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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 21, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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heart. plus it's the return of jerry. the news is next. have a great day. ? it is calm now in charlotte, north carolina but there was chaos overnight. take a look. violent protesters targets police in riot gear. what the city's mayor and police chief have plus, a 95-year-old man found murdered in his bay area home. who investigators want to question about his violent death. and a giant sinkhole in polk county appears to be growing. 8 on your side is 9 investigating what state and local leaders knew about the crater and whether nearby residentses were warned. good wednesday morning. -- residents were warned. good wednesday morn plead guilty. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm stacie schaible. we want to head straight to
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weather. >> i have seep a few people out there playing golf. otherwise, it is hot, 8 7 degrees, partly cloudy skies. when i look up through the atmosphere, we can see the amount of water and all of this red color is dry air. and it has been over the last day or so sneaking farther and farther southward. so when i zoom in here, look at the red color, it's starting to retreat. what it will do is help to limit our rain chances and that's what we have seen so far today. a couple showers just offsho but not onshore, at least not yet. in the headline, the storms will be limited during the afternoon. but even though fall starts tomorrow, the first few day thes of fall will all be near -- days of fall will all be near 90 degrees. and in the tropic, two surgeries neither will affect the united states. -- two systems out there, neither will affect the united states. and the rain chances closer to the weekend coming up. >> thank you. developing this morning,
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charlotte, north carolina. hundreds protesting the deadly police shooting of a black man. this morning, protesters held sign and chanted and some even threw objects at police officers. there's disagreement about whether the man police shot was carrying a gun. >> police claim he did have a gun but family members say he had a book in his hand. about an hour ago, the police chief gave us new information on what happened including the gun disagreement. >> 16 police officers were injured during a protests last night, up from the original count of 12. the police chief also elaborated on the moments leading up to the shooting of scott. >> he exited the vehicle armed with a hand gun. the officers observed him get back into the vehicle at which time they approached the
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the officers gave loud, clear, verbal commands which were heard by many of the witnesses. our detectives through their investigation recovered the firearm that the subject was holding in his hand when he got out of the vehicle. >> on social media, a story that keith scott had a book in his hand circulated quickly. the chief put an end to that story saying that a weapon and the chief praised his officers and their efforts to deescalate the protests and we should note the officer who shot scott is himself a black man. well, right now, controversy continues to swirl around the handling of a large sinkhole in polk county. mosaic, the company, and its officials apologizing now to residents saying that they should have let them known about the potential problems
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but they didn't. they only discussed it among the agencies and themselves. the secret got out last week when 8 on your side confirmed that 215 million-gallons escaped into the aquifer. the hole opened up in late august, possibly contaminating the local drinking water. on the right is one of the earlier images and this is what it looks like, eagle 8 hd flying over the sinkhole which >> i'm scared to death what it's already done to me and my neighbors out here. >> mosaic and the department of environmental protection claim the drinking water is -- is safe. we will keep you posted. an at&t store in north tampa became the victim of a burglary overnight. officers say that thieves put a hole in the back wall of the
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university mall. the at&t store is one of many that carry the new iphone 7. we're going to have more on the story as soon as it becomes available. and federal officials are charging ahmad khan rahami with using weapons of mass destruction and bombing public places. ahmad khan rahami is the man suspected to be behind this week's bombings in new york and new jersey. federal prosecutors say ahmad khan rahami bought bomb-making maal handwritten jihad journal that said in part, quote, the sounds of bombs will be heard in the street. the blast came two years after -- streets. the blast came two years after the fbi looked into ahmad khan rahami but found nothing tying him to terrorism. the search is on for a murderer who killed a 95-year- old man in highlands county. investigators found if man murdered -- found him murdered in his sebring home. a neighbor called police for a well check. those who knew him are shocked
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happen in their quiet neighborhood. >> around here at night after it goes dark, you drop a pin you can hear it a mile away. there's nothing. >> investigators believe he recently had work done at the house. they want to speak to those workers or anyone who may have seen them. in the meantime, detectives don't believe -- detectives don't believe the public at large is in danger. lakeland police are looking for heartless bandits who stole items meant for charity. this is surveillance video from the offices. you see the two men both barefoot and shirtless making off with the goods. police say they got away with about $6,000 worth of computer, electronics and other merchandise intended for charity. hurricane hermine took a terrible toll on florida's sea turtle population. the devastating numbers are out this morning giving us a better idea of how many sea turtle nests were destroyed. the report says the storm
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sarasota county. researchers explain that means thousands of baby sea turtles were likely killed in the hurricane. governor rick scott is asking president barack obama to make a disaster declaration for florida because of the damage from hurricane hermine. and happening today, moving forward with discussions about a new stadium for the tampa bay rays. the team is working on a plan the to build a new stadium in hopes of increasing team and game attendance. some of the discussions include building a stadium in hillsborough county commissioners will listen to a presentation about that possibility and the sites in hillsborough county that are under consideration. no votes are expected to happen at today's meeting and the rays haven't indicated when they plan to make a final decision on a future ball park. and now for a truly adorable story. for one pennsylvania bride, it was love at first sight. >> yeah, not the guy though. not the groom here. the bride is in love with a litter of puppies.
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love this. they were born just days before the bride's big day so she knew it was fate. look at this guy. she substituted the flowers with the cute coon hound boxer mixes. they were born at the animal rescue that she is involved with so she hopes the pictures will make people think about adopt thing pets in need. of course, they have stolen the show, especially at the photo shoot. >> the entire bridal party was b of being concerned about, where do i stand? do i look okay? >> not a bridezilla here, sharing the spotlight. but the pictures have gone viral. do not be surprised if you see more brides saying "i do" with the puppies. >> very cute. coming up, a couple of big congressional hearings are underway right now. >> one has to do with safety and security and the other with fairness. plus, previewing another
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over pharmaceutical giant milan. their price-raising of epipens has landed the ceo in front of congress. and they paid someone to finish their kitchen cabinets months ago. but when the person they hired didn't finish the job, they
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today is not only wednesday, hump day, it's also right in the middle of a special week. >> all this week is sea ott area wareness week. and not just because they're so cute because they are very cute. >> no, it's to educate people about the vital role that otters play in our eco system. to sum it up, the deal is, they are facing conservation issues.
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otter awareness week. and they need our help. >> and the florida aquarium in tampa has otters. i have played with them there. by and show their love. this is their awareness week. i love how they hold each other's hand. >> and when you play with them, they look slimy. >> they're just wet. >> i follow this facebook group, in otter news, it's hiss tar cal. >> i will look at it. >> any video from an otter just the most adorable thing. and now we can be aware of them during their awareness week. and look outside right now, it's cute. as you look at the tampa wfla towercamera looking over kennedy boulevard and the hillsborough river. all the way over towards the park in downtown tampa. a nice morning. it's warmed up quickly. currently at 87 degrees at tampa international airport. a dew point of 75. now any time a dew point is in the mid-70s, it starts to feel
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and the showers will form around 1:00 p.m. it's dry right now, 87 degrees at 1:00. a quick warm-up, 90 degrees at 4:00 p.m. i expect it to stay around 90 for a few hours this afternoon. you will only get the cool down if you get a shower. the rain ending by 7:00 p.m. rite now, wimauma, 85 degrees. 87 in tampa. 86 in plant city. 84 in brooksville. and i talked about the humidity and i can show you the ever present heat index. it's beenor it feels like 105 in fish hawk. feels like 96 in tampa. the heat index in lakeland of 89. but 98 in sarasota. now this humid onshore flow is going to kick back in. and we do have the drier air in the upper-levels of the atmosphere. that's going to limit the storms that develop. so between now and 2:00 p.m., most of the rain near i-75. we will start to get more showers to pop up east of 75 through eastern pasco, hillsborough and polk county
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there's just not a big coverage of rain. so we will keep that in until about 7:00, 8:00 before they taper off completely. tomorrow morning, fall begins officially at 10:21 a.m. again, you won't notice it because it's still going to be warm and humid but mostly dry in the morning. in fact, mostly dry through most of the day. and only putting in the 20% rain chance for tomorrow. and a 20% rain chance on friday. now back up to a seasonal 30% chance into the weekend. but the other thing you notice about this eight-day forecast is you don't get any real fall-like weather. not yet anyway. maybe a little less humid toward next week, back to maybe it's supposed to be this time of the year because our humidity level is a little high even for the last day of summer. >> you know who don't care? sea otter don't care. i posted a picture of a sea otter playing basketball in a pool. most watched video right there. >> will do. happening today, the leader
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tkra?s include hiking the price of its life-saving epipen is in the hot seat 9. at 2:00, the ceo will -- hot seat. at 2:00, the ceo will testify before the congressional oversight committee. despite public outcry over the sigh rocketing prices, the company is indicating they have no plans to lower the price. another capitol hill meeting underway right house homeland security committee is meeting to address how to stop potential future attacks against america. the new york police department deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism john miller is providing testimony at this hearing. you are looking at it right now. this after last weekend's bombings in new york and new jersey injured more than 30 people. ahmad khan rahami is under arrest for the attacks. again, the fbi did investigate him two years ago but did not
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in washington, d.c., a house judiciary meeting to discuss the impeachment of the irs chief. it started about an hour ago. he is the only person testifying at this hearing. conservatives claim he obstructed congressional investigations concerning the irs' treatment of tea party organizations. now removing him from office is highly unlikely. but you will remember back in 2013, the irs allegations they targeted tea party aligned groups applying for tax-exempt status for intense scrutiny. today the va secretary mcdonald is here in the bay area. over the last few years, the department has dealt with issues stemming from the delayed medical care of veterans. he is joining the hillsborough county commissioners and other
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homelessness round tame. and after that, he will tour housing for veterans. a couple called investigator shannon behnken after waiting since february for their kitchen cabinet job to be finished. they bayed a largo business man $14,000 and now he won't answer their calls. as tracked down this man before. >> our bread maker, our dishes are in here. >> reporter: she is sick of living out of boxes. she already paid $14,000 for new cabinets but her kitchen looks like this. >> wow. so you have been living like this since february? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: workers from the cabinet place in largo started the job and then disappeared seven months ago, offering excuses.
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be friday. i think it's going to be another two weeks. all summer long we waited and believed them but nothing ever happened. >> reporter: and now no return calls at all. she called me for help and boy, does this story ring a bell. i dug through my archives and found my last encount we are tony jackson back in january, 2014. i found him selling cabinets at a home show. he had already been payed to complete. >> why are you here looking for business when you haven't finished the work you have already started? >> because if i stopped soliciting business, then i have no business. i have no revenue. i have nothing coming in. >> reporter: the smooth talking tony promised to get everything straightened out. >> by the time you start on the new jobs, you will have the other people taken care of? >> exactly. >> reporter: so i want to know
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calls about tony. >> looks cleaned out in there. >> reporter: nothing is left behind and no one answers the door at the home. the company's website is still up though. offering a look at his sales pitch. >> a locally owned business in pinellas county with a price assurance guarantee with no hidden charges. >> reporter: no hidden charges? well, the growing number of disgruntled customers beg to differ. tony says he partial refund but that doesn't answer our questions so i will continue to try to find tony and get answers. shannon behnken, 8 on your side. >> and if you have a problem that needs solving, you better call behnken. the number on the screen, 855- behnken. all right, let's take a look at sports. some good news and bad news about the running back. the good news, he's not out for the season but the bad news, he
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of the horrible loss to arizona sunday. and now the running duties fall the to sims and rogers. sims brings his pass catching ability into the mix. tampa has the home opener this sunday. and team usa is out of the world cup. the arch rival canada beat our team 4-2 last night ensuring team usa has no hope of advancin preliminary round. the former lightning coach is drawing a lot of blame for that loss. mainly for some of the decisions he made regarding player combinations. if you're looking for a job, you're in luck. >> one major department store is getting ready to hire tens of thousands of people for seasonal work. how to get ready. plus, google is changing up the mobile game. could a new smart phone be entering the market?
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i'll donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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if you have one of the defective galaxy note 7s from samsung, you can exchange it today. dozens of people reported that the note 7 caught fire while it was charging. it affects .1% of the 2.5 million phones sold worldwide since august but all of the phones are under recall. you replacement from samsung or the store where you bought your phone. on october 4th, google is expected to change up the mobile phone game. a big announcement on october 4th with a shape of the mobile phone. it's expected to be the pixle and pixle xl. it has text, emoji, stickers
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assistant. you could save a lot of money if you bundle your auto and homeowners insurance policies. a new nationwide study found savings of about $314 per year when policies are combined. now discounts do vary by state. and since everyone's situation is unique, you should get both bundled and separate quotes so you can make sure that bundling is right for you. well, macy's is looking to hire 83,000 season for the upcoming holiday season. most of the positions will be at macy's or bloomingdale's stores across the country. about 15,000 positions will be in customer fulfillment facilities. the first national hiring day is set for september 30th. excitement is building for a high-speed ferry that will link the city of tampa to st. petersburg. >> a meeting announcing major developments just wrapped up. what we just learned about the pilot program and when we can
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brand new information on the deadly police-involved shooting in charlotte, north carolina. the death of keith scott sparked violent protest in the city but the police chief says the facts of the case have been greatly twisted. plus, on the campaign trail with the presidential nominees. hillary rodham clinton is in florida. in fact, not too far from the baea is playing defense over her past dealings with donald trump. and at long last, the cross bay ferry plan has been unveiled. news channel 8 was there as organizers layed out a bunch of launch events. we're going to tell you all about it coming up. thank you for joining us. i'm stacie schaible. >> and i'm gene ramirez. leigh has the weather. >> it's been dry all morning long but we haven't seen any rain. when you look in land o'lakes,
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the clouds are starting to build which is an indication that the there's humidity out there. and eventually we will get showers. not many. but some. so it's 84 degrees at this location. and the reason i'm saying not many, even though there's men thety of moisture down here on the surface, that's why you're sweaty. up in the atmosphere, when you look at the water vapor imagery and the amount of water, this is slightly drier air which is why i haven't seen much rain. and when we see pop-up showers, i expect the majority of them to see a couple north? yes. but more moist which you are farther south -- more moisture farther south. i expect an afternoon high around 90 degrees. the rain chance today is 30%. and it drops to 20% due to the drier air for thursday and friday before going up to a 30% chance on saturday and sunday. and i will run down the tropics in a little bit. >> thank you. we are getting new information this morning on the deadly police-involved shooting
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violent protests from overnight and the moments leading up to the shooting death of keith lamont scott. >> reporter: good day. both charlotte's police chief and charlotte's mayor are both infattic that the man shot and killed by police tuesday afternoon was in fact armed. chaos erupting overnight in charlotte, north carolina. after a 43-year-old black man was fatally shot by police at >> all officers are 10-4, one suspect down. >> reporter: authorities say officers were trying to serve a warrant to a different man tuesday afternoon when they encountered keith lamont scott who they say was armed. >> engaged him, he is armed with a hand gun that we found onscene as well. makes a threat to them and because of that, at least one of our officers fired rounds at the subject, shooting him. >> reporter: news of scott's death spread quickly, sparking
11:33 am
shooting. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: demonstrators faced off with police wearing riot gear. >> i don't have a gas mask. >> reporter: clashing with officers. members of scott's family told local news outlets that he was not armed. >> he didn't have no gun. he wasn't messing with nobody. they jumped out. they said, hands up, he got a gun, pow, pow, pow. that's it. >> reporter: officials say at least a dozen officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries during the protests. the police officer who shot scott was identified tuesday night as brently benson, the two-year veteran of the department who is also african- american is on administrative leave pending an investigation. in charlotte, north carolina, nbc news. >> and at a press conference this morning, charlotte's police chief praised his
11:34 am
deescalate the protests. and the other deadly shooting involving a officer happened in tulsa, oklahoma. the video of that encounter has people demanding answers. the video shows at the presence crutcher with his hands up. -- shows terrance crutcher with his hands up. other officers claim he did not know that he was not armed. the man did not respond to questions and ignored multiple commands from officers. police and her man tried to reach in the window of the car when she fired although video appears to show the driver's window is closed. and police now say the drug pcp was found inside and the man's car. more police officers will soon be working the streets of chicago. the cpd says they'll make 970 new hires over the next two years that includes 516 patrol officer 2 field training officers, 200 detectives, 112 sergeants and
11:35 am
the decision comes after the city has seen over 500 homicides this year. 2016 is considered the deadliest year in two decades in the city of chicago. the police superintendent called the move, a quote, major policy address. and major developments regarding a new high-speed ferry service between tampa and st. pete. those details released this morning. the ferry service is going to launch in november and as mary mcguire learned, a round trip wo traveling between downtown tampa and st. pete without getting stuck in traffic will soon become a reality. this morning plans for a high- speed ferry between the two bay area's biggest cities became more concrete as project officials unveiled specific details on the ferry service. >> it's a six-month project. we're asking them to try a different way and to experience it for themselves. >> reporter: the vessel would travel back and forth between
11:36 am
front and downtown st. pete in about 50 minutes. eliminating time spent sitting in traffic on the bridges. >> for that sense of relaxation, a sense of the wind blowing through your hair, the sense of, it's fun and there's no better way to arrive to a new city than get off of a dock instead of out of a car. >> reporter: the service will cost $10 for adults and $8 for kids with two round-trips on friday and three round-trips on sunday. after thanks, weekday sailings on the ferry which holds 149 passengers will begin. after a six-month trial run, officials will evaluate the success and from there, they'll look to make it permanent. tickets for the cross bay ferry are set to go on sale october 15th. reporting in tampa, mary mcguire, news channel 8. >> and during the trial run, it would only operate one sea vessel from november 2nd to the
11:37 am
will offer free public run so the community can test the water, if you will. and now in investigator vote, florida attorney general pam bondi is defending the donation she received from republican presidential candidate donald trump. three years ago, trump gave $25,000 to bondy's re-election campaign. it came at the same time that her office decide not pursue legal action against trump university. she insisted the doe the nation was not a payment for her to look the other way on troubled school. >> you know what i wish i had done is come out in front of all of you early on and say, i guess i just knew there was nothing improper. i am a career prosecutor. i am proud. i will never let any money of anyone affect what i do. >> at the time of the donation, the new york attorney general's office filed a lawsuit against trump university accusing the school of fraud in its real estate seminars. and as for hillary rodham
11:38 am
florida today. she is in orlando for a public event. it starts at 2:00. if you are a clinton supporter, there is still time to make it to orlando. she will be at the front line 90 reach youth and family center. the doors open at noon. clinton's camp says she will discuss her vision for an america that is stronger together and in an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. >> okay. coming up, a well respected and prominent university just made a historic hire. >> they added a dog to faculty. we will introduce you and show you more of that. and a fire on an air force base in california threaten the launch of a new navigation satellite. plus -- >> you know what time it is, it's time to start tailgating for the tampa bay buccaneers. and in today's gayle's guide to pen tryst, we will show what
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introducing carrabba's new family bundles. choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99.
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welcome back. the university of southern
11:42 am
united states to have a full- time faculty dog on the staff. you think they pay him? >> in treats. listen to his name. i love it. it's professor tirebiter or bo for short. >> and he is adorable. he is a 2-year-old black golden doodle. not getting attention at all. he's similar to a therapy dog instead of only working with a single person, he works with multiple people basis. >> waving his paw. >> i love the sweater. this is not a gimmick. he is trained and certified in wellness and he is going to be used for everything from calming students during tough times, to cheering on the trojans on game day hopefully wearing the sweater and other swag. like any other professor, he has an office with office hours and business cards and everything. >> maybe that's what he's trying to do.
11:43 am
thumbs, he has to slide it to you. here you go. >> sign all the paper work with a paw print. >> that's cute stuff. you know how stressful final cans get. if bo came up to you during finals, that would help. >> he would calm my nerves. thank you. another beautiful sight to see, when you look out of the loews don cesar camera. look at that, 84 degrees. the last full day of summer. you won't to go out on the that's wrong. we actually have beach days almost every day of the year. but fall, the equinox tomorrow morning at 10:21. officially happens when the sun's direct rays are over the equator. we will continue to see less and less daylight during the daylight hours. at 1:00 p.m., the showers start to pop up. still most of you dry though, 87 degrees.
11:44 am
chances. 90degrees and also the height of the temperatures. and rain coming to an end by 7:00 p.m. stepping out the door right now in venice, 91. the hot and the for sure. 84 in inverness. not as bad. 88 in plant city. auburndale, 85 degrees. let me talk about the rain chances going forward. 1:00, 2:00, we could see the showers pop up. not wide coverage, just about a 20 to 30% chance through the afternoon. and the storms will generally push east of 75. and places like eastern hillsborough, polk county, eastern portions of manatee county. and continuing through 6:00, 7:00, and then notice how the rain chances start to diminish and those left get pushed toward the east coast. that's why the rain chance is lower with the drier air in the upper-levels of the atmosphere. and up in the tropics, tropical depression karl, it was downgraded this morning and remained a tropical depression as of 11:00. best news of all, it will curve
11:45 am
d miles per hour winds now. and best news of all with this, it stays away from the u.s. coast. and in fact, it appears the it will diminish out in the central atlantic. so feeling hot today. 90degrees for a high temperature. and actually feeling warm overnight with a low of 76. and there's fall. all those leaves falling out of the trees tomorrow. 20% rain chances. it will be hot and we stay to near 90 through the eight- off tomorrow. >> yeah, exactly. >> we don't get leaf changes. it's all right. we have the beach. across america this morning, several people are still in the hospital in california after a strange odor spread through the community. a hospital was reportedly inundated with patients who said they were having trouble breathing. the fire department received more than 500 calls of a strong odor in the area.
11:46 am
gas monitors to check for science of natural gas but didn't notice any abnormal readings. officials urge residents to shelter in place while they try to figure out the cause. >> it was horrific, the smell was horrible. i got my grandchildren and my son out of the house. called the police. and they told me to evacuate the city or go into shelter. >> officials are still inve determine the cause of the odor. well, take a look at this. more than 50 agencies are helping the u.s. air force right now in a fight against a wildfire at the air force base in california. look how intense the flames are. the thick smoke rising up through the area. the canon fire has burned more than 12,000-acres so far. and as you can see from this picture here, it's very close to the base's launch pad. the big problem there. united launch alliance and
11:47 am
rockets up to space and to the international space station. they had a sunday scheduled launch delayed to next monday because of this fire. right now, it's roughly 50% contained. and orbital atk is also facing a launch delay. this failure from two years ago of the rocket caused serious damage to the launch pad at nasa's facility in virginia. it destroyed $51 million worth of nasa cargo as well. the company's president says more tests needed now. orbital atk's resupply mission for the international space station will launch between october 9th and 13th . the original launch was scheduled for august and then september and now pushed -- pushed back to october. and spacex suffered a set back when its falcon 9 rocket exploded. the cause of which still has to be determined. but despite the challenge, spacex's ceo remains optimistic
11:48 am
recent interview his schedule for putting humans on mars in 10 years is not only on track but could be done sooner. >> at this point, i am certain there is a way. i am certain that success is one of the possible outcomes for establishing a self- sustaining mars colony. i'm certain that's possible. maybe a few years ago, i was not sure that success was one of the possible outcomes. >> spacex plans to resume the launches in november and new this morning, the first buccaneer home game of the regular season is this weekend. a lot of people have watch parties at home. maybe you're tailgating and today's gayle's guide to pinterest, our by the guy has an idea you can prep ahead of time and serve up on game day. >> reporter: you know you can't show up empty handed at the next tampa bay buccaneer's tailgating party. so today i'm going to show you
11:49 am
appetizer. tailgating recipes are trending on pinterest and with the first bucks home game of the regular season this sunday, we are throwing out ideas. what are we making? sesame tuna. >> reporter: in the kitchen, right up from ray jay, the chef is seering tuna about 20 seconds a side. while that cools, we are making a greek sauce. fill up the bowl with sour cream and add cucumber -- >> as much or as little like. lemon zest, garlic, olive oil, dill. >> reporter: and then squeeze on some fresh lemon. >> i love those gadgets. >> love these. great. >> reporter: top it with sea salt and pepper and set that aside. and once your tuna cools off, slice thinly. he places everything on deep
11:50 am
cracker. >> reporter: and stack your sliders with the tuna, the sauce, some chiefs and a dab of sauce for ayla tin and greek and asian flair. >> i'm going to taste one now. they look amazing. >> all right. >> you've done it before. >> this is good. >> nice to wash it down with the yager -- >> that's a whole other pinterest. >> reporter: until next week, pinning. gayle guyardo, news channel 8. >> all right. i'm intimidated now. can't show up with a bag of chips to gayle's house. that's not going to work out. for more, head to her pinterest page under gayle's guide to pinterest. >> that drink definitely a whole different segment. >> yeah, that's the one i want to try. if you're in a situation where you need to dial 911, time is of the essence. >> and it helps to have a veteran dispatcher on the line
11:51 am
operator would have been caught off guard by what happened in massachusetts. that story up next on news
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welcome back. imagine someone calling for help but you have no idea where they are. >> maybe they are across the pond very far away. scary stuff. that's what happened to one 911 dispatcher in barnstable, massachusetts. the caller described places that left the operator clueless. >> where did this >> between muddiford and elferton. >> between where? >> muddiford. >> i'm not, mud -- >> i'm not -- >> yes, muddiford. >> the woman called the barnstable, massachusetts police department to report a suspected hit-and-run but as you hearted, the dispatcher officer williams has no idea where the woman is calling from. >> so you have called the
11:55 am
>> yes. >> in massachusetts. >> massachusetts? >> yes, massachusetts. >> sorry, there's no way you can help me then is there? >> where exactly are you calling from? >> england. >> it sounds like the queen. >> it does. that was your first clue. how did it happen? well, she used a program similar to siri which gave letter the number for the massachusetts version of barnstable instead barnstable england where she lives. >> i love the british humor, sow can't help me now, can you? >> no, try again. if you've ever spent time in new york city, you have no doubt seen all types of street performers. >> once you get out of times square, away from the nutty costumes and all that, you can find some really talented musicians too. and jetblue knows this. they highlighted three
11:56 am
but it didn't stop there. listen to what happened next. >> hi. >> we're with jetblue. >> we wanted to show that new yorkers appreciate what you do for the city. we wanted to present you with the opportunity to travel with jetblue for a whole year. >> for a whole year. >> wow. that's going to get them all around the country. spreading their music. >> in the interview, each musician said all they wanted to do is travel and play in different cities across the country. and that's what they'll get to do and meet lots of people and >> makes you love the airline. >> it's amazing the talent you can see on the streets. >> just waiting to be discovered. >> thank you for joining us. >> and i will see you again on first at 4:00 later today and tonight on news channel 8 at
11:57 am
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! welcome to hump day, and wines day wednesday. september 21st. we figured it out. i've already forgotten. >> what? >> is that the last day of summer or the first day of fall? >> the 21st is the first day of fall -- i think. >> exactly. >> but not -- >> tomorrow is the -- oh, the first day of fall. >> milk this today.


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