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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM Saturday  NBC  September 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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new york city fell silent at 8:46 this morning. the day our lives changed forever. it was the moment the first plane struck the north tower of the world trade center on september 11, 2001. at 9:03 a second plane crashed into the south tower. people ran for their lives as the building came down. at 9:37 a third plane struck the pentagon. president obama helped place a wreath at the site. >> groups like al qaeda, like isil know they will never be able to defeat a nation as great and as strong as america. >> at 10:03, a fourth hi jacked plane headed for the u.s. capitol. that aircraft never made it. 40 passengers and crew members on flight 93 crashed the plane.
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>> for as long as we live, as long as we remember their spirits live in this sacred ground. and in our hearts today. >> 15 years later the american flag flies high. we remember the nearly 3000 victims whose lives were taken by those acts of terror. and good evening, everyone. >> thank you for joining us on this sunday. u.s. troops all over held services. this is video from kabul, afghanistan. september 11, 2001 was the worst attack on u.s. soil since pearl harbor was bombed in 1941. today's anniversary, of course, a day to pause and remember those who lost their lives and remember that day that changed the way we live as americans. >> news channel 8 is live tonight. dozens of people are gathered
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>> reporter: it's hard to believe this happened 15 years ago. many of the students that created the artwork you see behind me weren't even born. if you ask those of us who were around, just about anyone can tell you where they were the very moment they heard the news. the day's annual 9/11 ceremony began with a fly over by u.s. coast guard helicopter. hundreds of gathers in simms park to remember the nearly 3000 souls who died and honor the first responders who ran selflessly to save lives. one of the keynote speakers pasco sheriff who you may not have known was the a police officer in the washington, d.c. area that day. >> what's going on? she goes there's a plane coming in. it didn't matter what your race, color, creed or gender was. we were all in this together and people were grabbing each other and jumping under cars, diving into buildings.
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and authorities thought there was another aircraft heading towards the capitol. that was the one that crashed in pennsylvania. there was a feeling of disbelief that day september 11, 2001. many people walking around dazed scratching their heads wondering how an attack of this magnitude could ever happen on american soil. back to you. >> yeah, it it was a tough day. i think we all certainly do remember where we were that happened. chip reporting live, thanks. today the presidential nominees put campaigning aside and attended a memorial service in new york city. this morning donald trump and rudy giuliani visited rescue one. the two politicians spoke with the firefighters there. the rescue team lost nearly half of their firefighters while they searched for survivors. as hillary clinton was the leading the event she stumbled and had to be held by a member of her staff. we are now learning she was
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friday. check out this video. you can see clinton waiting for her van to arrive. the democrat appears unsteady and holds on to three different people. the former secretary of state's campaign initially said she was feeling overheated. now to a story all new today. a tampa man is dead after his cousin shot hill to see if a bullet proof vest would work. shot by alex they found the victim outside of the house shot in the chest. inside the house officers found blood and that bullet proof vest. a witness told police that the victim sat in a chair, put on that vest and then wondered out loud whether it still worked. the defendant took out a handgun and stated let's see and shot him. the victim later died at the hospital. a tampa man recovering after an officer-involved shooting. police tell us the officers
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for a missing headlight. this was near florida avenue and ida street. when they realized it was a stolen car and the driver realized they realized that he took off and crashed into a tree. cook backed up, backed his car into officers cars and the officer opened fire, wounding cook. he's going to be okay tonight and the officers are on paid row teen administrative leave. the damage from hermine is still haunting parts of the bay area. damage estimates have inse today officials with fema visited pasco county to help assess the damage and determine whether or not a federal disaster declaration will be made. news channel 8's mary mcguire got a firsthand look at the devastation. >> reporter: hurricane hermine ripped through pasco county and left a gigantic bill. >> this is the most costly storm we've had in pasco county. >> reporter: 23 residences were
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them was jeffrey's who lived with his son and two grandchildren in this trailer. >> she saw the tree and said it looked like slow motion as it fell down. >> reporter: it was declared a total loss after a tree fell on it in the middle of those storms and he has now moved across the street to live with his girlfriend. >> now you look at and you're going, why me? >> reporter: officials with with fema traveled across the county to assess the damage in or not a federal disaster declaration will be made. with that declaration comes financial assistance that is needed but it won't be the answer to all of the problems hermine caused. >> the average payout from fema is only $6000 per household. it is not a lot of money. it is not an insurance gap. it won't pay to fix somebody's home. us working towards this declaration means if we do get a federal disaster declaration from the president it will open
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opportunities for us to do other things for our homeowners. >> reporter: recovering from the storm will be a costly and time consuming process. a journey those in pasco county hope will be made easier with the help of the federal government. reporting in pasco county. >> and once again as we follow this story, pasco county is expecting to learn whether or not a federal disaster declaration will be made. that will happen later this we want to keep helping victims of the pulse nightclub shooting for several more years. the orlando sentinel is reporting the city council wants to keep the assistance center open for victims. the council members voted to pay the heart of florida united way more than $123,000 to staff the orlando united assistance center through early november. dozens of college students are hurt. >> where this chaos happened. the nfl commissioner sits
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protests during the national anthem. whose side is roger goodell taking in the colin kaepernick controversy? just a few isolated showers and storms. tracking rising rain chances. what looks to be a soggy
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the father of a 6-year-old girl whose body was found on a parkway in north carolina has been charged with first-degree murder. authorities found lila pickerring in a car with her mentally unstable father in a grassy area alongside the parkway on friday night. a missing persons report had been filed for the child. lila's family has ties to the bay area. . as many as 30 students were
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collapsed at an off campus party in connecticut on saturday night. a third floor balcony collapsed on to the second floor balcony which collapsed on the first floor at a building near trinity college. each deck was crowded with partiers. the most serious injuries, a broken arm and a head injury. roger goodell sat down with matt lauer. the colin kaepernick controversy was front and center. the 49ers quarrb national headlines for sitting during the national anthem in the team's first three preseason games and then kneeling in their preseason finale. kaepernick says he's protesting racial injustice. goodell was asked if kaepernick's stand makes him proud or nervous. >> listen, i support our players speaking out on issues that they think need to be changed in our society. i think when our players speak out and they feel strongly and passionate about something, it's a good thing for us.
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tomorrow night in san francisco and kaepernick says he plans to continue sitting during the national anthem until he sees substantial change in race relations. the anticipation is over just a couple of hours ago during the anthem before the game between the seattle seahawks and the miami dolphins the entire seahawks team lived up to their promise to honor kaepernick's protest by locking arms. on the other sideline, four a boat with tons of people aboard crashes into a pier. >> the problem that caused that vessel to run into the london
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a passenger boat backed with people on board crashed
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of the crash. public safety officials say the pleasure boat was carrying about 151 people when its engine caught fire. it veered across the river before crashing into the pier. there were no reports of significant injuries. north korea today called the united states push for sanctions following its fifth nuclear test quote, laughable. state-run television cited a foreign ministry spokesperson as saying in a statement the group of obamas running around and talk sanctions until today is highly laughable, end quote. the country vowed to continue strengthening its nuclear power. now to coverage of the 2016 presidential race. in your vote today, new polls are out showing hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat in some states. a look at the polls and explains which states matter most to each candidate. >> reporter: 57 days to go and new polls show clinton and
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nevada, even georgia. showing the candidates within just points of each other. >> obviously florida number one. beyond florida, ohio is a huge state. almost any republican path to victory relies on winning in ohio. so ohio is huge. >> reporter: the pressure is really on donald trump to start winning in states where president obama won four years ago. >> donald trump not doing as well in states like virginia. that means other states like pennsylvania have to come into l clinton is winning in the states that will give her the 270 electoral votes needed. but her lead is narrowing in places. a battle over the next eight and a half wes. omust win for hillary clinton? >> honestly she could actually probably win without florida. donald trump probably couldn't win without florida. he'd have to have hit a royal
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>> a little rough outside this afternoon. temperatures in the low and mid90s. about half a dozen degrees above average. very little rain around. good beach days as least. 85 degrees at clear water beach with some sunshine around. here's a live look from downtown tampa. very few clouds around. although we do have a couple of showers eastern hillsboro county. as of 6:00, still 94 degrees with a calm wind. keep in mind the average high temperature is 89 degrees. winter haven is at 89. it's 88 in brooksville. 91 in had st. pete. also in sarasota. 86 degrees towards north port. check out how we closed the workweek. 95 on friday. that tied a record. 95 yesterday. broke a record set back in 2000. and today, again, a high temperature of 95 degrees. that tied a record set in if 1990. back to back to back records
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not expecting to break a record tomorrow afternoon, although temperatures will be above average. forecasting a high temperature of 91 degrees. this is the latest check of max radar. not a lot of showers and storms around this evening. again, we have dry air. high pressure aloft limiting our rain chances. eastern parts of hillsboro county. right along of i-4 there. a moderate shower. up into pasco county central and eastern parts. dade city seeing a quick downpour there. poci polk county seeing quick moving showers there. highlands county down towards the biological station. a quick downpour there. that's been the trend. showers and storms haven't been able to sustain themselves through this evening. very few isolated showers. come to a close. partly cloudy through the overnight hours. into the day tomorrow, atmospheric moisture on the rise. with that expecting better rain chances into the afternoon. inland spots by around lunchtime. that'll start to press back
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unlike the last couple of days we'll see that bitter coverage persist through the afternoon and evening hours. about a 40% rain chance. here's a look at the forecast for monday. scattered storms during the afternoon. a high temperature of 91 degrees. relief from the heat. above average tomorrow. we'll be in the upper 80s by the middle of the week. rain chances on the rise. heavy rain possible the middle of the week. a couple of disturbances we're tracking in the tropics. an 80% chance of tropical developmen this area of showers and storms, not expecting it to develop. but it'll throw some tropical moisture our way. with that our rain chances really on the rise heading through the first part of the workweek. 50% by tuesday. peaking at 60% on wednesday. partly cloudy overnight tonight. warm and muggy your low temperature. 77 degrees. scattered storms around monday afternoon. still hot with a high temperature of 91 degrees. that's a couple degrees above average. tuesday, wednesday, thursday
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that's where we'll be tracking the threat for heavier rainfall. especially on wednesday before we start to throttle back rain chances towards next weekend. >> and maybe cool down. >> upper 80s at least. better than 95. >> better than 95. exactly. >> loose interpretation of cool. the buccaneers start the season with a bang. >> highlights of jameis winston's four touchdown performance. locker room reaction from the
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do grudges carry over from one season to the next? jameis winston seems to think so. his buccaneers won both meetings in atlanta last year. winston cautioned quote,
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making his nfl head coaching debut in the georgia dome. winston's welcome was not a warm one. 3-3 game in the first. bucs backed up. makes an easy interception. the falcons are in business. moments later, matt ryan connects in the back of the end zone. atlanta takes a 10-3 lead. the bucs rally on the ensuing possession. winston inside screen to adam fumfullies. gues 10 a piece. fast forward to the final seconds of the first half. tampa bay down 3. atlanta forgets about chuck simms even after he catches the ball. six falcons have a shot at him. close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. 17-13 bucs at the break.
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deep ball. great throw. better catch. bucs go up two scores. later in the third. mike evans says anything you can do i can do better. check out the over the shoulder fingertip catch in double average. winston tossed four td passes. atlanta did make it interesting late. getting within 7. gerald mccoy squashes any hope of a comeback. batting ryan's pass. the bucs beat fa third time in a row, 31-24 the final. 1-for-1 as an nfl head coach. >> i told him great job. it's a team effort. it's a team effort. everybody helped. everybody helped. excited. excited for every guy in that room because we played like a team today. that was good. >> we're happy we were able to
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the hard work hi put in. >> i knew it was going to happen. a lot telling we were going to lose. i love my team to death. i go the to war with them. >> you have 15 more minimum. minimum. we got a lot of work to do. exciting. 2002 at home against carolina we haven't got an opening day win. yankees rays out of the big apple. big old broom of his own. two-run homer. his 19th of the year. fast forward to the sixth. tampa bay up 2-1. brad miller would add an insurance run. the rays take one from the yankees. 4-2 the final. that snaps new york's winning streak. >> good day for the home teams. >> another test next week against arizona. it's going to be tougher.
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how's our forecast looking for the night? >> 95 degrees the last three days. thankfully we got a break from the heat. it comes with much higher rain chances through the workweek. some tropical moisture moving in, especially by the middle of the week. you notice by wednesday our rain chance up to about 60%. some heavier rain possible. >> thank you very much. finally tonight, it's camel and ostrich racing time in virginia city, nevada. i'm not kidding. riders mount the backs of camels and ostriches and zebras. anyone who attends th ride. this is a rather unusual race. it has an interesting origin too. 57 years ago a local newspaper made up a fictitious story about the camel races of virginia city. the problem was they didn't exist. when word got out they made it happen. they brought in camels and the rest is history. >> i was worried about my fantasy football team. i forgot to check my fantasy camel races. >> probably a nice payout. >> there you go. >> can't make this stuff up.
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nbc nightly news is next. >> we're back here at 11:00. have a good night. news. new questions about hillary clinton's health after she almost collapses leaving a 9/11 ceremony. her doctor now say she is has pneumonia. tonight a closer look at clinton's medical indications for the campaign. the up roof over comments about donald trump supporters. what both candidates are saying about her choice of words. taking a stand. an entire nfl team locking arms today during the national anthem. the latest call by athletes for social justice. and day of remembrance. 15 years after the 9/11 attack honoring the victims and how one family learned to


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