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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  September 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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accused of blowing up. >> plus, controversy, how some local students sed out to change a rule for bidding the american flag. good evening, everybody. >> and thank you for joining us tonight. it is a massive sink hole this appears to be getting bigger. 8 on your side broke this story and this thing is sucking hundreds of millions of gallons of slightly radioactive water into our aqua fer. new tonight the people living near the mosaic get their drinking water tested and who can blame them. we have the latest on this story. these neighbors want some assurances that what is coming out of their taps safe to drink. >> reporter: absolutely. everyone would like that. the neighbors around here have watched this new plant expand in recent years to become -- to come closer and closer to their homes. it is a good neighbor and good source of employment.
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their drinking water. clean, fresh water, it is something that flows from their taps. her back yard well is a reliable source. >> we brush our teeth. we bathe our livestock. >> reporter: but lately something out of the ordinary has happened. >> about two weeks ago we noticed a strong like rotten egg smell and we have never had sulfur in our water. we have never noticed a smell like that before. >> reporter: the reason for her concern behind the tree line. the drone 8 flew behind her home to see just how close the plant is. her home is about two miles away as the done flies. >> as soon as i heard what happened with the sink hole and the possible contamination, me and my husband both, red flags went up. >> reporter: a sink hole of enormous proportionses sits on top of the stack, and the estimates are more than 215 million gallons of slightly
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into the aqua fer. >> the first one circled and then sand and then water softener. >> reporter: the hookers have an elaborate set-up to pure phi their water, but the concern is still there. >> we actually called a contractor in like i mentioned to you earlier to check the water and get the water system. >> reporter: mosaic is making an offer. >> we will be in contact with anyone, if they have any concerns, they can contact us and we can assure them or even sample their wells. as of late this afternoon, 14 homes are scheduled to get those free water tests and mosaic actually met with a bunch of other people this afternoon to discuss their concerns. keith? >> and how do homeowners take advantage of this well testing offer. >> reporter: it is really easy to do. the easiest thing to do is call and the phone number there is on your screen. 863-844-5327. this time tonight you're going to leave a message and get back
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>> thank you. 11:02 now as we follow breaking news out of fort worth, texas. here is a look at a live scene where two police officers were shot responding to a call. look at that massive amount of emergency responders to this scene. according to police, one is in serious condition and the other officer has minor injuries. our sister station in fort worth is now reporting the suspect who shot the two officers de -- update you on deputies are on the hunt for a man they consider armed and dangerous. they say brown was manufacturerring marijuana wax which actually caused his house to catch fire and then explode. he fled that scene but he left behind a 1-year-old child and two caged dogs. and we are joined live now from pasco county. we understand a child was
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much. >> thankfully that child was rescued from the fire, but the dogs did die inside that home. the deputies telling us that brown, his main concern were his drugs, which he grabbed before fleeing here on foot. >> my husband got up first, and he heard it. well, he saw lights, a lot of lights, and then we heard the explosion. this's when everybody started to get scared. >> reporter: cynthia bryant lives next door and shot this cell phone video as the home went up was one truck out here and then they're telling us to come out of the house and then you hear the second explosion, and that's what really -- it got everybody terrified. >> the deputies tell us the 24- year-old base run was doing a bit of cooking in the home, cooking of marijuana. >> and they take marijuana and cook it down into a waxy form that is more potent and it is probably easier to pack it and sell. something went wrong in this house, the house went up in
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the inside of the house that appears to be a total loss. brown's last known address is this home on al take vista street not far from the fire scene. the deputies stopped him driving this kia optima that day but he fled the traffic stop and hasn't been seen since. bryant is thankful more damage wasn't done. >> because i have kids, and there's elderly people. >> reporter: the deputies are asking anyone with on brown's whereabouts to give the pasco county sheriff's office a call. they belief he may still be in this area. jen? >> and live in pasco county. thank you, chip. and new tonight, we're hering from one of the wal-mart employees involved in the death of a suspected shoplifter. here is security camera video showing the start of a confrontation between them and the 64-year-old kenneth wishham. the employees believe he was trying to steal dvds.
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him down. one of the employees told the lakeland detective what happened next. >> he was fighting saying let me go. i didn't do anything. i didn't do anything. i think at one point he did say i can't breathe. >> one of the employees admitted to police that it is against wal-mart policy to chase shoplifters but she did it anyway. all three involve red facing manslaughter charges in wishham's death judgement and the prosecutors believe they know who that killed a grandmother and they have charged him with second-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm. maria rivera contreras was shot and killed in a car with her brother and two grandchildren also in the car. >> part of a busy intersection is shut down because of a depression in the road there. here is what it looked like. as you can see, there is quite the large hole there, something you would not want to drive over with a car.
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workerring filling the hole with dyed green water and that is something they normally try to do when they try to locate a sewer line break. one southbound lane was recently reopened. >> the drivers are familiar with this issue. recently another pothole closed a portion of the southbound lane that was closed for about a week. there is no word on how long it is going to take to fully reopen either roadway. amid reports of a possible active shooter, and pa on lockdown right now. some streets have been blocked around this campus. authorities have yet to confirm if any shots were actually fired but say that no one was killed or injured here that they know of. and a man who fired a gun at zimmerman's truck has been convicted of attempted second- degree murder. he was also found guilty of shooting into an occupied vehicle.
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is the one who pointed a gun at his client twice. he will with sentenced in october. students at a bay area high school are fighting for their right to fly the american flag. >> the policies, no loose items allowed on vehicles or left in truck beds, and that includes flags. according to the principal kyle johnson, the policy is in place for safety reasons, but he said h he never told students they couldn't fly flags. >> we have an academy here and kids have tools, rakes, the back that were loose that could become dangerous. >> principal johnson tells us he will allow students to use the democratic process to change the policy so now the student government leaders are writing a new proposal. it is going to go before the student council and be voted on next week. this story has a lot of you talking on our facebook page. log on right new and give us your thoughts. in the meaningtime, we are less -- in the meantime, we're
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the football blitz. >> and we'll take you above the games and the scores, next. >> and the 2016 heart walk is just around the corner. we need your help raising $100,000. kia is matching the first $50,000. you can go to heart
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the weekend is here. we're going to get summer weather only you might be thinking fall with all of the football weather. temperatures near 90 degrees. the rain chances are lower at 20%. a scattered downpours again possible kind of like what we saw ted and the early morning hours. harvest moon going on tonight. it is the last full monoof summer.
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10:21:00 p.m. as we always say, it is not about changing leaves in florida, it is usually delayed until the second or third week in october when the big cold front comes through on average. dark clouds up in the spring hill area. lots of these here and there. not a whole lot of rain, but good downpours did occur at times. at 8:00 a.m., temperatures in the upper 70s. the temperatures are expected to be warm. it is currently 82 degrees at the airport and our view of downtown from our own camera hoar at point and the wins are fairly light. this is a jacksonville, charleston, south carolina and our water say pop imagery shows dry air at the mid and high levels of the atmosphere colored in red. it show as strong west to northwestsly wind. this is our tropical depression julia blowing all of the clouds off to the east. this really hurt this storm, thankfully. that is a good thing the avoid all of the flooding. we still have a few showers,
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speak and then pushing offshore. so julia is now a tropical depression with 35-mile-per- hour winds moving west at two miles per hour. as we know throughout the week, we have been watching this thing stall out and wander around a bit. taking a bit of a turn to the northwest and wandering to northeast. but not much effect on the bay area or the state of florida, but it is rather curious to observe. we'll keep an eye on tropical storm karl with 45-mile-per- hour winds. not in the best environment for streen but long-term could become a category one hurricane. usf and syracuse play football in syracuse, new york. 78 degrees. i do belove they play inside the dome up there. the gators, they're playing north texas in gainesville. perhaps a few lingering storms. there is a rain chance for each of these games. miami is playing appalachian state. this is in boone, north carolina, so obviously much cooler that is more football
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scattered thunderstorms there saturday afternoon in louisville, kentucky. and we have ucf playing maryland in orlando. 84 degrees again. a slight chance of seeing a passing shower there. florida a&m, they are playing in mobile, alabama. 81 degrees for that game. of course, the bucs, they're traveling out to phoenix to play the that fancy dome, sometimes open dome wthe grass that slides out. 100 degrees outside that stadium and air conditioned and forecast model again, we see the rain pushing off to the west. a few clouds left over. sunshine, too, mixed in. otherwise quiet to start the day a similar day for tomorrow afternoon. steamy conditions for sure. the dew points remain quite high. 90 for a high temperature on saturday. as i mentioned, a little lower for sunday thanks to slightly drier air sneaking in from the north. the rain chances on sunday would favor generally south of
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you disproportionately for you. and then fall starts to pop up there on thursday. >> i should say if you're thinking about fall, don't. >> and not in the conventional way of all that is on the greeting cards and the pumpkin spice. >> it still sounds nice, though. >> it is lovely. >> and you have a great-looking graphic. coming up next, something that is fall like, it is the friday night blitz. >> and they are standing by and join school football action. >> you're watching news channel 8, your official buc station. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done
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working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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y23wly y5yy we are the springfield night blitz! go eagles! >> they love the eagles up there. welcome to the friday night blitz. dan lucas alongside paul ryan. we had some weather tonight, parts of the bay area, but we had some big games. serve sticking it out there in the rain and the lightning. >> it can't rain on our parade. >> nono. >> if you're a friend of mar
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of the week! and the unstoppable push a state title, but first, let's check out the eagles. hey, dano! we're in district play already. district 6-a, the cross county match-up here. it runs much like the coca cola free-style machines, options, and runs for a while before taking a break. the eagles come up empty. and a nice snag there, and once again, it doesn't show on the sc for dough. >> and 6-0 eagles. and then in the second. wright finds randy morgan in the flats, and he finds some green grass. that sets up the q.b. for another keeper. there is nothing wrong with wright. and they win handily 33-7. in your kitchen! >> let's get in the time machine. let's go to thursday night. and this is a rivalry game hosting central.
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and look at one of about nine quarterbacks last night for this game for nature coast. 7-0 at that point. more sharks here. t.j. owens playing the quarterback position. untouched, 56 yards. 14-0. the bears are going to cut into this league, though, on the legs of davante smith. his brother led the nation in running last year for nature coast. >> is that good? >> he is a bear, though. the little brother hits the pylon there. 59-20, nature coast, the winner. >> time now for the friday night blitz game of the week. i love those neighborhood rivalries, especially with the gigantic tub of butter at stake. it was butter bowl night at land oh lakes. >> i don't think they get the butter. unfortunately for the gators, the arch rival sun lake owns three straight butter bowl trophies, and anthony alred
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continue. >> reporter: welcome to the swap where the gators haven't beat the gators since swine flu was a pandemic around the world. so can the gators beat them for the first time in six season ? i don't know! so to the highlights we go. gator fans at the swamp were ready to rock, but would it be enough to shut down the seahawks. the first possession, and they only need a yard for a first down. there goes justin mets gear with the gators chopping at seahawks would g on to punch it in from the goal line, and the ensuing kick-off. and the line drive kick. and it looks like he may see daylight. he is bobbing and wieing hen oh, my groceries! that's got to hurt that wasn't a very neighborly gesture from the seahawks. watch this textbook three-step pass. and per receipty catches his balance on the run and he gets deep into the gators' secondary
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to get a comfortable lead, but the gators ain't having it. pigskin gone wild and the gators would keep the seahawks from knocking on the door with the score 7-0. from the gun when tick, tick, tick, boom goes the byron nelson mite! justin kern runs it all the way down to the red zone before he has run out of bounds. and all they would get is a field goal with the seahawks. they would go on to win it and the seventh year in a row teaching you to never sleep on the gym of the week. anthony alred, news channel 8 sports. >> butta! >> i got to hold that butter bowl trophy today, which is something land oh lakes has never done. >> oh! >> harsh. >> go to the grocery store and get some. >> let's have the highlights,
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- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help they desperately needed. dana young understood. that was benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young has our back and she has yours. dana young for the florida senate.
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friendly at least until mother nature had enough skylights. >> the helicopters have windows, just put them up! before a bird's eye view of east bay hosting durant, and chamberlain, it is time for this week's friday night blitz skylights. >> what a colorful night for a blitz. fly down the bay to the east bay and home of the indians in the battle against the cougars. the indians' ground game a go. and up the middle. and this time the q.b. tanner morris keeps it, finds an opening, but, wait, dragged down from behind, and now time for trey everett who gets it inside the 10. drive stalled, and in comes big number 90 for three pick up and good. the cougar ball. carlton potter looks deep and connects with brandon myers who goes. good gain. potter fakes one way and back
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myers who has clear sailing all the way, but he stretches out of bounds at the 10. no t.d., and the east bay defense stands tough. durant settles for a field goal. and time now to dodge the rain drops and some bright lights to the big lights, up against the chiefs of chamber lynn. the chiefs having a tough time against an even tougher defense, and showing us some sleight oh, wrong guys. devin black has the billion and he scrambles down to the 30. here comes aaron collins. he springs it wide. gets the corner and then run out of bounds. so why not try mr. collins one more time. he avoids can't until he is in for six. and that's all the time for eagle 8 hd skylights in eagle 8 hd. and news channel 8. >> thank you, paul. more highlights. this time from the ground.
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do you ever go somewhere and realize you forgot something? like a football! >> and they take over. and geovany, common spelling. that was pretty. and later, the ravens trying to get something going. scott, goodwill hunting who wheels into enemy territory. and it is best summed up by the late gene wilder, you get nothing. you lose. good day, sir. and that allows geovany to do th six! and when will alonzo score, quote the raven, never month. and he shut down alonzo, 44-0. >> we head north, and clearwater hosting boca tonight. a 7-7 game. the quarterback. he is also the punter. and at least not on that play. clearwater takes over deep inside. the territory, one play, to grant wilson, the tornadoes take the lead 14-7. the pirates go back on offense.
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as the quarterback breaks four tackles, on his way to the end zone. he is better as a quarterback than a punter. >> the ensuing kick-off. that is jones. for those of you who don't know who he is. clearwater pulls away 51-35. >> finally, i'm sure this is a football field, not your own private roadway. probably playing they have got jones, who finishes the braves' first two drives of touchdown runs mr. intelligence and me are going to be big, big stars. 12-0. lake gibson right out of the gate. and he loses the snap, find as friend in the end zone. chris howard, lucky number 13 falling into your living room. and a quick out to m.j. link, and his quest ends in the end zone. they win it 35-0. and good
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>> i am still trying to get that jimmy fallon commercial out of my head. can i get a pallet cleanser and
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show with yetness. >> yes, that's exactly what i need. >> the play of the week tonight. this is a beauty. we just saw this a couple of minutes ago. if you did not know this guy before tonight, he is your hero. you're trying to tackle jones. a 90-yard kick. jones also had a big touchdown catch in the first quarter in the tornadoes' win. look at him go down the sideline. >> and remember the name. anyone? nobody remembers? hum. >> shout it out, crew. nothing? all right. >> can we acknowledge a score tonight, by the way? >> yes. >> middleton, four, robinson, nothing. >> fun fact about robinson. >> two safeties. >> they're averaging 11.75 points per game. that is some old-fashioned big 10 football. >> as derek cutter says never apologize for a win. >> check out middleton. >> go tigers! thank you for ginning us. we'll see you next week for
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>> the buc also be in phoenix. >> in the desert. >> friday night blitz coverage
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guest -- miley cyrus,


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