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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  September 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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zika in your backyard. the fight focused on pregnant women. what doctors are doing today to help protect them. facing the judge. the accused killer of a bay area man who was items with a popular auction app is headed to court. the frantic moments of a bay area man trapped on a sinking boat. he uses a plastic cup to bail water before the coast guard swoops in to help. good morning i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. >> reporter: it's not too bad, it's friday, and that's good news, but you may notice it's humid this morning, meaning
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brooksville, you're at 72. polk county,75, and it will be a hot day, above average, and average ask 90, and i'm expecting 92. this average of 90 is important, and today is the last day where i expect the average high to be 90 degrees, and we spent 98 days from june 4th through september 9th with the average high of 9. during that time for us, we were at average. 90.3, but we will gradually see things average high of 87 by the end of this month. that's something to look forward to. an hour-by-hour look at today. leslee will let you know what to expect on the roads. >> reporter: a little bit of road work is out there, as we usually do. the howard frankland drive is a wonderful stretch over the water. there's road work in the seminole area. 83rd street is closed through
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vine and 78th street, and there's a portion of the northbound lanes of seminole blocked as well. more coming up in my next report. now back to gene and gayle. happening today, each day we get more reports of the zika virus being transmitted in florida. ryan hughes is live in hillsborough county. ryan, doctors will be on their concerns? i'm sure they have many concerns. >> reporter: exactly, gail, local leaders are obviously taking this seriously. both health department doctors and advocates of the healthy start coalition will meet here at the tampa law center to help pregnant women through the very important and nerve wracking time. >> right now i think it is a concern.
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area where they had the concern, and i would make sure i was wearing protective clothing and i was using the repellants. >> reporter: words of advice from the executive start of the healthy start coalition saying women call her office all the time with questions and concerns. a pregnant woman who gets the zika virus runs the risk of spreading it to their rn child who could develop other conditions. the state just established a zika virus hot line, and you can get the 080 phone number on
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pregnant women. you anxious when you are pregnant and want to do everything right. an 8 on your side consumer alert it p happened again, another -- it p happened -- it happened again. another skimmer scam. mary, do investigators have any idea how long this skimmer was in place? >> the accident so it had to be installed after that. this gas station will not reopen until 7:00 a.m., but they cannot install locks like that on the gas pumps because they are open 24/7. the latest case is just days after a judge sentenced yadmir yaris to a year behind bars,
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but that's just two guys caught. next time, use the pumps closest to the cashier. >> very often they will set it to the pump that is the farthest away or a more isolated area. if you can get in the middle of everything with other people around. >> reporter: gas station clerks recommend going inside of the station and paying for gas to avoid being scammed by the skimmer, and the best way to parkway is always going inside cash or a card in there. if you can't do that, use a credit card, not a debit card when you are outside, and pick a pump that is towards the middle, not one of the ends. they are the seize iiest for scammers to get in and out quickly, installing the deviations, and your money is being taken without you knowing it. >> mary, thank you. a bartow man is headed to court today, accused of killing a man who was trying to sell
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ap app. victorman is accused of killing jeffrey morrow. and investigators believe the man arranged the meeting through the let go app, and he may have used it to rob at least two other people. the operators helped detectives crack the case. new questions about a bradenton day care center after a child suffered bite marks all over his florida. jay's bright learners day is being investigated. pictures show bite marks on miss face, arms, and back. the mother says it happened august 29th when another child bit her son. aday care worker was arrested and charged with child neglect. 23-year-old casey burke is charged with not properly watching the children. a dramatic rescue at sea. and coast guard crew helped a man who was trapped. >> i'm taking on water in all
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s. >> that's the call from the boater, and in this coast guard video, you can seat fan frantically bailing water with a plastic cup. that's all he has. rescuers low aerodewaterring pump and a rescue swimmers to the boat. they were able to keep it afloat until it may it to dock. a disgluesing sewage problem in st. petersburg. millions of gallons of partially treated waste water are being dumped n. gulf port, you can see notices warning residents to stay out of the water. >> we are a water front community, and we can't utilize the resources we have. we can't kayak or go to the beach. >> so far at least 80 million gallons of sewage have been released into the bay, but the public works director claims
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>> and happening today, remembering september 11th. across the country, special ceremonies are taking place to honor the victims of the terror attacks, and one of the events happening in tampa. tampa fire and rescue will have a 9/11 observance ceremony this morning. it's at the firefighters' museum. the ceremony will get underway at 9:00. mayor bob buckhorn and other city leaders will attend. the new york stock exchange of silence at 9:20. the world trade center attack happened just blocks away and wall street was closed for several days following the tragedy. you will notice it's slightly more humid, but the humidity will continue to rise over the next few days. sorry about that let's go hour- by-hour, starting your day at 8:00 this morning, 77 degrees.
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10% rain chance, and then the high of 92, and that should happen at 4:00 p.m., very hot day today. 30% rain chance in the evening, and of course, put that into your mind before you head out to dinner on this friday evening. the first few showers with the rain fall potential popping up at 2 or 3. the good news is north of i-4, where we had flooding issues, less rain today, and almost everybody less than an inch of rain for sure. pockets of heavie of i-4. humidity again, gradually increasing today and tomorrow and into the rest of the weekend as well, leading to spotty afternoon storms each day and staying warm. low 90s into next week, and starting tomorrow, the average high is 89 degrees, and even though our temperatures are higher than that, it's good to know at least the average is coming down. it's been a long, hot summer. >> it has. i would rather have it hot than cold. >> obviously. >> i love florida!
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no complaints. a little less humid would be nice, but leigh, that's not going to happen. we have a little road work here. i want you to be aware of this, more of residential area. 83rd street is closed between flamevine and 78th street, and more to the north of that, we do have the northbound lanes of seminole boulevard that are blocked here. keep that in mind. the southbound side is not affected. i spoke about this a ago they are doing utility work, and it's going to be blocked there. allow for extra time, and you calls stake starky. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> leslee, thank you. if you look at it, there's not probably one patch of blue water anymore. >> that is steve herick
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weed, and the problem is so bad, wildlife struggles to get through it then't county used to spray periodically, but residents say they stopped. shannon behnken called and took pictures of the lake and sent them to county officials, and now the county officials promise to treat the lake tomorrow. if you have a problem that needs solving, call behnken. 855-behnken. news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 for the heart walk, but we help. we have a generous match for the first $50,000 we raise. every dollar you donate is really going to count as 2. go to for details. >> we hope you come out as well. >> it's a fun event for a great cause. >> we all go out, the entire team. >> awareness is a big part of the fight against heart disease. a new weapon to fight fat.
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using the before and after challenge to lose weight, and you can, too. outrage over a 9/11 themed matress ad. why the company behind this commercial is now apologizing. first north korea is creating more tension in asia. why the country's leaders blame the u.s. for another nuclear weapons test, and it's 5:12 on this friday morning. you're watching news channel 8 today. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my
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igh wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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we are back, and it's 5:15. north korea tv announced the country hit the button on the fifth most test. it registered as a magnitude 5 earthquake in the area it could mean north korea is continuing its efforts to build a functional nuclear warhead. a san antonio matress company advertised a 9/11 memorial twin tower sale. >> and now people on social media are lashing out in a big way, calling it tasteless, and people are offensed, and now the store owner is receiving
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maviseses piled up, up -- of matresses piled up, and then you can see it crashing to the ground. >> it was stupid. it was a stupid idea we sent out. we apologize for our stupidity, and we really hope you forgive us for what we have done. >> now miracle matress will donate 30% of the sales this weekend to it's 5:16, and 8 is on your side with a healthy challenge. you see the pictures on instagram, facebook, and twitter all the time of people's before and afternoon weight loss pictures, but a lot are of people in the bay area. how do they do it? is i went to find out. >> reporter: there's an 8-week weight loss challenge in tampa bay, and these are all folks who live here in tampa bay, and
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so many people are jumping on board in the bay area, and there's so many success stories sometimes you see the before and you are like, wow, i have a lot of work i can do. >> reporter: christine took the challenge and first started by premeasuring her morning shakes. protein, peanut butter protein, veggies, and more. >> you can go out and go to panera and get a sa on that, and ask them to hold the dressing on the side. >> reporter: on the team helping people with the 8-week challenge is jim white. he strongly sunlights measuring your food if you want to give it a try at home. here's why. >> when you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, that's about all the peanut butter we can put on the
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bread. >> this is a single serving of cereal. >> reporter: most of us are not good at eyeballing but with the true calorie counting, exercising 2-3 times a week and eating clean, the transformation comes in a few weeks. >> i had had amazing results. i lost 12 pounds and 20 inches off my body. >> reporter: if you want to read more about the weight los another key to success, is doing it in a group and jim white said that's key to success. >> looking at the transformation tuesday pictures, that will motivate you to go to the gym. 5:18, let's see what is going on weatherwise. this stroll is going to feel more humid to you. not back to july levels, but more steamy than it was yesterday morning.
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warming up to 87 at noon, and more humid, and then making it to 92 at 4:00 p.m., and above average, and steamy and our rain chance is higher today at 30%. in auburndale, 75. lake placid, 76 degrees, and everyone is warmer than you were at this time yesterday. brooksville, inverness, 5 degrees warmer, and when we have a little more humidity, keeping us from cooling down as much overnight. that's why i believe we are warmer. still a clear sky for the most part when you get up and get going this morning. the first few showers develop in the early afternoon. i told you yesterday, almost all of the rain will fall south of i-4. today, i'm expecting a few showers to sneak north of i- 4 as well, and then a similar pattern through the weekend. humidity will increase, and the rain chances remain in the
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sunday and monday. leslee? looking at road work that is continuing in sarasota county, just a heads up if you're headed out and taking state road 72. it's still closed right now as they continue the repairs over to cydell road. here's the closest alternate for you. it will reach out to clay gully to eventually get you to fruitville no easy alternate in sarasota. similar area of pinellas county. northbound lanes on seminole boulevard are blocked north of alverton. if you're used to seminole during the rush hour periods, you may want to hop over here. ridge is further to the north, and it's ridge road right here. and that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. a recall that could put a baby in danger. the. >> the pacifier clip that
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bass in an 8 on your side consumer alert, parents of small children listen up, thousands of pacifier clips are under recall for posing a choking hazard. they have different colors and character designs. the problem is the spring mechanism can break, creating small parts the child could babies r us and toys r us. take them away from babies and return them to the store for a full refund. it is never too earlly to plan for the holidays, and that includes booking flights for thanksgiving and christmas, and in fact, right now is the time to plan so you can get good details out there according to hipmonk, to save 14%, you need to book by october 3rd for thanksgiving, and for
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november 7th. if you try to get to smaller markets, the prime time to book for thanksgiving is this week. for christmas, the week of october 12th no more slacking, get to booking. new in the next half an hour a bay area woman mind bars in connection for a murder for hire plot. >> what she wanted done and where she was head.
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it's 5:28. when you send the kids to the bus stop on this friday, humid, but dry, and it will be hot when they leave school today at 92, and a couple more hours and then it's friday night football blitz. >> we will look out here in pinellas county. a quick reminder, road work
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utility repairs for the area here. i will have more coming up.
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look before you swipe. a new skimmer warning for bay area drivers where the newest skimmer was found. and with the zika fears rising in our area, doctors will meet today with women. we will tell you when and where the important forum is happening so you can attend. a manatee county woman wanted her ex-husband dead, and today she will face a judge. how detectives tricked and caught the woman in the act. good morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today, happy friday to you. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us. everyone is talking about this.


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