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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  September 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a 95-year-old man found murdered in his bay area home. who investigators want to question about this violent death. and tensions running high in charlotte, north angry protesters confront police in riot gear. and would you take your morning commute with a computer? self-driving taxis are on the street right now in one u.s. city. could the bay area be the next stop? good wednesday morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. let's get you out the door dark and early. >> yeah, just three hours before the sun comes up. well, we have a couple showers but they're offshore.
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necessarily mountainsing closer to shore. they're sitting off the pasco and -- necessarily moving closer to the shore. they're sitting off the pasco and pinellas county line. i don't expect as much rain at all today. only about a 20% chance at midday. and 30% chance for spotty afternoon storms. otherwise, on the last full day of summer, it will feel every bit of it with coming up in weather and traffic on the 8s, two systems i'm watching and leslee has an eye on the roadways. i do. we have a pretty good drive. let's check u.s. 19 and u.s. 41. both look very good through palm harbor and the land o'lakes area and the bay area bridge, all of them up to speed. here is i-4 out in lakeland. looks great by the polk parkway. downtown lake lake, no delays
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>> thank you. a killer on the loose this morning. someone murdered the 95-year- old in his highlands county home . >> reporter: we're told he was violently murdered inside and of his had home and now investigators want to the speak with people who were recently doing here doing work. >> we had a hell of a spirit. he was good. you know, he was >> reporter: a community in shock after the brutal murder of a man. >> around here after it goes dark, there's nothing. >> reporter: a neighbor called police to check on him after not hearing from him. on monday afternoon, investigators found the 95-year- old's body in his home. >> they found the gentleman deceased and the kitchen floor
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floor. it was a violent scene, a violent death. >> reporter: investigators won't say how it happened. >> we don't want to put anything out right now. >> reporter: neighbors tell news channel 8 he had people in and out of his home recently doing work. >> the driveway and tin side painting and all that stuff -- and the inside and painting. >> we believe recently possibly online he has contacted people and they have started showing up to his house. we heard they were at the house. >> reporter: detectives want to speak with the workers or anyone who may have seen them. >> we don't know what happened but we find a lot of the elderly people, they are a little naive and they have to be careful who they allow into their house. >> reporter: if you have any information, call the sheriff's office or crime stoppers. in highlands county, news
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searching for heartless people who stole items from a charity. you can see two men both barefoot, shirtless, making off with the goods. police say they got away with about $6,000 worth of computer, electronics and other merchandise meant for charity. a pasco county man on the run for weeks after blowing up his own house is in jail this morning. deputies say steven brown turned himself in monday. they believe his house exploded while he was trying to make hash oil marijuana wax. a 1-year-old child inside and the home at the time wasn't hurt. two dogs died in the explosion. moving forward with discussion about a new stadium for the tampa bay rays. the team is working on plans to build a new stadium in hopes of increasing attendance. some discussions include a stadium in hillsborough county. today hillsborough county commissioners will listen the a presentation about the possibility and the sites under consideration.
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have not indicated when they plan to make a decision on a future ball park. time now 4:05. in your vote, florida attorney general pam bondi is defending the donation she received from republican presidential candidate donald trump. three years ago, he gave $25,000 for her re-election. it came at the same time her office decided not to pursue legal action against um against university. she insists it was not a payment for her to look the other way. >> i wish i had come out in front of you early on and say, i guess i just knew there was nothing improper. i'm a career prosecutor. i am proud. i will never let any money of anyone affect what i do. >> at the time of the donation, the new york attorney general's office filed a lawsuit against
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of fraud in the seminars. hurricane hermine took a terrible toll on florida's sea turtle population. the numbers are out this morning giving us a better idea of how many nests were destroyed. the storm washed away 686 nests across sarasota county. researchers explain that means thousands of baby sea turtles were likely killed in the storm. and some possibly exciting news for downtown tampa. some new plans could bring more people and businesses channelside. tampa bay lightning owner and the business partners which includes bill gates unveiled their vision. under the proposal, channelside would include a large park with a theater, shops and a medical school for usf. the cost of the plan, about $3 billion. it's not a done deal yet. port tampa bay is scheduled to vote at the end of the year.
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right around the corner and news channel corn -- and news channel 8 is committed to -- around the corner and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000. the walk is november 12th at raymond james stadium. go to for dethe tails. it's always such a great time. we it's always such a great time. >> and many of you come out. >> and you don't just donate, come out and have a good time with us. it's a great event. >> people bring their dogs. >> is that allowed? >> you did it anyway. >> no, i didn't do it. steve jerve did it. >> yeah. steve did it. and then we go to brunch. >> exactly and you're invited. >> and hopefully the weather will be nice. last year, it was okay. a little sunny.
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early november. not quite as nice this morning but not terrible. let me take you hour-by-hour through the day. 8:00 a.m., 79. only the slimmest rain chance, about 10% between now and 11:00 a.m. and a 20% chance at noon. 90 at 4:00 p.m. and a 30% rain chance through afternoon and evening. and check out tomorrow though, down to a 20% chance. and 20% on friday as well. and we have some upper-level dry air. in fact, no relief. even the first few days of fall, highs near 90. tropical storm karl and lisa both out there. neither will affect the u.s. lisa, not long. we will see it diminishing into a tropical depression and fizzle out in the central atlantic. and now traffic on the 8s to start this wednesday. starting off nice on this hump day. not seeing any delays on the bay area interstates.
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you. i-4 looks wonderful throughout polk county. and lakeland right now, 13 minutes between the polk parkways. and the wesley had chapel area looks good, 75 in and out of pasco county. new port richey up to speed as well as palm harbor and u.s. 19. here's a live look at i-75 around fowler avenue. wonderful drive. and another quick look here, i- 4, there we go, around the polk parkway, that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, birthday girl. leslee, happy birthday to her. self-driving taxis are on the road right now. >> 8 on your side asks whether people are ready for this new way to travel. and fitness trackers all the rage. new data on whether they help people lose weight. and overnight protest rock another american city where
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just last night, many were chanting and holding sign, some even throwing objects at police. there's disagreement about whether the victim had a gun on him or not. police claim he did but family members disagree. and the protests are in response to a shooting that happened at a apartment complex. officers say they spotted a man getting out of a car with a weapon. officers opened fire and the man was later pronounced dead at the hospital. police identity. another deadly police shooting in the tulsa, oklahoma. investigators report that a vile of pcp was found in the victim's car. still toxicology tests are not finished and no weapons were found at the scene. video of last week's shooting shows the unarmed man walking towards the suv with his hands up in the air and moments later, he falls to the ground. another officer tried to use a
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49ers quarterback colin kaepernick claims he is getting death threats over his choice to kneel during the national anthem. the threats come as no surprise to the star quarterback. kaepernick explains he figured this might happen when he started the protests over social injustice and believes this only proves that he hit a nerve that needs to be explored. athletes are following kaepernick's lead including chrl down during the national anthem. we want to show you this viral picture here from the howard university squad. they all took a knee as you see during the anthem at the at&t nation's football class nick washington, d.c.: happen -- classic in washington, d.c. happening today, the leader of the pharmaceutical company drastically raising its price
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hot seat. the company is indicating they have no plans to lower them. fitness trackers are popular and while many people use them hoping to lose weight, a study suggests they may be doing the opposite. the american medical association is publishing a study showing that dieters who wear fitness trackers lost less weight than those who did not use the technology. here are the specks. in a two-year time span, dieters lost 7.7 those without them lost 13 pounds. almost double. experts believe people rely too much on the trackers so they are not focusing their attention on the diet and exercise. which of course is the most important thing. 8 is on your side with a look at what could be the future of your commute. imagine if your uber car shows up but there's no driver. >> it's happening right now in one u.s. city. we will see driver theless cars
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driverless cars shuttling people around sometime soon. >> reporter: there's still a driver. uber is testing a fleet of self- driving taxis on the streets of pittsburgh right now but would you climb into a car with a computer behind the wheel? is this the future of ride sharing? uber says it could be. that's why they're operating a handful of self-driving cars in pittsburgh. >> i think the public is to be delighted. i expect it will be interesting. >> reporter: the modified ford fusions and volvos are guided by 20 cameras and seven lasers. a driver and engineer in the front seat monitor the car's performance and stand by to take over if something goes wrong. there are no plans to expand self-driving uber in tampa. uber has a hard enough time here but ironically, tampa's
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helping make self-driving technology a reality for companies like uber. tampa's selmon expressway is designated for autonomous vehicle testing. audi did it here in 2014. just like the uber car, the driver presses a button, takes his hands off the wheel and cruises away. because several automakers and tech firms are testing or plan the to roll out their own soon, uber is trying to stay ahead of the game. but work being done in tampa is actually making that sort of competition possible. >> so i put a poll on my twitter feed asking if uber offered self-driving cars here, would you try the service? 66% say heck no. 34%, absolutely. so it may be a while before we actually see that here in tampa. >> clearly these people don't
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think that a self-driving car would be safer than riding shotgun with a teen. >> but if the end game is to eliminate the drivers altogether, part of the reason uber is so successful is it's creating extra income. >> but look at the background drama here that could put uber to an end in hillsborough county. >> yeah, a hot topic. >> yeah. it is a break-up that's creating the world. the hollywood powerful couple are separating. angelina jolie is filing for divorce from brad pitt. they have been together for 12 years. the couple has six children. pitt told people magazine he is saddened and asking for privacy. but i think what is interesting, the time was announced, a 3.1 earthquake breaks out in california. nobody is talking about that. this is the break-up that's shattering the world.
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are okay after this. let's get a check on the weather. leigh standing by for us. >> are you sure the break-up didn't cause the earthquake? fall begins tomorrow. sunrise and sunset times roughly about equal, 7:19 in the morning and setting at 7:26 tomorrow. watching just a couple showers off the pasco and pinellas coastline. in our forecast, i left it basically dry this first few storms start to form around lunchtime, 86 degrees. and that's close to the coast. by 4:00 p.m., a 30% chance or hot with a high of 90. 80 in tampa. bartow, winter haven, you're 77. 75 in brooksville. and bob in venice says it's 78 degrees at his house. still humid a light onshore wind flow but not as strong as yesterday. i don't expect the showers to
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lunchtime west of i-75. and then as the storms push inland during the day, some slightly drier air in the upper- levels of the atmosphere will keep our rain chance today at 30%. fall begins tomorrow. high of 90. but i lower the rain chance to 20% thursday and friday. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, we have a great drive on this wednesday. kicking off nicely on i-4. through plant city, all the way into ybor, looks very good. and the veterans expressway, a nice iv minutes. out the door the soon using 275 across the sunshine skyway bridge, no delays between manatee and pinellas county. and between pinellas and hillsborough. and the howard frankland bridge, only six minutes. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. most college students are in their late teens, early 20s. >> most. we will introduce to you a college student who hasn't hit the double digits yet. and dialing up trouble with
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people's new phones are hissing. you're watching news channel 8
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iphone 7 users out there, if it sounds like your phone is hiss, you're not hearing things. apple has been receiving complaints that the iphone 7 and 7 plus are making strange noises but it's only heard when processor intensive & like games are being used.
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making his college course load look like child's play. >> yeah, he is a full-time student and get this, he is only 9 years old. >> overachiever. >> yes. the 9-year-old willis was speaking sentences at seven months and by five, counting in chinese. it's no wonder he keeps climbing and fast. he is at ccac now. and he was just accepted for next september. >> it's that are nine to count in english. >> i know. >> i can't imagine doing it in chinese. posing with puppies instead of bouquets. >> why a bride made the unique choice. and the massive sinkhole in poke. what 8 on your side is learning about the hole and the government's response. but first, a live look at downtown tampa and the hillsborough river all lit up early on this wednesday morning. happy hump day. weather and traffic on the 8s
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it is 4:28. means it's time for weather and traffic on the 8s. for the most part, dry and warm for the kids at the bus stop, 79 degrees. any rain through the morning will be offshore. when they come home from school, 90 degrees so hot. but only a 30% chance of spotty showers. 90degrees today and tomorrow. fall starts tomorrow. and we are still going to be at 90 on friday. 89 for saturday and sunday. how about traffic on the 8s? still looks good. i-75, a great drive throughout the sun coast area. either direction through palmetto, that's the manatee county area, about 12 minutes. and also out in sarasota, we're up to speed as well. clark road to state road 70, only about 10 minutes. 75 looks good, a little bit of
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slowing you down. and through st. pete, no delays to the howard frankland bridge. and in and out of downtown tampa on 275, looks great. ? ? ? ?
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a giant sinkhole at a mosaic plant in polk county appears to be growing. 8 on your side is investigating what state and local leaders knew about the crater and what it did to warn by excitement is building for a high-speed ferry that links the cities of tampa and st. pete. what we are learning today about this pilot program and when we can all start using it. plus, danger at a bay area school. 8 on your side looks at the danger and the plans to keep students safe. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday morning. made it to the halfway mark, leigh. >> and we're mostly dry.


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