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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 14, 2016 11:00am-11:45am EDT

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deputy fires a shot during an overnight traffic stop. the man he pulled over managed to get away. we're going to tell you how it all went down coming up. and it is day two in washington, d.c. for governor rick scott. he is in the nation's capitol pushing congress to give us more money to fight zika virus. why he is inviting lawms to hein florida coming up. good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm stacie schaible.
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jacksonville overnight. 40miles per hour winds and rain threatened homes and businesses there. a lot of wind and rain hitting northeast florida. and a gas station just east of jacksonville lost a chunk of the awning in the high winds and rain. it's far from us but that does not even we're not feeling some of julia's effects. let's check in with leigh spann for more on that. >> yes, and in fact, just across basically the state of florida at this point from us but it's just our effects winds which makes it just tropi i'll zoom in and show you more. it s left gie coasat this point. but it's south carolina stnggoe advisory 11:00 from the hurricane center and they kept it as a tropical storm with 40 miles per hour winds. and in this forecast, even
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in citrus county and down into la ni?a county, most of -- down into hernando county. and most of the rain along the coast. and same thing into pasco and pinellas county. this is a look from the hyundai of new port richey where it's 82 degrees. about .20 of rainfall already. and tropical storm julia, slowly heading north -- storm yuleia slowly heading north and
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northeast. and near averages as far as our temperatures are concerned. an important meeting is underway that affects how many people get around in hillsborough county. the hillsborough public transportation commission is set to vote on possible new rules for lyft. members want to regulate how the companies operate in hillsborough county. that has caused an uproar among drivers. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live from downtown tampa. ryan, that meeting right now. what is going on inside and? >> reporter: well, gene, gay good -- inside and? >> reporter: well, gene, good morning to you. it's a packed house behind me here on the second floor of the county center. more than 50 people signed up to speak in favor of the ride sharing companies that provide cheap rides arnd the tampa bay area. the meeting has been going strong for two hours now. and taxi officials want uber and lyft drivers to face
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do. the commission wants to implement guidelines like a $7 minimum fare and a seven minute wait for those who use uber and lyft. supporters called the potential regulations outrageous. they claim they put them out of work. and they explained how convenient the ride share programs are, especially along the younger generation. >> as a community and society, we must move forward. nockwe regress. >> reporter: now my coworker jeff patterson is up on the second floor right now and sent me a text message that says the commission just approved an amendment that does away with $27 minimum fare -- with the $7 minimum fare and the seven minute wait but requires fingerprint requirements. the final approval will not happen until october 13th. gene, developments right now. jeff will have the latest throughout the day.
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>> the fingerprint issue a controversial one. and we look forward to the other reports. thank you for the update. and right now, hillsborough county deputies are searching for a man who backed into a patrol car during a traffic stop. it happened late last night at thonotosassa road and wilson street near plant city. the sheriff's office tells us that a deputy stopped a man wanted for aggravated assault but when the deputy got out of the cruiser, the man deliberately backed th patrol car. the deputy fired at the suspect who he is still on the loose right now but the deputy is expected to be okay. and detectives in brandon are investigating a death in a t how a person at a home died. investigators got onscene late last night, processing the home and looking sihome after a 911 right now, there are no suspects in the death but investigators did conduct some
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offering a reward tohelp find the arsonist response for burning the islamic center. they are offering a $10,000 reward. someone set fire to the mosque but investigators don't know why. surveillance video you see here shows a man running away from the building shortly before the fire. the mosque was once attended by orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen. deputies are keeping an eye on a after walking to her school bus stop. news channel 8 crews spotted at least three different patrol cars in the area where a 16- year-old girl was attacked bay man who threw her on the ground and tried to take her clothes offer. the girl who did not want to be dange ryreal>> ything happen at time. and i just want them to be aware of thr surrndings. >> here's a description of the
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man about 5'7", described as skinny, about 25 years old, wearing jeans and a dark shirt. if you have information, call crime stoppers. now zika virus in your backyard. >> governor rick scott is in the nation's capitol asking for more money to fight the zika virus. and today he is going to meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and continue to push for more money for research, prevention and a than $26 million fr e state but he doesn't think that's enough. he says he would spend the money on 10,000 more zika virus prevention kits for pregnant women. scott wants congress to visit miami and hold a meeting on zika virus preparedness and prevention before the end of hurricane season. and also happening today, the city of st. petersburg is holding another public open house on the pier district project. this is the second of three
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suggestions about the pier and how people will reach it. the meeting is at 6:00 p.m. at the jw kate recreation center on 22nd avenue north. >> can't wait to open. that's been a longtime. >> i can't wait to see it. nsa leaker edward snowden says he is ready to come back to the united states. >> but he wants to do it on his own terms. what he is asking president barack obama to do. plus, a new memorial for the victims of the pulse nightclub massacre. straight ahead, what the city of nd cannabis clinic and who can get that alternative treatment. gayle guyardo takes a closer look at the debate that involves children. you're watching news channel 8
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. audhe's n a seriousdult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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welcome back. the city of boston is celebrating a cool birthday today. >> yeah, this is neat.
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boston light, the nation's first lighthouse. it sits on a small island roughly nine miles om built by the british back destr american revolution but then they rebuilt it in 1783. now the coast guard has this lighthouse as the last manned lighthouse. at sunset, the light's beam wi today, it's a symbolic gesture. and it will be relit. we forget how he come in handy for the ships at sea. >> right. it's easy to get lostt there. especially with no lights. >> and stormy conditions too. and our own stormy conditions. >> exactly. many might have gone to bed like, oh, there's rain in north florida and you woke up this
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storm. skipped over tropical depression status. what we know, we're in a tropical air mass. and you feel it. it's muggy out there. golf and spa resort, clouds are developing there. got people still playing golf, of course, even though it's ena fell this morning before sunrise. 86degrees. so when you look at the forecast by 1:00 p.m., the rain is going to start to head to the east. we see the scattered showers near the coast. and we will farther inland. 86degrees at 1:00 p.m. increasing rain chances, mainly means a better coverage of rain by 4:00 p.m. 88degrees. and then the storms mostly east of 75 by 7:00 p.m. when it's 84 degrees. outside right now, you can see some of the showers. it's all moving in the southwest wind flow off the gulf of mexico. so you've got the heavier downpours coming in, over 19 now through crystal river and citrus county. and farther to the south,
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to the west, there's about 57 lightning strikes so maybe hearing thunder there. and it will generally drift into pine island area. spottier showers meaning not as good of coverage. west of 41 right now in pasco county, toward green field, tarpon springs and pinellas county, and then really just these tiny showers starting to form right now in manatee and sarasota counties at this point. so tropical storm julia. 40miles per hour winds. it's going to drift to the north, northeast at about 6 and notice this by -- we are expecting it to remain a tropical storm through the evening. this is 8:00 p.m. here. and by tomorrow morning, it's downgraded to a tropical depression and it's going to stall and fizzle out basically along the coast of south carolina. but it's going to drift north. and all it does is pull up the tropical moisture. and that's what also pushes the rain farther inland during the day. i'm calling for about a 50% rain chance today. and as julia moves farther away from us, we really transition
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condition, right? so we wake up tomorrow morng slim rain ce, mostly just patchy clouds and most of all the rain, about a 40% chance will head inland during the day. so today's rain chance, 50% with a high of 88. and we're at 89 with a 40% rain 's morricis y. basically average for this time of the year. the humidity continues and it will be still hot, 90 degrees for friday and saturday. 30% rain chances next week. stacie and gene -- well, across america this learning more about orlando's plan for a new memorial to honor the victims of the pulse nightclub attack. the fence now around the club will be removed next monday. in its place, the city is installing a new fence featuring art by local residents. on friday, the history center t that are around pulse now. will begin. 49 people were killed and
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and they are dropping the request for victim oscars ever a 2012 shooting at a colorado movie theater to pay nearly $700,000 in legal fees. some survivors sued the movie chain after the shooting. now they withdrew the request after the victim agreed not to appeal the verdict against them. you may remember the images, flood waters drowning the city businesses and even lives destroyed. and now the obama administration is requesting for funding for louisiana. the white house is asking congress for $2.6 billion in aid. the money would be for rebuilding damaged homes and infrastructure and helping small businesses there. louisiana governor john bell edwards asked monday for $2.8 billion in relief. well, nsa leaker edward
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return to the u.s. he is currently living in russia. here in the u.s., he faces charges for violating the espionage act after revealing classified information. he claims the leaks were moral and ethical because they revealed the scope of nsa surveillance. american leaders disagree saying he put citizens in danger. right now, history is being made in washington, d.c. the library of congress is getting both its first woman african-american librarian. she is being sworn in right now as only the 14th librarian of congress since the inception in 1800. her predecessor held that job for 28 years. he was criticized for not keeping up with changes in technology. she is the longtime ceo of the library system in baltimore. and now this morning's
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takes a close look at the cannabis controversy here in florida. >> reporter: tampa's first family medical cannabis clinic is open for business. when i first told you about this monday right here on news channel 8, i started getting a lot of feedback from viewers who want to know more about who is eligible for this treatment protocol. >> there are three official diagnoses or conditions that people are allowed to receive low thc medical cannabis, chronic seizure, chronic muscle spasms and cancer. >> reporter: charlotte is why florida has what is called charlotte's web now available, a non-euphoric strain of medical marijuana that means you cannot get high with this drug treatment. it was a last resort for her family and the only thing that brought these violent seizures that you're watching right now under control. after traditional treatments almost killed the child. now i am hearing from viewers who asked me how to get in
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similar health issues. others like tony quinn are commenting on my facebook page just glad to see the treatment is available. he write, long overdue, thoracic outlet child should suffer like this. and i heard from kelly, she says i've known families whose children have suffered terribly from seizures. their poor bodies shaking uncontrollably making it scary for the child and the parents. i'm happy there are now more and you can see a post from a mom of a son with seizures. she believes medicine should not be limited to your zip code. and now this is a really hot topic right now because when voters head to the polls in november, they'll be voting on amendment 2, the florida medical marijuana legalization initiative. a yes vote supports legalizing medical marijuana for individuals with specific
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licensed state physician. a no vote opposes and would keep the state's more limited medical marijuana programs in place. i would like to hear from you. find me on facebook and twitter. and of course, you can watch my full report on om. gayle guyardo, news channel 8. and twin sisters in texas are stirring hearts this morning with their wedding photo shoot with their father. this isn't your average wedding shoot. >> yeahma for starter, both of the women are single. here's the deal. their father has alzheimer's disease. he was diagnosed four years ago and over that time, the sisters say they have watched their dad slip away. that's a common thread in alzheimer's diagnoses. so the girls borrowed wedding dresses to create a father
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was so special to us to be able to do that. >> captured the moment that we may or may not get in future. >> absolutely. >> well, they are now committed to raising awareness about alzheimer's disease the. they are serving as chair women as a walk in texas next month. coming up, a rival or a former rival of the buccaneers will now be in the back field for the team. >> and who that is coming up. but they might be better off havi >> yeah. this 9-year-old is earning the nickname tiny beast mode. you can see why. >> wow. >> the sports world is loving this video. some parents down under though, not so much.
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introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. we are back. the new nfl power rankings have
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one week or week one. and also when the bucs take the field this sunday against the arizona cardinal, ey'lface in t it's the running back rogers. he is no stranger to the bucs. he torched them with four touchdowns, all while playing under the offensive coordinator dirk koetter atlta. d now he creates a solid trio of running backs behind martin and sims. the second week of the nfl
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waiving his arm, bare chested, somebody stop that man. >> here comes the blue coat. >> they got him. oh, they tackle him at the 40- yard line. >> the you watched that game on tv or right now, you didn't get to see the fan on the field but if you were listening to the game, that might have been the most exciting call in the game which the 49ers ran away with. >> that was exciting. tomorrow night during thursday night football, we will see is the color rush jerseys. teams will wear them on thursday night games. they are different rseys. those caused a lot of problems for fans that are color blind. jameis winston and mike evans showing them off for us. we won't see our home team's until november during a rematch with the falcons at ray jay. and there is a 9-year-old boy who is making a big name
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while playing a sport that many americans probably don't know a lot about, rugby. take a look. this is mia or as he is called now, tiny beast mode. he is the big kid in the red shirt there. he is a monster on the rugby field. look at him. he just bowls past the kids. if you're looking at the video, you're probably not surprised to hear that some parents are concerned. they are asking to be changed
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a box is where you keep things safe. who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients
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policies when it comes to child care. they are very different. we go over the finer points of their plans ahead. and take a look, impressive video out of taiwan this morning as a power supertyphoon makes l.a.p.d. fall. hundreds of thousands of people are without power. and even more are forced from their homes. the typhoon isn't done. where it's headed next. and coming up on today's gayle's guide to pinterest. gayle is showing you thousand make your own living room wall >> interesting. and good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for being with us on this wednesday. here's leigh. >> thankfully the tropical storm we have, julia, is very weak. it formed last night at 11:00 along the coast of jacksonville and has drifted north along the coast of georgia, 40 miles per hour winds now which makes it barely a tropical storm but it will hold on to the status as it moves to the north, northeast through the evening
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fizzling almost completely by friday morning just along the georgia and south carolina border. but most if not all the rain with this is on the northern side of the system. remember that counterclockwise wind flow, it's pulling up the moisture off of the atlantic ocean. so we have rainfall that extend through charleston and up toward the myrtle beach area but a lot more coming onshore.
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mexico and this morning so far has been right along the coast. you look outside in the downtown tampa camera where it's 86 degrees but a dew point of 77. that is extremely high. very tropical air mass. i will let you know when things get back to normal coming up. >> thank you. we should learn more about donald trump's health today. dr.oz is set to interview the republican presidential nominee today and trump is expected to reveal only of his physical records on the show. however, the not condition firmed this. dr.oz says -- not confirmed this. and dr. oz says he will talk about security, finances and access to jobs. the interview will air on thursday. and hillary rodham clinton cons to recover from pneumonia. she is expected back on the campaign trail tomorrow. her spokesman says she has spent tuesday reading briefings and making phone calls. she is a campaign rally in north carolina tomorrow and today she will appear on a
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ellen degeneres show when airs here on news channel 8 at 3:00. a quiet soar that donald trump needs to win over -- a key voter that donald trump needs to win over, women. >> reporter: donald trump introduced his child care plan tuesday night and took a swipe at hillary rodham clinton. >> very little meaningful policy work has been done in this area. and my opponent has no child she never will. if it ever evolves into a plan, it will never get done anyway. >> reporter: clinton's team tweeted it is literally right here with a link on her website. here are the basics of both plans. trump's plan includes six weeks of paid ternity leave, paid for my amendments to of at leas salary.
11:35 am
elderly care for families filing jointly up to $500,000. clinton's caps child care costs at 10% of a family's income. trump's plan includes dependent savings accounts to help with child care for those not offered that option by the employer. and clinton's includes scholarships to help student parents afford child care. and trump's plan includes child care spendi income taxpayers through the existing earned income tax credit up to $1,200. clinton's doubles investments in early head start child care panehip programs for low- income families. both candidates have posted details about their plans on their websites. meredyth censullo, news channel 8. >> well, a poll out this week says trump and clinton are
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with 4% of the vote. and around -- with 44% of . > and air force central aisuisi a number of american war planes includg ical weapons facility inside and iraq and it served as the headquarters for the terror organization. ateyrenow, the pentagon says
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ship is found in arctic waters. this is neat here. preserved. it is perfectly e terr s d in about 0 feet of water. abansea ieved to have the when the 129-man crew ed. arctic research foundation found wit a remote vehicle and discovered even the windows are direct of the foundation believes if brought up and the water s just float. coming up, a woman . >> but the city is done footing the bill and the victim is now calling behnken. ahead, 8 on your side asks the city why the family is being forced to live in the conditions. plus, the new iphone operating system is out but it's causing major problems. we will tell you why you should probably wait a few weeks
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about this again. a cool that made national headlines when he came back from the graver, so to speak, is getting a new home. >> his owner buried in him in january 2015 after he was struck by a car. he swore the cat was dead but he was alive and clawed his way out of the grave. the human society waged a legal bat toll get custody of him. and now they finally have granted legal ownership of bart and even better, he is being adopted right away by the foster family that's been caring for him. >> a nice ending for him. >> looks way better. >> i like the hat. >> party hat. >> hard to look much worse. >> that's true. he looks really well loved. which is good. >> no matter how rough he looked, look at him now. >> exactly. we have a beautiful day.
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side though. we have a tropical air mass pulling in the moisture from the coastline. and you can see the clouds and the rain in the distance. and southwest winds at about 13 miles per hour. so in your forecast, the rain along the coast will head inland over the next few hours. 86degrees at 1:00 p.m. and 88 degrees at 4:00. most of the storms by 7:00 p.m. and actually dwindling and coming and pushing east of 75 at that point. right now, 84 in lake. 86 in tampa. and but if i put on the much humidity. feels like 102 in fish ha. and fes li 97 in tampa. the one spot heysl veming down on top of you right now. that's one of the benefits of getting rain. you get a cooler shower pushing toward the inverness area at int th?vrough cius county >yand showers pushing we
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south. you see spotty rain in pasco. this is the rain were looking at on the new port richey camera. and the showers will continue now that they're along the coast pushing east through the day. and a look at what we can expect. there goes tropical storm julia. and the wind flow around this keeps that southwest wind. notice here ar ??rainis along and west of 75. as the day progresses, the coverage of rain gets meaning it goes into eastern hillsborough county,ushing cketin where you get some heavy rain. and again, this tropical air mass in place is a possibility to get isolated areas with heavy rain. and notice through the evening, most of the rain east of 75, but dwindling right around sunset. and we have tropical storm julia. and we have been talking about that. but that is not the only thing out there. wehave trocae last few minutes, tropical depression
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information on that. 35miles per hour winds, moving west, northwest at 14 miles per hour. it should briefly strengthen to a tricmrca?fdepression status and thenk a longtime to watching tropical depression 12. that was a brand new thing. 50% rain chance today. 40% for thursday and friday and the weekend. typical, guys. the raw sewage is gone but their largo home still smells and now a family is once again forced to live. >> they felt once again forced to call behnken. >> when i walk in, i smell urine. >> reporter: she has candles burning everywhere. but they don't hide the constant faint smell left
11:45 am
know if it's in the wood. >> reporter: 33 days ago, she came home to find her home flooded with iness, caused by a mistake by city of largo workers testing sewer mains. since then, she and her husband have been in a hotel. >> the obvious question is, why are you back here? >> they wouldn't pay for our lodges and we have a mortgage. and we can't pay a mortgage and pay for an apartment or whatever. we have no choice. >> reporter: with the city refusing to pay for more >> you can see the open wires. thank god my husband knows what he's doing because i'm thinking, these are live wires. >> reporter: clearly this house isn't ready. the city hired contractors to rip apart the house and can clean up. but now there's no kitchen. this is their attempt to make do. >> this is how they left me. >> reporter: ilin the bathtub and the couple is using this to minimize the segeto the
11:46 am
acceptable. >> they feel the city has forgotten them. >> can you respond to the that? >> that's unfortunate because i know the city is working to help them to resolve the situation. >> reporter: the city spokesman couldn't answer all of my questions and explained he would have to check with the city's legal department. >> to them, it's just unbelievable in the city would make them live in these conditions? >> right. and like i said, i don't know who is making the where they live. are those made by the homeowner? or i component beiniven by anr rce. don't >> reporte the spokesman emailed me back to say he does not know who made safe for the family to move back but he assured me that the city will make things right. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. >> and if you have a problem that needs solve, you better call behnken. 855-behnken.
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consumer watch. am's new operating software for iphone and other devices, ios 10, we have heard a lot about it. it is off to a rough start. some users got an error message asking them to plug in to a pc or mac for a complete restore. that is a major headache for people who installed the update in the mid to feel work day. they were left without access to the devices. apple apologizes and is asking anyone affected to connect to itunes to compte the update. we have instructions for you at well, competitor samsung has its own issues. several galaxy 7 note phones have overheated causing fires. samsung plans to push out an update to temporary fix the problem. you might not like the update. it will only charge the note to 60% power. no word on when the update will hit phones but you are encouraged to stop using the
11:48 am
the consumer product safety commission is working on a formal recall of phones sold in the united states. disney's food and wine festival starts today. the annual event has a lot of new foods and wines this year. if you have never been, it's worth going. dozens of kiosks set up around he world showcase, you can sam to that country. and it runs through november so you have plenty of time to give it a try. well, a green thumb or not, this green y can do. plants you can hang on the wall. here's gayle guyardo with today's gayle's guide to pinterest. >> reporter: making your own wall art is easier than you might think and you can hang it l ck. ood while. agmocan make check out the pins on pinterest. >> they grow really well inside and, especially here in florida. you can have it in an outdoor
11:49 am
need live moss. >> or use the same moss that you will use for orchards. >> reporter: and next shake e rt. >> but soak that and just wash it in just water. and you can e the rt mes off. you don't to have a lot of dirt. >> reporter: next take moss, ring it out and place irrelevant on the mount that you can find sizes at the local craft store. >> we start to mount it on there. and you can see they cover over the top of it. >> reporter: and next you will use fishing line. so get out the staple gun. >> make sure that the line is underneath and then just staple it right in. >> reporter: and just keep winding the fishing line around the fern and staple again. you will repeat the step again and again until your fern is secure on the mound.
11:50 am
get new ones and that will tide cline the staples and -- will hide the line and the staples. anything, you might need to move to it a larger plaque. >> reporter: when you're done hang them on the wall. and until next week, happy pinning. gayle guyardo, nos eight. >> neat head over to gayle's pinterest page. hanging plants from the wall. >> yeah, that looks like something i could do. coming up, a movie screening at the toronto international film festival is making audiences pass out. >> yeah, it's becoming a must see for horror movie junkies. plus, starbucks getting political. sort of. in the time where the nation is
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chain says they want to highlight the upside of
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well, welcome back there. is an interesting movie making waves at the toronto film festival and it's scaring people. the movie is called "raw" and it follows the story of a vegetarian who over time becomes a cannibal. the hollywood reporter claims at the tuesday showing, some
11:55 am
it features 10 stories, each told in written video and pod cast form the. the people in the features are from all over the country. one is about a mosque trying to get built in tennessee and another about a gym that trains wounded warriors. >> these stories, one after another, demonstrate a deep sense of humanity, a deep sense of understanding the importance of helping thy neighbor. and also very creative innovative solutions. >> now you can see all of the interesting stories on at interesting. >> love that. you know, tropics active. tropical storm julia formed last night. we've had ian out there but it's not bothering anything. and we just had tropical depression 12 off the african coastline. yeah, active part of hurricane season but julia is the only thing close to anything. it's heading up toward the south carolina area. all for us is helping to f
11:56 am
around hillsborough and manatee and sarasota counties. so rain chances today, 50%. going down to 40% for thursday, friday and saturday. and that's closer to typical. as we head through the next few week, we will see the typical rain chances come down as we transition out of the rainy season. as you can see, we are certainly in the rainy season right now. >> in the middle. >> and no immediate threat but we can't let our guard down. >> yeah. >> you never know. ou julia did. >> we just hit the peak on september 10th. >> exactly. >> stay alert. >> thank you for joining us on this wednesday. >> and we will stay on top of the stories for you throughout the day. i will be back on news channel 8 first at 4:00 and tonight on
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? ? from nbc news this is "today." with kathy lee we're in studio 1a. hello everybody. you made it to hump day it's wednesday september 14th and we're glad that you are with us. who is that? >> that's low cash. >> i don't know them. before kardashians there was paris hilton. now, the really beautiful air is the head of a business empire and has exciting news to share


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