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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  September 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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now four headlines at 4:00. number one, sewage scandal. we discover a red flag before hurricane hermine caused waste water to be dumped in the bay. the man three bombs over the weekend is now in custody. number three, oyster harvest. we'll look at the future of seafood harvesting. good afternoon. thank you for being here. i'm josh benson. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. the mayor of st. petersburg is calling for an independent
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waste water issue. >> st. petersburg dumped millions of glance of waste water into tampa bay during and after hurricane hermine. e-mails are showing the city was warned with a potential problem with waste water long before that storm. >> reporter: e-mailed obtained by news channel 8 shows one of st. petersburg waste water managers managers try to warn the city of fronts in july. the warnings were ignored. the water manager saying they have having waste water spills in the bay and putting the public at risk. it was responded by saying do me a favor and do not copy everyone on these. the e-mails and consultant report clearly show sewage water would be dumped in the bay in a major rain event hit
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>> reporter: the current mayor's office said that i have never saw the e-mails pointing out the problem. mayor kriseman is calling finance an investigation of the issue. two small children reported missing are safe at this hour. authorities found the citrus county children with their parents today in georgia. they do not have custody of children. sayty williams is accused of assaulting the children's guardian and taking off with the kids. both parents are held in a georgia jail without bond. a man wanted in connection with this weekend's bombings in new jersey and new york is in custody. 28-year-old a.m.
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naturalized native of afghanistan. he is seen in the photo lying on the ground. one officer was shot in a bulletproof vest. 29 people were hurt saturday night when the bombs went off. today in polk county school leaders are hoping to help five failing middle schools. right now the schools are in jeopardy of shutting down if their grades to not improve. they need parents and community their volunteer to work with the studen development training courses with education coaches. >> our teachers are excited. our teachers are in training today and they are actually motivated do the work to move forward. they understand the scrutiny. they understand the importance of what we need to do in order to move all of our schools forward. just not five. but every single one of them. >> district leaders plan to present an updated plan to the state board of education by
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work week weather. here's meteorologist julie phillips. >> thank you very much. i hope you had an excellent weekend. com you can back -- coming back to start this work week it is muggy. we have winds coming in off the gulf. that's ad extra heated and humidity. sitting at 88 at palm harbor. humidity is up there, as well. over all you can expect this morning80 degrees in tampa. starting off at 82 in st. pete. a muggy day this morning. that's is expected the next few days. outside when you factor in the humidity with the temperature. feels-like 98 in tampa. feels-like 100 in sarasota. feels-like 105 in venice and 105 in brandon, as welling. there is the on shore flow. it pushes showers and thunderstorms towards the east coast of florida heading into the evening hours. you can see stronger storms
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showers in our area. these are all east of i-75. you can see some storms heading toward the bartow area. some showers northeast of lakeland. and showers moving east away from lake wales. also tracking spotty showers and storms in highlands county, as well. our inland spots, well that's where we'll continue to see the showers and thunderstorms for the rest of this evening. notice the bulk of the rain staying outside of the viewing area. most of us will stay dry for the rest of this evening. temperatures tot humidity. we'll have your rain chances for the rest of this week coming up in your full forecast. >> thank you very much. oysters are dug up at low tide. after years of set backs there could be a new twist in the future of oysters. here's mike to explain. >> reporter: what you are looking at behind me is likely the future of oyster ranching in the united states as less
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bays making it harder for oysters to grow naturally, many oyster entrepreneurs are looking to be ranchers. rob says oyster farming could be the future's answer to ending hunger. >> you get 30 times more protein off an acre of water than you do an acre of land. we have more ranchable water in our state than any other state in the union. we have more ranchable water in our country than any other country on the planet. why are we not using that? >> t water ranching? >> the oysters were the original echo engineers. >> reporter: this oyster ranch begins the first harvest october 1st. self-driving cars are moving in. find out how some ridesharing services are expected to get their driverless fleets on the road and how quickly. if you are thinking of going on a cruise, one ship is
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more coming up on first at 4:00. stay with us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country?
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i've had tremendous success, i think...
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welcome back. now a consumer watch. this is a week that's the supposed to celebrate the progress new year's day -- made in keeping kids safe in cars. >> it is starting off with disappointing news. >> reporter: this years version of child passenger safety week is de confusion. there has been a dramatic increase in the number of children dying in car crashes. >> data from 2015 recently released indicated that there was a 10% increase in fatalities for children under the age of 13. >> reporter: child safety experts can not explain why. >> distraction isn't more vehicles on the road.
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factors. we don't have the data to say why. >> reporter: kate says it is disappointing to hear this after all the progress that's been made in child safety restraints. to include making it easier for parents to properly install safety seats. it also makes this week's launch of the website ultimate car seat that much more important. >> it will help you with tips for buying, installing, how to ensure you have the right fit. r million babies born in the u.s. each year, it is safe to say that child passenger safety is an issue that will always be with us. a cofounder of ride hailing service lyft for dicks most lyft rides will be in self- driving cars in the next five years. that's the in urban area. lyft is testing self-driving
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phoenix. lyft's main competitor, uber has a plate of self-driving cars in pittsburgh picking up riders already participating in the test program. thinking of taking a cruise? carnival is launching a travel program on vacationing and cruising. they'll feature ships from all of carnival's cruise brands. coming up, fall officially starts this thay weather? i'm getting no. we'll find out for sure. >> it hasn't changed yet. that's for sure. come to krispy kreme dressed as a pirate and a dozen is free on the house. that's coming up. we'll look back at the bucs game and have a special in- studio guest you won't want to miss. you can get developments in the biggest stories on tampa bay's most convenient prime
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great 38 at 8:00. we hope so see you there. stay with us.
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standard tv and lightning 50 internet for only $94 per month for 12 months! welcome back. joining us for a check at the your first at 2:00 weather here's julie phillips. so you are telling me it is not going to cool down any time soon. >> that's the standard question by the end of september. it is a few more weeks. >> it is almost fall. >> it should be. is when it cools down. >> that's when we get the first real cold front. for us it is muggy. which is making it feel worse outside. you feel it in the morning a little bit. lakeland 89 degrees. seeing rain drops. humidity way up there with our winds coming in out of the west. here's the view from brandon. 90 degrees there. that west wind really makes a difference. makes its feel extra muggy and also pushes the rain inland as
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9:00 p.m. a few lingering showers in our inland spots. temperatures in the low 80s. tomorrow morning expect more of the same. we were close to 80 this morning. that's where we'll be tomorrow. a few showers near the coast. as we head into the afternoon and evening hours the showers and thunderstorms will push inland. temperatures reaching back up into the upper 80s. that's what we are dealing with now. along the coast it is quiet. heading off towards the east coast of florida a different story. that's where the shower and storms are pushing. for most of us looking quiet tonight. a cold front is off to our north. lit struggle to make it here. notice the beautiful dry air behind it and the bright, red color. we'll sigh slightly drier air. for the next couple days still going to be fairly muggy. there is the front off to our north. for the rest of this evening the showers and thunderstorms will stay well east of i-75. it will be mostly dry first. when you wake up tomorrow morning it will feel extra humid. notice the chance of seeing morning showers.
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commute. by your lunch hour the showers and thunderstorms start to push more inland pushing off towards the east coast of florida as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. very similar pattern. there is that front. it generally stays just to the north of us. so we'll keep a small rain chance in the forecast on wednesday. then we start to tap into slightly drier air. our rain chances wednesday will drop back to 30% or so. in the tropics it is still fairy active. we have tropical invess 96l. karl is curving towards burp la d.a. likely too become a hurricane this week. for our invess it will likely become lisa. notice the curve e we are not conserved about either of these systems. 40 for rain chance for tomorrow. rain chances dropping back to 20% by thursday. we'll see slightly drier air
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this is a day to celebrate in the tampa bay area. it is international talk like a pirate day. >> that can earn you freebies. we see some of the stuff to be had for acting or dressing like a pirate. >> reporter: it is not gasparilla but they came from all tampa bay to plunder and pillage krispyre morning has been excellent. i loved all the pirates that came in. everyone was happy. everyone was nice looking. we were full of donuts. >> reporter: shiver he timbers, buccaneers walked the flank to get free grub from the galley. >> i think it is great. i love pirate stuff. i love gasparilla.
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>> reporter: to get a free donut walk into krispy kreme and say something a pirate would say and the donut is on the house. >> i would have bet my daughter not many people at all would have come up. i would have lost my bet. by 6:00 we had a ton. tampa bay buccaneers had a rough weekend this weekend in arizona after a scoreless first quarter. the cardinals strike first play of the second. take a look here. jameis winston bumps into chuck sims. it is a fumble recovered by the cardinals who march downfield and do that. buccaneers are shut out for the first half for the first time since 2014. they get on the board in the third quarter. winston straps it to evans.
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lucky will. cardinals beat the bucs in every phase of this game. a bad blow at 40-7. one week after putting up some of the best numbers in the nfl bucs quarterback has a nightmare day in the desert. dan lucas was in glendale for the game. >> reporter: right from the start. it was clear all of glendale was out to pressure james wilson. he did not respond in play. he ended with interceptions. unfitting finish on a four interception performance. >> i believe all those interceptions were on me. the tip off. i got to get the ball over to the defensive linemen. we work on that every day at practice. >> he missed high sometimes. we also made some nice throws under duress multiple times. >> reporter: something else hangs over both games this season. winston and wide receiver
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pass attempts. for the second straight week, an interception happened on a throw to number 83. >> vincent is vincent. i'm the young guy. i have to be able to get him the ball. his job is to get open and catch passes. my job is to get him the ball. if the ball is not getting to him, if he is doing something or i'm doing something it is my fault. >> reporter: winston got last week of an interception thrown toward jackson. this week the blame is on his shoulders. the chemistry between quarterback and receiver, the line is mauler -- smaller than you think. >> he's seen a lot of great football players. it happens. even if it happens to somebody like him, a guy that's been in league a long time, unfortunately it happens. >> reporter: the chemistry includes rang back -- running
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tourneyer day. dan lucas news channel 8 sports. >> the bucs are one and one after spending first two weeks on the road. this sunday they play at raymond james stadium take on the l.a. rams at 4:05. one big focus for the bucs off the field is growing and engaging the team's female fan base. i'll thrilled to have darcy here as my guest today. she is the co-president of the glazer family foundation. you are leading this charge that you have ck >> these right. >> first i have to ask what was it like growing up with five brothers? you being the only girl? >> i have to say it was phenomenal. my brothers and me are consider close. for me it was a great experience. >> your dad bought the team in 1995. is this the most involved you have been? >> well, i have been involved for many years. i recently moved to tampa to get more engaged with the team i has been right for me.
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ago how much i love nfl football. and how it has take an long time for women to get to be equal partners in this fan base. that's one big push for you guys that started three years ago. >> that's right. we started three years ago. we did two years of research to find out what the female fan in tampa really wanted. again, i have five brothers. as a female voice in my family it is important for me to highlight 50% of the fans are women in the nfl. >> the first event last year, you had a couple events. the red movement and it engages 4,000 female fans off the bat. >> that's right. we had 4,000 women come to our events. reaction was great. it mans a wonderful dialog with the women of tampa. we have phenomenal fans here. >> the cool thing i'm seeing you are doing is offering behind the scenes options. bringing women into an area
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one is wednesday night 6:00 to 9:00. this is the women of red invasion. >> we'll take over raymond james stadium and we'll bring our fans up close and personal to a lot of the players, the coaches. a lot of behind the scenes stuff you don't get to see. that's what red is all about. >> women really seem to be embracing this and enjoying it. >> we love it. i'm one of the fans. i love it. it is great. >> you are the glazer family foundation. you have the children's museum and give back to the community. >> we have our museum for kids. our initiative is children. for me women and children are so important. we have the glazer family vision mobile. where we go and check 60,000 kids, we check their site. we have go to buccaneers academies. 14,000 children, we give them free eyeglasses so you can see.
4:26 pm
have to learning. >> that's very interesting. you are officially now living in tampa. you have been here a year. are you liking it? >> i love it. one of the most phenomenal things i noticed is the women in tampa are just wonderful. i have lived in a lot of different cities. i don't know if the women in tampa realize how engaging and continue if i -- confident they are. >> it is nice to owners here of one of our great franchises. we are thrilled you came in. you are welcome here any time. thank you very much. stay with us.
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four headlines at 4:30. a pipe bomb inside of a backpack explodes as a police robot exams it near a new jersey transit station. this after two make shift pressure cooker bombs were found in new york city. one exploded start night hurting 29 people. police have one man in kimora samuel did. he is 28 ahmad khan rahami from elizabeth, new jersey. a mall attack. all nine victims stabbed at minnesota mall over the week from their injuries. an off-duty police officer shot and killed the attacker at a macy's department store. he was dressed like a security guard. one victim claims his eyes looked empty. fbi is calling it an act of terrorism. richard b russell federal building houses government
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of a suspicious package. bomb squad was called in for a backpack filled with clothing. number four, florida's sun tim tebow and the new york mets. the baseball player has his first day of workouts [ no audio ] in your vote 2016. it is stacking up to be a tight, tight battle between hillary clinton and donald p clinton is leading trump 41-40% in the latest new york times college poll released today. that's well within the poll's margin of error. the close numbers may be the reason both canidates are campaigning in the sunshine state too much. this is a live picture of donald trump. he is near fort myers. his running mate government mike pence spent the weekend in florida. after this stop mr. donald
4:32 pm
hillary clinton stopped in philadelphia today, which another swing state courting millennials. she is headed to new york city to meet up with the egyptian leadership. they talked about the attack in new york city about how they'll provide strong leadership and their opponent will not. serres officials are seeing a disturbing drug trend. >> they are finding heroin laced with elephant tranquilizers. it is used to sedate very large animals. experts say it is 10,000 times more potent than morphine. in the past week five people overdosed. two dice. they are -- died. >> they are willing to play russian roulette with their lives. >> officials need the public's help to stop this crisis.
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heroin addiction officials are urging you to get them help before it is too late. we are gist learning more about a child who was shot to death in tampa yesterday. police tell us the 17-month-old was shot be with a family member's gun. investigators tell us they were at the clipper bay apartments on south avenue where she was shot one time. so far no arrests have been made. we are tracking th meteorologist julie phillips. >> thank you very much. we are active in the atlanta watching two areas tropical storm carl and invess 96 l which moved off the coast of africa. karl is likely to become a hurricane this week and weekend. notice the curve off to north. expect it to move in the direction of bermuda.
4:34 pm
max winds 40 miles per hour miles per hour. we have invess 96 l. this will kobe come lisa as it moves off towards the west northwest. notice with the curve to the north we are not as concerned about this system, either. still keeping a close eye on everything this time of year. things change quickly in the tropics. it has been an active year so far. updating on the number of storms we have seen so far this year. 11 named storms in the 2016 hurricane season. we have the rest of september, remember the season goes all the way through november 31st. number of hurricane four so far. alex, earl, gas gaston and hermine. we could see another one this week. the number could be going up to five later on. keeping a close eye on the tropics. locally fall is around the corner. it certainly doesn't feel that way. temperature wise we are at or above average through the end
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forecast coming up. joe griner has a problem hanging over his head. literally. hurricane hermine caused a tree to fall from his neighbor's homend home. he talked to his neighbor's insurance company and his own get nothing where. he said because it never actually hit his house his hands are tied. >> are you worried you have a big tree hanging over your house? >> yeah. it has been okay for two weeks. if another hurricane came through it would be bad news, i suppose. >> reporter: the office of insurance regulation says there is just under 95 claims still opened because of hurricane hermine. reporting in tallahassee.
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report. you cannot go far without seeing someone on an electric these days. some sort of device. is social media addiction a real thing? >> we are all guilty of that? >> according to experts the answer is yes. more and more people are suffering from it. we have the details. >> reporter: the number of likes on that instagram picture, the comments you get on your facebook posts. if it seems you cannot get away from social media, you could >> it tends to activate the rewards in the brain in a way that cocaine use or alcohol use tends to activate that award center of the brain, increasing dopamine. which is a pleasure chemical. >> reporter: an an addiction psychiatrist said it is on the rise. it is a subset of internet
4:37 pm
the american psychiatric association is characterised by someone's lack of control over use of the internet. it lis to distress, mood changes and b social problems. >> people that don't no longer connect with their family members or people around them, they are feeling isolated and feeling depressed if they are not using some sort of social media outlet. it starts to become more pathological when we see people that have these consequences that are adding up and continue to use consequences. >> reporter: the consequences include impaired sleep and feelings of withdrawal when not compulsively checking social media. two is most at risk? >> patients with other addictions are more likely to have internext addiction or facebook addictions. >> dr. spencer says young people, singles and those with low self esteem are most at
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hello. hope you are enjoying your afternoon. i want to talk about two construction projects kicking off in downtown tampa. here's what you need to know about channelside. left lane is going to be blocked here. that is actually from florida all the way down to jefferson. it is due to construction mainly around morgan. you have construction on morgan, as well, so allow for a little extra time. that will continue to be a construction zone summer of 2017. let's move over to the heart of downtown right in front of city hall we have construction going on. that means florida avenue runs one way. the left lane is taken away between washington and kennedy. that will last through the spring of 2018. a little patience in downtown tampa for tomorrow morning. and today. >> looking forward to being finished. it has been quite humid today.
4:39 pm
continue tomorrow morning as well. mid 70s 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. most people are dry. there is a slim rain chance across the coast. back to you. >> you can catch lee and leslie weekday morning with weather and traffic on the 8 starting at 4:00 a.m. more and more doctors are performing surgery while their patients are wide by a -- wide awake. we'll introduce you to a man who credits this operation for sa neighbors are having their wells tested after a sinkhole swallowed radio active water 19 days before they were notified. >> reporter: in the city of st. pete there is a million dollar budgets for potholes that you
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- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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most people can't imagine being awake during a medical procedure. more and more patients are doing just that. danielle barber explains how the procedure is providing another option for patients too frail to undergo major heart surgery. >> reporte t called trance catheter valve replacement. >> we go through the artery around and across the aortic valve and implant a prosthetic valve across the patient's old valve crushing the diseased valve off to the side. >> reporter: it is used to treat what is known as aortic stenosis.
4:44 pm
kidneys is under used if it is low. >> reporter: a majority of patients are not canidates for open surgical repair. this 81-year-old said it was his best option. >> i was awake. i was ready to go home when they were done. s the that simple. >> we are doing patients away. they don't have to be intubated. >> reporter: possibly the bit doctors to better communicate with the patient. >> you can imagine steering a catheter around the adrought tick arch. there is all sorts of plaque and debris knocked free and lead to a stroke. when you have a conscious patient when the procedure is over you are able to look down president them and say can you move your arms and legs? we know then and there. >> reporter: since the
4:45 pm
breath. >> i could be dead by now. you never know. >> amazing stuff they are doing. procedure is covered by medicare. remember the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner. we need your help to raise $100,000 for heart disease research. kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise. every dollar you donate really counts as two. the walk is november 12th at raymond james ad just go to walk to join our team and donate. thank you to all of you who have done that. >> last year the weather was great. >> this year let's hope for the same thing. >> don't quite have that one yet. right now not the best walking weather. it is on the muggy side. it will eventually improve. fall officially begins before long. tampa is gorgeous this
4:46 pm
looking outside. a few weather puffy clouds around. across most of the tampa bay area here's what it looks like. land o'lakes 90 degrees. winds fairly light. no rain at this location. it is dry in land o'lakes today. showers pushed inland. with the on shore flow, that's the reason it is extra muggy. lit stay that way for a more days. temperatures will stay at or above average. what is average? it is still 89 degrees for us. fall officially begins on thursday. that cool down is not in site yet for us, unfortunately, but we'll get there eventually. waking up tomorrow morning upper 70s. because of that on shore flow, we can see a few showers developing near the coast. by your lunch hour we'll have isolated storms around i-75.
4:47 pm
brandon, you could be seeing showers for the lunch hour. 4:00 p.m. hot high pressure muggy. rain pushes into polk and highlands county into the afternoon and evening hours. it will be similar to what we are dealing with today. notice it is dry along the coast. as you head into the inland spots eastern polk, highlands county, that's where we are seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms. and pushing off the east coast of florida. just a few lingering isolated storms sitting over the lakeland area heading towards bartow. you can see in highlands county track he storms in eastern highlands county, as well. temperatures still warm for most of us. that on shore flow off the water hasn't helped us much. 90 degrees in tampa. 86 degrees in zephyrhills. 88 in inverness and weeki watchee at this hour. when you factor in dew points it feels hotter. we are looking at dew points in the mid to upper 70s. this is full-time summer humidity that we are dealing with. yes, it is definitely muggy outside as you are stepping out the door.
4:48 pm
will stay muggy. we are not expecting the rain for most of us. that's now inland where it will stay as we head into the overnight hours. some clouds overnight. a front just off to our north, a few showers right along the coast to start off day tomorrow. then you notice by your lunch hour we are drifting more inland getting close to i-75 and pushing towards the east coast of florida tuesday late afternoon and into the evening hours. by wednesday morning there is a small morning rain chance. is it will be muggy. with the front to our north it starts to bring in slightly drier air. we'll see more isolated showers. rain chances dropping off to 30%. 40% chance of rain tomorrow. by thursday, notice we are dropping to 20% chance. most likely it will stay dry at your house. here's a nice view from st. petersburg. lauren clark shared this with us. gorgeous photo. thank you for sharing.
4:49 pm
will be warm and muggy. 84 degrees. winds from the west. rain chances dropping off closer to thursday. never too early to look towards the weekend. 30% chance of rain each day. stay with us. we'll be right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
4:50 pm
he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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alicia keys will join regulars. and the emmy awards honor the best in tv giving trophies to old favorites and rising young stars. >> as usual the most memorable moments were unscripted. david daniel has today's hollywood minute. >> reporter: the very first thing the emmy host did was hand the trophy to transparent star jeffrey tambor.
4:53 pm
straight emmy for playing a transgender woman. >> please give transgender talent a chance. give them an audition. and i am not happy when the last gender male to play the female transgender. it is the fifth consecutive emmy for the political comity apology to create the current political climate she ended her speech with a heavy tribute. >> i'd like to dedicate this to my father. thank you. >> the people verses o.j. simpson. >> tonight's big winner is the
4:54 pm
awards including one for sarah paulson who gave a defense of the real life character. >> the more i learn about the real marcia clark, not the two- dimensional cutout i saw on the news, but the giant hearted mother of two who woke up every day put both feet on the day dedicating herself to writing an unconsciousable wrong. the loss of two innocence ron goldman and nicole brown. the more i had to recognize that i along with the rest and careless in the judgment and to stand in front of everyone to tell you that i'm careful. >> reporter: in hollywood i'm david daniel. >> coming up, harry potter's house is for sale. >> it is worth a lot of money. we'll have that along with some bonuses you'll get if you buy this home when first at 4:00
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now let's take a look at what's trending online today. >> begin with a magical real estate listing. the home used in the first harry potter and the philosopher stone is now on the market. that is where harry was forced to live under the stairs, remember that? the home is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac location. the current owner is asking about $619,000 u.s. dollars. then this. >> a small act of kindness in the wake of the bombings. you are watching an employee from starbucks bringing coffee and pastries to first responders on sunday.
4:59 pm
explosion. now exhausted first responders were on scene for hours so this treat was very well received. and a michigan high school football team's water boy had a moment over the weekend when the team helped him realize a personal dream to score a touchdown. now that story is trending online. the special needs team who normally provides water to the players on the sideline, he suited up and ran a scoring run courtesy of the no wonder why it's trending. >> very cool. we have much more news coming your way at 5:00 with jenn and keith starts right now. his reign of terror is over. the man believed to be behind a series of terrifying bombings is captured and in custody. we'll show you what it took to catch him. plus, saving struggling schools in polk county. a look at what the board is doing to turn them around to
5:00 pm
>> i'm jenn holloway, thank you for joining us. after an intense man hunt, police arrested and found the person they believe is responsible for the weekend terror attack across new york and new jersey. 28-year-old rahami was captured after a shootout today. right now he is recovering from gunshot wounds. this comes just hours after feds released his name as well public for his help. jay gray is in new york with a look at what it took to track -- rahami down. >> reporter: dakar khan a hey moe -- a rahami ended up slightly injured. rahami seen in this cell phone


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