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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  September 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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got breaking news this morning. an emergency landing at tampa international airport overnight. major problems with the landing gear on an american airlines flight. as the plane landed, passengers and the flight crew braced to tell you this morning that the plane landed safely and no passengers were injured. >> passengers telling each other good-bye. flight attendants screaming to brace before landing. we have team coverage of this breaking story from tampa international airport. and we begin with news channel 8's ryan hughes. ryan, the host of daytime on news channel 8, our friend and colleague was on that plane. >> reporter: good morning to you both once again.
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florida from california. this american airlines flight made a stop in phoenix. he says things went wrong the moment the plane started to touchdown here in tampa. let's go to video right now that we shot not too long ago. it shows the plane on the tarmac here at tampa international airport where maintenance crews just changed a blown tire. and now we spoke to jerry who said something was wrong when the plane went to land but then the pilot pulled up quickly. and then the plane rc while. and an indicator light apparently went on telling the flight crew there was a problem with the landing gear. jerry tells me, he could hear it as well. listen-- >> initially the left side of the plane's landing gear was not engaging.
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engaging. and then we started to get curious. >> reporter: the flight crew screamed for everyone onboard the plane to brace upon landing. they got into crash positions but thankfully they landed safely. the landing gear did deploy but as mentioned, the right tire blew. we're told that passengers onboard flight 574 had to go down mechanical stairs that were brought out to the plane and then they were bussed here to the baggage area where many had to wait another hour to get their bags. thankfully after ordeal, everyone is fine but again, very dramatic for the people onboard this flight. back to you. >> absolutely. so unsettling. you can only imagine the relief they felt when they were on the ground and everything was fine. >> and to hear they were saying good-bye. thank you. this was the second flight these passengers were supposed to board. the first was canceled due to mechanical errors. >> news channel 8's meredyth censullo continues our team coverage live from tampa
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one for these passengers. first on one plane that had mechanical issues and then this happens. >> reporter: yeah, a long night indeed. i will say that all of the passengers that news channel 8 has talked to this morning, they've all given credit to the staff, the pilot, the flight attendants for keeping them safe this morning. it was certainly a test of nerves. especially for passenger sarah. it was a huge test listen to this. >> i just came back from a retreat about overcoming fear in arizona in the middle of the desert. and i'm very happy. i did not have any fear at all. i just knew it was going to work out. >> reporter: and she says that she was actually visualizing the landing gear coming down and that helped her overcome her fears. that original flight scheduled
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these passengers though didn't make it back to the terminal until nearly 3:00 a.m. we are continuing to gather video from the passengers and we will have more throughout the morning. >> a lot of visualizing and praying i'm sure aboard that flight. and i don't think they were mad about the delay. just as long as they got on the ground, i think they were okay with that. we will check back throughout the morning and can't wait to the see the rest of the video. thank you, meredyth censullo. >> american airline sent us this statement, quote, aa traveling from phoenix to tampa experienced a warning in the cockpit. passengers were deplaned via air stairs and driven by bus to the terminal. there were 146 passengers onboard. the aircraft is being evaluated by our maintenance team. and again, that statement from american airlines this morning. right now, the man wanted for questioning in the bombings
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after a shootout with police. ahmad khan rahami was arrested just hours after police announced thane knew who they were looking for -- announced that they knew who they were looking for. this morning, new yorkers will see a stepped up security presence. terror attacks a big issue on the campaign trail. we have the reaction from donald trump and hillary rodham obama speaks a day after explosions in new jersey and new york. cellphones and a fingerprint helped officials to quickly catch the suspect. >> for us to apprehend a suspect in a little over 24 hours after an event takes place like this, it is outstanding police work. >> reporter: ahmad khan rahami is a naturalized u.s. citizen born in afghanistan. his father spoke to nbc. >> did you know that your son was doing this? >> no.
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ahmad khan rahami and his father traveled to pakistan and afghanistan multiple times and that the suspect may have become radicalized. he was not on a terror watch list. >> these are enemies. these are combatants. >> reporter: donald trump says we're too soft on immigration. >> which fails to properly vet and screen the individuals or families coming into our country. >> reporter: hillary rodham clinton warns against religious tests. >> hate normalized, the dog whistles are out in the open. >> reporter: and trump -- >> and it's wrong to put a loose canon in charge who could start another war. >> reporter: this morning, investigators are still trying to determine if ahmad khan rahami had help. tray tracie potts. >> ahmad khan rahami faces a $5.2 million bond. a judge has cleared the way
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to the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. the judge dismissed a lawsuit from the city of orlando trying to stop the release of the call. the two dozen media groups sued the city for the records. the calls depicting patrons being kill ready prohibited under florida law from being made public. a polk county softball coach is char money that was given as a donation to her team. she told investigators she didn't know altering checks was wrong. she is also a pe teacher and the head volley ball coach. she is on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues. and the fertilizer company mosaic will explain the huge incity council hole that swallowed contaminated water in polk county. millions of gallons of water
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plant in mulberry. one woman says she lives five minutes from the plant and her water already smells. and now she is concerned about contaminants from the spill coming her way. >> something that has toxic waste that goes into the aquifer and you didn't tell anybody? that concerns me. it'd concerns me. -- it concerns me. >> according to the company, they'll pay to have at least 40 wells of nearby residents tested for free. 4:38 on this tuesday. leigh spann has the weather. >> it's go humid day today. we have anson shore wint flow and that mean -- we have an onshore wind flow. 78degrees at 7:00 a.m. by noon, it's already 88. just a fast warm-up. 90 around 3:00, 4:00 and a better rain chance. what is the rain chance potential? between now and noon, look at the the rainfall, it's going to be between the coast and i-75. and after 1:00 p.m., that rain pushes farther inland, eastern
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highlands county and over toward the east coast. depending on where you are, that's when you will see the best rain chance. and we have tropical storm karl that could strengthen to a category two hurricane. it curves away from the u.s. coast. and this is tropical depression 13. and for the most part, it will mostly stay out to the sea. we will check on traffic on the 8s as we get the day started. traffic looks great. look at this, this is the edge of the courtney causeway. it's a wonderful drive. only seven minutes between clearwater and tampa. and also the howard frankland bridge up to speed as well as the gandy and the sunshine skyway bridge. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much, leslee. coming up, the 2016 presidential candidates are adding to their campaign arsenals. >> and in very different ways. donald trump is making it easier for people to spread his message. and hillary rodham clinton is doing some name dropping at the united nations general assembly.
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ahead. plus, an emergency landing at tampa international airport. if you are just waking up with us, news channel 8 has multiple crews covering this breaking news. we are speaking with passengers from that flight. and trying to figure out what went wrong. it's 4:40 on this tuesday
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we want to update you on breaking news from tampa international airport where an american airlines flight made an emergency landing shortly after midnight this morning. landing problems for flight 574 made for a traumatic experience for passengers. passengers tell us the plane's left side landing gear would not activate and flight attendants had passengers brace for a fortunately, just before landing, the wheels came down and the plane landed safely. no one was injured. of course, we will hear from passengers onboard that flight coming up in about 15 minutes. in your vote coverage this morning, donald trump drew a huge crowd to a rally in southwest florida announcing a major addition to the campaign. in a announcement, trump announced the launching of a phone bank system to have supporters spread the message.
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allows users to call supporters from a computer or a phone. the campaign says the users who reach a certain number of calls can win some prizes. as for hillary rodham clinton, she is taking advantage of the united nations general assembly in new york. she is meeting with several world leaders like the japanese prime minister during a sit down with egypt's president. he pledged to uphold the rule of law and civil libber theties. and the democratic nominee finished up the the meeting with the ukrainian president. that-- civil liberties. and the democratic nominee finished up the evening with the meeting with the ukrainian president. a father of two's laptop caught on fire because of a bad battery. >> the after-market merchandise melted the mac. it's scary. our melanie michael stepped in and got results.
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side when a battery goes bad and a company promises to do good. you're watching a mac book meltdown caught on camera. >> battery just started melting. or went through an explosion on the dining room table. >> reporter: this laptop lit up and then blew up ignited by a bad battery. >> smoke started pouring out, billowing out for about three or four minutes now. >> reporter: the computer got so hot that the plastic melted right this tampa father of two as he tried to get the goods out of his house. fast. >> it was really, really hot. i have no doubt that everything around it would have caught on fire if it sat in the same place. >> reporter: gill shared the story with news channel 8 hoping to warn others about the product he says he purchased at batteries plus. experts tell us an after-market battery caused the laptop to explode.
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the battery can explode at any point in time. and you know, you are causing your phone or computer to be a ticking time bomb. >> reporter: after our 8 on your side story aired, gill got results. batteries plus is offering a brand new mac book, a new hard drive and a new dining room table to replace the one that got and scorched. >> i am thankful for the news for coming out and talking to us because i want that out there. i want people to know about it. >> reporter: so that is family. and gill tells us that the reason he spoke out in the first place is to possibly save somebody's life because you never know when the these things will happen. he didn't think it could ever happen. we will hold batteries plus accountable to make sure they keep their promise. i'm melanie michael, news channel 8. >> an important warning. thank you. in your consumer watch this morning, the ceo of wells fargo will be on capitol hill today
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the chief executive wants to apologize before the senate banking committee for betraying customers' trust. last week was revealed. the bank was fined nearly $200 million. around 5300 employees were fired. this morning department of transportation is releasing guidelines for the testing and use of self-driving cars and trucks. the new guidelines the vehicles should perform and include a model for state policies. it includes a 15-point safety assessment for vehicle which is left open-ended. and there are benchmarks clearly drawn in the sand for the different categories and they include crash worthiness, privacy, vehicle cyber security, ethical considerations and how a vehicle sees the road. take a look at sports this morning. did you ever think you would
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get used to it. it's happening in port s t. lucie. that's where the new york mets are holding their instructional league. and tim tebow attended his first workout there monday. the mets assigned tebow no. 15, the same number he wore up the road at uf. you will remember that during his football days there. it's a number that will hopefully bring him good luck. >> i like that. boston's david ortiz is baseball career but turns out, he has a few more milestones left to hit. last night in baltimore, he launched a two-run homer off the starter, lifting boston 5- 1's lead. and that makes him the first player in history aged 40 or older to hit 35 home runs in a single season. it also tide him with david kingman for the most homers in a player's final year.
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that's incredible. 4:48. >> he is an amazing player. he will be missed by a lot of people i'm sure. we have the chance for a few showers along the beaches this morning but most of us, really muggy. 79degrees at 8:00 a.m. up to 88 by noon. starting really again to see a couple more storms form during the afternoon. and then pushing east of 75 with a high of 90. right now, 74 in brooksville, checking in at 73. north port at 76. what's happening is the onshore wind flow. we see the humidity higher and we also have earlier showers. and notice the time, 8:00 this morning, a couple showers along the coast. and maybe 10:00, 11:00, almost all of the rain will be west of 75. not a huge chance but that's where the rain will be located. as the day progresses and the storms move in to polk county and highlands county and get
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down to 30% for the rest of the week. how about traffic on the 8s? well, traffic looks great. you have some red lights to go through and that might slow you down but it's typical right now, state -- typical. right now, 11 minutes here. and we are up to speed through palm harbor on u.s. 19 as well. all right, let's take a look at the sun coast parkway. no delays in and out of pasco county. looks really good. not just 75 as well. and the veterans expressway is up to speed without delays. a quick look at the courtney campbell causeway, looks fantastic moving across the water in the bay area. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. straight ahead here on news channel 8 today, a story that's going to warm your heart. >> it involves dreams coming true. a high school senior with special needs puts a big smile on his mother's face thanks to the football team.
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for parents of families with special need, the bad days can sometimes outweigh the good. and when you pile on the other stresses of life, it can be overwhelming. in detroit, the football sees that firsthand every weekment their water boy, a senior with special -- every week. their water boy, a senior with special needs was not only able to realize his dream but
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when the wildcats learned she had advanced cancer, they took it a step further and she was able to watch her son score a 20-yard rushing touchdown. >> this team has been so i ntrumpal and helping me getting him to practice -- instrumental and helping me get him to practice. it takes a village to raise my son and this village has really been outstanding. >> thundrous applause and the opposing team presented him with a jersey with the no. 1. >> those are tears of joy. everything comes at you and you're thinking how this entire community came together to get her son to practice and make this moment happen for her. >> and you can see what it meant to the mom there. unbelievable. straight ahead, more on the breaking news at tampa international airport. >> we have multiple crews right now at the airport trying to talk to passengers and crew
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we will update you all morning long. and weather and traffic on the 8s is coming your way in three minutes.
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4:58 on this tuesday. it's a muggy start but it's pretty, right? over downtown tampa, 79 degrees. dew point of 74. mid-70 dew point is oppressive side. the humidity will stay high today with a high of 90 as the storms move inland. 20% rain chance this morning. 40% rain chance by the afternoon. how about traffic on the 8s? traffic looks great on the bay area interstates. 275 at fowler avenue, no delays. construction that kicked off this week in downtown tampa. just keep this in mind here, channelside, the left lane is taken away and that's actually from florida all the way to jefferson due to road work right in front of the amalie
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a frightening scene at tampa international airport. an american airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing and passengers say it was due to a malfunction with the landing gear. >> now this is video after the plane landed as passengers were let off tarmac. it was a dramatic landing that had people praying as flight attendants warned passengers to brace for impact. our jerry penacoli, our host from news channel 8 daytime was onboard the plane. and jerry talked to ryan hughes right after he exited the plane. that was a harrowing ordeal for him. >> reporter: a very scary morning for many people onboard


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