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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nicely done. nicely done. ? ? we have the latest in a breaking school bus crash in the bay area. four people hurt. three of them are students. a man pulls a shotgun curing a fit of road rage and now police are hope hadding the keen eyes of our and our governor is headed to washington, d.c. to and the federal government for money. the cash could save lives right here in the sunshine state. good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. we're going to head straight to the leigh spann for a check on your weather. >> well, so far, it's been really nice. this is a look from the wfla towercamera in downtown tampa. we have spun it around, looking toward tampa bay. again, clouds are starting to
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and a dew point of 74. now the higher you get the dew point, the more humid it is. and once you get into the mid- 70s, it's steamy. kind of tropical-like, in fact. this is a tropical wave in the east coast of florida. and it's going to drift to the north and west which will help to enhance our rain chances during the afternoon. already getting maybe a little drizzle here in the eastern portions of polk county but more rain will develop through the rest of the day today. this tca us a better coverage of storms. and seasonable temperatures. it's been so hot lately. highs in the upper 80s to near 90. and the rainy pattern will continue through the end of the week. when it actually comes to an end coming up. >> thank you, leigh. a school bus crash in polk county sends four people to hospitals. news channel 8 learned three of those are students at cathleen high. this happened at the intersection of galloway and swindell roads. according to the state
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through a stop sign into the path of a puck up truck. the driver of a pickup truck is also in the hospital. state troopers cited the bus driver in this incident. and someone acosted a 16- year-old girl as she walked to her school bus stop. this happened in bradenton near 20th street east and 50th avenue drive east. the victim told deputies the man pulled her to the ground and took her cellphone and ran away when a car passed by. if you know anything about the attack, call sheriff's office. a deadly shooting overnight has detectives combing rio too street for clues. we are not telling us much yet just that one man died, and quote, all other parties are accounted for. they are still investigating. and we are learning about a craigslist robbery that involved several teenagers. one teen is accused of posing a potential customer. when he arrived to give an estimate, deputies say two
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him and stole his car. deputies arrested five people. they range from age from 15 to 19. a shooter is on the loose if pasco county. >> yeah, the criminals shot at a driver during a fit of road rage. and now as news channel 8's jamel lanee' shows us, other drivers are keeping their eyes peeled for this guy. >> reporter: crime stoppers and pasco county deputies now asking assistance. crime stoppers is offering $3,000 to anyone that can give more information. it happened here in the parking lot of this walmart on land o'lakes boulevard. the victim was in the parking lot of this walmart whena und was fired from the shotgun and hit him in the arm. now detectives say the victim jake everett was driving east on state road 54 when everett says the driver in front of him suddenly brake-checked him several times.
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everett into this walmart parking lot where investigators say the person fired at least one shotgun round. and the bullet hit everett in the arm, causing minor injuries. customers shopping here today say they can't believe it. >> i think it's really bad out there, the road rage. and i personally would not ever beep my horn at anybody because i'm scared of that. how people are out there. >> reporter: everett and his girlfriend say they are just happy that her daughter was not in she would have been just inches away from the blast. detectives with pasco county sheriff's office are reviewing the case and checking to see if there's any surveillance video from the parking lot. once we have any updated detail, we will be sure to pass that information along. reporting in pasco county, news channel 8. >> well, detectives say the shooter may be driving a dark older model suv with a florida tag. and happening today, governor rick scott will travel
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an in-person plea for money to help fight the zika virus. >> governor scott is planning to meet with leaders from congress today and tomorrow. the visit comes as congress appears to be nearing an agreement on zika virus funding worth $1.1 billion. congressman david jolly from florida is expected to call for the zika virus bill to be passed today. and there are 15 new cases of the zika virus here in florida. eight of those new cases are non-travel related. nearly all are in the miami beach. officials are working to determine where exactly the exposures happened. and officials confirmed seven new travel related case, two of them involving pregnant women. and today in your vote 2016, a new poll is out from nbc news and survey monkey. it shows hillary rodham clinton's national lead over hillary rodham clinton is continuing to narrow. clinton now leads trump 48 to 44%. which is a decline of two
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under doctor's orders is campaigning, the only way she can right now, with a telephone. she told cnn why she didn't tell anyone she had pneumonia. >> i just didn't think it was going to be the that big a deal. >> meanwhile, donald trump isn't focusing on clinton's health. he demanding an apology from clinton for calling half of his supporters a bask of emotherrables. today trump -- a basket of deplorables. well, arlington national cemetery is increasing security measures. starting in november, visitors will need a government-issued photo id. all vehicle access will require presenting the id and will be subject to random inspection. and all pedestrians will be screened through the welcome center. the new procedures mirror the screenings at museums in the nation's capitol where bags and briefcases are generally
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kids in the bay area. today a group of young people will open the family field. it's happening at 3:30 at the jackson heights nfl youth education town center. the yet center is home to youth football, school and sports leagues as well as summer camps. a $200,000 grant not only allowed the creation of the turf field but upgrades to the rest of the facilities as well. and adopted forget, the 2016 heart walk is ng stadium. and news channel 8 is once again committed to raising $100,000. or more. but we need your help again to do that. fuccillo kia is generously matching the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar that you donate to help find a cure for heart disease and stroke really counts as two. i hope you will join me and our whole wfla team november 12th at 8:00 a.m. go to web flash/heart walk to join my team.
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well, coming up, a pest control job gone wrong. >> yeah, the company causes water to leak into the home and avoids fixing the mistake. that's when the homeowner knew she better call behnken. and then electric customers need to check their bank accounts. turns out a power company payment glitch may have pulled a year's worth of payments from your bank account. and you have got to see this, incredible video of a pool of lava. we will show you more when news
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check this out, it's the lava lake at the summit of hawaii's volcano and it's rising. it's giving visitors a dramatic view of rolling, spatter, hot rock. the u.s. geological survey says
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a burst of activity has shaken the summit in recent days. it's one of the world's most active volcanos. >> it's so bright and everything else is gray. >> and dull around it. >> it's beautiful but think the power of that, how hot it is. it's beautiful to look at from afar. >> for sure. it's been a really pretty day so far. a little extra humidity but i think the rain chances are going to start through the rest of the day. but we have seen plenty of people is a look from the loews don cesar in st. pete beach. just enjoying a mid-september walk on the beach. we are lucky, right? clouds are beginning to form. by 1:00, we will start to see a few spotty showers. and already warm at 87. and as the clouds build up between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m., it's going to cap us from heating up too much. you know it's been hot the past couple days. 95 through the weekend.
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is cooler than but it's about average for this time of the year. and a few lingering showers and thunderstorms, continuing a 60% rain chance through the middle to early evening and then lingering shower around at 7:00 p.m. when it's 84 degrees. right now, 82 in brooksville. 83 in fish hawk. 85 in sebring. and 87 in venice. and of course with the extra moisture, tropical moisture in place, you feel it out there. heat index values, it already feels like 96 arcadia. and feels like 95 in fish hawk. 92 in lakeland, that's the heat index there. and 92347 plant city. at this -- and 97 in plant city. and at this point, not a lot of rain. i have been tracking tiny showers here in polk county. and that's an indication closer to the center of circulation with this tropical wave. and now again, it's not expected to develop or anything like that but it is tropical moisture. so remember you get a counterclockwise wind flow
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but we just have so much tropical moisture in place, that i think we will get scattered thunderstorms to develop. plus, the whole system is going to drift a little bit to the north and west which will help to drag more of this moisture to our direction. going forward now, moisture and wave, heads to the northwest. spotty showers and some of them will be heavy at times. now it's not going to be everywhere throughout the afternoon by any means but you will get a heavy develops on top of you. muggy again, and mostly dry in the morning. it's not a huge rain chance. but maybe 10 to 20% chance in the morning. and that tropical wave is going to continue to drift to the north. as it does, it continues to draw up the extra tropical moisture. i'm leaving in the same 60% rain chance. and tracking the tropic, the next five days, the hurricane center had been keeping an eye on and it now it's knocked down to basically no chance of
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affecting part of florida at this point so we are watching it because it's going to bringing rain. in the center of the atlantic, tropical storm ian has developed. but thankfully the forecast track keeps it straight out to sea, affecting no one. those are our favorite kind of tropical systems. and the the coast of aftercar, a wave there, has about a 50% chance of development in the next five days. just letting you know what's out there. we know the tropical moisture keeps the rain chance at 60% today and tomorrow. and then a 50% in thursday. and notice how by friday and the weekend, we draw those rain chances back to about 40%. which still for this time of the year is considered average. you know, just the typical pop- up thunderstorms during the afternoon. and we will break out of the pattern through the next couple weeks where we will start to knock the rain chances down. but right now, 40% is pretty normal. >> for now keep the umbrella handy. >> exactly. >> thank you, leigh.
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a sarasota family is fed up, living with a giant hole in their ceiling. it happened after a pest control visit ended up flooding their house. after more than a week with no straight answers from the company that caused the accident, they knew they better call behnken. >> the rush through ceiling. >> reporter: this home video shows the moments after a pest control job went terribly wrong. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: wendy watched horror as her ceiling caved in. >> this portion of the ceiling fell first. my mom was right here sweeping. >> reporter: this disaster happened after a worker for the pest control company accidentally leaned on a pipe in the attic. >> he finally said, we have water coming out of the attic and i swung open the door and i said, are you kidding? water? this is a water fall. >> reporter: there was so much
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>> i do want answers. and i want to make sure that the house is put back together. >> reporter: this happened nine days ago. they sent out a contractor to start drying out the house but she tells me no one with the company returned her calls. she want assurances that the home she shares with her ailing mother will be fixed. >> i would like to know, you know, that they haven't forgotten us. >> reporter: so i payed company a visit. have you contacted her to let her know what will happen? >> i'm sure we can provide you with our media relations. >> reporter: can you provide me with some answers because chef been living like this with no hot water and she is miserable. >> reporter: no answers here so i called the tennessee corporate office. hi, this is shannon behnken. a spokesman promised action. shows the frustration for the consumer because it shouldn't take someone like me calling to get them to do the right thing.
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went to work immediately. and she received a phone call and apology from an executive within hours. >> the company promises to fix the whole house within a couple of weeks. in the meantime, they plan to put the family in a hotel tonight so they can get hot showers. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. >> and if you have a problem that needs solving, you better call behnken. and an 8 on your side consumer alert. your bank accounts this morning. thousands of you overpaid on your bill. and you may not even know this. here's what happened. the company's online bill pay vendor had a glitch over the weekend. that caused payments for all 12 previous months to be processed at once. a spokeswoman promised they are working to resolve all issues and reimburse customers for overcharges and fees and they hope to have that done today. in the meantime, epay is down
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according to teco, customers impacted will not be charged late fees or be disconnected. happening today, a crack down on ticket scalpers. we are talking about scalpers buying tickets online. scalpers have been used sophisticated software to poach large numbers of tickets to popular events and that drives up the prices for you. today on capitol hill, there was a meeting with stubhub and others about how to stop the trend and lower prices for you, the consumer. ios 10. it rolls out to apple devices today. the update contains new features including big changes to the messaging app and expanded siri integration as well. it will be available for iphone 5 or newer as well as new ipad minis and ipods. it could take a day to show up on your device. apple's iphone 7 hits store shelves friday.
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parents. a 6-year-old boy is recovering after a cellphone exploded in his hands. family members say the boy was playing video games on a sam bunking galaxy core when it burst into flames. they say the phone fell to the floor scorching it and filled the room with smoke. firefighters were called and the boy had to be called to the hospital and the boy had to be taken to hospital with minor burns. >> just fire in the house. i was watching everything while it happened. we were all nervous. >> there related to the core but it does use a ion battery. samsung's note 7 phones are under recall right now because of at least 35 cases of those batteries exploding or catching on fire. >> i just flew out of town this weekend and they make an announcement now if you have a samsung 7, you can't have it on while flying. scary for the passengers because you don't know if somebody didn't pay attention what could happen.
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up next, a couple of unusual therapy animals. see which creatures people are now using for emotional support. and then bed bugs w one man claims he picked up the bugs and what you need to be on the lookout for. that's coming up on news
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a box is where you keep things safe. who wants that? i'm moving forward.
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atural ingredients with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein. oikos, be unstoppably you. so most of the time when you hear support animal, you think of a dog, right? >> yes, but that is not always true. check out mary pierce and her 30-pound support turkey. her name is sammy. she has lupus. she is in pain a lot and has depression but this curious creature she says helps her forget about that. >> she keeps me going. she gets me up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and having a turkey around keeps things interesting in
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>> i'll bet it does and while sammy can't cuddle, she still loves bread and enjoys a good bath and talks a lot. mary says she couldn't imagine life without her. >> going to be interesting to see what happens around thanksgiving. >> oh. check this one out, how is this for cheering you up? a visit from a tiny horse. it's a 32-inch therapy horse. his owner is brian. he used to train dogs to visit patients at hospitals and he heard you miniature horse. he believes they do good by giving people a break from their worries and their pain. the patients, of course, seem to love it. and here's something to make everybody feel better. when commuters hit the london underground today, they found this, cats. a lot of them. a crowd funding campaign raised more than $30,000 on kickstarter to replace the ads in this tube station with pictures of cat. the group is already planning
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>> taking back the subway. a story that's going to make you ail little uneasy and maybe make your skin crawl. >> it's kind of nasty. but it's also a lesson about looking where you sit. a man in phoenix, arizona claims he was bitten by bed bugs while riding a scooter at walmart. >> oh. >> i got off the chair. turned around. and the whole chair was infested with bed bugs. >> so this guy even shot video of the bugs on the seat. you see see them creeping around, crawling over the place. real gross stuff there. experts confirm that they are indeed bed bugs. someone who has bed bugs probably brought them to walmart. they get on the clothes and you take them with you. and now anybody that sat in the motorized scooters could have taken some of the bugs back to their home. that's a problem. they keep spreading from place to place. >> yeah, our producer says if you put your clothes in the drier for an hour on high heat,
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>> i feel you got to burn it and start from scratch. who pays for repairing sinkholes and how much that costs. plus, a plane skids down the runway. and this plane was carrying fuel tanks. coming up, that's next on news
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a school bus crash this polk county sends four peop right now, three of them are students we're told. and who pays to investigate and repair holes like this one that just opened up? today we're taking a look at the cost of identifying and repairing sinkholes. and a popular south tampa eatery has a fire scare and now we know what started the flames. good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. let's get a check on the weather with leigh spann. hey, leigh. >> good morning. starting to see clouds developing now.
11:31 am
of new port richey, 84 degrees, light wind but clouds are starting to get dark which means there's moisture in them. and eventually we will see some rain coming out of them. most of it has been on the east coast, the area of low pressure, you can pick out that spin and it's going to drift to the north and west and as it does, continuing to give us higher moisture levels and maybe sprinkles in citrus, hernando, eastern portions of polk county, closer to this areaof rainfall potential for the rest of the day? well, forward in time, this is how much rain possibility we could see. but notice more of the trend. so let me zoom up here, the green color is less than an inch of rain. notice how there will be pocket where is you get 1 to 2 inches of rain. and that's a possibility with the tropical-type downpours. i will tell you when we bring the rain chances down a bit coming up guys. and now a breaking news update.
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this is video if the scene in polk county. three of them students at cathleen high school. they only have minor injuries. it's the fourth person in the hospital who may be the worst off. we're told he was driving a pickup truck that slammed into the side of the bus at galloway and swindell roads. according to state troopers, the bus driver pulled into the path of the truck. and right now, there's a three-foot hole in the middle of south macdill avenue in a. determine if ace sinkhole or another type of depression. as news channel 8 ryan hughes shows us, hillsborough county spends a lot of money checking out holes. >> reporter: hillsborough county will spend millions to investigate holes and depressions to determine if they are sinkholes. case in point, this hole that opened up in the middle of a south tampa road. drivers had to dodge the bright orange barrels and barricades on south macdill avenue after the earth opened up monday
11:33 am
it's unclear if the three by three foot hole is a depression or a tiny sinkhole. >> they occur randomly. on average in the last five or six year, about five to six occurrence a year. >> reporter: this is tampa property but if it was in hillsborough county, leaders have the money and resources to tackle it head-on. the county just increased funding for a sinkhole investigation program. when workers get a report of a hole or depression on county property, an engineer is sent out to determine if it's a stabilized and filled in. >> the natural geology of florida, there's a lot of limestone and there's a propensity for sinkholes in this area of florida. and it just occurs. >> reporter: over the year, hillsborough county has seen its fair share of sinkholes from wide ones to incredibly deep sinkholes. henry lewis realizes how susceptible this area is to sinkholes. >> a lot of money, $2 million? >> no, no.
11:34 am
hazards they propose. >> reporter: a well known attorney ceo by the hole on macdill avenue and agrees. >> we need to fix sinkholes. we need to protect the public, people walking, people on bike, people in cars. >> reporter: and now hillsborough county has a lot more money to do just that. i'm ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> well county leaders tell -- well, county leaders say they have enough money to cover the right now, manatee county state troopers are searching for a driver that hit a cyclist and then took off. it happened last night at bradenton at 26th street and 30th avenue west. the cyclist was taken to the hospital and we are now working to find out how that victim is doing and get a description of the vehicle involved. and bella's italian restaurant in south tampa is closed today while employees clean up following a fire there. investigators tell us a brick
11:35 am
firefighters say there's no damage to the building. bella's also had a grease fire caused by the oven last year. and across america this morning, someone found roughly $175,000 worth of heroin in a dumpster in pittsburgh overnight. a worker reportedly called police after making the discovery while taking out the trash. investigators say that staff included as many as 500 -- that stash cl bricks of heroin, up to $25,000 per individual stamp. the dumpster may have been a drop point for narcotics. pittsburgh police handed the case over to the dea. and the former national woman's team star claims she abuse alcohol and prescription drugs for years in her new book, all leading up to her arrest in april for driving under the influence. she told the associated press, quote, i was stubborn and i was
11:36 am
today. in it, she recounts her career, her marriage and her struggles with vodka and pills. and also today, two former gymnasts including an olympic medalists are accusing a team usa doctor of abuse. the women allege he inappropriately touched them and other teammates between 1994 and 252000. and made inappropriate sexual comments. he hasn't been charged with a crime and denies allegations. in michigan, the city of flint is poised to get much needed funding as it continues to recover from led- contaminated water. the u.s. voted to move forward on a $10 billion water projects bill which includes $220 million for flint water. $100million which will be used to replace lines made of lead and galvanized steel. city leaders believes both types of pipes are contributing
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two bombers streaking over ally south korea. today the show of force is meant to send a message to north korea after its recent nuclear tests and also to settle rattled nerves in the south. south korea does not have nuclear weapons and it relies on u.s. nuclear umbrella as a deterrent to north korea. and today people living in southern taiwan are getting ready for a typhoon. they're tying boats together and filling sandbags just in case. the storm is expect the southern tip of the island tomorrow with winds reaching nearly 130 miles per hour. typhoons are fairly common this time of year in the south china sea. and look at this, this is pretty cool. according to the huffington post, four pair limp yans just ran the 1500-meter race faster than anyone at the rio olympics final. and this was a race for the visually impaired. the guy who came in fourth was
11:38 am
medal winner august. and the gold medal the paraolympian was a full minute faster. you can learn how to save a life at the hands only cpr mobile tour. >> from 7:00 3:00 to 7:00 tonight, it will be at the community development center on 22ness street. using penalized music as a teaching tool is a new focus of the tour. studies show people are more likely to remember th pace of chest compressions when trained to the beat of a familiar song. those wondering what is going on with the plans for that new st. pete pier? you can get an update today. there's a public meeting at 6:00 tonight. the city will discuss plans and and for your input at the roberts recreation center from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. >> can't wait to see that new project. >> looks beautiful. yeah, a lot of people want the access to the water front. longtime coming now. coming up, another look at your work week forecast.
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ready to retire? a study claims thousands of people are working past retirement age these days. and the reason may surprise you. and if life is a balancing act, this robot has it under control. see the impressive maneuvers
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introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise. since the launch of the new dannon whole milk yogurt, an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? all natural, non gmo ingredients
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new dannon, natural is back. you've got to see this. a plane skidded after landing at an airport today and it s watch the cargo plane, it's carrying fuel by the way. you can see it leaves a trail of smoke behind it. scary stuff but luckily, no one was hurt. the airline is blaming foggy weather for this. very important -- >> always blame the weather. >> darn the weather. >> poor meteorologists. >> yeah, blame the meteorologists. i'm just the messenger. >> right. and thankfully our weather hasn't been too bad. it's been hot. and now we're going to add in extra clouds and.
11:43 am
being as hot as it was through the weekend. so 87 right now at the nissan of venice. and you can see the clouds starting to develop and the 64% humidity is a good indication that we are in a tropical air mass at this point. by 1:00, we will just see a few spotty showers. and we are starting to see those develop. i think the coverage of rain continues to increase. by 4:00 p.m., it's a 60% chance. and otherwise, a high of about 89 degrees which is average for this time of the year. the storms will linger on right through the in p.m., 84 degrees. they won't taper off until well into the overnight time period. and right now, it's 88 degrees in plant city. and we are waiting on the showers and thunderstorms to cool us down a bit. 83 in tampa. 48 in fish hawk. and 86 in sarasota. and look at the heat index in plant city, just made it up to 100. already, feels like 97 in fish hawk. and feels like 98 in arcadia. but some places starting to see the showers develop. i will zoom up here to citrus,
11:44 am
big coverage now. this is the spotty part of the rain before we get better coverage. and the quick passing shower will help cool things down briefly. and getting a few showers between zephyrhills polk city, along and north of i-4 at this point. and a couple of these what i called them earlier, spotty showers. a spot in highlands county. so this coverage will get better thanks to this area of low pressure on the east coast of florida as it generally drifts to the north and west. we are certainly on the drier side but it's still tropical air. and that's why you're feeling it out. and that's why we will get the showers to form. this is around 1:00. still spotty. going forward this time 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. notice how we start to get better coverage of rain. and this will be wrapping up around in the counterclockwise flow. so pushing a lot of the rain during the afternoon and evening east of i-75. and you can see there will be pockets where you get heavy rain, some places left out of that. but at times throughout the even, again, continuing with
11:45 am
60% even after the sun sets. here's today rain chances, 60%. and i'm keeping the rain chance right at 60% again for tomorrow. again, a lot of moisture still lingering around. and before the rain chances come down, 50% for thursday. and down to 40% rain chance for friday and saturday. and by the way, we have a tropical storm out there. tropical storm ian. right now, 45 miles per hour winds but this is going to be a problem for no one. these are the favorite kind of storm, the fish storms. doesn't get close to us. doesn't get close to the green land. juta moving up to the northern central atlantic ocean there. 89degrees, watch for the downpours as more clouds develop. 76degrees overnight time period. and tomorrow, still 89. still a 60% rain chance. eventually those rain chances do come back down to 40% as we head through the weekend. the good news is, you don't see 95s on the eight-day forecast. which we did have over the weekend. so we will take 89 to 90.
11:46 am
>> exactly. or the cool side. >> thank you, leigh. now an 8 on your side consumer watch this morning. wells fargo now cutting product sales goals for retail bankers nearly a week after the bank was fined $185 million and accused of illegally opening unauthorized accounts for its customers all to aggressive sales goals. according to a statement, wells fargo will eliminate the sales goals by january 1st. the shares dropped today's trading. a generation of home buy sers being left behind as the housing market continues to search. million i can't say continue to be the biggest age group not buying homes. with mortgages harder to get since the housing collapse of 2009, the homeownership rate among 25 to 34 years old is just 93%. experts predict that millennials will be renting for years. well nearly half the country's 56 to 75-year-olds are still working.
11:47 am
retirement. >> we have longer and longer life expectancies. we have a harder and harderrer time saving for retirement. many of us don't have pensions and it brings more than just money and something to do every day. it brings engagement and keeps your mind sharp. gives you a social ned work a survey finds of a thousand american adult, seven in 10 plan to keep working during retirement. and many because they have to. with the survey found many seniors plan to keep on facebook messenger is rolling out bot assisted payments. what does that mean you and? well, you will stay within the messenger app to pay for things you buy rather than taken to external websites. ing the part of a broad push by facebook to keep the more 1 billion users inside and its family of apps. that allows companies to engage with consumers without asking them to download new apps to their crowded smart phones.
11:48 am
itunes gift cards. the company says scam artists are pressuring victims into transferring money by purchasing itunes gift cards. that's after they spend bogus stories about payments such as taxes, hospital bills, bail money, debt collection, utility bills, you name it. basically if you're asked to use itunes cards for payments outside of apple's family of apps, you could be the tagger 9 of a scam. all right so the days of laughing at robots as they fa an end. >> yes, this is why. check out the atlas humanoid robot programmed by a company called ihmc. they designed the software that allows the robot to balance itself. it's standing on a piece of wood less than an inch thick. scientists admit that the example was a lucky run with the robot staying up right for about 20 seconds which is a lot
11:49 am
>> i wonder if he can surf? >> but then he would fall and get wet and then -- >> short circuit. and now in the hollywood minute. happen rat see hoping to catch a certain star may find it tougher. miley cyrus says she is threw posing. she says it's like a skit. and she's not the only one thinking about the red carpet. >> i could have gone longer on this flight if reason. >> ametro naught scott kelly, i think he will pose for pictures. sony pictures bought the movie rights to his upcoming book. the story will give us a look into kelly's life from a struggling student to navy test pilot to his friendly rivalry with his twin brother as they both became astronaut. the book is due out next november. put that on the list.
11:50 am
disney is remaking milian as a live movie. the wrap reports the petition demands an an asian actress plays the character. she has gathered nearly 90,000 signatures. and i'm not sure if you have seen this yet, but ryan lochte gets heckled on national tv. and also this hardworking ice cream man you see here, he can now refire style. we will show you who helped his dreams come true. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together.
11:51 am
and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
11:52 am
11:53 am
we're back. tech talk for you now. stain gram is rolling out a new tool the to monitor offensive comments. it allows users to control what they post on the pictures and comments that contain the words will be hidden. you will soon be able to pack more content into your tweets. the verge reports the new changes should be activated by monday.
11:54 am
pictures, videos and polls will no longer count against your 140 character limit and neither will the user names at the start of a message. now stories you will no doubt see trending today the. the first is olympic gold medalist ryan lochte. he made his debut last night on "dancing with the stars" and things got tense. >> yeah, a lot of people buzzing about this. it had nothing to do with the performance. two people were arrested after rushing the stage just moments after the routine. the cameras did not show it on tv and the show went to commercial break. and security dealt with the protesters. lochte says the incident made him feel, quote, a little hurt. the nfl season barely underway if i recallly and already the focus is taken away from the field and directed at the sidelines. last night san francisco 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick continued his protest by
11:55 am
anthem. he was joined by a teammate two. other 49ers held their firsts in the air in support along with two players in the los angeles rams. fans heckled kaepernick yelling at him to stand up. 18 players have participated in the protests so far. and everyone seems to love the ice cream man. i know my kids do. >> especially now. >> yes. and an 89-year-old is just a nice guy. >> yeah, for 20 years, he sold ice creams neighborhood. some day he made $8. others, $80. he is losing business because there are certain days when he can't push the 50-pound cart around. this photo hit the internet and went viral. a gofundme account was set is up for him and n hopes that he can take a day off here and there. well, it did a lot more than that. >> on the ott mystic side,
11:56 am
and we got him retired. it's awesome. >> i love that. >> i just checked gofundme. the account has more than $250,000 in it. >> that's sweet. >> like $260,000 about a half hour ago. he says he is happy to finally get some rest. and he is going to buy his wife a nice present. >> wow, think of all the years and miles. >> yeah, all those kids that maybe now they want to do something nice for him so they pitched in too. >> that's one of the best gofundme stor >> makes me very, very happy for sure. we have temperatures that are starting to warm up already. but it's still a beautiful day across the tampa bay. >> thank you, leigh. thank you join us. >> i will see you back here at
11:57 am
11:58 am
we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging?
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a >> rain. >> hey, everybody, it's tuesday foos day and september 13th, thunder in the rain by king brown. >> a great show today. aren't you excited? >> oh, it's just some days you wake up, ah! today's the day. >> excited. >> love this woman, known her forever, a real mentor and a good friend. we've been through -- not everything together. i'm not like her best friend and she's not mine, but i love her


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