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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. good evening i'm jennifer leigh. well tonight there are no answers from the state about
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dark for 19 days about a massive sink hole, one large enough to swallow millions of gallons of radioactive water at a mosaic plant in mulberry. 8 on your side steve andrews tells us tonight that there is action on the ground to help ease the fears of neighbors. >> reporter: technician showed up at james maxwell's house in lithia to take samples of water from his well. >> i'm scared to death what it already has done to me and my neighbor >> reporter: scared because he lives near their mosaic new wales plant in mulberry. a sinkhole sucked 215 million gallons of radioactive contaminated water into the aquifer, our source of drinking water. >> i'm not saying that they don't do that lightly. >> reporter: no one informed the public until 8 on your side broke the news. james' well is at least one of 40 mosaic plants to test for
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about a couple of things. first what might be upset headed towards their wells and second the government knew about it and didn't tell them. mosaic hired ett a tampa company to take samples. expect results within a day or two. denise todd lives five minutes from the new wales plant. >> i think we should have been told immediately. >> reporter: she has three words for the florida dep. >> shame on you. >> reporter: steve andrews news channel 8. >> if you decide to flip off someone in traffic be warned it could be a guy who is way to shoot up his ex- girlfriend's home. polk investigators say that is the case with thomas vice earlier today. he faced numerous charges including attempted murder. polk sheriff grady judd says there is no doubt in his mind that vice was in a very bad mood saturday. >> he left home in bartow with murder on his mind and we're very lucky, very fortunate, very blessed that that's not
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say a driver gave vice the middle finger. moments later vice reportedly took a few shots at that car. then about 20 minutes later they say that vice peppered his ex-girlfriend's home with bullets. no one in the case was hurt in either situations. tonight two children who were the subjects of an amber alert are okay. troopers located the kids this morning in georgia along with her parents who don't have custody. stacie and ryan williams are locked up tonight in a georgia jail without bond. petersburg to dump millions of gallons of waste water into tampa bay. much earlier numerous e-mails and a consultant report appeared to show the city of st. pete was warned about potential trouble. tonight jeff patterson reports that one manager also warned about the problem. >> reporter: in e-mails dated in july of this year craven askew the chief operator of a city waste water treatment plan warns the city is having spills directly related to the
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waste treatment plant. >> it was ignored. >> reporter: the e-mails were sent after bill foster left office. but foster maintains the city should have known about the problem because it's documented in a consultant report. >> somebody wasn't paying attention. i'm not going to blame the administration or city council, but somebody wasn't paying attention. >> reporter: the current mayor rick kriseman claims he never sought e-mails or report. kriseman refused to talk to us on camera today, but did issue this statement. included is a consultant report, which i believe has never been shared publicly with my office or city council. >> reporter: mayor kriseman is now calling for an independent investigation of this. jeff patterson news channel 8. it is a small victory over mosquitoes and the zika virus. miami's wynwood neighborhood now appears to be zika free. the centers for disease control lifted its strongest warning against travel to the neighborhood. just a couple months ago local
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it's been 45 days since anyone came down with zika in that specific neighborhood. earlier today governor rick scott credited aggressive mosquito control efforts and now says it is time to get wynwood back to normal. >> we need to come to the restaurants, we need to come to the galleries, we need to do it as quickly as possible. so many of these businesses have been impacted. >> zika in wynwood seems to be under control for now. just last week the hot zone on miami beach quadru sarasota county officials are seeing a dangerous new drug trend. heroin laced with elephant tranquilizer. as john rogers shows us they are desperately issuing a warning before it is too late. >> reporter: officials are finding heroin in the streets laced with carfentanil. it's typically used as an elephant tranquilizer, dangerously powerful, it's ten times more potent than morphine. >> it is actually killing people. we need to have it stopped.
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users can die simply with a tiny dose of carfentanil. >> our paramedics and emergency management personnel are responding and taking up to four doses of narcan to bring that individual back. >> reporter: the police chief said in the past week five people overdosed, two died. officials say even paramedics need to be careful around these addicts. >> you can touch it and it could go right into your fingertips. it is that potent. >> reporter: experts perts -- it is in their heroin. officials are pleading with the public to help curb this crisis. if you know an addict, help them get treatment. john rogers news channel 8. as of today you'll notice some lane closures on tampa's channel side drive. it is all part of the project that will take five years to complete, but when it is done it will have better sidewalks, bike paths, hundreds more parking spots, that's gate, and
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it's when the weather is good it's a great place to go for a whole lot of fun. >> and it will take five years. but it will be awesome when it is done. >> a hot minute. >> yes. hot today 91 we had a high today and there had been a few showers and storms. mostly in the inland areas as we peek outside here with a northwest wind at 5. again mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies at many locations. there are still some thunderstorms across portions of the bay area. in fact very active across polk county right now. these areas are al right along i-4, the north part of polk county and then south as well. right on highway 27. these thunderstorms have been pretty active here. we've seen outflow boundaries colliding on the west coast sea breeze. you can see polk city south of i-4. and really north of lakeland and all the way over to haynes city. these are pretty strong at the moment producing probably some limited visibilities north of lake wales and then north of
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some active thunderstorms there too. they're a bit weaker, but still right over the biological station there too. our temps right now 87 degrees in tampa. we've not been cooled off by showers and thunderstorms after that 91-degree high. same in st. pete. very high humidity that dew point at 75 degrees. we'll have more on your forecast for the rest of the week. a little drier trend. that's coming up. still ahead. free donuts for talking like a pirate at krispy kreme. i'll have that story coming up. for 37 years he paid on a life insurance policy for his mother. but when he needed it, the company wouldn't pay up. so today on better call behnken, i'm looking for answers for him and others who
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shiver your timbers when it is90 degrees outside. but when there is something sweet outside, you could put on a peg leg and most are up with that speak. they show us tonight some of the best things about talk like a pirate day. >> yo ho a pirate's life for me. >> reporter: it is not gasparilla. but people came from all over tampa bay to plunder krispy kreme of its pirate moody. >> i have to say this morning has been excellent. i love all the pirates that came in. everyone was happy, everyone was nice looking, and we were arg for the donuts. [ laughter ] i'm not going to school for talking. i went to school. >> to get a free donut, all you have to do is walk into your local krispy kreme and say something like arg, shiver me
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and the donut is on the house. so if you are in the mood for the sweet treat that you can get hot now, grab all ye matie s and come here right now. >> i got it, i got it. >> in tampa anthony allred news channel 8. >> some mighty cute pirates there. when can can you get your hands on a galaxy note 7 phone that won't explode? we'll tell you coming up. plus, why gopro wants to believe that your outdoor adventures could look more awesome than ever. a look at their new cameras and a new drone. also keep in mind this year's heart walk is coming up in november, but now is the time to join stacie schaible's team. giving generously matching the first $50,000 that we raise. so go to for
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco? on wall street today the markets were up in the morning, but by the end of the day they were back right where they started. the dow was down three points. s&p virtually unchanged and nasdaq dropped nine points.
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note 7 phones a replacement could be on the way as early as wednesday. anybody with the recalled note 7 phone will be able to trade it for a new safer version at the store where you bought it. the original one for that matter or a wireless carrier, or you could swap out the phones directly with samsung. the new phone should be available starting on wednesday. south korea, the phones are available today, but demand is reportedly very low. well some iphone 7 users say they have noticed an unadve phone is actually hissing. numerous users are reporting the strange noises coming from the back of the phone somewhere near the apple logo where the phone's processor is under heavy performance demands. now the noise isn't very loud and you probably need to be in a quiet room to hear it. the verge says that apple declined to comment on their story. other websites tried to replicate the noise, but they could not. gopro is hoping that you'll take a new camera on your
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today the action camera maker unveiled their latest line ofcameras including a new hero camera and a new session camera. both are water proof without needing an external housing and they are voice controlled. gopro also showed off their new drone, which folds up and fits right in your backpack. the cameras start at $300. the drones around $800. nikon unveiled three new cameras, the shoots full 360-degree panoramas with 4k video quality. the 170 is a more traditional gopro style camera and the 810 is a wearable camera that straps on your chest and takes pictures automatically while out on a hike. the 360-degree model sells for about $500. it is not the end of twitter's 140-character limit, but today the social limit is making a change that will give
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from now on twitter will no longer count photos, gifts, poles, or tweets against your 140-character limit. neither will the twitter handles in your tweet. only your text will actually count against the 140-character limit. the change is rolling out starting today, but it could be a day or two before you see it actually take place. well google already knows everything that you do, everywhere you go. so why not have it help you out on vacation? today google launched the trips app that scours your e-mail account and figures out where you are going and when. and then they offer tips and suggestions about your destination. and they keep track of your reservations. it could all be downloaded beforehand so you don't need a cell phone signal to access all the information when you are on the road. the google trips app, of course
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a plant city man tried to cash in a life insurance policy for his mother. it is when he is paid on it for 37 years. american general life insurance company had no problems finding him to send him a bill twice a year. but when he needed answers, he couldn't find anybody with the company to help. he had no trouble finding shannon behnken though. >> i didn't expect my mother to pass on. >> reporter: robert milton took out a small life insurance policy on his mother, virginia when she enough to help cover burial expenses. that was 37 years ago. >> you know, i would just like some answers. it shouldn't be this hard to find some. >> reporter: milton figures he has paid american general life insurance policy more than $10,000 making two payments a year of $137.22. but now that his mother has passed and he could use the $3,000 policy, he can't get
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>> and they put me on hold and you stay on hold and they never answer. >> as for the automated phone system, it gives milton the worse possible news. >> it tells me to call nashville to give you a number. i called that. but when they answered it is new york. and then they asked me for the policy number and i give them that and they say that it doesn't exist. >> reporter: and he turned to me for help getting what he has paid dearly for. >> hopefully we can find somebody to answer th deal is. a quick search online that would show milton is not alone with similar complaints all over the country. and i left a message for corporate headquarters in houston. then i took a road trip all over tampa bay looking for american general and their parent company aig. both companies, they list several addresses. so this should be easy, right? >> turn that downstairs so if they were in this building.
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has an office here so let's try the next one listed online. >> i mean everywhere they are not there. >> no luck either as they lead only to frustration. how could the company who has no trouble collecting thousands of dollars in premiums be so hard to find when their customers need them most? after my calls to corporate, someone with the company called mr. milton today and offered to send forms so he could fill them out and collect on his insurance policy. so he hopes to get very soon. shannon behnken 8 on your side. well the sunset up here is broken in palm harbor at 82 degrees with the sunlighting up here with the nice view. no rainfall at this location. any showers that would occur closer to the west coast for earlier in the day, of course the westerly flow is moving everything off to the east. 78 degrees at 7:00 a.m. with high humidity. and a breeze off the gulf is
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stifling and ends up that way -- so it starts off kind of stifling and ends up that way. 85 in palm harbor. same number in apollo beach. 78 in foster. if this is where the rain is located, if you are not getting rain in that area perhaps you may have seen cooler temps off the thunderstorms that have been nearby? it is 86 in venice, quite a bit of dry air high above the atmosphere back to the west with the cold front. farther south though, we'll see the deep atmospheric helping to produce the showers. but really look at the rest of the southeast, fairly quiet in this area, but the thunderstorms have developed largely thanks to the westerly flow converging with the east coast sea breeze in that area. tropical storm karl is still out there. tropical depression 13 in case you missed this, this is fairly new. it was a tropical view earlier. neither one of these storms will affect the u.s., but it is a part of the 2016 season. 40 miles per hour winds for karl now, but still forecast to
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two storm getting pretty close to bermuda. of course tropical depression 13 is well offshore in the bay area of the state of florida, which looks like it is fairly far to our east at this point. there is the surface cold front with the dividing line we saw with the drier air aloft as well as some slightly lower dew points. pretty quiet overnight. front doesn't sweep through to help dry out the northern sections of the area. the rain chances that aren't that high will favor southern areas primarily over the next couple of days especially you get into wednesday and thursday which by the way is the first day of fall. 30% chance for rainfall is very close to the seasonal average afternoon evening hours mostly for saturday and sunday by the weekend. getting into late september now we're looking for those changes to start taking place. >> two words that i do not like to hear together. extra humid. >> yes. this is extra humid. >> yes. >> you'll enjoy that tomorrow. >> i can't wait. we'll be right back. plus, here is what you'll
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repellant, is there an app for that? a largo developer says this may be the extra layer of protection that you'll need to fight the zika virus. plus, weather and traffic on the 8 on news channel 8
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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well as we wind down the show check on our weather. >> yes, i like looking outside. >> beautiful. this is our tower cam here at the station. >> i like the view from there. we don't see too much in the way of the thunderstorms. a lot of it is further off to the east. a little bit hazy. finally we get cooled off by showers that kind of stays warm. it'll stay out that way, 84 this evening with the lower temperatures tomorrow. >> extra humid. >> extra humid. >> yuck. >> extra, extra. >> humid, humid. have a great night everybody.
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alert. and why fallon and cordon are fighting over mario. >> it's "extra" -- >> at the emmy's right now. ? extra extra ? >> temperatures soaring, hot couples, scorching fashions. >> really hot. >> tv's biggest star doing the emmys "extra" style. >> you're so naughty. >> before kimmel killed it. >> are you rooting for o.j. to win this >> the late night competition hijacking "extra.." >> it is a fallon/corden takeover. >> jimmy kept on going. >> the o.j. stars dominate. >> come on. >> john travolta, courteneyb. vance and sarah paulson backstage, what sarah revealed about her emmy date the real marcia clarke. taylor swift's ex, tom on the rebound with priyanka
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then snapchat, instagram, twitter. social media channels are on emmy overdrive. >> one bite of food i'm allowed. >> sofias preshow feast and who we caught in beauty masks. >> best dressed is coming down to the wire. >> "empire" in the house. >> at the emmys are "extra." >> at the emmys are the seinfelds. >> right here on "extra." >> there you go. >> hey, everybody, welcome to "extra" at the emmys i'm mario edmonds and charissa thompson, ladies, nailing it once again. >> you look so dapper and so handsome. in fact, the full red carpet is shrined with beautiful people. >> you're right about that. all of your favorite tv stars are here. let's get this thing started. >> tv's hottest stars -- >> mr. travolta, sir, how are you, buddy. >> tv's biggest night. >> so good to see you. >> one wild red carpet. >> hi, mama. >> how are you?
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>> where is your date tonight? >> he is at home watching. i love you. muah. >> "extra" style. blazing temperatures on the carpet. but the party goes on. ? sophia vfia vergara walking the carpet without joe. >> i have my darling mom here. >> "game of thrones'" emilia clarke introducing me plus one. congratulations on your off spring. i'm a big fan of your daughter. yes. that's so nice. i'm a big mama's boy, too. >> you must be a nice guy. >> i am, i am. what is your name, dear? >> jenny. >> she says i'm not single right now. what's the deal? >> complicated. >> we found priyanka with taylor swift's ex, hiddleton. >> when you messed up trump's


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