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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  September 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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malachi kristen walsh tampa police officers open fire on a suspected car thief who rammed a cruiser. we are learning more ab the officers -- and the officers involved >> and a somber day as we remember the september 11 attacks good morning and thank you for joining us. ed bloodsworth is here with a look at the weather reporter: we're coming off of a hot day yesterday. we set a record at 95. we're starting off quite warm. temperature just dropped to 79.
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throughout much of the night. 80 in st. neat, 74 in apollo beach. looking at some very high dew points as well. a lot of moisture in play. no rain in our area, just false echos on our radar. there are a few showers back towards melbourne and men rain towards the florida keys. we're stuck in this easterly flow and that will keep rain chances moving from east to west today but notice, only a thunderstorms coming our way with some drier air aloft limiting our rain chances. with not much to cool us off, it gets hot today. 92 degrees for the afternoon high but we've got big changes coming. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> ed, thank you. right now, police are investigating an officer involved shooting. this happened in the 2400 block of gordon street. they are telling us a suspect who may have stolen a car
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mary plaque joins us live from the police head quarters. mary, the suspect just got out of jail for stealing a car? reporter: that's right, the police tell us that the suspect in this case was just released from the hillsborough county jail on september 1st for grand theft auto charges. this all happened last night around 9:30 when tampa police conducted a traffic stop on a corolla driven by joel alexander cook for a missing headlight. they determined the car was stolen. police say the driver took off in the stolen car and eventually crashed into a tree near a home on floribraska street and tried backing up on the police cruiser. that's when the officers shot at the car. >> the back of the car is perched over the police car and so he was trying to do damage to
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they did open fire. reporter: those two police officers are now on paid administrative leave. cook was transported to the local hospital with non life threatening injuries. he is not being cooperative with the investigation. >> mary mcguire, thank you very much. happening today, officials with fema will visit pasco county to help assess the damage from hurricane hermine. this is necessary after estimates damage have come in around $81 million. the community is joining together to help flood victims there. the pasco county flood support is collecting donations today for those effects. from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., head toe 4126 u.s. 19 in new port ritchey to drop off food and supplies. to volunteer, you can head to for a link toe sign up. in -- link to sign up.
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a bank robber who used a surgeon's mask as a disguise. he's hit one bank twice. deputies tell us he walked in, flashed a gun, demanded cash and took off with the money. investigators believe the same man robbed the same bank on june 24th. anyone with information should call the pinellas county sheriff's office. the travel advisory in a section of miami could be lifted if there are no w of zika in the area. the center for disease control and prevention could stop the advisory on september 19th. in the meantime, crews will continue spraying insecticide for the next two weeks. today marks 15 years since the september 11 terror attacks. it's the day we remember the thousands of
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>> terrorists hijacked passenger planes and crashed into the twin towers. cermonies are scheduled to take place this morning at the pentagon, pennsylvania and the world trade center memorial. hundreds gathered at st. patricks cara the firefighters lost. both attorney general loretta limp and bill de blasio addressed the victim's loved ones. >> courage and duty are not just words to anyone who serves in the fdny. they are a code of honor that you live by every single day, and you make us so proud, and you give us a sense of gratitude as new yorkers. reporter: the firefighters who
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september 11th ranged in age from 22 years old to 71. at pepper dine university, they held an annual wave of flags. each flag represented one life lost in the terror attacks. across the bay area, remembrance:s will be held today. in northport, first responders will march from the police department to the flag center. there will be a moment musical tribute -- silence and a musical tribute. today, the presidential candidates are taking the day off campaigning to marc honor 9/11. >> to just be grossly generallistic, you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables.
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raiser. since then, she has said she regrets the insults. trump says it will cost her at the polls. mike pence, also on the attack. >> hillary, they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. . reporter: in the meantime, drum and clinton will -- trump and clinton will attend the memorial today. neither candidate remarks. happening across america, the man that shot president ronald reagan is a freeman. john hinkley was released from a mental hospital yesterday. a judge ruled the 61 year old is not a danger to himself or the public. 30 students are injured
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collapsed at an off campus party. the collapse began on the third floor and then triggered down to the second and then the first. a tornado swept through central illinois. while no one was injured, the storm completely destroyed a 100 year old farmhouse. dozens of neighbors helped pick through the debris and the owners say they are thankful for the help. one mother is grieving after her toddler never came home from day care. here's leonardo playing in his mother's weeks ago but when danielle sanchez dropped him off thursday morning, it was the last time she would see him. police say he was under a bean bag chair when an employee accidentally sat on him suffocating him. >> in my mind, my child is in your care. he suffocated under a bean bag chair.
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stuck. something happened. reporter: police are investigating video tape from inside the day care for as for now, the employee is not facing charges. a new weapon tonight fat. we'll show you how business -- fight fat. we'll show you how busy bay area moms are using the before and after challenge to lose weight and how you can
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challenge. you see the pictures posted on facebook, pinterest and instagram all the time of people showing before and after pictures. come to find out, a lot of those people are from tampa bay. gayle guyardo went to find out how they lost the pounds. reporter: there is an eight week weight loss challenge going on. all of these folks are all from here in tampa bay. >> so many people are jumping on board many success stories. >> sometimes you see your before and you're like wow, i have say lot of work i can do. reporter: kristen took the challenge and got to work first by premeasuring morning shakes before she runs out the door. filled with protein, peanut butter powder, veggies and more. then she eats clean while on the go. >> you can go out and go to panera and get
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reporter: on the team helping people with the eight week challenge is nutrition and exercise professional jim white. he strongly suggests measuring your food, here's why. >> when you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, that's about all the peanut butter we can put on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but this is now 200 before we put it on bread. reporter: most of us are not good at eye balling or food causing us to eat more than our calorie intake but with weighing the food and exercising, you can see results. >> i lost 12-pounds and a total of 20 inches. >> for more, head to
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committed to raising $100,000 this year but of course we need your help. kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar you donate counts as 2. go to forward slash heart walk for more details. a unique art insulation in tampa is asking the tough question. coming up, we'll look at this project along the river walk and why it's about their death. >> we've had dry air over our area the last couple of days but deep tropical moisture sitting to our east. i'll tell you how it will effect our rain chances coming
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. what do you want to do before you die? that's the question one arts insulation is posing to people on the tampa river walk. mary mcguire discov reporter: before i die, i want to own a house on anna maria island. before i die, i want to love relentlessly. before i die, i want to. >> do a tour of all the places that we have some background in so the italian part of the family, the spanish side. reporter: last month, the before i die art project was installed on the tampa river walk.
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have written their deepest desires on it in chalk. it was brought here as part of a class project. >> we thought the river walk, it's the number of people you see, the traffic coming by here on saturday morning. people use it as their transportation mode and leisure mode so it's a great chance to get a lot of eyes and clearly a lot of participation. reporter: some responses are funny, some are denying every american who walked by -- person who walked by knows what they want to do in their lifetime. . another day with limited rain chances ahead. we've had some drier air aloft which has essentially been squashing our chances here. 30% rain chance through today. as we start going through tomorrow, well, let's focus
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rain today cooling us down. sunny start this morning, 80 degrees. a warm start as well. 87 by noon. we'll have building clouds. it will stay quite steamy. a 30% chance of rain today. storms will form inland and move back to the coast, 80 for st. pete this morning and 72 in zephyrhills and not bad to start your for lakeland and bartow at 75. there are are a few showers on the east coast. as we go through the day, the storms will work back towards the west coast. a couple of features we're keeping our eyes on, a weak area of low pressure in gulf. the hurricane center was watching this yesterday but now a 0% chance that will develop. we have a tropical wave developing back towards the
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drier air over our heads. this moisture slowly starts to head our way and that's going to lead to eventually higher rain chances so that drier air aloft slowly retreats. moisture value increases expecting a much better coverage of showers and thunderstorms in the week ahead. this morning, you'll notice quite humid, very warm. by the afternoon, storms start in the inland location and start rolling back to the coast. coverage fairly limited today. on monday but look, a good coverage of thunderstorms by monday afternoon. we'll bump the rain chance up to 40% and it does look to get higher by tuesday and wednesday as more moisture streams into the sunshine state here. if you don't get wet today, your chances really start to go up, especially by tuesday and into wednesday. the bucs, yeah playing, or i should say going to
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georgia dome. there will be a few storms in that area. we are expecting rain chances, or heat index values to be near 100, perhaps as early as 1:00 today. look at the changes that come our way. 90 degrees on monday with a 40% rain chance. with that deep tropical moisture, we're expecting rain chances up to 60% by midweek. >> fall is here next week. >> right. >> it doesn't feel like it average temp of 90, this week the average temp is 89. >> all right, thanks ed. >> a big weekend for college football. paul ryan is up next with a look at the action
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appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away.
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. last week the university demolished towson but that victory did not come without costment marlin max suffered a concussion. as a precaution, he sat out last night. as it turns out, they did not require his services. 7-zip, usf in the first. 73-yard touchdown cash. the
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a career high four touchdown passes and accounted for a personal best 400 total yards. the bulls blast the huskies 48- 17. florida state hosting suspension ravaged charleston southern. this was like christmas for the seminoles. fsu up 21-nothing. the bucs punting to will on and that proves to better wilson and that mistake. an 89-yard return to the crib. florida state coasts to a win 52-8. florida hosting kentucky. the wild cats dial up something deep but the quarterback has one hand in his pocket and the other is catching a football. a 76-yard heave to callaway, peace, gators chomp
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found itself on the other side of the blowout. wolverines quarterback tossed four touchdown passes. knights quarterback left the game with an injury. the knights cracked the highlights with this 87-yard td jaunt but ucf was killing time on the way to a loss. florida atlantic took a ride south to visit miami. mark walton greets the owls with 155-yards and 4 touchdown runs. this his third making it 24-3 in the third. fau did keep it respectable as evidenced. miami wins. last weekend, the canes run over the [inaudible] finally, rays and yankees, chris averager on -- archer on the hill, rock solid until the sixth. this is why
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next batter, gary sanchez, bobby wilson would answer with a homer in the eighth but the rays fall. archer loses for a franchise record 18th time this season. the buccaneers open the season taking on the falcons this afternoon. we'll have all of the coverage you can stomach tonight. >> paul, thank you. its a big day for bucs fans. the pewter pilots pirates kick off the season playing the hawks. >> more people are dialing 911 but the calls are hardly for emergencies so the city decided to do something about it.
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. good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us. in our top stories this morning, a suspected car thief throws a car into reverse smashes into a tampa police cruiser. that prompted officers to open fire. now the suspect is in the
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officers are on leave. >> the important fema visit today to determine how much help pasco county can get. >> and 15 years later, we will mark the somber anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. first, let's check in with ed bloodsworth. reporter: good morning. we had a record high of 95 degrees on saturday. looks like more steamy weather is coming our way th in st. pete, 79 for tampa and 77 bradenton. by noon, we're at 87. getting to 92 for the high so only a couple of degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. we're going have that continued easterly flow. this is your rapid refresh model. as we go through the rest of the day, you'll notice not much by the
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popping up inland later. the rain chance below average today at 30%, but some big changes come our way in the week ahead. deeper moisture, rain chances start to increase here, especially by tuesday and into wednesday. if you don't get wet today, it looks like your chances will really start rising in the week ahead. we'll take a more detailed check of that forecast over the next eight days coming up. >> ed, thank you. right now, tampa police are investigating an officer involved shooting that happened after a traffic stop. mary mcguire joins us live from tampa police head quarters. mary, how did this start? reporter: tampa police originally pulled over that car because of a broken headlight and that's when they realized it was stolen. police conducted this stop in the tampa heights neighborhood. they pulled over the car driven by joel alexander cook for a missing highlight around 9:30. they determined that car was
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in the stolen car and eventually crashed into say tree near a home on floribraska and tampa street and then tried backing up on to that police cruiser. that's when the two officers fired at cook who is now in the hospital. >> he's not being very cooperative at the hospital right now. but as i said, its not a life threatening injury so we'll just have to talk to him again. reporter: those two officers who shot at the suspect are now on paid leave according to tpd. police tell us cook was transported to a local hospital with non life threatening injury again, and he is not being cooperative with detectives. he's not saying much so the investigation continues today. >> yeah, sounds like they're hoping he'll change his tune. mary, thank you. today marks 15 years since the september 11th terrorist attacks. it's a day we remember the thousands who died.
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twin tower, the pentagon and one went down in pennsylvania. cermonies will be held at the pentagon and in pennsylvania and at the world trade center memorial. last night a luminary service honored the victims of flight 93 in pennsylvania. volunteers lit luminaries and placed them at the memorial for the doomed flight. chillum mary representing -- luminary representing each of the victims. >> locally, events are place to remember the event. in pasco there is an event at the park. the u.s. coast guard will conduct a flyby. it all begins at 5:00. happening today, officials with fema will visit pasco county to help assess the damage from hurricane hermine. the visit comes after the county reported damage estimates at a jaw dropping $89 million.
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be one of the costliest disasters in the county's history. new this morning, hillsborough fire rescue is visiting a fire at a recycling business. the fire broke out at the center burning a pile for impersonating a doctor is back in the heated lines. authorities say he went to a car lot trying to buy a car. they say he brought an elderly woman with him. >> when he came, he said it was his mother. when the police officers were asking him, he switched to story to god mother. reporter: the woman, a distant
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permission to use her as a cosigner. malachi love-robinson has been charged with three counts of fraud. he's pevely been charged with practicing -- previously been charged for practicing medicine without a license. your child won't wake up for school is not something you would call 911 for people are using it just for that. reporter: just this morning, someone called 911 needing help finding their cellphone and the stories of this bad 911 behavior go on and on. >> 911 emergency, where do you need help. reporter: you hear it all the time, people calling 911 for something completely ridiculous. >> why do you need an officer?
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me is incorrect. >> from parents calling because they can't get their kids up to go to school to directions. reporter: it's a problem dispatchers are seeing a lot of. that's why police and fire departments have come up with a safety campaign, keep 911 for emergencies. >> we've down four psa's. one is just reminding parents about deactivated cellphones that they can still call 911 so calls we get. reporter: one thing is clear here, does tie up resources. >> that's what we want to make sure is that the help is there when people need us. reporter: instead of calling 911 when you need information, call 411 or search the internet. if you need a police officer and it's not an emergency, police departments have non emergency numbers.
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caught on surveillance video. watch this woman and child. they walk into the store, wait for the woman to leave and grab a puppy and watch out. they snatched an eight week old puppy. >> i was furious. like how, again, the care of the puppy, the nerve, and a child, a child, i'm a mom of six kids, what kind of pick up cleaning supplies when the theft happened passing the thieves as they walked in. check out these pics of one adorable rescue. after several baby squirrels fell from a tree, here, they're being placed back home. the hillsborough police department posted those photos to the facebook feed. >> yeah, baby squirrels learning to climb.
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furriest of citizens. >> hats off to the police. and hats off to the viewers for sending in these nice pictures. keep sending us your photos, we appreciate all of them. facebook or twitter at storm team 8. i'll have your forecast coming up. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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. 15 years ago taxpayers paid more than $30 million to rebuild with the jordan housing complex to then turn around and give it to developers for virtually no cost. now, those developers are giving it back. reporter: back in 2002, th grand opening of the rebuilt jordan park was such a big deal, even governor jeb bush showed up to celebrate. >> a brand new game. >> did it turn out that way? >> no. reporter: long term residents insist that private developers who took ownership after paying almost nothing up front let jordan park slide into disrepair.
6:43 am
property. >> i can hear rats at night scratching. reporter: cently, the st. pete housing authority agreed to buy back the apartments from the corporation and group developers that have owned jordan park and pocketed rent for 15 years. check out this deal, the housing authority pays the developers 400,000 in cash, spends as much as 7 million to renovate the 18 million in get the developers owe to taxpayer -- debt the developers owe taxpayers. >> to they walk away from debt in addition to getting $400,000. >> all of these loans were grants. reporter: remember, the developers paid almost nothing in the first place, earned millions in tax credit, kept all of the rent and rent subsidies for 15
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deal for taxpayers? >> that's a great deal for taxpayers. reporter: it doesn't seem that way to this activist. >> why are we paying over and over and over again. reporter: she think this is is a raw deal for taxpayers. >> i am totally perplexed adds to how we're -- as to how we're having to purchase something that is already owned by the state and local government and the taxpayers. reporter: i'm told the repurchase of jordan park is already a done legal closing comes at the end of the month. . new gardens open this weekend in lake wales. officials cut the ribbon on nearly 8-acres of new garden space. very beautiful. not a bad day to head out to those gardens, just make sure you stay hydrated.
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have been very active. we've got three areas we're keeping our eye on. both of these systems will likely not develop but this system in the atlantic likely will become our next tropical depression. it has about a 90% chance of becoming a tropical system in the next five days but good news, all the forecast models keep this out to see. this will be a storm for the fish. back here at home, at tampa international airport. we have a little breeze. the temperatures get back in the low 90s this afternoon. we'll have that high of 92. rain chances slim, at least below average, only 30% for today. right now, a lot of 70s on the map this morning starting off at 77 for clearwater and fish hawk. warmer in st. pete at 80 and 72 in inverness.
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across our area. a few showers across the east coast but we've been under the influence of drier air. that red is drier air in the upper levels and that's been squashing our rain chances to 20 to 30%. but, changes are coming our way. tropical moisture gathering in association with that tropical wave will actually play a role in our fo and thunderstorms developing inland after 1:00 p.m. pushing back towards the coast. again, not that many areas getting wed today. by monday, we'll see a better shot at afternoon showers and thunderstorms. more communities getting wet tomorrow afternoon. tuesday, even more of us getting wet with rain chances really starting to rise by tuesday and then certainly into wednesday as well. for today, the best rain chance will be south of i-
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make sure you hang on to the umbrella just in case. there's that afternoon high today, steamy at 92. you factor in the humidity and it will feel closer to 100 for many areas so again, if you're going be spending a lot of time outside today, stay hydrated and take it easy. take some breaks into the shade. perhaps you'll want to watch the bucs play. 90 for monday, 40% chance of rain increasing to0% at least we'll get a break from the heat, upper 80s wednesday and thursday. >> a little rain but a goody to sit inside in the ac d -- good day to sit inside in the ac. >> hurricane hermine took a toll on the bay area. damage estimates are in the millions. coming up, a look at pinellas county charity that was hit hard by the storm and how it's keeping hope alive as it
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. this morning a charity is in trouble after hurricane hermine destroyed its shelter. reporter: hurricane hermine made an impact at the pinellas hope shelter. during the storm, more than 60 tents were damaged. that added on top of the dozens damaged by tropical storm colin. this is a home for many people as they transition from homelessness.
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wasn't here, i don't know what would have happened. reporter: hundreds live in tents here which each cost about 70 bucks but only last about 6 months. dozens were destroyed by the winds and rains this summer by a 1-2 punch of tropical storm colin in june and hurricane hermine in august. >> what can tents withstand in wind condition ors rain and flooding, they can't. so u' facility for the shelter had to shell it thousands of dollars to replace tentings. now they're looking at more a more permanent solution. >> hope cottages is the solution. reporter: shipping containers can be converted into stable apartments dubbed hope cottages allowing residents to have a bed, air conditioning and light, all the too lates needed -- tools needed for people to get back on their feet. >> this place has so much to
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just apply yourself to it. reporter: they aren't cheap, about $30,000 a piece but that are virtually indestructible so it's worth the investment. reporting in clearwater, i'm mary mcguire, news channel 8. one popular camera angle taken to new heights, literally. coming up, a fearless selfie so high up, just looking
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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queasy. >> >> a knew creek race in nevada involving different animals, camels and ostriches. didn't know camels could move that quickly. if that's not your style, ostrich race. ostriches are much faster. a california tv station had quite a visitor. a bird landed on the ledge next to the station's tower cam. as you can see, at one point the bird gets curious and stares right into the camera before flying away. he wanted his close up opportunity. take a look at this daring selfie here. construction workers adding
6:57 am
for the selfie 1100 feet in the air. this is atop the willshire grand tower. it will be considered the tallest building in la. a suspected car thief leads tampa police on a chase. in the end, officers open fire. >> touring the damage left behind by hurricane hermine, coming up, the important visit that could determine how
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. tampa police officers open fire on a suspected car thief who rammed a cruiser. we are learning more about the injured expect the officers. >> and a somber day for nation as we mark the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks >>good morning, i'm candace mccowan. time now is 7:00 and ed bloodsworth is here with what we can expect weather wise. reporter: sun rise just about to get under way. a beautiful coloring to the sky over new port ritchey this morning. 75 degrees for the current temperature. a few folks out on the roads this morning. current temperature


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