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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  September 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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into the crowd. all eyes of the country are now on a north carolina city in turmoil. the question is how will we all find peace? good evening. i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. we begin with the breaking news. this is the second night of violence in charlotte, north carolina, one man right now critically injured, seven police of protests that have turned to riots in this city. hundreds are still flooding the streets even at this hour. we're talking four hours after the demonstrations began. here's a live look. it's what's happening right now. time and time again we're hearing the protesters have come face to face with the police in riot gear, the police trying to disperse this crowd, defuse the violence. it's slow going. the protesting continues in spite of tear gas, rubber
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we've seen stores broken into. we've seen looters taking what they can. hotels have closed in order to protect the property and people who are staying there. what you're seeing now is basically a line, police standing firm inching along one step at a time trying to get this crowd under control, once again a flash bomb thrown out to disperse the crowd. they separate. they go, but as i point out, they seem to come right back. >> that's right. a scary situation altogether, police being very police and as keith mentioned, they are inching their way step by step. a couple of situations we have seen earlier tonight where we are talking to these protesters face to face, but they're doing it very gently. >> it's going to be a long night. all of this is in protest of the most recent police shooting of an african american man. police claim keith lamont scott was holding a gun and did not respond to their commands, but others claiming that the gun was planted. as this investigation
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edge. nbc's mark barger has the latest on this chaos in charlotte. >> reporter: police equipped in tactical gear used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse several hundred protesters in downtown charlotte tonight. loud booms echoed through the streets as many demonstrators ran for cover. one witness described seeing a gunshot victim. >> i don't know. they just shot somebody and he was laying in front of the omni and there was blood and there was a crowd of people. i don't know if he's i don't know if he's dead. >> reporter: charlotte medical service reported transporting numerous patients from the scene. some protesters continued engaging with police even after the numerous clashes. tuesday night there were similar clashes between protesters and police miles away near the scene of a fatal shooting of a black man by police earlier in the day. police say keith lamont scott ignored officers' commands to drop his gun which was recovered at the scene, but multiple witnesses say scott
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meanwhile tonight an evening that began with a peaceful candlelight vigil in a downtown park was soon overshadowed nearby with a display of violence. mark barger, nbc news. >> now you will want to download our news channel 8 app to get the latest breaking news and alerts on this as things develop there in charlotte, north carolina. you can stay with us throughout 11:30 this evening for the latest on the chaos in charlotte. we're also updating on wfla, facebook and twitter. new tonight from the sewage scandal in st. petersburg. one city council member now tells 8 on your side there's a way it could have all been prevented. mayor rick kriseman called for an independent investigation yesterday. the government and others are now getting involved. paul mueller joins us live now from st. petersburg city hall. paul, this keeps getting bigger and bigger.
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very controversial vote taken here by the council at city hall back in 2011. this was in around to closing the albert -- was in regard to closing the albert whitted wastewater treatment plant. it shut down last year and some say things have never been the same since. >> i think the second we started discharging at the northwest plant the next second we should have been notifying the media and public and letting them know. >> reporter: st. councilman steve cornell sounds off to 8 on your side saying he's done everything he could disappointed by the recent dumping of nearly 150 million gallons of sewage into the bay in the wake of hurricane hermine. >> these overflows wouldn't be happening because they were clearly caused by this closure. >> reporter: that closure? the albert whitted wastewater treatment plant. cornell said there's a good possibility the environmental nightmare could have been averted if only council had voted to keep the plant open.
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woes mayor kriseman put the water resource director and administrator on unpaid leave. both saw the report. a whistle blower warned this could happen. when i asked the mayor on tuesday about that in a consultant report that said the same, he claimed he's been in the dark. you can sit here and truthfully say you had no knowledge of the consultant's report, the e- mails? >> that is what i'm saying. >> reporter: somebody has to take the fall for this or no? so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: wednesday the governor rick scott ordered the epa to get involved. his spokesperson said we can chalk this up to politics. still there's one thing everybody can agree on. >> we need to get it done tomorrow, but unfortunately that's not feasible. >> reporter: the councilman wanted me to emphasize he wants to get albert whitted wastewater treatment plant reopen again. that will be on the agenda at the city council meeting
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just the governor getting involved. politicians seem to be lining up, if you will, to get the situation under control. is that right? >> reporter: that's right. congressman david jolly wants any city employees who know anything to come forward and then late tonight this may have been a surprise move to the mayor who knows? but senator marco rubio is asking the epa to get involved. so this issue went from local, state and now it's all the way at the federal level. >> a lot of eyes on the situation, as they paul mueller live in st. pete, thanks. now to an 8 on your side consumer alert, a skimmer strikes again at a bay area convenience store only this time there's a twist. the culprit put that skimmer on an atm inside the store. a technician servicing that unit yesterday afternoon found the device and called police. now police want to warn you. chip osowski is live in bradenton tonight at this 7 lion where the skimmer -- 7-
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>> reporter: we've done a numb -- chip? >> reporter: we've done a number of stories on skimmers in the past but normally on an exterior gas pump or exterior atm. the fact this skimmer was found inside the store right there may mean these crooks have gotten bolder and graduated to the next level. >> it concerns they i mean because people come in, we didn't even notice that that happened. i use my bank card in there. it worries m amanda sharlin wasn't here when the police arrived tuesday, but is now concerned about her finances and her customers'. she can't figure out how this happened. >> they had to be very slick about it because nobody noticed it. nobody knew it. i didn't know it. >> reporter: in many cases like the one in tampa 8 on your side broke earlier this month, the skimmer targets gas pumps normally out of the clerk's
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technician servicing the atm inside the store discovered the skimmer. investigators tell us the atm is located in the back of the store where on a busy day someone could go unnoticed for a period of time. >> a lot of people steal from the stores get away with it because they know the clerks are busy at times. >> reporter: customers like tim clark are changing the way they do business. >> that's the reason for one i never use a card in an atm, even at my bank. i go into the store itself and get money from the bank itself. if i'm using my card, it's like here at a cash register because it's the best place to do it. >> reporter: sharlin believes that's good advice. >> it worries me. i hope i don't have any issues. i'm going to check into everything. >> reporter: police are offering common sense at vice when it comes to using at -- advice when it comes to using atms.
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come out. look at that atm and do some of your own investigation. if something doesn't look right, notify authorities. our 8 on your side investigation into the crater coverup is bigger than we first thought. not only did officials keep the secret from the public, mosaic and florida's department of environmental protection also kept hillsborough county government in the dark. the county's environmental protection commission learned of the sinkhole contamination by watching our 8 on your side investigation. that sinkhole opened in august below a gypsum stack at a mosaic fertilizer plant and that void drained a pool of extremely contaminated radioactive water that eventually dumped into an underground aquifer. hillsborough county's epc has no idea why the florida department of environmental protection chose not to share this important information. >> that's a question for dep to
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had it been in hillsborough county, i assure you the response would have been different. >> if you happen to notice a different smell, taste or color to your water, do not drink it. just call to have it tested. the water dumped in the acquisitioner if was referred -- aquifer was nasty and he said that local wells will need to be tested again and again for years to come. to request a water test from mosaic call on our website at now more breaking news, two people are dead in a crash in largo tonight. right now this is a live look at bryan dairy road. this is at starkey road where all the lanes are closed as this investigation continues. we can see two cars involved and investigators remaining on the scene. we'll check for updates and
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murder of a 95-year-old highlands county man is locked up. investigators say they tracked down lacey heflin and say she had cocaine and a wallet that did not belong to her. so far she is not charged in the murder of dominic demundo. a 13-year-old student faces felony charges tonight accused of trying to poison her teacher. it happened at the achieve center of ager ground up a piece of chalk, distracted the teacher and slipped the chalk powder into the teacher's coffee. another student stopped the teacher from drinking it out of the cup. that student we're told will be expelled. we're continuing to keep an eye on the breaking news out of charlotte tonight. >> a lot of tension there. coming up next hundreds of people continue to spill the streets as police stand watch. tear gas is being used, rubber bullets being shot.
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up after the break. >> also ahead the rising price of epipens has landed the ceo in front of congress, why she insists the life saving drug is fairly priced. >> temperatures in the 90s today, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms in the area. it's close enough to the weekend to look at that
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now an update on the breaking news, chaos in charlotte, a second night of protests turning violent here. just before our newscast we learned a man reported killed by the city of charlotte is actually in critical condition tonight on life support. that man shot not by police but another civilian in the crowd.
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block the entrances to protect the people and property that are there. you can see hundreds of people in the streets of downtown charlotte, the row of police officers there in their riot gear. now let's take a look at some brand-new video that just came into our newsroom. >> time to go, time to go. >> this is the scene from near the omni hotel. this is where much of the violence is centered. again we are staying on top of this story. we'll keep bringing you updates as soon new tonight a pasco county deputy is out of a jump for punching an inmate in the head. jorge febus hit a handcuffed inmate after reportedly he threw a fit inside a holding cell. two other deputies witnessed the entire incident. febus had been with the agency since 2009. clearwater police are investigating a crash involving a pedestrian at the intersection of cleveland
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details on the specific crash are limited, but the pedestrian was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. some scary moments for a family in st. petersburg when a mattress inside their home caught fire. as you can see here from the home, there is not much left. firefighters were quickly able to put the flames out before they spread. the family tells us a recalled samsung phone may to be blame. despite public outrage and questions from lawmakers, the has no plans to lower the price of those epipens. today on capitol hill lawmakers accused heather bresch and her company of jacking up the price to get filthy rich. bresch, however, said people are wrong if they think mylan is pocketing massive profits. >> i think many people incorrectly assume that we make $600 off of each pen. it's simply not true. recent epipen price increases
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mylan that many assume. after subtracting costs our profit is approximately $50 per pen. >> $608 for a two pack up more than 400% since 2008 is the current price. she said a generic version is planned to be sold of theepipen for around $300. a few showers on the radar tonight down in highlands few lightning strikes south of town north of the archibald area. a few scattered showers have developed around the area today, 77 degrees the forecast low, 86 at noon, 90 for the high afternoon temperature, sunshine and clouds like today, temperatures easily reaching 90 degrees, feels like temperatures well above 100 degrees with the higher humidity and dew points in the mid-70s throughout the day. 81 degrees now in tampa.
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elsewhere, 79 new port richey, clearwater beach 84, pinellas park 78, lutz 75, bartow and sebring 79, brooksville 76, dade city upper 70s. quite a bit of dry air high above in the atmosphere. when we show you the water vapor imagery, we're talking about the mid-and upper levels of the atmosphere, not at the surface where we'd like to see drier air. still higher moisture levels to the south. that's had a big impact in the clouds and the shower activity across the state of florida y. imagery, not too much going on here, drier conditions south georgia, northern part of florida, just a few pop-up showers across the southern sections of highlands county. the tropics are still active. we have tropical depression karl today. computer models didn't do a good job fracking the intense it i on -- intensity on this one. it will likely stay out to sea. both these storms aren't
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lisa not in a great environment, never really has been and a lot of dry air ahead of it, so probably a tropical depression before too long and will continue a long way away from the state of florida and the east coast of the u.s. an area of low pressure off the east coast a bit of a surface cold front, slightly lower dew points. again we won't sample drier air here locally. don't get your hopes up. yes, fall starts tomorrow, but it doesn't come with a big batch of drier that's happening a little across the northern portions of florida but especially up into georgia and alabama. tomorrow afternoon limited rainfall. the drier air will slowly work its way south and stabilize the atmosphere. friday morning sunny start, average temp 77 degrees, friday afternoon again just not much painted on here largely because of the drier air that we saw. pollen forecast crawling up there, spring and fall, especially spring, are high for pollen, but they're getting up
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the medium category. you might feel a little bit of that. 77 degrees forecast low temperature, high of 90 degrees in the afternoon, sunshine mixed with clouds. next three days temperatures are near 90 degrees, 20% chance of showers thursday, same for friday. that is the below what we expect this time of year, below normal, that is, normal being below 30%. we're in the second half of september now, so the rain chances tend to slowly drop a bit, a thursday and wednesday. getting to the time of year headed toward dry season, not there yet. some folks did get a lot of rain today, so they're saying what dry season? we want dry air we can feel. >> how about dropping those temperatures? >> patience. coming up next in sports tonight the rays hit four home runs in one inning against the yankees, but it's still not enough to win. >> with bucs running back doug martin out of action this
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sports on news channel 8 is sponsored by your gulf coast honda dealers. >> the verdict is in on bucs running back doug martin out injury. this morning the bucs offensive coordinator said the team hopes doug is back earlier than that. that would be nice, but no matter how long martin is out the bucs running game just took a big hit or did it? they already have a proven backup in charles simms and how lucky are the bucs for signing a guy that already knows the offense? the audition for this role was more than two weeks ago, but
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key member of the bucs offense in his second game with the team? >> i got thrown into the fire last week, but i was ready. for me my goal is to get more familiar with the playbook so i can go out there and be able to play full speed when my number is called. >> reporter: rogers waited for his number to be called in atlanta for four seasons all under offensive coordinator dirk koetter who became enamored with rogers dating back to his college career at oregon state. >> he he's a muscled up guy. he's hard to see back there. he's extremely hard to bring down, really good quickness. >> the offense is pretty much the staple as when we was in atlanta, so -- same as when we was in atlanta, so it's just different verbiage. >> reporter: last sunday rogers ran the ball two times, one carry good for 24 yards, but much like charles simms rogers is equally effective in the passing game.
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five of them which were short passes turned into big plays, but it is not easy to replace the nfl's second leading rusher from a year ago. rogers will wait his turn behind simms, carries and catches not guaranteed. >> we're going to go out there and make sure it's no dropoff from what doug brings to the table. rays and yankees, boy, alex cobb, what a nightmare, chased from this game inning, seven runs allowed on nine hits, but the 4th inning tanaka is on the mound and bobby wilson leads off with a home run. then it's evan longoria, brad miller and corey dickerson back to back to back home runs off tanaka. it looked good then, not enough, though. rays lose 11-5. yankees 2 1/2 games from the wildcard spot. so they are on the move and people thought they were dead at the trade deadline.
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the postseason. >> it's convenient for the rays to do all their highlights in one stretch, don't have to watch the whole game, just one inning. that was it. >> thanks. we'll be right back. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks.
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priorities usa action is responsible
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let's take one last check
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chaos in charlotte this evening. we now know a state of emergency is in effect in the city because of violent riots throughout the streets. this is a live picture from the streets of charlotte. you can see there police lined up side by side. some of the people in the streets going toe to toe not saying a word to those officers, pretty much just a foot or 2 away looking in the eye. thank goodness it's not violent at this point. we also have a view from the streets of charlotte from above again. you can see up crossing off the intersection there. again it got a little violent earlier this evening. things seem to be quieting down just a bit, but we will keep an eye on the situation out of charlotte tonight with the chaos in the streets. >> we have one person critically injured, a difficult night, civilian violence in that group. we've also had 16 police officers injured yesterday, seven more that we know about earlier this evening. this is a difficult situation, two days of protests and rioting and probably will
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here, so far so good, right? >> upper 70s tomorrow, not much rain. >> thank you and thank you for joining us. jimmy fallon is coming your way next. come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped fall milk shakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake
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