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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  September 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a 95-year-old man found murdered in his bay area home. who investigators want to question about this violent death. tensions running high in charlotte, north carolina. angry protesters confront police in riot still ahead, the deadly police confrontation that prompted the demonstrations. and would you take your morning commute with a computer? self-driving taxis are on the street right now in one united states city. could the bay area be the next stop? good wednesday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. how's shaping up, leigh? >> so far, not too bad actually. the it's warm but for the most part, it's dry. you see the showers off the new
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offshore were quickly pushing closer to shore so we had morning rain. look at these, these are stationary. i am keeping the rain chance this morning very slim, 10% chance. mostly sunny. and in fact, during the afternoon, the rain chance only goes up to 30% so not quite as much rain as the past few days. but it is the last full day of summer and it will feel like it. we will hit 90 degrees today which is above the average of 89. i am tracking the tropics, two named systems right now, we will have updates leslee has the roadways. that's right. we still have a great drive which is always nice and construction clearing up on the selmon expressway. things are moving fine there. and also, i-75 looks great within the sun coast area. and let me go ahead and move over and give you another look here, st. pete in tampa up to speed. and here's a look at the selmon expressway. traffic is flowing at great speeds. that's a look at weather and traffic. and now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. we want to take you back to breaking news we are following
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picture. this is a burglary scene in north tampa. and we are zooming in right there, that is a hole made right through the wall to get inside and this at&t store. now officers tell us that the thieves made this hole in the back wall of the at&t store on east fowler avenue across from university mall. incredible to see what people would go through to get in there, right? we have new information. apparently despite making the hole though, the burglars weren't able to get all the way into the so the plan backfired. they were not able to get away with anything. in an 8 on your side investigation, check out this comparison of a massive sinkhole in polk county that appears to be getting bigger. this is what eagle 8 hd found just yesterday. the walls were cracking, eroding and separating. but here's the real money shot right here, six days ago, it seemed much smaller. you need to look on the right- hand side of the screen. that was taken six days ago.
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live in polk county this morning. ryan, the florida department of environmental protection avoided reporter ins tallahassee who went seeking answers. >> reporter: exactly, gayle. good morning to the you once again. our tallahassee mike vasilinda tried to get answers from the deputy director of the florida department of environmental protection but to no avail. watch here. >> we can set something up later -- >> no, we have tried to reach you for three or four days and you don't re and you are avoiding us again. i don't understand why you don't want to say, we made a mistake. >> reporter: nothing. 8 on your side exposed potential problems with the drinking water in the area after the hole opened up. 215million gal had listens of radioactive water used to produce fertilizer escaped into the aquifer. we learned local, state and federal authorities knew about the hole but never told resident. the dep sent us information
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going above and beyond the requirements of florida law and will test anyone's drinking water free of charge. bottled water is being offered by mosaic. the department promises to remain onsite to perform daily monitoring. so who if anyone will be held accountable? we asked the department and they said they won't know until the initial response phase is completed. gayle, back to you. >> and we have been talking to a lot of folks in the area and all they want is transparency. and when you see the two different pictures like we showed you bigger, it leaves people in doubt. all right, thank you, ryan. right now, the search is on for a murder who killed a 95- year-old man in highlands county. investigators found him violently murdered in his sebring home. they found him after a neighbor called police for a wellness check. those who know him are shocked something like this would happen in their quiet neighborhood. >> around here at night, after it goes dark, you drop a pin,
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there's nothing. >> investigators believe he recently had work done on his house. they want to speak to those workers or anyone who may have seen them. in the meantime, detectives don't believe the public is in any danger. happening today, moving forward with discussions about a new stadium for the tampa bay rays. the team is working on plans to build a new stadium in hopes of increasing today-- attendance. no votes are expected to happen at today's meeting and the rays have not indicated when they plan to make a decision on a future ball park. it's 5:05. in your vote, florida attorney general pam bondi is defending the donation she received from republican presidential candidate donald trump three years ago. trump gave $25,000 for bondy's re-election bid at the same time her office decided not to pursue legal action against
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university. bondy insists that the donation was not a payment for her to look the other way on trump's troubled school. >> no, you know what i wish i had done is come out in front of you early on and say, i guess i knew there was nothing improper. i'm a career prosecutor. i am proud. i will never let any money of anyone affect what i do. >> at the time of the donation, the new york attorney general's office filed a lawsuit trump university accusing the school of fraud in the real estate seminars. hurricane hermine took a terrible toll on florida's sea turtle population. the devastating numbers are out this morning giving us a better idea of just how many sea turtle nests were destroyed. the storms washed away 686 nests across sarasota county. researchers explain that means thousands of baby sea turtles were likely killed in the storm. happening today the, the
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pete and tampa without getting stuck in traffic is taking shape. this morning, some major developments to tell you about regarding a new high-speed ferry service connecting the two cities. it will be released by project officials later today. news channel 8's mary mcguire is live in downtown tampa. do we know where the ferry would set sail from, mary? >> reporter: well, gene, the ferry would travel to and from the tampa convention center, toward the water front and would go to the petersburg. back in august, the project cleared two big hurdles when city leaders in tampa and st. pete approved funding for the project. those in favor of the service claim it would slash a lot of time off of people's commutes, especially during rush hour. those in favor are excited. >> it's almost obvious. like why doesn't st. pete and tampa talk about ways to get people back and forth through the ferry option? so this is exciting. a lot of hard work has been put
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announcement is happening this morning at 10:00 a.m. and if everything goes according to plan, the service could start up as soon as november. and now tickets for the ferry are priced around 5 to $10 for a one-way ticket and i'm sure that's well worth it for commuter who spend hours of their week sitting in traffic on the bridges. i'm sure people spend that much on gas money alone. and a lot >> alone. >> and a lot of people have been waiting a longtime. let's get a check on the weather. here's leigh spann. >> it's not bad this morning. keeping the rain chance just 10% over the next couple hours. let's take you hour-by-hour through the day. 81degrees at 9:00 a.m. 86 at noon. the rain chance at 20% at lunchtime. and 30% in the afternoon. pockets of rain but not a big coverage. otherwise a high of 90. in fact, tomorrow i drop the rain chance to 20%. also 20% for friday.
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level dry air is limiting this afternoon rain. and no relief from the heat. even the first few days of fall will be near 90 degrees. and then we have karl and lisa in the atlantic. karl just downgraded to a tropical depression but should curve away from the united states coastline. that's good news. and lisa is going to fizzle out in the atlantic. great news. let's check on traffic on the 8s. i have great news no. delays out there. -- news. no delays out tampa and st. pete. fowler avenue looks very good. not seeing delays through new tampa. and nice drive. all right, let's go ahead and zoom in. it's all green on the bay area interstates. construction should wrap up by the end of the week here just north of hillsborough. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> okay, thank you. self-driving taxis are on the road right now but would you climb in the backseat of one? >> 8 on your side asks whether
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way to travel. and overnight protests rock another american city. where hundreds filled the streets in connection to a deadly officer-involved shooting. it's 5:10 on this wednesday morning.
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across america, dozens of people in charlotte are protesting the fatal police shooting of an african-american man. some throwing objects at police. there's disagreement about whether the victim keith scott had a gun on him or not. police claim he did but family members disagree. and the protests are in response to the shooting yesterday at an apartment complex. police were searching fo person with an outstanding warrant when officers say they spotted scott who was not the man they were looking for getting out of the car with a weapon. officers opened fire, killing scott. dramatic new details about another deadly police shooting in tulsa oklahoma. a vile of pcp was found in the victim's car. and toxicology tests are not finished. video of last week's shooting shows the unarmed man walking towards his suv with his hands
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the ground. police say the officer shot the man after another officer tried to use a taser to top him. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick claims he is getting death threats over his choice to kneel during the national anthem. kaepernick says he has received them mainly through social media and the threats came as no surprise to the quarterback. kaepernick explains he figured this might happen when he started the protest and believes this only proves he be explored. athletes across the country are following kaepernick's lead including cheerleaders. >> they have been kneeling during the national anthem to protest racism. we want to show you this picture that's been going viral. it's the howard university squad. you can see they all took a knee during the anthem at at&t nation's football class nick washington, d.c. -- classic in washington, d.c. the leader of the
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of its life-saving epipen will be in the hot seat. she will testify before congress. the company is indicating they have no plans to lower the prices. fitness trackers are popular and while many people use them to lose weight, a study suggests they may be doing the opposite. get this, the american medical association is publishing a study that reveals dieters who wear fitness trackers lost less weight than those who did not use in a two-year time span, dieters wearing trackers lost 7.7 pounds but those without them lost almost twice as much, 13 pounds. experts believe people relied too much on the trackers instead of focusing on the diet and exercise. got to keep the eye on the prize. 8 is on your side with a look at what could be the future of our commute. imagine if you dial up the uber, the car shows up and
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one united states city. will we see driveless cars shuttling people around tampa bay sometime soon? news channel 8's meredyth censullo is here with answers. >> reporter: uber is now testing a fleet of self-driving vehicles. that's on the streets of pittsburgh. but we wondered, would you climb into a car with a computer behind the wheel? is this the future of ride sharing? uber says it could be. that's why it's operating a handful of >> i think the public is going to be delighted. i expect it's going to be kind of an being experience. >> reporter: uber's modified ford fusions and volvo xc90s are guided by 20 cameras and seven lasers. a driver and engineer in the front seat monitor the car's performance and stand by to take over if something goes wrong. there are no plans to expand self-driving uber in tampa.
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here. but ironically, tampa's one of a handful of cities helping make self-driving technology a reality for companies like uber. tampa's selmon expressway is designated for autonomous vehicle testing. audi did it here in 2014. just like those uber car, the driver presses a button, takes his hands off the wheel and cruises away. because several automakers and tech f plan to roll out their own self- driving ride share programs soon, uber is trying to stay ahead of the game but work being done in tampa is actually making that sort of competition possible. i put a poll on my twitter feed asking if uber offered self- driving cars here, would you try the service? 66% of you who voted so far say no. 34% say absolutely.
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it's impossible but for right now, we're not going to see those cars on bay shore at the end of the day, this is the future. >> yeah, i'm a little concerned about the people who might lose their jobs. some are doing the it full- time. >> they still have to provide the car. so there's that. >> do they have though? >> a hot topic for sure. the break-up that is creating quite the buzz. really around the world. the hollywood power couple known as brangelina is filing for divorce. the couple has six children. pitt told people magazine he is sadden and asking for privacy but we have been joking all morning long that at the time this was announced on tmz, there was a 3.1 earthquake in california. >> i didn't hear about it. >> and nobody is talking about that. only the break-up, leigh. >> yes. >> the only news out of
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jolie, no more. >> it shook the world so much that it literally shook the world with the earthquake. fall begins tomorrow at 10:21, when the sun's rays are directly over the equator. for us, sunrise at 7 cross- examine 19. setting at 7:00 -- at 7:19. setting at 7:26. there's showers off the shore but they're stationary at this point. juhe otherwise, mostly sunny and mild, 79 degrees. by noon, 86 when the first showers pop up. afternoon high today, 9 0 degrees. about a 30% rain chance. that's slightly lower than yesterday. 73 in zephyrhills. north port, you're at 75. the humid onshore wind flow not so strong this morning. but it will kick up later today. notice by 12:45, we could see showers near the coast. and then we get the pop-up
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level air keeping our rain chance at 30%. as we head through the day tomorrow though, the drier air kicks in, knocking us to a 20% rain chance for tomorrow which is the first day of fall and friday. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, good speeds overall. it's been a nice morning on the roadways. and u.s. 19 is no different here through palm harbor. looks very good. and u.s. 41 all the way through land o'lakes, only a 13 minute commute. and heading across the waterwal bridges up to speed. howard frankland bridge six to seven minutes here. courtney campbell causeway looks great. and so does the sunshine skyway bridge and also the gandy bridge. all right, let's look at 75 right around fowler avenue. great drive, folks, holding on as long as we can. and that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. well, most college students are in their late teens, early 20s. >> most of them. but still ahead, we will introduce the you to one
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the double digits yet. and dialing up trouble with the new iphone 7. why some people's new phones are hissing. you're watching news channel 8
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11.
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together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. for all those iphone 7 users, if it sounds like your phone is hissing, you're not hearing things. others are dealing with the same problem. apple is receiving complaints
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are making strange buzzes noises. but it's only heard when processor intensive apps like gaming apps are being used. apple hasn't responded to the claims yet. well, one boy in pittsburgh is making his college course load look like child's play. >> he's a full-time student and he's only nine years old. here he is, 9-year-old will was speaking at seven months, multiplying numbers at two. and by five, chinese. it's no wonder that he keeps climbing and fast. >> you think he goes to the wild college parties? >> no. >> maybe with his mom. >> no, doesn't seem like the type. >> everybody's allowed fun. >> not at nine. puppies instead of flowers. >> why a bride made a ewe anemic choice for her wedding pictures. and the massive sinkhole at
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about the hole and the government's response. and a look outside live this morning at beautiful downtown tampa. looks like it's going to be a great day but it doesn't feel like we are just one day from the official start of fall. >> no. ? during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... standard tv, standard internet, dvr and phone...
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it's 5:28. early on this wednesday morning. 79degrees, but most of the rain is offshore. good news for the kids at the bus stop because the bus stops are on land. by the afternoon, just a 30% rain chance. it will be hot today with a high of 90. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? we have a great dry throughout bradenton and sarasota. up to speed on i-75 in the sun coast area. a live look at traffic, this is 275 at fowler avenue, folks. looks great away from the
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meeting up. and then all the way in to downtown tampa, no delays and. the howard frankland bridge only going to take six minutes
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> a giant sinkhole at a mosaic plant in polk county appears to be growing. 8 on your side is investigating what state and local leaders knew about the crater and what it did to warn nearby residents. excitement is building for a high-speed ferry that links the cities of tampa and st. pete. what we are learning today about this pilot program and when we can all start using it. plus, danger at a bay area school. f0 students are making a treacherous walk without sidewalks. 8 on your side looks at the nger and the plans to keep students safe. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for waking up with us


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