they are asking the department of education as they endure crushed dreams describing itt tech as fraudulent and deceptive. more than 650 people in the state have tested positive for zika virus. >> but a stalemate in washington, d.c. over funding
4:36 pm
florida's governor frustrated. our capitol correspondent matt galka with details. >> reporter: can zika virus not going away and congress sparring over the particulars of the zika virus funning bill, the governor of florida is saying, i just need the money. >> what i care about is getting the funding. what i think my view of the world is, this is such a significant health risk that i don't know why they can't come together. why don't they think about, pregnant women wi focus on them. >> reporter: one of the sticking points in congress has been planned parenthood funding from the bill with conservatives even saying they need to drop the fight to get the money out. reporting in tallahassee, i'm matt galka. >> supporters are hopeful a bill is passed before both chambers recess in october. >> and 8 on your side is keeping a close eye on this story and we will let you know when a decision is made. making news around the world. officials in russia trying to
4:37 pm
suddenly turned bright red. take a look at. that people living in the area started reporting the biovar color of the -- the bizarre color on tuesday. and now the minister of natural resources believe the color change could have been caused by leakage from a nearby chemical plant. the river is not linked to the water supply. and the receive paralympic games are happening right now and despite russia being barred because of a doping scandal, its flag showed ceremonies. the flag was taken by a man with another team as they entered the stadium during the rise of the curtains the. games run until s eptember 18th. now to a local event that's making a big difference in the community. it is the fourth annual working women conference. and it gets underway tonight in downtown the tampa. here's 8 on your side's gayle guyardo with a preview. >> reporter: yes, and of course, this is a tremendous networking student for working women in tampa bay but it's
4:38 pm
stories of triumph to encourage other women to reach new heights. i caught up with one of the keynote speakers whose message not only made headlines in tampa bay but nationwide. >> released in 10 or 20 year, there's nothing stopping him from finding me and finishing what he attempted to do. >> reporter: this was melissa dome confronting her ex- boyfriend in court in october 2013. not even a year after surviving being stabbed by him 32 times switchblade. she's alive the to share her story. >> i believe i was saved for a special purpose. i experienced a lot of miracles and different things and that is to the speak out about domestic violence and about my story and what i went through. >> reporter: dome is one of 28 speakers speaking at the working women's state conference at tampa's center and hopes her message resinates. >> i have just made the decision to become a survivor.
4:39 pm
investigator, i call myself a sur-thriver. not only will i survive, i will thrive. and i want that message to go out to any woman struggling. whether that's domestic violence, ending a relationship, a change in career, you can move forward and find strength from others and lean on other women. >> reporter: the state conference is being held in tampa through tomorrow but if you can't make it, that's okay. the organization has a working women of tampa bay chant that has events year-round. >> thank you, gayle. and i was honored to speak at one of the conferences a couple years ago. i think it was the first. and it's a great event. gayle has put the information about the conference on w yes, it will make you itch just thinking about it. lice.
4:40 pm
talking about drug-resistant superlice and how to get rid of them. and then stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> reporter: a county commissioner goes on the animal advisory committee, a group of volunteers because they had the gall to disagree with him. >> reporter: today on better call behnken, sarasota residents who used to enjoy a scenic view of a lake are now dealing with this nasty mess and officials have given them excuse after excuse. w this st. petersburg neighborhood, there's a storm water fee every month.
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welcome back. guess who has a new star on the hollywood walk of fame? usher. >> nice.
4:44 pm
and eight-time grammy-award winner was joined at the event today by the producer of his recent film. his new album releases next week. and in casting news, johnny depp is taking on a real life role. he has signed on to play the los angeles police detective russell pool who investigated the murders of tupad vampires and likens rages on. the first trailer for the movie is out. this is the fifth fill new mexico the action horror franchise and it hits theaters in january. all right, julie phillips back in to check the forecast. and boy, these nice days keep rolling. >> i know, awesome, awesome week. we are kicking september off on a nice note. >> it's about the humidity or lack there of. >> our temperatures never get
4:45 pm
the humidity -- >> can't we go right into fall now? >> dog days. >> yeah, dog days back with us. great beach days right now. and check out the view from eagle 8 hd. they are off of anna maria island. they are capturing sharks this afternoon. sightings there. great view of course. we always have some of the best beaches in the whole country right here. so this morning, a nice sunset. this photo sent to us from mary. this is looking courtney campbell causeway from tampa. thanks for sending us that photo. and of course, if you have more photographs, head to facebook or twitter and share them with us. here's the current view from freedom plaza at sun city center. 19degrees right now. it's been warm this afternoon. and the humidity is already starting to creep back up. and tomorrow, you're going to feel it more. when you wake up, we're in the mid-70s to start with. but we're looking at a quick warm up up into the afternoon
4:46 pm
looking better. so northern spots, about a 20% rain chance. but south towards sarasota county, highlands county, bringing back up the rain chances to 40%. so looking more like a typical sum every afternoon day. but at this point, today we're just not seeing the rain because of the dry air in place. you can clearly see that on the water vapor imagery. that's all the red. that's the dry air had the upper-levels of the atmosphere. and that's why we're limiting our rain chances to south of this point in the far southern counties. tracking showers and thunderstorms skirting by. and in south florida as well. but living north of i-4, just not going to see rain for the rest of today. temperatures all of us have made it into the 90s. it's 92 in tampa. 91 in plant city. 86 in clearwater. coming in at 95 in bradenton. dew points, they're rising as
4:47 pm
nice pleasant dew points in the upper 60s. those are beginning to return as well. for the rest of the evening, we keep the rain chances south of i-4. they'll be limited in nature. waking up tomorrow morning, a dry commute, great way to start your friday. by the afternoon hours, the showers and thunderstorms redevelop. rain chances going back up to 30%. and then as we head into saturday, a similar story. dry during the morning hours, and then a better chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms developing. we will keep the rain chances near 30% through monday. and then with chances more. for the middle portions of next week. >> thank you. and now it's time for today's send it to stacie. >> that's right. where we feature your pictures on tv and with this weather we're enjoying, it was the perfect time to feature great bow thety shots of the bay area like this one. thanks to kate and kimberly. this is sunset. art single digits. and mark, one of the regular send it contributors, this is
4:48 pm
like. invite-- what serenity on the water looks like. inviting. and hillary sent me this shot. her dog in her pool and josh guess his name? >> i don't know. >> lucky. >> well, he has it made right there. >> i concur. >> look at that. >> that's a nice picture. and maybe embracing this last wave of summer but not trek. her chinese crested is getting ready for winter. i don't know if you need that in florida. >> the >> yeah, it does. >> you can tweet your pictures with the #send is it to stacie see.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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now an 8 on your side medical report beginning with the warning about frozen strawberries. the centers for disease control is linking them to an outbreak of hepatitis a. so far, 89 people have been sickened in
4:52 pm
carolina, oregon, virginia, west virginia and wisconsin. nearly all of the patients interviewed reported drinking smoothies. the strawberries were imported from egypt and the centers for disease control is expecting additional cases. and opinions about chipotle have dropped off in recent weeks over concerns about food safety. the chain has increased promotions over the past several months as they try to win back illnesses last year. a pollster claims at least for some people eating there still is not worth the risk. and we all know that schools are breeding grounds for germs but did you know elementary-aged children contracting the cold or flu an average of eight to 12 times per school year? that's according to the centers for disease control. to keep kids healthy, try getting them to bed on time, feeding them well and having them exercise regularly. of course, hand washing is the
4:53 pm
germs. and also, something to think about now that school is in full swing. this is national lice awareness month. >> never fun to talk about. most people aren't even aware of the critters in the hair until they have a full-on infestation. lice are getting harder to treat. >> reporter: so the small brown specks here are the eggs. they are known as nits. >> reporter: this is what lice looks like off the scalp in different stages. >> blend in the with hair. >> reporter: the tiny bloodsucker cans make anyone cringe. >> i didn't know what i was supposed to do. what to do the in the house. what i needed to do to their heads. >> reporter: that helpless feeling comes at a time when a study reports most states are everoverrun what is called super lice. >> everything is talking about super lice. what it is, the lice have developed a mutation so is they are resistant to the over the
4:54 pm
aren't killing the lice. >> reporter: that's where businesses like lice happens. >> there's no such thing as a house infested. >> reporter: they come armed with tools, it's a mobile service. >> we educate the parent, myths from facts and give them hands- on training so they are able to the feel like they're in control after we leave. >> our web team has put together a page called super lice. what you need to know. check it out on >> never fun to talk about. >> makes me itch. remember that movie the notebook? a photographer is using it for inspiration. >> more of these pictures of a loving cup and will wait 'til you find out how long they have been together. that's when first at 4:00
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>> now let's take a look at what's trending online today. >> beginning with romantic pictures taken with a romantic movie in mind. sterling and clema have been ge to commemorate their relationship, their granddaughter asked relationship stacy welch chris to take some creative photographs. it didn't take long for her to settle on that ultra romantic movie from the notebook. when she posted the photos online, they immediately struck a cord and now they are going viral. and booties are very in style now. this seems to be right in trend. this 41-year-old asian elephant
4:59 pm
boots. zoo keepers believe they ease her arthritis. and nothing makes a parent happier than a sign they are raising their kid to be a good person. heather nelson and her five- year-old son royce were running late for school last week so she was surprised when in their rush, royce suddenly stopped and bowed his head. a nearby officer pointed out to her he was acknowledging the pledge of allegiance. nelson snapped this photo and posted it on facebook and it has gone viral. >> parents cri time. wow. powerful image. newschannel8 at 5:00 with jen and keith starts right now. right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> a child covered in bite marks. a day care worker under arrest. 8 on your side digs into the day care's history ahead. >> plus, protecting pets who are playing politics. heated debate over an animal
5:00 pm
lake. people called behnken. i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us. it is a story that would shock any apartment. a bradenton boy bitten by another child at day care and an employee is charged with a felony. john rogers joins us live outside of jay's bright learner's day care where this all happened. john, the images of this child's injury are disturbing. r horrifying. this is not the first time this day care has had issues. the pictures are unbelievable. amanda beady picked up her son from day care and found him like this with bite marks on his face, back, and arms. he was attacked by another child when they should have been supervised. she declined to speak with 8 on your side but wrote a facebook post that has gone viral.


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