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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  September 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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an activity search near citrus park for a robber. i'm paul mueller in for gene ramirez this morning. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live at the scene where deputies are searching. ryan-- >> reporter: good morning to you guys once again. the burger king behind me set to open for business after the really scary robbery overnight. the last of the deputies left here not too long ago. let's go to video of the scene. now k-9 units were put out the to search for the robber along gunn highway. and a helicopter looked from above. at last check, the person got
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deputies tell us the robber approached a worker as she locked up for the evening around midnight. she was carrying a bag of cash to be deposited at a nearby bank. no word if the robber got away with the money in the bag. the woman was interviewed by deputies and we're told she did not physically get hurt. back live this morning, we're told detectives will scour surveillance video from this restaurant to see if it holds any clues about that in all this. back to you guys. >> we will keep checking in with you for updates and to follow this story and other breaking news, download our wfla breaking news app. it's free. all right, let's check in with your monday morning forecast. meteorologist ed bloodsworth. hey, ed. >> yeah, good morning. an easy going start here as we start off this brand new work and school week. it is warm in spots. 80 in st. pete this morning. right at 79 in tampa.
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weeki wachee at 74 and 73 in zephyrhills. and we are starting off with increasing moisture. and right now, we have the east, southeasterly flow not much happening in the area now. and we have showers and thunderstorms starting to break out on the east coast of florida and in and around lake okeechobee as well. and all of that will start working our way. and our rain chances go up later today. it's going to be a steamy afternoon at 91 degrees. and those temperatures will start to come down. those rain chances start coming up over the next couple hour forecast and break down the day in greater detail. and now it's time to check on the roads. >> still holds on to a perfect drive. we have an accident on the howard frankland bridge. we want to talk about lois avenue at u.s. 19. this is in the holiday area. also hopping over here, further to the north, no longer seeing delay, southbound u.s. 19 at holiday hills boulevard. and then also in pasco county,
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looking better but everything to the right shoulder southbound on the tampa side. that's weather and traffic. and now back to gayle and paul. >> thank you so much. a hillsborough county firefighter out on bond this morning following the death of his 23-month-old son. deputies say he left the little boy in a hot car on friday. jamel lanee' is live now from the hillsborough county fire- rescue where officials will be talking about troy whitaker later on today. jamel-- >> reporter: good morning, paul. yeah, we're expect update on troy whitaker's position here at the department. the status of his job. the hillsborough county fire officials will speak about that later on today. they are expected to after whitaker was arrested friday on aggravated manslaughter charges. and now deputies say whitaker was taking his children to school on friday morning. whitaker dropped the 5-year-old daughter off first. and investigators say he was
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and detectives say he returned home around 8:30 friday morning with the child still strapped in the car seat. whitaker made a trip to the grocery store around 3:30 that afternoon and deputies say when he returned from the store that he noticed the infant and began cpr. >> it's not an intentional act. i'm not saying it but i'm saying you have to be responsible for your kid. you can't leave them in the car for eight hours >> reporter: again, now whitaker is charged with aggravated manslaughter and he is out on bond, $50,000 bond. paul-- >> jamel lanee' live this morning for us. thank you so much. happening today, the next step in recovering from hurricane hermine destroyed 23 home. cleaning-- from hurricane hermine. >> starting today, crews in pasco county will work 12 hour days, seven days a week until it's all gone. over the weekend fema toured
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officials estimate damage from hurricane hermine at $111 million. of course, it's been really hard on residents like jeffrey. his trailer destroyed by a tree. >> it would be nice because the trailer is too old for the insurance company to cover it. so it all falls on me. i have to demolish the trailer and clean the property up all by myself. >> now if fema issues a disaster help home owners but officials warn it won't pay for all the repairs. a chain reaction crash on the courtney campbell causeway sent eight people to the hospital including two toddlers. this happened near the damascus road intersection. the driver said she took her eyes off the road for a split second and didn't see the car stopped at a red light. she ran into the back of one car that hit another. you can see the metal and
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in the crash. the 2-year-old is in critical condition. we are making calls this morning to find out the conditions of the other victims. and new this morning, an overnight fire at a mosque in force pierce. investigators are trying to determine if the fire was accidental or intentional. they tell us the mosque served as a place of worship for the orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen. it's a story that might make you shake your head. a tampa man shot to death by his cous tested out a bullet-proof vest. police tell us that the 24-year- old shot his cousin in the chest. and here's how it went down. witnesses say he sat in the chair with the vest on wondering aloud whether it still worked. and witnesses say he took out the gun and said, quote, let's see. he is now facing a slew of charges including manslaughter and a felon in possession of a firearm.
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anthem protest first sparked by quarterback colin kaepernick is growing. on sunday, more pro athletes joined kaepernick including some prominent florida players. news channel 8's meredyth censullo is in the tampa news center this morning. one of the largest protests came from a florida team. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the tampa bay bucs have been quiet whencomes to the protest of the national anthem but for miami dolphin -- when it comes to the protests anthem but four miami dolphin players kneeled during the national anthem. wide receiver doug baldwin tweeted as they have chosen to the stand in unity. in kansas city, more silent protest. the chiefs interlocked arms and marcus peters raised his first. it started pre-season when san francisco 49er colin kaepernick refused to stand during the
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called police brutality and racial injustice. the move drew both outrage and admiration. and the nfl commissioner isn't taking a stand. >> i think when our players speak out and they feel the strongly and passionately about something, i think it's a good thing for us. >> reporter: and other nfl players making statements on the field include the bronco's brandon marshall who took a knee last week no. players at the buc's -- week. no players at the bucs or kneeling during the national anthem. >> thank you so much. time to check in on your monday morning weather with ed. >> yeah, just the way we want to start off, quiet note weather-wise. but later today, things will likely start changing as the rain chances arrive. right now, we have more partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies over tampa bay. and clouds working in off the gulf. and right now, no rain in the area. you will have a dry commute
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climb above average yet again. 88 by 1:00. we will get into the low 90s by 4:00 p.m. and this is what we're watching. a weak tropical wave. and it rolls our way, the rain chances start climbing. so up to 40% today. all the way up to 60% by wednesday here. so this is going to spark a change in our weather pattern. i think the chances of that start going up over the coming days. and as the morning progresses, the chance of some busyness and slow as well. we've got a good drive. we have an accident on the howard frankland bridge. but i'm going to show you what it looks like. that's a scary thing when you hear accident and bridge because it backs up quickly. but everything is on the side of the roadway. this is southbound. most of the traffic northbound. and we've had some vehicles come and go. so it is in the process of clearing up. again, everything on the right.
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map. again, the tampa side and lois avenue at u.s. 19 in the holiday area. just got word that this accident is tying up some of the lanes on lois. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gayle and paul. >> thank you so much. happening today, need a job? head over to a job fair in tampa. it's the coast to coast tampa career fair at the doubletree on west cyprus street. dozens of employers are looking to get there early and bring a couple dozen resume. the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 but we need your help. fuccillo kia is generously matching the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar you donate counts as two. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium. go to for details. >> and you know what i hear so
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but that's the thing, every dollar counts. literally. >> sure, especially when it's doubled like that. >> right. caught on camera this morning, punching a referee. who does this? who threw the punch and the punishment they're facing this morning. and tampa's first cannabis clinic is open for us. i will take you there and find out why the doctors believe the clinic could propride an alternative to traditional drugs. you're wch today. - marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco?
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i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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%f0 tampa's first family medical cannabis clinic is now open for patients across tampa bay. this morning i explore who can receive this type of treatment and i take a look back at the little girl medical marijuana to a level playing field as a treatment protocol. i have to warn you, the images you're about to see are disturbing but an important reminder of what many believe say break through treatment option now more readily available in tampa bay. >> reporter: the video is hard to watch but is credited for revolutionizing the way the world views the cannabis plant. remember charlotte? traditional treatments for her uncontrollable seizures almost killed the child.
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medical marijuana as a last resort. >> her seizures were instantly abated. so her 300 weekly seizures were down to zero her first week after the first dose. >> reporter: in 2014, the family came to florida to help push for the legalization of charlotte's web, a non-euphoric train of marijuana. and now years later, it's available at the very first family medical cannabis clinic in tampa. >> in particular the cbd that's found cannabis that is now approved for people with seizures and cancer, it's helped people across the country. and now in florida we finally have the opportunity to help people out. >> reporter: this pediatrician heads up the clinic and says many parents are seeking out safer alternatives to traditional drugs and turning to medical marijuana. >> it's an incredible safe profile. you cannot get high from taking the product that just has the cbd. and that's porn because a lot of the patients that i have
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those with muscle relaxers and pain medications, they are really concerned about getting addicted to those medications. >> the doctor orders capsules for the young patients because it's easier and safer to control doses but he treats adults also and other forms are available. in florida though, you cannot smoke marijuana even for medical purposes. across america, a 6-year- old girl with ties to the bay area, she's dead and r facing murder charges. she was found in a car along the blue ridge parkway in north carolina. her father was with her at the time. and now they tell us he is described as mentally unstable. the dad is expected to go before a judge today. the little girl's mother and grandmother live in hernando county. and an investigation intensifying thissing into a school bus crash that sent dozens of high school students to the hospital.
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denver international airport. the bus carrying was carrying a football team and coaches two. people in critical condition. and two others in serious condition. they tried to help a woman and her baby, instead, two good samaritans get attacked themselves outside of kansas city. police claim two people attacked a woman putting her child in a car seat. two good samaritans rushed to help and a struggle breaks out. one good samaritan was shot. and the other injured but attackers. the mom was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the baby was not hurt. a college football player faces charges accused of punching a referee. and of course it's caught on camera. look at the chaos during the game. the ref doing his job, trying to break up a fight. the player punching him. and the ref falls to the ground and this morning, the player, yeah, you guessed it'd, he is
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sport. this morning miss arkansas is the new miss america. savvy shields, got to love that name, she was crowned last night in atlantic city. shields performed a jazz dance to a song from the tv show "smash" along smash -- tv show "smash." along with the crown, she wins $50,000 in scholarships. savvy with the weather. here's ed. savvy. it's been hot the last couple days. temperatures of 95. we either broke or tied records for the last three consecutive days but we will get a much needed break from the heat. 76 in palm harbor. and it's warm and muggy. 75 now for temple terrace. and 74 in apollo beach. and starting off at 80 in st. pete. the set-up, we have clouds and rain in the gulf of mexico.
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bahamas that's associated with a tropical wave. and that will change the pattern. by the afternoon, better coverage of showers and thunderstorms compared to the last couple days. and trend will continue. somewhat dry mornings and by the afternoon, a good supply of rain. some heavy downpours will be an issue. and 91 for the high today. and look at the rain chances, they are going up and up the next few days. 60% by wednesday. and high temperature of 88 degrees. so we will get a break from the heat thanks to more clouds and better rain chances ah what's happening with the roads this morning. keeping you updated on this problem spot on the howard frankland bridge southbound. looks like only a few vehicles remaining including a tow truck. and looks better than 20 minutes ago. and everything is off to the shoulder no. delays and it is on the tampa side. and let's take a look here, lois avenue at u.s. 19, parts of lois are blocked at this point but you can get by the with the crash. and one southbound u.s. 19 at holiday hills and.
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in pasco county. and this is off to the shoulder, u.s. 41. we've got a great drive on 75 and no delays on the courtney campbell causeway. that's a look at weather and traffic. and now back to gayle and paul. >> thank you so much. it may still be hot but one place in tampa, it's getting down right chilly. >> still ahead, why things are icing up at amalie arena. and a big day for the clearwater marine aquarium, and winter the dolphin. up next, we will tell you why.
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i'm david jolly and i approve this message. since we're going to be friends huck. let me show you how washington really works. members of congress spend too much time rasing money. congressman david jolly on 60 minutes last night pushing back against the current system. david jolly has opened his seminole office to veterans. and they don't get we can prevent terrorism and protect the constitution congressman david jolly you are making too much sense. we've got unfinished business huck.
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%f0 the clearwater marine aquarium will be breaking ground today on an expansion project. it will include a large dolphin rescue habitat and a pelican
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it is also looking to privatize part of the waterway for a natural habitat for its rescued animals. from water to ice, the bolts back on the ice soon. this morning 7:00 a.m., crews at amalie arena will begin installing the ice for the upcoming season. the bolt's first pre-season game, just two weeks away on september 27th. democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton is facing a health issue. >> new in the next half hour, early and the illness she is fighting. first, a live look outside this morning. the sun is not up just yet. but a beautiful day. happy monday to you. weather and traffic on the 8s
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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good morning. 6:28. starting off at 79 degrees here in tampa. seeing scattered cloudiness overhead this morning. there's the sky cast today. 79 this morning. a fairly quiet but muggy start. and you could see more clouds by noon. and even a stray shower but the better chances lie ahead for the afternoon at 91 degrees. about a 40% chance for today. and those chances go up over the next couple days. dust off the umla week ahead. how are the roads looking? well, the roadways look good. we have some issues. again, this accident. everything is on the right shoulder southbound on the howard frankland bridge. towards the tampa side. and activity over here on the northbound side. and that's on the right shoulder as well. and look at the maps. a depression, probably a pothole that's opened up here in the right lane eastbound on martin luther king. and now it's past himes. sometimes there's it's a lot of
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not an now. keep that in mind. eastbound martin luther king, take columbus or hillsborough
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an active search for an armed robber near citrus park. good morning. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm paul muler in for gene ramirez this morning. all of this starting around midnight when a woman claims she was robbed gunn highway. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live at the scene with a look at what happened and where this search stands right now at this moment. good morning. >> reporter: let's go to video showing units searching for the robber along gunn highway here in hillsborough county. the sheriff's office used a
6:31 am
above. at last check, the person got away. and now deputies tell us the robber approached a worker as she locked up for the evening. she was apparently carrying a bag of cash when he went up to her. no word if the robber got away with any money in the bag the. the woman was interviewed so they could get more information from her about the person. the store opens to look at surveillance video. but at this point, if anyone has any information, you are asked to contact the hillsborough county sheriff's office. >> the latest on the breaking news. thank you so much. download our breaking news app so you can stay on top of all the breaking news any time of day or night. all right, it's 6:31 this monday morning. and leigh has taken the day off. >> so far, so good. no problems weather-wise as you get your monday underway.
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pete. and 78 in bradenton. and good morning in apollo beach, 74 degrees to get you started. cooler for you. and starting off with cloudiness. and clouds from the gulf of mexico. mainly high clouds but this little feature is what we're keeping our eyes on. as it works our way, our moisture levels increase. and we didn't get wet too much this last weekend but our rain chances climb. starting today, not much for the first half of the day but going into the afternoon the, the rain around 40% later on today. and with the extra clouds and better rain chances, our temperatures won't be as bad either. that's good news. we will look at the temperatures coming up in a bit. >> some good news. well, some good news for traffic. it's not that bad actually. not perfect. we have a depression on the roadway, eastbound martin luther king past himes. and the right lane is taken away with that. keep that in mind. dale mabry looking good here at lois avenue and u.s. 19.
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the crash going on there. and the howard frankland bridge, got activity on both of the shoulders hereto the left, that's the southbound side. that's where -- shoulders here to the left. that's the southbound side. >> thank you. a palm harbor community is still mourning the loss of a 23- month-old child that was found in a hot car friday. firefighters say today they'll address whether troy mitt consider will be suspended from his position. the father, a hillsborough county firefighter is charged with aggravated manslaughter and is now out of jail. jamel lanee' is live from hillsborough county fire-rescue with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. well, like you said, the father troy whitaker out on bond. again, pinellas county sheriff saying that this may not have been intentional but leaving an infant in a car where the temperature got to the at least
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and deputies say he was taking his children to school friday morning. he dropped his 5-year-old daughter off first was then supposed to drop off lawson at a day care center. detectives say with the child still strapped in the car seat, whitaker made a run to publix and then returned home, leaving the 23-month-old child in the car until he discovered him at 4:30 friday afternoon. and whitaker tried to give him c actionerr. and the child was dead at the hospital. law experts say the charges are appropriate because he is a first responder and left the child in the car for hours. >> there's a difference between losing track of a kid for 30 seconds, a minute verses four to six hours of being lockedded up in the car. especially in the paramedic field. i'm sure he may have been in the position where he tried to the save other children or pets or animals locked in the car. >> reporter: now again,
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and we are working to find out when he will have another hearing. gayle-- >> all right, we look forward to the updates. thank you. happening today, a major step to clean up all that damage. hurricane hermine left it in her wake. crews in pasco county will now work 12 hour day, seven days a week until that debris is completely cleaned up. and in all, hurricane hermine destroyed 23 homes. over the weekend, federal emergency management agency figure out whether they'll declare the area a disaster area but even if it is, it won't be like winning the lottery warns officials. >> the average payout from fema to a homeowner is only $6,000 per household. it is not an insurance gap. it won't pay to fix somebody's home. if they get every bit that fema
6:36 am
$33,036,000. >> pasco leadersing to learn -- leaders are expecting to learn whether a federal disaster declaration will be made this week. the tampa sports authority is meeting this morning to discuss the festival. concerns grew after two people who attended the festival this summer died of accidental drug overdoses. 57 others became sick. now today is the deadline for victims of the nightclub shooting in orlando to file for help through the one nd and now the fund is set up to help families to deal with the financial cost related to the june massacre. and that could include hospital, counseling and funeral costs. fund managers hope to start sending checks to survivors and families beginning september 27th. in sports this morning, yeah, bucs fans, there it is, the smile. >> yeah, so excited. >> feeling good for the first time in years. they are 1-0 and in first place in the division, although,
6:37 am
as we can claim it. the team played very well on the road. and jameis winston threw four touchdown passes and the defense held off a falcon come back at the end to win 31-24. for new head coach dirk koetter, this is his first win ever. >> great job. great job. it's a team effort. it's all right, it's a team effort and everybody helped. everybody helped. so excited. excited for every guy in that room team today. that was good. >> the bucs are on the road again next sunday. this time in arizona. the team's first game at home is september 25th. >> all right. just coming up on 6:38. let's turn things over to the monday morning forecast with ed. >> yeah, looking good out there. if you're getting ready to get out on the road, grab your umbrellas. i don't think you will need it this morning. but by the afternoon, i think you will have a better chance
6:38 am
gear. and also, check the tropics. we have a couple systems in the atlantic that we're watching. one system is actually right off into the bahamas and that system is actually the one that does look to increase our rain chance over the next couple days here. so that's one we will watch down the road. and overall, we are going to call for those chances of rain to start increasing. as the system in the bahamas starts to roll our way, our rain chances go up. right around 40% for today. and getting up midweek here. and again, we haven't had much rain to cool us down but we will have the better chances into the week ahead. thankfully rain not playing too big a role. >> thank goodness. we do have more vehicles on the roadway. that's for sure. and traffic is getting busier. and i've been showing you the picture because we have an accident off to the shoulder. and still trying to wrap up. no delays. you can see the sun in the distance. but more vehicles on the howard frankland bridge. this is southbound.
6:39 am
times. bearss avenue to i-4, southbound 275. starting to get busy. down to about 14 minutes here. still a great drive to the howard frankland bridge from downtown. and 275 southbound starting to build. and that's typical forker this time of the morning. and that's where the accident is over on the howard frankland bridge. and off to the shoulder. no delays. and then we've got a depression in the roadway eastbound martin luther king past himes. and now the right lane is there. and also this is an area that's got a lot of including st. joe's down the street. ray man james close to the there. if you're traveling eastbound for your morning commute, go ahead and take columbus or hillsborough instead. that's weather and traffic. and now back to gayle and paul. >> look up. look up. all right, a catfish falls from the sky. what would you do? >> what happened next and where one woman believes the fish came from. and major questions surrounding hillary rodham
6:40 am
she stumbled at the 9/11 ceremony and how it's impacting her campaign schedule. you're watching news channel 8
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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in your vote coverage, presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton has canceled scheduled appearances in california for today and tomorrow. >> yeah, and of course all of this comaf 9/11 ceremony just yesterday. news channel 8's meredyth censullo live in the news center this morning. and it's video really that first showed up on social media that's causing the most concern here. >> reporter: that's right. hillary rodham clinton has pneumonia according to her personal doctor. and we want to show you the video that appeared on social media sunday causing a lot of concern. shows her swaying, her knees buckling before she was helped into the motorcade as she left
6:44 am
apartment and within hours, she emerged smiling and waving at the camerasment. at her home in new york, she was examined by her doctor who said she has been experiencing a could have related to -- a cough related to allergies and an exam on friday showed it was pneumonia. she was advised to rest and modify her schedule. and this is video of clinton rallying in tampa just six days ago. a poll released showed donald gap on clinton to just two points here in florida. that makes the race in florida a relative tie when taking the margin of error into consideration. donald trump has not yet commented on his diagnosis but just tweeted out that he is making the network news circuit starting at 7:00 a.m. we will hear about that i'm sure. and also today expect to hear
6:45 am
clinton campaign didn't release her diagnosis on friday. >> and news, just two months before the election. thank you so much. donald trump will continue on the campaign trail the next three days. this is video here of him with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani yesterday following the 9/11 memorial ceremony. and today trump will hold rallies in baltimore and north carolina and tomorrow, off to iowa finally wednesday, the very crucial battleground state of ohio. a new washington post abc poll showing clinton with a five-point. that's a huge leap from last week's cnn poll which showed a much tighter race. at that time, trump was leading clinton by two points. gary johnson is at 9%. across america this morning, gunfire breaks out curing a stop the violence
6:46 am
and now one person is dead and five others are suffering gunshot wounds. police explain someone opened fire during the march at a public housing complex and investigators are searching for the shooter. three people are dead after a small plane crash at the the tahoe international airport. the plane smashed into a parking lot after taking off. the three people killed were all inside and the plane. no one on the ground was hurt. a big admission from tesla this morning claiming that ne prevented the deadly crash happening in florida right here early this year. the company plans to the update the software on the cars within the next two weeks. now the crash happened four months ago when a driver slammed into a tractor-trailer and said that his autopilot didn't identify it. tesla meantime says the new system will rely more on radar instead of cameras. a warning from doctors about a spike in soccer related
6:47 am
soccer injuries increased 111% each year. between 190 and 2014. that translates into nearly $3 million trips to the emergency room. most of the injuries, kids 12 to 17 years old and typically sprains and fractures. and while concussions only made up 7% of the injuries. doctors report a 1500% increase each year. the mystery of the $487 million powerball jackpot winner, yes, it will be solved today. the lottery claims attorneys will come forward to claim the prize. and we don't know if the winner will be with the attorneys so what will that powerball winner do with all the money? you're asking, right? well the attorneys claim the
6:48 am
slammed in the face with something. i think it might have been the head, face and neck. >> ouch. >> oh, that is lisa describing what happened as she walked to a park toker and exercise. the five-pound fish came out nowhere. the impact knocked her to the ground. she suffered a cut under the eye but she's going okay. she believes a greedy bird may have been carrying the fish in the beak when the fish wiggled okay. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. >> yeah, greedy and clumsy as well. and a quick check of outside. starting to get the first look of the sunrise from veterans ford in tampa. 75degrees right now. that's veterans expressway near linebaugh.
6:49 am
by noon, perhaps a stray shower at 86. and better rain chances later today. likely after lunchtime with high of 91. 77 for plant city. and 79 in tampa. and a degree warmer in st. pete this morning. right at 80 degrees. and let's get to max radar. you can see high clouds streaming into the area be and more clouds over the bahamas and more moisture as well with the tropical wave that will help to boost the rain chances. look at it here. by 1:00, expecting already some showers and un and they'll start pushing back toward the coast. so expect by around 3:00 to 4 :00, you will be running into heavy downpours and the chance of rain will likely continue into the early evening as well. so around the evening plan, keep an eye to the sky bring the rain gear. and the trend will continue into the next couple days. look for higher rain chances, 50 to 60% tuesday and wednesday. the highs in the upper 80s. morning lows in the mid-70s. let's check on the roads with
6:50 am
leslee lacey. >> all right, well, this is 275 around bird street. and starting to see a slow down. starts at about fowler and to about hillsborough. and let's check the travel time. now 18 minutes here southbound on 275. just the camera. bearss avenue to i-4, getting busy here there. and the howard frankland bridge, still a good drive. beautiful drive. that's for sure with the sun coming up. and activity on the shoulders. nothing in lanes is going to slow yo through the area. and all right, let's look through ybor, an 11 minute commute. veterans expressway still looks very good. no delays there. just i-4 through ybor city, hitting the brakes. and new crash, this is u.s. 19 at curlew road, no significant delays. and this earlier, look, starting to see delays eastbound martin luther king past himes, depression in the
6:51 am
that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gayle and paul. >> thank you. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including the future of the sunset music festival in tampa. plus, on top of breaking news. an attempted armed robbery at a burger king. you're watching news channel 8
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6:54 am
the search is on for an armed robber in the citrus park area of hillsborough county. >> news channel 8's ryan hughes is live at the burger king on gunn highway. ryan-- >> reporter: good morning once again. this armed robbery happened several hours ago and now the business behind me, this burger king is back open at this hour. let's go to video. k-9 units along with the helicopter searched along gunn highway but to no avail.
6:55 am
she left around midnight or just after. she was carrying a bag of cash at the time. no word if the armed robber got away with money. no description of the robber was given. but deputies hope surveillance video from the restaurant provides a clear look of that robber. if we get more information, we will let you know. ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> thank you. today we're waiting to hear about the future employment of a hillsborough firefighter accused of leaving his 23-month- old son in a for more than eight hours. troy whitaker is facing aggravated manslaughter charges. he claims he forgot to drop off little lawson at day care. the future of the sunset music festival at ray jay could be decided today. the tampa sports authority will meet to discuss the deaths and illnesses at this year's concert two. people died. 57 others became sick. now accidental drug overdoses are suspected today crews will begin
6:56 am
county. damage estimates jumped to $111 million this weekend. in that county alone. this comes after officials with federal emergency management agency toured the county to get a firsthand look at the devastation left behind. investigators in fort pierce on the scene of a fire at a mosque. orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen worshiped at the mosque. investigators aren't sure if the fire intentional. a tampa man is facing charges in the death of his cousin. investigators say he shot his cousin while allegedly testing out a bullet-proof vest. his cousin died. democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton is suffering from pneumonia. the diagnosis revealed after she left a 9/11 ceremony early yesterday. her doctor says she became dehydrated. she canceled her west coast
6:57 am
get rest. bucs fans like this sound of this? >> what? >> 1-0, yes, the bucs got the s&p 500 off tie great start with an exciting win over the falcons on the road. quarterback jameis winston on fire throwing four touchdown passes. and a 31-24 win, the bucs are in first place in their division. >> very excited about that. and how about this for the nice start to the day, new port richey, 76 degrees, just a litt and more clouds and better rain chances for today, up to 40% rain chance. 91 for the afternoon high. and looking at a higher rain chances through the next couple days, up to 60% by wednesday. checking out traffic, typical, 21 minutes bearss avenue down to i-4 into downtown. but out towards pinellas on the howard frankland bridge, great drive. and west tampa, not too far
6:58 am
and that is because right past himes before you get to macdill, a depression in the right lane and the it's blocked. take hillsborough had instead. and seeing delays here now through ybor, 12 minutes. and the veterans expressway, starting to hit the brakes ehrlich to 275, about 12 minutes. the typical delays. we're heading into rush hour. >> there you go. thank you so much. and thank you for joining us on your monday morning. >> and i will be here all morning long with updates on news, weather and traffic. catch the updates during the "today" show. >> and you can get news,
6:59 am
7:00 am
her health. hillary clinton cancels a trip to california after abruptly leaving a 9/11 ceremony at ground zero and nearly collapsing. why didn't her campaign disclose her diagnosis with pneumonia just two days earlier? how serious is it around what impact will this all have on the race? breaking overnight. fire destroys the mosque once attended by the shooter at the pulse nightclub in orlando. officials say this morning it was arson. was someone trying to send a message on the 15th anniversary of 9/11? jonbenet's brother speaks out. >> seeing that as a little kind. just kind of chaotic nightmare. >> more from dr. phil's interview with burke ramsey.


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