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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  September 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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f0 now four headlines at 4:00. number one, radio an active water dump. why didn't anyone tell the public that the company relayed toxic water into a bay area aquifer? 8 on your side finds out. and number two, sewage dumping. today we are learning how millions of gallons dumped into tampa bay are changing people's lives. and number three, emergency landing. get a look inside the plane at tampa international airport. and number four, turtle nest troubles. what is being done about hundreds of eggs lost to hurricane hermine. thank you for being here.
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this is first at 4:00. we want to begin with breaking news. polk county deputies say a man intentionally hit a senior citizen in the drop-off lane at an elementary school. investigators believe that lawrence franklin refused to drive in the proper lane as instructed by the 79-year-old volunteer and then took his foot off the brake and allowed the car to roll into the volunteer causing a minor injury. and more investigation into millions if of gallons of contaminated -- millions of gallons of contaminated water leaking into the aquifer. >> eagle 8 hd flew over the scene moments ago. they are under fire for failing to timely notify neighbors about a sinkhole opening in august. and now steve andrews tells us polk county also knew about the incident and failed to go
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of the sinkhole at mosaic september 9th, a week before we broke the story yet they contend dep didn't live up to its responsibility to notify neighbors. the commission chair contends the ball was in dep's court when they learned of the leak into the aquifer. >> polk county has -- we're pre- empted by fdep. they are monitoring. >> reporter: this mosaic big-wigs expressed regret for sitting on the information for 19 days. >> i deeply regret and apologize for not providing that information sooner. >> reporter: they assured county commissioners the water has not traveled beyond its property line. polk county does not have the expertise to make sure that the company is doing what they say they'll do. they must rely on the dep which commissioners say they haven't heard from. back to you. >> and now an emergency landing
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overnight. we're told landing gear on an american airlines flight wouldn't come down 'til just before it landed. this video shows passengers on the runway at tampa international airport. the darkness lit up by emergency lights there. jerry penacoli, host of the wfla program daytime was aboard that flight and he tells us that just before landing, flight attendants had an ominous warning for them. >> they were in full crash mode. okay, people, we got to cross down and when we say brace, you brace. >> yikes. that plane landed very hard and it's only problem was a blown right tire. we're told everyone on the flight is okay. angry parents are taking action. they want someone to fix problems along a busy county road that does not have a sidewalk. one parent tells us that students have no choice but to walk and bike on haynes bay
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mile. and the only sidewalk is in front of clearwater central catholic. one parent fears a student will eventually be struck by a speeding driver or a distracted one. >> they have absolutely no sidewalks to the ride on out of the traffic. we can't share the road. there's no bike lane. it's barely an old two-lane road. the school was built in the 1960s. it's 2016. i'm very concerned that a car is reaching and the car goes 6 inches on to the grass. and oops. >> we went to the county looking for answers. we will have more on what the county has to say and what is being done about the road coming up tonight at 6:00. florida wants to prevent terror attacks in the sunshine state by making acts of terrorism illegal. and here's matt galka with details. >> reporter: the florida department of law enforcement
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to try to help better fight terrorism after the 2017 legislation. citing the shooting over the summer and the new york bombings this past weekend, the florida department of law enforcement hopes to establish anti-terrorism units across the state. >> we are seeking funding for 46 new counterterrorism positions which will help us establish a counterterrorism sawed in the seven regions. >> reporter: -- counterterrorism squads in the seven regions. >> reporter: and they want the abilto agencies have the ability to do right now. i'm matt galka. and now we are tracking the top tropics with julie phillips. >> thank you, stacie. and we are still definitely in the busy season as far as hurricane season goes. we are still tracking tropical storm karl in the central atlantic and tropical storm
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this point. karl is a weak tropical storm. this is not going to be a threat for florida. also, good news with tropical storm lisa, max winds at 40 miles per hour. and the latest track, notice that curve off towards the north, this will keep it in the central atlantic maybing it a non-threat for the united states or florida. but it's still really in the peak of hurricane season. we will continue to watch storms move off the coast of africa for a month more. so far this season, we have had 12 named storm, four hurricanes and could zika become a hurricane by the end of the month. so it's been a fairly busy season for us so far. for the rest of the even, locally, storms mainly in the inland spots. it will stay muggy in the low 80s for us. when you wake up tomorrow morning, another warm start to the day. smaller rain chance, just a small 10% chance of a morning shower. and then into the afternoon hour, the heat continues and back into the upper 80s with isolated showers and thunderstorms developing.
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weekend ahead coming up in the full forecast. guys. now, zika virus in your backyard. >> getting rid of mosquitoes that can carry the zika virus, that is a top priority the record bay area mosquito control operations. and today -- priority for the bay area mosquito control operations. and today we received this link reminding homeowners to get rid of standing water because it only takes mosquitoes to breed. and it looks like hundreds of sea turtle nests were maybe washed away during hurricane hermine. >> that likely means thousands of turtles were killed. researchers tell us that the storm washed out 686 nests across sarasota. most were home to endangered sea turtles and there wasn't much anything anyone could do. >> the we had a huge year on
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of the nesting numbers down. >> but officials do the need the public's help. they say some nests may have survived and eggs will hatch over the coming weeks. if you spot any hatchling, call a nearby wildlife agency. still ahead -- >> see how channelside is going to look after a getting a big overhaul. new renderings of an incredible looking public space. and trouble brewing in the world of listers. something new about brad pitt
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>> reporter: hey, guys, good afternoon to you both. the developers have a vision for channelside, hoping to breathe new life back into the property. this project is massive it includes demolishing the current channelside to make way for condo, shopping, a park and theater and a medical school. they are calling it a rebirth for tampa. >> as the world continues to evolve and change, tampa bay is changing with it. we're seeing it take place. what city in america would not want the gentleman like jeff leading the charge? >> reporter: by the way, inspiration come from cities like seattle, san francisco, boston the, even sidney, australia. developers want to take advantage of our water front and all that it has to offer. it does however come with a big price tag, $3 billion. the final vote will be taken
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in channelside, melanie michael, news channel 8. and now your first at 4:00 consumer watch. warranty service provider square trade just tested apple's new iphones for water resistance and durability against the samsung galaxy note 7. all three survived the water claims but when dropped on the sidewalk, the sidewalk won. so if you're planning to buy one of these, just remember, be careful when it comes to letting it slip out of your hand. and a rise in student defaults is creating space for scammers who prey on those struggling to make payments. watch out for companies that charge large up-front fees saying they can get you into government relief plans. you can sign up for yourself free of charge. and the ads don't mention that there's an up front fee typically 600 to $1,200. and if you want to start your own business, you probably already know the failure rate for start-ups is pretty high
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business plan. today 8 on your side has answers for you. and now with money-saving tips for every start-up is john wax from waller and wax advisers. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> i think a lot of people want to be their own boss so they can have their own rewards but you have to postpone some. >> yeah, starting the business is not when the big rewards should begin. you want to pace yourself on this. maybe set yolf salary, not too excessive on the employee benefits. you have to think about being prudent with the capital as you get started. >> and it's more of a marathon, not a sprint. >> absolutely. >> that's key. >> absolutely. >> and you said compare your outside funding verses personal resources. know your options. >> yeah, a lot of people think, i need save up a bunch of money and then put it all to work in the beginning. well, you might want to look at
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own resources. >> such as? >> small business loan, do some kind of business loan. work with a banker. get seed money as opposed to spending all of your own resources. >> and how about this, but key person insurance -- >> it used to be called key man insurance. sow might be the key person. you might have a specific employee that is vital to the practice, to the business. and if something happens to them, it's so you can go out and get an insurance policy on a key person to help the business should something like that happen, it helps fill that spot and continue forward. >> who about expenditures, what should you keep in mind? >> one of the big problems that we see is a lot of this the start-up money gets put towards capital use that is not going to really benefit the growth of
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and buying a building for the business. that is a resource that you don't necessarily want to spend that way. maybe look at renting. if you're a service, look at executive suite rental. or renting a warehouse. sometimes they come already with the tools that you need. >> so these big expenses are key. >> big. and don't overstaff right off the bat. be prudent with the money. >> but there are so many good ventures t people luck. and there are more options than ever before. >> and take a risk. that's the big thing, the willingness to take a risk. >> all good advise: >> thank you. >> sure. >> thank you. joining us now for another look at the first at 4:00 weather, julie phillips. the humidity is continuing. >> yes. i wish we could get a break but not quite. a couple more weeks. >> yeah, few weeks. >> by early october, we start to see the first front and that turns off the faucet, the humidity drops.
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really bragging. for us now, still warm. although fall officially begins this week. you may not see the usual fall foliage for long this year. autumn starts thursday but droughts will affect the foliage. that means some trees may actually shut down early to prepare for winter. the good news is though, you could see fall colors earlier than usual as you head up north. and of officially starts thursday. the sun is directly above the equator. through the rest of fall and winter, that's when the sun starts to tilt away from the sun and we start to see the shorter day, less sunlight hours and finally cooler temperatures. here's the view from new port richey, 85 degrees. rainfall totals, only .06 so far today.
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between 5 to 10 miles per hour. so at 9:00 p.m., we could still see a lingering shower around when you wake up tomorrow morning. a warm start to the day. we're in the mid-70s to begin. and we will keep a small rain chance. and then the showers and thunderstorms will increase as we head into the afternoon and evening. at this point, it's fairly quiet. the bulk of the rain has pushed towards the east coast but tracking a few showers in the area. and you can thunderstorms towards brooksville. and heavy rain in southeastern polk county near the frost proof area. so for us, still have deep moisture in place. and notice the drier air associated with the front off to the north. we're going to get a taste, a little taste of some of this as we head into the middle of the week. for the evening, isolated showers and thunderstorms will mainly be east of i-75. when you wake up tomorrow morning, extra clouds and only
4:19 pm
rain, especially south of i-4 into tomorrow due to slightly drier air slipping in. thursday morning will feel more pleasant. and thursday afternoon, we call for just a 20% rain chance in the forecast. the rain chances are dropping off as we head into the end of the week. this weekend, pretty classic for us. a 30% afternoon rain chance. with highs in the upper 80s. >> all right, thank you. well, folk, it looks like and angelina jolie. jolie has filed for divorce. they married in august of 2014. a source says both sides want a friendly break-up. tmz is reporting that jolie is asking for physical custody of the six children and pitt to receive visitation. and today we have extras from the emmy awards. >> and a broadway record breaker as well.
4:20 pm
>> thank you. >> reporter: she won an emmy for playing marsha clark in the people v o.j. simpson. paying tribute to clark afterward. the la times reports that she snuck her into the winnerrers circle and had both names engraved on the statue. >> i'm done. >> reporter: she wasn't laughing for long when sherlock won the emmy for best tv movie. joining the cast to accept the award. seat, someone had stolen her purse her phone and driver's license inside and. her return to broadway brought in a record $9 million. and previews don't begin until next march. she is still divine. >> stole her purse? that's a bad move. >> how did no one notice that happening?
4:21 pm
giant alligator three new hunters pulled from a river. and then at first at 4:00 sport, the buc's injury list. how the team is preparing for a win this weekend. and you can get developments on all of today's biggest stories with jenn holloway, julie phillips and me on tampa bay's most convenient prime time newscast every night on great 38 at 8:00.
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now a check of your first at 4:00 sports with dan lucas. >> yeah, the bucs much needed day off today. >> reassess. >> yes, exactly. >> pretend that didn't happen. >> i think it's going to be a fun home opener. have the bells and whistles for your own team for a change. at some point today or tomorrow, we will get our first buc's injury updates regarding the four players that left sunday's game.
4:25 pm
who aggravated an ankle injury that bothered him in practice last week. now he will be missed for sure if he can't go against the rams this week. but the defense overall looking for a better effort than what we saw sunday in the 40-7 blowout. dirk koetter defended the line backer's zero tackle performance saying he faced double teams and didn't have opportunities to make a play but right there, tackling in general, led to big plays for the cardinals. >> you know, when you look, another than the one drive, i believe it was in the late in the 3rd or early in the 4th where they went with three tight ends, our run defense was pretty good. we missed too many tackles overall in the game but not too many in the run game. and they were still less than four yards a carry in the run game which would you would take every week. you know, that's -- we had more
4:26 pm
the run -- in the pass game than we did in the run game. there's bad blood brewing between the florida head coach and the north texas coach. during their game saturday night, he went out to near mid- field to shout after the gator's quarterback was knocked out of the game with a hit to the leg. and he did not let up afterwards. eluding to the north texas playing dirty. and then he said they have a history of questionable tactics on defense. to gator's coach. >> bringing out that, we took out the smu quarterback, no he was in the open field running down the field and he got hit. cleat got stuck in the ground and it is what it is. it's football. i'm going to take care of my guys too. and so no one is going to come over and yell at me or our sideline and try to say we don't have integrity and don't play the game.
4:27 pm
>> all right. and he could return at some point this season. so there you go. the two sides agreed to disagree on this issue. >> and after an ugly performance, saturday they come to town. >> usf fans are excited about this game. especially after watching fsu get thumped like that. gym bow said, listen, we're going to find out and define ourselves with this game. i do thought they would hear that but now, they would have to agree, we're going to find out which florida team is it, that one that we saw? or the other one -- >> saturday against usf. noon kick-off. >> high noon. >> at ray jay.
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now four headlines at 4:30. number one, radioactive water. millions of gallons of
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the bay area aquifer. mosaic is under fire for failing to notify neighbors in a timely fashion. and now it turns out polk county also knew about the leak. steve andrews has an update at 6:00. number two, wells fargo's ceo is testifying before the senate banking committee. wells fargo is paying a $185 million fine for secretly opening unauthorized accounts for customers to meet more than 5,000 employees have been fired because of it. john stump is apologizing and accepting responsibility but denying orchestrated fraud. he is also refusing to step down. and number three with the man believed to have planted bombs in new york and new jersey now in custody, the investigation into his motives moves into high gear. authorities say ahmad khan rahami has not been cooperative so far. a law enforcement source tells us that the 28-year-old has not
4:32 pm
and so far, nothing indicates that he is connected to isis. and officials want to speak to his wife who left the united states a few days before the bombings. and today is the final united nations assembly for president barack obama. and this is the last set of meetings for the u.n. secretary. moon served 10 years and they'll end within 20 days of each other. and now a shocking piece of video coming out of tulsa, oklahoma. >> take a look. it's an unarmed hands up who is eventually shot by a police officer. this shooting of a black man by a white officer is captured on video from multiple angles and now the unarmed father of four with car trouble is no longer alive. and the justice department is conducting its own investigation. >> reporter: police dash cam video captured it all, a second act florida a helicopter overhead. 40-year-old at the presence crutcher outside his stalled suv on friday night.
4:33 pm
cooperating as he walked toward the vehicle. >> got a subject, won't show me his hands. >> reporter: but the shows him with his hands in the air. even officers in the chopper could see it as they discuss in this recording. >> he has his hands up there for her now. >> reporter: and moments later, the officer tases crutcher and he is then shot. >> shots fired. >> reporter: both now on paid leave. >> shots fired. >> reporter: lying on the ground, the video checks on him for more than a minute. he later died at the hospital. the police chief confirming he was not armed. >> there was no gun on the suspect or in the suspect's vehicle. >> reporter: amid protests over the incident, law enforcement making assurances justice will be served as the justice department opens its own investigation. crutcher's twin sister telling nbc news, she feels an arrest warrant should be issued.
4:34 pm
against the officer immediately. and the video and everything that's out there speaking for itself. it's really clear cut. >> reporter: the doctor says she has been assured that justice will be served but in her mind f the shooter had been anyone other than a police officer, charges would have already been filed. nbc news, tulsa. and a few hours ago, the officer's attorney claims that he looked at didn't say anything before reaching into the suv and that's when she says she fired the shot. a meeting is underway concerning the dumping of millions of gallons of sewer water into tampa bay. members of the state legislature are meeting with local officials to find out why the sewer water was released and what could be done to stop it. the release of the water is impacting people's lives. >> a new report obtained by news channel 8 shows a florida
4:35 pm
documents how children were in the water, a commercial diver was in the water as sewage water was being released into the same water and none were ever told. state representative peters believes this is wrong. >> we should be announcing it so that people know and they can make informed decision, whether it's partially treated or not, people should know. >> reporter: the representative peters called for the meeting with city officials to find out why the sewage dump happened in the first place. >> well, most left. >> reporter: he told me today the release of sewer water is having a major impact on his dolphin cruise business. >> i go out there about three times a day, four times a day, seven days a week. the smell is so bad when you go by the old sewer plant and that's where they dumped it. i quit going down there. it will take your breath away. >> reporter: this afternoon, state representative seaters is -- representative peters is
4:36 pm
sure it never happens again. news channel 8. also making news across america today, a south carolina family's first alligator hunt surprised veteran alligator hunters. they managed to catch a 604- pounder. mike and his daughter and nephew reeled in the gator with a fishing pole that's more than 40 years old and a 100-pound line. it's a whopping 13 feet, 4- inches and is missing part of the tail so it's bigger than that actually. it's mor needed but millions of people still use it. that's what aaa has to say about premium gas. the ownership now claims americans wasted more that than $2 billion last year putting the premium gasoline into cars that don't need it. >> i was going the say, usually it tells you whether the vehicle needs that. >> the cheapest gas i can get. >> i'm with you on that. and now a man who served in
4:37 pm
and now is a retired veteran. he is a police officer in fort hood, texas. >> in fact, he has dedicated his life to serving others and that's not all that manges him stand out. -- that makes him stand out. >> reporter: william fisher is a man of service. >> i like helping the public. >> reporter: it's what he's done since graduating high school. >> my mother was a marine. >> reporter: he spent eight years as a marine and then another eight as a soldier. >> deployed eight times in different s. military, his service continued on the civilian side. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: as a police officer. >> no injuries. >> reporter: ride ago long with officer fisher, it is easy to see his heart is filled with selfless service. but that is only one of the many things that make him so special. >> i'll be right back with you. >> reporter: during the last deployment in iraq, he fell 40
4:38 pm
standing up, crushing the ankle and breaking his back. and after six surgeries and four years -- >> my life verses pain wasn't worth it. >> reporter: he made the decision to amp pew at a time his right leg. >> may way of life is way better. i can do things with the kids now. >> reporter: and he was left with another decision. >> you can't change it. >> reporter: let his disabilities define him or take charge. >> it doesn't affect me much. >> reporter: in fact, you can't even tell if he isn't wearing shorts. >> it was five weeks into the course before my fellow classmates knew i was an amputee. >> reporter: and after finishing that law enforcement training, he became the only amputee -- >> have a good day, ma'am. >> reporter: to serve as a federal officer within the department of defense. >> i have changed a lot of perspective on what an amputee can do. >> reporter: but he doesn't do it alone.
4:39 pm
without the team i have. >> reporter: for william -- >> finding something inside and of you to help push you along. >> reporter: it's all about serving others. >> i'm also a volunteer firefighter. so i have one built into a fire boot. hello there. hope you're enjoying your afternoon. i want to talk about road work that's getting underway that could affect your drive overnight on the selmon expressway on the local levels. that's the lower levels. from 8:00 p.m. going to be blocked between 50th to 22nd street. so you will be routed around it. so keep that in mind. again, overnight, that's going to last through mid-october. all right, let's hop over here and talk about some work that should be wrapping up by the end of the week here, water main repair work. and this is on 83rd street. still close down the here vine and 78th street. but it should be wrapped up by the end of the week as well as
4:40 pm
spring, that should end by the end of the week as well. a little bit of positive news but allow for extra time on the selmon. and what about the weather? well, we have seen the coastal showers in the morning and i expect a couple early tomorrow morning. put that in your brain between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. mid-70s otherwise. high humidity. back to you. >> you can catch leigh spann and leslee lacey every morning with weather and traffic on the 8s starting at some unhappy news. scientists now say that five- second rule, you know the one the kids use or you sometimes use, it's not true. how long you can really leave food on the floor before it becomes contaminated. and stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> reporter: today on better call behnken, i'm trying to help a cup who will forked over $14,000 on cabinets that were never finished and this is a cabinet maker i have already confronted. he told me two years ago he
4:41 pm
this again. when it comes to mosquito repel leapt, is there an app for that? a largo developer says this may be the extra layer of protection you need to fight
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now it's time for sendtoitstacie. >> they're your pictures and we feature them on tv. she tweeted me this pic. he sported his finest attire for the emmys sunday night. fancy. josh, you take this one. >> pam says that her little guy hasn't perfected -- actually this one just -- no, this was a different one. is this pam's picture? >> no, it's out of order. >> this is the bridge with the faint rainbow to the left. >> pretty cool. that's a great picture.
4:45 pm
>> no wonder i had you read it. >> you just set me up for a trap. >> i had a tickle in my throat. >> it's fine. >> the next one. let's move on. there we go. this is nice. this is from jackie. this looks like it is a shot taken in tampa, quotely, if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. i believe her. >> i believe that one back. the doughnut pirate picture. >> that was a tuesday trap. >> it was. i had a tickle. >> it happens ale >> so you can send it to stacie by tweeting the hashtag tag send it to stacie. >> good stuff. -- #sendtoitstacie. my yard needed the rain. >> we do. i just checked the tampa rainfall, we're at a deficit. inland spots have done better and they are seeing some of the rain as well.
4:46 pm
loews don cesar at st. pete beach. absolutely beautiful. 85degrees, winds out of the northwest at around 10 miles per hour or so and no rain so far at this location today. and for the rest of the even, generally going to see a few showers, mainly east of 75. similar to yesterday. the onshore flow is the reason we still have the showers during the morning hours and pushing inland into the afternoon and the evening. and waking up tomorrow morning, expect to see temperatures in the mid-70s or so. so l day. and then by the afternoon, we will top out close to 9 0 degrees. so going to be another hot one. just expect that. the rain we had earlier that started up near the coast and then began to push inland, well, not seeing as much right now on the radar. expecting most to stay east of 75 through the evening but it's spotty in nature. and tracking spotty showers in the southern spot. and spotty showers up towards
4:47 pm
road woods. a small rain chance for the evening. temperatures are varying quite a bit depending on if you have seen rain and how long it's been since you have seen some of the rain. still 91 in tampa. and sitting at 94 in apollo beach. and 89 in zephyrhills. and only 7 in brooksville where we have seen some nearby showers and thunderstorms. and the humidity, well it's been up there. we have been dealing that with for a few days now. and we are sitting in the mid- 70s. so still dealing with the summertime humidity. and drier air off to the north though. and we will get as we head into the end of the week. and for the even, we keep the isolated shower chance east of 75. and when you wake up tomorrow morning, you will expect to see that small rain chance. don't think we will see as many showers as we saw today. extra clouds around and you can see that on the forecast model. wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening, isolated showers and thunderstorms will develop. and they'll generally be east of 75 again. the rain chance starts to drop
4:48 pm
temperatures thursday will be in the mid-70s. maybe more pleasant than they have been. and then into thursday afternoon, we will drop the rain chances back to 20%. and keep that going for friday as well. and now out in the tropics, a few areas we're watching, tropical storm karl. notice in the central atlantic now. not a threat to florida or the u.s. and we also have tropical storm lisa which has now formed also expected to not be a threat for us or the united states as it makes the curve towards the north. wish all our storms could do that. for us, 20% rain chance thursday and friday. and a seasonable 30% rain chance through the weekend. >> okay, thank you. and now a video from around the world. starting with an erupting volcano in costa rica. >> that's night video of the volcano. incredible stuff amount cording
4:49 pm
erupt that same day sent ash and smoke 13,000 feet into the air. both eruptions lasted about about 15 minutes. and we will be back right after this. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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guess what, the holidays are right around the corner. can you imagine that? if you're getting bored with your workout routine, how can you spice things up? 8 on your side has answers for you today. of pure bar. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> hard to believe holidays are right around the corner. we're going to blink and it's right here. you're right, a lot of parties and it's a dangerous time for the diet. if people are tired of the situation right now for working out, how can they change it up? >> yeah, it can pack on quickly. so prepare for it. planning maybe a challenge for
4:53 pm
corner. maybe challenge yourself to do 20 classes in 31 days or maybe do a fitness program where it challenges you to get prepared for the holidays to begin. >> that's the secret, to keep it fresh and new workouts. >> yeah. exactly. >> takes 21 dice form a habit. so just starting out, don't expect tomorrow for it to be locked in. it takes a while. >> yeah, and if you start now, you can try to maintain it and when new year hits, get backn track on the goal. but try to decrease the weight right now before moving into the holidays so you're not the tacking on the seven to 10 pounds. >> and a lot of the fitness studios, they have the challenges like you mentioned or connect with friends. and what are other ways moving up now that they can switch up the routines? tips you can give. >> yeah, so a lot of fitness places have challenges they offer or there's actually an app i looked up. it's called 30 day challenge. challenge yourself whether to not eat a certain food for 30 days or a fitness routine for
4:54 pm
it doesn't have to be at a studio to do a challenge. you can do it at home, do it with friends by challenging each other on apps. and there's run apps that you can do as well. there's all different ways to change it up and keep it exciting. just find what works for you. >> mini competitions. stacie and i had had a step -- and i had a step competition. >> and she >> the jump rope. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> good tips as always. >> and you win on the steps count. >> all right. now in an 8 on your side medical report. in the past, parents were advised to wait until their children were older before beginning them on certain foods like peanuts or eggs but researchers now believe children exposed starting at four months are less likely to develop allergies to those foods. still, it's best to discuss it
4:55 pm
and we've all heard it, and we've probably all used it, the fief second rule, after you drop something on the ground. scientists claim john bachmaner toia contaminates foods faster. longer exposure makes the germs worse, contamination could occur in less than one second. so the less than one second rule. >> the crackers looked like they were there for about two weeks. they're still good. >> just dust it off. coming turtle knows about the five second rule? >> probably not but he knows about birthdays. this guy is older than us.
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>> now let's take a look at what's trending online today. >> beginning with the 50th birthday that is a big deal. the birthday boy is a galapagos tortoise who is at the australian zoo. it is a midlife birthday >> all right, more news coming your way. newschannel8 at 5:00 with jen and keith starts right now. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> millions of gallons of sewer water pumped into tampa bay. newschannel8 digs deeper into why the public was not told more quickly. >> a contaminated secret. mosaic kept people in the dark about a big leak at its fertilizer plant. hear what the company leaders
5:00 pm
above tampa. we will take you inside this plane and show you the terrifying ordeal the passengers and crew went through. i'm keith cate. >> i'm jenn holloway. thank you for joining us tonight. newschannel8 has obtained an exclusive report on a state investigation over real health concern related to the dumping of sewer water in the bay. they asked officials tough questions about the bumping millions of gallons of sewer water into the eco system. jeff patterson joins us live from saint petersburg. that meeting just came from a close. there are any distinct resolutions today? >> reporter: yeah, no resolutions, jenn, the meeting did just wrap up. people are walking out even as we speak. as a matter of fact, we are hoping to talk with mayor kriseman who faced tough questions from the state senators about this.


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