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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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teenage girl. newschannel8's john rogers joins us live from the scene tonight, this is in manatee county. and, john, just remarkable that something more serious didn't take place here. >> reporter: oh yes. this is a very strong girl for sure. and thankfully, she was okay after this horrible ordeal. it actually happened right at this corner. she was j walking that way toward school. the guy surprised her from behind. she wanted to tell her story to warn others. shortly after 6:00 this morning, it was very was approaching the intersection of 20th street east and 50th avenue drive east. >> i was walking to my bus stop. and the guy approached me and he asked me to turn around and face him. >> reporter: when she didn't, things turned for the worst. >> so he grabbed my backpack and he tackled me to the ground. he was telling me take your clothes off. >> reporter: she tried to fight him to no avail. >> i was nervous.
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die. he said shut up or i will choke you. i try today call for help. >> reporter: thankny, as a car passed by, the guy panicked. he snatched her phone and ran off. deputies were notified and her mother is obviously concerned. >> oh, i was beside myself when her friend called me this morning. >> reporter: the girl's mother noticed a strange mysterious man walking the street shortly before her daughter left. >> i knew it was him. you know. the only thing going through my mind, is sh >> reporter: now authorities are on the hunt for him. they have stepped up patrols in the area and will be monitoring the bus stop this week to keep the kids safe. the girl wants fellow teens to understand these dangers are real. >> anything can happen. at any time. and i want them to be aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: and this is is a neighborhood with a lot of kids. it is usually a very safe spot. this suspect is about 25, five
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blue jeans and a dark shirt. if anybody knows anything about this case, contact crime stoppers. >> john, you said this is a relatively safe area. is it a long walk from this girl's home to the bus stop and will she continue to use the bus? >> reporter: yeah, it is a walk. there are a lot of kids here. the mother told me and the girl told me she will continue to take the bus, but, the mom is going to walk with her to the school bus from now on. if she is unable, she will have other friends to walk with. >> i have the feeling she won't be the only ch out there too. john rogers, thank you. we are finding out new information about the school bus driver cited this morning for a crash in polk county. three students were taken to the hospital for evaluation after their school bus collided with a pickup truck in lakeland. police ticketed the driver frederick mcclellen for a right of way violation. 8 on your side found out this is not his first crash with the polk county school district. in april of 2016, he was
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crashes. the district found that he made improper turns. he was then given 90 days to complete an online driving course. and had to go through retraining. mcclellen is on paid administrative leave. a former hillsborough county teacher is facing charges for encouraging a student to take sexual pictures and video of herself. michael geist resigned from his job at rogers middle school in may when the investigation began. detectives tell us he a several apps installed on it. he allegedly told the girl to take sexual pictures and videos of herself and send them to other students. a deputy involved shooting that happened in hillsborough county last month will be investigated and reviewed by a state attorney's office in another florida jurisdiction. that is because mark ober is recusing himself from the levania riggin's case.
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to the family of calen johnson. there have been a number of protests. the judge wants the community to trust the fairness of this investigation, so he will not be taking part in it. this pinellas county school is under fire by parents and teachers because they say mold is is a big problem at that school. so bad, that some are pulling their children out and sending them to class elsewhere. 8 on your side was first to break this story last month. and since then, after an quality inspection and several heated meetings, the schools founder still insists that the kids are safe. paul mueller joins us live from the largo campus. and paul, first there wasn't mold, then there was. now it seems like we are back to square one. what is going on? >> reporter: it seems that way here at largo's plato academy, but it depends on what your definition of mold really is. and ... who you ask. >> within the third week of
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chronic coughs. >> reporter: they are yanking their son out of plato academy's campus. he has chronic upper respiratory problems. doctor's orders. >> there is a major problem they are trying to cover up. >> reporter: they lost their trust when pictures of mold at the school surfaced. parents demanded answers and they were tough to get. >> you said there was no mold, then, there was mold. you had said. >> i say it again. >> which is it? mold or no mold? >> this is no mold of significant levels that endanger human beings. >> reporter: the results, mold in the duct work and in the floors. not dangerous, the founder said. though with the tests comes a pretty big bill. >> so why spend $15,000 tearing up floors and cleaning air duct ins. >> not because it is dangerous right now. the report says it is because to avoid in the future from this becoming a problem. >> reporter: can you stand here today and tell me the teachers, the parents, and students and assure them that there is no
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there is no mold in this school. can you stand there and tell that to me truthfully? >> i will tell you this. number one. >> yes or no? >> there is no level of mold dangerous to the health of children. >> reporter: not good enough for this family. they say their son will just get sicker. >> so what do you want done? >> i want the school to fess up and deal with the issues, not cover them up. >> reporter: and, the work on the air ducts and floors has already begun. th for any potential long term exposure. >> paul, you said some students have already pulled their kids out of the school because of the mold concerns. what about the needams? are they planning to do the same? >> reporter: well, they gave thus note. a doctor's note for their son. the last line says that he requires a mold-free academic environment. they told me they wish they had a choice in this situation. >> all right, paul mueller, live in largo.
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hillsborough county deputies have confirmed a man who died at a party over the weekend was a pulse shooting survivor. this is video of chris brodeman from back in june talking about how he narrowly escaped the orlando nightclub alive. he was found unconscious at a party in odessa sunday and was pronuanced dead at the scene. >> everybody says as the saying goes, only god knows when your number is up. our number was not up at that night. we can't prevent it. it is going to happen, it's going to happen. >> investigators say there were no obvious signs of foul play. they are awaiting toxicology reports to determine the actual cause of death. well, vandals and thieves are targeting marinas in pasco county. >> and they were caught on camera. coming up, we will show you the places they hit. >> when it comes to school sports it is pay to play. i'm on it because you paid for it. >> shower activity, some thunderstorms around the bay
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89 degrees the recorded high at tampa international. a tropical wave on the east coast. we will show you the radar and look at the forecast the rest
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>> thieves are targeting marinas in pasco county. look at this surveillance video. you are going to see a guy here creeping around a boat on the
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this was at j and j bay and tackle outfitters. we are told he is one of four suspects who stole from boats in dried dock storage. investigators believe a different set of criminals vandalized and stole from marine centers in hudson. these are pictures from source one marine. thieves stole some engines here and shot up two boats. a couple of party crashers caught on camera stealing from guests at a popular saint petersburg restaurant. take a look at th you can see a man and a woman rifling through stuff at a private party room. they stuffed soccer shirts and scarves and a bag and then take off. we are told they got away with several hundred dollars worth of soccer memorabilia. a special ceremony this morning at the bay pines va. it was to honor and remember those who will never be forgotten. they dedicated a special remembrance chair for members of war and service members
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smith. he was held captive seven years in vietnam. it is expensive to have your children play sports. >> but is one added cost really necessary? we will take a look at pay to play. mark is on it because you paid for it. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> battling boondoggles and fighting frivolous spending. mark douglas is taking on the
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money because you paid for it. >> when it comes to school sports, it is pay to play. parents have to pay for school sports insurance even if they already have their own insurance. the pinellas school district insists it is common practice forcing parents who already have health insurance to buy more if their kids play school sports or take a field trip. well, tonight, mark is on it because you paid for it. and mark, these premiums they start low, but, boy, they can add up for families. >> reporter: they sure stacie. anywhere from $5 for a field trip for $100 for football. it is a good deal for some. but a real rub for others. and that is because even if parents are fully insured to start with, the school district requires that you pay for it. school sports are fun to play. exciting to watch. and sometimes, dangerous. cameda layman's son suffered
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her primary insurance paid for some of the bills and school insurance picked up the rest. >> they require everything to be exactly right. but i did get my money back. >> reporter: it worked out in her favor, but she had no choice. the pinellas school district requires parents to buy supplemental insurance for their student athletes. >> so, it was worth it for me. but, um, i can see where maybe some other parents may not find that to be the case. >> reporter: pinellas parents paid $317,000 in mandatory sports insurance last year. 1.4million over the past five years. they recovered about one-third of that in claims. you collect three times as much as you pate out. >> that is industry standard. >> reporter: industry standard or not, the idea of mandatory insurance doesn't sit well with parent karen gonzalez. >> it is ridiculous. >> reporter: she paid premiums for her three kids all through high school though she already had plenty of coverage through
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plan. her family owns an insurance company. >> we are already being responsible for ourselves. i don't see we should be forced to buy into that as well. >> reporter: for family who's do have insurance, why do they have to buy your insurance on top of the thousands they spend on their insurance? >> because, we cannot ensure that a student who might be ensured through their family's plan monday would carry that insurance friday. >> provide a copy of the insurance card. as a family if you let that go, that is in the something the school bo about. >> reporter: polk county schools don't have a bookkeeping problem. that is because they district buys the insurance for all of its students. but, in pinellas county, the burden is on parents to pay for it. even if their kids are in such risky activities as drama. color guard, or golf. >> they require insurance. >> reporter: all those things, yes. >> is this really a hardship issue mark? is that what it boils down to? >> reporter: it can be for some parents.
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she still had to pay for it. in some cases, $100 for, you know, football. yeah. that's a reach. there are scholarships available in pinellas county however. so, there is some relief for those who need it they say. >> very good. thanks mark. well, some dark skies out here in polk county. at the lakeland auto mall, 80 degrees. overcast. no rain in this location. but showers near enough to drop in land o' lakes, 84 degrees. a few scattered showers have occurred around the region today. after sunset tonight, mars and saturn in the southwest sky. if the skies will allow you to do that. sometimes, you see these things up in the sky and don't know they are planets but mars and sat earn in the southwest skies if they are clear enough. few scattered showers continue. we will leave them in the forecast. but a tropical wave on the east coast is really controlling the flow across the state.
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showers from southwest to the northeast. kind of the flow basically today. so all of the showers slowly moving off to the east. east of i-75, some thunderstorms looks like just around the borderline there between orange county and polk county. and, sections of osceola county as well. this is just south of lakeland. in the south part of lakeland. it is why we see the dark clouds on the lakeland camera. things are pretty quiet in pinellas. a few break out showers. we will leave them in forecast. a few scattered showers south of wauchula. quiet in sebring. that is where all the activity is. losing doppler to pick out the pictures, a tropical wave off the east coast, you can see a little counterclock wise rotation. sate tropical feature. 93l. not a depression, a storm or anything like that. but as we have seen, it doesn't take much in the tropics this time of year to produce a lot of rain or damage from flooding or high winds.
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for tomorrow. certainly a warm day. it is 84 degrees right now in temple terrace. we have seen a few showers and clouds here. so, perhaps not as hot, but the dew point is very high. the humidity is extremely high. mid 70s . and current temperature in lake placid, 75 degrees. weeki wachee, 87. tampa. dew points in the upper 70s . very oppressive dew points. mid 70s as well. high humidity is kind of the story here quite a bit of deep top city tropical moisture. this is high in the atmosphere. leading to the heavier rainfall off of the the east coast. folks across daytona beach have seen a lot of rain around the area today. you can see the stretches all the way to jacksonville and further back to the west out into the gulf of mexico. so, that is our feature for now. a less of an influence on us now. ian is still out there. 45 miles an hour winds.
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the northern atlantic. we have it on satellite there. hurricane center upgraded this to a 40% chance of possible development. don't think lit be around that long. but it is something we will continue to watch. 50% chance for this area coming off of africa. wednesday, 50% rain chance. high temperatures upper 80s . 89 today. so very similar day for tomorrow i think. rain chances get more normal. meaning more afternoon and evening an typical. statistically this time of year as we get into the end of the week. 40% rain chance, very much still a summer like forecast. though at the end of the period, we are in late september. so it is going that fast. >> it is. i knew you were going to say that. i agree. >> thank you steve. and the tampa bay heart walk is right around the corner for christmas. we need your help to make this walk bigger than ever before. this is very personal. i walk every year for my family. that is my father norm. he and my sister are bother heart attack and heart bypass
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we need your help to do it. fuccillo kia is generously agreeing to match the first $50,000 we raise. the heart walk, november 12 at ray jay. come to to join my team and donate. coming up next in sports, the usf football team is off to a great start. but is this week's game a dangerous one for the bulls? >> and he was once anemosis of the bucs defense. now, this running back is a member of the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up.
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and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco? marco?
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tight end allen cross to the practice squad along with the linebacker cameron lynch. but, the big signing could be an interesting one. veteran running back jaquis rogers was signed today. who is that? he played under head coach dirk koetter in atlanta. four of his touchdowns game against the bucs back then. more important, this creates you have doug martin at the top. then you have two very good pass catching runners in charles simms. here is an example of rogers. don't call the syracuse game a trap game. that was the message today from usf head coach willy taggart saying his team is focused on this saturday's game at syracuse. not the following week against guess who, florida state. after two dominating wins to
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a 14-point favorite on the road. so naturally, it would be tempting to sneak a peek at second ranked fsu and the bull's coaching staff has done that, but the players have dialed in, for now. the mighty seminoles do not exist. >> i think that is why you have been seeing our football team play well. our guys are able to focus on game at hand and not think ahead. we must respect our opponent that we e or, anything else doesn't matter. you know. this is the most important game. >> all right last night the rays had a little dustup with the blue jaysful happened on the final out of the game. stephen souza jr. and russell martin had a little discussion over the etiquette of showing up a pitcher. no big deal until troy tulowitski showed up shouting
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the dugouts empty. >> i hit the ball good. i thought i got it and i may have walked a little too much. um ... and i thought russ was saying something about it which would have been on me totally. and i was saying i'm sorry, i thought i got it. it was miscommunication. he was saying i thought you got it. i said my bad, i walked away. troy decided to jump in and say some things that weren't really necessary. >> troy not talking about it today in the clus still angry perhaps. >> a discussion. >> it is val versus ben bishop. finland usa. it will be fun to watch. >> don't go anywhere. nightly news is up next followed by newschannel8 at 7:00. >> you can join josh benson and jenn holloway at 8:00 on great 38 and of course, back here at 11:00. >> everybody back here tonight
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takedown. with hillary clinton sidelined, a fiery president obama unloads on trump as our new poll shows the race is tightening. and the health history of both candidates now under scrutiny. olympic hacked. an alarming breach. private information about simone biles and serena williams exposed by russian cyber spies. no more reading glasses, the medical breakthrough, a procedure done in just minutes. and suddenly that fine print becomes clear. doctors call it life-changing. and voting booth selfies. did you know taking photos with that smartphone could cost you money. an election day fight for the digital age,


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