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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  September 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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zika in your backyard. the fight against the virus, focusing on pregnant women. what local doctors are doing today to protect them. facing the judge. the accused killer a bay area man who s items with a popular auction app is headed to court. the frantic homes of a bay area man trapped on a sinking boat. how he uses a plastic cup to bail the the water before the coast guard swoops in to help. i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. >> reporter: somehow the
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specifically 77 in tampa. 79 in st. petersburg, and 75 in plant city, and afternoon high today, above average, and the average is 90, and i'm expecting 92, and the average is here is important. we spent 98 days with the average high of 90, and during that time this year, right on par. 910.3 this year. if you want to know when it will start average high is 87 by the end of september. something to look forward to at 08, and i will take you hour bihour through the commute today. >> we have a great drive across the bay area bridges, and i will start with the good news first. 275 at fowler. moving over to the the seminole area, and will zoom in here, just north of ulmerton at seminole boulevard at 16th avenue.
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they wrap it up in the middle of september, take ridge road or starkey load as well. i just got word of an accident on 66th street. more coming up. back to gene and gayle. every day we get more reports of the zika virus transmitting. today an important event be held to help give moms-to-be information. the hope is it will stop the fear. ryan, doctors will be on hand to talk to the women about their concerns? >> reporter: good morning, and once again, local leaders are taking this very seriously. health department doctors and advocateses for the healthy start coalition will meet right here in tampa to help pregnant women through the important and nerve racking time.
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if i were a pregnant woman right now, i would not go to the miami area where they have had the concern, and i would make sure i was wearing the protective clothing. >> reporter: words of advice from the executive director of the healthy start coalition, and she says women call her office all the time with pregnancy concerns. women run the risk of spread it to their get microcephaly, which can affect the development of the child's brain. it's hoped that today's event will educate women on what to do to prevent the zika virus. the event will get underway here at stetson at noon. you can find the hot line number on our website. good information this morning.
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when you're pregnant, you're anxious enough, and then the zika issue can be alarming. it's 6:04. an 8 on your side consumer alert it happened again. another skimmer scam hitting a gas station in tampa for the second time in just a few months. mary mcguire has what you need to know. do authorities have any idea how long the skimmer informs place? >> reporter: was found at this very gas station in april. the new one was gyp stalled after that. check out how well the gas station is locked up, but the trouble is, you can't put is the locks likes that on the gas pumps -- locks like that on the gas pumps because they are open 24/7. the partners in crime are convict of scamming in these
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incident. tampa police say before you top off your tank, use the pumps closiest to the cashier. >> very offer they set it on the pump that is the furthest away, or an isolated area. get in the middle of everything with the people around. >> reporter: gas station clerks recommend going inside and paying for gas there to avoid being scam bade skimmer. the best way to pay, go in gas station and use cash or a card. if you can't do that, use your credits card outside, not your debit card, and select a pump that is towards the middle. the outer one are the ones that scammers target. they can easily come in, install the skimmer and get your information in just minutes.
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use the let go app. victorman is accused of killing jeffrey more row. it's believed that man arranged the meeting through the let go app, and he may have used it to problem two people as well. the operators helped detectives crack the case. new questions after a child suffered bright marks all ov the until it physical department is investigating the day dare. there's bide marks on his face, arms, and back. the mother says it happened own august 29th, when another, wore was charged with child neglect. >> you have got to see this dramatic rescue at sea. a coast guard helicopter crew
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sinking near john's pass. >> coastguard, i have a heyday here. i'm take on water in all come partments. >> that's the call from the boater, and the coast guard video, you can see him frantically bailing water, and that's all he has got. rescuers lowering a dewatering pump, and they were able to keep his boat afloat until it may it to the dock in treasure island. disgusting revelations this morning in st. petersburg. millions of gallons partially treated waste water are being jump into tampa bay. it's still going on. in gulf exhorted, you can see the notices warning people to stay out of the water. business owners and residents are fed up. >> we are a water front community where we cannot out lied the resources we have.
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beach. >> reporter: at least 80 million grand slam loans of sewage have been released into the bay, but that's only an estimate. today we expect to find out more about the extensive damage caused by hermine in pasco county, and they will update us on cleanup efforts. this sunday new port richey will collect donations for storm victims. go to that. we getting an idea of how much damage hermine caused citrus county, and it's staggering. the county estimating $102 in damage there. 1300 homes were damaged, and 531 of them suffering major damage. it's more humid out there today. not as comfortable, but noter it this will time of the year.
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in fact, we will stay stay mostly cloud the first half of the day. afternoon high of 92. should happen at 4:00 p.m. the rain chance, just 20 percent, and a 30% rain chance when you're headed out foe dinner. basically nothing from noon too 3:00 p.m. light, widely scattered showers, but during the evening, the storms push to the that's the smallest rain chances z good news, lower rain chances there, and there's pockets of heavier rain south of i-4 today. the humidity will inyes today and the weekend. spotty storms each day, and a 30% chance, and highs in the low 9 0s into next week, even though the average high will be 9. it's starting to come down
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i will check on traffic. more cars on the roads in general. issues in pinellas county, and i mentioned the accident on 66th street 123rd avenue, injuries involved, and it's off to the side for fhp. let's go over here and talk about road work. northbound, seminole boulevard at 16th avenue. if fhp says the lanes are there's incones ofen the roadways, and you can't go northbound on seminole, but you can take starky ridge as an alternate. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. remembering 9/11. across the country, special ceremonies will take place to honor the victims of the terror attacks, one happening in tampa. tampa fire and rescue will have an observance ceremony later this morning at the firefighters' museum. doors for the vent will open to
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city leaders are expected to be there. and stake a live picture here from one world trade center in new york city, today homeland security sec will be speaking out in honor of the victims of the 9/11 attack. how busy moms are using the before and after challenge to lose right, and you can, too. it's time for high school football fun, and this is live picture from northeast high school, pennsylvania thenless county, and we are live with the friday blitz. you're watching news channel 8 today. they are having a great night out there.
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the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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it's 6:14, and 8 is on your tideside with challenge. you see pictures all the time with people with their before and after weight loss pictures, and come to find out a lot of them are from people who live here in tampa bay. how did they do it? i went to find out. >> reporter: there's an-week weight loss challenge in tampa bay, and the pictures you're looking at right now are of folks who live right here in tampa bay, and nay are seeing huge results. >> reporter: so many people are jumping on board in the bay
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>> sometimes you see the before, and you're like i have a lot of work i can do. >> reporter: christine hincok took the challenge and started with her drinks prepackaged to gout the the door. >> you can go out and get a salad and chicken and double the ei hold the new orleans in-- hold the dressing on the side. >> reporter: jim white sunlight the measuring your food if you want to try this at home. this is why. >> when you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, nas all the peanut butter we can put on the sandwich, and this
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bread. >> reporter: with exercising, eating clean, and true calorie tracking, hincok had amazing results. >> i lost a total of 12 pounds and 20 inches off my body. >> that's fantastic. if you want to read more about the weight loss challenge, go to, that makes it more fun. and you have to lose the 5-10 pounds to put them on in a couple of months. it's friday. you know what time it is, radioeducate? >> time for friday blitz.
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-- consuello is live. >> reporter: can you believe they got up at 4:00 this morning to be here? that's the spirit they had. 20% of the students here will go too colleger for the first time in their family, and that's thanks to the awesome programs here, but of course we are we will talk to b.j. miles. >> we practice so hard, we try our best to condition hard. >> reporter: how do you get the team pumped up? >> in the locker room we dance, and we make sure we get everyone hyped and things like
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really quick. >> mama, i love you! she's on the south side of chicago. >> reporter: we will be back in a couple of minutes, but for now, we are partying. >> nothing wrong with a mama's boy. >> that's right! >> it is so loud there, bj couldn't hear the questions. >> it's 6:18 of this friday morning. >> always a t the sidelines of the high school football games. for the most part, okay for the games. this moe morning, you will notice it's more humid, and it's heating up to 87 by noon, and partly cloudy, and 92 at 4:00 p.m., and that's above average. it will be a steamy afternoon. 30% chance of afternoon and evening storms, and some of the game at kickoff will still be with a few showers, and it will not last the whole game, but
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tampa you're at 77. and st. pete, 79 degrees, and no wonder they were so pumped up, it's hot out there. everybody is just a little warm ore than this time yesterday. that's an indication there's more humidity, and a few showers will start in the early afternoon, but notice they will continue through 6:00 or 7:00 pushing to the coast. almost the exact same forecast for saturday and sunday. highs in the low 90s. leslee? >> looking at right now. good drive on 19 and 275. an accident on 2nd street and 233rd avenue. it's off to the side, and it's not slowing you down at all. construction to talk about. utility work kicked off, and it will be there through mid- september. let's go to eagle 8, and we will get a ice bird's eye view of what is going on. see the cones in that's the northbound side.
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i want you if i remember starky and ring road. those are your alternates. >> leslee, thank you. this morning a recall that could put babies in danger. >> the pacifier clip that parents flood to take away right now. >> jim: a look at when to book your flights to save the most money. you're watching news channel 8 today.
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an 8 on your side consumer alert, parents of small children, listen up. these clips are posing a choking hazard that i have different character designs, and the problem is the spring
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children could choke on. take them away from babies and return them to toys r us or babies r us for a full refund. it's never to late to plan for the holidays. it's staple to plan to get the best deals out there according to hip monk, to save 14 percent for major markets, for christmas the deadline if you're headed to smaller markets, the time to book is now. for thanksgiving, book by this week, and christmas, october 12th. get that done. a wash about a smart phone and whyive ration safety experts don't want you to use it on a plane. scary, and that's knew in the next half an hour. also a bay area woman behind bars in connection for a
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what she. -- what shy wanted done and where -- what she wanted done and where she was headed. we will be back. weather and traffic on the 8s is just 3 minutes away. essage. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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8:28 on this friday. as you send your kids humid, 77 degrees, and mostly clear. when they come home from school, hot today. 92. 30% rain chance. 92 is above the average. the average down to 89 through the weekend into next week, and we are still going to be at 21 saturday, sunday, and monday, least lee lee -- leslee.
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a bird's eye view of the crash. traffic is slow and go as they move through. you have to be careful on 66th.
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look before you swipe. a new skimmer warning for bay area drivers. where the newest skimmer was found. >> and with zika fears rising here in our area, doctors will meet today with preg it's happen sog you can be there. a murder for hire plot. a manatee county woman wanted her ex-husband dead according to investigators, and today she will be facing a judge. we will show you how detectives tricked and caught the woman in the act. good morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez.
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little bit. notice we are at 72 in tampa right now, and 75 in plant city. tampa 3 degrees warmer, brooksville 5 degrees warmer, and brandon, there's an indication there's a little more humidity in place. when you look at the water vapor imagery, the red color is dry air. that's been a treat the last 2 days. we green color to work its way in. it will feel more humid and increase the rain chances. dry through the morning, and small rain chance of lunchtime, going up to 30% later today, and the storms will push to the coast. i have an 8-day temperature trend to trend you through the weekend to get the weekend started. >> good drive across the bay area bridges, and let's look at the few problems we have.
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is in the lane there is. now over to pinellas in the seminole area, and northbound lanes blocked at 16th avenue and then we have an accident. this is southbound at 6th, and here's a bird's eye view. the flashing lights, getting by, and it looks like the left lane is taking by. back to gene and gayle. an 8 on your side consumer alert this morning, bank statements, and authorities discovered another skimming device inside of a pump in tampa. that's where we find mary mcguire this morning. i understand the same gas station has been hit before? >> reporter: it hases and we
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burglars. the skimmer was found at pump number one here. we have exclusive video of tampa police removing it from inside of the pump. kevin brown is a suspected skimmer victim, and he news about the problem all too well. he lives in tampa, and when the bank call about the charges he just made in miami, he knew he was scammed. >> it made he wonder how they were able to use would be cautious. >> reporter: it's recommended you go inside to avoid being scammed by a swimmer. the cur say lance camera are as are away from the gas pumps, and this station is closed, and that gives criminals plenty of
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devices and get away in just minutes. >> i understand they are easy to install. 8 is on your side with advice to protect yourself as you fill up. as mary suggested, pay in cash. if you don't have cash, use a credit card instead of a debit card. monitor your statements regularly to spot unauthorized charges. if manager does not happen add up, immediately. fears about the zika virus are rising in the bay area. 84 cases with pregnant women have been documented, and ryan hughes is live in tampa. doctors will meet with pregnant women to address their fears. >> reporter: gene, good morning. once again, doctors and advocates will meet right here at the stetson university law
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fears of pregnant women, and they are the most affected by the virus naturally making them the most concerned. >> women said where do i do go? what do i do? >> we don't want women to be fearful during pregnancy, but we want them to protect themselves the pregnancy. the organization is working with state doctors to provide the best information to pregnant women during the seminar later today. they will all be on hand to suggest pregnant women take every precaution. it's recommended they avoid the miami area where it's the most prevalent. we are told sheets like these will be handed out to women to
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the vent will get underway here at noon. >> ryan, pregnant women definitely interested in this topic, as we all are. a manatee county woman is headed to court this morning accused of hiring a hit man to kill her ex-husband. investigators started to look into rachel offered a detective $5,000 to kill david leahy jr. it's believed the motive was to get custody of the couple's children. her grandmother is surprised by the news. >> it shocks me. i can't hardly believe it. >> reporter: did you know of any problem in the family? >> not really. >> detectives are convinced she planned to go through with the murder for hire the plot.
6:37 am
country. a man accused of brutally beating a veteran will go before a judge this morning. howard stewart attacked jeffrey holman using the disabled vet's own walker and now donors have contributed $1,300 to help and get a new walker. >> this guy doesn't know there's more bad than good. a lot more people can come forward, than a walker. >> stewart is facing robbery charges for the attack. an 8 on your side consumer alert this morning. employees of one of america's largest banks went behind their customers' backs, and they are in serious trouble. wells fargo admitting they illegally signed up customers for services without their permission, and that means they
6:38 am
have been fired for opening up 2 million of the unwanted accounts. you have to check this out, an unprecedented warning from aviation officials. do not plug in, charge, or turn on the samsung galaxy 7 during a flight. passengers are warned not to put them in checked pug luggage. millions of the phon been recalled because of the flaw. 6: -- 6:38, and the forecast from lee. >> reporter: this is the first glimpse of daylight. 75degrees now, and we head through the day, and it will start to warm up. 87 at noon, and 92 for an afternoon high, and it's going to be hot but also hot on the football fields across the tampa bay area, and we kick off
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about halftime, the band is playing, and the rain is coming to an end. 82 for the final play, and 92 is above average. we are at 21 saturday, sunday, and monday. notice the average high will come down to 89 degrees, and in the tropics, one area near the caribbean has a 10% chance of developing a 60% chance of this off africa. nothing in the immediate concern. we are keeping an eye on it you. leslee has been watching the roadways. >> and the mosquito repellant for the games. you want to have that on tonight, guys. ybor city is getting busy, and that's an 8-minute commute. looking good on the veterans expressway this is tieing up lanes on clinton avenue and prospect road, and keep that in mind here. the northbound planes right at 126th avenue closed, and of
6:40 am
catastrophe issue here. in is 166th at 123rd. we have the right lane taken away this is southbound at 66th on 123rd. that's a look at weather and traffic, back to gene and gayle. this morning, relief is on the way for residents who live around lake crane at sarasota, and that's thanks to shannon behnken. >> there's not e blue water anymore. >> reporter: the duck weed problem is so bad, wildlife is struggling to get through them. the county used to spray periodedly, but vest gator, shannonbacker sent the pictures to the county they promise to fix lake crane tomorrow.
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committedded to raising $100,000, but we need your help. we have a donor who is matching the first 50 now dollars we raise. go to for details, and we have been saying, it's such a good time. we are all out there. hope you join us. >> last year we went to brunch. make a >> exactly. outrage over the 9/11 commercials. what the company is saying about the idea. how do you get kids to wake up at 6:00 in the morning,? with 93.3 the z and the band of course. we are are at the home of the vikings, and they are up early and ready for tonight's big game against gibbs high school.
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north korea tv announced they hit the button on the most powerful nuclear test, and it was meant to counter what they are calling u.s. hostility, it registered a as magnitude 5 earthquake in the area. if confirmed it -- it could mean north korea is continuing to plan for a nuclear weapon. and san antonio matress company is it advertising a twin tower sale. >> the tved a is being called tasteless, and people are offended. and now the store owner is receiving death threats, and
6:46 am
then classing to the ground. the owner didn't realize it would create the controversy that it has. >> it was stupid. it was a stupid idea we sent out, and we apologize for our stupidity. we really hope you forgive us for what we have done. >> reporter: miracle matress will donate 30% of the sales this weekend to the 9/11 foundation. the death shablie. the transgender performer is known for her role in the midnight battle of good and bad. she was 59 years old and died from a battle with pneumonia. the broncos' linebacker, brandon marshall took a knee in the game before the panthers. colin kaepernick refused to stand as a statement about
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>> always so much fun this morning we are featuring the northeast high school vikings, and meredith sensuello is hanging out with the kids at northeast high. wow! what a crowd. >> reporter: oh my god, we have an amazing crowd out here tonight. they are pumped up, but they couldn't do it without the cheerleaders, and we want to go back the squad, ken doctor. -- kendra you. were worried about having people to -- people coming out, but you have nothing to worry about. look at all the students k you believe this?
6:48 am
woke up early, and the culinary students made food. i don't know if any other schoolening top this. we are live in st. pete. back to you guys. >> and if there was a spirit competition, we know who wins it. >> they got the adrenaline going early this morning. hopefully they will transfer the energy to their football team. thank you for waking up early for us, guys. >> if you were not awake at home, you are now. w starting to see the sun come up, and it's mostly clear, not too bad. 77 at 8:00 a.m. and as we go through the day, 87 at lunchtime, and 92 at 4:00 p.m., and a hot day. 30% rain chance, and it's higher today due to the extra moisture that is around. 75 right now in plant city.
6:49 am
with my weather watcher, bob in venice, and if you think it's warmer than it was yesterday, you would be right. brooksville is 5 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. 24 hours ago in tampa, you are 4 degrees warmer in lakeland ran this time yesterday. the extra humidity eventually translating to rain chances. by 1:00 or 2:00, a couple of showers widely scattered, and during the evening, maybe you're hided out to the high school football games. 6:00or 7:00, you can see the showers making their way to the coast. rain chances tomorrow and sunday, going up, and 40% by tuesday. we are getting busier from beerston to downtown. it's right by hillsborough avenue, and this is a good drive-through the heart of downtown at the junction.
6:50 am
area this is eastbound east bay drive, and there's a crash with injuries. let's go to eagle 8, and you can see to the right, there's fire trucks on scene, and ambulance. i just saw one person being loaded into the ambulance a few minutes ago. the two right lanes are blocked this is going eastbound on east bay. and this is right road. a lot of injury tved. >> and it looks like you should acaroid the area. just the left lane getting by, and now back to -- you should avoid the area. just the left lane getting by. and now back to gene and gayle. what was found at one gas station that puts your personal and financial service at risk. it's 6:50. you're watching news channel 8
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an 8 on your side warning this morning about more skimmers popping up at bay area gas stations. >> news channel 8's mary mcguire is in south tampa where the skimmer was found. >> reporter: authorities tell us the gas station was actually hit back in april by skimmers as well, and this is the second time in just about 4 months that it has been hit by skimmers. we ve tampa police removing it from inside of pump number 1 year, and it's recommended to go inside of the station and pay for your gas there to avoid being scammed. tampa police recommend going inside to pay for the gas, and using the pumps closest to the cashier. i'm mary mcguire, news channel 8. and i'm ryan hughes here at stetson university in tampa. health care providers and
6:55 am
women about the zika virus later today. women call with questions and concerns all the time, and a pregnant woman who gets the virus runs the risk of spreading it to their on born child who could get microcephaly, and that could have an impact on the development of the child's brain. to date 80 women here have the virus, and that's alarming to health officials, and the event will get underway in >> ryan, thank you. a manatee county woman is headed to court, accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband. rachel leahy offered to pay $5,000 to kill david leahy jr. the motive? clearing the way to get custody of the couple's kids. police believe harold stewart attacked jeffrey
6:56 am
wal-mart. he was using the vet's own walker to beat him. north korea said the country hit the button on the fifth and most powerful test. north korea said it was meant to counter what they call the u.s. hostility. it could mean north korea is continuing the efforts to build a functional warhead. remembering 9/11. tampa fire and rescue will hold a 9/11 observance ceremony later this morning at the firefighters' museum. the 9:00, and the mayor and other city leaders will attend. bucs's fans are gearing up for the season opener. they will take on the falcons on sunday, dame time -- game time 1:00, mike alscott is predicting a wild card into the playoff the. it's beautiful start to this friday, and 77 degrees,
6:57 am
will feel that. 75 right now in plant city and lakeland. bradenton, you're 77, and@pete, 79. through the day today, warming up to 87 by noon. 92 at 4:00 p.m., and above average, the rain chance higher today at 30%, and that includes the areas north of i-4, and 30% rain chance in the area for saturday, sunday, and monday. highs in the low 90s, and finally down to 89 on wednesday with a higher rain an the usual places, and new rash. i want you to know about this. delays on 301 around 360. i-75 is looking great. eagle 8 right at belcher, and you can see you have to squeeze by on the left lane. injuries involved in the crash, and pinellas county transportation bus out there as well, and the car looks like it may have ran into the back of it. injuries involved, and as we
6:58 am
they are working out there, and i did see someone transported on an ambulance earlier. the eastbound lanes are taken away on east bay at belcher. you have to take the left lane and avoid the area. it's not too early to think about halloween. on the today show, they have halloween makeup ideas. the costume takes a long time to plan. get on it. we will weather and traffic. >> and i will join you for another hour of local news at
6:59 am
7:00 am
jonbenet. good morning. breaking news. north korea conducts its largest ever nuclear test overnight. the explosion registering as a magnitude 5 earthquake. the white house already vowing there will be consequences. praise for putin. donald trump's running mate mike pence doubles down on trump's controversial comments about russia's leader. hillary clinton appalled. >> that is not just unpatriotic, it's not just insulting, it is scary. it is dangerous.


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