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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  September 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a deadly police shooting sparks a second night of chaos in charlotte. police officers hurt, tear gas fired at protesters and the governor has called out the national guard carolina. the latest ahead. sewage tapetted water in the -- sewage tainted water in the streets of st. pete. but who will be held accountable? just ahead, how it all could have been prevented. and new information on the crater cover-up in polk county. why homeowners aren't the only ones who say they were kept in the dark about this spill of contaminated water. 8 on your side continues to push for answers. good thursday morning.
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>> and i'm gayle guyardo. what's going on, leigh? >> well, in just a few hour, it will officially be fall. fall begins at 10:21. what about feeling like fall? the average high today is 88. it will feel summer like. but november first, average high of 81. so we have something to look forward to, it will eventually cool down. drier air in the upper-levels of the atmosphere continues to spread in and that's one of the reasons why i'm keeping the rain chance so small today. very few storms developing, about a 10% chance at midday. only a 20% chance through the afternoon. now it's still hot with a high of 90. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will take you hour-by- hour through your thursday and leslee is going to help you get through the commute. let's take a look at what's going on here, it's early in the morning, but the howard frankland bridge, no delay, only six minutes. that's it.
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brooksville. brooksville is also up to speed. no delays throughout hernando county, 48, 50, all riding smooth. and a great drive both sides of the howard frankland bridge. and also in downtown tampa, we're up to speed. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. breaking news, chaos in charlotte. the governor of north carolina has declared a state of emergency after protests turn violent in charlotte. >> angry protesters rampaged through the city's downtown for builds after a deadly police shooting and conflicting stories about how it happened from police and the victim's family and neighbors. news channel 8's meredyth meredyth censullo is in the tampa news center. >> reporter: right now, the last groups of demonstrators are being broken up by s.w.a.t. teams. members of the national guard as well as additional highway patrol officers are on their
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state of emergency declaration. [chanting] >> reporter: and that's what it looked like for hours overnight. at one point, thousands of protesters in the street. one protester was shot by another and is now on life support. four police officers have been hurt. police used tear gas to try to break up the crowds. some protesters layed down in intersections, businesses have been looted and windows shattered. charlotte's mayo people protesting the death of 43-year-old keith scott, the man shot and killed tuesday, to keep things peaceful. >> the family has said to please have peaceful protests, for people not to be violent that violence will not help bring our community back together. and we are urging people to stay home. >> reporter: again, the national guard has been
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charlotte right now. i am here watching the live video and news feeds and we will have more updates from charlotte throughout the morning. >> all right, i know this is unfolding moment by moment. thank you. and we are working to learn more information about a car crash that killed two people late last night in largo. you can see extensive damage to both cars in this video here. the crash happened at brian dairy road and starkey road. we are working to find out the names of the victims and whether anyone injured. a clearwater man is in critical condition after he was hit by a car while trying to cross the street. this happened just before 6:00 p.m. at missouri avenue and cleveland street. investigators say the 56-year- old man was not using a crosswalk. the crash shut down both roads for hours. we are expecting an update on the sewage scandal the in st. petersburg. the mayor will update city council members today on an
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meanwhile, top florida leaders like the governor are getting involved. news channel 8's paul mueller has new information from st. pete city hall. >> reporter: a lot of this centers around a vote made by the city council here back in 2011 and that was to shut down the albert waste water treatment plant. now the doors closed just last year but some say things haven't been the same since. >> like the second we started discharging at the plant, the been notifying the media and public and letting them know. >> reporter: the st. petersburg city councilman sounds off to 8 on your side saying he has done everything he could, disappointed by the dumping of nearly 150 million-gallons of sewage into the bay in the wake of hurricane hermine. >> these overflows wouldn't be happening because they were clearly caused by the closure. >> reporter: the closure, the treatment plant. he says there's a good possibility this environmental
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averted if only council voted to keep the plant open. and in the wake of the water woe, the mayor put water resources director and the engineering director on unpaid administrative leave. both saw the report. while a whistle blower warned this could happen. on tuesday when i asked the mayor about that, he claimed he's been in the dark. >> so you can truthfully say you had no knowledge of the report, the email, this is not a cover-up? >> >> somebody has to take the fall for this or no? >> what we need to do is fix the problem. >> reporter: wednesday, governor rick scott ordered the dep to get involved. and the mayor refused to speak to the media and his spokesperson said, quote, we should chalk this up to politics. >> we need to get it done tomorrow but that's not feasible. >> reporter: and the councilman wants to get the waste water treatment plant re-opened.
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agenda at the october 6th city council meeting. paul muser, news channel 8. >> our 8 on your side investigation into the crater cover-up is proving bigger than we first thought. we told you about this friday, a sinkhole dumped contaminated water into the florida aquifer. that aquifer feeds into wells and ground water throughout the area. and now hillsborough commissioners say that the chemical company mosaic and florida's department of environmental protection failed to tell the commission learned of the sinkhole contamination by watching 8 on your side. county leaders say they have no idea why they weren't informed. >> that's a call to the dep. it's always helpful to know than not to know. had it been in hillsborough county, the response would have been different the. >> if you notice a different smell, taste or color to your water, do not drink it.
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-- call to get it tested. he says local wells will need to be tested again and again for the years to come. there's a heroin epidemic in sarasota and this morning the police department and community partners are making a public plea to stop it. they'll come together and address heroin overdoses at 9:30 a.m. in less than two months, 43 people in city have overdosed on suspected heroin and other eight of those people have died. it's 4:08. how it is looking -- how is it looking, leigh? >> it's relatively comfortable. here you go. looking at it hour-by-hour. no rain chances this morning. 80degrees around 9:00 a.m. fast warm-up too, 87 at noon. 90 around 3:00, 4:00. and just a 20% chance of pop-up thunderstorms. and 20% tomorrow and saturday.
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rain but it's a lower chance. 30% reasons for sunday and monday. rain chances slightly lower as we mentioned through the end of the week. and the tropic, there's two systems out in the atlantic but they should remain out in the atlantic. there's tropical depression karl and tropical storm lisa. thankfully no threat to the united states. we will look at traffic on the 8s as people get this early thursday morning started. traffic is very light. and we've unusually light week overall. i know, really, knock on glass. and let's go ahead and look at what's going on, this is 275 around 31st street at the ramp. and traffic looks very good. and sometimes there's construction but not seeing any right now which is always nice to know. and palm harbor area looks great on u.s. 19. no delays. just some red lights to go through. and the same for u.s. 41 through the land o'lakes area. overall, a very, very good drive on 41.
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275 across the sunshine skyway bridge. , up to speed. howard frankland bridge, courtney campbell causeway, gandy, all a nice drive across the water. back to gene and gayle. the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 but we need your help. fuccillo kia is generously matching the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar you donate really counts as two. the walk is november 12th at raymond james details. the price of epipens we want through the roof so congress summoned the company's ceo to capitol hill. >> and see the response to charges about price gauging for the life-saving medicine. plus, we're settling it once and for all, is premium gas worth the extra pennies at the pump? 8 on your side will show you the best choice. plus, more trouble for the
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girl. you're watching knew weather and traffic on the 8s. -- you're watching news channel 8 today. ?
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%f0 news across america this morning, more trouble for disgraced former new york
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about this. weiner is accused of carrying on a months-long online sexting relationship with a 15-year- old girl. the report claims that he asked the girl to dress up in outfits and pressed her to take part in rape fantasies. weiner says he was given daily mail the information that the proves he was likely the victim of a hoax. despite anger from the the pharmaceutical company has no plans to lower the price of epipens. lawmakers accused her and her company of jacking up the price to get filthy rich. she said however that people are wrong if they think the company is profiting massive profits. >> many people incorrectly assume that we make $600 off each pen. it's simply not true.
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assume. our profit is $100 or approximately $50 per pen. >> right now, the price of epipens is 608 for a two-pack. that's up more than 400% since 2008. she said the company plans to sell a generic version for around $300 which lawmakers ridiculed. after a violent struggle with baltimore county police, a 21-year-old man is now dead. th hospitalized. police claim he was violent with them when they arrived onscene sunday morning in response to a disturbance call but the family accuses the officer of using excessive force. the death has sparked several ongoing investigations. black smoke and massive flames billowing from a power plant in puerto rico. police took to the streets to direct traffic after stoplights
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too. the fire is now out and authorities hope to have most power restored this this morning. a huge relief for drivers across the southeast this morning. gas is flowing again where a pipeline ruptured a week ago meaning prices at the pump should come back down. clean-up will begin today. contractors will work on unearthing the problemmed pipeline. and the epa will test for contam premium gasoline? aaa says it doesn't and that drivers waste billions of dollars a year. meredyth censullo is here. and a lot of us use premium every now and then because we heard it helps the engines run better. >> reporter: that's true. and it's not going to hurt our car but there's something better that you can do that will save you money.
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siphoning money out of your bank account. >> more than 16 million people admit to using a higher octane gasoline and in the past year, those americans have spent more than $2 billion. >> reporter: the majority of cars sold today are designed to run on regular. researchers tested regular and premium gas in three popular models designed for regular and found no increase in performance, fuel economy or emissions. and at occasionally put premium gas in the tank thinking they're giving their car a bit of pampering? >> some people look at it as, maybe taking it in for a spa day. but we found it has no benefits what so far. >> reporter: you really want to treat your car? go ahead and get the regular gas but fill up at the station that has top tier gas. top tier is proven to leave less residue on the engine and it will perform better.
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keep the engine cleaner. a separate study shows the gunk that can build up on the engine when non-top tier gas is used consistently. cheap gas leaves more in your pock net the short term but could cost new the long-term. all right, here's the bottom line, premium gas doesn't help you and super cheapy gas can hurt you. we will make it easy for you. get to know which in your neighborhood have top tier gas and then try to fill up there as much as you can. a link to top tier gas stations will be at and most of the major service stations are going to have the top tier gas. >> yeah. as the low grade? >> as the low grade. >> but it's important, if your car maker recommends premium, then you will want to go -- >> 70% of cars are going to just use regular gas.
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let's turn things over -- what are you going to gas up with now? >> always regular. always the cheap one. i know, terrible. fall begins today at 10:21. that's when the rays of the sun are directly over the equator. the sun will rise this morning at 7:19 and then it starts heating up and it's going to feel very summer like today. 78degrees at 8:00 a.m. 87 at noon. today the big change is the fact that going to be so slow. not going to get the cooler effect from the storms. 90degrees today. 72 in inverness right now. 75 in north port. and i've checked in with bob in venice and he says it's 76 degrees. upper-level dry air, keeping us sunny through the morning. the first few showers at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 today. and they'll be tapering off around 8:00 this evening and
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sunny, slightly muggy again tomorrow morning, 20% rain chance. and 20% on saturday. and highs near 90. how about traffic on the 8s? all right, a look at traffic. it looks great across the bay area bridges and travel times for you, i-4 looks wonderful through lakeland. no delays in plant city and ybor and 75 in and out of pasco county. a wonderful drive. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. new technology that could help prevent hot car deaths. >> see how sl that. plus, nike going back to the future. still ahead, why you won't have
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we're back. tesla is hoping new software can help with new defects. it is designed to stay on for up to 12 hours after the driver exits the vehicle. the update will impact the from now on, it will relie more on radar and less on cameras. -- it will rely more on radar and less on cameras. nike will release knew futuristic shoes called the hyperadapt 1.0. they'll be available in the u.s. at select locations on november 28th, that's the monday after thanksgiving. however, no word on how much
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street, says they'll be sold out. >> no doubt. can't decide whether you want a burger or a hot dog? a new food combination merges both into one. it's called the hand dog. it's available at sporting events in australia. the inventor hopes to start selling in the u.s. next year. and leslee lacey was say, man, i want a hot dog. >> do you dress it like a hot do cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles? >> see, you can get crazy. >> put some bacon on there. >> yeah. don't feel like waiting to cast your ballot day in november? >> how you can vote early. plus, another skimmer found at a local store. this time there's a twist. why you may want to check your bank account even if you never pay at the pump. first, a live look at down the town tampa. what a beautiful morning. guess what, this will be the first official day of fall later today.
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4:28. as you get ready to send the kids to the bus stop, not too bad out there. a clear sky for them. temperatures around 78 degrees when the bus picks them up. a hot afternoon at 90 but very few storms. and the high temperature of 90 is above the average of 88. and we're going average, 90 tomorrow as well and on saturday and 89 for sunday and monday, the first five days of fall. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? a look out here, sun coast parkway up to speed. veterans expressway, up to speed. a great drive in and out of pasco county. not just on the sun coast but even on 75. and let's move over now to the new port richey. traveling on state road 54, still a very good commute here. 19 to the sun coast parkway, 11
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looks good. state road 54 to tampa road, roughly 14 minutes.
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breaking news in north carolina overnight, a state of emergency is declared in that state as new protests erupt there. are reports of multiple police officers injured. what is happening now to get things under control. that's just ahead. sewage spill. 8 on your side is now learning that this big mess could have been prevented. we will look ahead to an update from the mayor today. and a skimmer found in a place you might not expect. why anyone who swipes their debit cards needs to know about this disturbing discovery at a local store. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us on this thursday. today, the first day of fall. see those leaves changing color


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