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tv   Today  NBC  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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. . . from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is try day, it's friday september 9, cathy is off today and not on vacation. billy bush has agreed to fill in. what are you doing? >> well, for anyone that watched this the last hour, i felt like giving them something different. >> so this is what? >> this is --
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>> this is his twin brother that's in for kathy lee. >> by the way with a guy with a mustache some woman -- i was marry today a guy at the time. >> what do you like about it. there's something like very sexy. >> and >> have you ever grown one? >> i kacan't. >> i don't think that i can. >> i am stressing very hard on november when everybody grows the mustaches. i'm like a boy on the upper part. >> what about here you can. >> not really. it takes a while. >> i'm so stressed. >> so we're going to kick off
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wives and caroline manzo. plus fashion police brad is going show us the fashions for the fall. >> can i tell you that i'm really enjoying that. yesterday merrill from chicago running the salvation army and then i'm 15 years sober thanks i'm going to college and all of these things and i was rewatching it out in the car with your boyfriend joel that i picked up and the two of us are balling in the park of the parking lot. >> let's do it. >> we watch it together and it's the most wonderful thing. ther. it is the most wonderful thing. you have to reload. you have to keep going. next week, mon, put it together. >> speaking of the open, you did
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and your wife. >> he is hot. >> he is. >> there we are at the open. >> you and i have our earpieces still in. >> what is that like listening to christie everett? >> what is that like? you can put that gizmo on your eand hear the commentators. >> p serena williams katrina last night. chris evert, we were listen tog her. both serena and m chrissy had seven championships. >> chrissy was obsessed t was really humid that night. everyone was drippy and sticky. serena had on the long sleeves. it was a cute top. it had like a turtle neck.
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situation. >> her opponent seemed much more air conditioned. but serena refused. when you are playing, you can turn around to the ball boy and get a towel. she wouldn't do it. she kept wiping her hands on the dress. chris evert could not get passed it. just get a towel. this is a huge loss. she lost in the semis last year at the u.s. open. the crowd got behind her. she would go, come on. she did one looking at her competition and then she double faulted. >> you are fun to watch sports with, by the way. you get so in. billy gets in. he doesn't just sit in his seats like those people. you are in, you are up. you are pacing around. you are in. you are all the way in. >> i'm in it to win it. >> let's have a cocktail for friday. >> what is this? >> this is in honor of stand up
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fund that gives support to women with p breast cancer. it has orange beat juice, club soda, orange. >> you almost convinced me it was good porfor me. >> are you hosting something? >> the cole man run walk is in september. i am going to be in central park tomorrow morning, 7:30. i'll be there at 7:30. it actually starts at 9:30. it is a breast cancer run/walk. go to >> are you the grand marshal? >> i am. >> are they having this in september and not october when you were available? >> the stand up for cancer special airs across all major
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100% of the proceeds go to cancer research program. >> we talk top concerts. >> what's your favorite band live? >> i have been to lots of concerts. i love so many bands. a lot of them come here to the "today" show. should we reveal ours at the same time? >> if you have the same as me, i'm going to be blown away. >> here are our favorite. we don't know. we each wrote down our concerts on this thing. one, two, flip it up? >> what do you have. ti >> you too? i saw this again. ? because i'm stuck in cold weather ? ? maybe tomorrow will be better ? ? can i call you then ? ? i'm a rambling man ? ? you ain't never gonna change ? ? you gotta gypsy soul ?
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? at a truck stop just outside of lincoln ? >> it's my solo. get out of here. >> kathie lee all over again. >> wait a minute. hold up. >> by the way when you hear them in concert it's literally chemical. you feel it. the way. >> is >> is that yours? >> yeah. >> so fun. i saw them at a tennis stadium where they use today do the u.s. open. it was a tennis court that they performed on and it's so intimate and beautiful setting. joel and i went and never forget it. we were weeping and cheering. >> i wish you were with me for
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i took 32 people and rebted a school bus and had us picked up at the hotel to the hollywood bowl. we're geared up for the big show. >> do they love you those guys. >> full zac attack. i'm waiting for the connections to go to the nex so by the way some of the hottest concerts and then they did it -- >> well, is there a guy in there. who are they? >> number three is three, is beyonce's "only . >> beyonce is only three. >> number two is. two.
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two. number one, i guess this shouldn't surprise anybody. >> adele. >> you have never seen adele in concert? >> i never have. that's what's impressive. she doesn't do anything. she savers the energy and the power of her voice carries the whole thing. you don't need this. >> that's actually a great lesson. you are right. she is one of those people that doesn't do a lot of theatrics on stage. she talks. i >> you know what >> you i know what it's time fo? >> the pressure. >> it's kathy lee friday and billy is going to give it a shot. >> so there's a knock on the door and he goes to the door and looks out and nobody is there and he looks to the left and the right and then as had he closes the door there's a snail on the carpet. he picks it up and tosses it
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knock and no one there and sees the snail. snail looks up and says what was that about? zbla >> that was pretty good. heldly. >> coming up. i get to serve up the surprise and then the husband said. >> i can't wait. managed to pull up after this. >> that's not bad. >> no, joel loved it. then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet watch this. this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet
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new york. ? ? ? and off you go, ? ? ? and off you go, ? ? ? and off you go, ? for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... oh, you have been a fairy god mother all week. making wishes but it's everything and then helping everyone and what's the big scenario. >> well, i headed out to the
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with everybody there we surprised a man with a life story that will blow you away. >> my thing is life is happiness. giving the background, that's what is so >> the woel family was sent and he competed death time and time away. >> my father's entire life was a series of honor and then amazing people that went out to help him. >> an old man pushed him down and took the bullet instead. >> i saw there was focus not on the people shooting but the man
12:15 pm
>> les came to america and earned english from comic books. >> when he had his comic book separation, he was the only person that would give someone a chance. >> we decide that hhe is here f purpose in life. >> basically she the happiest person that i know, and he loves >> tennis is one of the constants in my father's life. >> the tennis channel is always on in my house. >> every morning on his way to work he stops by the tennis courts. >> he is not bad either and was kicked out of the tournament for being too good. >> one of my dad's favorites was
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him. >> it was giving your all and leaving nothing behind. that's how my father plays every game and having him celebrated on the court of the u.s. open, i can't imagine anything more fitting. >> to surprise him, we coordinated a full proof plan and his son aaron is our accomplish. the match is under has no idea that all of the cameras are placed on him. after the win, it's game on for us. >> ready? >> i'm game on. let's do it. >> hi everybody. there's one person in the audience who we're going honor today. the person is standing among us, and this person has no idea.
12:17 pm
monitors. >> at first it seems that les has an important call to make and then he gets it. >> my dad is amazing and most giving and caring. >> within moments his story wins over the crowd. >> a big round of applause for les. come on down. meet >> i think you just saw my map, and i got a little left in the tank so i'm thinking that we should go out and play a couple of games. >> yeah. >> this will be b just something special for him to remember, and it's part of the bucket list.
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some shots of his own. a few good rallies, and he ends it up with a win. >> my father wants the action and we were watching. everything that we did was an absolute inspiration. >> i can't believe that you did that. >> that was greater young zion great. come on. >> i know joel is at home crying with me and we're crying together. >> speaking of surprises we do have the manzo's, and they have a few of their own and going to dish on the family drama. >> yeah, and then brace yourself for a real rush. david rush attempting to break
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guinness book of world records, one talented person is set to break his own record. >> his name is david rush. he has a pretty quirky talent. take a look. >> meet the blindfolded juggle letter. 32-year-old david rush takes juggling to a whole new level. the current guinness world record holder has titles in the longest blindfold juggling. tossing balls in his air is just one of his specialties. he has also broken the record for chainsaw chin balancing. today, david is hoping to break his guinness world record title of most juggling catches in one minute while blind fielded. can he make history once again? let's find out. >> david is here with guinness
12:23 pm
malloy. >> whatever you can get students inspired to steps. >> science, engineering and math. >> i have ski goggles blacked inside and out with felt. >> why not ski goggle? the regular blindfold? >> these are much easier to get on and off and comfortable for wearing for long periods of time g sl how many catches to break the records? >> 364 catches in a minute. >> we'll get the results later. there is no way you can count this. >> gentlemen, take the floor. >> it is all about inspiring students. it is not about the juggling. it is about giving students a tangible example if they set their mind to a goal and pursue it with a passion, they can accomplish anything. >> let's do it.
12:24 pm
>> three, two, one, go. >> we'll go again. >> david, are you ready? >> three, two, one, go. >> ladies and gentlemen, i have him at about 53 right now, 72. he just went to 91. it's like broadcasting golf, very quiet. two balls down.
12:25 pm
ready? >> yeah. >> three, two, one, go. >> a ton of pressure right now. the final attempt. >> that's all right. there is a consolation prize. it is a hug. >> thank you. >> thank you, babe. >> thank you so much. >> what you said about stem is the important part. the important part. you got that out for ? ? ? ? ? ?
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it is tryday, friday. billy is in for kathie lee. guess who is here, the manzos. we first got to know caroline manzo from real new jersey. >> her no-nonsense attitude landed her the program "manzo'd with children." daughter, lauren, got married. the family takes a field trip to a haunted jail to help son, chris, research his next book. >> we are now standing at al capone's cell. he was here for carrying a deadly concealed weapon. >> a month in hoboken. >> how did he get his furniture?
12:31 pm
treatment. he was treated like every other inmate. kind of like how people say celebrities in jail don't get any special treatment. it's possible. >> do celebrities get special treatment in jail? >> i don't know any celebrities that have been in jail, real celebrities that have been in jail. >> oh, girl. you dropped the hammer. >> here is the thing. i don't consider what we do as celebrity in my mind and forgive me i'm sorry if i insulted anybody, you have a talent. >> wow. >> a lot of people agree with you. >> do you keep up with any of the women on the old show, on the real housewives of jersey? >> in the real world, sure. i left the show because of a head trip. i kind of like where i am now. i see jasmine and kathy every once in a while. that's about it. if i were to run into the others, it would be fine. i don't hang out with them. >> i like the new look.
12:32 pm
it is new to me. i like it. >> it is short. >> you slip it back. >> i get up, put a little gel in. >> i like it. >> it works for me. >> what do you think of the new 'do? >> absolutely. i love every look she has. i think she should go back to long hair. >> he likes the long hair. >> looking at season three, is everything okay with you? >> i'm good. we had about three or four months of what it was. it turned out to be an infection that created the infection. why i put it out there is because the mammogram did not pick the lump up, the ul ftrasod did. do a little homework, go a little farther if you can. >> mark, stand up for one second. look at this physique. look what happened. when i walked up to you, i said, oh, my god, check out what happened. we saw you on instep.
12:33 pm
the gym? >> i signed up with a trainer, roderick. what i did, i was turning 30 this year. that for whatever reason hit me a little different. i wanted to go into it feeling the best i ever felt in my life. >> i also turned 30 this year. i did the same thing. >> veto is in the house. >> vito. >> five has become six. vito, your the new guy in the family. i hope you are fitting in nicely. do you know what your mother-in-law's favorite -- let's put you to the test here. what's her favorite snack? >> her favorite snack? >> oh, vito. cherry pie. >> here is another question for you. what is the name of chris' book? >> "oliver's bright side". ? w" who wants a penny."
12:34 pm
>> every bookstore we went to, i bought five copies. >> is it a best seller? >> it is not. it was a very small p one. it was what i want to do. it was more getting my foot in the door. >> how many pages is it? >> 37. >> you have to shorten it up. it should be like ten. >> you guys keep us entertained. thank you for coming to see us. vito, thank you for speaking up. we love you. >> is he a hunk of bur >> he is a little teddy bear. >> i work just as hard to keep my physique as he does. >> manzo'd with children, back to back episodes. it happens this sunday at 9:00, 8:00 central on our sister channel, bravo. >> all this you will need to keep your students safe and smart for the new school year. >> the four trends huge this fall. just ask fashion star, brad goreski. ?"all you need is love" plays?
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assume nothing. unlike some other guys, these kraft dressings have no artificial flavors no synthetic colors no wonder it tastes so good. discover a masterpiece baked by michelangelo. and slip into sweet, soft, baked, surrender. a surrender so sweet you never guess the real name was fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. the honeymoon feared is over. just about every kid is back hitting the books. we have the tech to make your life easier. >> who are with some must-have gadgets. here with us is carly noblakz we are going to make back to school
12:40 pm
for great products. it has a digital twist by seedling. this is app old school scan that you make with all these tiles. you get them where you wan. you can play a marble game and take a picture with it with this app. it becomes a virtual game sdpchlt whether wh. >> what are you looking at? >> at a wall. there it is. >> let's see what's going on in here. >> there you go. a virtual game. >> there is you, hoda, and kathy. own maze that you created. critical thinking skills enter the game. it is incredible. $59. the little cardboard kits cost extra. >> no taking and doodling. there is so much research, when you write notes, you retain better. >> i agree 100%. >> you are going to write a little fun note and hit the button on the slate and it is going to think to the app.
12:41 pm
>> what do due? >> hit the button. that one? >> right there. it is going to take a second and it is going to sink up here. so you have the best of both world's, your paper notes and then you have right there. >> hoda like yoda. >> that's clever. >> these are noise-canceling head phones. they are kid usually, they cost in the hundreds. the best way to get that. $50 in sony. usually, they are hundreds of dollars. >> for kids if they are studying. no distractions, no noise from their smartphone. >> this is great for parents who don't want to give their kids a smartphone. they want to be able to stay in
12:42 pm
it allows two-way calling with up to four contacts. it shows gps tracking all day. you have that extra peace of mind that they are where they are supposed to be. >> that's what it is about for the parents. we get the call. we also know where you are. >> this is for a slightly older kid. press this button here. >> hoda, let's say you are at a party. you are in high school or college and you don't feel safe or you are walking home alone. you feel a little bit like somebody is following you. >> in about is going to be an alert on this phone which is the phone of your friends. your friends all get notified that maybe you are in distress. they can see your gps. it broadcasts audio. this is called the wearsafe. you are not in a 911 situation. wearsafe. you are at a party and talking to somebody, help me, help me, help me. this is epic. i might have to hold this up. i love this.
12:43 pm
kids friendly books. $4.99 a month. they get 15,000 titles. reading for pleasure is so important. not just for scholastic success. it is reading books, audio books, all kid friendly, no ads and you can put up to four different profiles in here of age, interest, and reading level. the parents are going to see how much they read. the kids get motivated. >> something for the kids and something for the parents. >> this is to show you called study blue. these are digital flash cards. both my kids use these. they are amazing. you load in all your questions and answers. you run through the test. get this up for you. it randomizes a test for you. we are showing it like this. but it's going to tell you how you did over time. my daughter had to memorize all the african country capitals. it was so hard. she got to see over time.
12:44 pm
stressed. >> carly, all good. >> that's called studyblue. coming up, he will give you a citation for a style violation. >> "fashion police" star brad go sara, could you come in here. yep, coming. oh wow, what kind of underwear are those? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. [gasp] what are those? guys... they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. yes, they have these tiny holes to let the air through, wa wa weewoo look at those. can you feel this? [blowing] turn around for me. seriously? yeah. slow...slow...slower...slower is that okay. i don't think you should get that dress. it doesn't fit. stay cool with breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do.
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fall is means the fashion elite are descending upon new york city as we speak to check out the latest and greatest in style. >> for the rest of us who aren't in the fashion biz, how do we know what really looks good off the catwalk? >> we have the man here with some of the season's hottest friends, brad goreski, the fabulous co-host of "fashion police." he will be co-hosting macy's presents fashion front row on
12:50 pm
busy you are? >> yes, it has been busy. >> sometimes you look at the runways and say, wow, wonder if i could wear that? there are some things that regular people like us could wear. >> the fall has so many great trends and macy's has so many great pieces to offer. there is lots of great stuff to wear. >> i think we have ariana with a little bit of a throwback look. ariana is giving us a little modern, 1970s vibe. we have this gorgeous, geometric print in a v shape to wear with the contrasting trim and cuffs, statement jewelry and one of the pieces to have for the season, an over-the-knee boot. this is overall a 1970s vibe. still, super modern and very, very fresh. >> love it. >> i love how models stand. it looks like it is effortless. >> for some reason, bethany, she has a cool gray and black dress on. i love this. >> this is step to dinner i'm calling it. this is a look you can wear to
12:51 pm
beautiful mix of textures here. you have that metallic lace, the white and black marled fabric and that shoe, that patent leather, that mix between boy meets girl, the castled loafer and the thick satin heel, very big trend for fall. >> gabby has a bomber twist. >> glam, rock 'n roll. the bomber jacket has been around for a while. for fall, i luxurious brocades with the little bit of gold in there. leather we are seeing transition all the way into some of the new spring collections. get your leather now. of course, the little studded booty. so cute. you can wear all these pieces, mix them very casually with jeans or with a great pair of leggings and you are going to look chic, chic, chic. >> gabby, thank you. >> our last model is helena. she has a blouse and trousers.
12:52 pm
>> isn't it cute? a little take on the 1960s. a mod look. the mixture of the prints and fabric. it is feminine but not too sweet. we added that really cute graphic heel, the black and white heel, the open-toed booty. i love this pant with the print and the cute little peter pan collar. sweet but not too sugary. >> like laura petry. >> i think of julie ann works well. >> i am so glad that the thicker heel is back for walking purposes. >> the block heel and the stacked heel is very hot for fall. >> let's bring all of our models back. >> brad, thank you for all you do. >> something for everybody. >> don't forget to watch brad coast macy's presents fashion
12:53 pm
we gave our blind juggle letter another shot on breaking the guinness world record. this time, did he cross the finish? did he do it? we're going to find out the
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
during the break, we gave david rush another attempt to break the guiness world records by juggling blindfolded. >> >> he needed 364 catches. he got 335. >> he didn't do it? >> he didn't do it. it's his own record. he already has the record. he is trying to break his own record. he is the record-holder. >> normally, when you go to the other side, of course, he did it. everybody is happy. with he go to our weekends and it is done. he didn't do it? >> no. >> what kind of show is this?
12:57 pm
>> i want to thank you, billy, for hanging out with me on this friday. next week, miley cyrus, carol burnett, shaileen woodley, paris hilton, aaron neville. that's the show. >> you are going to love this
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> rafe: hey. >> gabi: hey, thanks for meeting me. i really needed a dose of big brother. >> rafe: oh, no. what's wrong? >> gabi: it's just mami. she left. she left town. rafe... >> rafe: what? >> gabi: i don't know. [crying] [somber music] ? ? [phones ringing] >> hope: steve, are you sure there isn't anything i can do? okay. will you tell her we all love her and i'll be there first thing tomorrow morning? take care of yourself. your aunt kay is out of surgery and stable. >> jj: i could use some good news. >> hope: yeah. >> shawn: a brain bleed like that it's-- >> hope: it could've been fatal.


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