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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  September 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a frightening scene at tampa international airport. an american airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing and passengers say it was all due the to a malfunction with a landing gear. >> this is video after the plane landed as passengers were tarmac. it was a dramatic landing that had people praying as flight attendants warned passengers to brace for impact. the host of daytime on news channel 8 was onboard that the plane. jerry spoke to news channel 8's ryan hughes right after he exited the plane. ryan, this was a harrowing ordeal for him. >> reporter: good morning. jerry and a number of other passengers gathered here at the
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couple hours ago and they had a scary story to tell. listen-- >> everybody was scared to death. we're all good. >> reporter: this is video taken inside and the american airlines plane by a passenger after flight 574 touched down at tampa international airport around midnight. as mentioned, wfla daytime host jerry was onboard the flight from phoenix to florida. the plane was close to touchdown when jerry the plane then cruised at a low altitude for a little while and circled around the bay area. and then the flight crew had an ominous warn, there was a problem with the landing gear and everyone onboard had to prepare for the worst. >> we were given the full brake crash brace mode instructions with flight attendants screaming at us at how to do the it.
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okay, people, cross your arms and put your head down and when we say brace, you brace. so as we were getting closer, i mean, it was petrifying. >> reporter: jerry and other passengers told me the right tire blew upon landing. passengers then erupted in cheers and had great praise for the flight crew, specifically the captain who landed plane safely. now shockingingly, this was the second -- shockingly, this was the second plane they had to get on. the first plane had mechanical issues in phoenix and they had to transfer to this one so certainly a scary morning for the approximately 150 people or so onboard. back to you guys. >> man, they have to be so thankful to have two feet firmly planted on the ground after that ordeal. >> and what are the odds that
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plane and then the second plane and go through that. >> unbelievable. thank you, ryan. the stories we're hearing from other passengers are just as emotional and scary. >> definitely an experience they don't want to experience again. news channel 8's meredyth censullo continues our coverage live from tampa international airport this morning. and we can only imagine what it must have been like, thinking this plane is going to crash. >> reporter: absolutely. looks like the flight has been towed in so they can look at it. as you know, this was the second plane that the passengers were supposed to be on. the first one had mechanical issues. they say this flight was fine but when the pilot pulled up on landing, that's when they knew something was wrong. >> so they just told us, put hands up on the seat in front of us and put your head on your
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>> scary. breathing hard. blood pressure up. it was nerve racking. because you didn't know what might happen. you know, if the wheels were going to be there or skid, spin, turn. >> bang down the front tire. and then one of the tires popped up, back right i'm pretty sure. and could feel it sliding. but it was better than expected. >> reporter: and david vince, well, he is just in town for a business meeting so that trip getting off to a rocky start. we have a lot of eyewitness accounts and we will bring you those throughout the morning. live at tampa international airport, gayle -- >> thank you so much, meredyth. >> and american airlines sent us this statement regarding the landing at tampa international airport. it read, quote, american
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to tampa experienced an indicator light in the cockpit prior to landing. passengers were deplaned via air stairs and driven by bus to the terminal. no one was injured. there were a total of 146 passengers onboard. the aircraft is currently being evaluated by the maintenance team. the suspect wanted in connection to the new york and new jersey bombings is in jail. within hours of officials releasing year-old, police managed to capture him. he got into a gun battle with police in new jersey before being shot and taken into custody. at least one officer was shot in his bullet-proof vest during gunfire. police say a tip led to his location. >> you saw that guy around in the back. he said, yeah. i said look at this photo. i said, he looks exactly like this guy.
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like him, he's the same guy. he said, are you sure? i said, yes. then call the cops. >> officials believer he is the man seen on surveillance video at two locations in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan where explosive devices were recovered. they also believe he is connected to the explosion at a 5k race on the jersey shore and for planting a backpack filled with pipe bombs along a transit route in happening today, mosaic plans to update polk county commissioners on that sinkhole that swallowed millions of gallons sending it into its aquifer. the gaping hole opened august 27th. they'll pay to have at least 40 wells of nearby residents tested. that's happening right now. however, one resident told 8 on
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they should have let us pick the firms that we wanted to test and they should have foot the bill because they did the damage. >> mosaic claims the water didn't travel beyond its property. our steve andrews will be at the meeting with polk county commissioners and you can be there too. if you would like to attend, it's happening at the polk county commission chambers in bartow at 3:30 west church street at also, if you live near plant and want mosaic to test your water, here is the number to call. 813-500-6575. and we have posted that on our website, high ranking state lawmakers are calling a special meeting today in st. petersburg to discuss what exactly is going on with the city's waste
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tampa bay during and after hurricane hermine. email from the city waste water plant operator and a consultant appear to show the city was warned about the problem beforehand but ignored it. instead of passing along the report and the concern, the city manager asked the person sending the the emails to stop copying everyone on the subject. the state representatives called for today's special meeting. and in our continuing coverage of zika virus in yo backyard, tampa bay is taking center stage in the next zika virus prevention event today at st. petersburg college in tarpon springs. mosquito control staff and experts will discuss best practices for combating the mosquito-borne illness. the information and the open house will begin at 9:00 a.m. followed by a round table discussion and q and a session. it's 4:08 on this tuesday morning. how is it shaping up this morning, leigh?
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continue through the day. first of all, let me show you what's happening right now. there's a cold front to the north that's going to keep the onshore flow in place. it adds extra humidity and it adds the small rain chance along the coast this morning. 81degrees at 9:00 a.m. about a 30% rain chance at noon when it's 88. 90 at 3, 4:00 today with a 40% rain chance. best rain chances between about 3:00 and 5:00. and then taper off by 7:00. and the showers near the coast and today. staying hot, near 90 each afternoon. and that humidity remains extra high through the weekend as well. out in the tropic, we have tropical storm karl in the tropical atlantic and tropical depression 13 off of africa but both looking to the stay the out to sea. let's check on traffic on the 8s. we have a little issue but not going to show you down. a great drive on the bay area bridges. this is the issue.
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here. i saw a couple just a few minutes ago and they have taken off. this is i-4 right by let's say 50th street and 22nd. so no delays, just a little bit of activity on the shoulder. meanwhile, we have a great drive elsewhere. 275 across the howard frankland bridge. looks great. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much, leslee. the tampa bay heart walk is coming up and we need your help to the reach r $100,000. fuccillo kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise. the heart walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium. go to web flay/heart walk to join our team or donate. outrage from another shooting death of an unarmed man at the hands of police officers. >> but it is not that simp when will you watch the video. we will show you the moments leading up to the shooting death of a tulsa, oklahoma man
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the shoot him. and breaking news of an emergency landing at tampa international airport. you can see it's an active scene right now. we have multiple crews at the airport trying to talk to the passengers and crews from that flight. and of course, we will be updating you on this story all morning. keep it here on news channel 8. don't miss our exclusive video from inside and the plane as
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all right, it's 4:14. we want to update you on breaking news right now. an american airlines plane made an emergency landing at tampa international airport shortly after midnight this morning. it's a very active scene there. passengers on flight 574 tell us that the plane had a problem th the host of daytime right here on news channel 8 was onboard that plane. now jerry tells us that the plane's left side landing gear would not activate and flight attendants had passengers bracing for a crash landing. at the 11th hour, the malfunctioning landing gear engaged and the plane landed safely. passengers had to deplane from
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tarmac. we will hear from passengers from that flight in about 15 minutes. the u.s. department of justice is looking into the latest deadly police shooting to see if charges should be filed. this happened in tulsa, oklahoma. we want to warn you, what you are about to see is something you may find graphic. >> looks like a bad dude, too. on something. >> which way are they facing? >> police one, facing westbound. i think he may have been tazerred. >> >> this is video from a police helicopter. it shows terrance crutcher unarmed walking away from officers with his hands raised. according to police, he did not comply with commands and reached in side his vehicle and officers used a stun gun and shot and killed the man. the police chief says the video is disturbing and very difficult to watch. u.s. homeland security is having an immigration crisis.
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immigrants who were supposed to be removed from the country instead became u.s. citizens. they were from unspecified special interest countries. dhs explains they used a different name in their citizenship applications and fingerprints were on paper not yet digital. the u.s. citizens may be denatural rised depending on a review recommended by report. -- denaturalized depending on a review recommended by that report. the big question is, does this work? news channel 8's meredyth censullo takes a closer look at the zika virus. >> reporter: the refreshing sounds of nature can be really annoying to mosquitoes. that's the claim of zika virus seeka. an app that plays sounds from
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three different sounds in the sound that you're hearing. just an example, a mosquito hears or senses a mosquito hawk. or a dragon fly, whatever you want to call it. and it will avoid it. >> reporter: stan is the largo restaurant owner and self- proclaimer dabbler in inventions who launched the free app billed as zika virus information for news and health organizations with the added benet what he doesn't claim is that it will work. >> we want people to use clothing. we want people to use chemicals that are approved by the government for body use. i don't want children running around thinking this is 100%. it's not. it is an extra tool. >> reporter: we took zika virus seeka to the park to see if people found the app usable. susan's grandson recently spent
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>> reporter: she said she would give the app pretty good. >> it should work. >> reporter: and says she wouldn't give up her bug spray but found the sound soothing. >> i would rather have that than zika virus. >> reporter: meredyth censullo, news channel 8. >> she wasn't holding back. the developers say they have done field test and find it to be 50 to 70% effective. so those are your odds right there. pinellas county zika virus control says there's no evidence that sound-based mosquito repellants work. while the app does provide useful information, they still recommend going to primary sources of information. do not rely on an app. >> and use it as white noise. >> yeah, it will put you to the sleep. let's get a check on the weather with leigh spann. >> and i don't think the mosquitoes are going anywhere any time soon. the heat and humidity going to stick around. at this point, no finding rain
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for the next couple hours. 79degrees at 8:00. a couple isolated storm, 30 to 40% rain chance at noon. 90 at 4:00 p.m. when most storms head inland. 73 in brooksville. 76 in sebring. and my weather watcher bob in venice says 78. yeah, it's humid. and there's a cold front to the north. it has stalled. so all it's going to do is give us the onshore flow. you can see show between now and basically lunchtime. the storms migrate farther and farther east through hillsborough and landing through polk county, highlands county area before heading toward the east coast this evening. same thing tomorrow, a possibility of a coastal shower, still humid and pushing inland although i brought the rain chance down to 30% for thursday, friday and saturday. and fall starts on thursday. what about traffic on the 8s?
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street close. coming through ybor. and a couple more vehicles on the right shoulder but no delays. just activity out there on i-4. let's go ahead and move over now. again, a wonderful drive on the bay area bridges the. the howard frankland bridge, only going -- bridges. the howard frankland bridge, only seven minutes to cross it. seven on the courtney campbell causeway. and the sunshine skyway bridge is up to speed too. about 10 minutes to cross the ay so a good drive right now. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. twitter is getting rid of its 140 character limit on tweets. sort of. >> cause i'm long winded. >> it's not that cut and dry though but still good news for tweeters. we will explain that coming up. plus, samsung is just about ready to replace the faulty galaxy note 7s, you know the ones that could potentially explode in your hand.
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r. if you have one of those potentially explosive sam sung gal lax single digits note 7 phone, you can trade it for a new one tomorrow. you could deal directly with samsung. regulators recalled the smart phone last week after dozens of
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and you may see this on social media today. a recall from kelloggs on the eggo walls because of listeria. it does not affect us here in florida. the waffles in question went to 25 other states. if you have happen to hear or see about the recall, don't worry as long as you bought them here in florida, they are safe for and you your family to eat. twitter is no counting photos, gifs, you know what i'm talking about, polls, or quoted tweets against your 140 character limit. and neither will the twitter handles. only the text will count against the limit. the changes roll out starting today but it may be a day or two before you see the changes. tweet away. more on breaking news, an emergency landing at tampa international airport early this morning. >> we have multiple crews right now at the airport trying to
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we will be updating the story throughout the morning. so keep it right here. also, weather and traffic on the 8s, that's just three minutes away. and a live look outside our window downtown tampa all lit up early this morning. it's 4:25. we have weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes away. to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. know that our dedicated teams of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow
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>> morning, on the muggy side. a 79% rain chance of showers. you see until noon, the rain chance is along the coast. and it moves inland between noon and 4:00. about a 50% after 4:00 p.m. farther inland. how about traffic on the 8s? well, the activity that you saw in the last two shots on the right shoulder, that has gone eastbound i-4 right in the ybor city area. everything looks perfect. and the polk parkway, things
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lakeland. and moving from lakeland through plant city and into ybor city, it is a fantastic
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got breaking news this morning. an emergency landing at tampa international airport overnight. major problems with the landing gear on an american airlines flight. as the plane landed, passengers and the flight crew braced to tell you this morning that the plane landed safely and no passengers were injured. >> passengers telling each other good-bye. flight attendants screaming to brace before landing. we have team coverage of this breaking story from tampa international airport. and we begin with news channel 8's ryan hughes. ryan, the host of daytime on news channel 8, our friend and colleague was on that plane. >> reporter: good morning to you both once again.


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