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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> right now on newschannel8 at 7:00. >> a young bradenton girl was attacked, knocked to the ground and robbed on her way to the bus stop this morning. now the thug is on the loose and the victim shared her
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newschannel8's john rogers. >> reporter: shortly after 6:00 this morning, it was very dark outside. and a 16-year-old girl was approaching the intersection of 20th street east and 50th avenue drive east. >> so he grabbed my backpack. he tackled me to the ground. he told me hey, take your clothes off. >> reporter: she tried to fight him off with little success. >> i was afraid i was going to die. >> reporter: thankfully, a car passed by and the man got up, took her phone and ran off. the girl is going to be okay, no attacker. officials have notified parents and the manatee county sheriff's office plans to have deputies near the bus stop the rest of the week. if you have any information, call crime stoppers. john rogers, newschannel8. we are finding out new information about the school bus driver cited this morning in a crash in polk county. three students were taken to the hospital for evaluation.
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frederick mcclellen for right of way violation. in april of 2016, he was involved in two separate crashes. he made improper turns. he was given 90 days to complete an online depriving course and had to go through retrain. he is currently on paid administrative leave. a former hillsborough county teacher is facing charges for encouraging a student to take sexual videos and picture of herself. michael geist resign investigation started. he gave a female student a phone with several apps stalled. he told the girl to take sexual pictures of herself and send them to other students. mold at a pinellas school. we were the first to break the story. now, parents are yanking their kids out of school. today an inspection yielded mold and newschannel8's paul mueller went looking for
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>> reporter: they are pulling their son south of the campus. >> here is is a major problem they are trying to cover up. we have lost all trust. >> reporter: they lost that trust when pictures of mold at the school surfaced. parents demanded answers that were tough to get. >> you said there was no mold, then you said there was mold which is it? mold or no mold? >> this is not qualified as mold of significant levels endanger human beings. >> reporter: the results, mold in the duct work hand in the floors. not dangerous, the founder says. >> can you stand here today and tell me, the teachers, the parents, and the students and assure them that there is no mold for the last time that there is no mold in this school, can you stand here and tell that to me truthfully? >> okay, i will tell you this. number one. >> reporter: no, yes or no? no in. >> there is no level of mold dangerous to the health of children. >> reporter: paul mueller, newschannel8.
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health has released an update on the zika virus confirming 19 new cases. six of those are nontravel related cases, all of them are from the miami beach area. we have also learned there are 13 new travel related cases. one in hillsborough, another in manatee. busted, three polk county burglary suspects tied themselves to their crime spree when a vim spotted them not only driving his car, but waring his clothes. suspect searching for unlocked vehicles in lake land. they were caught later on camera using a victim's credit card at a gas station. look at this. investigators posted photos on facebook. one of the victims who didn't want to be identified saw the post and recognized his stuff. >> when we saw it was one of them, oh my gosh moments. when i saw the picture, i knew exactly that the guy was wearing something that belonged to me. >> so far, deputies have
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devonte jefferson and jamie sanders. they are still looking for the third suspect, andrew martin. chief meteorologist steve andrews joins us now. steve jerve. were there some storms popping up outside? >> we had a few, but they are not widespread. >> so it should be painfully hot outside. >> sure, that's what you are hoping for right? >> you know how i love it. >> you love the heat. but it is not so special without the humidity. >> i know. it is the perfect combination. >> so you are si when it cools down you will be so bummed. 84 degrees in new port richey. no rainfall in this location. the clouds have helped to hold back the temperatures a little bit. but the humidity has been veryings very high of late. showers an storms mostly closer to the east coast as a tropical wave there. a few showers can still develop associated with this tropical wave that is actually kind of strengthening a little bit in terms of its potential for
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national hurricane center. there you see the thunderstorm activity right along i-4. you can see just around polk city. and east of that, heading toward osceola county. around lakeland, too, no doubt, some folks along i-4 seeing lower visibility associated with the showers. southeast of zephyr hills moving into the northwest part of polk county. things are fairly quiet. but more showers with develop this evening. probably not for most, but they can develop. there's the tropical wave. about a 40% chance of potential de period, now, by then, this low pressure area will likely be over land. but, it has to gain some steam. it is out over the warmer waters there along the gulf stream. so it can pick up energy from that. temperatures are pretty warm. 80 degrees in bartow, but, the dew point, also, is fairly high. we have seen 80-degree dew points this afternoon. so, it is pretty oppressive. although the temperatures are not quite as hot. we will talk about that forecast, see if it will continue to be summer like coming up.
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cool from all over the world for tampa's tattoo art convention. i will introduce you to some of the locallal leapt coming up. >> today on better call behnken, i'm back at a largo house that was flooded with raw sewage by a mistake by the city. that was 33 days ago. so i want to know why is this
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> this weekend, the third annual tampa tattoo arts convention comes to the bay area. it is expected the draw more than 300 artists alone from across the globe. as newschannel8's anthony allred shows us, we have some local shops that can compete with the rest of the world. >> this is actually, a poem in
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themselves, in the bay area. >> well, he passed away about five years ago. >> reporter: nobody does it like the angry elephant. >> that reads my hero and my guardian, my guiding light. my father forever. >> reporter: to his friends, family, and fans, david is better known as sweet and crazy. >> i prefer doing thing that's are going to do heads and people will want to ask questions. >> reporter: but if you ready to commit to express in this way, you can still have a good time. >> if you like art, you will love the tattoo convention. it is eclectic interesting people. you will have your eyes full. >> reporter: in valrico, anthony allred, newschannel8. >> support animals are not always the four-legged kind. coming up, we will introduce you to one woman's pet who
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>> andorran, this year's heart walk is coming up november 14. but now's the time to join stacie schaible's team. fuccillo kia is matching the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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>> wow, another bumpy day on wall street. the dow dropped 258 points. the s&p dipped 32, the nasdaq dropped 56. a couple of 8 on your side consumer alerts for you tonight. first, more than half a million back and decker blowers are being recalled due to a laceration hazard. the three in one electric vacuum mulchers. reports of fan covers coming off resulting in finger lacerations from contact with the fan. consumers should stop using the product and contact back and decker for a free repair kit. apple, also issuing a warning tonight warning consumers of scams involving itunes gift cards. according to the company, people are getting calls from scam artists asking them to pay overdue bills an taxes and bail money with an itunes gift card. apple stresses the gift cards
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items from the itunes store, app score, apple bookstore or music. if you get one of these calls, call the police. the iphone 7 is already breaking records with preorders. they are up more than 400% compared to the 2014 iphone 6. sprint report its preorders are nearly four times greater than last year's 6s models. it is thanks in part to a sweet deal. a free iphone 7 to customers who traded in an earlier model and agreed to stay on for two years. iphone and ipad users can download ios10 starting today. the new operating system includes some enhancements to the messaging app. ios10 will work on iphone 5 or newer phones as well as newer models of ipads and ipods. you should receive a notification in the settings
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to install. facebook messenger is rolling out a bot assisted payment. it will allow bots to process payments for products within the app. follow this. this means users will not be taken to external websites. all of this is a push, a major push, by facebook to keep its more than 1 billion users inside its family of apps. instagram is introducing a new tool to monitor offensive comments. it allows users to control what people post on their pictures. they can list words they consider that contain the words will be hidden. you can pack more content into your tweets. media attachments will no longer count against the 140 character limit. user names at the start of a message also won't count on twitter. the changes are expected to kick in next monday. here is an interesting story. most of the time, when you hear the words emotional support animal, you think of a dog. but, not one washington state
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that's right. mary pierce's support animal is a turkey. sammy is six months old, 30 pounds, but the bird is not for eating. mary has lupus and is in pain a lot and has depression, but sammy is there for her a lot. >> he keeps me going. he gets me up at 5:00 in the morning and having a turkey around keeps things interesting and alive. >> under federal law, any kind of animal can be an emotional support to get certified, people need a prescription from a doctor and then the animals can even legally ride on the airplane with them. well, we are not toying around here. the national toy hall of fame in rochester new york unveiled the top 12 finalists to enter the hallowed halls this year. it includes something that many wouldn't consider a traditional toy. bubble wrap. nerf and transformers.
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care bears, clue, dungeons and dragons, uno. the announcement comes in november. and the winner of the best steel roller coaster goes to the fury 325. the golden tickets are awarded annually to honor the best of the amusement park. this is also the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster. 325 feet high and riders reach speeds of 90 miles an hour, thank you very much. twilight zone in orlando won for best dark ride. well, the raw sewage is gone, but their largo home still stinks. now, this family is once again forced to live there, that led them to once again better call behnken. >> when i walk in this house, i smell urine. >> reporter: laura ball has fragrant candles burning everywhere, but they don't hide the constant faint smell left behind by three inches of raw
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don't know if it's in the wood or what. >> reporter: it was 33 days ago when ball came home to find her home flooded with nastiness caused by a misstake by city of largo workers testing sewer mains. since then, ball and her husband have been in a hotel. >> the obvious question is why are you back here? >> because they wouldn't pay for lodgings and we have a mortgage. we can't pay a mortgage and pay for an apartment or whatever. we have no choice. >> reporter: with the city refusing to pay for more time in a hotel, >> if you could see the open wires. we didn't know what the do. thank god my husband knows what to do. these are live wires. >> reporter: clearly, this house is not ready. the city hired contractors to rip apart the house and clean up. but now there is no kitchen. this is the balls' attempt to make due. >> this is how they left me. >> reporter: a toilet is in the bathtub and the couple is using in cloth to minimize the sewage fumes.
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acceptable. >> so they feel the city has just forgotten them. can you respond to that? >> well, i'm sorry to hear that. that is unfortunate to hear that. because the city is working very diligently to help them resolve the situation. >> reporter: city spokesman brandon graham couldn't answer all of my questions. and explained he would have to check with the city's legal department. >> to them, it is just unfathomable that they would have to live in these conditions. >> again, i don't know who is making the decisions on where they live. you know. are those completely made by the homeowner? is there a component of that driven by somesore force? i don't know. >> reporter: the spokesman e- mailed me back this afternoon to say that he does not know who made the decision that this home is safe for the family to move back into. but he assured me that the city will make things right. shannon behnken, 8 on your side.
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cesar. west wind off the gulf. we have mars and saturn. looks like there will be breaks in the southwest side. sometimes you see these bright things in the sky, don't know what they are. you think they are stars but sometimes they are planets. quite a bit of moisture. we know that. mid and high levels of the atmosphere. that is the tropical wave. i mentioned the 40% chance of development according to the national hurricane center but it is moving quickly off to the the computer models move it that way. quite a bit of moisture drawn into georgia, jacksonville, stretching back here, too, almost in kind of a line, well, there is a line along i-4 as we showed you on the local radar imagery. off the shores of fort myers, still some rain lining up. we will leave a chance of a shower in the forecast for the evening. tropical storm ian is still out there. that's the ninth named storm of the season. it formed yesterday and is moving 45 miles an hour winds to the northwest at 16 miles an
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o sea. but it is something in the tropics. there is ian there, the blob in red. the cooler cloud tops colored in red. 40% rain chances for this area. and another area off the coast of africa. about a 50% chance of development over that same time period over five days. now, showers will continue in the forecast on and off throughout this time cycle. again, wrapping around that area of low pressure to the northeast. and, they will kind of line up in showers like this. so we can't rule out the possibility shower. especially up along the nature coast tomorrow morning as a result of the low pressure. 50% rain chance for wednesday. 40% chance, more typical for thursday and friday. high temperatures remain normal. upper 80s through this period. that is our normal high, 89 degrees falling from 90 degrees which it is most of the summer. headed in a cooler direction. that is not a cool forecast, but it is a fairly typical september forecast. so enjoy it. >> i don't know why you say it isn't cool.
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like, rad. >> cooler in the studio? >> like awesome. >> you know. cool. >> i don't think anybody says cool anymore. to me, it is awesome. they don't say awesome either. >> really? i say that all the time. >> i think they say things like fleak. we'll be right back.
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>> nine cheetah cubs made their public debut in a zoo in southern poland. aw. why it got to be that way? i mean ... it sounds cute. right? but it will probably sound a lot more ferocious. soon enough. the first three months of the cub's lives are crucial steve jerve. their mother has to accept them and give them proper nutrition
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be placed in a different enclosure and keepers will help raise them. the united nations say it is cheetah is in danger of becoming extinct so these guys and their success are very, very important. and just one more trip to animal planet here. if you need to catch a cat, it helps to have some leftover lunch lying around. two officers in california discovered a kitten in pearl in a storm drain. to get him out, they had to be creative. one of them had a burrito so they used it to lure the kitten to them. one of the officers would like to adopt the cat and name it, can you guess? >> burrito? >> i was going to go with taco, but burrito it is. >> that is a cat's fively food. burrito. refried beans. >> you are a cat expert. i'm sure there are. we are going to read all of the
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>> ryan locke lochte attacked on the --. >> dancing now on "extra." ? a man tackled to the ground. olympian and his dance partner shaken up. >> so many feelings going through my made right now. >> and tracey edmonds in the audience. >> we didn't know if it was real or not. >> bill o'reilly's first interview about fox news's channel's $20 million sexual harassment scandal. >> for once in my life i'm going
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>> what he will say about the oust over his boss roger ailes. >> and did she just paul taylor swift with a tell all break up song. >> breaking baby news. >> it's a boy for the baldwins. we've got the first photo. >> men and o magazine and extra's adam glassman. plus that time when our renee >> i'm also renee. >> now on extra from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hey everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up new video of george clooney what he's saying about hillary clinton's health scare. >> and you are new interview with jon bon jovi revealing the person story behind his music.
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breech on dancing. we were both there as ryan lochte was pummeled. >> the show stopper no one saw coming. >> what's happening. >> excuse me. >> -- >> ryan lochte targeted. slammed into during the dramatic takedown. as the protesters storm the ballroom. >> so many feelings are going through my made right now. >> we were sitting in our seats and walked out and said he's liar. >> turned and saw some people coming towards us. >> the moment playing out off camera last night. >> take a deep breathe. we'll be right back. >> our own security team literally leapt into action. >> our cameras rolling. >> as two stage crashers interrupt the embattled olympic swimmers redemption tour. >> i thought ryan handled a


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