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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. police attacked. two officers assaulted by a man wielding a clever. the attacker shot at the scene, the fbi trying to determine is this terrorism. don't use them. a new federal recall on the samsung phone dozens of fires and now growing features about other samsung models as well. back on the trail, hillary clinton returns after her health scare, to a virtual dead heat in a new poll. and a new call for donald trump to release his taxes from the leader of the gop. desperate 911 call, an abducted woman leads police right to her captor. tonight the shocking discovery made at the scene. and sniffing out danger.
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revealing k-9 units at major airports missing threats right under their noses. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is numbers "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, we beginning with a story breaking here in new york city this evening. a horrific attack during the height of the rush in mid town manhattan that sparked fears initially it might have been terrorism. it involved a man a meat cleaver who attacked police and was shot multiple times. it sparked panic, sending hoards of people running from the scene near madison square garden and pen station. reheema ellis has the latest. >> reporter: during tonight's crowded rush hour, just blocks from new york's pen station. >> you can see a lot of police activity going on down here. >> reporter: officials say two proffers were attacked by what's being attacked as a
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the officers fired at the suspect near the bustling commuter hub, wounding him. the two officers and the suspect were transported to a hospital, one in serious to critical condition. and the other two with injuries that do not appear to be life-threatening. according to one law enforcement official, the fbi is sending agents from the joint terrorism task force to the scene as a precaution. this incident eerily mirrors an october 2014 attack officer in queens. a man attacked four officers with a hatchet, striking one in the head. thompson was shot dead by police and all of the officers survived. still, this most recent incident once again triggers fears about lone-wolf attackers. >> the primary concern of the government is going to be the motivation behind the individual. was he inspired, was
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else? >> and late this evening, law enforcement officials identified the suspect as a man from queens named akram joudah. law enforcement is investigating his record and his motive for the attack. lester? >> rehema, thank you. now to a major development in the samsung phones that the company says can can spontaneously catch fire. the consumer product safety commission says the fire risk is so great it's ordering an official recall of one million samsung galaxy note 7 smart phones. pressure after the company previously issued a recall of its own. nbc's tom costello has late details. >> reporter: now under official recall, the phone blamed for dozens of fires, destroying a garage in south carolina, gutting a jeep in florida. >> they present a pretty serious risk of fire and especially if that phone ends up near something combustible, you can have death or serious injury. >> reporter: in the nation's skies -- >> it has been known to cause fires and
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any possibility of that happening on the aircraft. >> reporter: the recall means the faa will likely ban the use of the phones on board planes. it was two weeks ago samsung issued its own recall. >> samsung did something that no company that is selling products in america should ever do. they did a product recall without the cooperation of the consumer product safety commission. >> reporter: even today nbc news found several galaxy note 7s for sale online. especially to those of you who were personally affected by this. >> reporter: today samsung said it's already bought back 130,000 phones. replacements should start arriving wednesday. the danger comes from the phone's lithium ion batteries that operate at a high four volts. if they're overcharged, or if there's a short due to a manufacturing defect, it can generate tremendous heat. >> if it gets warm enough, you'll engage into what's called thermal runaway. meaning there's
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to go off. and you have a fire and barbecue in your pocket. >> now investigators are looking at fires with different models. a child burnt, a car gutted tuesday after a different galaxy 7 caught fire. today's official recall means it's illegal to sell the note 7 even second hand. samsung is offering replacement phones with certified batteries or full refunds. customers can go to, type in your serial number for details. lester? thank you. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail today after being sidelined with pneumonia for four days. she's returning to a tightening race with a new poll showing her now leading donald trump nationally by just two points, within the margin of error. for more, we turn to nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: tonight hillary clinton, appearing for the first time in public since sunday. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great.
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>> reporter: on the trail in battleground north carolina. >> it's great to be back on the campaign trail. >> even i had to admit that maybe a few days of rest would do me good. >> reporter: clinton, who revealed her pneumonia diagnosis after that near collapse on sunday, now appearing fine. no coughing spells during her 23-minute speech. and taking shots at donald trump's new childcare plan. >> we don't need a president who thinks only married people deserve paid leave, d kids. >> reporter: but later facing questions over why she did not notify her running mate about her pneumonia diagnosis for two days. >> can you expand on how often you communicate. >> i talked to him again last night. >> reporter: a new national poll showing among likely voters clinton is up by just two points in a two-way race. in a four-way race, clinton and trump are
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african american voters going after donald trump on the tom joyner radio show. >> he has incited violence and he has been more than willing to align himself with the so-called alt-right. >> reporter: and getting back up today with a sharp attack from the top senate democrat. >> trump is a human leach who will bleed the country and sit at his golf resort laughing at the money he's made. >> reporter: now some democrats wondering how much her time off the traas her. >> any time you're off the trail for your days, you wish it hadn't happened. >> reporter: they say in the home stretch, every day matters. that's why she'll be blanketing battleground states like north carolina, pennsylvania, and ohio. lester? >> andrea, thank you. donald trump meanwhile is facing new pressure in inside his own party after the most powerful republican in congress, house speaker paul ryan, joined the chorus of those of us calling
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this as one of trump's son defends his father over controversial remarks. >> reporter: a renewed call for trump to release his tax returns, this time by the head of the republican party. >> reporter: paul ryan responding to questions after donald trump jr offered yet another explanation for why trump isn't releasing those returns. >> because he's got a return. that would create probably 300 million independent financial auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that are going to distract from his main message. >> reporter: a new poll shows 75% of likely voters say trump should release his tax returns, including 60% of republicans. later in the day, don jr caused an entirely different distraction when he said this about the media giving hillary clinton a pass on what he called lies. >> if republicans were
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chamber right now. >> reporter: the anti-defamation league tweeting trivialization of the holocaust and gas chambers is never okay. trump jr said he wasn't talking about the holocaust and said he usually makes the same point using the electric chair. all while donald trump was in a controversy over this. a pastor interrupted him at a church in flint, michigan, yesterday. >> now hillary clinton -- >> i invited you here >> oh, okay, that's good. >> reporter: now trump is suggesting the pastor had it out for him. >> she was so nervous. she was like a nervous mess. so i figured something was up, really. >> reporter: hillary clinton seizing on it. >> she deserves better than that, and flint deserves better. >> reporter: it all overshadowed trump's economic speech today where he predicted a 4% growth rate, touting his tax plan, but neglecting to mention to major
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personal deductions and limiting the 15% tax rate to corporations. >> we cannot grow at 4% unless there's huge productivity improvements, but nobody's expecting that right now. so we certainly can't count on it. >> reporter: donald trump is trying to lay out policy, but his plans keep getting drowned out by controversies, often crass fights with individuals. now he's telling jimmy fallon that he is trying to stop saying shoc lester? >> katy tur, thank you. tonight, authorities in ohio are pleading for calm after officers respond to reports of an armed robbery, shot and killed a 13-year-old african american suspect. they say the boy pulled a bb gun, which looked like a real gun. ron mott has more. >> reporter: a 911 call detailed the drama on wednesday
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street. >> reporter: according to authorities, a responding officer opened fire on one of the suspects when he reached for a gun. today police confirmed that 13-year-old tyre king was shot at the scene and killed. and that weapon authorities recovered was a bb gun, similar to this one. bearing close resemblance to real service weps used by columbus police. a second suspect confirmed king was involved with the robbery. the officer involved who is white, has been identified as brian mason, a nine-year ra he was cleared of wrongdoing in another fatal shooting from 2012. >> he does have a history of following policy. that's why he was out there. because he still has that great record. this is not something that we're going to take lightly with regard to his future. >> reporter: tyre king's death generated comparisons to that of tamir rice, killed by cleveland police while also carrying a toy gun, setting off nationwide protests. according to "the washington post,"
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the country have been involved in at least 60 deadly shootings of people with toy guns. >> why is it that a 13-year-old would have nearly an exact replica of a police firearm? >> reporter: columbus officials say they've reached out to community leaders, urging for calm and patience while the investigation continues. meantime, king's family has retained a law firm to conduct a separate probe. >> it's about actually making sure that we have transparency in these investigations and that we find out >> reporter: ron mott, nbc news, columbus. now to an nbc news investigation, revealing a major security concern at airports across the nation. the tsa relies on k-9 units as one of his best lines of defense to keep explosives from getting on planes. but as scott freedman from kxas found out, there are dozens of k-9 teams with troubling failures on their records. >> reporter: at big airports, security officials count on
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bags, cargo, even passengers. >> dogs have always been considered the gold standard in explosive detection. so when you're considered the best, you better be the best. >> reporter: but tsa records obtained by nbc news, show more than 50 times tsa-funded dog teams failed certification tests at ten u.s. large airports from january 2013 to june 2015. the most recent numbers available for those cities. at washington dulles k-9 teams failed ten times in that period. at love field, four tests failed. 21 tests failed at l.a.x. in los angeles. the records show some teams failed to find explosives. others had too many false alarms that could lead to unnecessary airport evacuations. teams that fail are not allowed to work in airports again until they can pass. in l.a., airport officials say all teams passed more
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fallible. k-9s are fallible. but we gotta work every day for a hundred percent compliance. >> reporter: nationwide, tsa says newer numbers show improvement. right now just eight failed teams are on the sidelines. experts tell us k-9 teams are more likely to fail if they neglect training time. >> it's conditioning. you can't tell them how to do it. it's just repetition to them. >> reporter: a 20 congressional investigation found some k-9 teams were repeatedly not in compliance with tsa's monthly training requirement. since then, tsa has launched a new program to hold teams more accountable. trying to keep the top dogs at the top of their game. >> you don't get a doover in real life. if that team misses a explosive device, that's a device that can end up on an airplane. >> reporter: scott freedman, nbc news, dallas. still ahead tonight, how a young
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nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. we're back now with the harrowing story of a young woman who was abducted in ohio and was able to call for help as her kidnapper lay sleeping next to her. that call captured on a 911 recording.
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there was even more shocking. >> reporter: the 911 call came in just before 7:00 a.m. a chilling cry for help that could only be a whisper. >> who abducted you? >> reporter: the unidentified kidnapping victim knew her captor. the suspect, 40-year-old shaun gray, asleep in the same room withineer >> where is he sleeping at? >> in the bedroom. i'm in the bedroom with him. >> reporter: the victim able to guide police toward this abandoned home in ashlyn county, ohio. >> you don't know what color the house is? >> no. please hurry. >> reporter: the victim feared she was running out of time. >> are you tied up now? >> well, i, yeah, but i kind of freed myself.
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stayed on the line. >> how much longer? >> do you hear any officers outside? >> no. >> okay, they're in the area. >> police would find the home just in time. >> oh, [ bleep ], woke him up. >> reporter: officers storming in. >> get out of here. >> reporter: the bodies of two other women were later found inside. a third discovered at another abandoned property. relief for neighbors. >> i am so happyt he's caught. >> caller: tonight he's facing multiple counts of murder because of one brave woman making the most important call of her life. miguel almaguer, nbc news. absolutely chilging. when we come back, follow the bouncing ball. how this giant menace ? before it became a medicine, it was an idea. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work.
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do -- check out hollywood, let's say, or sunset boulevard. or you can stop by a museum in which art really does imitate life. including the parts that some of us would rather forget. our guide tonight is joe fryer. >> reporter: as far as museums go, this could be the smithsonian of sorrow. the louvre of loss. they call it the museum of broken relationships. >> about how many items do you have here? >> we have 105 items on display in the >> reporter: each one tells a story. sure you'll find the standards, love notes, and poems and fluffy gifts from relationships that didn't last, but there's more. >> this is like your mona lisa, right? >> i think so. >> reporter: like the wedding dress from a failed marriage, stuffed inside a pickle jar, or the envelope of leaves shipped from a boy in canada to a girl in california. >> being a california girl myself, i also didn't have fall and he wanted to bring fall to her, to enjoy
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it very, very engaging. >> reporter: john quinn opened this museum in hollywood after seeing something just like it in croatia. >> this is different than i've ever seen. it's very powerful. >> reporter: he's found plenty of donors. these wedding cake toppers came from alison bennett after her six-year marriage crumbled. >> i was like, oh, finally there's a place where all of my sad broken memories can have a happy home. >> reporter: she even visited the museum with her new boyfriend. >> ah,t' >> reporter: that's right, some visitors drag their dates here. >> yeah, i was wondering if she was trying to tell me something. >> about a quarter of the way through, it's like holding hands a little bit more tightly, then it's arms. by the time they're leaving, they're making out, or complete pretzels. >> reporter: turns out, it might be the perfect place for unbroken relationships. joe fryer, nbss nbc news, los angeles.
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heartbreaker. that's going to do it for us on this thursday night. i'm lester holt. thank you for watching and goodnight. >> breaking news, a large sink hole opened up in polk county. dangerous water flowing into the aquifer. also coming up, a man shot dead by a deputy in hernando county. the news starts in one minute. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the as our back and she has yours. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. >> right now, on newschannel8 at 7:00. >> good evening. let's begin with breaking news. a large sink hole is now opened


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