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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  September 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the pinellas county sheriff's office confirms that they are investigating if the child was left in a hot car. this is happening now on castlewood lane which was appear to be a home. we have a crew headed to the scene to get more information and we will bring you updates or you can check our newschannel8 app as well. she wanted her ex-husband to drown. or, burn to death. or, be forced into sex slavery. a bradenton woman paid what she thought was a hit man to kill r the hit man was an undercover deputy. john rogers joins us now live from manatee county. the sheriff's office is there. new details on this sordid plot. we are hearing from the woman for the first time as well. >> reporter: yeah, she spoke out in court giving a sob story describing how difficult her life is. how she struggles to get by and she begged the judge for leniency. rachel lahey was going to stop
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husband killed. she said she lives on food stamps and is struggleing to get by. >> are you working? >> not currently your honor. >> reporter: despite that, she forked over $4,000 to an undercover deputy to kill her ex-husband. he has custody of her children and she wanted them back. the arrest affidavit says she wanted certainty he would be killed such as in a fire or by drowning. the report says she thought abt taken into another country and made into a sex slave. in court, the lead detectives say this week, she had bags packed an her passport ready. >> she has plans to leave the country today out of miami and not return until next friday. >> reporter: after making a payment this week, she was busted and detectives say her ex was shocked. >> this reaction, at first, was, oh, okay.
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bit. because i don't know that it was sinking in to him. >> reporter: today, a judge issued a $100,000 bond. >> i agree to all of the stipulations your honor, but i can't do a bond that high. >> and i understand that. let me tell you, that is for today's purposes. >> reporter: the judge says if she is able to make bail, she will be required to forfeit her passport and also wear an ankle monitor. back to you. >> such an odd story. john, do we know the history of this couple? their past? >> reporter: they have a really rocky history, keith. they actually divorced six years ago. they have had a number of dealings in court. and there's also history of domestic violence as well according to court records. >> john rogers reporting live for us. thank you john. and now, we have an 8 on your side alert. for weeks parents whose children attend plato academy in largo have complained of mold issues at the campus, but
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school is safe. 8 on your side broke this story weeks ago. around right now, another meeting with parents, school leaders and air inspectors is getting underway, newschannel8's jamel lanee is live outside the academy where the meeting is happening. and jamel, you tracked down the ceo today. what did he have to say? >> reporter: well, stacie, we went looking for him. he said the inspection company found mold on tonight, pure air control will face the fury of parents complaining about mold at the largo campus. pure air was picked by the school's board to conduct the inspection. the founder broke a promise he made a few weeks ago. >> you can go out. get your own reports for the company. independently. and i will pay for it
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mold inspections from a company of our choice by a parent or someone outside of the academy representation and we were denied access. >> reporter: a report from pure air states that there were no imminent health concerns. we tried calling the ceo to get answers. after the calls were not returned we found him in a restaurant parking lot headed to lunch. >> mr. crisdopolis, we have with you. you are promising the parents they can hire a company of their choice. >> what i'm promising is i want the parents to listen to the result to night. and after tonight if they request additional testing we will listen to them. >> reporter: results including discovery of mold, but he claims it was not harmful. >> some mold was found in the duct system. but it was qualified that the mold exists in just about all duct systems. now, initially, i said, there is no mold.
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time, i believed that. and if they are not satisfied i will be happy to pay out of my pocket for additional costs. >> reporter: now, pure air at this meeting tonight, they are going to detail their findings to parents. and they are also going to talk about recommendations like repairing the ac system. stacie? >> jamel, we also learned though, that osha is looking into this as well right? >> reporter: they are. a representative tells me they received a complaint from staff member. they also received documentation from the schools that prove it is an open investigation. >> all right, jamel lanee live. thank you. saint petersburg's waterfront is taking a big hit now because of sewer water being dumped into the bay. so far, millions of gallons of partially treated sewage were dumped. 8 on your side has been digging for answers to find out where this discharge is happening. where it is coming from.
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areas are advised to stay out of the water. >> the last tropical storm, they dumped raw sewage in front of the administration building. >> so you won't even go in the water now. >> nope. i'll go fishing. i'll eat the fish, but i won't wade in the water. it's not safe. >> state representative kathlene peters wants to pull local leaders together to figure out how to prevent the dump in the future. now an update on the cleanup in pasco county in the wake of hurricane hermine. crews began removing de days a week for the next several weeks. homeowners must have all the debris brought to the curb for pickup. another defendant has pleaded guilty in a massive roofing scam. stacey dunco has to pay back 100 victims. a total of $631,000 for her part in the nbrc construction fraud conspiracy. dunco and others pocketed
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she has ten years probation and faces 30 years in prison if she does not pay back those victims. >> so, it is your decision if you wish to give up your right to that trial and enter a guilty plea. >> yes. >> she declined to apologize to any of her victims but told us she does plan to write a book about the case. and we are following breaking news right now on a child death investigation. >> we will have an update coming up for you in just minutes. plus ... >> warm day. record heat around the bay area. we have high school football games going on. and college football this weekend. we will have those forecasts as well as your weekend forecast
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>> tonight, the polk county sheriff's office wants you to see this crystal clear video two burglars stealing a cash register. they broke into the fleet wing mobile gas station and took off in a 2013-2016 black nissan altima. if you think you know something, call deputies. a clearwater woman is behind bars accused of exploiting and stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly man. kari smith met her victim while working at a law firm. david waddell came there
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she is accused of convincing him to pay her large amounts of money. officers believe she stole $90,000 from waddell who died last year. ecerd college is shutting down a program for students who can't go to classes during the day. the program for experienced learners will stop new enrollment immediately. this program offed night and weekend courses in saint pete and students ages 24 and up. the decision was made due to a lack of today, tampa fire rescue held a special ceremony to mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11. it is this sunday. [ bells chiming ] tampa fire chief tom ford, mayor bob buckhorn, city council members and emergency responders gathered at the tampa firefighters museum to honor the men and women who died during the terrorist attacks. it was a small short and simple
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it. >> those brave souls who gave it all on that dreadful day, an unprovoked attack on our nation, it didn't fray us. >> today, ceremony is just one of many planned nationwide for this weekend. you can find a complete list on the ones in the bay area on and still to come tonight, taxpayers shell out millions of dollars for a housing development once and they are about to pay for it again. >> coming up next, 8 on your
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>> 15 years ago, taxpayers paid more than $30 million to rebuild the jordan park housing project in saint petersburg, and then give it to private developers at virtually no cost. theye back to taxpayers. in other words, you not only pay for it, you pay for it twice. and, the cost doesn't stop there. and that's why, mark is on it tonight. because, you paid for it. mark, looks like taxpayers have to pay millions more just to restore and renovate this project. >> reporter: you can bank on it keith. but the saint petersburg housing authority insists this sale is a real bargain for
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plenty of critics who believe the only sweet deal here is for the private developers who are selling back the 237 unit housing project to the same taxpayers who paid for it in the first place. back in 2002, the grand opening of the rebuilt jordan park was such a big deal, even governor jeb bush showed up to celebrate it. >> a brand new day. >> did it turn out that way? >> no. >> reporter: long time residents like chartotta say private developers ownership after paying almost nothing up front let it slide into disrepair. >> whoever is in charge has to keep up the property. >> reporter: sylvia's water heater failed after nice built a nest in the vent and the rats who roam her attic terrify her. >> i can hear them at night scratching. >> reporter: recently, the saint petersburg housing authority agreed to buy back jordan park's 237 apartments from the landex corporation and
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pocketed rent for 15 years. check out this deal. the housing authority pays a developers 400,000 in cash. spends as much as $7 million to renovate the run down project. and, forgets about the 18 million in debt that developers owe to taxpayers. >> so basically, the developer walks away from $18 million in debt in addition of getting $400,000. >> all of these were grants basically. developers paid almost nothing in the first place. earned millions in tax credits. kept all the tenant rent and all the rent subsidies for 15 years. >> you are saying that is a good deal for taxpayers. >> that's a great deal for taxpayers. >> reporter: doesn't seem that way to activist terry lipsky- scott. >> why are we paying over an over and over again? >> reporter: scott thinks this is a raw deal for taxpayers. >> i'm totally perplexed as to
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something that is already owed. not only by the state and federal government, by the taxpayers. >> reporter: well, scott is not the only one asking questions. steve cornell is calling for an audit to explain how developers can walk away from a $3 million city loan as part of this sale. now, those developers by the way, have not responded to any of our e-mails or calls to explain their part in all of this keith. >> this is the kind of story thatil taxpayer. only those directly involved would say this is a good deal. the rest of you are like what is going on. but let's talk about cornell's audit. will that hold up? >> reporter: lit be a real cliff hanger. he is asking for this to be heard on the 22 when they decide whether or not to do this forensic audit. but, the sale, the closing the set for just a week later so we are just going to have to see. we will be all over that to make sure we keep track of what goes on there. >> sounds like such a sweetheart deal.
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it. twice! and counting! >> thank you mark. >> thank you. and, right now, we go back to deputies who are investigating the death of a child in a residential neighborhood. we are told that the child was found inside of a car. this is breaking news happening right now. peter bernard joins us live from palm harbor. and, what have you learned peter? >> reporter: stacie, we are in the piper's meadow subdivision. this is just a tragic scene out here. where a toddler was left, we see in the driveway behind me. a chevy silverado. it is roped off with crime scene tape. and we saw a very distraught man in the front yard we presume is the boy's father. i also spoke to a person who was out here who lives across the street. he is a retired pinellas county sheriffs deputy. he says he and the father performed cpr on the child some time. we learned that child was taken to a hospital and has since died. my sources say it is a boy, a
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and, right now, there's lots of sheriffs deputies here. you can see there's a large contingent of pinellas county deputies over there. and one of them is the public information officer for pinellas county. so moments from now, i'm going to get off the air and go talk to him and find out the particulars of this. just to reiterate. a boy was in the truck back there, taken to a hospital. but didn't make it after cpr. stacie? well thank you peter. we have an 87-degree temperature here at hula bay at the moment. towering cumulus, nice warm day for us. 95 degrees tampa international. 95 degrees back in 1948. so it was warm along time ago. 90 degrees. that is our average high since early june. that is generally the average high during the summertime. but tomorrow, we start that trend, the average high will be 89 degrees. and of course, it is all the way down to 70 degrees for an
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january. we are not there yet. we have summer weather forecast planned for you. showers continue to move across the bay. and also, well to the north, sections of eastern pasco county. the shower activity has been interesting at times across the bay. you can see on the 3d radar, the activity crossing in the heights of the showers and the thunderstorms. and, lessening some as they head toward pinellas county. you can see they are fairly high. probably up around 15, 20,000 feet or so. certainly out there. 84 degrees at 9:00 p.m. you see some stray showers could linger. 80 degrees with clearing skies should be nice for our football weather. 92 degrees now, tampa international. dew point, 72 degrees. fairly high dew point as we had 60s this week. it was nice in some areas. temperatures are warm. and the heat indexes, the feels like numbers, are well over triple digits in many of these locations at 6:00 p.m. there they are right there.
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petersburg, lakeland, 100 degrees plus, it is is a hot day without the rain relief and plenty of humidity. this area of low pressure further to the south, interesting to watch. a little bit of wind sheer going on here. has about a 40% chance of development. will likely continue moving west. you can see the fair weather clouds developing. we have dry air aloft. but it is moistening a bit more at all levels so we will likely see a few more showers in the forecast the next couple of days. further off to the east, showers around the bahamas affecting the september 10 is peak hurricane season. 40% chance of development here for this one. 10%, for this one. but, that one close tore florida should move west. and, 80% chance over the next five days. our rain chances are better further to the south. as we head throughout the weekend. a 30% rain chance for the kickoff tonight for football. still, warm, maybe a few storms around, but generally through the 80s with only a passing
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30% rainfall chance in the forecast saturday and sunday. 40% chance monday and tuesday. so, that looks very much like what you would expect during the summertime. and in terms of an eight-day forecast. we will hold onto the summer weather. although by the end of this period getting into late september and start to think about changes. and that is indicated today with the arch temperature drop. >> we'll be right back. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
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nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> well, a bizarre fashion, bucs wide receiver evan spencer is no longer on the bucs practice squad. he was placed on the reserve retired list today. this is a 23-year-old second year player who fought to make
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then, was released. later resign today the practice squad. this was his dream. spencer can certainly unretire himself. by for now, no other team can sign him. it is week three of the friday night blitz and our game of the week, a good one tonight in tampa. paul ryan joins us live from tampa bay tech where the titans are getting ready to take on the wharton wildcats. hi paul. >> reporter: hey there dan. breaking news. we have ourselves a wardrobe change. if you are a bigger fa fashion shows than football. tampa bay tech is the place to be tonight. the titans debuting sleek all gray uniforms. you will see them tonight on the blitz. by the way, they lost in their old uniforms to wharton last year. blowing a lead losing 16-14. they hope the new duds bring them luck. >> every football game will be decided in the trenches. where we are able to protect our quarterback standing up or whether we will be able to
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>> it is kind of a rivalry to me. all my brothers went there. they want me to beat them. so, this year, there will be more to the touchdowns. try to run up the score. 50 plus points. no score for them. >> reporter: bold prediction by daequan green. he is going to play for the gators next year, check him out on the highlights on the blitz. gets underway at 11:15. >> at least he is not on the 50 points. >> i love it. fun night planned. >> they are excited too. all the games got can semid last week. >> those guys are imping to play football. >> the weather is good. >> a few scattered showers. don't go anywhere, nbc nightly new is up next. >> you can join josh benson and jenn holloway on great 38. >> and we will be back here at
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breaking news tonight. urgent warning amid reports of smartphones bursting into flames. users of one popular phone are being told to stop using it. nuclear alarm as north korea tests yet. hour close is their capability of hitting the u.s.? shocking photos. putting a face on an exploding drug epidemic in ohio. adults overdosed in an suv. a child in the back seat. nbc news exclusive. who killed jonbenet ramsey? new revelations from the 911 operator. what she heard when patsy ramsey thought she had hung up the call. and 11 words. my conversation with a man who whispered in president bush's ear


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