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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> right now on newschannel8 at 7:00. >> good evening. it's an app that advertises itself as a place to buy and
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let go app to set up victims and rob them, even kills one. candace mccowan talked to one of the victims who is very shaken up. >> reporter: corey piece is a father of two overcome thinking about the risk he took trying to sell his ipad. >> we could have been a lot less fortunate. >> reporter: he found a buyer who met him at this walgreens when the buyer snatched it. >> i said are you kidding me? >> reporter: a second seller who also was robbed in broad daylight, this time, at gunpoint. that seller was pistol whipped. but, sunday, during a third transaction, the buyer escalated. police say he snatched another cell phone, then shot and killed jeffrey morrow as he ran away. >> we knew we had to operate quickly. we didn't know when he would strike again. >> reporter: detectives tracked down 25-year-old victor mann.
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in polk county, candace mccowan, newschannel8. tonight, the man who forced a shoot-out with a drug task force just a little over 24 hours ago is dead. polk sheriff grady judd says francis perry refused to talk to officers during a traffic stop and then pulled a gun and took a shot at them. four detectives returned fire. he died this morning. he was known to be a violen felon. investigators have removed a skimmer from a gas pump at the citgo station. 8 on your side shot exclusive video as police removed it and gathered e. you see them doing that right there. another skimmer was found on a different pump at this very same gas station. tonight, hillsborough deputies are still trying to track down the man who robbed a jewelry store at the ban don mall. a task made tougher by a lack of cameras in the mall itself. today, the store reopened just
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after the bad guy. jumped on his hood and was thrown into the middle of state road 60. surveillance video from inside the store shows the thief running away. but here's the surprise. the mall itself doesn't have any cameras inside the facility. surveillance video may help catch three guys who smashed their way into a radio shack store in winter haven. this happened last friday hat 4:30 in the morning. in less than two minutes they grabbed items from the showroom and from the back of the store. an then they went out the way c tonight, a day care worker faces a felony charge accused of not watching the children as something horrible happened. as john rogers shows us u one child attacked and bit another during nap time. >> reporter: the pictures are up believable. august 29, amanda beady picked up her son from day care and found him like this, bite marks on his face, arms, and back. he was attacked by another child while they should have
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learner's day care. >> the employee who was supposed to be watching these children wasn't doing her job at the time. >> reporter: deputies say 23- year-old casey burke fail today properly care for the children. the arrest report says the kids were napping while burke should have been watching. instead, she talked to colleagues and even ate lunch. at one point, she heard crying but ignored it. burke has now been charged with child neglect which is a felony. in manatee county, john rogers, 8 on ur an arrest in the case of a veteran robbed and beaten with his own walker. investigators found harold stewart in tampa and arrested him this afternoon. stewart robbed and beat 67-year- old jeffrey hardman in front of a wal-mart in saint petersburg last friday. he stole his wallet and his walker. chief anthony holloway says surveillance of stewart's blue dodge durango helped capture him. >> he was arrested in tampa
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out there. we were able to find him. the detectives located him. >> good samaritans donated a new walker and $1,300 to help pay hardman's bills. stewart is facing robbery charges. right now, nasa is launching a mission to an asteroid from cape canaveral. check this out. this is is a live look at the launch pad where liftoff is happening as we speak. the osyrus will chase down an asteroid, take a sample and bring it back to earth. a beautiful day for a launch. benu is considered a dangerous asteroid that could one day hit earth, possibly as soon as the year 2135. all the rain from hurricane hermine forced saint petersburg to dump partially treated sewage into the bay. jeff patterson explains this
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marina is picturesque. take a closer look and you may not want to go in the water. the water is contaminated. don't play, swim, or fish. >> we are a waterfront community where we can't, you know, utilize the resources that we have. >> reporter: barbara is a small business owner at gulf port and isn't happy. the city of saint petersburg allowed partially treated sewage into the water. during hermine. >> it happened last august. w it is very, very disappointing. >> reporter: saint petersburg city council learned for the first time since the storm, just how bad the problem became. >> in the southwest, it was probably about 8 million. >> reporter: saint petersburg city council members found the discharge of waste water still going on. the city hopes that will end by tomorrow. jeff patterson, newschannel8.
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the rocket taking off. there it is. >> that is nasa. it's amazing what they are doing here jen. they are going to fly to an asteroid, land on it, gather a fist sized piece of rock and be back by the year 2023. >> 2135? >> that would be a long way away. >> 2023. that's a long time. i'll be 51 or 52. >> it could hit 2155. that was the day in my mind. >> they have to figure it out before then. >> i guess they have that planned out. i can't wait to see how that comes out. >> i can't believe they are doing this. >> they don't always check in with us. >> it's amazing they don't. >> i don't know why. >> should i talk about what is on the screen? >> maybe,. >> 87 degrees at freedom plaza. mostly cloudy skies. a few showers across the area. similar, maybe the rain chances get a little better as we head into the weekend.
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sunday, 90 degrees with a 30% chance of rain both days. afternoon and evening hours for us. temperatures have been warm. we have 93 degrees for a high today. at 9:00 p.m., 81 degrees. slim rain chance, a few clouds left around. otherwise, pleasant. the humidity did come back a little bit. we had slightly drier air hanging around for a couple of days. but, and northern spots may still enjoy some of the lower humidity. 78 degrees at midnight. the current numbers, 88 lutz. odessa, brandon. you can see 88 degrees in dade city. we will have more on the weekend forecast. look ahead to your football weather coming up. >> still ahead. after days of flooding, residents are finally returning to their homes in the sun coast gate way mobile village. coming up, what they are
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>> just days after the sun coast gate way mobile village was underwater, residents are making their way back home. the pasco eoc urged people to evacuate when the flood waters rose. they lifted that suggestion last night. chip osowski was there as one couple returned home. >> so you guys evacuated? >> yes. we did. >> we did. >> marion returned to their mobile home to find my of their belongings ruined. >> we fix everything. we fix the floor, everything. we both need a new ac. >> reporter: inside, also damage from the water, anna knew it was going to be bad. she and her husband took this video here over the weekend. >> the air-conditioning. the outside.
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and drier are outside. >> reporter: a few streets over, steven hosed off the nasty residue from his driveway. his wife evacuated. he stayed. the couple just moved in two weeks ago. most everything they owned was in the garage and was underwater. >> awe the personal sessions were in here. i have been hauling off to the dump two days now. >> reporter: i'm chip osowski, newschannel8. >> the parks assessing the situation and is working on a long term plan to address flooding there in the future. apple has a word of caution specific to just one style of its new iphone 7. that story is coming up. >> plus, what caused a deadly crash involving a tesla car? the company has checked the logs and is weighing in tonight. >> and remember, this year's heart walk is coming up in november, but now's the time to join stacie schaible's team.
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tesla says the auto pilot system cannot be blamed for a deadly crash yesterday in the netherlands. it took hour to remove the driver's body from the wreckage because rescue workers feared they would be shocked by electric car. tesla says the self-driving function was not engaged and the car's logs show it was driving at nearly 100 miles an hour when it crashed. mazda is recalling more than 2 million cars worldwide to fix a problem with the rear hatch. the problem can be some cx5 and cx3 suvs and some mazda 5 vans. corrosion can cause the hatch lift supports to fail which means they could fall and cause an injury. if your vehicle is recalled, the dealer will replace both lift supports. ford is expanding its recall. one that they issued just this past sunday to cover 2.3 million vehicles. the problem is with faulty car door latches that can cause a
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cmax, escape, train transit vans are all expected. the recall will cost nearly a billion dollars. well, the people who make your peeps are put out over their paychecks. the peeps people picketed in protest of their pay outside the peeps plant in pennsylvania. the problems, the pension plans for the peep makers protests persist for an extended period. there's that. if you are excited to be one of the first to own apple's shiny new jet black iphone 7, you will probably want to put the beautiful phone in a case. apple is warning customer that's the new jet black phone is susceptible to micro abrasions. on their website, they recommend customers put the cone in a case or risk scratches in the high gloss finish. the phone is the only one that
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and one more thing about the jet black phone, it is not available in the cheaper 32 gigabyte version so the price will start at $749. if you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side. better call behnken. >> it is green, it's unsightly. and those living around a sarasota lake owned by the county are fed up. they have been begging county official to take care of this eyesore sincla they are getting nowhere on their own so they called shannon behnken. >> there is not one patch of blue anymore. >> reporter: steve eric used to enjoy the blue and the wildlife right in his backyard at lake crane in sarasota. but now, it is so green you can't tell where the grass stops and the water begins. >> there is even otters in this lake. i don't see the otters anymore. and, it is not going to go away by itself. >> reporter: steve and others
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begged officials for help for months. but, this green stuff called duck weed just keeps growing. and it is not only the people dealing with this. turtles try to get in on our interview too. but you can hardly even see them. >> i know. maybe we will get some help. maybe the county will have mercy upon you. >> reporter: the county used to spray periodically. and that kept the weeds away. but then, they stopped showing up and residents couldn't get a straight answer. >> what's it like looking out >> it's terrible. it's like a depleting feeling, especially knowing how it used to b. it was a pristine lake. and, the ducks were here. and the fish were not floating to the surface. >> reporter: fed up with the county, they called me. >> i see you on tv helping community folks that just can't get things done on their own dealing with the bureaucracy and the power figures out there. and we just wanted ... i just wanted to get this done. >> reporter: with sweet talking
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some calls. >> hi, this is shannon behnken at newschannel8. i am siting in front of a very green lake. >> reporter: i had plenty to say, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, i thought this might work faster. and it did work. a county spokesman called me back to say they did look into it and they will be spraying on saturday. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. great day to enjoy a swim in our crystal clea maybe not right here. eagle 8 found plenty of sharks off the shores of anna maria this afternoon. pretty good view there. i imagine there are probably frequent fliers in the waters. the eagle is able to gather those images so be careful. always a good idea to shuffle your feet, no, that's the sting rays. you can see a beautiful evening. a mix of clear skies. a few fair weather clouds there. certainly no rain.
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at 4:00 p.m. hot day. we had a warm one today. 93 for a high. the record, 95 set back in the early 2000s . i think it was 2008 i think actually. drier air continues aloft. that has been a big part of our forecast. and that drier air has come down to the surface in some areas. felt a little lower humidity which is always a treat during summertime. that has also helped to stabilize and limit the amount of showers we have seen. thank high pressure to the north. sinking air, stable atmosphere, not much happening in the soas florida peninsula. the easterly flow is driving a figure showers across the state. temperatures low 90s . a few scattered showers moving off to the west. sarasota county. manatee. this one north of arcadia in de soto county. everything moving east to west. as for friday night blitz forecast, temperatures will be warm tomorrow night. 87 degrees at kickoff. 84 degrees here at halftime.
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can't rule out the slight possibility. especially early evening of seeing a shower. certainly not widespread. as for the forecast here the rest of this evening, just some scattered shower activity as we head into the overnight. mostly clear conditions overnight. a few clouds around. dry commute for us. in the afternoon, more of the same kind of a day. certainly the humidity is making a bit of a comeback, not that the air was ever that dry. but any change in humidity especially on the dry side is noticed by floridians especially toward the end of summer. the rain friday, saturday, sunday. 40% as we get into tuesday, wednesday. high temperatures remain near normal. overnight low temperatures are very close to what we expect this time of the year. not until late september, we start to see changes into october. and not until the second or third week of october, we get the big significant cold front. >> not a problem. i'll see you then. i'm not coming back to work until then. >> you going to stay in the ac? >> i am.
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stay with us. >> at least we know where you will be. >> plus, here is what you'll see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> busy moms are measuring up and taking part in an eight- week challenge. i'm gayle sierens andly show you how it works. >> plus, weather and traffics on the 8s on newschannel8
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>> footprint ins the sand tend to vanish quickly which is why a few newly discovered footprints are so impressive. a woman walking near the beach in australia felt something unusual under her feet. she cleared the sand away and found these dinosaur tracks. a local paleontologist believes they are millions of years old. erratic tides probably just recently uncovered them. he believes the tracks were
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carnivore. so let's really hope it wasn't recent. the guinness world record folks are giving us a look at a few new record holders. the highest jump by a llama. caspa is a nine-year-old llama from wales capable of clearing a bar at six feet eight-and-a- half inches. meanwhile, ludo, a cat from yorkshire england is the longest cat, measuring three et and, there is this guy. from china, he runs fast upside down on his hands. with a ball between his legs? >> yeah. that's common. >> that's a thing. >> you know, that llama, high jump record was previously i think three feet, six inches set by a llama in peru. and the year was 1952. it was in the games. >> sometimes i don't know whether to believe you or not. >> the llama games of 1952. >> i'm going to ere on the side of not believing you. >> you can look it.
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>> announcer: nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl,l premieleague, the chase for the nascar sprint cup and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. >> al: tonight in denver, a new banner will be unveiled in congressmaneration of the broncos' super bowl win but there is a sense of uncertainty as the season begins against the carolina panthers in a rematch of super bowl 50. cam newton's frustration after carolina's super bowl loss was well documented, and tonight he


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