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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 9, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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do. the news is next. thanks for joining us. bye-bye. ? ? ? right now on newschannel 8 today at 11:00. as zika fears rise in florida, pregnant women are the most concerned. how a local group is working to calm fears of moms to be. >> hurri number of the bay area last week, in terms of flooding. one charity got hit hard and is asking for help. this weekend marks the anniversary of the september 11 attacks. how the bay area is remembering it. good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> i'm stacie schaible. we're going to start with leigh spann. >> good morning.
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downtown camera through our wfla tower camera. it's already 88 degrees. this dew point number is 73. that has continued to climb. the higher that dew point gets, the more muggy it feels. you notice the different between yesterday and today. it's hot. 88 in plant city, 88 in sarasota, 82 in lak a little bit. we added to our rain chances, about a 30% each day, staying into the low 90s each day next week. above average today. i'm expecting 92. the average high is 90 degrees. that's important. this is the last day of an average high of 98. we spend 98 days with an average high of 90.
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90.3. we are gradually cooling. happening today, addressing fears and concerns of the zika virus. right now, more than 80 women in our state have this rye russ. how local leaders are reaching out. >> doctors will meet here at stetson university in tampa to discuss this very important issue, involving pregnant women and the zika virus. pregnant women all over florida are on a heightened state of alert. members of the healthy living coalition of hillsborough county know the last thing a pregnant women needs to deal with is stress, so that's why they're
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through this scary process. >> we don't want to be fearful. we want them to protect themselves. >> leaders plan to tell women to take precautions, like wearing long clothing and using bug repellant. they also recommend avoiding areas near standing water, where mosquitos breed. >> it's the unknown. everyday there's a new bulletin that has something in it a to prevent the virus is key. it can cause a rack and joint painful zika during pregnancy causes birth defects. the event is open to the public. reporting in tampa, ryan hughes. >> the event gets underway at noon at the stetson university law center floor is a manatee county woman is headed to court today, accused of trying to hire
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detectives tell us rachel leahy even made a down payment. detectives started investigating leahy october 2nd. they claim she offered an undercover officer $5,000 to kill her ex-husband, david leahy, jr. detectives believe the motive was to get custody of the income and was caught off guard. >> it shocked ised me -- shocked me. >> detectives claim she planned to go through the with the murder. a man accused of brutally beating a veteran will face a judge this morning. the man attacked the veteran as
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using the disabled veteran's walker to beat him and take his wallet. good samaritans are helping the man. a revelation about a sewage problem in st. petersburg. you're looking at millions of gallons of partially treated waste water being dumped into tampa bay. in gulf port, notices warn people to stay out of the water. business owners and residents >> we're a waterfront community, where we can't utilize the resources that we have. we can't kayak, we can't go to the beach. >> so far, estimated 80 million gallons of sue an has been released into the bay. today, we expect to find out more about the extensive damage caused by hurricane hermine in pasco county. emergency services will also update us on the cleanup efforts there. the county estimates the damage
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new port richey is collecting donation for storm victims. wayeded to for more details. this morning, we're getting ideas of how much damage hurricane hermine caused in citrus county. the county estimates $102 million in damage. a program dedicated to helping the homeless in pinellas county is in hurricane hermine hit last week. pinellas hope is rebuilding after fierce wind and rain wreckeded their sheller. >>reporter: hurricane hermine made an impact at the shelter here in clearwater. more than 60 tents were damaged. that added on to the dozens that were affected by colin. pinellas hope is home for many people as they transition from homelessness, folks like jed
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six months. >> it's a god send. if this place wasn't here, i don't know what would happen. >> hundreds live in tents here, which east cost ability 70 bucks bucks. dozens were destroyed by tropical storm colin and hurricane hermine. >> what can withstand wind conditions can or rain and flooding? they can't. you have to secure the facility. >> the program had the at tents. >> hope cottages is the solution. you never have to worry about a tropical storm, hurricane ever again. >> shipping containers can be converted into stable apartments, dubbed hope cottages, allowing residents to have a bed, air conditioning and light. all the tools needed for people to get back on their feet. >> this place has so much to offer if you just apply yourself
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$30,000 apiece, but they are indestructible, so the investment the worth it. thankfully none of the residents here were hurt during the hurricane. reporting in clearwater, mary mcguire, newschannel 8. >> pinellas hope first opened in 2007. the charity has a continuous waiting list. if you would like to help, we have website. across the country, special ceremonies have honoring the victims of 9/11. sunday marked 15 years. the city of tampa had its own ceremony this morning. take a look. [ bells chiming ] mayor bob buckhorn, city council members and emergency responders gathered at the tampa
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who died the during the terrorist attacks. it was a small, short, simple ceremony. that's how organizers there wanted it'd . >> -- wanted it. >> we can't forget the firefighters that ran into the building, the thousands killed. it doesn't need to be elaborate. it needs to be constant, annually. this is a day that we will never, ever forget, nor should we. >> and this, of course, is just one of many ceremonies. more are planned nationwide this weekend. you can f memorials and events in the bay area of out website. this afternoon, a huge volunteer event gets underway in tampa. starting at 1:00, the nonprofit feeding tampa bay is going to begin a sprint to sort and pack 100,000 meals for hungry families in the bay area. more than 600 volunteers are
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the meal-a-thon is meant to encourage volunteers. volunteers will also enjoy feud, music, fun activities and a costume contest. the 2016 heart walk is coming up. newschannel 8 is committed to raising $100,000. kia is matching the first 50,000 we raise. every dollar you donate counts at 2. the walk is novem12 raymond james stadium. i will be there. gene will be there. later this hour, we have an amazing survival stroke story. if you want to donate, go to >> it's amazing to see many join in, like kia. after hurricane hermine put
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football, extra football teams have extra energy for tonight. to get students pumped up, newschannel 8 throws a pep rally. this morning, we went to north st. pete high school in st. pete. check this out. hundreds of vikings got to school extra early and, man, they were pumped up. tonight's game against gibbs isn't a big rivalry matchup but you would never know it from the what you see here, students showing is this morning. b.j. miles says the team is ready for tonight's game in the locker room before the game, we're dancing, rapping, anything we can. do we make sure to get each other hyped. >> say hi to mom. >> a big thanks to 93.3 flz for joining us at the pap rallies. the newschannel 8 sports team will have highlights tonight at
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coming up, those of you what use wells fargo, you may want to look at your bank statement. >> what you needed to look out for. a lake bloom growing algae, people knew they needed to call
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welcome back, a bizarre event, a russian river turning the color of blooded. >> the siberian can river -- siberian river is red. >> the et s believe the color
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from a chemical plant. fortunately, people in the area don't drink water from the river. it's catching everybody's attention. it looks like blood. it looks thick. it doesn't look thin. >> i was in canada this summer with my family. we went on a great trip and traveled through a big part of that drink. we found watermelon snow. up in the mountains, there's a pink algae and it turns the white snow pink. >> that's >> it does. >> of all colors for it to change, red is a scary one for sure. >> our water is nice and pretty, though. >> of course it. here's a look live outsign side -- outside from the veterans camer. 83 degrees. humid is higher. we have not gone back to
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august. it's muggy. 86 degrees at noon, a hot one, 92 at 4:00, chance of storms. higher rain chance due to the moisture in brace. the storms that develop will push toward the coast and by the evening pushes off to the gulf of mexico in time forfeiture high school football action. at kickoff, there could be a few storms left, especially for areas near the coast. it is going to be steamy. by halftime, the rain could be coming and 82 degrees by the final play, dry and humid. it's already 88 in tampa, plant city, is sebring, cooler in st. pete at 83. throughout the morning, quite clear. a few clouds out there and more humid. east to west motion with the wind means we will see our first few showers after lunchtime. they will be widely scattered. most will still be dry. these showers in the early afternoon won't be heavy.
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storms push toward the coast, they will get more widespread, again, from about i-75 toward the shoreline before they push out into the gulf of mexico for the event of the football games. you might need your bale when you're going into dinner. by the time you come home, things will be dryer. humidity continues to increase. tomorrow, generally the same. the tropics, watching a couple of waves. 10% development of these. two 70% chance on this one. we'll keep a closer eye on that. 30% rain chances, highs in the low 90s continues into next week. gene and stacie. >> if you've been cheated when you need help, she's on your side. call behnken. >> it is the green, unsightly. those living around the sarasota lake owned by the county, they've fed up.
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eyesore sin last spring. they're get nothing where on their own. they knew to call behnken. >> there's not patch of blue water anymore. >> he used to enjoy the view and wildlife right in his backyard at lake crane in sarasota but now it's so green, you can't tell where the grass stops and the water begins. >> even at ers otters . >> others have live add long the lake have begged officialses for help for months. this green stuff called buck weed keeps going. it's not only people dealing with. this turtles tried to get in on the inter, too. you can't see them. >> maybe the county will help. >> the county used to spray but that stopped.
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>> what it is live looking snout. >> it's terrible. it's a depleting feeling, especially knowing how it used to be. it was a pristine lake. the ducks were here and fish were at the surface. >> fed up with the county, they called me. >> i see you on tv, helping community folks that can't get things done on your own, dealing with the bureaucracy or power figures out there. i just wanted to get >> with sweet talking like that, i decided to make calls. >> this is shannon behnken at newschannel 8. i am sitting in front of a very green lake. i had plenty to say. since a picture is worth 1,000 words, i thought this might work faster. it did work . with a county spokesman said they did look entice and will be spraying saturday. shannon behnken, 8 on your size. >> if you have a problem that
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consumer is alert. publix is issuing a voluntary recall of apple coffee cakes due to a possible presence of small metal shavings. take a look at the products code. it's the upc code. the apple coffee cakes were sold at publix bakery departments in several states, including our states citrus, hernando, pasco, pinellas, sarasota. check your pantry. parents of small children, listen up, thousands of passcify -- pacifier clips are under recall. they can break into small parts and they can make your child choke. they were sold at babies-r-us and toys-r-us.
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immediately. return them to the store for a refund. another consumer alert. one of the largest banks is in trouble for opening up accounts in customer's names without them knowing. wells fargo secretly opened 1.5 million bank accounts and applied for credit they didn't ask for. >> money might be moved into your account without your knowledge. that might have costs you fees the, late fees, rewards fees, overdraft charges and the like. >> regulators are hitting the bank with $185 million in fines, saying employees were motivated by promises of higher compensation for generating new business. wells fargo fired thousands of employees, who were involved in the scheme. >> we've got great video coming your way.
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record holders and guinness is introducing them to us. >> some aren't people, like animals. this guy is going for the tight of world's tallest deer.
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we are back. guinness the welcoming new world record holders. they're not all human. let'ke a llama. caspa is a 9-year-old llama from wails and is capable of clearing a bar at 3 feet 8.5 inches. this is a cat from the england, doesn't haven't to lift a paw to set a record. he's the world's longest cat.
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record holder. he's from china, runs upside down on his hands. check out 29-year-old kyle wester. he broke the speed record for skateboarding. he reached 89.4 miles per hour going down a hill in colorado. that is a record breaker. guinness hasn't verified this. the previous record, 81.17 miles per hour. he beat it by a significant amount. >> then there's one-ton holsting steer is vying for the tight of tallest in the world. the steer named daniel loves to eat bread and walk around like a puppy. at 6'4", he's caller than the current record holder. >> all that video, we couldn't
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we only shot him from behind. we didn't. somebody did. >> there we go. this is a face shot there. we'll be right back.
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right now on newschannel 8 today at 11:00. >> a quick look at our top loyal stories, local and state health leaders are -- top local and state health stories. local and state leaders coming together for a forum on zika. doctors will be on hand at stetten to university tampa law center at unanimous to talk about fears and myth surrounding zika. >> a manatee county woman is headed to court, accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her husband. police say rachel leahy offered $5,000 to a hit man to kill her
11:32 am
brought flood waters to the bay area area. officials say there's expensive damage. later today we will get updates on number and figures. the county estimates the damage at $89 million. good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm gene ramirez. it is the friday. almost made it to the weekend. let's see what the forecast is looking like, leigh. >> we are adding humidity back to the forecast but over the next couple . in land o' lakes, 86 degrees, enough white, puffy clouds to let us know humidity is higher. innerness 84, clearwater, 84, fishhawk 87, 87 in individual else. rainfall potential, very little between now and 5:00. we're starting to see scattered showers. the green color shows you less
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our northern areas, it's spot i. only about a 30% chance. most areas less than an inch of rain, especially north of i-4678 south of i-4, especially closer to the coast, you may get a heavier downpour. high temperature today is average of 90. we're above that saturday, sunday, and monday. >> in your vote, the presidential candidates are audiences. hillary clinton is talking about terrorism is national security experts. donald trump is at a summit in washington. tracie potts has more. >> donald trump takes the his message to the conservative value voters summit in washington. in ohio, his education speech pushing school choice largely focused on hillary clinton. >> he refused to take
11:34 am
policy in the middle east. >> trump getting push back for his own party for praising vladimir putin. >> this is the biggest miscalculation since people thought he was a good guy. >> mike pence depending his running mate as the republican most like ronald reagan. >> they said he was nothing more than a celebrity and entertainer the, who enters politics sound familiar. >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican form knee, who attacked america's generals and heaps raise on russia's president. >> hillary clinton is in new york, pulling together democrats and republicans on national security and foreign policy after a softer message to the national baptist commission last night. >> we need a president that understands that none of us has all the answers and no one person can fix our problems
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washington. >> that was the first of four speeches that clinton's campaign says will focus on her theme, stronger together. around the world this morning, four people are dead after a train derailment in northwest spain. another 47 people were taken to area hospitals. the train had 60 passengers on board. the train had three different cars. what a mess. the front one came off the track and hit a post next to the line, leaving it lng the back two cars were also partially off the track. north korea angering world leaders for carrying out a test. leaders in south korea and china join the u.s. in condemning the test, calling it a violation of un resolution. despite resolutions in place,
11:36 am
test. >> they are not doing these things to get attention or be provocative. this is a military testing program. >> president obama said this morning the provoke active actions taken by north korea will be met with serious consequence. across america, the marine corps is looking for possible punishments of officer after the suicide of a recruit. the man took his own life at the paris island in south carolina. an investigation revealed that there was an environment of hazing with verbal and physical abuse, even some drill instructors were subjected to it. the investigation faults commanders for not paying enough attention to what was going on. space x ceo is asking for the internet's help, trying to
11:37 am
he is asking the public for any and all recordings of the event. he reached out to nasa and the faa for support. today in philadelphia and unusual soccer tournament begins. it's called the unity cup, inspired by the world cup. philly's mayor created the event in an event to bring diverse communitiesing to. a ireland and the u.s. will play together . 8 is on your side to help you will fight the fat. moms and dads across the bay area are seeing major results of the poplar weightless challenge. >> gayle guyardo has a story of one whom, who has achieved
11:38 am
facebook, instagram, pinterest, people show something off weight loss. there'sen 8-week lathe -- there's an 8-week weight loss challenge here. so many people are jumping on. there's success stories. >> you see a before i have work. >> busy working monday christine took the challenge and got to work by premeasuring morning shakes before she runs out the door, filled with protein, peanut butter powder, veggies and more and she eats clean on the go. >> going to pinera and get sal and will double the chicken and get protein and hold the dressing on the side. >> on the team helping people
11:39 am
and exercise expert jim white. he suggests measuring your food if you want to give this a try at home. >> when we make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is about all the peanut butter we can put on the sandwich. this is 200 calories. if we were eating this at cereal, that would be our single serving. >> most are not good at eyeballing food, causing up to eat more than with true calorie counting, exercising 2 to 3 times a week and eating clean, she transformed in 8 weeks. >> i believe i lost about 12 pounds and a total of 20 inches. >> jim said he believes this group is seeing such success because they've doing this as a team, encouraging each other. if you're doing this at home, white says tell your friends and
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that was gayle guyardo. great results. you can check out pictures and read more on our website, >> you've had your own weight loss challenge going on. >> i've lost a lot of weight. >> how much? >> 30 pounds. >> snoulg. >> how long? >> 3 months. >> you're not measuring. >> i am doing calorie. you have to work out. when you look at after pictures, it motivates you. >> it does. the march towards the heart walk is on . >> every week, we are sharing stories of men and women, who are fighters and survivors of heart disease and stroke. coming up, i'll tell you the story of becky. she had not one but two strokes. even after her set back, it didn't stop her and still won't. her inspiring story straight
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again".
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and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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you have to see this. a coast card crew helped a man, who was seeking. >> i have a may day. i'm taking on water in all any compartments. >> that is the may day call from the boater. this coast guard video, you see this man frantically bailing wear. he's using a plastic cup. that's all he has. the other video shows rescuers lowering a water pumpnd swimmer to the man. >> let people know if you're going to be out and how long. >> thankfully the coast guard was able to get there and he was able to make that call. if he went down quicker, so many things could have gone wrong. >> he could have got caught in a storm. >> i'm going to be spending my weekend at the softball field. what are we looking for?
11:45 am
storms. expect to see a downpour. this is a live look from the new port richey camera, 88 degrees. more humid than yesterday but not terrible. you might be lucky enough to head to the beach. it's 91 degrees. hot at st. pete beach. winds are coming light but the flow is to come from inland toward the shore. you have pretty much all day along the coast before those showers the shore. lunchtime, 86 degrees. 92 for a high temperature. above average. 87 degrees at 7:00. clearwater, 86. like land, 84. winds employee from east to west. we're watching showers. this is your forecast going
11:46 am
shower. you see, it is very small and not a lot of it out there. the rain coverage will get a little better by the time we head toward 3:00, 4:00, all the showers toward the coast. you might get pockets of heavy rain but not a lot. that's good news. tomorrow is september 10 sergeant, known as the peak of hurricane season, when the most storms form and then it is a downhill light from. there 30% chance of rain today, tomorrow, sunday, monday. stacie and gene. >> happening today, a chance to stand up to cancer. tonight, watch the live annual telethon to raise money for cancer. it features performances from celine dion, keith urban and other celebrities. >> as the heart walk draws nearing we're featuring the
11:47 am
survivor. today it's becky. she said it came out of nowhere. a 30-year-old stroke victim describes the moment her life changed forever. >> i hit the floor. >> you fell? >> unexplained. i didn't feel bad. i just hit the floor. >> 5 years ago when becky was 30-year-old, she suffered a massive stroke on a saturday morn a co, worker caught her -- white waiting tables. a coworker . >> doctors are went through an artery in becky's leg to break up the clot. the stroke affected her left
11:48 am
i would have to speak like this in order to make myself understood. >> her recovery would take a long time and her mother was there every step of the way. >> he was always thinking left not, no right foot and left foot, right foot. the last thing to come back was her face. she had one whole side of the face paralyzed, or when she would smile, only smiled. when she talked, it wasn't righting. >> three years later, it happened again. this time, the at her parents' house. >> i said what's her last time? what's grandma's last name? she just looked at me. i said, okay, raise your arms, and the arms went up and one arm went down. i said now we're going to the car. >> becky suffered a second
11:49 am
>> do you worry about another? >> some days i do. >> becky earned her mba and works at tech data in st. petersburg. she shares the warning signs of stroke. becky wants people to know fast, which stands for face, arm, speech, time. >> i've talked to many people that knew the first three letters, that i or arm is messed up or their speech is unclear or not talking correctly, they could be having the stroke. >> it's the t that stand for time that may be the most important. if machine is having a stroke, act fast, like those,s who were with becky did. >> i feel blessed that i got two extra chances at life. >> such a good story.
11:50 am
that age out of nowhere. >> it shows how it affects the family as well. thankfully there, was somebody there to help her out and got her to the doctor immediately. >> news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 for the heart walk. we need your help. >> kia is donating a dollar for every declare w 50,000. we need your help. and we have a full weekend of football ahead. both college and nfl teams in action. you're going to be snacking. we've going to help you keep an eye on the mindless snacking we do while watching the game. we'll help you keep the calories at bay. you're watching newschannel 8
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well, in sports this morning, what a started to the nfl season. it was a rematch last night of super bowl 50 and retired the quarterback peyton manning helped quick off the new nfl season. he showed is off the lombardi trophy that the buccaneers won before he retired. as for a game, it came down to a the broncos won the rematch 21-20. as for college football this weekend, won't have the high end matchups as last weekend. there's one expected to house the largest college football crowd ever. it's being called the battle at bristol. usually bristol motor speedway is for nascar races. tomorrow it's transforming into a football stadium. fans will watch the university
11:55 am
the speedway is at the tennessee/virginia border. when you're at a bar, friends house, or at your own house, food is around when watching football. >> we stop keeping track of what we're putting in our mouths. spectators often consume between 1200 and 2,000 calories of snacking during a single game. that's not during the whole day. that's just while you're game. that's what people typically eat in an entire day, 2,000 calorie diet. that's typical. dr. susan explains the first line of defense against mindless eating is keep the food far away. >> if you have to intentionally get pup and walk over to it, it will significantly cut down on how much you eat. never either right from the container or the chip bag.
11:56 am
aware of the portion sizes. >> it tastes better out of the container. come on. here's an interesting idea. leave leftovers in plain sight. if you're eating chicken wings, keep the bones on the plate. these are visual clues that will let you know, hey, i've already eaten all that. i probably don't need to eat this next chicken wing. >> like so what. . >> that's a lot of food put in the your mouth. >> it goes with football. you don't have the to every day. >> that's true. . a beautiful look at lakewood ranch, 87 degrees. it's on the humid side. we're going to make it to 90 tuesday. thank you for joining us on this friday. >> i'll see you back here on first at 4:00 and tonight on newschannel 8 at 6:00.
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. . . from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is try day, it's friday september 9, cathy is off today and not on vacation. billy bush has agreed to fill in. what are you doing? >> well, for anyone that watched this the last hour, i felt like giving them something different. >> so this is what? >> this is --


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