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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> now breaking new developments, that father is charged in his own son's death. good evening. i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us us. we begin with breaking news on that strategic -- joining us. we begin with that breaking news on that tragedy on palm harbor. a family is grieving as they lose a boy and father in one day. peter bernard is live. you got an exclusive interview with the guy that tried to help the dad sa >> reporter: the driveway behind me is right there where this happened. it was a chaotic scene as people learned what happened and frantically tried to help. one of those is a retired pinellas sheriff's deputy. >> all the while he's crying. it was very emotional for me. >> reporter: retired sheriff's deputy joe lumpkin leaped from his couch when he heard about his neighbor, hillsborough county firefighter, troy whitaker screaming. >> i saw dad performing cpr compressions, compressions. he was frantic.
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stunned as he walked near the pickup truck where the sheriff tells me he'd left his 23-month- old son lawson. he had dropped his daughter addison off at her elementary school and was supposed to drop off lawson at daycare. >> troy parked his car and he left lawson in the car from somewhere around 8:30 this morning until around 4:30 this afternoon. >> reporter: with lawson still trapped in his car seat behind the driver's seat whitaker even made a run to publix. >> he didn't realize that the child was in the back until he arrived home from publix. >> reporter: that's when lumpkin jumped in. >> i was hoping and praying cpr would be successful. >> reporter: neighbors watched as investigators went over the truck. >> it just reinforces you need to spend as much time as you can with your kid because you never know when tragedy will strike. >> as a dad and seeing a child who had just learned my name, who had waved to me daily calls for me and run over to me with those pretty blue eyes.
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me troy whitaker is charged with aggravated manslaughter. >> it's not an intentional act. i'm not saying it is, but i'm saying you got to be responsible for your kids. you can't leave them in the car for eight hours and let their body temperature get to 108 degrees and they die. >> reporter: that boy was taken to mease countryside, but it's obvious lawson was dead well before 3:30 this afternoon the sheriff tells me. he'd been in that truck for at least eight hours. >> such a he harbor tonight. thank you. new information tonight about a protest in ybor city. police have arrested two demonstrators. the protesters broke through a line of tampa police officers who were trying to stop them from blocking streets. a group of about 15 people marched with signs protesting the death of lavonia riggins shot and killed by a deputy last week. from protest to prayer
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kinney chapel united methodist church. pastor ron hubbard urged patience in the investigation and said there are questions those in the community need to ask themselves. >> what are we going to do to have to have them stop coming into the community for the purposes and the reasons why they're coming? see, we have some obligation ourselves. >> two hillsborough counties sheriff's deputies attended tonight's lavonia riggins funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. one man is in jail after leading police on a chase from tarpon springs to hillsborough county. this is john burn in the back of a patrol car after he finally got caught. authorities tell us he was the passenger in a car this took off from police heading north on u.s. 19 and we have some viewer video, too, where he becamed in new port richey and fled to trinity west. then deputies tell us he stole a white van and kept going. burn was finally caught after spinning out in a ditch.
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open tonight after a deadly crash. here's the scene from eagle 8 hd earlier tonight in st. petersburg. we're told a car crossed the grass median, flipped and collided with two other cars going the opposite direction. the driver of the car that flipped died at the scene. now an update to an 8 on your side investigation, the results are in for a big test at plato academy in largo and they come as no surprise to many parents and teachers there. mold in the years complaining about that. news channel 8 broke the story when they showed us some pictures of the problem. 8 on your side's paul mueller joining us now live in clearwater where tonight's meeting took place. all right, paul, parents showed us the pictures and now we confirmed it's true, mold. >> reporter: that's right. it is true. the testing has now come back and tonight we know there is indeed mold here at the school, but the founder is insisting that mold is everywhere, that
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and, of course, it's here at the school. >> what's the big problem here? >> the big problem is they keep saying there is no problem. >> reporter: elisa coker says she's tired of the excuses and friday night the mother of two got the answers she was waiting for. >> our kids go into a moldy classroom every day. >> reporter: and the company chosen by the school to inspect the largo campus pure air backed up those findings, moisture problems in the air ducts and in the floors. founder steve tried to explain himself. >> there is no mold. >> reporter: but with the test results saying there is he's now backing down just a bit. >> when you say there is no mold, it means no mold of significant level to be harmful. >> reporter: they said you were trying to hide it and conceal it. were you? >> how can i? >> reporter: this was the 2nd inspection in the last few weeks at the school. this time mold, yes, while the quality of the indoor air adequate, no immediate health concerns found. that's not reassuring, though,
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kids have gotten sick, breathing problems they blame on the school. if your kids were at this age to go to this school, would you send them here today? >> definitely. >> reporter: a different answer from other parents including coker who would rather pull their kids out than risk their health. they say it's safe for your kids to go in there. are you going to let them in? >> we're changing schools actually. >> reporter: a common sentiment echoed by a lot of parents. all right. we wanted to know is anyone going to get fired over how about suspended, anything? the answer, keith, no. >> paul mueller live in clearwater tonight, thank you. two pasco county men face federal charges for burning a cross in the yard of an interracial couple. thomas zigler and william dennis were indicted today. the incident happened in 2012. prosecutors claim zigler and dennis relatedly harassed the couple eventually setting a cross on fire in front of their home. a clearwater woman is
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carrie smith worked at a law firm. the victim came there for legal assistance. smith convinced him to pay her large amounts of money. detectives believe she stole more than $90,000 before the victim passed away last february. the security firm that hired pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen is slapped with a fine by the state. the firm g4s listed the wrong doctor on psych screening paperwork for more than applications including mateen's. the state wants to fine the company $150,000 according to the tampa bay times. this sunday will mark 15 years since one of the darkest days in this country's history, september 11th , 2001. americans are pausing to remember the victims. [ bagpipes playing ] >> in new york city today a solemn march as the nypd remembered its officers lost on 9/11.
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twin tours once stood. and in washington members of congress sang and prayed on the capitol steps. nearly 15 years later there's a whole new generation of americans too young to fully understand the pain of september 11th. survivors want that to change. garrett lindgren was a new york city firefighter who rushed toward the burning towers that day. now retired and living in lakewood ranch, he believes education about 9/11 is students to know about their first responders and to respect them. >> lindgren also wants students to learn that america pulled together in the wake of that horrible day in a way that has never been seen before. some pretty dramatic video of flooding tonight in kansas, rescue crews imagined boats to get to a family trapped in floodwaters. they saved a woman with her pets. in all nine dogs and three cats made it out safely. this cell phone video shows a texas driver in a very precarious situation inside a
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a parking garage. you can see someone pull the driver to safety if you look closely. wow. later firefighters use cables to lower the suv to the ground. we are less than 10 minutes away from the friday night blitz. >> dan lucas and paul ryan will have all your high school football highlights and scores coming up. >> here's a look at what's coming up on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys, jan spainer is my guest, plus we have mandy moore and jack white and thank notes. do not change the channel. it's a good one. >> and the 2016's tampa bay heart walk is just around the corner. we need your help to raise $100,000. kia is matching the first $50,000. so go to
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ll-time senator. marco?
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it is a birthday bash 105 years in the making. enjoy. ? ? happy birthday to you happy birthday to you ? ?. >> look at the lower left side of your screen. the lady of the crown is ivalee bell celebrating her 105th birthday. >> yea! >> friends surprised her with a party in brandon today. iva doesn't have a magic formula for long life, but she has been drinking coffee since the age of 5. >> and the tiara. >> she's looking sharp. happy birthday to her tonight! >> yes. 90 degrees is our normal high since early june. today we had 95 degrees, tied a record set in 2008, but tomorrow, saturday, the normal high 89 degrees. on average the high temperature starts to drop this time of year, so it's not going to be freezing tomorrow, but it's going to be trending toward cooler temps, our average high
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rosario in st. petersburg, nice colors to the sky, this particular cloud she captured at 7 a.m., 77 degrees, mild, mostly sunny, 92 degrees at 4 p.m., another hot day expected for tomorrow. yes, there will be a few cooling isolated showers, maybe a thunderstorm, but like today they'll be widely spread. 81 degrees in brandon, 85 clearwater beach, 83 seminole, 84 weeki wachee 81, 80 dade city and brooksville. high pressure continues to be the big sur face feature, that and drier air -- surface feature, that and drier air high above in the atmosphere. most of the stuff midweek was down across south florida but quiet tonight. rain chances could be higher as a result of deeper atmospheric moisture. next five days about a 30% chance of this area for development. most of the computer models want to carry it directly west,
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watch, a 10% chance in the next five days for this area, likely move to the northwest and this region about a 90% chance over a five day period wandering off to the northwest, could become a compression. football forecast, northern illinois in town to play usf, 83 degrees for this one saturday. that game played in tampa, hit and miss shower maybe possible but not for the whole game. uk and the gators playing up in gainesville saturday at 3:30, 91 degrees. it's hot in florida this time of year. down atlantic and the u, 84 degrees, a 40% storm chance there. fsu plays charleston southern, should be interesting. i think they lost about 30 players to eligibility, 90 degrees there and michigan and ucf in ann arbor, 100,000 people watching the central florida knights, 78 degrees, more reasonable temperature- wise, florida a&m, partly cloudy, 83 degrees for that one. the bucs travel to atlanta outside the dome, 88 degrees,
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of year. we'll hope for a bucs victory. 30% rain chance saturday and sunday. getting into monday, tuesday, as i mentioned, the atmospheric moisture, temps near 90 degrees. that's a plain old summer forecast right there even though we are well into september at this point, but that's the thing with fall in florida. we don't expect it to really cool down probably till october at least, at least take the edge off the heat, but that average high is dropping to 89 for tomorrow. >> couldn't be any better. thank you, steve. hey, coming up next it is your friday night blitz. >> dan lucas and paul ryan are joining us with all of your high school football action. don't they look good? >> they look ready for sure.
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you're watching friday night blitz! >> all right, hey, welcome to week three of the friday night blitz, dan lucas, paul ryan
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getting us started tonight. they are fired up, had a big game against wharton. >> you won't want to miss these highlights. we're also going to get to the chopper and scope out a couple games in eagle 8 hd, but first at one of the finest campuses, berkeley academy, buccaneers playing host to sarasota's cardinal mooney, a lot of kids on the sidelines. it's kind of like lord flies. where are the parents at? tampa bay football power couple got to witness a touchdown on the first play of the game, gordon stetson off tackle right and he won't stop till he gets enough like michael jackson, gone, 7-0 berkeley out of the gate. later the cougars get a drive together. the cardinal mooney fails to score. fast forward to the 2nd.
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don't throw back across your body. that's the cardinal sin. your dad is watching and dad's impressed. hold up. offense pass interference brings it back. no problem says kid koetter and fade, beautiful ball to the fellow named after a cowboy hat. stetson hauled it in and berkeley prep wined 14-7. --- wins 14-7. >> e chamberlain chiefs. here come the chiefs, alfonzo lewis takes the pass, rambles down to the 10-yard live and cap the drive, dominic medina. somebody get there. how about the pile-on. chief goes for two, don't get it. so they're down 20-16. tack on a field goal for steinbrenner, evan so-point game. -- seven-point game.
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the tackle. less than 10 seconds to go. how about the warriors tonight getting the win 23-16. >> next up plant at robinson, the knights having a bad night. down 22-0 in the 2nd when dan fransen dials up a deep ball and there it is, powering his way to the end zone. best part, though, slip and a for effort, 15 yards for being a showoff. a little later plant looking for more, but recovered by the big fellow charlie meech, but robinson can't do anything with it. fitzgerald, intercepted by aaron king. plant goes on to run roughshod oh robinson 38-0 the final. -- over robinson 38-0 the final. >> the bay area well
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the state. >> is that good? >> that's okay and knocking on the door to the continue 10, of course, tampa bay tech which came into the night full of confidence. >> yes. senior receiver and florida commit daequan green, could you give us your prediction? >> try to run up the score about 50 plus points, no score for them. >> i'll take that bet. >> bold move. let's see if he pays off. anthony allred has the highlights in our friday night blitz game of the week. >> reporter: will the new gray look help them avenge last week's loss? i don't know, so to the highlights we go. you know the friday night blitz is on and popping when the tampa bay tech titans cheerleaders are leading the way. meanwhile down on the field
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pinnick, jr., completing a little more than 50% of his passes. he looks left and throws right to daequan green for his first touchdown of the season. titans next possession and junior rolls left and hits tight end tyreese hall in stride and no one is going to catch him. angelo owens getting his first pick 6 of the season to put the tech titans up 27-0. now it's the 2nd quarter when jr. just like 1st period math catching the wildcats sleeping with the keeper and just like that it's 33-0. just when the wildcats were in striking distance pigskin's gone wild and this would be a fumble the wildcats would never recover from because just like a hat on graduation day, pinnick, jr. is going up in the air 60 some yards. the tech titans shut out the
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undefeated at 2-0. with the game of the week anthony allred, news channel 8 sports. >> florida gators fans, keep your eyes on no. 7. daequan called it tonight. >> when he says you're going to win by 50, pay attention. we're coming back. skylights coming up next. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. uding with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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welcome back. it is time to hit the friendly skies aboard cop -- hd. >> we fly above osceola high in northeast where they partied all morning on news channel 8's today show. >> hope they're awake. >> reporter: sunset right on eagle 8 hd, here come the osceola warriors taking on the green devils of tonight's game is -- devils. tonight's game is filled with
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no. 44 seth bowling pounds the middle, good gain. st. pete's austin cozzi rolls out of the pocket and finds jalen williams who was slung out of bounds. now he tosses it to crumb who slices, dices and grinds. he cuts back big to the 10. so the old qb sneak is called and somewhere in green devils. st. pete wins 38-0. let's stay in pinellas county and head to northeast high for a battle with the gibbs gladiators. gibbs driving, but wait, loose ball. this time harris can't hang on, fumble, recovered by northeast. option time kion gully keeps it and rolls downfield. harris feels the pressure,
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weaves, drive stalls. northeast wins 35-8 and that will do it for this week's eagle 8 hd skylights in eagle 8 hd,. >> let's go to polk county, red devils were shut out on opening night. gibson on a roll last week shutting out haines city, tonight taking on jenkins. whitehead to zimmerman, point r so it's 6-0. this was a rough night for the eagles defense, but we'll give them this one. 4th and 1. whitehead pushed back. give me a measurement, please, nice job there by jenkins. they take over, don't get anything done with it, though. here come whitehead in the 2nd quarter. he tippy toes down the sideline. look at him go, 75 yards! 49-7. >> if they were size 12s, that
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lake with a side of branch ranch for dipping purposes. tyler peretti comes down with it. brian beacham called in the s.w.a.t. team. sun lake takes over enemy territory. sun lakes goes on to win 28-13. >> nice job by the seahawks there. we come back, play of the week.
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welcome back to the friday night blitz. it's time to end the show with the icing on the cake, the play of the week. >> the best of the best. let's go back out to kathleen. >> the drive of the week >> how about a one play drive thanks to the mcdonald's on i- 4, by the way. antonio whitehead to sealy who tippy toed down the sideline. i love this play, 75 yards. kathleen goes on to win 49-7. >> the coach of kathleen has got that grill, right? >> exactly. >> bulls team of the week.
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news channel 8. >> new one thursday. have a good weekend, everybody.
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y23wly y5yy [ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james spader,


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