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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  September 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> more fallout from the itt tech nightmare. all campuses across the country closed without warning. students are heartbroken. and now, a bay area college is stepping in to help. but, is it enough? >> good leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. >> we have heard heartbreaking stories. countless itt tech students sharing shock and panic when their campuses closed without warning. now help is coming from hillsborough community college and washington lawmakers. students have spent thousands of dollars on an education with no degree to show for it. 8 on your side reporter melanie michael has been all over this story. mel? will these students have to
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>> reporter: hey jen. this is heartbreaking news because so many students, thousands of them will have to start over including a disabled veteran we spent time with today. he had tears in his eyes but hope in his heart when he came here to hcc for help. ronnie wishi is looking for answers but first, he has a few questions for itt tech. >> how could you? how dare you? let's make right done wrong. >> reporter: ronnie was proud to serve his country. now he is trying to survive his education. >> just ... it's busted dreams. i left a good job to go back to school to higher myself. it is all about higher education, you know, trying to do better. i teach my kids that. >> reporter: as a disabled veteran, this tampa bay native and father of seven was crushed to hear most likely his credits
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transfer, hillsborough community college is trying to help students like ronnie come up with options. >> even if some of them don't become an hcc student, at least we can provide them options and explain what they may be in for. >> reporter: the dean of students admits most students will be back at square one because the standards at itt tech were lower. >> a lot of it will be ... starting over. some i wouldn't doubt are going to try to enter the workplace with the credits they see how far that takes them. >> if i can just get somewhere, a school that we can trust, and get done with my education, get back on the job market. be a productive citizen. that's all i want to do. >> reporter: and you know, jen, i think that ronnie put it best when he called it busted dreams. 8 on your side was there when ronnie received the help he needed from hcc. he met with a veteran's representative and he met with advisers so i think he is on the road to starting over, but it is going to be a long road indeed.
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hear that. after all that work. now, we have heard that congresswoman kathy castor is also stepping in at this point? >> reporter: yeah, she was so moved and so affected by what was going on, she called the actions of itt tech fraudulent and is asking if department of education to step in and offer any and all assistance needed for these students. hopefully, we will see lives turned an. heartbreaking for them now. and heartbreaking for them in the future after all that education. >> absolutely. hillsborough county detectives are still trying to track down this guy. a jewelry thief who robbed a brandon store and then just took off. look at him go. the employee chased after him and ended up on the hood of the suspect's car before being thrown into the middle of state road 60. deputies have gathered surveillance video from the stores throughout the mall, but none from the mall itself. that is because we have learned the mall doesn't have cameras inside. 8 on your side's rod carter joins us live at the mall.
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surprising. a mall doesn't have better security systems in place? >> reporter: you know what? it is almost unfathomable to think you are going to walk into a public place like a mall and not be watched by a camera with high above. but apparently, that's the case here. brandon mall. and the shoppers i spoke with were absolutely stunned to hear that. today, mirage diamonds and fine jewelry was back open after this. tuesday, a crook strolled in, asked to see a bracelet and necklace a the sales man ended up on the hood of that thief's camaro and face down on state road 60. this surveillance video and video from individual stores is all detectives have to go on. that's because the mall itself doesn't have anything. >> just in case anybody does. >> reporter: sasha medina and her mother were stunned when we told them big brother was in fact not watching. >> i would rather come here when people are working. and, there are people.
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really should have some. >> reporter: shoppers like monica cabrerra tells me the malls need them. >> with the robbery and the children's playground areas, that is where we come a lot. that is kind of scary. >> reporter: cameras in the malls certainly nothing new. this is video we aired just a couple of years ago of an escaped inmate running through country side mall. his every move caught on camera. law enforcement tells me cams don't solve all crimes but they certainly do help. >> but a lot will go oh yeah, that's so and so. >> reporter: and every little clue goes a long way to keep you safe and tonight, detectives are hoping this video gets this guy off the street. so, what exactly do mall officials have to say about not having cameras in the mall? well, i tell you. i stopped by the office, i called them several times. an hour ago late today, they finally got back to me with an e-mail statement. it said in part first and
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it went onto say they do not go into policy or detail. or reveal specific information about their security deployment levels or methods. and that, quite frankly, is all they said. josh? >> pretty vague there. but rod, do we know any idea how the clerk is doing tonight? >> reporter: you know, we don't have any specific information. in fact, at last check, we were told he was in critical condition. based on friends i know who know him and work there in the same area, he was in really bad shap thanks rod. with zika cases not going away and congress sparring over money, florida's governor is saying just give me a bill. >> what i care about is getting the funding. what i think my view of the world is, this is such a significant health risk that, that, i don't know why they can't come together. why don't think just think about these are pregnant women with developing babies.
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zika funding but it looks bleak. one of the sticking points is on whether any of the money goes to planned parenthood but some conservatives say that fight need to be dropped. tonight, nearly 15 years after the september 11 attacks, families of those killed are pushing congress to let them sue countries with ties to terrorists. newschannel8's mark meridith is in our washington dc bureau tonight with what is at stake. >> reporter: they are the images most americans won't ever forget. two cities a country facing a new enemy. but now, more than a decade later, one former u.s. senator says there is a lot americans still need to learn about how 19 highjackers carried out september 11. >> did they carry out this sophisticated task alone or did they have some form of support? >> reporter: bob graham, a foreign governor and senator of florida led the investigation into the 9/11 attacks. his work most recently led to the declassification of top
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to foreign governments like saudi arabia. >> this is removing the cork from the bottle. there is a significant amount of information which like the 28 pages has been withheld. >> reporter: as efforts continue to force the release of more documents, several 9/11 victims families are taking their fight a step further to the courtroom. >> this is a complex issue. we all grieve for the families of those who lost. >> reporter: republican congressman david jolly of florida is one of several e allowing families of terror nation to sue nations that could have ties to terrorist attacks. >> if there is liability by nation states, than victims should have the opportunity to seek some type of compensation. this does get into a very difficult diplomatic and international relations arena. >> reporter: some victims' families see just the scheduling of a vote as a victory and an important step forward for victims of 9/11 and
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similar tragedies. the senate has passed this legislation, but the white house is urging caution. they believe this kind of bill could create problems for u.s. relations abroad and also create a bad precedent allowing families of victims overseas to counter sue the united states. reporting in washington, i'm mark meridith, newschannel8. it is is a heartbreaking story with a happy ending. >> coming up, a man beaten with his own walker and robbed gets some very good news today. 8 on your side was there and we will show you what happened next. >> not even hurricane hee team of the week from taking this bad boy right here home. coming up, i will show you how they weathered the storm. >> and we hope the weather for high school football looks pretty good. we'll have that forecast coming up. just a few southern showers at the moment. and we will look ahead to your
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america.
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have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> a veteran who was robbed and then beaten with his own walker in front of a saint pete walker is getting help tonight. >> the man accused of beating him is behind bars. harold stewart was taken into custody a short while ago. jamel lanee, it seems this tragic story now has a bit of a happy ending. >> reporter: it does. you know, to go to the store anymore. stewart behind bars where he will stay. jeffrey hardman has reason to smile again. several people reached out to help the 67-year-old veteran after hearing he was robbed and beaten with his own walker last week in front of a wal-mart. >> it goes to show there are people who do care, you know. and they don't even know you and they care. >> reporter: one of those donors retired new york police
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service. >> reporter: he gave hardman $600 to help pay for his rentful money stolen during the robbery. >> i was so upset watching this story of this man beaten and robbed and having his walker stolen. >> reporter: hardman now has a new walker and an additional $700. but the best news comeing from saint pete police chief anthony holloway. >> the guy is arrested. i can tell you, ten minutes ago, he is in custody. >> good. >> reporter: his name is harold stewart. we just arrested and tampa is interviewing him now. our team found him out there. >> reporter: chief holloway says stewart is on probation for robbery. he says surveillance of stewart's blue dodge durango helped to capture him. >> he was arrested in tampa thanks to the media and the people out there. we were able to find him. the detective located him. >> reporter: hardman feels safer knowing his attacker is behind bars. >> i feel confident being out there. that ... i'm not going to worry about,
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>> reporter: now, hardman says that he definitely wanted to thank the community for helping him. stewart is behind bars but more charges are to come. he is already facing robbery charges. >> jamel lanee live for us in saint pete. thank you jamel. well, sounds like the plot from the movie armageddon. nasa will launch a probe into space to chase down an asteroid that could one day clayed with earth. osirus rex will blast off. it is expected to arrive in august of 2018. it will take a map of the asteroid and take samples and take them back to earth. amazing. bourbon will now be made in florida for the first time since prohibition. it has been brewing in saint augustine about two years now. and guess what? it went on sale today. the line was outside the door all the way down the street as people patiently waited to buy a piece of history. >> hm. well, they endured
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that, the bloomingdale bulls are newschannel8's team of the week. anthony allred shows us the plays and the play makers that put them on top. >> we are the bloomingdale bulls. >> reporter: at the home of the bloomingdale bulls it was a big party up in the stands. ? [ music ] ? >> to be honest, our band an our stands took over. >> reporter: and down on the field, the bulls. the cowboys scored touchdowns. they shut doubt the cowboys in the first half. >> we played great with a short field. the second half was wild. >> we start first-degree game pretty slow. the second quarter we picked it up. >> reporter: when the cowboys came roaring back, the bulls stuck to the game plan and kept making plays on both sides of the ball. >> you talk adverse the. you don't know how the kids are going to respond to it.
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it goes down and up. we have to pick each other up and work as a team. >> reporter: bloomingdale bulls, holler at me! if defense and the offense, weather the cowboys storm. how could i forget about how special teams, they blocked the field goal and scored a field goal to women the game? it was a total team effort. and that is why your newschannel8's team of the week. [ cheers and apse congratulations to the bloomingdale bulls. newschannel8's team of the week. >> it's a great feeling. the teams have worked hard all summer long. >> reporter: running with the bulls, anthony allred, newschannel8. [ cheers and applause ] congrats to them. the 2016 heart walk is just around the corner.
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fuccillo kia is matching the first $50,000 we make. you can go to for details. well, the view from tampa today looks gorgeous, plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon. a few fair weather clouds of course. but overall, it's been a prettya good look at the downtown area. the hillsborough river. not far from where we are broadcasting in downtown tampa. we slowed down just a little bit there. we have a wake zone along the hillsborough river going up the bridge there. same story, veteran's ford in tampa. 89 degrees. a few fair weather clouds. east wind at 4 miles an hour. out in palm harbor, 87 degrees. always looks beautiful with the north wind at 5 miles an hour. humidity maybe a little higher than it was 24 hours ago.
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degrees with that north wind at 6 miles an hour. pretty quiet there in the way of traffic at the moment. hot day for us. 93 degrees. 95 the record set in 2008. so without the rain relief. really without the sea breeze, because we have an overall easterly flow. it provides some type of relief. saturday, 91 degrees. 90 degrees for sunday. the rain chances 30% or less for the area. should help to up but generally, the rain chances are still lightly below our average. slim rain chance here, a few clouds for the evening. clearing skies by midnight. 78 degrees. 93 degrees right now at the airport. that is our high for the day. dew point, a little higher than it was 24 hours ago, back up in the 70s . in saint petersburg, dew point summer like, 74. 89 degrees the current temperature in the downtown area. of course, the easterly breeze does help as it is moving across the bay to keep it just a little bit cooler.
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the southeast. just don't see much weather happening. high pressure is a stable atmosphere. sinking air essentially. and, with an easterly flow driving a few showers with deeper moisture across the southern section of the state. that is where the bulk of the precipitation is. but really not much precipitation. a lot of sunshine too. very similar looking sky. well, for the friday night blitz, weather looks pretty good for tomorrow. slight chance of rain. especially southern spots. 87 degrees at kickoff. falling through the 80s by the final play. mostdr can't rule out a stray shower early. most of that should dry up pretty quickly. on the wrap model, you can see by 7:30, a few shower ins the zone. as we get into the overnight, things look fairly quiet. then the forecast for thursday, you can see later on today, into the early part of friday. partly cloudy skies. the easterly flow will dominate across the region. moisture will slowly return. a few more storms around as well getting into the early part of saturday, plenty of sunshine. should be a fairly nice weekend
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the year. so, that 30% rain chance into friday, same for saturday and sunday. mostly afternoon and evening hours. high temperatures in the low 90s . overnight low temperatures in the upper 70s . which is right at our seasonal averages. monday, tuesday, wednesday, typical weather for us. might be drier days. might be some wetter days depending on your location. but, fairly classic summer weather but keeping in mind, we are getting toward the end of september. and, by the time period, we will look for our weather to be more october like. fewe a cold front to change things here. >> that is like music to my years. >> i know. >> just the hope of it. thank you steve. >> okay. well, choosing jail over the comforts of his own home. >> an unhappy man pulling off a robbery to get arrested. why he says he would rather live behind bars than go home to his wife. >> and remember, you can join jenn holloway, julie phillips, and me on newschannel8 at 8:00
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. e 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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>> now to what's making headlines across america. a terrifying situation inside of a texas high school this afternoon. a student walked into the band room at alpine high. shot a classmate and turned the gun on herself.
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recover. federal officer was also shot accidentally during the investigation by a u.s. marshal. a 70-year-old kansas man is facing charges after police say he robbed a bank because he didn't want to be around his wife. he walked into the bank and handed a bank teller a note that said i have a gun, give me money. then, he sat in the lobby and waited to be arrested telling police he could no longer bear living with his wife. he says she wouldn't quit nagging him about fixing the drier. that's a 6:00 is coming up next. >> stacie and keith are here with what we are working on. >> thanks jen and josh, a skimming device is discovered inside a pump at a tampa gas station. >> coming up after the break, we will tell you where the device was found. >> also ahead, a couple of crooks ransack a radio shack in no time at all. the video investigators want you to see to help catch them. >> this is the man polk county
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say shot and killed a man after an online sale. >> coming up, saint petersburg city council members hear of a stinky problem of overflowing sewage. why fixing it won't be cheap or easy. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china.
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jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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>> right at 6:00. >> three online sales, one turns deadly. after daying of searching an accused murder sir behind bars. >> pouring money into a drainage system that is not working. 8 on your side finds out what saint pete residents are really paying for. >> and scammers are at it again. another skimming device found in a gas station for the second time. i'm keith cate. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us.
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gunman who shot and killed a man during an online sale. candace mccowan joins us now at the family dollar where this deal turned deadly. and candace, what are we learning about what happened? >> reporter: good evening. sheriff judd used this mug shot of victor mann during his paren conference saying he was using the let go app to set up his victims on three different occasions occasions and rob them. one happening here at this family dollar. i talked to one of the ot he is still upset over what happened. >> you know, you look back and you think, this could have been really bad. i'm sorry. >> reporter: cory piece is a father of two. now overcome thinking about the risk he took trying to sell his ipad. >> we could have been a lot less fortunate. >> reporter: he used the let go app to list his ipad. he found a buyer who met him at


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