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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  September 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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in breaking news this monday morning, an active search near citrus park happening right now. good morning. i'm paul mueller in this morning for gene ramirez. >> and this all happened this morning when a woman claims she was robbed at gun point at a burger king on gunn highway. ryan hughes is live at the scene. >> reporter: take a look behind me right now. you can see a number of hillsborough county deputy units are still here onscene. at one point, we counted roughly a dozen here onscene. k-9 units searched for the
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at word, the person got away unfortunately. deputies tell us a robber approached a worker as she locked up for the evening. she was carrying a bag of cash to be deposited at a nearby bank. no word if the robber got away with any money. the woman was being interviewed and didn't get physically hurt we're told. we're told there are cameras inside and no. word if there are any outside. and deputies will be that video. hopefully to the get some sort of description of the robber. at this point, we don't have is a description of the person who did this but once we get the information, we will let you know. back to you. >> thank you. and to follow this story and other breaking news, download our wfla breaking news app. it's free. all right, we're going to toss it over to ed filling in for leigh.
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coming off a record-breaking weekend. we had intense heat. and starting off warm this morning, 80 degrees in tampa. 77 early with us this plant city. and satellite and radar is quiet. there are a few sprinkles along the east coast of florida but we're tracking this big area of moisture, big tropical wave. that's going to slide in and really start to change our weather pattern. but it stays warm, very steamy today at 91 degrees. and we are expecting a few more showers and thunderstorms that's a big change from what we've had the last weekend. we will take a look at the day hour-by-hour that includes better rain chances, but first -- yeah, we're happy about that. >> it was brutal you. but what is not brutal is traffic. looks good out there. the travel times through palm harbor, state road 54 to tampa road, 15 minutes. u.s. 41 through the land o'lakes area, the same commute.
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tampa by jefferson no. delays. and also 275 at hillsborough avenue, hardly any vehicles on the roads on the interstates. that's a look at weather and traffic. and now back to paul and gayle. happening today, the next step in recovering from hurricane hermine, cleaning up all the debris left behind by the high winds and flooding. >> and that is a big clean-up. starting today, crews in pasco county will work 12 hours days, seven days a week until it's over the weekend, the federal emergency management agency toured some of the areas. officials estimate damage from hurricane hermine at $111 million. his trailer was destroyed by a tree. >> it would be nice because the trailer is too old for the insurance company to cover it. so it all falls on me. i have to demolish the trailer and clean the property up by
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declaration, it would give money to help homeowners but officials warn it will not pay for all of the repairs. pasco county republican national convention dens joining forces today to help each other recover from the storm. dozens donating food, clothing and other supplies to a drive organized by pasco community flood support. one woman whose home was damaged is overwhelmed by all that help. >> i think it is absolutely amazing to help the families in need and us. i have been in tears all morning just thinking about, this is just absolutely wonderful what everyone is doing. >> the community coming together in times of crisis. all of the items will be given to flood victims. a chain reaction crash on the courtney campbell causeway sent eight people to the hospital including two
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road intersection. the-- damascus road intersection. she ran into the back of one car that hit another. you can see the mangled metal and debris on the road there. a 2-year-old and 3-year-old were injured in the crash. the 2-year-old is in critical condition this morning. we are making calls to find out the conditions of the other victims. it is a story that will have you shaking your head. a tampa man shot to death by his cousin as they tried to police tell us the 24-year-old shot his cousin in the chest and here's how it all went down. witnesses telling police he sat in the chair with the bullet- proof vest on wondering allowed whether it still worked and that's when witnesses say he took out a gun and said, quote, let's see. he is facing a slew of charges including manslaughter and a felon in possession of a firearm. calling 911 for the wrong reasons.
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lakeland the city is launching a campaign to explain why 911 is for emergencies. >> why do you need an officer? >> because the food that they sold me, it's incorrect. >> all right. that's just one example of some of the 911 operator calls that are coming in and they worry the calls are wasting their time and keeping them from real emergencies. that's why the city of lakeland has come called keep 911 for emergencies. officials want people to call 411 for non-emergencies for the police department. but don't include your hamburger order. >> certainly not. all right, right now, the national anthem protest first sparked by quarterback colin kaepernick, it is growing. on sunday, more athletes joined him including some prominent
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tampa news center this morning and one of the largest protests came from a florida team. >> reporter: that's right, paul. the tampa bay bucs have been quiet when it comes to the silent protest over the national anthem but four miami dolphins players took a knee sunday while the national anthem played. across the field, all 53 seattle seahawk players stood with arms locked in a show of solidarity. the wide receiver tweeted that as a team they have chose on the in kansas city, more silent protests, the chiefs interlocked arms, and one raised his first. the controversy started with the pre-season when san francisco 49er colin kaepernick refused to the stand during the anthem protesting when he called police brutal and i racial injustice. the move drew both outrage and admiration. the nfl commissioner isn't
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>> i think when our players speak out and they feel strongly and passionately about something, i think it's a good thing for us. >> reporter: while other nfl players are making statements on the field including the bronco's brandon marshall who took a knee last week, no player at the buc's falcon's game were seen sitting or kneeling during the national anthem. >> meredyth censullo live for us. thank you. time to head over bloodsworth. >> well, started on a quiet note this morning. good news headed off to work and school this morning no. rain to deal with but -- morning, no rain to deal with but that will likely change. just a few sprinkles along the i-95 corridor, that's on the east coast of florida. and hour-by-hour, the numbers will climb once again above average. we will get to 91 degrees. not as hot as this past weekend. and we will have a better chance of rain during the afternoon. so you see the area of red over
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we've had over the past weekend but we have a weak tropical wave producing some thunderstorms and it has higher moisture. that starts working our way. that means our rain chances are going up over the next couple days. looks like you will get a workout over the next few days with the umbrella. and that will take down this heat. it's been brutal, spiking up to 60% by wednesday. and that could play a role in the roads this week. but this in bad. >> we will take any dry weather while we can. and we will appreciate it very much. it looks great out there, folks. we have a good drive on the sun coast parkway. most of the traffic southbound, so state road 52 to 54, eight minutes. and eight minutes from the veterans expressway down to the ehrlich. and great drive through i-4 through lakeland. and 75, up to speed as well. another live look, 275 down the
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that's going to slow you down here. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gayle and paul. >> all right. thank you. happening today, need a job in head over to the job fair in tampa. it's the coast to coast tampa career fair taking place at the doubletree on west cyprus street at 11:00 this morning. dozens of employers looking to fill about 500 jobs. organizers say get there early and bring a couple dozen resumes. the 2016 heart walk right around the corner and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000. kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise. so every dollar you donate really counts as two. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium. go to for details. caught on camera, yeah, punching a referee? still ahead, who threw the
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they're facing this morning. and tampa's first family cannabis clinic is open for business.
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%f0 new questions about north korea's ability to conduct another nuclear test. south korea claims that north korea has finished more underground tests. it comes just three days after north korea's fifth nuclear test. this morning a warning fr the cia about russian hacking. now when asked if russia is trying to manipulate the election through hacking, he wouldn't comment but pointed out that the fbi is investigating computer hacks involving the dnc. across america, a 6-year- old girl with ties to the bay area is dead and her dad is facing murder charges. she was found in a car along the blue ridge parkway in north
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he is described as mentally unstable. the dad is expected to go before a judge today. the mother and grandmother live in hernando county. and an investigation into a school bus crash that sent dozens of high school students to the hospital. the bus crashed into a concrete wall near denver international airport. the bus was carrying a football team and coaches. the bus driver died. two people are in critical condition this morning and two others are in serious condition. all right, listen to this story here, they tried to help a woman and two samaritans gate tacked in a walmart parking lot. this all happening outside kansas city. police claiming two people attacked a woman putting her child in a car seat. these two good samaritans rushing to help, a struggle breaks out. and one good samaritan is shot. and the other was critically injured but not before shooting one of the ataggers. and the mom was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the good news, the baby not
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facing serious charges accused of punching a referee. the whole thing as we see caught on camera. look at the chaos breaking out during the game. the ref just doing his job, trying to break up a fight. the player punching him. the ref falls to the ground. the player facing a five-year ban from the sport. in an 8 on your side report, tampa's first medical cannabis clinic now open for patients across tampa bay. i explore who can receive the treatment and we look back at the little girl who helped bring medical marijuana to a level playing field. i have to warn you, the images are disturbing but an important reminder of what many believe is a break through treatment option now available in tampa bay. >> reporter: the video is hard to watch but is credited for
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world views the cannabis plant. traditional the treatments for her uncontrollable seizures almost killed the child until her mother turned to medical marijuana as a last resort. >> had her seizures were instantly abated. so her 300 weekly seizures were down to zero her first week after the first dose. >> reporter: in 2014, the family came to florida to help push for the non-euphoric train of marijuana. >> in particular the cdb found in the low-thc medical cannabis that is now approved, it's helping people across the country. and now in florida, we have the opportunity to help people out. >> reporter: pediatrician david burger heads up the clinic and says many parents are seeking out safer alternatives to traditional drugs and turning to medical marijuana.
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you cannot get high from taking the product with just the cbd in it. a lot of the patient, especially those with chronic muscle spasms, they are people that are concerned ant getting addicted to those types of medications. >> the doctor orders capsules for the young patients because it's easier and safer to control dosages but he treats adult thes at the clinic and other forms are available. now in florida though, cannot smoke marijuana even for medical purposes. all right, it's 4:18. let's turn things over to ed. >> well, looks like we are starting off warm. not nearly as hot as the last couple days. go back to friday and this past weekend, highs of 95 and that tied or broke records. the record streak come to an end today. 77 for pinellas park. warm 80 in tampa.
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some showers to form on the east coast of florida. and look at what happens today, more moisture, increased humidity, a better coverage of thunderstorms coming our way. if you didn't get wet this weekend, chances much better for today and the next couple days. scattered clouds tomorrow morning and then notice again good rain chances coming our way. and the threat for heavy tropical downpours thanks a weak tropical wave across the state. the highest rain chances will favor south florida, 30% the farther north you head here. again, going to be warm at 91 degrees. rain chances up to 60% by wednesday. and have the umbrellas for the week ahead. time to get another check of the roadways with leslee. >> thank you, ed. what's happening out there in the sun coast area. looking good on 75, manatee county, sarasota, up to speed
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70, sometimes we have overnight construction around university but you can get by. 275 looks great in and out of st. pete up to the howard frankland bridge. stretching across the bridge, great drive. and also 275 into tampa from bearss to downtown, nine minutes. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gayle and paul. there's a new miss america this morning. >> there is? >> yes. >> who got the crown. and it may be the american dream but mill to dream a little bit longer to own a home. why more millennials aren't buying homes. and how about them buccaneers beating the falcons 31-24? watch the play of the day. >> you got to see it. >> yeah, can't get enough of the buc's when they win. it's 4:20. and you're watching news channel 8 today. every woman's fashion secret. but what's no secret is how much they hurt. the foot care experts at amope
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new gelactiv insoles almost invisible, and made of ultra-thin concentrated gel. they even fit into slender shoes. so the only thing you feel is improved comfort. share the secret of looking great, and feeling good. new gelactiv for all kinds of women's shoes. from amope.
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%f0 turning now to an 8 on your de in homeownership. it turns out millennials are not buying homes. a study showing a drop in homeownership for all ages but the biggest one experts explain, it's difficult to get a mortgage for millennials and that's forcing them to rent. more americans putting off retirement. yes, a bank rate survey of a thousand adults found seven in 10 plan to the keep working past retirement age. many say they don't have enough
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just want to stay busy is social. -- stay busy and stay social. miss arkansas is the miss america. she performed a jazz dance. along with the crown, she wins a $50,000 scholarship. miss south carolina was first runner-up. >> savvy shields. >> that's a great name. >> very interesting. democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton is facing a health issue. >> she new in the next half hour, why she left a 911 ceremony early and the illness she is fighting. and let's take a look outside live this morning in downtown tampa. waking up to a beautiful day. weather and traffic on the 8s
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all right. 4:28 here on this monday
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it's a warm start to the day. starting off at 80 surprise the humidity running rather high. we will see the temperature at 77 there. again, notice the mugginess. but expect a few more thunderstorms about the time the kids get dropped off at the bus stop. and with the more clouds and rain chances, our temperatures coming down a bit. so a break from the oppressive heat coming our way. 91 for today. temperatures falling to near average by tuesday and wednesday. again, you will have the higher rain chances to deal wi rain chances a bit and now another check on what's happening with the roads. good morning, leslee. >> good morning, everyone. here's what's going on in pinellas county. we've got a good drive overall, u.s. 19 looks good. alternate 19 at edgewater. and president's street, we have a collision, possible injuries involved. keep that in mind. edgewater known as alternate 19. this is right outside of the downtown dunedin area. overall, good drive. and let's look here, this is
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not seeing delays. downtown looks fantastic. across the howard frankland bridge, only going to take you
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breaking news this morning, an active search near citrus park for an armed robber. good morning. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm paul mueller in more gene. this started around midnight when a woman claims she was robbed at king on gunn highway. ryan hughes is live at the scene where deputies are searching in the air and on the ground. >> reporter: good morning to the you guys. once again, at this point, the hillsborough county sheriff's office looking for the person involved in this robbery. take a look behind me and you can see a number of units are still here onscene processing the scene at this hour. let's go to the video we shot a couple hours ago.


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