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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 16, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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harvest moon ? right now on newschannel 8 today at 11:00. radio active water sweeping into a polk county act wii per. aquifer happening now. two mayors and two different explanations of an environmental crisis. >> who or what is to blame for the st. pete mess. millions of cars not safe to drive. you may have one sitting in your garage. 8 is on your side with the important information you need to know to keep you safe. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm paul. >> i'm stacie schaible. we're going to head over to
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we need to know what to expect weather-wise. >> it is. across the atlantic, active. we had tropical storm julia. ian is post-tropical. just late last night. tropical storm karl developed. let me focus on julia. we have the latest information in. it's still sitting off the coast of carolina, still a tropical storm as of 11:00 this morning and will sit over there the next tuesday, it heads out and dissipates. now we talk arable tropical storm karl. it will head west and gain strength. by the middle of next week, it is a category one hurricane. the track is pushing north, which is great news. bringing back home, has a tropical feel to the air, uncomfortable level of humid still. in our headlines, today and
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on sunday. no relief from the heat. upper 80s to low 90s for the rest of summer, stacie. there are questions about a massive sinkhole this morning on top of a mosaic gypsum stack. eagle 8 flew over it. take a look at it. in the middle is a waterfall. it's about 40 feet across. no one is. it's contaminated the water flowing into the aquifer . mosaic manufacturers, phosphate fertilize else and animal need ingredients are in there. the company is monitoring the situations and does not believe the water has made its way into nearby wells. >> we continue to monitor the
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safety or environmental concerns. >> mosaic is working on plans to repair the hole in the gypsum stack. the florida department of environmental protection is onsite investigating. a new port richey auto sports store is in shambles after an suv slams into it. police say the car was going about 60 miles per hour. new port richey tell us was southbound on u.s. 19. it's six lanes. the suv crossed a median up and over the concrete and grassy divider, then hit a pole and didn't stop. >> that vehicle crashed a fire hydrant, rolls it on to sunset road, when we're on now, into a building at 60 miles per hour, crushing into a building.
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bayonet pointe with serious injuries. they question why was the vehicle going to fast. this morning, a port richey man is dealing with raw sewage in his home. it's so bad, he is staying in a hotel. >> this is where it started, started filling up the toilet and tub eventually. as i said, it poured out , started coming out here. >> that's michael, describing what happened. raw sewage bubbled out of and bathtub, flooding his house. officials blamed overworked pumps and explain the pumps were trying to hand four times more water after recent flooding from hermine. his homeowner's insurance is not covering the damage, saying pasco county should pay. county officials are looking into it, claiming it will work with the man. st. petersburg is dealing
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the city developed hundreds of millions of gallons of partially-treated the waste water into the bay. the mayor claims the city had to dump the water into the bay because it would have been backed up into the street ss. a state representative has called for a meeting of local leaders to make sure it doesn't happen again. new information this morning, the pinellas cnt schools do not need make up days missed from tropical storm hermine. officials decided that they have enough time to build into existing schedules to absorb the loss of two school days. pinellas county residents, your week-long thanksgiving break will remain untouched. new numbers out in the
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zika virus is spreading. there n new travel-related zika cases. the city of tampa is sticking are red light cameras for at least two more years. in a close vote, tampa city council approved a new contract with the company that operates the cameras. supporters believe the make the city safer. today is national parking day. contrary to it's name, it's not about parking your car. it's the opposite. the video is the perfect illustration. people on businesses pick a parking spot in an urban area, usually metered, and pay that meter rate all day long. instead of parking a car, they park a park there. the idea is to turn entice a sort of pop-up public park or
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there's at least one in tampa. uber is managing it. the whole point of the day, to raise awareness of how parking is one of the most inefficient uses of space in urban area. today also kicks off the tattoo arts convention. it runs all weekend long. 200 artists including celebrities. it's 20 bucks for a one-day pass eat. >> is finally, finally friday. >> it. >> can you tell? that means if it's time for some fun on the football field. >> and the indians of east bay high school are taking the on the cougars of durant high school tonight under the friday night lights. they were up early this morning to show their school pride.
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with newschannel 8 and 93.3 at our friday morning blitz pep rally. the early wakeup call weren't a concern for one of east bay's cheerleaders. >> you woke up pretty early this morning. do you think you're going to be able to keep up the energy. >> of course. durant is going to come out here, take the big l, lose to the indians. we don't ever run out of school spirit. >> kickoff is tonight at 7:30. this is east bay's first conference day. coming up on newschannel 8 today at 11:00. >> another veteran exposed to agent orange forced into a fight with the va. >> how a stalemate over whether he has heart disease came to an end once news 8 got involved.
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spreading like wildfire. we'll explain. you're watching newschannel 8
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welcome back. if you love to play with bubble wrap -- and my kids, at least one of them still does. you'll be thrilled to know it's in the running to be inducted into the national toy hall of fame. >> i thought it was a joke. the unusual museum of play announced this year's finalists. engineers created bubble wrap, trying to make wallpaper. they found out it was great for packing and a lot of fun to pop the bubbles. other nominees include dungeons and dragons and uno.
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december. >> these are all great ones. >> do you remember uno? >> i'll keep the bubble wrap. >> one year, stick was inducted into the hall of fame. >> a stick? >> anything you can play with, right. >> you can play with a stick. it makes no noise. >> there you go. >> it's quiet for you. >> maybe a weapon. >> it's b it's pretty outside. you're going to sweat a little bit. >> here's a look from the wfla camera camera over the hillsborough tower cam over -- wfla tower cam over hillsborough. we'll start to see the first few showers around 1:00, maybe between noon and 1:00 but most
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we make it up to 90, quite steamy. the rain chance will be best around 4:00, when it's a 40% chance. the storms will linger on to 7:00. if you're going to the high school football games or dinner, you may need an umbrella. scattered storms are possible at kickoff, 84 degrees. the band hits the field, final showers coming down . there might be one or two. ending at 82 degrees. the bucs are going to be in glendale arizona sunday, playing the cardinals, game time temperature around 100 degrees. they had those practices in the florida heat. hopefully they can take the dry heat of arizona. that sounds hot. we have plenty of humidity, that's for sure. watch what has. it's 2:15. you start to see the first couple of showers popping up.
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notice how they're lingering around before they taper down overnight. you wake up on your saturday, mostly dry, also muggy. in fact, second verse pretty much same as the first for tomorrow. wake up muggy then get to the 40% rain chance in the afternoon, calling for 90 degrees for today and tomorrow. still calling for 90 on sunday but i didn'ted get dryer air. last few days of summer. fall starts on thursday. our temperatures don't change but the calendar says fall starts on thursday. can you believe the bucs will be playing in triple digit weather in arizona? >> they should be fine. >> they should fine. there's no humidity. >> that dry heat, come on. please.
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investigation, shattering a stalemate. >> a year after performing open heart surgery on this veteran, the va can't decide if he has heart disease or not. he served in the u.s. army and fought her his country in vietnam and was exposed to agent orange. >> for this veteran, that's about as crazy as it can get. >> steve andrews tried to get to the bottom of it. >> he says when you're dealing health and veteran, you cannot afford to be wrong. the va got it wrong. >>reporter: in 1970, rich kincaid was in the army, shipped to vaughn. he provided perimeter defense for field artillery. military personnel are presumed to have been exposed to agent orange. heart disease is linked to that
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fire department physical because i had a heart disease in 2010, rich filed a complaint for a service disability. the examiner stated he had coronary art disease. the va wanted more tests but didn't schedule. he sent a letter, asking when the tests would be scheduled. >> they didn't respond. >> you didn't get a yes or no? >> no answers. >> a rejected his claim, stating you do not have a diagnosis of heart disease. >> it was based on a bureaucrat, an opinion of a doctor that i never met. >> rich appealed the denial. last year, doctors performed open heart surgery on rich. he had heart disease. >> the claim seems to be wrong. >> more than a year later, the va still hadn't decided if rich
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it operated on him for it. rich contacted 8 on your side. i reached out to the congressman and told them this was crazy. within a week, the va determined he had heart disease. >> the va is claiming that the severe heart disease he suffered came on suddenly 2015. his claim will only be wet troy active to last year. in an 8 on your side consumer alert, chrysler is recalling nearly 2 million vehicles world wide because of an air bag issue. a defect can prevent the air bags from deploying. three deaths and five injuries are being linked to this.
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2010 and 2014, including the chrysler sebring, avenger, jeep patriot. the auto maker is finalizing plans to begin the repairs. another important recall, involving thousands of hyundai suvs. the issue is a software glitch. the recall effects 2016 tucsons. we're told that the glitch can stop the vehicles from accelerating. there are about affected by this recall. dealers can reprogram the transmission computer to fix the athleticism the -- fix the glitch. parents with young children, installing child seats are getting easier. the out of 102 vehicles at that time, the majority were poor or marginal.
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most are good or acceptable. three models, the audi q7 and the lexus and the prius earned the top rating. the u.s. consumer safety agency announced a massive recall of more than a million samsung note galaxy 7 phones. a number of flames. go to to see if your phone is part of the recall. the new iphone 7 goes on sale in stores today. good luck getting your hands on one. technically, apple is already sold out. the iphoned and 7 plus will not be available for walk-in customers. apple customers in australia became the first ones in the world to buy the new iphone.
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to be the first inside today. they're showing off. >> they certainly are. today there's a job fair for military veterans in pinellas park. it started a few hours ago at 8:30. you have time. it runs a while. make sure you have resumes on hand. if you're looking for a drop, dress to impress . >> always important. >> is getting rave reviews. it's called sit with us. >> i love this idea. >> you know about? >> i do. >> the purpose is to make sure no student has to sit alone in schools. natalie hampton created sit with us. she says it was inspired by a story of being bullies in middle school. she often ate alone.
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you can create groups, post feature lunches, inviting people to join and create your own even. >> that is a great app. >> i love it. >> i wish they had that when i was growing up. >> i sat alone too many times. >> did you this. >> a recently released prove evacuee trailer just broke the record for most views in 24 hours. it beat star wars the force awakens. >> find out which movie managed that feat. it's tuesday, the 21st anniversary of beauty and the beast hits the stores.
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fans are crazy for 50 shades dark area, the first full-length trailer for the second film in the franchise opening in february was viewed online 114
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hours. that tops the record of 112 million views in 24 hours set last year for the first full trailer for star wars the force awaken. one of disney's animation all-time classics beauty and the beast celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. can you believe? it is the signature collection edition is available on digital hd. you can download it today. the blu-ray version goes open sale t with a title like this i signature collection edition, you know it's packed with special stuff it has four versions of film, plus bonus features, plus this one featuring this beauty and the best composer as he tells the story of opening number. >> we have the opening none, starting with bell coming out of the cottage and goes to the town and gaston comes in and the
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he says we cannot send it. we can't send it to disney. they're going to laugh at us. >> how much laughing was there? not much. in fact, just the opposite. the studio and audiences loved that number. another cool bonus feature is a table read from next year's live action verse of beauty and the beast, featuring emma watson as bell. donald trump and clinton are both in our nation's capitol this morning. >> with ten days before the debate, the gap continues to narrow. coming up, the latest from the campaign trail. you're watching newschannel 8
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since the launch of the new dannon whole milk yogurt,
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try. everything's all right in there? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon, natural is back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. right now on newschannel 8 today at 11:00. >> donald trump republican
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he used to be. during this campaign, he dodged the question. his people answered for him. we'll tell you what he said. >> edward snowden wants to come home. he pleaded to president obama to let him come home as a whistleblower instead of a traitor. >> we are one year out from nasa's spacecraft mission. we'll share more good morning. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm paul mueller. you know what day it is today, friday. >> friday. >> thank goodness. >> here's leigh with your friday forecast. >> going to the beach, this is officially the last weekend of summer. fall starts on thursday. we all know there's plenty of beach days to come. our waters are calm here in st.
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coast, north carolina. they have a tropical storm off their shoreline, julia. it will continue to sit there and spin and children churn up the seas. 88 in fishhawk, 85 until sever hil -- 85 in zephyrhills. we have goodt 110 in fishhawk. i'm expecting a high around 90, on a degree above average. we have breaking news right now at 11:30. we just received videofrom a scene where a truck drove into a building at aguilla international medical institute.
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older man trying to back into a parking spot, someone backed into the school in a glass window. it happened while a class was underway, four people transported to the hospital, the teacher being one of them. ten more treated on the scene. this happen and hour ago. we do not know the driver's condition or how it happened. once we do, we'll have more information. in your vote coverage this morning, donald trump's campaign says is not questioning whether president obama is born outside the united states. >> trump is days different. >> donald trump will likely face tough questions as he campaigns as his new hotel. his campaign announced overnight trump is no longer the a birther, that he believes president obama was born in the united states. trump refused to answer that question, telling the washington
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yet. >> he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president . when will he stop the ugliness. >> hillary clinton speaks to african american women in washington today. last night, she and president obama addressed latino voters. >> we can't let that brand of politics win. >> we need to conclusively in november. >> to the hispanic community, we're going to protect your jobs. we are creating the car capitol in mexico. >> trump is closing the gap. tracie potts, nbc news washington. >> hillary clinton tells reporters she's not worried
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polls. what matters is who turns out to vote. >> president obama is meeting with movers and shakes in the political and business world to discuss the trans-atlantic agreement. the 12-nation free trade deal is a way top counterbalance china's rising incompluns in the -- influence in the community. kasa supporter. >> why do you think you can do something with this president that want the two people who want to be president open pose? >> i'm an optimist and think the facts matter and i think the
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>> as for who kasich will be voting for, he says he's not sure. >> this week, edward noden made a snowden made a plea -- snowden made a plea to program esident obama to let him return to america as a whistleblower. snowden's attorney denounces the mm the letter to president obama says that snowden's claim that he stole the classified information to disclose it to protect american's privacy is under cut by actions. across america, a meat cleaver attack on new york city police officers, it started as a call of a man trying to remove a parking booth from a car. when police arrived on the scene, they found this guy.
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cleaver. one officer hit in the face. the other officer had to fire. the officer hit in the face now in serious condition. two other officers were hurt. this morning, too, a columbus ohio community in mourning after a 13-year-old boy is shot to death by police. hundreds of people showed up to a vigil. the man's brother the boy's sister talked to the crowd. the kid ran from officers during a robbery. a navy investigation reveals pilot error is the main reason behind the my angels plane crash this summer. the marine captain died june 2nd while practicing.
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before the crash. weather and fatigue contributed to that crash as well. the u.s. navy released this video of the final full ship shock trials of the uss jackson. this is from earlier this summer. the video is incredible to watch. you can see it from the different angles. the reason for the test is to validate the operational su survivability of ships. >> some video there. we are less than a year of way from nasa a spacecraft flying to saturn. it will be the culmination of 12 years studying. you're about to be see just-released footage.
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for 44 hours. this is what it captured. this is real. in april, cassini will drive through the gap between the planet and ring. we're at the beginning of year two of every kid in ail park program. this check it out. go to everykidinapark.govand everykidinapark.comandprintouta pass. nearly 2 million 4th graders downloaded the pass. any parable park, you get to the enter for free if you have the pass. >> good deal.
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get underway this weekend. >> they do. coming up, we'll tell you where the parties are this weekend plus the changing face of medicine and why going to the doctor is getting easier. we'll introduce you to the world of virtual medicine in the bay area. we are on the cuff of a great conditioned of sports, nfl, college football, and hockey. the matchups you need to watch this weekend.
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google's doodle competition is taking off and taking submissions. >> do you know what the doodle is? it's sometimes different. the search giant is asking students in the kindergarten through 12th grade to draw their own doodle. this year's theme of what is new for the future trend prize is the coveted spot on google's home page for an entire day plus
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scholarship and 5,000 dollars for his or her school and a trip to meet the google team. >> i would take the trip. >> i would take it all. i'll take good weather. >> it's not bad weather. this is just -- >> normal. >> -- our summer weather. we're starting to spice lattes and forget we're not close to fall. this is a picture from my friend, ryan dean. i've seen pictures can or the harvest full moon. we're kind of close to feeling like fall. it's 86 degrees, northeast winds
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at this point in time, everybody is dry, most dry at 1, 88 degrees. the best rain chances happens at 4:00 and will continue through the evening. friday night plans, there may be evening storms. 84 in bartow, 86 clearwater, 9 sarasota. we have the all-important heat index, where it already feels like 106 in fishhawknd plant city and 101 in arcadia. we've established the fact that it's muggy. when we look at the mugginess scale, we look at the dew points. dew points in the mid-70s really is what we would consider oppressed. it's going to stay that way through monday and will sneak down slightly as we head to next week, which is the official
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of getting cooled down. notice at 1:00, one or two showers start to form, will better coverage towards 3:00, 4:00. rain chances south of i-4. 6:30, still dealing with showers, even around 9:00, still dealing with them. the highs today and tomorrow at 90. tomorrow, a similar day. sunday, i do knock the rain chance down to 20% but it stays hot. thank you very much. in a medical record, making the appointment,he taking the time off to make that appointment, for many of us,,ing to the doctor is not only a huge inconvenience, sometimes it's impossible. as gayle guyardo found out, many doctors are at your fingertips. >> we've been talking about virtual medicine for years now. you won't believe how easy it is the to access.
11:47 am
bare care medical group allen dale office in st. pete. she's also willing to make virtual house calls. >> see your doctor at home. it can be on weekend, the middle of the night. >> it's now readily available. >> we have pediatrician, family medicine, er doctors, urgent care. you can click on dr. that starts your visit. >> the app is anywhere. you can log on. you don't have to have an established relationship. >> it's simple and easy to do. if anyone knows how to use a part phone or computer, you can do it.
11:48 am
>> colds, fever, rashes. >> as more medical groups make teshgzele it easier to use, you will find follow-ups easier. >> you can check on diabetic patients and see how they are. >> one of the main reasons that you're seeing tele medicine readily available is because there are new florida laws in places that make it easier for florida doctors to practice virtually, i a hospital's network system, doctors will access your records, which makes it easier for you to be treated virtually. if you would like to explore, headed to it is a solemn day in local sports this morning. the 2016 tampa bay ray, their chances for a playoff appearance, dead. they have been officially mathematically eliminated from that equation.
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over the ourself oriole. evan longo i can't -- longoria drove in a home run . >> that is sad news. some college football action tomorrow. a big challenge for florida state a louisville. it's an acc road game. kickoff is at noon. the university of south florida on the road this weekend, too. the 2-0 bulls take on the orange of syracuse in syracuse. the orange are 1-1. both teams unranked. football isn't the only sport you can watch tomorrow. saturday the start of the 2016
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hockey fans looking forward to this. lightning goal botch open will be the backup to jonathan in north america. espn 2 will broadcast the game. the puck drops at 8:00. happening today, halloween horror nights are back at universal studios. >> the park promises it will be better than ever. the newest edition is from american horror that will be one of nine houses, featuring had spooky and scary things. tickets are as low as $55 during the week, 83 bucks on the weekend. a few miles away is disney's food and wine festival. it's every day through november. if you never been, i might want to check it out.
11:51 am
up cot. you can sample food and wine. the lead group this week is star ship, you know the song we built this city. apparently they're embarrassed of that song. the mania surrounding disney's film froze season temper right now. >> a few years ago, it was all anyone could talk about. >> disney is expanding on it. the debut of the frozen musical is getting closer and closer. ra behind the scenes and ice of the musical spectacular.
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a box is where you keep things safe. who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein.
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here's a question. do you want to build a snowman on the sea? disney does. the plans to launch a musical on the disney frozen cruise ship is
11:55 am
this video, giving a peek behind the curtain. it shows how the writers and producer weaved nordic culture throughout it. you can see it in the costumes, set design and the dialogue. >> when you're adapting something for the stage, we may need to have do an entrance because we can't do a cutaway. we momma. i've been doing research. >> frozen, a musical spectacular debuts on cruises starting november 10th. it will be out of galveston, texas. >> disney can't let it go. >> they never leave. >> it was a beautiful story. i could see the appeal.
11:56 am
>> i like olaf. >> even though he can't come to florida that. he will melt. it's 91 from the freedom plaza in sun city center. we're going to warm up top 90, which is above average. average is 89. we will be at 909 saturday and sunday. temperatures and tuesday. a hot couple of days. if you want to cool off, watch frozen. now you have something to do this weekend. >> stacie schaible calls me out on tv. i thought you wanted me to clean out the garage. >> i do. >> and watch frozen.
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introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise.
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gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a tryay friday september 16th. kathie lee is off. billy bush is here, and there is no better song on this particular day than colder weather by the zac brown band. >> and we heard this song as a witching hour last night in charlotte, north carolina. it was incredible. ? you were born for leavin' ?


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