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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  September 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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5:30. >> good evening, i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm josh benson. hurricane hermine destroyed hundreds of baby sea turtle nests in sarasota county. now they need the public's help to find out how many might have survived. newschannel8's john rogers joins us live from lido beach which was badly hit during the storm. right john? >> reporter: yeah, that's right guys. good evening to you. a lot of people don't realize how many eggs are in the sea
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killed thousands of these baby sea turtles. >> they stay together usually. >> reporter: jay keeps a careful eye on the sea turtle nests near his home. this time of year, he spots numerous nests on the beach. now, it is different. >> there aren't that many more to watch out for. >> reporter: he watched as hurricane hermine tore them away. >> it is heartbreaking. the turtles are the highlight of the summer. to see so many of them just ... it is just >> reporter: the numbers are grim. 686 nests washed away in sarasota county likely killing tens of thousands of babies. they found eggs simply lying on top of the sand. they found baby turtles that drowns or were buried alive. >> we can't do much when a hurricane comes in. >> reporter: biologist kristin and her team scoured the
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and hatching. every day, we could get out there, we got out there. >> reporter: now, they need the public's help. scientists say some of the lost eggs or misplaced nests may still hatch over the coming weeks so they urge people to be on the lookout and to avoid using light at night. >> the storm is a storm. and it is going to happen. >> reporter: jay is keeping an eye out and doing his part. he opens some of these endangered baby sea turtles survived the storm so others can see this once in a lifetime experience. so, remember. even all along sarasota county beaches even if you don't see them in the ground, there could be some baby sea turtle nests here. if you spot any hatchlings, give them space and contact your nearest wildlife rescue agency. josh? >> it is not like humans can just say no more hurricanes or tropical storms but is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening again?
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operates but a lot of residents here tell me that they have really been pushing for a while to have this beach properly renourished. they feel with more sand here, that could have better protected these turtles from being washed out. so, officials are still working on that. >> erosion is always an issue. john rogers live for us in lido beach. thanks john. and the depression has strengthened into tropical storm lisa over the eastern tropical atlantic. and storm team 8 chief meteorolis hi steve. >> reporter: hi stacie. this is is a new tropical storm. we talked about this yesterday. a tropical depression. and a tropical invest. it is lisa and it is behind karl obviously. you can see them out at sea there. neither one of these systems will likely affect the u.s. in fact, it probably will have problems, lisa, long term, just looking at the water vapor imagery. there is a lot of dry air ahead of the path of lisa. and long term, it could face wind shear.
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that plays a part in helping to suppress shower activity associated with the tropical weather. so far in the 2016 hurricane season, 12 named storms thus far, the number of hurricanes is four. and karl will likely become the fifth hurricane later in week. as we talked about earlier, certainly it could become a category 2 as well. as we look ahead to the month of october, the likely areas where storms can start in the atlantic basin, a bit more likely, you can see out into but also the west coast of florida. right in the state of florida. the caribbean, the warmer gulf waters. so we have to continue to monitor any possibility for storms that tend to originate not just off the coast of africa, but also the caribbean and the gulf of mexico as we get into october. >> steve, based on those numbers, a pretty typical year. >> fairly typical so far. it doesn't matter how many storm ifs one affects you. >> thanks san antonio. you can track the weather any time by tracking our storm team
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download in the app store. new tonight, authorities say they have their man. now they want some answers. they are trying to determine a link between seemingly random targets and whether he had any help. >> we don't have anybody else. this is just a couple of days since this event happened. >> tonight, 28-year-old amaad remains in custody. he is directly linked to saturday blasts in seaside and in manhattan. the bombings are being investigated as an act of terror. getting help the at the top of a wish list for the state's law enforceability agency. we sent matt galka to get a look at this request. >> reporter: after a summer that saw the florida department of law enforcement respond to the pulse nightclub massacre. they are making stopping future terrorist attacks a top
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shooting. the morning after the shooting and i was there for the entire week. i went to many funerals with the governor. i went to the morgue. we can never let that happen again here in florida. >> reporter: fdle commissioner requested an additional $6.2 million from the general revenue fund in next year's budget. he also cited the recent bombings in the new york city area over the weekend to stress the need. >> we are seeking funding for 46 new counterterrorism positions which will establish a counterterrorism squad in each of our seven regions. >> reporter: and both the commissioner and the governor stress the need for the community's help. >> we all need to start watching out. we have anything that looks unusual, whether we like it or not, we need to call law enforcement. >> reporter: but fdle will have to battle what the other state agencies are battling. a projected tight budget year. >> we have to understand that we live in a time where people want to do harm to our country.
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spend more money to fight terrorism. >> reporter: they will also push for new legislation that criminalizes more terroristic activities. in tallahassee, matt galka, newschannel8. >> fdle is seeking 6.2 million additional dollars from florida's general revenue fund including a base pay increase for the agents. wells fargo apologized to customers for more than 2 million fake accounts opened in their names without r knowledge. the ceo issued the apology at a hearing before the senate banking committee where he came under fire for the bank's shady business practices. he insists that the practice was not an orchestrated scheme and says the bank has taken steps to ensure the issue is resolved in the future. and, these tanker truck drivers are some of the most popular people in the southeast right now. they are delivering fuel to communities hit hardest by the recent gas shortage.
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section of the colonial pipeline closed because of a massive leak in alabama. crews are building a bypass lean to get fuel going again. so far, florida is not feeling the impact. still ahead, when it comes to mosquito repellents, is there an app for that? >> wouldn't that be nice? a largo developer says this may be the extra layer of protection you fled to fight the zika virus. we will see what you think when we show you how it works. >> plus, relying on fitness trackers could actually be efforts. oh, that's nice right? an 8 on your side look at the problem that is coming up. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8, the station always on your
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>> welcome back. mosquito repellant, there is an app for that. several apps on the market claim to turn your phone into a mosquito repellant machine. but does it work? meredyth censullo takes a closer look at the zika sika. >> reporter: the refreshing sounds of nature can be really annoying to mosquitoes. that is the claim of zika seeka. it plays a symphony of from mosquito's largest predators. >> we have a combination of three different sounds in the sound you are hearing just to give you an example, a mosquito hears or senses a mosquito hawk. or a dragon fly and it will avoid it. >> reporter: stan is the self- proclaimed dabbler in inventions who launched the free app billed as an updated source of zika information from news and health organizations
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bugging mosquitoes. what he doesn't claim is that it will work. >> we want people to use clothing and we want people to use chemicals that are approved by the government for body use. i don't want children running around thinking that this is 100%. no. it's not. it is an extra tool. >> reporter: we took zika seeka to the park to see if people found the app annoying or usable. susan's grandson jackson recently spent a couple of minutes outside d >> reporter: she says she would give the app a try. >> if it is meant to work, then it should work. >> reporter: ann says she wouldn't give up her bug spray, but she found the sounds soothing and ... >> i would rather have that than zika virus. >> reporter: meredyth censullo, newschannel8. >> zika seeka's developers have done field tests and find it to be 50 to 70% effective.
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a fun around important lesson for the children at lanear elementary school. bucs joined the cheer leader to install a learning garden to give students the opportunity to take care of a garden while also learning about healthy foods. >> when you lay the garden, it is something that you did. you planted. and something you can take care of. and it teaches you, that is a life lesson. something that you know, you put your hard work into it, it makes you wa it that much more. >> the glazer family foundation has helped students plant more than 100 learning gardens. millions of people walk around wearing fitness monitors to keep track of their progress. but, new research suggests those monitors may do nothing to keep us fit. health reporter erica edwards takes an 8 on your side look at why. >> reporter: a new study sort of defies what you would think would be weight loss common
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tracker to tally the number of steps you take in a day. doesn't necessarily mean the numbers on the scale will come down. >> it is a little bit surprising. >> reporter: dr. john and his colleagues at the university of pittsburgh recruited more than 400 overweight and obese young adults. they all went on a low calorie diet. exercised and had counseling and support. half wore activity monitors an they measured would lead to greater weight loss. the strategy displaced didn't work. >> it is possible that people started to rely on these technologies, these wearable technologies a little bit more than they should have. and, at the expense of paying better attention to their diet, physical activity. >> reporter: in other words, achieving a fitness goal is not an excuse for overindulging at meal time. to be fair, both groups lost
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it lost five additional pounds. erica edwards, nbc news. huh. food for thought there. the 2016 heart walk is coming up and newschannel8 is again committed to raising $100,000 for this cause. but, we need your help again to do it. fuccill location kia is patching the first 50,000 that we raise to every dollar you donate counts as two. it is november 12 at raymond james go to to join our team. and donate. and tonight, we have incredible video of rescuers helping a humpback whale off the australian coast. rangers were called in to help the 39-foot whale after it bemeaning tangled in a fishing net. it was able to wash out to sea with the rising tide after they cut the net. nice looking day on camera, obviously, it is pretty warm.
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terms of precipitation. not bad and the day where not a lot of folks have seen widespread rain. watching golfers on the green here. nice looking day at palm harbor. in polk county, out in lakeland, you can see silt 8 degrees now. got the flag back up at the dealership. that's good to see. and you can see plenty of blue skies. a few fair weather clouds. in brandon, 87 degrees. showers, thunderstorms, recall active over on the east coast. some of the outflow cooler air worked its way back west last night and collided essentially with that westerly flow. even up until midnight. after midnight, we had a few showers including morning rain. things are quiet from north to south, a few showers here around the northeast part of hillsborough county. but down to the south, also, a few showers further south. and off to the east of us. and a few showers you can see around sections of lake county. clearwater beach, great shot
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so yes, we did see some earlier showers and darker clouds but, that particular location was looking pretty good. rain chances will actually be a little bit lower the next several days especially as we get into thursday and friday. because of some slightly drier air aloft. there is a surface cold front bringing drier air, more stable air in place, that should help to lower our rain chances just a little bit. we will still see showers probably especially in southern areas. 90 in tampa international. dew point 73. it is a hot one. not sure that is accurate. maybe a little shower. we did see a tiny little shower pass over the airport there in saint petersburg. so that might be accurate. very high dew point. there is that drier air i'm talking about. colored in red here. slowly. across the south, it is sinking southward. the dew points in the surface are not that low here but it stabilizes the atmosphere. there is just nothing going on up here. the influence from the drier
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atmosphere, we see fewer showers and that will filter further south over the next several days and help as i said to create lower rain chances over all. there's karl, 45 miles an hour winds curving to the northwest and eventually off to the northeast. currently west. at 14 miles an hour. and if you miss this at the top of the newscast, we talked about lisa, this one, not in a great environment long term. tropical depression, you can see there by the weekend. so, a lot of dry air as we talked about. peak of the hurricane season, september 10. so, this is us right now on e down slope. a little bump here historically, october and early part of november. october historically for the west coast of florida. the gulf remains very, very warm. on the wrap model not a lot happening this evening. maybe a few scattered showers. you can see partly cloudy skies early in the day. small morning rain chance. extra clouds around here for us too. and then, for wednesday afternoon, isolated showers. thunderstorms could develop as i mentioned trending a little bit drier as we head into
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chance for the early part of the day. you can see for thursday afternoon, we will keep the rain chance at 20%. we will carry that into friday, too. high temperatures upper 80s near 90 degrees. you can see the partly cloudy skies will carry on. fall begins thursday. not in florida. but, it does begin somewhere. so, the leaves will be changing but nonetheless, we will have nice warm weather all the way into the weekend. and for the end of this period here, the overnight low temperature, the average low is 74 degrees. we have been kind of warm largely westerly flow is so warm and humid but the average low this time of year is 74 degrees. we are seeing a trend. >> thank you very much. well, one man's act of free speech is raising a lot of eyebrows. >> why a restaurant owner is getting a lot of backlash over his marquee. >> and you can join us on newschannel8 at 8:00 on great
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face.
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i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now, to what's making headlines across america. police in massachusetts are looking for vandals who desecrated the grave of a holocaust victim. they stole two stars of david.
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to remember his sister who died in a nazi concentration camp as a child. the stars were noticed missing on monday. we are learning more about a man who went on a stabbing spree at a minnesota mall before he was shot to death by an off duty officer. he was identified as dahir damed aman who came here at just three months old. he was called a soldier of the islamic state, but investigators have yet to find evidence he was radicalized by a terrorist group. and a minnesota restaurant owner upset over that mall stabbing decided to putt up a sign to express his anger and a lot of people don't like it. the sign on his restaurant marquee reads muslims get out. and it has gotten some opposition. protesters stood outside holding signs yesterday. but the owner says he has no regrets. >> it is time that people started standing up not
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do what is right. i feel what we are doing is right. >> people are going to see that and they are going to think this community as a whole is as crass as that sign. >> the owner says he has no plans of taking it down. newschannel8 at 6:00 is coming your way next. >> keith is here with what we are working on. >> with some high drama in the school dropoff line, coming up, what this man is accused of doing to a 79-year-old volunteer who was just trying to help. that will change everything about tampa's channel side area. we will show you the brand new plans unveiled today. >> whose job was it to notify neighbors of a sink hole in polk county. >> there is a demand to put a sidewalk on a busy street. >> those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast and sports with dan lucas.
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how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> right now on newschannel8 at 6:00. >> it is not just that mosaic kept the public in the dark. 8 on your side uncovers just how long polk county knew about the secret sink hole. >> plus parents tell us it is an accident waitin so what is being done about this harrowing stretch of road? we will explain. >> and, it is the end of channel side as we know it. we are going to show you new plans to change the face of tampa forever. good evening. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm keith cate. new developments in a breaking 8 on your side investigation. a big apology from mosaic to its neighbors. the community and polk county for keeping a contaminated
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sorry? well, for failing to timely notify people living near its new wales plant in mulberry of a sink hole that sucked hundreds of millions of gallons into the aquifer. steve andrews broke the story last week and he is back tonight with an important update that includes that overdue apology. >> reporter: keith before i get into that, let's show you what the sink hole looked like five days ago and what it looks like today. this is what thursday as we flew over on eagle 8 hd. this thing developed under a gypsum stack. it is round, circular, about 45 feet across at this point, today, this hole is getting bigger. it is widening. it appears as though the walls are eroding, cracking, separating. i looks as though it is about to collapse. now, florida's department of environmental protection claims


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