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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00. good evening. a winter haven woman admits she
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he didn't want to give his probation officer a urine sample. >> she needed to do something to get him out of there. >> that is what investigators said she did. her boyfriend inside the building for six hours refusing to give his probation officer a urine sample so that is when she put their plan into action. 911 what is the address of ur haven. >> one moment please. are you there right now? >> before that call, martinez claims the two were texting each other trying to figure out how to get him out of that test. she claims he told her to do it. >> how serious is this? >> it is very serious. >> and as for drake, he never did give that urine sample. more charges could be on the
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behind bars. hillsboro deputies believe they have a new picture of the guy who ran off with jewelry at a store last week. take a look. this picture comes from a similar place in pasco county. someone jumped on his car and thrown into the roadway. that employee remains in serious condition. today a man who shot and killed a neighbor is not facing charges. it happened overnight during donald wood an his girlfriend. another tenant intervened. investigators say wood came at that man with a knife and the man opened fire. a polk county school bus driver cited yesterday for a crash resigned. he pulled out in front of a pickup truck with children on board. this was his third crash since he started with the school district this year.
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was still on the job that long. >> it is quite a responsibility, bus driver. when i was a young man, i drove a bus myself and i know what it is to have a bus load of kids. >> paramedics took three students to the hold for evaluation after the crash. some other parents took their children to get checked out, as well. manatee county depu catch a man. the attacker threw the 16-year- old to the ground and robbed her yesterday morning the for the next few days, deputies will be patrolling the areas in the mornings and afternoons. neighbors complain the streets are dimly lit and an attack like this could happen again. >> when it is dark out there, you don't have any idea what is going on, in places like that, they are just waiting. >> the school district promises
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for the second time in a few days, someone tried to run down a law enforcement officer. the latest case happened last nate during a traffic stop near plant city. rod carter looks at the problem. >> reporter: take a look at this 44-year-old transient who trove a car into two police officers outside a phoenix gas station. he then fought with a third officer who was not hurt. and then here at suspect tries to run over a deputy at plant city. that deputy fired at the suspect who then took off running. >> today we hit the road with the sheriff's office corporal tim sullivan. he says cars are used as weapons and something he has to think about. >> especially me being on the traffic unit for district 2, we do multiple traffic stops a day
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us. >> according to the fbi last year three officers kid in killed in the line of duty from an intentional car. >> he thinks about it every time he gets behind the cruiser and every time he steps out of it. >> it is very rule. >> rod carter, news channel 8. county. he could serve 30 years if found guilty. omar mateen occasionally attended that mosque. the social media accounts had anti islamic posts. they believe sewage runoff has killed dozens of the birth defects around st. pete beach. dead birds started to turn up after tropical storm colin and
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more. she believes partially treated sewer water is the cause because the birds feed there. they have come a cross 47 dead skimmers. if we don't get on it right now, you can expect the same problems as sea levels continue to rise, weather continues to get more severe. >> this afternoon county commissioners discussed forming a task force to include utility up with solution to help when the system is overwhelmed. a cat who clawed his way out of his own grave can settle into a permanent home. bart was hit by a car and mistaken by dead by his old owner and buried him and he has been recovering ever since. the old longer lost custody in along legal battle and now his
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wanted him back? >> no. he clawed his way out. the old owner thought it was dead, buried it. the cat not dead so much. that is how he got the name zombie cat. bart and his new 8th, 9th life. he is living the good life now. >> great to hear. some kind of hit-or-miss showers today. >> yes. we have seen a few here and there. not enough to drop the temperatures all over the place but most folks saw a little rain today. >> this rain. >> really? >> i know i mentioned it. >> more complains about it really. showers off the east coast around the carolinas. this is tropical storm julia. this was a tropical wave just bypassed tropical depression status and went to tropical storm status. this will be around for awhile. it is drawing a lot of rain into the carolina coastline. 40-mile-an-hour winds with a northeast movement at 6. you
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moves it offshore and back to the west over the long haul. the forecast track will change likely but you can see over a long period of time, four, five days, spinning in the same area is more than problematic creating a strong onshore flow, and flooding. coastal carolina in particular the lowcountry there around charleston anniversary up to myrtle beach at short term will feel this. so we can't rule out a slight possibility of seeing a morning shower. where the storms are right now around zephyr hills, dade city, they have been a magnet for storms today. the intensity is coming down. showers stretch out to land o'lakes too and then farther south. they don't hold together for long. they have no where near severe.
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including a look ahead to your weekend coming up. still ahead, i'm melanie michael in bradenton. how a dog owner calls after her puppy dorothy gets attacked by pit bulls where she lives. what the complex is doing about it and how dorothy's life was saved. that story is coming up. the fight between uber and lyft and taxicab companies transportation committee meeting with some leaving. we'll tell you what happened
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters.
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a golden retriever puppy is recovering from an attack from two pit bulls at an apartment complex. management tells where they are
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find the pit bulls and their owners. >> this puppy cried out in pain yelping as its head was in its mouth and another pit bit on its hind quarters. >> it was horrifying because there is nothing -- there is nothing that i could do to stop it. >> the mystery remains, who owns the pit bulls that did this. >> they said tell you who we are. >> reporter: the family snapped these photos. they tell us these are the dogs responsible, even management is asking us to share the pictures hoping someone recognizes them and their owners. the managers here tell us they are actively looking for the mystery pit bulls since that breed is not allowed here. >> i was so upset. i thought is that what it has come to? that is how scared i am.
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news channel 8. lowering the risk of a note exploding could be as sim as a software download. >> plus, there is one city with a fleet of self-driving cars option road and you can catch a ride in one. remember, this year's heart walk is coming up in november but now is the time to join stacie schaible's team. they are matching the first
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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%fo on wall street today the dow dropped nearly 32 points. s&p 500 was down a point and the nasdaq gained 18. could a software update fix the exploding phones? next week update for south korea. it is unclear when that software will reach users in the u.s. or if it is going to be a permanent fix. samsung recalled phones after dozens of reports of fires and explosions. >> apple says you can savely update your phone or ipad to ios 10. there were bugs in the first hour, but they have been fixed.
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an error message and had to plug into a computer for a complete restore. it is always a good plan to do a good backup before you run an update fyi. the a bit to get rid of features. for the first time the operating system allows you to get rid of apps. if you never download podcasts, you can delete the podcast app. do along press on when it jiggles, touch the x. if you want it back, find it again in the app store. would you like to dot your home with amazon dots. a new deal. you can. amazon released a new version of the dot and dropped the price from $90 to $50 each in the you can buy six for the price of five or 12 for the
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skills. priceline killed its original product. you can no longer name your own price for plane tickets. priceline dumped it for plane tickets, because it was too hard to operate on phones and tablets. you can still do that on rental cars and hotel rooms though. people in pittsburgh who need a ride can hop into a self driving uber car. there is a steel city. you can opt in and the driverless cars will still have a safety driver to take over if there is a problem. they scan the area around the car that is a map that riders can watch. they discussed the ride sharing services but as jeff shows us despite a vote on the issue today, the whole topic remains unsettled.
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wearing black t-shirts and pink t-shirts, uber and lyft drivers were outside the county building before a vote that could end their jobs. >> uber and lyft save lives. they had to set up an overflow room because it was so packed. uber passengers rate their experience and because of this i have never been in an uber car that i felt was unsafe or unclean. i can't say the same thing for my tampa cab riding experiences. >> they would require a minimum fare, a minimum wait time for rides and background checks for drivers. the rules are a set of sensible rules designed to provide for public safety. >> uber charged the new rules were written by the ceo of a local cab company. >> we're making rules here that uber and lyft are not going to
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provisions but they are going ahead with the fingerprint background check. uber isn't happy. >> the backward proposal were designed to do one thing only and that is to limit competition, nothing to do with safety. >> it is set at their next meeting in october. jeff patterson, news channel 8. get this. it is a piece of advice that should go without saving but appaly don't kiss chickens. this is a real thing. the centers for disease control and prevention is warning people to be aware that chickens carry salmonella. the problem is they are be coming increasely popular as pets but the birds are causing salmonella outbreaks. in 30% of cases people reported kissing their chickens. thanks for leading for
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>> i knew -- here to serve. cameras down there. lakeland 79 degrees. cloudy skies. in poke county at the homes, look at the rainfall there. .63. dropping the temperature in lakeland. >> it is high in the oppressive category. we have seen dewpoints upper 70s. in fact yesterday i saw an 80 degrees dewpoint number in bartow, extremely 79 at 9 p.m. upper 70s. you may still beholding onto the 80s where we are now at most locations. loot, largo and sun city center, low to mid 80s. upper 70s. mostly rain cooled. lake placid there. and across the southeast what is dominating is tropical storm julia. around the charleston area, we talked about trailing moisture across the area and helping to
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flow. for that reason , maybe you'll see a coastal shower. the model carries showers to the north. we'll keep that chance in the forecast for the evening hours, but a lot of this is pushing off to the east away from us. same thing there. most of the activity pushing well to our east. could be patchy fog in the areas. skies are clear. that is the slight chance of a morning shower and like a lot of the activity pushing west to east. 30% chance for friday. also for saturday. 40% chance for monday and tuesday. this is pretty much in the range of where we expect it to be. we'll be in a light southwesterly flow for the short term and then back into the south easterly flow. that tropical storm doesn't appear to be going anywhere. it is spinning around north next couple of days so folks in the carolinas are going to see a lot 60 wet.
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think it could do that. you kind of want to think it is a computer glitch but it is not. it is floating around out there. >> i have seen storms doing strange things. alaynah sat off the coast and went back to mississippi. strange in the tropics. >> we'll keep an eye on it then. >> we'll be right back. >> don't kiss your chickens.
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he hundreds of people are now on awaiting list at a farm in oregon. steve jerve and i are about to sign up, too to experience goat yoga. >> true. >> before wu get your hopes up, too high, the goats don't do yoda because they don't care about yoga but the no regrets farm lets humans stretch out while the kids play around then.
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over our mats and trying to eat the mats. they love to be scratched and they have been playing around. it has been fun to watch them. >> it is funny. >> they go into a med taytive state so it seemed like it went well together. [ laughter ] we can just laugh and laugh about this all day. >> the class was supposed to be for the summer months only, steve, burt with demand booming, the farm is thinking about moving the class and goats in cars for the winter. i'm just saying downward dog takes on a downward goat kind of thing. >> yes. they seem apathetic to what the yoga people were doing but just being around a goat makes your whole chi a lot better. >> isn't that what you study in chi? >> your chalk ras? i have had chi team.
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biel be back at 11. see you then. open are down 30 pounds and down 117 million. all new details on our weight watchers stop plunge. and a world premier of their duet.
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>> and rolling out the red carpet with this sunday's host. jimmy kimmel. >> then the new star's dream queen, kirstie allie. can you believe she just became a grandma? and a shopping spree with first lady. >> where he need help on aisle two. >> and simon says what dancing scare? >> trust me. those producers are going jackpot. >> on >> and universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey everyone. welcome to extra. i'm moorl. >> first, donald trump's big surprise on dr. oz.
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>> the donald's reveal to a nationwide audience today. >> why not share your medical records? >> should i do it? i don't care. should i do it? >> a controversial visit to the dr. oz show only 55 days before the election? opening up his health history before where else would the reality star do it but tv's top dock. >> those all the tests done just la >> what stresses you out? >> vacations. >> after telling mario in may. >> you lost the weight? >> i don't have time to eat. >> the 6'3", 233 pounds. the self proclaimed fast food fan wants to lose --. and hillary clinton revealing she'd been diagnosed with pneumonia. both candidate's health in the spotlight.


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